Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on May 11, 1955 · Page 10
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 10

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 11, 1955
Page 10
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The Hope,Star will, not be responsible for errors in Want Aft unless errors are called-to our attention after FIRST Insertion of ad and then for ONLY the ONE incorrect Insertion. PHONE: PROSPECT 7-3431 For. Rent JNFURNISHED, newly decorated, six room'house. Garage. Oar-, den. 812 W. 4th. Dial 7-2247. 1-tf MATTRESSES ItotaM ervlMade Into lnn«r«»rhi| Work Guaranteed * Day Servl** M* DAVIS Funilmir* ii MottrMi C*. Phon* 7-ttll CROWN WESTERN SHARES •f DKreralfled Inoome Fund ~*i«*ectu» ayallabl* from M. S. BATES Al*. TOP'Sj SERVICE Hy 67 Weit of Hope ELECTRIC WELDING Done.--anywhere. Call ui. ••• ui for your Car, Truck, Tractor repair*. "We are as near as your phone" DIAL 7-2767 DESIRABLE 3 r,oom apartment furnished and bills paid. 204 Bonner. ' 3-tf BEDROOM and private bath. 420 Edgewood. Mr. and Mrs. Guy V. Wood. 6-6t Announcement The Staf i» authorized to an* noufioe that the following aro Candidates tot public office, subject to the action of the Democratic primary elections! For Mayor ft. L. RETTIO H; M. (Ot-IE) OL90M TAIvBOT FEILD. JR. . 23 95 23 31 .326 Business For Lease Otffi StJPER SERVICE Station, 3rd and Laurel. Reasonably priced. See S. L. Murphy for details. 8-tf Real Estate for Sole WE 'SELiL — we Heal Estate. rent — we buy QOMPANY :'•• May 9-1 Mo. . Vernon, Wash. 24 94 11 31 .330 Bauer, *N.Y. NATIONAL Mueller. N.Y. 22 05 15 40 421 Repuiski, St.L. 21 94 12 34 .362 Campanella Brooklyn 21 89 .16 31 .348 St.L. 21 9$ 15 33 .347 Logan,, Mil. 24. 90 19 31 344 HOME RUNS - Srildfer, Dodg- •s 9; Flirillo, Dodgers 8; Zer- nial, Athletics 8; Lollar;, White S"ox 7 jKIuszewski, Redlegs t. RUNS BATTED INI .—Snider, Jodgers 30; Campanella, Dodgers 26; Vernon, Senators 26; Furlllo, Dodgers 23; Nieman, ' White Sox 3. - . . . RUNS — Smith, Indians 25; •nider, Dodgers. 23; Bauer, Yan- eei 23; Mantle, Yankees 22; Aaron, Braves 21; Gilliam, Dodg- rs 21; Carrasquel, White Sox 21. HITS — Kuenn, T.igers, 41; Mnel- er, Giants 40; Kalihe, Tigers 38; 'aron, Braves 34; Repuiski, Card- Awnings FRONT bedroom, private entrance. Ph.one,. 7-3716, • 9-3t NICELY FURNISHED 4 room ap'arlmanf,' bath and private enr trance. Call 7-3497. • 10-1t SIX room unfurnished house. 812 West 4th. $35 a month. Dial: 72247. ]0-tf BEE-T-MITE Control Service Free Inspection Owned & Operated by GUYGRIGG Service policy 109 South Main St. Fhonei 7-3445 or 7-2772 CURRY'S ermire Control Co. t BONDED f INSURfD t GUARANTEED ^pr Free Inspection ; ' ( - f "" call , ; A. D. Middlebroolcs Jr. PKones 7-2822 or 7-3791 Notice Jess Morris for custom slaughtering and cold storage at : Com^ munity Ice Co. Phone 7-2244 or 7-3478. April/22-1 Iijo. NICE SNAPDRAGON ' pjants for sale. Verbena free. Also will do • baby sitting. Mrs- L. Hamilton, Phone 7-2413. . ' 11-lt For Solo/ Gravel, topsoU. fill dirt, Phone 7-4392. A. L.'Park, April 15-1 Mo. BABY CHICKS, jarea variety. these chicks before buying. liyHiarniltbn, 204 East 2nd. •""> April 1S-1 Mo. FERTILIZER, ammonia, and nitrate soda. Cheap for cash. J. W. Strickland. April 21-1 Mo. TWO BEDROOM home 1% block from Brookwood School at 819 East 5th. Call 7-5574. 