Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on May 12, 1955 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 12, 1955
Page 8
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HOP! SfAft, MOM, ARKANSAS ;, Thursday; May 12». IMS. ,-„ «r« tclo> flf fcls riytS drasti t - ttilittt cbtidl- '* PtiU-A tnjld -. BF fmniohs tftT S ftoSr fiian» llmet 'iron lfo*w distort* Mn* Eisenhower Has Recovered .WASttfNGTON, ( UP) — "Mrs. faafnte Eisenhower is completely recovered frotn Her spring bout the flu but she still is tak- it eSsy on social activities Gen. Howard MC. Snyder, White House physician, : said today . her condition is ""about her usual stats of health." 4 ' She and the President artd her &llierj Mrs. • fijivtra Doud, • are plaihriing td Observe Mrs. Dpucf'6 ?7th birthday Friday night at their, Gettysburg, t*a,, .'farm. 1 Thursday, May 12, MARKETS St. LOUIS LIVEfefOtK -STOCKVARDS. I/PI or; 111. Hogs 8.000; steady to hteh- bulk choioe 180 Ib 37.25-75: lew lots choice No. 1 and 2 17.75- Sheep. 200; market not fully 11.50-12.00; good and choice veal- ers 18.00-23.00; high choice and prime 23.00-25.00. News Briefs NEOSHO, Mo. (UP) — Billy 20', wss killed and Larry Wood,! J Vest 1.9,, critically i!)*jnrecl in a one-car tional bank. The branch will be located near the intersection , of Hayes Street and Aslier Avenue in South- '.", , v-iii.^i.ij,. j 11,1 i, i v_n in n UFiic-urJli >. ,. . . ac-cident near here yesterday. Boilv.? h , mits . "» accordance „..„ t TTII r< ..-.I- IL , State law whirh nmhihifs are from Ft. Smith. Ark. Their car wont off the Rock, near the Ben- Highway. It is just outside with state law which prohibits branch the plunged into a ditch and ro-d activit ' es in any city where ** ' 'narpni KanU in l^n^+«^ 18.00: 220-240 Ib 17.00-50: 240-270 established, few choice springers a culvert. Jetfcrs was instantlyi T f ank Jb 16.50-17.00:.fciw 270-300 Ih 1S.75- weak at 23.00 down . killnrl and Wnnri ,,,tr*,-*x J drl > said Jb 10,50-17.00;. ftiw 270-300 Ib 15.75- weak at 23.00 down 16.50-17.0; few 2?0-300 Ib 15.75- 1G.50; 140-170 Ib 16.50-17.25; sows 40)0 ' Ib down 13.26-14.50; heavier 11.25-13.00; \ boars 8.50-11.50. ^Ttte Turks call, corn "Eg^ptalns oW* and 'flic * Egyptain call it •Syrian cdrn." Pf% : ^ IP WK&W*WW wmmer ' s ; a- neutrality - - •,. •^•..'•^CflByfl^B-A :^ m- tf^^^-- • f!%F$® ^?te ;; iVII41»vrtirkini'V,-r»««A*Tt4«kj-r.-eT«Br ,-: .• • •, NEW YORK STOCKS __ .__. , NEW YORK,i/PI — Losses of ' as Cattle 1,560, catlvfi's "aob;"" "iuiiyj i T lucn as 4 Points a share .were steady to higher; \<ooA grade steers ™arked up in the Stock Market td- and mixed .yaarlinigs 18.50-21.50; bulk utility 6nd and commeicial cows ll.OO'lZJSO, few 13.00, ex- trerhes above; moist canners and cutters 8.50-11.00; utility and cpm- mercialr bulls 13.00-14.50; canners arid cutters 10,50-12:50; canners and cutters 10.50'f2.50; good fat bulls parent bank is located. Bank President J. V. Satterfield, killed. and Wood suffered '1^?'.*^ tha new bank is ex P ect " st'verely lacerated scalp, possible!- be open by Jllly 1 < de ^ en ^~ b'rain injury, loss of an eye. frac- lng on availability o£ materials, lures of both knees and several ribs. He is in a hospital here. 