The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 1, 1939 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, July 1, 1939
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VOLUME XXXVI-NO. 88. BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS - ™* DOMINANT NEWS PAPEH OP NOR1HEAST ARKANSA8 AND SOUTHEAST MIMCMIBT ? ^ »VVi 9°" rl(ir ,, Mississippi valley Lender Blythcvllle Herald Blythevillo Bally New ______ •j-, /* 7 T 1 J —— r . _ _ __ fateful July Again: What Does H Hold For 1939 - Peace Or War? SOUTHEAST MISSOURI 1, SATURDAY, JULY 1, 1939 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS--.', vl JULY is the "crisis month" In which the histoiy of Einooe for the •' past 25 years has so laigely been written July, 1939," finds the world again poised on the brink of world war. just as it was 25 years, ago, except that deadlier preparations have been made The Polish-German situation, the Japanese-British situation 'arc' at a tension during July of 1939, fatefully remindful of the desperate July of 2a yeais ago when Europe slipped and slithered, faster and faster, down the load to war. .IDLY, 1914-FolloKing the assassination of the Austrian Aicli- duke Feidmand on June 28. the whole month of July was a 'ciisis month," with statesmen despeiately tijing to avert by diplomatic means the catastiophe which theh former policies had made mevl- lable. As July ended, the declaiations of war began, and by Aug. Hitler Plans Visit, Aboard Warship, To Danzig This Month BERLIN, July 1. (UP)—Fuehrer Adolf Hitler is scheduled to visit Danzig on n German cruiser on July 23 it was learned today. Hitler) used a warship on .hiSitriifniphant visit to Memel Diplomatic 'quarters .were mlei-* / esled, m-Ueing whether/the Gei-,' man foreign office gives Warsaw the customary advance notice of the visit to Danpig, which hitherto" always has been dou^ in the case 1 of oflictal visits, such as .that of Propaganda Minister Paul Joseph Goebbels No serious dcv elopmenls in the Danzig situation are expected in u ni nr n ,• , the immediate futuic it was nidi- Mas i lent)' (j[ Candidates caled by the fact that Gennan! !„ 17' 1 1 A 1 /> T children still BIP being sent to ln ' lelci Ancl uVaSS 111 East Prussia foi vacations foi twoj Fipld 01 three weeks which is usual i / Ilicy. presumably, would not be 1 , Ar , T , n ™ T *~, , sent If German authorities feaied JACKSON . Miss, July ]. <rjp>_ difficulties m getting mem back to 7,.,\™* I™ 5 * ,*>"/»<•«"'<:>• of t«o the Reich .things In Mississippi today-grass in thc fields and candidates in ihc * Vm v^'olV"), 11 , 3oi ," cd riimce> fllul lhc fo«'-yew sliuiBWci was mi JULYwis-'ihc long wa. ovci, July saw thc woild eageily dls-' ns tne pence teiins signed on that same annivcisaiy of Juno ; minds in Uils July of 20 years ago ' " V< " ' W ' C " !,Y, 1328-The Kellogg-Brlnnd pact to outlaw wai was In thc nm i ™ ?. «, A , U P' st ftas slll ™ iUed '° 62 nations, still hopeful that anothei Woild Wai might be avoided J , UL , Y ', 19 ' it) ~' rlic Russian Soviet government locked with (he violent purge" of alleged anti-Stalin clemonU JUM, Ipll—The Hoovei debt moiatoilum was sllll anothei effort to make wmkable the teims of the peace of the Woild Wai by Basing pressuic on the smuggling Geiman icpubllc i 2 ^'"' 0 , (ll T elMil ° r thc <Bom " i Aiiny' I" Washington before "bconlcnt of vcteinns of (ho v,a. concluded H ycai.s mlv 1 !o]^ V ",! bc8n " '" l " D cll!lco °l Sol "» America. ' ,o?r ," '- Jcwlsh ulrocltlcs begin In aorinin.y. P" 1 " 1 M'n's'w B "KI«I» ' llml foi cc b world affahs jnartei) . ,- • - . HIM', iai4-cimnccllor Do'lfus.s muidercd by Aus'lilnn the While Nazi tacticians me not ' J," revealing details of their mm- 1 I r h palgn for winning Danzig well m- f s ass , wa ' ! ""iwth formed foreign quarters me con- fA mers ,,,7 ouW rathcr "°t d^us vinced they will continue to make " L P °' ' tlcl ?" s tte f e something Uie the most of an incident or fiiction at an Hnl, ! ^ VM , T e " in Danzig to ti-y to induce the 5, em * k a}loui '-~4'< x ® Poles to commit oveitacts, Urns Throiiolvmt )h n putting