Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on May 12, 1955 · Page 15
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 15

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 12, 1955
Page 15
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\ MO r» I STAR, MOM, Aft KANSAS Thursday, Mov 12,195* Notion Pa. - dilor of '«. PRESCOTT NEWS thiirtd«V,"M«y 12 Prescott'PSrA Will ftiwit fhufsday 'tidily a't 7:30 p.'/mi -a't Ihe "l*6rlt Sclibol. BifeWSiljMiltfWettiliS,] a officers will be installed at this l««;«*HS#ding editor of a Vig- meeting, " — Jrohn , »»nn*«*W^he leid» of the eastern Uriit- Itls, |*«»ctetit ot'Mafris F6f. the\"games % .siort '., tiostott flnapojaH houfee. bfiht board dtffleVFirsl Corp., ahd Arihrttlt .-jr-JthefSaatic Sufferers. »0w" already taken thM '" since it has been COME. Jt is incxpunsivc and c«n. ;«n:rlflht In],the home. For FREE INFORMATION, name and address to ME|»01NE COM- Post OffTce*Box 522, Hot - Pitttfiin" ' "" H»tt«M To Ttftftervlti Club __ Mrs. John PittrnVn "entertained members ol the Ttt-Servlce Glub with a bridge and canasta party at her home oh Friday .afternoon. Artistic arrangements of snap- the the president, ..Mrs. Bob Reynolds. puring the .afternoon .'delectable refreshments were * served from at the punch bowl. The *u*«l held a garden basket afrahlemeht Mt colorful May flowers. Red roses were Used in the eft- trance hall and pink radiance l-oses in a milk, glass bpwl graced ihe mantel in the living room. Mount Moriah Has Annual Horhic&mlnfl Day The ' annual at Mount Horheciomihg was DEATH OF A LEGEND WILL IIENRY CHARTER XXVIII By nightfall of Sept. 7, 200 men were in the field against the gang, with more, swarming out by the the dining table covered with a lace and was wel i attended. Moriah oh Sunday,hour. And' the complexion of the pursuers was altering swiftly from Cloth centered with a bowl of iris. I *> r * p u th Ann Harfler ase 81 I the disorganized crowd of embat- •&*__V....i. _^-..»_i Ui */r T-U ' •" 1 * 3 - » v ." """ i»»«H«-» »«= "M ... ._..._,„,!„ -_J -U-l,,,,„_„}.»*,,.,} , of Mt. Moriah one • of thc oldest « ed townfolk and shotgun Mrs ' mothsrs present, received'a plat- farmers which had taken up the Jr., Mrs. Gene Hale,' Mrs. J. Bemis, Mrs. Mrs. J. V. ft>rm rocker given by Bfice ftnd ;chose in the immediate hours of the T MrS. J. . R - Dick Stewart of the Stewart Furniture Company in memory of their robbery. The police chiefs of Minneap- mother, Mrs. Ella Stewart, who .oils and St.. Paul, accompanied and Mrs. Reynolds. Victory Club Has Tea t Following- the usual custom _,..„ ,- '%>»•'" in .Framihgrmm. Died yesterday. LOS ANGELES — Mrs. Ann Mac Donald-Moore, 76, actress who ap- |pj64fed oh the 'stage ' fry Ehgland. 1 and India and in Hollywood films from 1931 to 1947. Born in Liverpool.- Engla'nd, < Died Tuesday. honored elderly ladies of !" EONfe BEACH. Caji/. — Ellis Wlth a tea at the home of Mrs.-Fred Hudson, 71, a retired farm equip- White with Mrs. Thell Banning as- (Worthington, Mrs. Joe Crane, Mrs. spen t het entire life In the* com- by squads of their cities' detec- "* ** Yarbrough, Mrs. E. Adam munity. She was also presented a lives, were en route to the scene __ „ ,.,_ carnation corsage by Mrs. by ' rain - Every county sheriff in the Club softly: "Dingus always has a plan. men on ours. We'll just Walk outlry. "I left three of the horses tied, on them, that's all. |I fie ^" d '^ ou ° on me ^ el p As he had gone along, Coles ^ fj 1 . PU gray eyes had narrowed. When, ,. You figured wron g," said Cole. sticking with you, Ding. we walk.' (To Be Continued) ». he had finished, he had a .single (( question, one he had asked before. "How about Bob?" he said. "We cain't walk to keep up with the rest of us. Jesse turned In 1953, U. S. steel works and him, his plan rolling mills used 3,108,000,000,000 Violet Cpc, manager of the Cornish 'southeastern Minnesota was out,'the war' The reference was to Flower Shop, Ibacked by his regular deputies and Stonewall Jackson and his famed i 0 {'scores of sworn-in civilians. From Shenandoah Valley infantry bri- <., T....I ^—u. .