'Selling pushed all sections of. the ^ARKADELPHIA (UP) — Orvllle A. Keliey, former band di- market lower, although here and'rector at Waldron High school, there selected issues showed resis-'has boon named director of the lance. Dealings were heavier than Henderson Slate Teachers college in recenl sessions and volume for;band, according to President the day was around three mil-.'D. D. McBrien. He succeeds Rob- lion shares.' crt Hardesly. who plans to en- In mid-afternoon, most prices tor medical school this fall, were moderately above their lowsj Kclley has been director of the of Ihe day and Iho market showed Commerce. Tex., High school bandj a tendency to rally. :for the past two years. The chanse Prime targets for the selling, is effective Sept. 1. were' the aircrafts. steels, motors, LITTLE ROCK (UP) — Cnn- slruclion was begun yesterday rtn General Dynamics, U. S. Steel, | the first suburban branch bank Bath Iron Works, Monsanto, Du here, to bo built by First Na Pont, Atlantic Coast Line and Hoyal Dutch Petroleum. LITTLE ROCK (UP) — Some 125 representatives from various women's organizations throughout the state are expected here May 20 for the 1955 annual consumer information meeting. The meeting, sponsored by the Agricultural Extension Service. this year will be on the theme. 'More Satisfaction From the Meat railroads and oils. Among the wider losers were Douglas Aircraft NEW YORK COTTON NEW YORK !#)—Cotton futures;.,.,,. Were irregular tolay, with trade buying and short covering meeting scallered liquidalion and hedging. During the morning, the market's cents a bale higher to 20 cents lower than thc previous close. July 34.12, October K4.10 and December POULTRY AND PRDUCE CHICAGO 1/PiLive poultry bare- action revolved around evening u"p' on ncns ; receipts in coops 354 operations in ncaroy .May. Nearby ^ steady on young stock, weaker, May expired at 12:30 p.m. today| <yesl.:rday 349 coops 5u.r*29 II at a final range' of 34.48 to 34.50 f -°- D - Paying prices unchanged to cents a pound which was sligh'tly under, the previous close. Late afternoon prices were 1 lower; heavy hens 23-23,5; ' light Don't Scratch That Itch! In Just 15 Minutes, ' 1G.5-17; broilers or fryers 2935 31 old roosters 12-12.5; caponettes 37-41. Butter steady; receipts 1,977,899; wholesale buying prices un- If not pleased, your 40c back at any drug store. Try instant-drying ITCH-ME-NOT at any time of day or nlnht to KILL nerm and fungus ON CONTACT. F^ine for eczema, ringworm, foot Itch and other surface Itches. Today at John S. Gibson Drug Co. NOTICE TO CITY RESIDENTS ,,:.;:;;;;";; ;• ;-,'AVi2,-i955 ' ; ; '; We Wteh ; to- call to [ your attention an : ordinance that provides that any one owning, or renting a ^resident inside the : City' limits of Hope are. re':. quired'.;fqj<.eeb" the weeds.and grass mowed at this .'-,;.•.• .tirhg,' v of,,year...'•Mosquitoes, and other insects will ,' breed in.such places.., :'•'..• .--..'•. v •.';- Duift(n ! g'the}^astjfeW.yeqrs ; the^C5ity. has.been trying -^ to; ksep''.ujj with'rnp'st of th5'mowFiJigf with the4i| resident paying for "the service, however, it' has r '%, bfecome a-buirden as we. have all we can take care'': o* ori the.streers'arid alleys. -So it will be advisable • so'm'e individual that ownes a mower -for •'".!"";; ' - Respt. yours, .' , ' ' "•'•,- : .C: E.'B.aker, Chief of Police ' changed to !i lower; 93 score AA 56.75; 92 A 5G.75; 90 B 54.5; 8 C 52.5; cars 90 B 55; 89 C 53. Eggs steady; receipts 33,444; wholesale buying prices unchanged; U.S. large whites 70 per cent and over A's 35; 60-69.9 per cent A's 35; mixed 35; mediums 32.5; U.S. standards 32.5; dirties 31; checks 29; current receipts 32. ,: GRAIN AND PROVISIONS CHICAGO (/!