themselves moially in the exoc-Uo ,« 1 , wrong | JaJ^ ^ f „ n t lieporti fiom Waisa 1 '' ' n was reported in informed quarters Sioner ' nV °, " C °" l(1 nrsl P™»ary r cu ure f ve ?o'r ally the formation of a free corps ; the placing of anti-aircraft guns nnd the storage of foodstuffs. The possibility, of the note became known after the arrival in ''.Warsaw of the Polish commissar general to Danzig, who held a long conference with Foreign Minister Jose! Beck. '•New York Cotton NEW YORK, July 1 (UP)—Cot. ton closed steady. open high lovv. close July 929 936 926 935 Oct 860 806 857 865 Dec. 810 849 837 84G : Jail 830 834 827 835n • Mar 831 827 317 827 May 815 821 812 821 Spots closed at 975, \ip 4. Greek L. — - —linissioner u ,«,u irp Williams III -ivcre thc only candidates seeking reelection wlth- the only candidate thus far fjcr state treasurer. Each of the 42 senatorial districts will elect a senator from a total of 108 candidates. In addition, counties had a lengthy list of candidates from which Ls choose officers ranging from sheriffs to constables, and each county will elect by beats, a five-member b:ard of supervisors. While the long kalbl meant headaches for voters, it meant agony for candidates, if the total vote •touches 300,000, it might be 48 Ivcurs before results were unofficially tabulated, and in clcse contests results might not be known definitely for 36 hours after the polls closed. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, July 1. fUP) — Cotton futures closed steady tcday, up 20 to 50 cents a bale. open high low close 934 944 '• • July Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. May 871 851 639 832 826 875 857 844 837 832 934 865 846 835 826 820 944 815 856 84-1 837 830 Spots closed dull at 945, up 5. Chicago Wheat Steele Infant Victim Of Colitis This Week STEELE, Mo,, July 1. — C'lllls proved fatal to little Shirley Watte flve-nKnth.s-ptd daughter of Mr, and Mrs. Dalton Watts who live on the Virgil Btxler farm near Steele, Wednesday night, Funeral services were held at the home Thursday and interment was made In Ihe. Mt. Zion cemetery, with the German Undertaking Company in charge. Claim Building Supervisor At LS.U. Received Big Sum Says He Will Continue To Work Foi Adjnimslra- iV Measure , ' WASHINGTON, July 1 (UP) — Fecretury o ! state Coidell Hull de-' claied today he would continue to work for congressional approval of the administration's neutrality la despite pissage of a meas- lire piovfdfiif a modified emlMigo on shipments of arms and munitions to belligerents In a formal statement bristling with hostility to.vnrd Die embargo provision. Hull .declared the house action was 'a mallei of regret and BATON ROUGE, la, July 1 (UP)—Thc muddle left at Louisiana State Univeisity by the fugitive Di James MoniijC Smith, icslBiicd piesident, became progressively m:re Involved loday Gov Earl K Long revealed thnt ,lhe L S, U boaid of supervisors ihac| uncoveied'a-systcm by which " •"'•"-"- Superintendent George —Jlestcd two per cent fi:m all building piojccts at, the unheislly Theodoic S 1 Landry member of Uie L s U board of supeivisors icslgned tb dev.le his full attention to Ins duties as general managei of llic Louisiana state prison J M Brown, New'Orleans bioker foi Smith jn Die | n ttcr's market plunging transactions, was leleased on $15,000 bond, charged with hnv action was 'a mallei of regret niul on $15,000 bond, charged nllh }inv dtsappointment" fioin the stind- Ing helped thc educat'r embcZ7lp iwinl of Uie assurance of this imlveislty funds ft 0 rebn S "«,u 0 s nllm ' Cl1 lS ° lati ° n 'H DhUlcl AMol ™» **>•& J San».rein ai :relgn vuus "" ! Hull said the siv-poinl piogiam foi peace iiid neutinllty, which he.had outlined to congress, v.'as designed t,a be "lai more cffcclhf in the interests of peace and in keeping this countiy *oul Vf war than the present embargo law or any equivalent." Throughout Uie statement Hull leferred to the existing reuliahty la a 1 «& an 1 .''embargo. law" rather than as a neiitiality measure •Senate advocate!! of strict isolation predicted that liouse pissafe of a