Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on May 9, 1955 · Page 9
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 9

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 9, 1955
Page 9
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; May 9, Petition Published in 13 Newspapers The Petition to refer to a pop- kjdtr vote the 1965 act exempting animal feed from sales tax Is being published In cut-out- form this week by 13 dally and Weekly newspapers with a total circulation of 50,915 In southern and eastern Arkansas. ft Is a united effort by newspaper* with which Hope Star's publisher has no financial ties, but who have -known him for 30 years to stop the exemption of lmal feed before Jurie 8 In eBelief that if this exemption \i allowed .there will be an Immediate revival of the demand for a 3'£. tales tax. the news story which accompanies the Petition publication In, all 13 papers is as follows: Unless the, petition to refer to a popular vbte .-the -19&5 legislative act **** tTAl, OZAUR IKI H& MUST fee ERMZY/ HE'S fl rtj*tiNl.teS HE •WALKING x .SB. -THOUGHT tH RIGHT Wtd 1» SACKS VNERE HOLD THE BAT TOO TIGHT WHEN YOU BUNT.,. THE BAT SHOULD HAVE LOOK.' TH 1 HAWK RUNNER. ON THIRD IT MEETS THE BALL, OR YOU'LL WIT A FOR AN , EASY OUT/ •y Mkh«l O'MdUty and Ralph Lena OUT OU* WAY '' ' NO CAR WILL EVER WITH FISH, SO THAT'6 WHY PICXEt? THESE FLOWERS TO HIP6 TH' w-V FI&H IM / ..w J ,.^.ui-.;^.J*i^«'-u^-'^ t t>^a>i.^->-A.**..-i>iBi -i^j^- Htnw«r id .PravlMis luitl RCTURB OP VDUR CHUM BEN POINTING A SUN ATA SUV. ^VrEli*il ii£ J'-'. t^t±*~lM ->'-, - FUNNY THE THNS5 PAM6S - •[KEEP fcJ 'PUtSES/'UKE O SEE WON'T HAV6 NOTHIM' TO 5 WITH THIS 6LJV CO&T A^B A W-SO 1 / THE »Mi»^••vv!*HKSa*' : ' :; illiiaiateMMf'-. ,JIW?!7 .-„• •••., By Inlic Turnar TOO LWE 'TO6HTER POftl^WirH THE '- 5TUFF CONCEAtEP IM THE ' PAW50N AN'D-CREW. ARE TWINS '.tO KlLt^HRBB- OF U& mO'. '' PI& COVERED HIS i CHARACTER' ..:... y,^^:^*,:^ OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Majar Hee|»ia £,?. 1955 br'NEA'Sertict. Inc. T. M. R>R. U. S. Pat OH By Edgar martin fOOTS AND HER BUDDIES SET <XS\ ,CflrI;-g i^f^iSDOWM^J^ OS KttoluWPf P i sS?i'J.^.-J;i' i ••TrJf-'S^Jj&M.Avr Ct*. BUGS «UNNY WEUL! 00 •YOU INTEND -D01N6 AIWTHIN9 ABOUT ThlS PAINT YOU DWOPPED CU»4MY BUSINESS 0y jUrahbcrgar SUWTHIN8, FUOOSy...DONT EXCITED •'^g-"^£ ALLEY OOP THINK NOT/EH? CMJSgP MXI SO r NT:SUCH. V5PEI-L MUCHWTROUBlfl A'BftP JSUV^ ISfiLL TMATTD SSSS^tp? always has trouble at *his hole!" iy Nadlna Saliar ' ' •' *'--''" '•' " ?—: • ^"T^cifKTtwW-iw* hoHfc*i frlMw «'•• »•> «• iy AI Varmatt •MSCJUA'S POP 'SITTING APPLE TREE WITH •y W«*on Scruggi THI STOHY Of riNBThi«^THE;W»WT& THV £JNPOUTWUQVg<KFATHEK " * 4MJT.HHVCHCfl.W5MI »itemm} HOP! STAft, Hdf»e, ARKANSAS . v. Sale Tax Hike Threatens /f Feed Petition Fails . , • • . .,.,.. .......,- .,.-,-. '.. -.... • ••*. ' • .'-,••• •-•••'• - •'- -•-•.-•.••••'-.•• ":i .... .. . ... ...,„ ....—...,. .^..^. ».^.„»,-, .......... r,,.J:&i,j, ........ .A. ^., -*^M ,;' '*,•&&? exempting poultry and livestock feed from the sales tax obtains sufficient signatures by June 8: the, resultant . tax loss to. the public schools will force a new move to increase the sales tax from 2 to 3 per cent, according to the petition's sponsor, Alex H. Washburn of Hope. . ... Washburn, one of those who testified before a-legislative committee in behalf of the stale sales tax when it was first enacted 20 years ago, sairt: "If we can beat this animal feed exemption it will'mean $50 per teaching position per year in every school district. I'm for keeping the sales tax honest — at 2 per cent." The Hope man said he is paying the general expenses of the petition campaign personally, but has to depend on voluntary help by the public in getting the petition circulated end signed in each county. The petition requires a minimum of 20,111 signatures but Washburn snid 50,000 are needed to be safe against court challenge. If the petition is certified by June 8 the scheduled exemption' of animal feed from sales lax will be put 6ff until the people vote on the question in the general election of November 195G. ' ' .