The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 3, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 3, 1934
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR THB BLYTHEVILL£ COURIER NEWS to ooDiust ncvs co., PDBUSBBB ,0. R, 8ABOOCK. tut •• «.' W. HAIKSB, AOfMtfclnc • Boto Nittootl Aorniuin* ArktoiM MUM* Ice, New York, Cfclc»r&, ,0«n|ti.Qt. Loul», Dsllu, Kiuuu City, Uttl* Even Afternoon Except Sunday, t Ottertd as tecnnt class matter it 'M poet. oiTtu at Blythevllle, ta;»n»s, under act of Congteu October 9, 1917. Served by tin; Onitcd PTMS. SUBSCUIPTION SATBG By carrier in trie CHy or BlyliKTilk, I5o per KFCk or |6£0 per year In adranc*. By mall within » radius of 50 milts, 19.00 per year, $1.50 for six montlu, 85o lor three months; by mall In postal rones two to six, Inclusive, (6.50 per year, In zones seven and eight, $10,00 per year, payable In advance. Men ai Top Hold Potter JOT Good Tlit Ironhlus that all'iicl I lie nival 'city of i\'c\v York tivi; Ne\v York's own concern. Now antl tli.'n, however. the rost of the countiy can gel mi instructive losson liy lookinjr nt them. •Jusl ul this [iininent N< w York hn.s ii new city mlminislnition wnich iictti- ally seems set to injcci ;\ little honesty and (Iclerniinitlion into the process of law ciiforceineii'.. It lias taken a number o;' steps toward this Konl, tlie mo:;( sijectiicnlar being the raid on the \vY!f;i:-e Island ])rison, where the most .•inputting con- (Hlions of gr.-ifl, neglect, ;ii:d incompetence ever disclosed In ;iny American prison were reveal^!. Antl the interesting 1hiii>- nljonl it all is the fact thai tli» iiiillioi-ilk's i'cem to huvv very IUUc iv.U trouble. in their task of showing the inuler- wiirld; wlio, is boss. They- 11 are tracking t' on [lie crooks, the gunibtcrs, the nynmen, am! tlie hard guys with the xaine poliile' and inspection agencies that let these gentry flourish like the <rn:cn bay tree nndcr Hie former Hilnii.'iisfration. Chnnges have liecn niat'e at the tup, of course, but the rank and tile remains the same. * * * A (h'uughlful citixen who looks about him antl sees how lirml.v tnu tmiler- vvoVltl can. get entrenched in a city's life often is moved to despair. Gangs, rackets and corruption ox^l with the tolerance of the police. How, asks the citizen, are you ever gning to. smash them without first get I ing- an entirely new police force? And how, considering all thedijViculties, Li siu-ii a thing practically iwssiljle? It isn't possible—but il'l necessary, either. * * * It's the attitude at tie lop that counts. The ordinary noiii-i-man, ihu man who pounds the niivcnieiil and gets the evidence and mukps the pinch, will give just exactly what is rei|iiired of him in thy way of .service. If tittle is asked, Uiafs what he'll give; if, much is asked, h L -'l| -five Uiat —cheerfully usul effccf.ivr.