28-tf TWO BEDROOM, house, built on slab, asphalt tile floors and car port. Call 7-2993, terling. Fletcher Eas- 6-6t .BEDROOM, 2 story house with 2% baths. IdeaV for rooming house, 2 blocks from town, Priced right. 521 South Majn. W. H.. Fiiv cher, Phone 7-2209. May 10-1 Mq. GOOD fat hens — Heal for freezing. Orders taken for. 10 or !anva.s Awnings and metal awn- Ings. Manufacture Venetian blinds. Renbv.ating old"; blinds. Rug Cleaning. ' ' COOPER-BLAN^ENSHIP Formerly' Riley Cooper 1615 Texas'Ave. Phone 32-1841 Texarkana, Tex. . . ::; •.,.,. AprU 14-1 Mo. Of Interest to Women $2.00 HOURLY possible doing light assembly; work at home. No experience necessary. Write SANCO Mfg. .Co., 7159 Beverly Blvd., •Los Angeles 36, Calif. 10-2t Wonted to Rent SMALL furnished apartment, 2 or 3 room. Phone 7-2639. 11-lt Help Wonted $100 MONTHLY, for doing assent ibly work, at home. 'Write KENi CRAFT, Selma, Ind. i 11-lt Wonted to Buy DIERKS 3F(5RESTS,,.INQi, will buy Oak 1 Hardwood Logs • — Prices rangp from $34; 00 to ,$60.00 per thousand log scale;; depending on .grade: Logs to be, 'delivered piej-ks or Lpckesburg. /Contact . E. Banks, a't DeQueen or Mr. ' to* pT , beari' Holden.at plerks. ' '••' • 6-et: The Negro Cqmmiimty By Helen Or bring Items to Mlis Turner at Hicks Funeral Home V/fedftejil&y* May 11,19SS Leaders in the Major Leagues By United LEADiJNG BAITERS Based oh H Official at bat*) AMERICN LEAGUE T , ,. ' 6 Afe UN Pet. Kalme, Detroit 25 85" 19 38 .400 Ktierin, Detroit 2a 105 la 41 390 Avila, Civ. is 96 14 32 .333 .By GAYLE TALBOT. nals 34. PITCHING (based on 3 deci- ions) — Erskine, Dodgers (5-0 NEW' YORIt Cft—It might not be common knowledge in this country, but the,re has been a serious "nobbling" fright for the past several days in the training camp of Don Cockell, the British challen- •fge'r for Rocky Marciano's heavyweight title. We might not have heard 6f it either, and so would have missed ohe of the really significant pre- fight incidents, had we not been fortunate enough to browse through London's weekend sports pages. "Nobblers Guard for Don Cockell." shouts the headline i n the Lohdon Herald. "Dope Scare Alerts Cockell Camp," .says the News Chronicle. "Cockell Camp Puts Ban on Food Gifts After Fighter Drugged, Doctor Reports PHILADELPHIA W) —A State Athletic Commission doctor reported yesterday Harold Johnson WHS drugged before his nationally teje- ' vised fight last -Friday. Gov. George M. Leader promptly suspended all professional boxing in the state for 90 days, except for bouts already arranged. Dr. Alfred S. Ayella Jr., commission physician, reported a barbiturate caused Johnson to collapse affor two rounds of his heavyweight match with Julio Mederos at. the arena. Drug Scare," cries the Daily Express in black type. That gives an idea. As the reader may have gathered by this time, to "nobble" a man—or a horse—in Cockell's homeland means, roughly, to slip him . a mickey. Tho alarm in the challenger's camp near San Francisco arose from the suspicion that Harold Johnson, one of our be^t 175-pounders, was fed' a hopped- up orange (before his bout with .000; Turlcy, Yankees (5-0) 1.000; J - ulio Mederog last Friday night ^ewcombe, Dodgers (4^) 1.000; in Philadelphia. effcoat,. Cubs (3-0) 1.000; Lemon, "Immediately the Cockell camp ndian's 6-1 .857. heard of this," the chronicle told its readers, "manager John Simpson impounded every packet of tea—Cockell's favorite beverage— sent to the British champion' by ^ell-wishers all over the country. 