Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on May 10, 1955 · Page 11
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 11

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 10, 1955
Page 11
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MOM itAt, MOM, AftRANiAi fusstloy May 10, 19J5 8t. LOUIS LIVESTOCK , — s -^—ryr in NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111. fvfljfe, pfi., Ifia a pidneef in W— Hogs 11,000; moderately ac- atiticel « heSeafch; Borh In tivferi; barrows and .gilts ' - - • !mostly 23 lower; bulk choice 180220 Ib 17.00'56; several decks ehdice No. Is arid; 2s'1?.75; '220^40 Ib.. 16.75-1725; few 17'.Mf' 240-'270 Ib. 16.25-75; few to 17.00; small lots 270-900 1bs., 1575-1625; 140-170 1ft. 16.55-1725; "go^ws 400 Ib down 13.50* 14.50;, heavier. sows 11.75'13.23; e.Sfl-ll.fifl* ".."•Mil"-' MACHINES OCCNTIIl f> lUIUHtr >XHtt . *CaUle»3,700; 'calves 1,300; steers and-cows abotft steady but tradd jing slow,.and not fully established; utility . and comrherclal cows Ii',56"--f5i.50; canners, and cutters &M-\l.QQ; very tl'iin'canners. down to 7.00 and extremes below; bulls 50 lower; utility and commercial 13.00-14.50; ednriers ahd cutters' iO.0.0-12.50; vealers high choice and, ,prime 24,00-26.00; good and choice! largely 19.00-23.00; commercial and ood 14.00-18.00; cull and utility' 'g.00-1'3.00. ' . Sheep 1,200; weak 'to lower; ch'oic£ ahd prime spring lambs 22.50-23.00; good and choice lots : ng,' Mich, Died , Sunday. • ClerH)6ht,*.Fla.—Charles R. Short 83,, inventor,, ^.and former chief mechanical research engineer for General Motors Corp. at Detoi't. pied Sun.tf.ay. " * MILTON, Mass.—Mrs. Alice Cornelia Thaw Whitney, 75, sister of the late' $arry K. Thaw, who was convicted 'of murder' In 1900 in a sensational trail, : and widow of jeottrey G. Whitney, Boston stocik- 3roker, fMed Sunday. ^ ' | j Vr!j-jr"«' 1 .|!' **?* *'^^-'~ I -Tfc^'J5f .." i? • **" ""? V"~")"."- T* ^•* " ^\ 'I w YV t» I O^_- v.t.1 't.%-1 ,M|fl^^\ : i^.:;eyii^t ; of ; -qni emergency^'fhe ', Kfiriy yiMi I fefase wqtef service jf a water iteM^:.-../,»_^':i-i.<L^.- installed. • .''•'•• fc lop^VVaterv ana^Light ' Plq nf : fc^Jlaekyiejldi^ Mqnqger '* S ^^feA^ j|^|^ Trcadway Will be l^^^g^||5i^ i: W--l--.-l*.. : 41—. T i . aSSuSrtr.ff'•','' : i." ''£'•'.<'" •-':'* *A*^>«" —i'j —--''' ' • • •• • __ "• " , -_ line of mimismm:^ S s S (0 sic pJWSORI^W'sWf -W5"e. z-^S^r'flPA:'^ •'•- I^^^%99i^.V.will-^glte<jlx. WJtpdJt; xot)r;.hqrrte , . p^^1?|5pi*j| ^PM* 0 '^ ree •» sti "^^°!J V?.M r :. c a^P 6 ! -• • i(^i(i€ARPEf $*»ee,t,.Lj.Hle Rock,' Arkansas NEW YORK STOCKS NEW YORK MV-The Stock Maket declined today following a mixed st.art. Prices in the early afternoon ranged from around 3 points lower to a' point higher with some more volatile stocks dropping sharply. 'Almst all mojoi- divisions were 1 depressed. However, some coppers and chemicals resisted the declin and held tenaciously to modcrat gains. POULTRY AND PRODUCE CHICAGO —Live poultry stea cly; receipts in coop>s 705. (yester day 8)4. coops,' 91,444 Ibs.); f.o.b paying- prices unchanged to 1 low er; heavy hens 24-30; light hen 10:5-17;; broilers or fryers 29-31 old rposlcrs 12-12.5 ca'poncttes 37 Butter steady; receipts 1,651, 455; wholesale buying prices un changed; 93 score AA 56.75; A 92 56.75; 90 B 54.5; 89 C53;cars 90 B '55; 89 C 5315. „ Eggs steady; receipts 34,430 wholesale buying prices unchangec U. S. large whites 70 per cent anc over A's 35; 60-69.9 per cent A's 35; mixed 35; medium 32.5; U. S standards 32.5; dirties 31; checks 30; current receipts 32. • N,EW YORK COTTON NEW YORK