•'...Elsewhere in today' 3' paper'a complete copy of the petition'is published. When cut out from the papter the itext appears on. one side of the..sheet and space for 25 sig- nathres, on, the other, side. Thus each neighborhood can circulate a copy. Signers -must hold the 1954 poll tax. receipt, each member of a family must sign 'individually, and when the petition is finished'the cir- culiator must make affidavit — and mail'the" petition "to Alex. H. Washburn, P. 0. Box 68,'. Hope, Ark. Television and Radio Better for Future sy WAVN| oLiveR NE YOUK '(•&). — Your television set' of the future ' will be different and better, and "so "will .your radio. The radio set has by no means reached ' the peak of its development,' arid! ' significant improvements are ahead, says a pioneer manufacturer of : . radio and TV sets.'".' 'i 1 '-. •.'.:•.''. ", £ V;.'*' ! :.,/; -•••••'••'. ; Benjamin .-'Abra'rns;/.''pVesiderit -'.of Emerson'•••'• 'Radio •:•'••• ft--, r. -Phonograph Radios the size of A cigarette! pack, or smaller, that a man willj carry in his shirt or coat pocket and a woman in her purse. Home radios without lubes or wiring that will operate so cheaply on batleries that the electric cord and plug will become unnecessary. Ultimately, tiny personal sets that not only will receive,, but also will transmit on a private channel and enable you to kee'p in costantjing at" Said Clell • terselyi his touch with home or office ho mat- eyes only a second' behind Jesse's. DEATH OF A LEGEND CHAPTER XXV I that sa-fe^askei, Jesse. Just beyond the bank, a drdwd He/Wood* nodded stubbornly. of about 40, townfolk stood gathered along the sidewalk. Pitts moved.in, shoved his gun iri an inch from his cheek. The pow- Thai are Ihose jaspers look- der blast tore Open HeyWood's face ter where you are. One of the rf1en in the Crowd • Abrams says .two' development?; pointed suddenly. Jessee follow already well advanced will bring further profound changes in ra-, looking at himself. Hne- of the point, wound up dios: The tiny transistor, only a fraction the size and using only, a fraction the current of 4 a vacuum: "It's me," he snapped to ClelL "Somebody has . spotted me.' The finger-pointer was gesturing ripped aWay his right eaf. ,"How about it" Heywood shook said Jesse, his lacerated tube, and printed metallic, circuits ;. ar >d talking to the olhers. In turn, The answer on plaslic or composition strips in'they were using place of conventional' wiring and n ° l i us t ° n Jesse Work on him,'* growled , Jesse tb Pitts.- "Come on, Sob, 'let's get the other two.'* In fearful'turn. 'Bunker and Wil- cbx had nothing to ,sny. The bandits pistol-whipped them io their knees. was-the same. The iii tht Mojor Leagues By UrtlUd Ptttt LEAOlNd (Biied on NATIONAL Mfleller, N. V. SJ'.M G-Ati ft 1! Pet. Campohella, Brooklyn togftrt, Mil". Moon, St.L. . . SiL. 2ff^So-1& 10 .«! .S3 . W 2&:,MI , 15 St 24 ~il 10 Kuenn, Detroit 2S 1W id 39 Bauef, M.Y, 22 90 23 21 .344| sb l tln ^ Ayila, Civ. M 92 il 30 ,28 &««*.' I • — — — ^v ™ ™ j iy &*V$ KiMosvttte;, M. Kleber^i grfessftiarV' teriuy iftat ,_ s<4rled trdtMddft 6*»t _ *l<4 * »• J*-'M«,nU i * He A&'ArWf il soldered joints. Both have . bt't>n ; . was getting a going-over, around several years but only now] "What'll we do, Jess?" are finding their place on produe- 'Ride straight on. Don'even tion lines. "look back. Make out like nothing's The transistor first was an-( w ^° n 8- Pass it back to the boys." nounced seven years ago but still',.