neutrality bill with "the modified embargo clause signalizes defeat. of the administration's ncntralitv program. They prepared to administer .the csup'de grace to the. program in the senate which resumes next week "may go on fm -weeks' He Indicated that Smith, iindoi Indictment on charges of embezzling $100,000 of the school's funds may be charged with additional offenses Ho s.iid the investigation would continue Into other phases of thc university Involving Smith's financial dealings Gov Li^ng bltuncd Smith fpr lhc two nei cent collection made by CaldMcIl In the university's con- slniction The constiuctlon has been estimated at $13,500,000 dm Injf Ihe post thiec years Repent Auto Seen MONTREAL, July 1 CUP)—Police were informed today that the auto in which Di James Monroe Smith, foimei piesident of L S U. nnd his wife are believed lo he teeing Louisiana justice, v\ns seen in Montreal last night The Information came from a woman who police did not Identify Recoveting At Hospital ' ^Sneaks' Call To His Two Daughteis NEW YORK, July 1. (UP)-Por. „ ................. „... >ner Hcavyvclghf Champion Jack The embargo clause would forbid De 'npsey, In PolycIInic Hospital .re- fliipmeiit'of arms and munitions to I covering from an attack of perl- wlllgerente but ivoulcl iicrmlt ship- 1 lo »His frllowlng an appendectomy ment of other materials "vital to was ^eelintr sn H,H^H iirtH/>^ i^^/.., warring |Kwers including airplanes. Negro House Damaged Fire of an unknown origin> slight- y damaged one of the negro lions- [""-•«— J -an, t ana Barbara, two, ^s in the Meyers quarters south of! nllli lo!d them "don't worry about he old J. L. C. and E. tracks about daddv— he's nk™ " one o'clock this morning. Damage ivns estimated at less than $20. STnTISTId better tsriay ' a phone cail Stock Prices NEW YORK, July 1. (UP)— Stocks registered small gains in the iverages • today with volume light. A. T. & T. Anaconda copper Beth Steel ,. Boefng Air Chrysler . . Coca Cola General Electric .. | General Molors . Int. Harvester Montgomery Ward New York Central Packard Phillips . . Radio . ... Schcnley . Eocony Vacuum Standard Oil of N, Texas orp. 0. S. steel open Iilgli low close .-.._., _,. 6 July VO 5-8 11 1-8 6!) 7-8 G9 7-8 prevent the ...^ 6 ..v 1K » Sept. 721-4 721-2.111-8 711-8 from exceeding speed, limits. A new heavy-springed automobile accelerator pedal which resists movements at higher speeds is now being Installed on. cars to ' ' driver 158 22 5-8 52 1-8 19 3-8 C7| 7-8 123 33 1. 41 7-8 , 55 . 49 13 1-4 3 1-8 32 3-4 5 1-2 11 3-8 11 1-8 41 1-2 . 36 1-4 41 7-8 Chicago Corn open high low elf so July 4ti3-t «l-g 4S5-8 40 Sepl, 487-8 4D1-4 483-4 487-8 was feeling that he "sneaked" from his bed to his two daughters at homo. When thc nurse was out of the ro:m Dempsey grabbed the phone at the bedside and called his children—Jean, 4 and Barbara, two, daddc—he's okay. Dempscv was resting comfortably and another: bulletin en hts condition -,vas. expected late tcday, Farmers Arm To Hunt Prowling "Panthers" CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo,, July 1. —"There's panthers in them thar woods!" Tills "call ot the wild" is again being heard in southeast Missouri, this time in thc northern part of .the district, according to L. E. I Huff, city marshal! at Bismarck, ;who vows by all his possessions the stories are .true told by farmers and members of their families in thc densely wooded Ozarfe section south of Bismarck that they have seen at least two panthers recently. Hunting parties have been organized to search the wild wooded ravines near Bismarck but so far thc animals have eluded pursuers. However thc searchers are planning to redouble their efforts. i _ I As of Mcy l, 1933, there were a ; total of 2371 a!rp;ris and landing fields in- the United Stales. Of Uils number, 728 hart night lighting equipment. Maid Says Eshanged Husband Killed Wife And His Daughter NEW YORK, July 1 (Up, _ A man fcrced his way Into the apartment of Mrs Rose Shapiro 37 today and forced her and her 14- year-old daughter to stand iwtth their backs against the Itvin? rcrm