MB-^Gotton futures displayed' early steadiness today and then eased on profit taking Early support came through trade buying 'and commission- house de mand for later deliveries. Selling in part was stimulated by. favor able rains overnight in dry areas, of west Texas and Oklahoma. Late afternoon prices -were un changed to 30 cents a bale lower than'the previous close. JJay 34.60 July 34.17 and October 34.17. GRAIN'AND PROVISIONS CHICAG OI/W—GraiAS sold off during early dealings,, then .stager a slow recovery on the Board o Trade today.' The- late - upturn was enough- to get most cereals back to around previous clsoing levels. S.oy.bea,ns however, lagged on the recovery Rye -was^stronger, than;i,he.res' of ttfe" list. . . ". In the early sell off new crop .wheat paced the decline as addi tional - moisture .\yas>receive idr parts of the winter- wheat belt. Wheat closed- J /a to.-1 cent higher May $2.181/2-3/4, corn '/ 4 lower to higher, May • 1.45>/ 2> : ; oats V f lower to '/i hipher, Mav 7 Q rye 2 .to. 2, higher, and ' soybeans l'/ higher, IVfay 2,53^j^ 'Wheat: none. Corn No. 4 yellow ;weevily'J,44)/<(; Np. 1 yellow 1.52; No. 2' i.51%-52; N.o.'3 '147' ! / 2 -51; No 5 -l.43Vii sample grade Oats: none. . Spybean pi): 12-12%; soybean meal 54.50-55.00.,; . . ' : Barley .nominal: malting choic 1.36-53; feed'-1.'00-15.-"'•' ' ll^R^S GOOD WEDNESDAY BUY1 39c i S MILK HPUSIORFOLGERS Regular $ize Can lOc Lb. Can 89c - EXTRA SPECIAL! % ' BISCUITS 2 Cans IDC Lbs. \n FRESH (OLDEN BANTAM CORN Ear ANTALOUPES 25c 5c 25c MEATS . STEAKS 39c Russian Hitch Fails to Halt Western Plans By LYfoN HEIN2ERLING VIENNA, Austria UPI—The West went ahead today with plans for signing the Austrian independence treaty this weekend despite a new monkey wrench from the Soviets. In the continuing talks here on the treaty draft, Russian Ambassador I. I. Ilyichev demanded yesterday that economic conesssions Moscow 'promised last month to the Austrians ba left out of the pact. .. , ' Instead, Ilyichev insisted that the original drnft treaty's provisions for reparations to Russia lemain as written in 1949. . tf e said the reductions Soviet Foreign Minister V. M. Molotov had agreed ,to in March should be covered in a separate pact to be signed later only by the Russians and the Austrians. Djscussion of the issue was to be renewed today by Ilyichev^^nd the British, French and U.S. ambassadors to Austria, who have been working out a final treaty draft since May 2. The envoys have agreed on most other 'questions. Despite the hitch over reparations, the optimistic belief pre-> vailed that the Big Four foreign ministers would come here this' weekend to sign the trsaty ending the 10-year occupation of .Austria. In Moscow, Austrian Ambassador Norbert Bischoff said Molotov had told him at a reception last night he is,ready to sign the treaty in Vienna next Sunday. Bowers May Head Industrial Board LITTLE ROCK W) — Gov. Orval Faubus has recommended Charles Bowers of West Memphis for executive secretary of the Arkansas Industrial Development Commission, but says he'll leave the final decision up to the commission itself. The 1955 act setting up the commission for luring new industries to Arkansas, specifies that the governor shall name the secretary with approval of the commission. Bowers is a former ; executive secretary of the Resources and Development Commission, replaced by the new industrial commission. Faubus said he would prefer that the executive secretary be sn Arkansan as "a matter of principle." but that he will go along with the commission if it selects someone from outside the