„,! m......-,. ..,„ gflde HJS ]istcners understood it, When he talked at last, it was having a i rea dy:foreseen that que- gallons of water the old Jesse: Quick, fast-worded, I ' absolutely sure of himself and his plan. "They figure theyve got us treed,' 'he began. "That we cain't run no more. Well, they figure right. We caint run no more. But We can walk!!!' He paused, dramatically, then swept on. "You remember what they used to call 'Old Jack's' boys during • Mrs. Sally Jarvis, age 90, C,,u,,h ., . „.,„.! ent merchant of Decalur, 111., ana;:father 6f Harvey'Hudson of the, Asao'ciated Press\a bureau in •Paris." Died Tuesday. CREAM MAKES CJUTANNO ?w -^. ,-.-»_-_,___.--__^ WlfP "•f'TftO ||H||ii|tti« with t|.dW will •t.yit»mm A. w^^Sit' 1 ?/;;"- : >;•''•." fln*r'Cr*amo quafffy. lalad (:!»•: dVehinfl-^ith a lively; zestv **?? jiff*'' ? *ll''"Jt V>' 1 • "'"'" it"^" •" *'l i. • *': tang that coaxes thoic delicat* flavor* from your saladt and «^dj, th« ,,"8purmet" touch to ndwichei. Ask for it the next ihop. slsting hostess. [Nineteen elderly guests were prc-i Letter Carrleri Eltct Pre»cou' ol ' dinatinB the campaign from the-30 miles in a night, and tjisy'd go Man at Meet Loyce Anderson was re-elected sentcd upon corsages. with loy where horse troops couldnt begin positively to.' Chicago headquarters. The gang had been identified within an hour of the ^•robbery, as soon as the telegraph ganization's"" Annual"" Convention 1 k °y clicked southward to Manka-|horsemen on their side "and" they "Well, we got bluebellics after! us ' here - The y Sot nothing but 1 to all mothers and grandmothers. M« CUft McGuire, ~, •-,, •• i • . , , ^vir ana ivirs. million mcuuirc, The afternoon was spent in nei-' Mr and Mrs. Ralph Harris and ghborly conversation and reviewing ^^ Morris ,Loe .attended-the ban- oldI acquaintances,, , . I quet at which time Mr.., Anderson After this period the guests and gave the response to the welcome club members : were invited into address • . the dining; room by. the hostesses. The tea table was laid with a lovely tea cloth over pink. White and pink petunias' interspersed with he had slept through, wired the St. Paul police the illuminating details of his dereliction of duty. With the end of the second day, Sept. 8, there were no less than 500 armed peace officers and enlisted civilians combing the back roads and timbered crosslands. for the fleeing bandits. And by' the end of that day, pickets were posted at all bridges, back trails and .Mothers.at Chrlitiart'Church Retelve A'Wards . . .... •-— . -*. On Sunday morning at the First!' ,, , - ,. white lighted tapers, formed the' Christian Church the following Mo-.' "wpaths in a sprawling sc centerpiece. Mrs. Bblton presided th a *, received bottbd ' nlanU' Mrfe clc rou e hl y 20 miles south of North %S&^f3£&SZL "eld, and stretching 50 miles east DELIVERS A LOVELY WEEKLY LANE CEDAR Htndsom* witerhll ch«l| ' with front pintl match OI ut and pald»o, Al ADVUmiO IN L!rl ' HOME FURNISHING CO. , 218 E.' 2nd; St. J6E HANK INS, Mgr. and west. Since the last report. from outside 'Miller sburg, the gang had Vanished without a. trace.' Claud'Buchanan,.