wall. "You've had your fun for a year," he snarled, "now It Is my Ulrn and you arc gclng to get what's coming to you.' He fired two shots and mcther and daughter fell both fatally wounded. Thc Shapiro negro housekeeper said the assassin was the estranged husband and fattier who had not lived in their home for m:rc limn a year. Wage Hour Heaving Develops Compl i c a fee freight Rate Discussion ATLANTA, Ga Jill/ 1, (UP)'— Southern textile manufacturers fought statistics with statistics today In an effort to stave oil a mamlaloiy 32 'i cent minimum wage recommended to Wage-Horn Administrate! Elmer r. Andrews for Immediate establishment in theh Indusiry The legal slafT of. the American Cotton Manufacturers Association brouqht fiel^ht exports and othe,s familiar with textile shipping before Andrews to challenge previous testimony that southern transpoi- tatlou disadvantages were not so great as had been claimed hflei today's healing Andiews will fly to Washington to tackle accumulated business of the waucj- iiom administration there, telurn- Ing here to iccomene the public liearjng on the. textile wage next Wednesday, If the southern hearing lias not been completed by July 0, assistants to the administrator said he would reconvene Washington the session In Ne\t week's testimony was cx- tiectod to be devoted almost entirely to small'mill operators, A major contention of southern manufacturers opposing the jati cent 'minimum has been that the majority committee which recom- to Andrews lor did not give the ._ entire "adequate" study to so-culled freight rate dlsaiivantnge.s of the south. P. If. Johansen, .Washington tex- — .....«vi. l vnlc . testifying in behalf of the American Cotton Manufacturers Association, diagnosed the south'.* freight rate in this manner: "Thc Interstate Commerce Commission -simply cannot bring our southern mills near their major markets In the cast.' Monday To Be 45th Wedding Anniversary Mr, and iwrs. T. u Cassldy will have been married 45 years Monday. They plan no special celebration but are l:oking, frnvard to a big observance of their golden wod- dlng anniversary in 1044. The fact that they and their daughter. Miss Cecil Cassldy, are nble to be back. In their home which was recently damaged ,by fire, is a celebration in itself, they say. They were married July 3, 1894. Earle, Ark. Man Is Beaten In Memphis MEMPHIS, July 1. '(UP)—Charles Outhrle, 37, et Earle, Ark., told police tcday that lie was beaten and robbed by three negroes last night Outhrte was found in an unconscious condition and taken to a hospital for treatment. . , ta to back up hlsj Those who wish (.3 see thc racers , Johaasen said the 'try out before Hie first e\cnt may south would continue to suffer view this trial free from the grand from a freight rate disadvantage , stand beginning at 12 30 o'clock. It Admihistration Hopes m _^ . Mt To Revive Roosevelt Power Over Dollar hnno ' »*(""i—,"-•••"••<•" "UM iiuiu luuny shortly "after i'ii y v e ,;, OUKI i on the lU'ms embargo program rhnr'nviv" jull neutrality ,loVialnUoii at lhis : session,," " . ; ' vtve monetnry powei .In a-'senate vote at 5. pm Wednesday " * '1116 only consolation- for administration leaders,\\a<$ an opinion, given to Mi, Roosevelt bv. Attorney General nank Murphy, thai the dollar devaluation nu- ,u Preparations Made To Cate For Thousands At Walker Park Tuesday UiorUy would,, be emended umu -• (June 30, 1041, if olid when"the' . "" l-7-ln other /- J the,dead-- \ nn er.tir'e-iSis Preparations undeiway to_ . ___ ~ -Mi. Roosevelt was In the White", '• House study until aftei, midnight ''/, and announced (hat he had signed" "". '.'I'liinkiviiia ttuiu unoenvav to- , , — — , * *'n\i u>5»(.u y at Walkei Park and Misilsslmii uvo , lllst mlmls npproprlatton bills", imty Pair aiountls li i tale " e|)rlm " d " >B co »e ress In ' ™nnec- of the cxpeclc l , tend the all day PburUi of July ' ? er cclcbrl C f ,, *'"' cach Tuesday 'Ho Dud ca foll 1)osl - of ^ir'Amerlcan SS WArTO^pcSTn.Si f0 u?c!:sr *''™ bm « • ' -.»' ',"« *W5,BOO I 000 wo\k nncl " 1D B S rl c u »«"l ^e^ nll[1 f »"n "edit