-ly. What we are getting ;,, X cw Voi-k is simply a Inrpe-scale -leiiwn.slration of this fact. The same enforcement glides that OUT OUR WAY winked ut craukv-'dm-ss ;i year ago ni'u jumping on it with bof'i Jucl now. Smashing gniitfs luiil];,' is one of tlio simplest of jolw. A cily administration I'uit really \vitnis to d<> i 1 e;m do it. All it needs 10 do i.-i U-II the cops. Upli/ters Now Worn) About Our Leisure Just iis jf wv didn'l havu jik'nLy ul' other filings In Iliink ahtmt. some of niir mo.sL uoUbli: iiiililiviv. :ir<; liuifiii- Jiiiiif to worry nvcr tlie w:iy in wliidi •lohn Cilixeji ;.s likely <<> u^i: tlu; extra leisure lime whirh I lie New Ueal is .supposed to liriiiK him. Tile whole tcndunry Ihi'.-v <l»y.s is In *liorlon tin; hum's oi' hbnr, and it is a pretty ffuixl lid ih:il I! U U'lidc-iicy will KO " 1,'Otxl drill litllhei Ijeforc il tfcls lhroup;li. The live-day uvi-l< is l>e- coiiiiiiK i'airly i't>niii:<iii; I'l'mmc'riiiff on the liamim i-: thai vlronm iif the U-diiicici-uU of a sni-iely ir wiik-li L\vn or Lhri!i> liours' work a <l.v will In' all thai will he iTiiiiirrd oi' inly man. It l);ip]>i;ns tlniL wc'll-illtc'iJllolifd 110,1- pli- are wimdi-niiK if tl-is wun'l be a very had tiling I'm- U u , ordiiiiny IIKIII. llu will have mi'iv s;i;'.rc time tiiiin ordinary men ever iia i U-frir< : anywhere— except. possibly, tin some ol' the more idyllii- South Sen islands— and the KI.'IILT:I| idea scents l-j I JO lliat this is apt to he a very had tiling f (J |. him. * » » S<>, sandwk-iit'd in ln-lv ivn ili.seus- sions of ilnj iii<iniM;ii-y jiolic-y and dis- .-•I'l'lations on (h,. w \\ ccoiii/iniu t:r;i, come solemn warnings people "Hist liu "cdlicaled In nsv ihei]- leisure wisely"; mid somehow j! all seems more than .slightly ridi'.'uloii:;. "lieeieation." Hie iiii-gazi:^ published Ity (he National Recreation Assun.-i- lion, 1ms an inleivslin;,' liUK. aiieedole i" ils current issue. An investigator went about ashing worliinj.: people how they wevu usinjr I In- cx'.r/. spar,, time whidi Uic sliorlor worthy week has (hum. round one wurkinjj >.\\mian .sil- ling on a purdi and shut n,. ; inieslion at her. « » c "I just set," said the woman. "When I Ket lired settiu' hc-iv, 1 < ;l > inside antl sel." Ami that seems to S:L> ii very well. I'robahly it would [> ( , ; , ;i tll . u,j njr it ordinary lolk flocked In symphony converts and art museums en masse, or look ii]i painting i(s a |,, j,( )V O) . !lt . tended all available ]c<tn:vs, or devoted Iheniselves to jroml works. l!ut they won't. They'd puli-oiii/.e amusement parks and ball -anie s and movies, they'll use their antos more, they'll slay home and the house: and many c: conlenl [fj "just .sot." And most of thorn, will contrive lo be lia after all the important sellinj;," \vlik-|i 'is 1 SHK.S it's llollyu-ood. Wo ffjlu ;,!) me lime. Johnny and I. Jfs 50-50. -l.u;. c vdiv, cslrangwl wile ol Johnny Wi'i.vr.'i::!cr By William? - TH' •BONE \-ARD, AFTtR ALL l t FAlTMF r Ul\ YEARS-TH' ME Y ARD . OTHER WAY PA? SUCH j WE COULO SHOOT HiM, OURSELVES, BUT WHICH ONE OF YOU'LL DO IT? WHO'J.L AN "END ctSb ruu LL U(J " f WHO'LL DEAR om W .?.^. *'M.-AND WHERE? T^^--^- "s&^v^ze,^ .— 5!S*-!« ®? P _ K L!? 1|P -IV_YEARS TOO SOO SIDE^GLANGES By George Clark 'M:iy we come (hroujfh, m-nllenu-n? I (hink (hi-ns our ca CHURCH EXCUSE 11 your mayor hud • (urbuldinii ATTEND < UUUC BLYTHEVILLE 10 YEARS AGO From (he flln of the Ualljr Courlir Sunday, i'ul). 4, N'o paper. .Mends}-, Feb. i, Washington — iil:-d at 11:15 S Wcodrott- Wilson d.iy morning. Counn i'uii(i:iii.i: ic i-isir today. B at 345S fiv Mardi ittlivcry New York. The Prcibyt^ria's building toin- lttci! met Sunday mid deddcd to ompioy an Eirclit/ocl ntid ask for l"ds on » S3'.-.DC. lidilding. Practically the er.tir.- nmount wliicli me slrutiuie »iil «>--i iiati boon i'ledgec! l:y momlicr: of the Pros- 1 yierinn congi-ejtnui. ^•1. Applcbriim o'" Yiiroo City, i K.<s., win b? propi-if-inr of a new] t-'i'V gcods si or? In DlytlievillL-1 which will upon ns soon as the ' building in lie u.s;a is vacated. ' CHANGED THE AVe&AT!Q M ROUTE OP THOUSAKDs cc CAM4DA GffSf/ THE BIRDS GO our OF' WAV TO VISIT HIS KISJS ONTARIO, FARM.rOR. THE GftAIN V/HtCH HE SCATTERS OVER TitE FlE'.D POR. THE/V\. Child Bears Tale of Murder to the Police ISTANBUL <UP)—Scven-ycar- •1 Mehmcit faine lo the police with a tf,ic of trouble at home HLS mother, aided by two men il about his faihcr. and one oi ier as.sisiimis cleft ojxm Ihe hus- nand's head with -,i hatchet, ssid Mi-hmcd. When ihis commenced, the child as sitting in a corn'.-!-, peeling !i apple with n knife. Then lie told the police, his mother took the knife from him and cm off his father's nose and cars. Following this. the. tvlo buried the botlv In a dunghill. ' SNAK-C VtNOM, AFTER BEING PRESERVED FOR. rw£A/ry y&vzs. WAS FOUND TO BE AS POISONOUS AS EVER. JACK MINER ha. s p i M of his wild BOOSC visitors, have brought down geese tlie Lauds contains r. verj -gcesc- his missionaries. S! iu v.ou e of IT TAKES- TWELVE THOUSAND CATTLE HEADS • TO MAKE ONE POUND OF THE PITUITARV SUBSTANCE USED IN MEDICAL SCIENCE. leial omuls on the \^ 3 of hunilr hunters Irom no l?<-s lhan 23 .sta ii'lni; 'lie -Miner k-(- |-.a;vi. Each Scripture, and .Mr. Miner calls Tl L: -Committee Iodine, Chlorine and Bromine Essential lo-Hciilthy Body . . ! hi' " " ' "" lll """ n '" .al, tlu- UC.-.HI, Ma, «»»«ly „.., ,,,.., ..„.,.„ jr , „ . , ,..,. lalll , in -,',.,. l!-)n i ^' ,,^ Thu :i!1: " !lllt CI "^ »' thcc,,-- ..