^h£. oldest-Mother present:, Mrs/ Bennie, StoyaU,' the youirg'est Mpthet'"present '.and Mrs. Dennis Ledb.etter, the. rridtfier with the -mo8.t ;g"i'd^nVpre>entr .. - Theni suddenly _ at - nO on. of the v, - • ,' '-->•:. .-•• t\ •••>•'; r'-in TI -i '8th, came a report from a picket •Howard. Harrejl of.'Little. Rock pos ' t 0 - n . the Li ttle Cannon River, ?? e fcj." 6 •?'^^ I ] d . W'th .h.is sis- O ut s jde Waterville. Earlier that ters, Mrs^.J C.,Stegar ,and Mrs. in 0rnlng; the bandits had ap- Rodney Hamilton. ^Hd family.: rjroa ched the ford. The pickets had •.",, .'. ,.,' : ,, .'.. '. ' ' , , .' ;.:•?;' . fired, the 'bandits fled bdck into .Mrs. Wallace,. Pemberton, Mrs. the woods. Apparently, they were T. C. iMcRae, Mrs,; Jim. Nelson badly frightened. The pickets and Mrs, T. E. Logan spent Satur- > charged into the timber after them day at Caddo yalley .Academy at'_ w hi c h- was clearly what they had Norman whert--Mrs. 1 Logan attend- been meant to dp. The gang dou- 'ed..a.'board' . Mr.'and Mrs. ChaHie'tpewg. and: moisted, daughters fo'. EL iDorado 'we't^e the bled easily back around them and crossed the abandoned ford guests' Sunday Jim Nelson'. of Mr'. ' and* Mrs. Mr. ;and- Mrsi,. W. .B. Short and Jimmy of Emerson •were, 'tlje guests Sunday -of.' -her' parfcnts^ Mr. and Mrs.. J, W. •Bradley, , Mr, and ; Mrs. .. 'Cai-1 I)ajrym.ple had a? theiri.gijests.Sun^layi.*, .' Mrs; J.;':BVDairy'mp.le>:;W|£ and Mrs. W. '-W. Berger a'nd ' r Ma% Ann 'of Little :$9ek;--Mr:/'; and M|S. W. H. .Dalrymple, ,'Judy ( John Mar- .' •_ r - •''.''.':''_.*_ .•••••••••••••a It's triple-thick! PLIABLE FRE$HHES$.$EALIMG FILM . inside layer-airtight ALUMINUM-FOIL middle layer-mol»ture-p/oof NEW-TYPE SLICK WHITE PAPEI outside layer Just pull the etriflig,, Now Puffin BUcuiU bake into lightest, fluffiest, tastiest biscuits tvtiri Now you'll find your Puffin Biscuits all snugly wrapped . in a new. ^in-one layer protective Innorwrap—an iianer- wrap th4t jabsplutely guarantees 10 perfectly fresh biscuits every time. Slip out the new innerwrap, remove the biscuits, and bake jn your oven 9 minutes. Then, overi magic! Out •they 'cpjne, light a;nd fluffy . . . crisp-brown on the out- Bide, BfliaW-.white on the inside. Real old-style bakin' powder b^scuita—//cwpr/u/, every bite. So don't delay- Bake up a batch of Puffin Biscuits for family tonight. m ' I f Wl-VV' ' £<v ' NOTICE TO ALL DOG OWNERS May 12, 1955 All dog owners 'Ore requested to have their dogs raccinoted and tagsd. After the 20th, of Moy .the Police, will be instructed to kill any dog running loose without a collar and tag. Respt yours, C. E. Baker, Chief of Police The Northficld area was cleared but and a new line set up, EO miles to the south and nearly 100 miles' long from point to point. • Late F ri day afternoon, the fugitives had invaded a farmhouse north of German Lake, had taken fresh horses at pistol point, pounded on their way. Instantly, a score of poses closed on the area. The'outlaw camp,', was in a tangled, . brackish lowland,- six- miles cast of German Lake. It was a far and lonely cry from what his followers had come to expect of Jessols ^charmed leadership. ;, '. No cherry campfire, here, ..The horseblankets hung fr.om the gaunt bushes, leaking more rain than they shed. Beneath them, cold, sick, wet to the shaking bone, crouched the six survivors. Bob was out of his head with the fever and .pain of .his shattered arm. Cole hunched over him, muttering and growling like the wounded grizzly he was fighting off the torture of his own wounds as he mothered his raving brother. Beyond them, close enough to touch in thc darkness, huddled Frank, Jim