__J e11 "°ddcd, dropped his horse is in limited use because of pro- * i . their eyes, and safe was timelocke d'.'Kcep work* «« £-J?f " la '', . The whole gang inf? on yours," JesSe yelled to «• D ° d f e « 8! - Pitts "e'll it an answer some. l *e*< ™"> VcrrioH, Wash. & 60 10 » • HOMfe RUN6 — Snlderr'-Dode. crs 8? Zernial, "'" ' due tion expense. When the cost' comes low enough to make it prac- 'tiCDl for low priced sets, says 'Abrams, you • can have : a table Corp.;- makes 'thes'e. •forecasts:-. ... ,••. Imodel that will operate three -or June «—We must file petitions with 21,000 valid signatures AM W feed from* the sales tax. Please use this petition form latures by Jurie 8ito^prevent, i'Uxl»»st«: the Public Schools through excmp- in obtalnlnr sirnaiures, iuid 'mill to me »t the Hope Star, Hope, Arkansas. —Alex Washburn. Please cut along dotted line.-. 'face other ride) ' INSTRUCTIONS TO CANVASSERS AND SIGNERS 1. Amendment No. 1 gives to the people of th* State of Arkansas the pow«r t» refer Acts passed by the General Assembly to a vote of the people. Referendum petition must be signed by 6% of the legal vsters. If •officient signatures are obtained, Act 94 of the 1955 SMSMMI of the G«n«ral Assembly will be referred to the people at the next General Election. 2. Only legal voters may sign. Names, residences, post pffkes, and voting precincts must be given. This petition should contain only the signatures of voters residing in the sane county. • 3. All signatures must be affixed bythe signer?in th*irow« handwriting in the presence of the persons circulating the Petition. , 4.;. The signatures should be niade with ink or indelible fenciL 5L Do not paste additional sheets to this Petition, but place as many names as possible on the Petition. «5. To sign any name other than your own or knowingly to 'sign your name when you are not legally -Jitted to sign it, or knowingly and f ajsely to niisrepresent the purpose apd'cffcct of this Petition fdr the purpose •I causing anyone to sign it shall constitute a misdemeanor and subject the offender to a fine of not less than $50 •or more than $1,000 for each violation. * Attorney G«*er»l of the State of Arkansas. Circulated by- ..County, Arkansa*. Nu PETITION FOR REFERENDUM : .i SALES TAX E3ftBMPTIQN; FOR LIVESTOCK AND* POULTRY FEED TO THE HONORABLE C. G. HALL, SECRETARY OF STATB OF THE STATE OF ARKANSAS: W«, the undersigned legal voters of the State of Arkansas, respectfully order, by this, our petition, that Act No. 84 of the General Assembly of the State of Arkansas, approved •a the 22nd day of February, 1956, entitled "An Act to exempt feedstuffs used in the growing or production oi livestock and/or poultry in this State from the tax levied „ ,: iL gj. aas recs ipts tax and thrt levied under the c«>n- tax act, and for other purposes," b« referred to the. people of Mid Stetei tO * h e end that the same, may be approved pr rejected by the vote of the legal voters of the State, at the biennial regular general election to be held on <h« 6th <J»y of N0v«mb«r, 1966; Mid each of us for himself • r .ty»: Tarn » qualified elector of the State of Arkansas, and my residence, post office* voting precinct and county are name - ACT N«. 94 Apvrovad February 21,1>55 Tkt foltowtoffie « /«ff and yorreet eopv of tkt ab<n» **mb»r«i MM! ttMtUdA»t ««mi i»*i*i tint rtfwtndum it ordered} AN ACT to Exempt Feedstuffs Used in the Growing or Production of (Livestock and /or Poultry in This Stato From the Tax Levied Under the Gross Receipts Tax and That Levied Under the Compensating Tax Act, and for Other Purposes. , It Enacted by the General Attembly of tk* Statt •/ SECTION 1. Alt feedstuffs used in growing or $*•- ducing livestock and/or poultry in this State shall be exempt from the provisions o,f,AQt38<5, Ark. Acts of I941,as amended by Act 15, Ark. Acts of 1949, known as the Gross Receipt* Tax Act, and shall b« exempt from the provisions »f Act 487, Ark. Act* of 1940, known a» th« Arkanas* Co»P«*" Act.' . • , ....