The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 2, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 2, 1930
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•\ •<?'* >•' '^Served by the "United Press THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF VOL. XXVII—NO. 221 AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURl" lU'E, ARKANSAS. TUESDAY,'..DKCKMBKR 2, ...-..,...,, ,....,,..,, i _„ .!_ ._ . J _ ._ .. ' _.-.-.-"• _— ..., , --ai 1 Definite Announcement As lo Institution's Fate Possible Tomorrow. The situation resulting from the failure of the First National bank to open trr business yesterday morning assumed a decidedly more encouraging aired today as it became known that directors and stockholders of ths- institution were wr-rkmg on a plan which-they hope will make possible the reopening of the bank on a sound basis within a few days. Conferences looking toward re- eslablishment of the institution were opened lasi night- and con- National Bank ^'Missionary Rev. P. B, 'Laiif ley. The Rev. P. B. Langley, former-; tlnued with brief Interruptions all ly missioonary for the - -- day today. .Officers of the bank and others participating in the make, but that tlmy regan . . e to County Baptist association, has been made missionary for the Mount Zton Baptist 'association and - , * I ------ " — -vii uufltu* (HJOUVlaHUH .^ knowni MUHl55l PPl county group which , . .«•,; situation as distinctly encouraging 'and held forth a prospect rf a definite state• Tr^nt hv tomorrow. . " Reports HenTy Deposits Normal business was transacted at the Farmers Bank and Trust mniian" today. B. A. Lynch, the president, announced that deposits yesterday were $20,000 In excess pf withdrawals. joining forces In the evangelistic field. He has been here for a year. A native of Arkansas, the Rev. Mr- Langley has"been in'the'min- Deposits . Istry for 20 years, doing evarigelis- '" '"""-- 1 - 1 tic and missionary work most of this time in Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas. . ;' The Mount Zipn association Includes the Baptist'.."churches of Jonesboro and that territory. VWe obtained a lanre shipment of Th7 Rev and Mr" UnSey will currency j-esfrdnv from Mehvnhfe move to JonesboroMorttay where to h* nrpnarpri fnr- ontrfMn,* fu«* t, ... , . \: . ™ Jl <?**y wnere Examiner in Charw R. Youne. nf.:M?mpTiX notional hank examiner, took charge oM.he First National bank r.Mvmnmln''. H« stated thai-he wrtuld remain In charge of itr. «f- ... .. . . ffir<- .nnMl .it. was- dsterminW ouchlv . ProtfHfrl'•-• whether it w.,ld hn.poi.ibie to r»- ' " U & n V• '-.rrptected "n?u the ; InstltiiMnn and would '" !nnrl hl.1 ccorwration-to any effort in that dir»ctjrvn. Anv nlan for reopening the jnstitnti-n as a na- Unnn] b-->nk is. suhiect to_.'thi> an- nrovol of the comotrol'er - of the rnrrenev. nnrt if an acceotablo nlan Is not v-orkM out the-bank will be plowed 'H the hands ft a receiver. . Mr. Younir is.a vntefnn !n ]f:rvicfi of thft nattonil banking ilenarfrrcn*. He mad» the first ex- Practically. AH Is thor- j X ' bonds. .. -":, Contributions Nearly Up lo Last Year But Far Below Requirements. A total of I12M.88 in paid mem-, berships arid 12554 In monthly pledges for the annual roll call of the local. Red Cross in 1931 is the result of trie recent campaign conducted with Mrs. Howard B. Proc-. tor as chairman: •' • • Although the membership amount is short of last year largely because of a $200 decrease' In the group enrollment' in Blytheville the remainder of. the .money, and the pledges are about: the same as this year. The monthly pledges are only $8 less. • The sum ~of $1021 was given, in this city In - memberships with booths' netting $500; group enrollment $310; house to house canvass, $130; American Legion Auxiliary $5; American Legion $50, and Lions club $25. - , . . ' In other sections .of' the Chickasawba district these amounts were .given: Yarbro, Mrs. A. H. Huffman, chairman,-. $Z2; Dell, Mrs. E.