>)—A strong upward thrust by May wheat featured dealings in grains on the^Board of Trade today. May wheat advanced several cents, aided by lack of. deliveries of cash wheat on May futures and shipment of a large quantity of red wheat' ou tof Chicago. New crop wheat futures rose in sympathy with the May. Other-'grains mostly had a lower trend. Wheat closed 1-2 higher, May $2.21 1 /o-'/4, corn ] /4- lower, May $1.451/a-l.44%, oats unchanged to. '/, higher, -May, .73-74; rye J /i lower to Y s - higher, May 1.01% and soybeans 1 lower* to '/ 4 higher, May $2.51>/4-2.51. Wheat: none. Corn: No. 1 yellow 1.50-51; .No. 1 1.50%-51; No. 3 1.44%; No. 4 1.481/a. Oats: No. 1 heavy ixed 77'A; No. 1 heavy while 781,4; No 1 white 7G'/i. Soybean oil: 1134; soybean eal: 54.00. Barley nominal: malting choice 1.34-53; feed 98-1.15. 'iii^^^^^i^^.A l^isikj^MrJ*' vo*^ - i Vm^^^&^m^^^^ X mk,aaAvtmSfi-^- n*w. ^-.'/illilfc .IrSnioB't* 1 ^^ ' • ^^. ^•wr^g^mvip•;•}<»*»• r<Ma ^ ••:••• • •• ••• •••/m® Kxmte&Mi^ --•':: •>'••-"-.•'''•'•- *jffim NE^^S . . . .^ ^ vc * r Come to Hope,, Ark. VISIT 6&B SUPERMARKET FRIDAY & SATURDAY FREE DEMONSTRATION part9 to tinly FOOD and F f >!*£ ftO{ ' \ I ALLEN ELECTRIC CO. 5 Ik IN CQ,OPERATION WITH m B&B SUPERMARKET ' best of both • 'rV. 1? - . v why Food It on* part of a food plan — an important part. That'* ' we provide you with all tho nationally advertised brands ^. . tho finest foods .,... • at maximum savings. , . .>»£*}»•* v '•'dM3 <j^f fflf fOOP 1$ JUST ONE PART OF A FOOD PLAN a quality freezer /* absolutely essential because the money you lave with a food plan can.be lost if these foods pren't properly stored.'That's why we offer tho Amana "stor-mor" Freezer . . '. the c YOU 61? THE BEST OF ALL THE FOOD PLAN •INIFITS FROM (store name) • Ord«r from our food consultant in the convenience of yovr own Komt t Free year 'rpund food guidance # | Y»ar ff«9?«r Worr«nly, plus 5 Year Food Protection Plan. PLAN IAVINO NOWI KNOW AU THE REASONS WHY OUR FOOP PLAN IS BEST FOR YOUR FAMILY ,.,,.,.„.. •••-....,, U«rn hPW yoy ton lave mon«y end time while ryiiti thf fin»«l mtalt you've ever eaten . . , ot (titthan yavrprtitnt food cost) ALLEN ELECTRIC CO, IMIMLM' -'•' :..-•;/., ,^» Dollar." WASHINGTON Wt — Arkansas MOPE STAR* M6M, A'ft KANSAS A. R. Ring, head of the meat'senators Fulbright and McClellan merchandising department of the! , , Hh the gfi-ll Senate major- XT^i: i • * : i i- i ** i T-» ..vuicu win. w.^ National Livestock and Meat Board in Chicago, will give the women pointers in meat selection, with guide posts for economical meat- buying. which yesterday approved a bill completing congressional action on a pay boost for postal workers. 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A. 4 ,', j Miss Patsy Allen Has Meeting ' Honored With Shower The Brookwood P. 'T. A, met I Mrs - Matt Bristow, Mrs. Leonard ! Wednesday at the school with the' Edd y and Mi ss Betty Thompson ; President" Mrs. Ben Owen in char- honored Miss Patsy Allen, brlde- ige. Minutes were read by the el . ect oi James Herbert Bristow. .secretary Mrs. James Latiterback.: WIln a miscellaneous shower Wed- Announcement was made rp*ard-; nesda y evening May 11, in the :in? the extra shows at the Saengeri home of Mrs - Johnnie Thompson. "ifor Children during the summer. I Attractive arrangements of pot- The Music Makers will meet for Room mothers received tinkfts for ted Plants and red roses, were us- DQFQTHYDIX Glib Line > < 14* a picnic Saturday morning May s -,le 14, at Fair Park /rom 10:30 til Th ' e 12:30. Each girl is to bring a president's message was ed throughout the home. Games were played with prizes to Mrs. Orvil Oglesby, Mrs. Dear Miss Dix: I married young' ,17. and have had little chance banc > ls making will not be helpful to know the ways of the world For one tnin R- 'business-women are .especially the business world. My Cluite diffe rent from the type pick- ihusband is eight years oldgr than ecl llp at dance halls or in taverns 'l and-in the seven years of our The women he meets at 'm='-•••."