and Charlie Pitts. Beneath another bus, 10 feet away, alone and invisible through thc ^heeting rain, Jesse stared out into the blackness. , Presently, •• he arose, felt his way, tree trunk by tree trunk, to the tethered horses. His clasp knife slashed quickly in the gloom, severing the reins of the first mount. "The crazy idjut's cutting • t h c horses loose." "Shut your mouth." Jesse's form looked through the downpour, shouldered in under the horseblank ets. Jess, what you think you're doing?" It was Pitts again, still incredulous. "I said, shut'up. We're getting out of here;" "But the horses!" Now it was Jim Younger, towering over him, eyes blazing. "Set down," Cole said. "Leave him get on with it.' And then, shall, and Billy of Memphis, Tcnn; Mr. and Mrs. John Dalrymple, Mr, and Mrs. Johnny Dalrymple, Stevie and Susan of Pine Bluff. Mr. and Mrs. Dcnton Robinson and daughters of Camden, Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Robinson and daughter of El Dorado were the weekend guests of Mrs. Metlic Robinson and Mr. Jim Woods. Dr. and Mrs. N. R. Nelson and Leonard Lee spent the weekend in Searcy with his mother, Mrs. N. B. Nelson. Billy Mack Gann, student at Lsusiana Tech., Huston, La., spent the weekend with his mother, Mrs. J. M. Ingram and Mr. Ingram. Mr. and Mrs. Brice Durham of Kilgore, Texas were weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Durham. Mrs. Bob Stewart had as her guests for the weekend, Mr. arid Mrs. Loy Craig of Little Rock and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Daniel and Patricia of Monroe, La. Miss Kay King of Little Rock visited her parents, Mr., and M f 5. King, Jr., over the weekend. Miss Virginia Johnson has returned to Little Rock after spnding the weekend with her parents, M.r. EATING Produce Department FRESH HOME GROWN ENGLISH PEAS Lb. 19c FRESH HOME GROWN SPINACH Lb. 15c FRESH HOME GROWN ' TURNIP GREENS ,Bchs. 25c FRESH LETTUCE Lb. lOc FRESH BLACKEYE PEAS 2 ^ 25c EXTRA NICE BANANAS Lbs. 25c GERRY THE GIRAFFE SAYS i Stretch Ypur Budget as Long os my Neck at ... BTRRY'S JELLO Box All Flavors. NABISCO SWISS CREAM SANDWICH Large Oi. Package 5c 35c WITH COUPON — NEW FLUFFO SHORTENING Can FOLGERS or MAXWELL HOUSE COFFEE Lb. Can 89c WITH COUPON SILVER MIST FLOUR ^ 169 HUNT S PEACHES 3 ^ 89c EXTRA SPECIAL UPTON S TEA 1/4 Lb. Pkg. 29c « SPECIAL IN OUR MARKET FRESH FRYERS 37c FRESH DRESSED HENS 35c Lb. STEW MEAT 5 L bs 1.00 CHUCK ROAST 29c Lb. SLAB BACON 43c Lb. ALL MEAT MIXED SAUSAGE 4 Lbs 1 00 BY THE PIECE BOLOGNA 23c Lb.' SIRLOIN OR RIB STEAKS 39c Lb. GOOD COUNTRY BUTTER 55c Lb. mHF mi^^mk HI ^^ VI iP HI ^ftr GROCERY and MARKET 111 South Mein We Deliver 71404 » ^U^icWpi 1 ~* *s t Thursday, May 11, MOM STAR, HOPf, ARKANSAS The principle of the abacus has f More than 755,000 oil burners teen known for more than 3,0001 were sold for heating in the United •ears. ....... States in 1954. I : COFFEE ;W4 SPECIALS FRIDAY & SATURDAY, Moy 13th & 14th CARNATION MILK Large Con lOc MAXWELL HOUSE Lb. Tin 87c KOOL AID or MIRACLE AID Pkgs. 25c HILLCREST QUARTERS MARGARINE 2 Lbs 37c DRY MILK SOLIDS Clover Leaf 2 6io z . 