-nl:uinu blood ls -.,-rv .small i- s( idom S Ull ....iuni n Mine i ,,.;., - ' • * - i --••-« .ii' in Li:. .. Ji'JIiHL til LOCI niC _nun,ras as -oMu'ijiim; to «... | :il lhl , i,| 0ix , j, ., ,,,,,,,„„> „, ,,„. i'n,v",iJ-l. I'- ° l " ' ;""^Ui'»» |:<!iM<v ul the ii-;-ioid ylaim. li is iiOTei-llu-k-s-: :rii<- ih.n mm-1-Mini ,]. ;it " ',',, (J ,' h 7,- ''" '" I11l:ll> Amen,; Hie.;" Mii.Mn:n-.-. ; 0 r ex- ; ANNOUNCEMENTS ' i["!!:,-. ™ lo ;ir (h --^S t-n The Courier Ncvvs lias ii:e:t ail- ii, l.i'u. a' i,'r'i: ;''•',' ''rvvcsU^'o- (honzcd Hi uiiiioanc!: th :,,Hosviii 3 ^iiv.-, o-i; '.!-..-,i -, (r-iccntri'ti',,-", ^candirtatcsfor iv.hhcoihrf. ,.,h-hi .h,- :„::,,;„: „.;;'; ,'| t! ™ .j'Siml '"'' A'^-Jl'S^ li.'hfi- nit;:,., ( ,l I!:-- I w i'v. For .-Hi-mhrr of,^ i •„ ll '~' "•' J! "' ul v - - ! "- "ii-.otinl cl CLINTON L. CAU)V,'i:l,b ! _-^ l ' lla ' bwiili; ;;, !.,]: altt . r Vl ! ..-MIS (»1 nije and p-n'dically lias I-'nr Sheriff and Cnllritir •'."ajijx-aiTcl a:'irr 7:. -, t -ali, of !'•"• CLARENCE 11. WII.^OM '.Mwioirsly il r.-.i..-. r;c;i . rc [ ; ,,io"n- l-'or He-election for Scco:m Tcun , s : '!' '" " :n ">" '••<"•»... I'ur cvirriiil Omrl Ci,,k '''^'- lt;l1 "' 1 " s '• i: ""-' ^iiawr. HUGH CKAiC; • .'''• .'' :;<l ul;i; ' • - |ii»cnra in ,-.\• .-• • HI diitiki,.^ ,, ; ;o : ii r ,:i cct .i lur Cniinly Courl ( II-IK •' l '--':il'': fi 1 i:.. |. .-ih p-olllc- FHKD i'LSE.X;.'•:.- "•- -' cwi;:n:o:i t «J:i'd niotll-ci For Re-EleclUj:i foi ;:. : ivrra : i'i::nii[-l. ! anic;::.- ;:,,..- ;-,,,| ;,.,ytii:i:^ >.l' Ulan : ., j::.;. . :cr j,,;;!^,, . ' M ,'"' 1 '•' '••'•'• '••'•'•- sv ;'tn is I-'nr .\Sh(v S !<r H. I,. I11II.LY' <;.\:\; J V>. C. UKE) HCO-c;; i-'ou c.rrv on n i.> Election Tucsii.iy. .•,••;.. 3. For C'ily (Ink S. C. CRAK. H. L. M:K::IUHT '!:!-_ iM-tiu-sn i-:, -;-:• : , ,„.,,.,, „„,. •'•••••<• in p:;.;!-. .,;.„ ,.„,,„„. lo •.- ..,-l-lllial ,„ ;!;..; , 1 , J , l ., 1 . nica , • : I.^ ,.;: (-..:;, nu . ,| u , ,, ^ •''•'^• : ".'> :-u:.Ml body. On '.a - ; . i. ...... - .,.„ fo i.ucj ;ii:c! in .n;.\ , .'i 5 " ; ' : ; :: ' i;: ' ' ii vi:-iu called '.•'.';,;'.. : .- :nii: ..... ^" '•'• 1' par'"••"' "' >•'. (.( Ihc human -'"fl .'liiirtioi:-, ui *tvN.;.- -*-\ot;*v<!»!S*Vv»- c\-. \\VAT 1ST,i£ '« ---. . \ r . (A=swc:» 03 Uic^ Ir.;j) l-;. , UP, -Ail 0,-c^J:, „ .-,.,.: tl... mii-.or u-nl,-.- l,.,,u.,. whlch iuv'-^n •' i ' 1 "' tor " Atlv ^- -"'I be " •ri'inity to l.« 0 :i-,e in,-,-,,;;. If | ll( . y ,.,,, |0 i.i;,^<. O f t[, r ,,,f ci . ,| " ;<: :« lc.»<- Hi- toin;'- IIIXJIX HKHU TOIIAT " .V SY >UI Hi: I, I, ,,,,J T01I «I.A\l:il ,,rc nuirfit-il tm II.P • III.H. U:,y nx IIOTAI.IXO ,,,"1 linilUlv lll.ISS, IIMI l.lla c,- IIM-II li> llv r | n luviirj wrhllt ••>I.K.« kcen-i lirr job lr:,L-hlut; U n >rtcU.|iiFlll iclinnl. ''•ll'-r Un« n, >cni^ R l c <3 keep ,, nk » i-r probleui !• 7 . "' "«•" IillTO.V. „ f • umji .1IAHKO her Ju M'hcj, l!v|isj- Icnri tt.-\i c n Ijnl.y s!i c c | vt . •n,r Imt.v I, l,,, ru i,, , , rc niifl i« .