admin- »1I1.' uroadcastlng station Bleachers arc being erected along side thc laigc grand stands so that negroes may attend the midget «uto races which will get underway promptly at tvvo o'clock. There will Ije plenty of fish according to j B storoll, official lost for the fish fiy u be scivcd at noon <m the picnic grounds of he p»ik The large trees ivill make lhc out door dining ro:m a, cool one, according to members of this committee, who plan to have the ilcnlc tables nnaiiged in thc shade, 'Fish and G.rn bread" are to be 'ho main dishes served. Beginning at ten o'clock (n the norning, tlierenill U various kinds cf humorous contests In fiont of he grand stand, including a greased pig race, fat man's lace and sack race. . . j Entrance to the picnic girunds arid to the grand stand for the humorous contests will be free with i slnllstlcal statements, ss i e ree w tickets being sold foi the midget raCCs n " d l " e fry lx:cause :cause j has been announced by Lee Stlck- 1. Southern cotton mills arc 'hnn-llcr nnd Walter Moore, -who arc In dicappcd by. mileage, competing charge ,;f the racing event. with New England states on Uie major cloth market of this nation— New York City. 2. That Hew England railroads "concede" New England mills rates even below those prescribed by the ICC To show the effect of population density as related to manufacturing In the three major freight rate divisions of Ihe country, Johansen .said that In the eastern section 51 per cent ot the nation's entire . population lives with 72 per cent of the nation's manufacturing, industries. The comparative figure for the south, he said, Is 17 per cent of the national population compared with eight per cent of the national manufacturing. The western section was in a more favorable position, he-said, because It has 32 per cent of the population and 20 per cent of the manufacturing. Trial ..... Until Next Wednesday LOS ANGELES,~July 1 (UP)— Trial of the Rev. Jeffers and his wife on charges of immoral conduct was In recess today until Wednesday. Under cross examination yesterday Jcffcrs told piosecutor Earnest Roll lie could not recall the kind of conversation carried on the night the alleged Immoral exhibition occurred. A transcript of the purported conversation quoted the Rev. JcC- era'.ss saying to Margaret Morgan, beauty parley operator, that he was "figuring on" a fire at Ills church to collect the Insurance. . Other 1 The security wage provision lioiild reduce security wages !n northern and western areas and Increase tti^ra^lnj'that portion "of the nationMvnrchi has a warmer tllnmte" "w, ',. , 2 Thc compulsory 30-day vacation for relief clients employjd* moie than 18 months provided no difcietion foi families in dire need 3 Thc 3<l per cent limitation on' administration expanses will Irrf- falr efficiency , 4 Abolition of Ihe federal the- alcr project, assailed In the senate nnd house as studded with "Communism ns "discrimination of. the worst type.' , Signing thc f aim bill Mr, Roosevelt complained that congress had "run out" on a 1038 "gentlemen's agreement" to levy taxes to cover a ?112,000,000 parity payment suJ- Eiily piovided fanners last iear beyond budgeted plans That failure was now compounded, he pointed out, by a simiHr unbudgctcd appropriation of $225,- OOO.COO added to the bill but without provision for taf revenue to pay for it % -'"It therefore seems clear," lie said, "that the duly of providing ' additional funds for the tieasury still iest,s directly with the congress " Breaks Arm Trying To Crank Tractor Ben Abbott, ten-jear-old ton of Mr.,and Mrs C M Abbott, broke" > his right arm this morning while attempting to crank a tractor ,ou Ills father's farm east of Blythe- vllle He uas given emergency treatment at Walls hospital unit returned to his home this after- nocn. WEATHER an<l Sunday. cloudy parts of the alleged conversation! Memphis ' nnd vicinity—Partly were so shocking that many spec-i c )cudy tonight and Sunday, little, tOIOrs IML InP rniirrrivmi nt-,n-,i rt n t.» >_«..„*..*»..„ '• change hi

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