-M. Woodard, $36;. Clear Lake, Mrs. Jerry. Miller,.^i${8; , Huffman, Mrs. Robinson, $V; :Armorel,' Mrsi Chas. digger jr., »J7; Gosnell, Mrs. Mary BeviU, $7; :-.Dogwood Hklge, Mrs. James B. .Clark, $5; Burdette. Mrs. Chris Tompkins, $5; Roseland, Mrs. Oscar GUmer, $5; Manila, Mrs. G. O. Stuart, $55; Leachville, C'L Smith, $85. ,.',.. The largest''amount ever collected in memberships, was, $1800 arid over $1M» 'was ^Iven last year. -' I?*** ™P«t MriProctor voio- . ^d^her^aprirtoiation. TSJp^ths- hearty j | cooperation of the workers and citizens who made the , campaign a .successful one! :". While officials of.the Red .Cross are grateful for" the response made throughout the. county, in the face of business- depression, ' they say that this sum .will not care for more j than- onerhalf of the calls which ttiey anticipate..'. •' • , ' ',••' • . - Approximately $20,000 of Mississippi county funds were on deposit in the First National bp.nk: when the Institution -closed, .'Roland Green, county treasurer, estlrhated this rooming. This amount to»cth- er with about $20,000 of the sheriff and collector's tax collections''$3200 of the circuit clerk's funds and of Ui™ Hrn Nal ona'l funds of other P ubUc offices prob- of UK First Nationality ^ ^ ^^ Qf fm ^ i^^ on deposit in the institution around about $45,000. The city of Blytheville had about' $350 on deposit in the bank. Public funds of the treasurer and bank following its .TStabllshment f.»n years aeo, and has made many of the nsricdic exnmin"H r ns of.thc ins'itutio'.i .since that time. Nn Prorrfss Toward Mersrer While efforts today are beinsr dl- of the Ftrrt has not been definitely the proiyi'ol of a merger with, the Farmers Bank and Trust company. n matter which WHS uno>r discus-, slon between officers and direct™-.*: | bon(1 w?" 1 the New Amsterdam of the two institutions for several i Casualty, company. days before the First National- a-1 It is under- treasurer's funds were protected by a $20,000 band with the United States Fidelity and Guaranty company and a $10,000 closed its dors. Further iwfiotia- Tavnavpre tl«ns along this line will no doubt! lax P<*yers ng await the outcome of the precept | efforts for reestablishment of the i tank. Accident Victim Sues Power Co. for $20,000 The Arkansas-Missouri Powe: company has been named defendant in a $20,000 damage suit filed by J. A. McKenzle for Dallas Mc- Kenzle. a minor, in circuit court here. The complaint alleges that the power company placed a pole alon? Its high-power electric line between Leachville and Monette on a highway righ tot way. Young McKenzle was a passenger In nn auto whicli struck a block on the highway and accidentally ve?red into the pole- Ths pole was smashed into several pl«e sand a high tension wire came Into contact with the McKenzl- youth, shocking and burning him severely, it is alleged. The accident for which damages are asked of the power company' happened on June complaint declares. 15 1930 ' ths C. T. Carpenter of Marked Tree is counsel for the plaintiff. Hid Wife'j Clothes: Draws Fine in Court , negro. TOD nn- K dollats for malicious mis- by Judge W. D. Gravette In pollc° c url this morning. • Evidence, showed the, negro hid his MtMingsd wife's clothes, Adjourns to Later Date OSCEOLA. Ark.. Dec. 2.