-..-. ..... SECTION 2. The following words and phraaea shall, •zeept where the context clearly indicates a different Hwa*- ing, have the following meanings; (a) Seller; The term "seller" is defined ai <m« having • retail permit as is now provided by th« GI«M lUwipU Ta* Act. (b) Permittee: The term "permittee" includes any individual, company, partnership, joint venture, joint »gr»f> •wpt, association, or corporation who grow* and/or >i»^ duces livestock and/or poultry. (c) Commissioner: The term "commissioner" ill d«fin«d mean the Commissioner of Revenues, \ (d) Feedstuffs: The term "feedstuff»" i« defined to Kean all materials which are commonly known and us*d M for livestock and/or poultry including unmixed or uj»? saed grains.; ungrouad h^Xi whole or hulls when not mixed with other , SECTION S. All permittees shall be issued a, permit to purchase feedstuff8, and <ach permittee shall have a permit •umber. Upoo making purchases of feedstuffs, the seller shall, upon forms, promulgated by the Commissioner and furnished by the seller, indicate the name and permit number of the permittee purchasing the same, the quantity and description of feedstuffs purchased and the total sales price thereon, SECTION 4. One eofjr of each aales report shall be kept by the teller, one copy shall be delivered to the per- mittee, and one copy shall be sent to the Commissioner. The permittee and seller, »r their authorized agents, shall »i«n e»eb »»le» tr«l»»«?«oivform, Qopies of all forms shall b« maintained by the seller, permittee and Revenue Depurt- »ent for a, period of not lets than three (3) years. SECTION |, Tht tutonM -Oi idlwr to comp.ly with any of the provisions of thif Act shall be pnrna facie proof that the exemption herein provided 'shall not be applicable and that such feedstuffs were being used for other purposes than to grow or produce Jirestock and/or poultry, and m avwh ease the Commiwioner is hereby authorized, empowered tad djM^.to ajfMfi ud «.ll«ct said tax as is provided in the Gross Receipt* Tax Act and the Compensating Ta< Act of this State! provided further, that if either the »«Uer or permittee fails to comply with any of the provisions of this Act be iball te jfuilty of a misdemeanor, and •P0« coBTJetio. therefor »hai be punishable by a fine of not l«»s than five hundred (WOOW dollars nor more than two thousand five hundred (12,600.00) dollars. SECTION «. Tfce P»oviaioM of this Act are hereby de* *M tt* declaration that any portion uoial shall not affect the validity of the remaining portion*. "'""t^ Ig^ f*tj«J5C»- »«^G, »« * W>- 't*4A back. While the crowd continued to stare, the gang kept going — straight out and away, .from Mankato, Minn. And straight' "put - and away rrom w $55,000 , in--, thei'open vault of the Fh'st National::Bank, which could .have been'' theirs.'- "' The crowd on the sidewalk-.Avas watching a construe ti 6n ;''C t e : w working on a building'.o'ut of, sight of the gang's line of approach. The man who had pointed at Je'sse.was only calling attention to his 'superb' black gelding, and the ' following regards' and' admiring comments of his fellow townfolk had''been directed ! solely at the beautiful horseflesh which carried the'rest ,of the Missourians.' ' - Tired out by two daws ,of empty surveillan ce and convinced the James gang had never ibeeh nearer Minnesota than Ada'ir, Iowa, the sheriff was soundly asleep in the good September sunshine in front 6f his office three blocks away. It was 2 p.m. and Northfield drowsed in the after-dinner quiet There were only three of them. •If anyone noticed them, it was Because of the fine horses; two lood^bays and a 1 ean i ra; ce';bV'e'd slack. ;. . . ''" '.':'-•;'. .''