state. Commenting on another yester, day, the governor said as far as he's concerned the Slate Demo- cratic Committee can meet anytime to pick three additional Negro members. INJURIES FATAL LITTLE ROCK I/B — William W. McJNew, 23-year-old North Little Rock pipefitter, died late last night at a Little Rock hospital of head injuries suffered when he fell from a scaffold while working at Stuttgart, Ark., yesterday. Ten adheres readily to most metals and 'alloys. ARTHRITIS? ( havt be»n wonderfully bleised in batng r«»l»red to active life after being crippled tn nearly every joint in my body and with muiculof jbreheri .from head to foot. I hoc Rheumatoid Arthritis and other formi of Rrieumotijm, hands deformed and my anklet were let. limited ipace prohibit! telling you more here but if you will write me, I will reply el »nce and tell you how I received this wonderful relief. Mrs. Lela S. Wler , 2805 Arbor Hills Driv8-S5 r\O. &ox 2695 Jackson 7, Missisiippl CITY AND IDEAL CLEANERS WILL BE CLOSED EACH WEDNESDAY STARTING MAY 11 Through the Hot Summer An Invitation to AI Everyone is cordially invited and urged to attend GUEST DAY at Texarkana College, Texarkana, Texas, Sunday, May 15, 3 to 5, p. m. Texarkana College is located two blocks north of the Oak Lawn Theater. Spring Time is Kodak Time We feature EASTMAN KODAK line. CAMERAS, FILMS, TRIPODS, PROJECTORS. ALBUMS, FLASH GLOBES AND OTHER SUPPLIES. 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J 1 May 16, IffS MOM STA», MOM, ARKANSAS SOCIETY Phon« 7-8431 tfttWMfl i A. M, and 4 P. M, Calendar Tuesday May 10 The Sixth Annual Music FestlVa will be held in Hammond Statium on Tuesday May 10, at 7:30 p. m The Fireman's Auxiliary wil meet in the home of Mrs. Dorsey Huckabee 111 .Spruce Street on Tuesday evening May 10 at 7 o* ; «iplock. The Builders SS Class of the Firs Baptist Church will meet in the home of Mrs. Fred Lee, Hy 67 East 3rd. St., at 7:30 p. m. Tuesday May 10. , The Ambassador SS Class of the Garrett Memoral Baptist Church will meet Monday May 10th. in the home of Mrs. Dorsey Collins Wes- st., with Mrs. Guy as associate hostess. Watkins Wednesday May 11 The John Cain Chapter DA'B will meet Wednesday May 11, ai Barlow Hotel with Mrs. Paul K1K psh, Mrs. Gus Haynes and Mrs. John Keck as hostesses. The Paisley P. T. A. will hold their, last meeting of this year Wednesday May 11, at 3 p. m. Mr. Horace Hubbard will be guest speaker, and his subject will be, "What Are You Going to Be?" Installation of officers will be 'held for the coming year, and all Mother's are urged to attend. The Garland P. T. A. will meet May llth at 3 p. m. Installation of officers will be held and all members are urged to attend. The Executive board meeting will be held i»t 2:30-in the school office. Thursday May 12 The Hope Business and ProfeS' sional Women's Club will hold their regular monthly meeting Thursday May 12, at Hotel Barlow at 7 p. m. The Educational and Vocat ional Committee, Mrs. Sam Andrews chairman, will have charge of the program. Mrs. Eileen Johnson, .Southwest District Chairman "of Texarkana will hold installation Hot officers. Mrs. Byron Hefner Hostess to Rose Garden Club The Rose Garden Club met Friday May 6, at 3 p. m. in the home TF4E BEAUTY BOX Open 6 Days a Week Appointments after 5 for those who work. Phone 7-5850 112 S. Main HURRY! Last Day* AT: 2:16 - 4:39 - 7:03 - 9:17 You Will Feel Better Tomorrow After You SEE IT TODAY! — and — Ybur hearFwill "AWait\ Sailed Peter Colo<byOtlU« RICHARD ""'^ JEAN vf TODD PETERS Wed. & Thur. * Academy Award Winner — MARLON BRANPO — Best actor of the year in o