—The Mississippi County Taxpayers association which met here yesterday attended ony to routine matters of business and adjourned to meet some time later In the nionth at the call of the president, R. E. Lee Wilson sr. Mr. Wilson was not present at yesterday'ai meeting and the only, members in attendance were J. w. Spann o^Luxora and C. E. Sullenger of Osceola, who met with County Judge George W. Barham. Chicago Mill DecreasM V Amount of Capital Stock .LITTLE ROCK, Ark:^The Chicago Mill and Lurhbsr Corporation, a Delaware. corporation . with several plants operating in : Arkan's»3, filed in the secretary of state's office yesterday an amendment toils charter, reclassifying and' decrfas- uig the amount of Its capital stock. Under-the amended charter the stock will consist of '28,200 shares of prior preferred stock with a par value of $100 per share, 100.000 shares of preferred stock with a par value of SiOO per share, and 146,000 shares of no par value common stock.. The re-classification eliminated 700,000 shares of class A common stock with a par value of $10 p»r share and 1.000,000 shares of class B no par common stock. Society Girl Flyer Urges ... «•. . ..••„ D ' • ••• to Enter Aviation fcrth JTwhoU. swVly jfrl ' BUBBANK,. Cal., Dec. 2 (UP)— The . woman's transcontinental flight record from eaU to west was held by Miss Ruth Nichols, New- York, society gir!..-She made the/trip-in 16 hours, 59« minutes actual .'flying time; -breaking the fongef.record of 25 • hours, M min"*- '—' ..recently by Mrs, J. M. lEBLEN: By. NEA •Service \'.~- '. '-,,'•'.-. ' '•. ,.vNEyV -.'YjORK.—Ruth '-Nichols; the NEjfi.YcrKSociety, girl-who tempting-, t A break<the ; transcontinental flying:-i'Mo'rd for women, gave her.hat brl.m a tug, shook-her head visprrusly ind declaredr'T do wish people wouldn't say 'I'm : reckless!" .T.iiough the pilots. one' of the mosfpbwe'rfuliplac/M Inltbi country;- Miss Nichols lias -grounds for denying she is reckless- She's been flying; since she wai a school girl. 'The reckless person' doesn't sur- ve. long In the air." this young P ilot explains. "Operating a plane and mapping an. airway are not a bit more difficult than a dozen other-Jobs women arc engaged in these days.". ... . Rhth Nichols still enrolled Health Unit Workers Continue School 'Visits i Rural schools of Mississippi county are being visited this week by members of the county health unit In the immunization program. Students of the New Hope, Box 1 Negro Youth Badly Hurt Crawling Under Box Car Grant Norwood. 19, negro youth of 119 East Coleridge street had one leg tind one arm cut 'severely when he attempted to crawl' under a box car just as a switch engine coupled into the car about 9:30 o'clock this morning. Acc-ording to reports the negro boy was crawling under the box car on a Frisco switch siding, when the switch engine coupled Into the car moving it several yards. He was carried to the Blytheville hospital for treatment. Physicians at the hospital ampu- ..... the was reported resting well this afternoon despite Ui3 sho:k. r^cgro Lodge Officials ope, ox r _. , , „ Elder and Skidway schools were I rBCC Embezzlement Charge iv I given physical Inspections yester- I day by MUs Sallle M. Crowe, the nurse. Today she is vaccinating student sot the Whltton and Wardcll schools for smallpox and giving tha final dose of toxin anti-toxin to a number. of them. Bonus Voted Employes of Brokerage House NEW YORK, Deo. 2.'(UP)-Oert- ter Devlet and company, brokers in tax exempt, securities, have declared a bonus to all employes, ranging from four to ten weeks' salary, on the length of service! Two officials of a local nn<rro lodge, alleged to have entered into v to steal «nnr- the lodge " in boarding school when she announced to her family that she was g' ing to learn to fly. : Her First merit Afr. and. Mrs. Nichols and their daughter were enjoying : a winter visit to Miami. They happened to be at a landing Held while Eddie Stimson. was making a flight. Ruth watched intently end when Stlm- Eon took to. the air she ww a pas- j senger in the plan.:. That was the 1 aerial