- has been'Very good to es mav indoed hp "' pie and help them with many things around theft tidfifteVSIttW 6art I get her to respect my fdlks fftdre? MS. t). Answer: t*irst. find out' exactly what she has against 'yoiif people. Perhaps they have beefc Hie treatmefll.t* no place in the picturi ' - firied food are ed-as ; , FORATHtmSl h owev h« t>,« i to continue fgular monthly meeting Thtirs- May 12, at Hotel Barlow at 7 m. The Educational and Vocat- ifeal Comrhitlee, Mrs. Sam An- jews chairman, will have charge the program. Mrs. Eileen John(Jn, Southwest District Chairman Texarkana will hold installation officers.- SRERGER IURRY! Last Day* From the Great Novel . . . the Life v . the Loves . . . the Conquest of Napoleon? f •> Academy Award WINNER • MARLON BRANDO Best Actor of the Year! Jean SIMMONS **! CINEMASCOPE Merie 08ERON Michael RENNK 1/'Thrills From Old Movies'' 2.!News of the Day {* FRI. - SAT; BIG TRIPLE PROGRAM! Wor*| ARTHUR FRANZ BEVf RIY GARLAND * COIUMW* nciun • ALSO , • GENE AUTRY • and CHAMPION • BARBARA BRITTON "Loaded Pistols" • PLUS • Chapter 6 of Serial ;"THE BLACK ARRQWV & "Pedro" Color Cartoon a guest, if any. The dessert and Mrs Jlr , MrKcnzie officiating, drinks will be furnished by the j The room count was won'by Mrs. hostess, Kitty Jones. Dianne ; Brown - s 3rci grn de and Mrs. Helms and Suzanne McNeill. Beene's 2nd grade. Ambassador SS Class Have Meeting in Home Of Monday May 16 The W. S. C. S. Circle No. J5 of the j First Methodist Church will meet] Mrs. Dorsey Collins Monday May 16, at 7:30 p. m. in the Jett B. Graves Class room at Tlle Ambassador SS Class of the Church with Mesdaities Jud C-arrctt Memorial Baptist Church Martindale, Homer Jones, Sam mot in lh c home of Mrs. Dorsoy Strong and C. V. Nunn Jr., serv- Collins with Mrs. Guy Watkins as ing as .hostesses. Mrs. Steve Ba-; co-hostess Tuesday May 10th. . der, program leader, assisted byi Tll ° meeting was opened with Dicky Jones of Amory, Miss, will Mesdames Odette Johnson and'P™? 01 ' b > p Mrs - Tod p « rtle - after, arrive today to spend the weekend Fred Glanlon will present the which the devotional was given by with David's parents, Dr. and Mrs. pledge service, and Mrs.. Denver Mrs - -Tames Brnclen. Dickinson will bring the devotional. I Mr s. Olen Ptirtell. presid.*tt, Couch. Mrs. Fred Smith, Mrs. Joe Fincher, Mrs. Rny Fry and Mrs. Gene Norvell. The honoree was then led to a table where many useful gifts weie presented her. Cake and iced drinks Were served to the 63 guests. Coming and Going David McKenzie of Southwestern i at Memphis and his roommate . Mrs. Harrell Hall, soloist, accom-i P'' cs!ded over the business^ meet- Jim McKenzie. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Jobe of Tylnr, panied by Mrs. John Yocum 'ins and reports were heard frojn Texas and'Kirk James of SMtJ, render special music. The Life! 3 ' 1 committee's and new commit- Memberships which were voted up-i l e°'s were appointed at this time. on at the last meeting will be pro- 1 Mrs. David Frith and Mrs. Y. C. sented. and. all members are re- .Colcman had charge of the pro- minded to come, prepared to pay! gram. A Bible qui?,,' "Who Am T" your this years Dledee in full. Tuesday/May 17 Mrs. Edwin Stewart will present was ehjoyed by all. The meeting closed with prayer by Mrs David Frith, and refreshments were served to the 10 mem- gradp and Junior High School hers present. piano-pupils in recital at the Junior. -High- Auditorium, Tuesday evening, May 17, at 7:45 o'clock. Notice Mersbers of W. S. C. S. Circle 5 have agreed to bake apple pies for the Century Bible Class supper are