story you won't find in the History books. It has never been told on the screen before! W*^P Wr^ wWWPHWP of Mrs. Byron D. Hefner with Mrs. James Myers and Mrs. W. H. Gunter Sr., as associate hostess. President, Mrs. Cecil Bittle called the meeting to order, and Mrs. Harry Shiver, secretary read the minutes of the last meeting and called the roll. The treasurer report was given by Mrs. W. B. Mason. During the business plans were made for the annual hat and style show to be held May 12. . The nominating committee presented the officers for the new year which were dent, Mrs. James elected. Presi- Myers, Secretary, Mrs. Alene Johnson, and Treasurer, Mrs s Cecil Weaver. Program chairman Mrs. Harry Shiver introduced Mrs. Hermon Bonds who gave an interesting and informative program on Japanese gardening and flower arrangements. The hostess served a dessert plate to 17 members and one guest, Mrs. Bonds. Many lovely gifts were present' ed Mrs. Smith, and the afternoon was spent in visiting. Mrs. Franklin Horton Elected State Treaurer Of P. E. O.. Sisterhood At the annual Convention of the DQPQTHYDIX Second Chance 33ear Miss Dix: After six years counsel, karn to control your tern- Arkansas State Chapter of P. E. O. sepa rated. Our home life had been of marriage, my husband and I pers, and defer to each other. Make held in Conway April 22 and 23, Mrs. Fr.ink Horton Mrs. Franklin Horton was elected State Treasurer. Representing Miss Joyce Mae Greenlee Becomes Bride of Clifford Darryl Messer Miss Joyce Mae Greenlee. dau-j among the more than two hundred ghter of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Green- delegates and guests from the fifty Chapter AE of Hope, Mrs. Horton and Mrs. Jim McKenzie were married by constant quarrels. We have been separated a year now, and my husband is seeking a reconciliation. We have three children. it a habit to attend church as a family unit, to have daily prayer time together ahd you won't be so apt to make a quarrel out of every disagreement ' A difference of opinion should be In a year we were apart I met j settl ed by thoughtful discussion, not lee of 208 East 16th street, became the bride of Clifford Darryl Messer, son of Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Messer, of this city, in a ceremony performed at three-thirty Friday afternoon in the home of her parents. Jesse A. Mason of Texarkana, Arkansas, great-uncle of the bride state chapters at this meeting. A charter member of Chapter AE, Mrs. Horton has been active in P. E. O. work on both local and state levels. She has been elected to almost every office in her local chapter and had the honor of serving as president at the time read the double ring ceremony be- th a' AE was one of *%e hostess fore an arch entwined with green- chapters for the State Convemon. ery and flanked by baskets of white In October, 1953, she was one of the gladiolus. Preceding the ceremony "Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life" and I Love you Truly" were sung by John ! X!" 00 "!! 1 ' 1 _?u.J -^.u™"- Mason of Nashville, aecompanied by Miss Beryl Pickard. The bride, given in marriage by ner father wore a waltz length gown of organdy. The strapless bodice was topped by a jacket of embroidered organdy, and the skirt. delegates representing Arkansas at the Supreme Convention of the P. E. O. Sisterhood, which met in 16th last, with other members of the Hope chapter and the State officers, she assisted in the organization and installation of a new chapter, AX, at Benton, Arkansas. Not only in P. JE. O. work does Mrs. Horton serve, but she is also fashioned