career. ' ! beginning of her devollcn to an. The following fall when she was: packed off:. to Welteley college. sfc« found frequent opportunities to flip away t-i Boston where she would, persuade comnierclal pilots to take her up for fhort flights. In 1024, agp.iri in Miami she won her parents' consent to tak flying lessons. ii)clri;c!7r. She scarcely had over- Capteln Hflrry Rogers was her lna corr.? the air Mvyness of the new He I pilot ^^icn shs itartled the country and particularly the social world of New York and Miami by Miami M. K. Lee on the first 12- sccompanying Captain Roger's and hjur flight from Miami to New York. Then came a scrips of successful nlr exploits including the "powder puff" derby across the continent In 1928'and a solo flight of 12." " lation C'.untry p to h«r •Wfeer Tor many daredevil element of'-'-'air"travel which:-appeals t:i "her. "Bhc regards herself a pioneer and; admits that featur,? of her work Is fascinating. '-'I have nat yet heard'of any wp- Plan Distribution of Food and Fuel to Needy; Will Mnke City Survey. BIythevlllc's needy families nre.lo be cared for this winter'through, a relief movement to be sponsored by the Mintsk'fs Alliance which will cooperate with the local Red Cross but, which will be operated as'a separate group. .. Although plans ore not complete, tentative arrangements were made at a meeting of the ministers yes- lerday afternoon. It Is planned to establish an office, to be maintained by volunteer workers who will distribute food, clothing ani fuel among .worthy people who are not financially able to care for themselves and their families. Workers from all of .the church- es.will make a survey of Blytheclllt on-Sunday afternoon, December 14, when itnmcs of such families will be listed after thorough Investigations. After this survey the office will'be oiiened and the work continued for an Indefinite period. •Believing that'this plan wlU as- caring for those who are in distress because of'the unemployment ' situation and business depression the . Ministers; Alliance hopes to foster a .plan wlilch will be Christian work among the less fortunate.' The local radio station, KLCN. and the Courler'News will assist in the movement. • . - Nye Proifsts Grantinf Highlights of Hoover Message .:'/.-, • -' & , (By United Press) .The.mosl Important recommendations contained In President Hoover's message to congress follow in brief: 1 Unemployment — $100.000,000 to »150,000,OIX> for construction of nubile works. Farmer relief—An. appropriation for-seed and feed loans. .; Finances—Strictest economy to prevent an increase in taxes. Power—Passage of Muscle Shoals legislation and effective regulation of. Interstate electrical power. (Mr. Hoover did not say which Muscle Shoals bill he desired). 'Prohibition—Was uot mentioned. .World Court—Promised a subsequent message lo the senate. .Railroads—Legislation to facilitate .consolidations. Anti-Trust. Lawe'—" Investigation for a possible modification to prevent^ destructive competition. Capital gains tax—Investigation of advisability of Its abolition. • immigration—Revls Ion upon more limited aiid more selective basis; • . • ' Allens^-Strcngthening of deportation laws.' • • ' . • •Veterans—Investigation : of Inequalities In' present' law. Child health-*" small appropriation for federal aid: • '.