'We. cannot take any risks,' Simpson said. . "Up to now anybody has been permitted to pay a dollar to watch Cockell at his workout but from today special guards are being posted at the gymnasium entrance to check the .credentials of every body going through." Manager Simpson told the Express* representative: "This ban may look sensational to the folks back home, but if this can happen in a fight with nothing at stake we cannot be too careful with the world title as. Jhe prize." To which the Express expert added the opinion that "Simpson's decision is sensible and nec- cessary-—there is fantastic gambling on this fight." AMERICAN LEAGUI W L Pet. GB 18 7 .720 15 8 .552 2 14.. 9 .603 3 .560 4 :ievelahd Chicago York Detroit /ashington Cansas City Boston altimore 14 11 10 14 .417 7>/ 2 9 14 .391' 8 9 17 .346 9'/ 2 8 17 .320 10 Yesterday's Results Cleveland 9, New York 6 Chicago 4, Boston 2- Washington 7, Detroit .4 Baltimore 11, Kansas'City 1 Bpnzq; Nelson 6t Yuma. Ari?.. is •visiting his mother, Mrs. Arreha Nelson, and other relatives. .'more. Phone 7-4628. 11-31 REEL type elbctric mower with automatic rewind on cord. Phone 7-2649, • Funeral Directors OAKCREST Funeral Home. Insur /ance . ., Ambulance. 2nd & Hazel . . . Phone 7-2123. 134 Mo. Hope Star }»M »f HOM lift; Fr*ll ItJT tCMMlMfM J«nti«ry If, \929 *•>•" C. I. M. ' TM Itor Pr«ild«n» Stcy-Tm. MOM/ Arhonw |dlt«r .;H»i*n«f, Mich. |upt, HERNPQN-CQRNEUUS Funeral Home and Burial Association. Prompt Ambulance Service. Phone 7-5570 or 7-5505. 884 Mo Mrvicf t Qtt? rtd MATTRESS renovation and inner- apring work Cobb Mattreai Co. 810 South Wuhlnfton. Phone T-282J. Mar. 4-tf RALPH Montgomery Market, torn ilauuhtering. Phone 7-3M1. 10-1 Mo. WATER WELL Drilling any depth or size, O. T. Clark and Son C. R. Clark, Cale, Ark., 203 East Ave. B. Ijtope. Ark. April 18-1 Mo. In SPECIAL -. $200 down to G. I. vr $900 down to non-GI, balance like rent, This lovely home has living room, dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms and new paneled den that will knock you/- Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Hal of Lansing, Mich., Mrs,. Mildred Benson of Detroit,. Mich,,, Mrs. ,Clara Daniels, Mrs. Lois Swain and Mrs. Hazel Tatum of Qrand Rapdis. Mich. ; , John Dell and Henry' Button-of Cleveland, Ohio are visiting their parents, Mr. . and Mrs. Lonnie Williams, and .other relar lives,, Persons interested in attending Lonojce : Baptist Church,'there will be a tous in Raulens at 10 a. m. Sunday, May 15, and in Oklona at •,10)30 a. .m. Eleven Clubs; • '"* I Attended Rally Two hundred twenty-seven 4-Hj member's and leaders, representing 11 clubsi attended, the County 4-H Club Rally held -at Fulton Eleme,n- tary .School, Friday, May 6, 1955. This is '9H annual affair held, each year to give honor to 4-H Club work. Rosie' Ellen Golston, 4-H County Council president, ' presided over the meeting, assisted by Alvin Wil son, 4-H Council vice-president. Registration of clubs was under the supervision of Louise Essex, secretary