97 Pkgs. A/ C BREAD ALL BRANDS Long OJ Loaf ZIC SST 15c IN OUR MARKET WEINERS D&WPRIDE 3 ^ 87c SLICED BACON 39c PORK CHOPS Lb. 49c CUT FROM : S Wl FT PREMIUM ' Stew Bee Lb. 23c WHOLE DRESSED FRESH FROZEN Buffalo Fish tb 25c We Reserve Rights to Limit Quantities G R A Y FLOUR&FEED 106 So. Walnut We Deliver WILLIAMS Boyle Continued froth Page One has sold, he says he doesn't know but is going to ask his publisher about those thing's. Faulkner is an extremely deliberate craftsman. Among other things, he has delivcre^ the plot lines for 12 movies. The latest is "Land .of the Pharoahs," a Warner Brothers picture. After winning the Nobel prize for literature, he was given the Publitzer award this year for his novel, "A Fable." This rather surprised him, since it was published a year before. Faulkner, one of the most successful writers in America, has an Six Jailed in Copper Thefts bones of success. "I was born to be a tramp. I was happiest when I had nothing. I had a trench coat then with big pockets. It would carry a pair PINS BLUFF, t*l Police; have jailed six men and art' seeking four others in connection 1 ' 'with thefts at seven Arkansas towns of copper wire. Main targets of the thefts was Arkansas Power & Light Co. Prosecutor Pat Mullis said .Vernon Strom, 23, of Woodson, was charged with grand larceny and released on bond for medical threatment. He said Wilburn Thompson, 19, of Hensley, was turned over to Bradley County authorities because of his alleged connection with thefts at Warreri. Mullis said he would file Charges today against Charles 21, of Hensley, Georgt , of Hensley. Hensley and Woodson ^are communities near the Jefferspn-Pulas- ki county line. : Other firms reporting losses of . . _ »«» i v»»«x,i.»«*«»iijji \fjj\ji vitiK AUOOV.O v/t of socks a condensed Shakespeare wire were the Rural Electrifica- and a bottle of whisky. Then I H on Administration office at Jack- was happy and I wanted nothing.sonville, Texas Eastern Transrnis^ and I had no responsibility." | s j O n Corp., and the Arkansas State Electric Cooperative, inc., both of North Little Rock. I asked him what makes people grow old. He said idleness, boredom. It kills them. They die because they don't have enough to do. i | J*» "Doing noghtin — sitting down and vegetating — is no good unless you can make it an actual occupation. "There are people ,who can do DOLLAR SALE' *""' ,m»**ft«A. - J ''- 5 *' *• >'. -> ...T t.--. "• «B. * f DOG FOOD 7-100 GRAPEFRUIT IONA HOMINY 9 sr 1*0 PICKLES^ AiP CORN .v.;,,: 9 » 100 BUCKEYES Lonneyville, . Va. gets its name from a family named Looney. be, either. "This time you say I'll catch the answer to the whole riddle — why man is'here—put it down in black and white so everyone can see it without a job in this world and .._ .. „„ .. stay healthy, but they have to be and understand.'Before/you can do used to it." .••'•• this, you break the pencil and Asked what was his greater throw it away." . pleasure'in life now, Faulkner replied: , - _ ,„-"Thinking up an idea for a. book farm'is strewn .with broken pen- before I realize this one really isn't oils —until you take a look at that going'to be as good as I want it to book list. '.' From the way . he talks, you might get the idea his Mississippi PLAN NOW FOR A COOL SUMMER The newest in fans and air conditioning Solve all your summer' comfort problems with these versatile new fans! DILL PICKLES SCOTCH MAID FROZEN BABY LIMA BEANS FORDHOOK LIMA BEANS BROCCOLI SPEARS CAULIFLOWER H 3^100 6 Pkgs. 100 Fresh Fruits and Vegetables MEXICAN SUGARLOAF SCOTCH MAID FROZEN OREENPEAS. FRIED -f _ . .. ._ • *!, ^ ^ T ' *?• *«V*>, ^H^Uyt.,^, **?# « •*-»*-"»> TlfJ^^ POTATOES, CUT or fREMCH } V STYLE OREEN BEANS V'/ • ' V, ; " 0 W-,, WHOLE kERNft CORN ^J^Sfc?^ , ^. *.. 1 *> < :.'y, •). *. <^ ...,.' •.$' '' ~~ SWANSON " Tf ' ?Wr "' r irL'I:^r^ CHICKEN, 1IEF or TURKEY;'. POT PIES ALLEN ELECTRIC CO. stfEtliGHffi 114 S. Elm Phone 7-2629 ± --.t-Ai-.' «..l'. AaA •! •• '. .--i*«.\~».!4£,l I'k.&k*' titJ' ...iAJO. 1 .'' •;' a: '•>': «v.; .'• "^ ^^'^••'^•>'^--^'^^i^^^t £ '^^M^'f^f^^ :.-,,.. -v>. . ,:-.K_b,; - \!.. ' : ,•;,..,.•* ., -':;, ,&:...&.&>& '^ >''»• '•«>-•*«'( ..'