- I man going in for piloting air mall vania. UlftTIP-i •. rilKlanino- rHrlaihLiii /-i» *>,-. ' *• • > "•WASHINGTON';' 1 'Decks' (VH») A short sess'.ori of coiigrei's, ulreadyi beset wth 'coritrove'rsal legislative problems,-became further complicated today by another dispute over seatlng'ii senator from Pennsyl- planes, -designing dirigible:; or becoming-' professors of aeronautics." she said,'-"but there are already Instead of the 'second dayvi session being devoted 'mainly to tiie ' many women employees.,,, airplane factories, and It will not be long s before they find tMr way .into the • reading of. . sident's message (Gohtiniied on' Pago 3)' clh sp'arlnr nr c^irln' Nyo _.. •" j ^ *•• I the campaign exnsnditure.1 IU.M risked to stand aside Z further investigntlon. Davis was seated by a vote Engineer Huxtnble Says Two Year Program Calls . for 60 Miles in District. • FORREST CITY, Ark., <UP)— W. G Huxtable, highway enslncer for the eastern Dec. 2 district of 27 to 58 lint Nye salt!, "This Is not the end." Nye said he believed the committee's Investlgnlicn would show more than $1,000,000 tpenl fcr the Davis-Brown ticket In Pennsylvania. He called the committee to meet to hear Samuel Vauclain. Davis' campaign treasurer, testify. Will Sell Store Stocks in New York Building rf . ...,,, Stock of the New York store nnd district of Arkansas hay predicted Saphian's Dry Goods and Ready to that acprc-xtmntely 60 'miles of. Wear stcrcs will be sold bv the pnverront will b= laid In tills divis-: Flelsher, -Brown and Co.. of St. Ion n the next I wo years, a Isrgo! LO,,^ purchasers, In HID few York' ^ " u , 0: u Wh '* * 111 te P lnced store bulldlrig. Hlnncr TTtirhtt-^\- ^n - - ! _ .° along Highway 70. Business, to be resumixl Friday The engineer, In summarizing I after a complete, rearrangement of ' highway work In tills section stated • that 1C miles of concret; hnd been laid in the past year together with Discussinj p;ans for the coming several ctretchcs of asphalt, year Huxtable said, "Draining, grading and -construction of con-; cretc culverts has almost been com-' pleted. Contracts have been awarded for all ditches between Memphis' and Brosfleld. Twenty-six' bridges, all concrete, have been completed <°x r ,t of Forrest Cily and 23 west of he-re are either completed or under ccntructtoi). the clock,' will to continued lor on NASSAU, Bahama, Dec. 2. (UP) —Mrs. J.. M. Kelth-MUIer arrived here, by boat yesterday after Having been forced to land at Andrps Island, while flying from Havana to Miami, . ; •'.-•' ' • Unexclted today by her adventure, the Australian flyer-said'the was blown 150 miles on her course by a. gale, landing npar Kenips bay on Aridros, some 50'miles fromh'ere The wind ,'hn.d been reportec blowing from the east during the flight and searching aviators had looked for her In a region westward from the course . she was thought to have taken. : 'Mrs.. Keith-Miller rested last night at the home of friends. 'MIAMI, Pla., Dec. 2. (UP)—Capt W. H. Lancaster, flying to the relief of Mrs. J. M. Keith-Miller Australian flyer, arrived at Nassau today after a two hour and 40 mln ulc flight from Miami. Thieves Enter Cooter School's Gymnasium COOTER, Mo.— The Cooler high "° n '"" Jrges Relief Measures but ,; Warns of ' in Annual Message. ^.7 WASHINGTON, Dec. 2. '(0pfe The United States will overcome depressing world Influences": iani e'ad the march of prosperity as-,It ._ always has done. President Hower 'flj old'congress today in his messaga #1 laying down an.; already = kn^wii '-^ [irograni of relief legislation;. '"*'••'' The 'president urged an ! : dfate appropriation of ^KJd.OOtf.Wjp '• :o $150,000,000 to accelerate^goyenii-' ment building during Ihe next'fslit- months. 'thus to stimulate ernpibyr.-T ment. . ;...'•..."••'.'':/.', ;'V'\ : ,'•'•'-•'' An Iniletermlnate . appropriation; . lor scad and feed loans to farniira • suffering from the. effects .of.-thVi drouth was recommended also^-Thls will make -it necessary, to tighten treasury purse strings on other exi pendltures, Mr. Hoover added'.uvhis document read In both houses sbori; after they convened.for. the second • day's session, . , • •' , He Inferred the one per cent^tiji reduction of last year -'could hot' continue and. cautioned'rigid economy less, a .tax increase be-necessary. , ..