of Fulton 4-H Club and chair man of the registration committee, Joe Harold Morrison, 4TH, Council song leader, arid Rubye Terry, 4-H song leader, conducted the opening exercises. Arthur L. Jones, president of Fulton 4-H Club, gave the welcpme address, Response was iiven by Hosie Ellen Golston. The ypll was caljed by 4-H Conn Today's Cleveland at: New Chicago at Boston" Detroit at Washington. ; Kansas City at Baltimore NATIONAL LEAGUE W L Pet. GB irooklyn 22 ', 2 .917 few ,York 12-' 11 .522 9'/ 2 Milwaukee . 12* 12 .500 10 'hicago 12- 1* .40? H Pittsburgh 11,, 13 .45? 11 St, Lowia .-' af I? -429 11'/z Cincinnati : 8;-15- .375 13 Philadelphia 8 16 .333 14 Yesterday's Result* Brooklyn- 3, Chicago 0 New York Q, Cincinnati 4' St. Louis' 5, PhUadelphia 3 ' : ' < Pittsburgh 9, Milwaukee C Today's Giames '] : .Brooklyn at'Chicago. Pittsburgh at' Milwaukee New York at Cincinnati (night) Philadelphia at St. Louis (nigh,t SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION ,W L Pet. GB New Orleong Memphis Birmingham Atlanta , Chattanooga Nashville Mobile Little Rook 20 10 .667 18 12 .600 2 18 13 .581 2"A 18 13; 2?>" 17 14 .548 3'/s> 'U: 1.8 .438 7j 9 20 .310 10,'A ,8, 22 .267 12 WHAT'S THIS! INDIANAPOLIS ('UP). - The Air Force announced it will conduct a beauty contest .to choose an Indiana "air princess." r "All entries become the properly of tho judges," the. publicity release, said. HopeTennis Teams Best Arkadelphia The Hope Teen-Age boys and; girls tennis team journeyed to Arkadelphia yesterday and' came out on top in a match with the Clark County nctters taking 7 sets to 4. ' The girls, including Janet McKenzie,, Ginanne Graves, Mary Lewis, Barbara Guthrie and Loretta Munn, took 3 singles 6-p. and 6-0. 6-3 and 6-3, .and 6-4 and 6-3, and one doubles set 7-5 and 7-5. They lost only 1 single set 3-6, 6-3 and Lemon Could Get Even With Yankees By ED WILKS Of The Associated Press Bob Lemon finally is catching up with the New York Yankees; They're the only outfit that ha an edge on the Big Cleveland righthander. Lemon, 34, has had six seasons of 20 or more victories since switching from third base in 1946 But he's only 22-24 lifetime agaifis the Bombers. . / He has split even in two tries against New York this seasonl He beat the Yanks 9-6 last night; with the help of Don Mossi. They're still giving his U'oiiblc, • 'but he's at last edging-up and is 9-6 against them the past two seasons. His victory last night was his sixth of Ihe season -against that 3-6. The boys team, composed of Bill Bridgers, "Spanky" Mitchell, Bill Perkins an-i Travis Purtle took 2 singles sets 6-1 and 6-3 and 6-4 and 6-2', and.a double set 6-4 and 6-4. They dropped 2 single sets 9-11 and 1-6 and 0-6 and 1-6 and 1 double set 4-6 and 4-6, giving them an even split. Beth boys and girls played surprisingly well . despite the boys team being handicapped by the loss of their No. 1 player, Billy Gilbert. Winning this . match gave the Hope team a season record of 2 matches won and 1 tie, 'a very fine showing for 'the city's first season in tennis. Fights Lost Night By' The Associated .iPress Miami Beach, Fla. 7- Chico Vejar, .14.8'/3, Stamford, \Conn. out- pointed Johnny Cesario; 151, Hartford, '10. -, - ' Buffalo, N. Y .— Paul Andrews. 