-lirlhirticU U.IVII). • nrljil ^vhlrl In utilcli he n,,,l "i.'ri"l", lr " tl1!: ' o1l "" iriK " «,,niru,-x liaii,n.^r,-hl,'r IT, I-I^H imrliel. M,,. , r ; 0 ^ tl , his sticky little face and hands aud trundled him off into her sister's cnnicle where. In a paradise ol drawn shades, he collapsed Into that divine, untroubled sleep of small babyhood. Gypsy, drop- Ping a light kiss ou his downy head, envied Mm. lie ncins at tlio clock to innko su woiilrt l, e able to catcb which connected with train nt Jersey city. ferry 1:G7 was anxious not to miss il.'Gyi' would he waiting and sho 'b seemed oddly touchy rccen „, ... : ; . - - : about small ihings. When he • I wonder if yon would do ' a te she seemed su«pit,Dus • something Cor me," Lila began "liter, nol like her old self' — Lila „*„„„ hesitatingly. "I-l'm in rather a Tlie telephone rails fu-r c:i!i •oi,l. While vi*itlnK ili-r l<sirrniN . li.irac a frlrnil ,. II- her ul si-rlnt; 'Ion, at [ur.,-1, ,,111, „ I'rr-Mv :;lrl. <:>|,sy It (.un- || IU11M hnvc bcrn VliltA GHA Y. .\o\v nil iis WITH TIII; sioiiv CHAPTER XXVII DL'T before Gypsy Jiad a chance to tare Tom with wlmi slir- as- -si,mcd a-as plain evidence against. Him something happened. '.ila came. Gypsy was Just canj-inj; the tauy's lunclieon upstairs. Clylie. nail cooked it and tliere remained i HI iv only Hie task of seeing that Uavlil tiickod it away .13 ids nimlier painstakingly spooned ii into his email mouth. lie was having a few spoonsful of pureed carrots nnd some beef Juice. Clylie came panting after her. "There's a lady asking for yon Mis' Gypsy. She says bhe'11 come up li you're busy." Clylie produced a Ihln. Ivory cnliii-ed card. "Mrs. Oerc); ]:]ij 3 ."j "Oh, hrln^ tier up. of cn;ir.-e." GJP-Y Irowned. How odd-how cMii.-n;elj odd! l.lla rushed In u;ion her a mo- mem late.-, Idling ibo big. high- ccl:cd mom with scenl and a fcel-j sir;; if cxcitnudii. 't'lie shade:! ini 'ac gi;c=t room had been raised I '.« llic in;? lo allow every Lit of I; st:n tostrcaiii in. U Icntj tin- room a chcciful aspect tun j there was no disguising the s!iab-| ljini:.--< o; Hie la n carpet nor ttic I tact tiial ihc wallpaper, will. Us Gypsy. Tlio fact Is—well, I can trust yon: ru icll you 'iliel readied fur his coal nnd wholo thins;. Marko and [ are lll ° steiiognipliers In thc- SoiiiE to bo married—as soon as' office answered it. I can yet a-divorce." C!ypsy sliniily looked at lier and Mia Ii-Jd tlie gracd to Hush. "Oh. [ know vvliat j-nn mean. I know whal you're ihiuktim." slic said with some beat, "liui, it isn't u-iio. Marko—he's really :Crs lvifc lirul - Soino girls bad tlio man for me, Clypsy. He under-1 lll ° '"clt. stands me. Derek nover did. i!e| Tom lu>1<1 "'« tele doesn't like our lite nor my e '°- e n '"' sai d liello friends nor anytiiiu;; . . ."