- .:-• ' .. .'. "-." -.. Silentioa PrAttttloii-;.:'- :';v No notice; WM 'liven-by :the : presi ; Ident \U> .the two .:si4bjeqts^whlcli have been. gortj. :i«ltatljnt. trie;;re : : »nd : ' Muscle •:• ahbib.' /He^kli not '-• mention prohtbiUbh, his spokesman explaining his vrtews on that siib--'-"-' Ject : reserred-untU^iie': wjhmlstkBi qf UA'-Wickersham re-'port Jiuscte; Shoals was menUoneci'" : ta. connectjoii;»lth''a : list of icom-^ p«r»tively , minor.-, -meajuiw -Hhfe'r president ^fanti'.'congress 'to >piss " : - Wo».'M««b.-,4,- ; 'p«idld.-:npt" : 'eqia-,' K .00.':"' " " 1 ..IK I !?• 'rtl m *•.-• , i ... :, -~ •— ,.- ... r;; rforns-' government:' • Of • ,the".. ablii if: of 'tip "nation* i o^ rise from -the;,-existing; depression,', he spoke^orcetuliy.- -The doirnirard ' J curve has taken business only '15 • to .M per cent" below the i peak : . of : 'prosperity- lef*!-. 1 . of :• 19M,'- he' saiiC these occasions' : have'.been—met raany times; Before 1 , that ! -they are but temporary, that our country-Is today stronger-- and richer uV re-• • sources, In equipment, in skill, than : " ev«r to Ite.hlaWry.?;.;•,-.,-.':.'-,':'-...,•. "We wiil'..overcbme. world uiflii-"- ences and. wiU'.lead the march' of prosperity, as we always have done' ."< Wtherto,"'he said.-. .•.-'•'.•- •-, .~'" - Sajs Trettbles Exifgerated: '-..I- Our economic, troubles,' the pres/ Ident said, are but a nasslnir \ fi-l^n _!.__- ™-r- . • i '.' •• .? wide phase. They are'not as" bad as some would make out, he ihsist-f ed. Ther* has been a' total decrease m activity of only 15 to 23 "'per'cent since IBM, the:peak year of pros- perlty, he safd.- . Cooperation and coordination are more needed than legislation or executive action, the, eiecuUve told the legislators. ' ' :' • .".;.".';. "Economic/wound must be li ed by ths action of the ce!!n-of economic body-^the producers arid consumers themselves,", he "added•Recovery can be expedited and its! aflTnMr n.lfinn^AJ 1... __ .. • -^ effects mitigated by cooperative school gymnasium was entered last night by thieves who broke into Ictlcers and stole articles valued at several dollars. Entrance was gain- Indefinite' period' Both H. Sapb-l^ 1 ty breaking the lock on a door. Ian and Waller Fosenthal, unlll re- «o clues to the identity of the cently owners of the firms, will as- abi. Mi. Fi;ishcr in carrying oil the business. five Youths Held lor Death of Indiana Girl GARY, Irid.; i>;c. 2. (UP'-Whils t final preparations were made toJay ; to bury pretty 18-yenr-old Ariene "From Forrest City to Memphis | Draves, five young men were in city Highway TO is located north of the I Jail awaiting arraignment, charged Reck Island railroad but at For- j with causing her death. 1 thleves has been found but they arc believed to have been boys. Dunlflin County Ginning Rum Under Lait Year Tliat cooperation requires that every individual should -'sustain. faith and courage; that each should' '• manuin his self-reliance:-that •".'i .— •reliance;--that each and every one.should search for methods of improving his business or service: that the vast'nia'- Jority whose Income is unimpaired should not, hoard out of-fear but should pursue their normal living and recrcotlon; that each should seek to assist his neighbors wb6 may be less fortunate; that each Industry should assist its own em- KENNETT, Mo. — According to \ ploj " es: tnat each community and figures' compiled by j. I. Taylor, eac " slrti should assume its -full colton statistician, there were 37,- rcsiwnslbllitles for organization of »*»i.n J.Ji.ill.1 iLliuis.iM unv uv * v/i. ( TILLJI lUU31il£ I.Cl ULttl"- I »-wot JCttf lOi [HE f-LkTllC pCrlOQ *•*"*• re:i Clly an undcrpa^sage will be I Prosecutor Floyd Draper i!ecbr-i ths number was 43,024 bales, or' Mr - Hoover 345 bales ofc-.ttoncf the 1930 crop <™Pl°J'ment and- relief of distress gmred In Dunklin county up to :WlUl thal stnrdiness and indeoen- November-14. . . dence which built our great Last year for the same period tlon." 1 ' told what h« had " the •1 •; corr.