185'/ 2 , Buffalo,, outpointed Jimmy Slade, 182%, New York, 10. Holyoke, Mass. — Sammy lone defeat by the Yanks last week, and it tumbled New into third, three games behind pace-sottin g C levclancl. ; Chicago took over second by defeating Bos ton 4-2. ' ' Washington moved into fifth, knocking off Detroit 7-4, while Baltimore was living it up ll-l over Kr.nsas City. • It wac the same old story with a new twist in the National Brooklyn won another, but'. Don Newcombe tossed himself a one- hitter in beating the Chicago Clibs 3-0 and faced the minimum .of.' 27 men. Pittsburgh surprised Milwaukee 9-6 while St.' Louis nudged ;PhiI- adelphia 5-3 in 10 innings and New York beat Cincinnati 8-4. Leon had the Yanks grabbing at straws for six innings last night, giving up four of their six Baseball By The Associated Press AMERICAN ASSOCIATION Denver 5;. Charleston 4 Toledo 9; Omaha 2 Louisville 4; St. Paul 1 Minneapolis .9;. . Indianapolis TEXAS LEAGUE Beaumont 4; Oklahoma City'3 Dallas 6; Houston 5 Shreveport 4; Tulsa 1 Fort Worth at San Antonio postponed WESTERN LEAGUE Wichita 3; Lincoln 1 Other games postponed hits over that period in the fourt inning. The four singles score; two runs, but Lemon was stif ahead 4-3. His lead was 8-4 by the seventh; when two singles sandwiched around Andy Carey's triplfj brought in two Yank runs. TlM,fk|] when Mossi strolled in and faffhete Elston Howard and Bob Cerv ijjjjfj pinch-hit assignments to end thjf threat. £ The Tribe got' 14 hits off fiv : New York pitchers. Don Larse: was .the loser. At Chicago, Brooklyn's Ne\v ; | combe showed his stuff after ting off the suspended list la.<; ; | week. The big guy, who to pitch batting practice, now^haSfJ faced only 33 men in 11 inr the absolute minimum.--Gene ,., er's single ih the fourth ytsterdali was the only hit off hinx in tha|i| string. And Baker was .erased trj'*'| ing to stoal. j' Duke Snider homered for thj;' Dodgers' first run off loser Warref.| Hackee to start the Brooks to their* llth straight' success and" 22nd i|i| th e last 24 games. It left Ncj combe \t 4-0 for the year and ;ave him. his first shutout (Jftcf Sept. 29, 1951. j An eight-run eiflhth inning —a!Ji after two were out—se.irt', the Pijs ates . 'into .their fourth -straight | over the Braves. It was the Freesn jrothers—Gene and^ Geofke —wh-1 eft Milwaukee out in 'the cold Ueorge knocked a two-run singl n the eighth and Gene—smackci a grand slam. '' ; : The White Sox made "the jum;'| )ast the Yankees on George ISflll'i!; ,wo-run homer in the elghth.^fv'! ng Harry Donsh his fi|;st victorvjl of the -year; " >r Jphnny Anlonelli and Willi'j Vtays, a pretty potent combinatio!?! is the Giants won the pennat ' ' Reason, got together again to knoc||| off the Redlegs. Two ot Cincirif er, 155, Springfield,-Mass, .out- pointed Charley Cotton, 150, To:- ledo, Ohio, 10. nati's seven hits were homers b|| Wally Post and Chuck., Harmorj nit otherwise the Giants' lefty ac|| lad 'little trouble beating' the Recgl egs for the seventh staaighW(,ic|l Ways homered twice, ones a Twc&l •un blast in a four-run sixth tha-| ,ie. Mays homered twice, one wo-run blast in a four-.run six hat beat Johnny Klippstein anil shoved Now York above' .500 fo«| he first time. Rookie Bill Virdon's two-ru ]; l lomer into the screenless rig ield pavilion tripped Philadelphi ; J o its 