asked to bring them to the Col Mr. Horace Hubbard Guest Speaker At Paisley The Paisley P. T. A. held their regular monthly meeting in the Dallas spent the weekend with their parents Mr. and Mrs. Faye James. however, he is beginning to change. Recently he received a promotion to office manager, a job he 'has long sought. He claims there are many advancements in store for him but he must prepare for them. His idea of "preparation" is to take the girls in the office to lunch, dinner or dances, to go out by himself to meet other interesting women. According to him, he must learn how to handle people and this is the way to do' it. He says that in the future he will have to take important people out, and now is Ihe time to make new contacts. He tells me I must learn to be broad-minded if I want to help him be, successful. Now all this is quite contrary to my own ideas of right and wrong but I am informed that things are Mrs. S. G. Norton will accompany her daughter ,Miss Rebecca Norton of Little Rock, to the Bar Association in Hot Springs on May 13th. Mr. and Mrs. Horace Hubbard have as their guest Mr. Hubbard/s Mother ,Mrs. J. L. Hubbard of Bearden. , Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence McDowell and children and Mr. A. A. McDowell of Fort Worth were of the'First Methodist Church who school auditorium Wednesday May-home for Mother's Day with Mr. 11. at 3 o'clock. . and Mrs - J - S - McDowell. Mr. Horace Hubbard, Vocational Guidance Director of the High iseum by 5:30 p.~ m. Friday, MayjSchool^ was introduced by Mrs. 13th. All members who can help serve the supper are asked to be at the Coliseum by 6 p. m. DRIVE-IN THEATRE Hwy 29 South • Open 6:30 ' ' '.' ">' '' . .--'.- . - • . ^f FINAL NITE* BUMPER CLUB NITE F-I-R-S-T HOPE SHOWING! AN ENDLESS TERROR! A NAMELESS HORROR! • EXTRA • 1. "Born to Ski" 2. Perky Pig Color Cartoon COME OUT EARLY AND VISIT OUR KIDDYLAND ZOO! Mrs. S. E. Lee and son and Mrs. : Nena Martin of Tearkana visited Fred Ellis, program chairman. He Wednesday evening in the home o ,,,™i,,, *„ .>,„ „•,.„,,„ nn H,,:, ,,or« ;™. Mr. and Mrs. J. S. McDowell and husband, "If I am to be successful I must not be imprisoned by marriage." I do'want to see him get ahead, I admit I am not very worldly but I don't want to encourage him in wrong-doing if such this is.' Your; opinion will be helpful. ' :' .." JOSIE K. Answer: If your husband could rise to the top by means of his glib tongue, he'd be president of the firm in no time. He has built up a! wonderful set of alibis that .will fit] any unorthodox situation he may. be found in. ' While it is true that businessmen' frequently take women to lunch or even .dinner, in the;pursuit- of. duty,' the type of preparation your hus- Buslnesswomen Safe Women who have reached the point in the professional or commercial world where they are taken to lunch by clients or other! male contacts are more interested in promoting their careers than in a passing date. Furthermore they are well schooled in the realization that their own success depends upon impeccable behavior. With such few exceptions as are bound to crop up in any association, you could trust these women with your husband at any time. However, the typo of person your husband is contacting under the specious guise of furthering his career will not contribute, one iota to his success. In fact, let word of his associations come to the attention of those in authority at his firm, and your man is more likely to find a way to dismissal than promotion. He'd do better to spend his spare time studying for that promotion — in books, not bars. The ways of the business world don't differ fundamentally from those of any other group. Getting' ahead is a matter of intelligence, study, hard work and application. Being a Lothario in the office and a Casanova out of will bring little but ridicule, scandal and failure. spoke to the group on the very important subject, "What Are You Going To Be?" and stressed the many ways parents can help their children in choosing their vocation, J even heginning at the grade school age. Mrs. Haskell Jones, president, then presided over the business session. The group repeated the Lord's Prayer in unison. Mrs. Alvin Gordon read the secretary's report which was approved. ..Mrs. Steve Bader gave a brief report on the State Convention. The room count was won by Mrs. Paul Jones' 2nd. grade. The President's message was read by Mrs. Steve Bader. Mrs. Albert Graves, a past president of. the Paisley P. T. A. then ' installed the officers for the next > I school year.. . . Officers ' installed [were; Mrs. Steve Bader, president '.Mrs. Fred Ellis, Vice president, Mrs. Alvin Gordon, secretary. Mrs, Edward Aslin, treasurer and Mrs. William Hargis, historian. Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Collins. Hospital Notes Julia Chester Admitted: Mrs. J. G. Harwell Saratoga .Charles Harrell, Hope Hope. Discharged: Jance Hunter, Em met, Sam Stuckey, Hope, Mrs Barney Starkey '. and daughter Hope, Winnie Mae Gray and dau ghter, Bradley, Rex. L. Eley, Me Caskill. ; Some people's blood pressure wil increase to almost three times nor mal in a severe,fit of coughing. THE BEAUTY BOX Open 6 Days a Week Appointments after 5 ^for those who work. Phone 7-5850 112 8. Main . *!, "if • ' . Wl DELIVER ^8^^^^ ^NJBJi^^flP ^PHBJIIP^. 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WEDNESDAYS DUKE'S BEAUTY SALO 101t Weil 7lh Strait i... Phone 7-4389 *' t& % Featuring t>uke'$.VoViaHon Cut s v . $ Floy Hortsf!«l4 Ethel Mbran In City Council Meeting Mdy 3, . <r.resoli4tipn was passed urging us£rs; of city y^qter' jl for-air-conditior)jri0 pUrppsjeis^tb install water towers/'ahd that'.in evferit'o'f an emergency, tpe, Ciy will refuse water service, if a water tower'has rip.t been installed. Hope Water and Light t>)a_n't Fielding, John P. Cox Drug C i:.,, •••: :,-V|.:'>.: : . - •"•• " - •-' . .: i ..•'"• Br ...<"*,\f# DIAL 7-4616 or 7-4617 Rinse —- -v 'Y;#> WALGREEN AGENCY "Wt Givt EagU Stamps" •• ''.<••. . , •../ •• . v '-- •;• - ,^.»..—--~—,. .1 i ,j . «*i v > .' i flaam. BAGS H6S „: n TH5IWM / ? ' 1 t*. t * ?*] ^^^M nw ! 2> , , V- - ,f •'' ^H' v-, «M IPANA TOOTH PASTE MINERAL OIL PUT SIZE * M.P. QMLITV LUX SOAP tEtlUMIZECUE «T 10 COMBS Many styles and colors! . . ' "Str" HANDKERCHIEFS Snowy white cotton and 15 NEW KLEENEX 400's In Color A Big Economy Pack Now in Pink or Yellow Also White EACH 29c GRADUATION GIFTS OLD SPICE 1 AA SHAVE LOTION ....,•»,." I.UUU •• '''<'< • . Jr - i o FABERGE WOODHUI CC4.0GNI I .Z ELIZABETH ARDEN. BLUE *> 4\/\ GRASS DUSTING POWDER 4.UU RUBINSTEIN HEAVENSENT 1 OC COLOGNE ;.. '.:..,;,.: ,.' p.47 , DOROTHY GRAY FIGURINE | f\f\ CREAM SACHET „:> I.UU — Give Yourself a New Permanent' -<— TAMPAX T TONI ^- 5< > fclL.rTl^in 1 HUPNUTS QUICK $1.50 •••TETiSlSL'' RUBINSTEINS $2.00 Sanitary Proltetioi J i H T ti TC L. __ -'^ J 1.11.1 , 9*»f9 ic A ARDEN $1.65 REVLON LIP STICK .:..,... ,..,... 1.00 FABERGE MENS $Wp$^.; 2,00 HOLIDAY «•! 1 ,«: BAN WO* BEODORANT N«wl I 20's DAI HOUOW" TAIL 6*01/NP BLADES Inj?9<9r type GERITOL TONIC B <;omplea( * iron Ctn 9*» yw l^tw it (a your Stor*. Vour lot ,J*f«W- t T- - ^gii^ , -V MA- r 4 ^ PWUPPR •BVi; -M ri a» mt DRUGS at Low Prices! U.S.P, Quality atSavingt! 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