-letcd between Forrest City j Key "he'^wouid'-'demand" the de.nh Jis tinall. white constructed west of the city wfc.jre' ed that when the youths, all mem- j 6,279 more than this year. Some' don e during the summ°r' 'he highway will crcsj the railroad. I bets* of prominent families, were ! of this year's crop hss bcjn ginned j congress was away 'He^said "During 1931 concrete slabs •will j arraigned before JudG* 'flio:iu , rvjUide the county but the amount leading employers hid agreed ,, u , hlt " to maintain the standard of ana Blackfish, with tlia exception; penalty under a statute which J of. three miles where a new Qt Francis river may be from 2 ,les e«st of MadUon I makes possible a first degree mur- Will ConHnno rosdbridse over thelder charge where desth follows a,:' ""« _ U»™niie ,-er will be erecUd. It attack. ' that bridge Is completed. to 5 years before B. S. Ward was bound over on a,!. , There . charge of fvseiy and Johnny Broadwater on a charge of embezzlement. The pair KK said to have nothing tt,mboylsh 'acout the app:orance of this girl Ing cl-thes—trousers, sweater and pilot. She wears comfortable fly- "flsed" a check with all the propar I lcal "'' :r iwket—but her trim helmet /tfMi^AMtlola f\t fh» Isuln* »l-J.L Q,'flj4 .VTlrvM-AA fnr KArV\n\1nbnae- \JCtf of the lodf j which was • **> selected cashed at a local bank. Officers re&nvered approxlmitely $75 of the! money on the person of cf the negross according to re• hair wavej softly about her Her face and l-,;r smile Is friendly. Likely as not she will be wearing a strand of pearls. Miss Nichols insists It i;! not the Services Held Today for Henry Hodges Funeral services were held at 10 o'clock this morning for Henry Hodges, 69, who succumbed at his home 'on West Vine street at 2 o'clock tlits morning. Interment was nade at Sawyers cemetery. The Ccbb Undertaking company was In charge of arrangements. The deceased Is survived by,his widow and one daughter. Memphis Unemployed D • WfU Register Viiin t, Mooney SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 2, (UP) -Friends of Warren K. Billings 'and Thomas J. Mooney. declared .today they will continue with the MEMPHIS, Dec 2. (OPl—Whlla |14-year-o!d fight to liberate the two hundreds of crowded clly manai wages. State,.national and local governments have agreed with bus£*J° dlstr ' bu '« employment. Public works construction has been moved along at as swift a pace (Continued on Page Three) WEATHER ARKANSAS-Warmer In ur.onip'oyed hereimen frorh prison, but that pros, ..iana;cci rcglslrotlcn , peels for success appear slenxter. booths today, Mem?" 15 business j The state' supreme court yester-1 o north portion tonight. Warmer in i" ' (hft Aotf w\»^lj>_ T»T. j' i .. the : leaders were called upc:i tD mak. surveys of their-firms » determine whether 01 not they waW odd to their payrolls. ' The registration booths were d»y returned a decision in which six of the seven members refused to who with Mooney was convicted of complicity In the San Francisco remain open two other daya i Preparedness Day bombing. July open In 15 city districts tal.iy and 32. 1916, in wri.I=h 10 persons were ii_r_ , . I>I1I»J »• .- . - ' this week. killed! List nl?ht was season with the minimum" , vl . w ature 25 degress. Ths marlmum yesterday was 52 degrees Charles Phillips. On th't sanw day e-year R?O the minimum temperature was 18 degrees with two inches cf snow annd the 36

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