10th straight defeat at St)| Louisi Bob Porterfield, with some |^ rom Carnilo Pascual, beat thll Tigers, who now have lost thre|| n • a row. Baltimore shoved across eigl:|| jruns in the sixth inning againslf 'the Athletics. Gus Triandos startefl the wild frame with a homer ani;' crapped it'with a double. S I Yesterday/Jh, Repults Little Rock 6, Atlanta 1 New Orleans 4, Birmingham 3 Chattanooga 5, Memphis 3 Mobile 7, Nashville 3 Today's Game*. Atlanta at Little Rock New Orleans at .Birmingham Memphis at Chattanooga Mobile at Nashville CLASS OF You'll want to give him a graduation gift that he- will want and appreciate. You'll find just the- right one at Herbert Burns. We know the correct. 5 sizes for the male graduates, so come in and let us help you select his'g'ift; f r j«W»Jer tn n* In Hwnpst»od, Nevada, Miller eyes out! Floor /an, carport and furnace, attic St, Augustine cil peqretary, IDorothj; Jeijn Muldrow, and each club responded witli ojub report and a. talent number. Mt. pleasant Club dem*v I r lawn, also will gp with this spe-1 MS cial value, located at 304 onstrated a "model 4-H Club meet- with its president, Conway , presidiqg. 15lh St. Don't wait call Bill Rou- "The State 4-H Club Agent, L. L. ton at — FOSTER REALTY CQ, 217 So, Main St. PR-7-4691 - day PR-7-5596 - ,o; Wt.U.e. was present The Christian Union Community Club met May 2 at the regular meeting place E. 8 N. and Pewey St. i»t.7:30. with th.e. president Mrs. Show A. Norwood presiding and ^he song leader, 'Mrs. Margget Lanjjst- er conducting the opening exerqis- es. Prayer was by (Mr. Freddie Morison, Minutes o|'tfie last mqet- [n| were read and received. Prayer for the sick was 'by Mrs. Lijlie . , ,-.,„— — _„_., P'Omde.xtsr. Bible; lesson was tau- Log houses were first introduced with remarks from Walker Flemrlght l?y Rev. Freddie Morrison all into America 'by S\yedish settlers'ing, Jr., Assistant .County Agent for enJQyed. the, lesson. .. and spoke to the 4-H rally group on. "Lov? For Youj- Feljowman." which was enjoyed 'by all. Susie Booker, the treasurer, gave a financial report to the rally. The meeting was closed COTTON STATE LEAGUE .'.,W<L Pet. GB Hot Springs 9 6 .600 El (Dorado 9 6 .600 Monroe 87 ,533 I Pine Bluff 7 8 ,467 a, Greenville 6 8 ,429 2; Vicksburg 5 9 ,357 3 Yesterday's Results Hpt. Springs .7, Vicksburg; 4 El Dorado 4, Greenville 3 t (lO innings) Monroe 9, Pine Bluff 7 Today's Game* Hot Springs at Vicksburg Greenville at El Porado, Monroe at Pine Bluff rning, Jr., Assistant County Agent for Negro Work. . . SPORT SHIRTS By Arrow, McGregor and Van Heusen $2.95 to' Swank & Shield's Jewelry Guff links, tie bars and sets. $1.50 up Swim TRUNKS By McGregor Smart New —r* i r—r* $2.95 up $1.50 up Interwoven SOX Hickok & Paris BELTS in what is now Wilmington, Del., in Negro Work. Elee Brown was in 1838. Mtn'i Uftd Shoti MAVIS' IARGAIN P»it | charge of- games. The 4-H leaders and guests wer? presented by ggent. -our h to- all 4-H leadev an especially to the principal, Mrs. Jewel Wright and teachers of Ful« tpn (Elementary School who helped tp make the rally 9. success. Leo There were 12 members present. ~' next meeting will be Mayi 16 fit the regular meeting place. M(3. Ola Bell Kuig of Phoet)ix, Ariz., are viaitinf her aunt MrsT Anna Stewart and other relatives