• Slm1 clianged sliululy, lo'ok oil "lt'3 re-ally none or mv husl-! sri "'"' er ;ls " e «ness." Gypsy said with distaste ! -( ,? rry ; ll(1 s:i "'- "' can't ma "Hut, since yon icll me abmil ii I ' : " Jllsc I P» V »IS." perhaps 1 may say 1 you're' ' ' * makiiig a great mislake." I?Vll)]-:N'Tl.Y tlie pi "Say anything you liko. think J "' anyiliiug you like," I.ila urged in a soft, wlicetllliiK voice. "i!ui do '. , -----something for me. darling I '"'Slrinncul down he loo There's a food girl! 1'W.H driv-! vcry Krim l |uicp d. The girl i»S In from t'onijiion Lakes and ' klllc lvoll<lcrctl '"Hdly h. suddenly I ihoiislK of yon. 1 said ^' 1:1| ' 1 ' c " ccj to u ' lsct l>lm. ' Tli to myself. You can irlisl Gypsy > u " olllan — tnr > l was a v She'll *not give yon awuv " ' | volco that liad asked for him "WollV" Gypsy n-as'"wnUInt: ' "" 1!t " Ilvc heo " n 1 ' csl ol su " little sick over tliei k ""'' U Iva5 "' t liko .- Mr - «'cai- "l-'or you. Mr. Weaver." «'as u lootliy girl In nine a friendly air. and lio smiled licr. Kor Ihc tlioujandlh time stenographer rcJlcctcd wli.ii enviable posilioij Jlr. Tom Wt aintie crai His CMU 'Crson at I other cm! was tin port 1111.11 because lie had to repeat his c discs over and over. When li? n iki Slio felt wliole thin: wnm to e<-t .M,iri:o at hl = " Lil:i I don't "The 1 my- i my advi-cs wain to go far Hie day wiiliuiu sayn sued hy. Tom's long Icga cleared (he d: taur-.e between snb-.vay and lioase q«;ciily. Ho was paaliag , the nosed iis way out of ;i ip. This comiuuiing was no i me lo he c-an-fnl. U'o any sr.iinlal. Y.iti call for me" j i" 1 '- ^"- Uioiislil. walchiiig t! darling: giv,? ,.,j- message. That's ; v '-' uor Kliilc past, lie would li'.i BO siraighi : for Oypsy's sake, to liavc a : all 1 ask. TMOTI i «-ill go siraighi : for away ami n-,i |,,,i], cr yoll a|iy - somewhere near llluc Hills. S! more, lint don't jmu-c n:c- loo -could s-ee t!io family of icner Ihc Ilar5ll ly ' >"> • _ j .uiiyoe s:ie vouldn't L'O «n IDE osl , j d!i-> was cooped up in Uiat ap:,r I incut all ii,!j- will, no one hut tl rplTF vrni ,-, >- ';,'„,, ,' b '- i , ,• "''^ ° W : fun. Ills haslo. he i "'=!i chair. • .. U ' V< three silver bells. "My dear. I'm so a.-*!iaaic.l, 1-nr^iiig In or, yoii like tliis." I.]).! l'":4-an. C.ypsy silenced her. l.iln v\as po=!ilivcly emaciated — her ey.-.i were like sreal pools In her f.icc and nol all Hie co.-inctics i:i llie world cunltl |I:IVL- !:idi!cn Hi-. 1 tclitale cirrleii under her eyes. "<ja ahead. I'll waich." I.iia ?aid. ^:ie s-jtllcd licrself in ihc olrl rocker as OypcX aHi-rna;^ly coaxed nnd b'.tllicd her j-on iu'.o some show of Interest in Ins food. 