• ••'.',i^#»Mp^-'fSw8«fe ^^•k ^^ .^^^k. . . \, I Ml i' ' , .^^^k t J .r.^' vilV J, ~L^_ lift* , ,1ft ,ju( A&P DEXO ^ Jan. P.rfc.r D...C.OU, iak.ry Tr«,t. •AR CAKE JANI PARK!* •*•'-. OltlCIOUf ...I* -AND ALL YOURS BROWN 'N f SERVE ROLLS Red Raspberry dt.«. ««NI F*ln«appl* or Peach (« 2515 IVORY PRESERVES ANN PAGE Vow Choice! Eo..^. OUR OWN TEA ^ir^v; SALAD DRESSING , MIPMfMf Y OU certainly can throw put your chest and call this strapping big Buick yours. Because—as any comparison shows — the dollar difference between this brawny beauty and the well-known smaller cars is now virtually erased. So if you've been holding back, thinking a Buick was out of reach— let yourself go. You can afford a Buick if you can afford any new car—and the price we show here proves it. Buick Sales Are Soaring To New Best-Seller Highs ^That's a major reason for the phenomenal success of Buipk today. So much so, that production and. sales are hitting new peaks to move Buick more firmly into the tight circle of America's best sellers. And a companion reason for thjs soaring popularity js Buick's full line of cars to give you a choice in any price class —the bedrock-priced SPECIAL, the high-powered CENTURY, the extra-roomy SUPER, and the custom-built ROADMASTER. But pure and simple, it's all the automobile you get for your money that's winning so many new owners to Quick. It's the extra pride you feel, the extra room you Unjoy, the extra comfort you get, the extra safety you sense —from Buick styling, Buick size, Buick ride-engineering, Buick solidity of structure. i 2-door, 4-possenger Buick SPECIAL Sedan, Model 48, illustrated. . Optional equipment, accessories, state and local taxes, if any, additional. Prices may vary slightly in adjoining communities. Even the factory-installed extras yo^ may want are bargains, such as: Heater & Defroster-$81.70; Radio & Antenna-$92.50, .It's the extra lift and snap and ginger you get from Buick high-compression V8 power— and the fun and thrill of bossing such eager might. As we said —if you can afford any new car, you can afford a Buick—even with the spectacular performance of Variable Pitch Dynaflowt at modest extra cost. So why settle for anything less than a Buick p Drop in on us, take the wheel, press that pedal, and see for yourself what a whale of an automobile — and a whale of a buy—today's Buick really is. •\Dynaflotv Drive is standard on Roadmaiter, optional at extra cost on other Series DID YOU, KNOW- - that the Juick SPECIAt is priced below any other cpf of 188 horsepower and 122. inch wheelbase? _ that the Buick SPECIAt is priced below some" models of the three well-known smaller cqrs? _ that the Buick SPECIAL gives you more pounds of automobile than any other car at its low price? Thrill of the yow is Bute* •_ CAN YOU SEf • ?TE» » I^CHECK ACCIDENTS • WHIN «HH AMTQMQBIlif AAf IUUT WICK Will |t)ILO TH|M<* Enjoy cooled, filter*** air for less thon you think with Buiek'i SID ROGERS BUICK CO. 69* Merffu TOILET SOAP IVORY fort . IVORY SNOW ;;,.-,. lar,. l/i................. ;.....29* *AH rpll NYLONf IVORY FLAKES !(«• ••ANULATI0 DM MAYONNAISE BEANS wWi PORK BUTTER COOKIES HYDROX COOKIES ^« LEMON JUKI« LEMONADE PEPSI-COLA A*P FINE COFFEE! 1*-^ v ' tf ,* A • V- W * I •, t i • V£ fi. >t ^ * > ..-iMfei.^U'ftflg 'CLOCK ...:.;,.tell* •\«>i M* ••••.I** I %' . • "4t -^**! •>.<,<,* !<.->*\W, * ^«r f *M»l*^,^toyl<*l' t *V*'' I »*-'--l > ' ! '*"*l-*<'V('l>'*"»l*«'''»-"' 1 -»''-l-."'^l r * •^,,«.., ff , j ,i^...4.,*«j.^,[. ) »4|rt» ,,« {»"-«* i A«wvf»«im«/i* -^^^y-^pil i£t9» »£ f , f IWWJ ,^WW (1 *' 111:

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