Mrs. Alice Green and Mrs. Slrewert spent the weekend in Uo( ' $1.00 $1.50 up KINGS MEN SETS From $2.10 Shaving Lotion . . , , $1.00 plug tax Cologne . . , $1.10 plus tan HERBERT BURNS , May 11,1953 HIM; •iONMI Vy vPn^VK W ^^^^^^g DADDY, MY DOLLY'S SICK-CAN I HAVE A DIME TO BUY HER SOME MEDICINE ? - . THAT'S ,Sv A NEW ONE J DAISY r^ (I THOUGHT YOU WERE x —^ . SPINS TO Buy , MEDICINE FOF? (.YCXJR00U V/lfH r THATDlMEf, SHE GOT WELL JUST AS WE • I,/, > WERE PASSlMS Sjf^T ( THE ICE-CREAM iSfciW ^^ * PARLOR j-* ( J Chow Call Answer to Praviout Punla ACROSS 1 Borsch ingredient 8 Eat very rapidly 6 Corn on the ',# 2 Pen name of Charles Lamb 3 House additions 4 Stories 5 Sheep's cry 6 Female monster 7 Mother of Helen of Troy 8 Tries •12 Spiced stew 13 Askew ;HEggs ;15 British billions 9 Fighter ; 17 Damage 10 Egg-shaped !.J8 Founded 11 Uncovered '•'It Fit for chow 16 Fancy ;21 Oceans 20 Rapidly • 123 Health resort 22 Imitators i 24 Mimic 24 In line !87 Church recess 25 Melon ; 29 Upon , !32 Tell i 34 Place •'38 Kitchen tool i 37 Views • ': 38 Fabricated 139 Tailored • clothes 141 Small child j 42 Fourth : Arabian caliph [44 Fruit .'46 Hates : 49 Memoranda i 53 Stir i 54 Handling ('56 Paving " f 5*7 Permits j 58 Century plant ' 59 Measure of '/ fype (pi.) ' 60 Pssential . facing 61 Bird's home i DOWN I ;i Explosive I >' device 26 Lifting devices 28 Girl's name 46 — >- and nut 30 Bread spread pudding 31 Nuisance 47 Kind of cheese 33 Anoint 48 Very (Fr.) , 35 Eighth of a 50 Far (prefix) circle 51 Son of Seth 40 Overthrows (Bib.) 43 Cordage fiber 52 Let it stand 45 Caesar was 55 Ibsen one character • • . • 38 53 33 5 13 7 37 35 58 bl 51 ST CARNIVAL Dick Turner T. M, R^. U. S. Pit OH. ^,/ ••.,'• Copr. 19SS by NEA E«»lct. kie. "Just a quick shave, Herman! I haven't time to listen.to ^._. '__ a haircut right noptl". < *^.'*^^».'... ; By Golbrolth StDE GLANCES "This golden anfliyer&ary celebration jtn't whit it .cracked up to b§^-lkiod pf feel like «n <^l<| »<)U4r«i" OUT OUR WAY •y J. K. NOT ME—I'LL 6OAROUNP.' THIS HORSE CAW OPEN) NEARLY ANV GATE OR BARK! DOOR ON THE RANCH AND WANT HIM TO LEARN THAT STUNT TOO/ COT '»« H "» <•"<". **• T. M. P.C. «.«.>li M, OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Maior YOU LOOK! A€ YllD&AWAke TO SREAT CAESAR,T^lfeS5/ A^ 2 ^ MT Al?lMS Ml4 FI1?6T PiOS CECTIFIED CHECK TOR <I.O>O/^ T ^^^ F Sp'LADDER/ y^y SOLD MV AIE- CHAIR TO THE 5\MlhlDLe ME OJTCF IWCKEOIBLE.' AM.1 ; «IIMMV BUSINESS 8y Hershberqar "I eot Jurne arms Carrying water—the guy whose girl I swiped fed 'em a lotta salted peanuts!" 6v Nodin* *»,'•«« i #., it \f ALLJMEE GAMES WE WW LIKE TH VIC FLINT ty MicSa.l O'Malky t*4 WASHTUBBS i isoe&s Vfifc SATISFIED . E^SV WO CONTACT 1 . THEY'RE HIHTIM 1 FOR. YOU TO TURN BftCK! WEMT •T IJOTHII4' . FOR HEUR BUT . THEV DBMAMP WE /A CO^iT SUMD FOR '•<«»•"''ijt''^ T'S'I I il^5iiili^fel,^§ • :.•••:•;•'} '-.".'."".•AND HER BUDDIES WtO mi J by tit* 8 >vW», Inc. T. M. mi- U.«.'J BUG* PUNNY ^Mm ^rv/iVku \ 'J 3W\,* . THANK VOU . FOR CALLING i J'GLAD.T',' . IT TO MY / HELP ATTENTION, "l w suv'Noi?r V'^^A/^J - NI\!,VJ-^ t *., J (,«. *\':-J% ^m ALLEY OOP 'TELEVISION is PINE, BUT MUST WE WATOrl »T EVERY NIGHT?, »t THE PF MARTHA WATNI t. K !», 5. .t'M ANO THAT'S «i?W ' r 4 »' -'*

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