of three tiers of embroid- a leader in man y othel> P hases ered organdy flounces. Her waist o£ lerigth veil of tulle fell from a half ch her life - community For two and chur- y ears she hat of nylon lace and was caught ,^s served as membership at each side by flowerets and seed chairman of the Hope Junior-Senior High P. T. A. She is the newly elected president of the Hope Band Auxiliary. vice-president of the Cosmopolitan Club, a teacher in Lenpra'Mes'serrsfs'ter'o'f the" bride"-1 "} e Y° un £. pe °P le 'f ^ Department pearls. She carried a bouquet of lilies of the valley centered with white phalaenopses orchids. Her only attendant was Miss groom, 'who was attired in a waltz length gown of pale blue embroidered organdy fashioned with a fitted bodice and bouffant skirt. She wore a small half hat of the same ° ,. First Bapist Church, and Catherine Hatton Circle of the Woman's Missionary Society of her church. The members of Chapter AE of material and carried a nosegay of the B E . :O . Sisterhood.feel.partieu- pink carnations. Dorsey Byers served Mr. Messer as best man. Serving at the reception were Mrs. Chester Andres and Mrs. Travis McLaughlin of Nashville, aunts of the bride. For travel the bride chose a sheath . dress of pink linen with navy accessories. Her corsage was a white orchid. After the short wedding trip the couple will be at home at 514 East 3rd St. in Hope. Mrs. Delta Smith Honored on Mother's Day Mrs. Ella Smith of Emmet Rt. 1 was honored ,witb a pot luck lunch at fair park Sunday May 8th. Those attending were: Mr .and Wrs. Bert Cornelius and Bertern, Vlr. and Mrs. A. A. .Smith and fam- larly honored by the election of Mrs. Horton to the State Board since she is the first member of the group to hold a state office. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Smith, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Springs and 'amily, Mr. H. O. Smith and girls, Mrs. Glendon Flowers and family and Donald Galloway all of Hope. . and Mrs. Tommie Gibson and Cenneth, James SmHh all of Patmos, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Ellidge and family of. Waldo, Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Smith and family of Spring Hill. DRIVE-IN THEATRE Hwy 29 South • Open 6:30 if Starts Tonight * • BUMPER CLUB NITE • F-I-R-S-T HOPE SHOWING A Horror-Horde of Crawl- and-Crush Giants Clawing Out of the Earth's Deep Catacombs! Human in in their cunning! Monstrous in their endless terror! KIU ONE — AND TWO TAKES ITS PLACE? JAMES WHITMORE EOMUMOCWENN • Added Delights • 1. Sports, "Born to Ski" -, 2, parity Pig Color Cartoon COME OUT EARU AHD HAVE FUN! Mr. and Mrs. William Gilbert Have Homecoming Celebration For Their Son- A family gathering was held Sunday May 8th. in the home of Mr. and Mrs. William (Buddy) Gilbert of Washington Rt. 1. The party marked the home coming of their son, William Ebb (Bill) Gilbert and family. This is the first visit in three years for Bill as one year was spent in. service in Germany and the other in the states. A delicious dinner was served buffet style to 30 members oi his family. Those attending were: Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lee Gilbert and son Gregg of Texarkana, Mr. and Mrs. William Ebb Gilbert and son Eric of St. Gabriel, Calif., Mrs. Pauline Clendenin, Mr. and Mrs. George Clendenin and son, Thomas Thael; Mrs. Parker Rogers and daughters, Lynda and Beth of Columbus. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Schooley, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Griffin and daughter, Barbara, Mr. and Mrs. Dean Hamilton, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Weaver, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Gilbert and children James, Martha, and Mary all of Hope^ and Mr., and Mrs. Frank Gilbert ot Washington' Rt. 1. another man. whom I love very much. He has asked me to marry him and J am undecided whether to accept or go back with my husband. I have no feeling whatsoever for my husband and if I return to him it will only be for the children's sake. I don't want to bring them up in a home of constant bickering, but. on the other hand 1 don't want to give them a step- fathct who won't be good.to them. That, ul course, I can't know until we arc married. It seems to me a 50-50 chance. Can you help me make a decision. PENNY Answer: Return to your husband and prayerfully ask tor guidance to restore your marriage to peace and contentment. You don't say what these constant quarrels were about so I am assuming their source was in domestic incompatibility rather .than serious defects of either party. Don't Be Selfish Your husband wants a reconciliation; if you are sincerely interested in the welfare of your children you will realize that selfish living on your part isn't the answer. It takes many sacrifices to make a happy family. Perhaps you haven't given sufficient thought to the fact that a harmonious home isn't the product of one person's desires. If what you want isn't for the general good, then it must be forgotten. Certainly another man has no part in your life. At best he provided a temporary diversion for your unsettled state; the time for uncertainly is now past. You can't go on vacillating between your youngsters, your husband and outside interests. Consultation with a marriage counselor, the Family Service Association for instance, will help straighten out many of the tangles that confront you. You and yojlr' husband should go together for =— . ;' : :i len, Hope, John V. Dodson, Hope. Mrs. S. A. Whittihgton, Fulton/ Dorothy Walker, Emmet. i; Mr. and Mrs. Barney Starkey,! Hope, announce the arrival ot a daughter, 5-7-55. ..'•?.• Mr. and Mrs. Geo. L. Thompson,' Hope,, announce the arrival of a daughter, 5-8-65. ,Will and Wmnie Mae Gray,- dley; announce the arrival of daughter 5-8-55. . v /., Branch Admitted: Troy McNellan, Emmett, Ark. . : Discharged: Mrs. A. W. Stone, and baby boy, Texarkana, Arkansas, Pat Huckabee, Hope, Rt. 1, Vernon Huckabee, Hope, Rt. 1, W. A. Powell, Patmos, Ark. ; , Mrs. J,, C. Atchley, Hope. Students Attended National Honor Society Convention Emma Jean Fuller, Alice Gentry, Billye Williams, Juanita Gilbert and Mary Rains Lewis attended the Annual State Convention of the National Honor Society which was held in North Little Rock May 6, and 7th. They were accompanied by .their sponsor, Miss Gwendolyn Dean. Coming and Going Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Moxley have returned from Little Rock after a visit with their daughter, Mrs. Helen Briggs who is ill iu St. Vincient Infirmary. Major Dorsey Fuller and family of Fort Hood, Texas returned yesterday after a visit with Major Fuller's Mother, Mrs. Homer Fuller and Mrs. Fuller's Mother, Mrs. Fred Spence and family of Malvern. Hospital Notes Julia Chester Admitted: Mrs. Barney Starkey, Hope, Mrs. Cowan D. Brown, McNab, A. R. Haddix, Hope, Mrs. Lee Roy Cooley, Rt. 1, Hope, Winnie Mae Gray, Bradley, Edwin H. Stewart, Hope, Mrs. Thomas Hays, Hope, Mrs.