'Hie talk was necessarily desultory. .Meantime (iypsy's l Nor.tin roved wildly to [lie sla'tc of iho family larder. Common cmirteiy dcinaltdcd that I.ila he nskcd lo lunch. Hut it was Saturday. There would tc. of a ccitnlniy. [lie itoiial lio:i:i--ly meal of tomaio S'jnp :n:d deviled hum sathl- ivith'-s. Coald oac. Gypsy lliniigbl. l^- l L.I ,. l ti «lt to sit CHi; sinan-d Ucr blioul'lcrj. "Hen ajk Chti'-: to l:iy an:i:i,-.. ^•la.e. Lii.i'i slayisi;." "Xo lijdrcd I'm ii'ji. I couMn'- <-at a hile." I.Ila «as f"v,r,-h:i ;\i:-:i;i- i ia<->- band kru-iiirr. "1 "r,i> w:iivtv.>1 to tec. you fur a uio- =•• -I.'. (,' >•(!=>• " • if i.iN'll «•,-!;: asixioMo to have ;: :e lutk over and do;io iiiiii. I.ila lifted i:or l^,ulifi ; | c ycs in ue nt Ihe KHz :;t i.-.c-. t hp nsm,] lilate." s!)..- fi,,i ,; (1Hi ., .. Rl , , COnltln'l pjo;:;hly L^-I ; V ^ 11V ;,^t"or-- and il,; U i v^Vi j.l'.ie'io wire" lun many pcoplo i,in,-:i Sciv I fot Hie IljAcro and tia-v iv cro luvrly. Ami. o!,. ,if r 0i ;rj« [ Wlia , to p.iy for i:-.;,t ci-.y r.\.\''• (')'V. y dcanirreil. T,-,c whole tlna..- made her feel ;, j, , r t.y to '•":ac sordid affair. \Yliy v .-,,- f l,e d:jll:s Ihi-- f,,- (.;[_,; w -j 1} . ,]>.!„•! J':o refuse'/ Ah. | ; . i; w!i ;. n ltiiy '••"> hucn linK- ^-:i-j ? locethcr f rations l-iin;. f, T her. ° You J-ia liCLa:,-.- hcL.-.od iti a :,i',:i:,cc 5, n i.oL,-:aeied uubecon-.- i:.^ "' ' '•' 'I 'I'.' .t U ,w. I'll ll.ivo 10 wart in,: . .\; ,[ lcr i ; ,xcs her nap." '•'I't- • • •: !:,!!;• :1 I..;., n.irl [n lie i . r -" 1 i'M ••!•" '.I.;,:, I i li IV !, <:r- ''''''- "-• rii, in. IT ,l:i.l II,-? • l.tllSin: 1 .!! V., I, -V. ,, :i ;.| K-ii-lVl )n = l l:e alilc r,i ;:,,,;,., n s,i s!i<- w-ni •"' ''• l ; "- :•• -,-. ! . i] us j- ' <i -: What rolten luck! There wa, jnci'iiug him with Ihe car. : ai;:;lil litijik lie v.;,s not coining all. ft was not his fault; a of circumsiynces had led up to [!: . leleplione call, lint H would j dillhitli io explain all ihi« t.ypsy. She would not undcrstari- inisht not even listen. He weal into a lelcphoac bom am] gave the number of the Mo. clt hwi'c. It would liclp malt'.-. if he caught Gypsy hcVrc s: lel'l Cor the stalion. She wou: , know lie was on his way. As |. I waited he whistled softly. Sure. • he wiis making a mountain om a molehill. Gypsy was noraia!: tlic s'Aeclcst and most rcaaonabi • tiding imas-iatdc. I ha,l done or had failed to do si ; would f.-t-lv-c a:ri umlcrstanti. ; lie heard a buying, ihc upcr; I lor'* voiec. 'i'iien Gypsy's clca ! lone.: came lo him. He smile, ; iztd In lime thai bo bad broke uiUi a cow-.ictUou. I Gypsy sxiid very distinct:.' "Marko? I havo n. n . you. Ii's rather important. "-,'.: 'fi"~c!3 came, aud they •»{; l-ivrly . . .-" 'I',',1 PHI ihe receiver ^-i •,. Ueok. Thf man waiting f,.r • luvn at Hie Dooth starrO ,- u r oiisly. "l-'cllow looked i>i;slii ;fuiLny lo me." ho Foid !- ; tcr •li 1 ' --mpdnlon. " l jC^t'-i ea ue'd had !-ad UGW:." ilo Be

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