< Geo. L. Thompson, Hope, R, C. Stuart, Rt. 4, Hope, Margie Ree Pickens, Hope, Mary Joe Jones, Hope, Mrs. Jimmie Clearley, Buckner, Dalton Garrett, Hope, Discharged: Mrs. O. P. Bright, Hurst, Texas, Grady Walton, Hope, Susan Halley, Hope, E. R. Munsey; Hope, Julious Quillln, Hope, Mrs. E. C, Keiley, Ozan, James E. A)- by an outburst of anger. Read Fulton J. Sheen's "Three to Get Married' 1 and learn how unimportant the "I" of marriage is; the "we should be of prime consideration Dear Miss Dix: 1 am a divorcee in love with a man who is also divorced. We plan to get married, but recently I found a letter that an old girl friend had written him. He admits he has also written to her. Do you .think I should marry ing him? Answer: You certainly should give both yourself and the man a chance to recover from your res^ pective marital failures. "Unless you give the matter careful thought you are quite likely to jump into another marriage with the same results. Think it over from all angles. has beett lytag to the boards Also, when t had I teih|M>»- ftry lAjoff from fhy Job, »h* tWHil- dh't se* m*. That W«* «h Itftli slap in the lace after t had betfiid good to her.'Should I try to Wih htr back, ot stay away? JOfltN The W«6NG WAV. •ftKfftotf,'.:. (UPJ 4. «ie fce* thorhaii Gif<in«f : M, #f * lifted $lft tot bfeikin* tip a firfht betweert two Jthife-wielditig fheti. th* Daktbr Was finftd I tot less dfivifig yesUfdiy after fflen who . knives dfl i •I* *•*«:•*vm -•••-•wMWBtup, in 4^r*. d. td tM ceased is surely proof that your worldly goods mean mote to her than you do. You ate welcome it you bring gifts, distasteful If you* hands are empty. Don't get furthet involved with someone so fraspih|. There are too many othtr worried around who wou!d ahpreeiate you. Dear Miss Dix: I'm a man of 56 and have been keeping company for five years with a v/oman about 10 years younger. I am very fond of the woman and her children. I have helped them over several difficult situations, bringing them food buying needed clothes for the youngsters, etc., Now I find that sh» NO DREAM PAWTVCKET, R. f.,'(«») -Mrs Albert Brizio was awakcntd by her five-year-old s oh yesterday when he shouted, "Mamaj the house is on firel" "Go back to bed, you've been dreaming," the mothersald. Moments, late she smelled somoke and led her famliy safely from their burning home. ARTHRITIC AND OTHER RHEUMATIC SUFFERERS Keep This Ad Over Fifteen Thousand Arthritic and other Rheumatic Sufferers have now already taken this medicine since it ha's been COMPOUNDED AND MADE AVAILABLE. It is inexpensive and can be taken right in the home. For more FREE INFORMATION, give your name and address to BRA'ZIL MEDICINE COMPANY, Post Office Box 522, Hot Springs, Ark. . . . . : ; ANNOUNCING THE OPENING . .': WEDNESDAY, MAY 11 OF DUKE 7 S BEAUTY SALON 1019 West 7th Street . . . . Phone 7-4389 Featuring: Duke's Variation Cut '\. Operators Floy Hartsfield Ethel Moran ' For the convenience of our employees ;;: we will be closed WEDNESDAY AFTERNOONS Throughout the Summer months arid for the convenience of our customers we will Be open Thursday Evenings Until 8 O'Clock ROY ANDERSON INSURANCE AGENCY "Consult your Insurance agent as you would-'"', your doctor or lawyer" . they if '* •' ; • • • "•-V'.'' ' "^^.^^ ; f»f|ppp - -*-*•'- • - • • '•• : - • •'•'•• > ''^*iir«*¥ifep RsaMS ;The:'" ;'• :: '^: ; «v ::Blbuse,.X;'pV*3; •^i^w^iJSSlPB i •^^^m^KK m : X-^>;i^ ' NtW Dodge So head for your Dodge Dealer . . . mnd t*k9 your pick I Tne moment the new Po.dge hit dealers' showrooms, the "rush" was 'on. New car buyers had struck gold . . . and they knew it! Actual sales figures throughout the country show that sales have doubled over last year as America goes for "The Big One!" And why not? 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