.-... Across the square lay Division Street, Northfield's-', main .stem of Dusiness' houses. On the pQiathjwe'st corner of Division Street,*, to their fight, flanked by : the mercantile es'tablishriients bf'ILee''-&'.Hitch'cbcfc;.^/Bpm^ and H., Scriver & Co., .'stood ^.ffie been nrihte'd ^ about 'me' :'-'are :I fan' First National Bank of Nprfhfield:; Straight ahead lay the hardvYai'6 stores of J. ,S. Allen and A. 'E. Mari" . ,. . lirig. Td their left was ; W,|ie"eler fe^Blackman's Drugstore. . .'.^-'.H-''! 1 '!; V At. -Lee '& ri'itchcock's, th'^y;,: ser Jee'" til : '""e?as'. dn^he:?' sie- walk dry-goods' 1 boxes provided' "10r he purpose. One of them, .dug 'a bo'wie knife from beneath nisi linen,' duster, picked up ; a piece 6f\ybp'd| egan to whittle arid '•WhistlieY.'as, ihpugh he had 'ridden .800; mile's ibV jio other reason. The .other 1 . tw0" into a close-mouthed ;. conversation, their .eyes darting constant-. Iy to . the street thqt Centered the square toeypnd the " ' Pitts. "We'll git an answer sortie- wherds.' (To Be Continued) ames Dean Amused by the Quick Legends ! 6y ,BOp THOMAS , ., HOLLYWOOD wv- What kind of a'lgiiy is James Denn? Film 'fnns who saw "East of Eden" have been nsking'that. In his-' first important film, he emoriged ps a star of first magnitude. No otrier debut pf a virtual unknown ip, recent years has ap>- pc^nrcd sp auspi.'iious, , A great deal has been written about Dean since, his rise "to fame and much pf it has been spurious. The real .peSn was observed, at close range , on the- location ' : pf "Rebel Without .a .Cause;" his sec-' ond' starring film. He .was ..emoting .at; the Griffith Park- • pbs.er.va- tory, which overlooks- Los Angeles. At first he doesn't seem --.too impressive in person. He is "not 'so' tall .as- most "leading -men,' .He dreases.! casually and 'rhinjles, with trip-: other yoiing actors Who aye pprtrayirig juvenile delinquents ,irt' the film. 'He ' genorally wears r horrir rimmed glasses, with clip-on'' aBrk lenses when he's in the ;swn. ilfe has a handsbrne; expressive' face with: a shbck , of ' blond /liair^ v ' •,He','is spmewiiat ,amvtsc.tt i :by .the ' ; '''' RUN IN tigers 29; Campahella, Dodgers board or the tfahch, an ernfli hbrscs, oil and, cotton^* gt-iindsoh of Hlchard v 'K founder. *• " ** -r 7 £lv«rt, 4casual .*.*c«|U called him "Mr t Olcie," 21 ..Senators 26; FuHllo, ., t liters 23; Nleman, White Sox A i ta11 ' RUNS - Smith, Indians 24; Bauer, Yankees 23; Mantle, Van- Kces, 22; Snider, Dodgers 22|,Gil' liarn, (Dodgers 20;v Carrajquel, White 6x 2D. '"'-' '»•«.-.,• he! lov,od a .crowd aMd J usually enme tO'"Mr. l ^I SaJd v "^* wris-^an PITCHING UBas«d"on>< 3- 1 decisions)" -4 >Turle#, i. ' *a'ftkeesv' W> 1.000; Erskine,, Dodgers Jeffcoat.-'Cubjr' (#5) • romhn. TlhlrluJ*!.*' A.ft?* t combe, 3-0,",' -mek, TigBrS , (51 -.SSS; ;;LembS, Ihdians the ••:• Ch.urchill Dow,ns. ' '1 "'Was "als.o repOiHed in two oth-; '' ' ' . er ; placeg. ,-Hbw'' could; I- b'ftvf thr«!t' places at once? ''" ;• -." "I.. p'robabl^.^hoiuW -.ft agerit. : But ' I- 'don't- 1 care : -vyhat peo-, pie- write about me. -I'll -taik to the- ones • I like; 'the ibthers' ; {Citrt print •whatever -they pleas*." This attitude has been expressed , by o(her new "Stars;" hbwMong" it lasts remains : to b^s seen.: ' •• ; ••' Ifhe j,> jcomparisoivv ;. to Marlon rStertly; the ' ?rnaUer' of . the two Stiffened:' : ' ' ' '. " . ' p"Ybnder they come,' Bob. GO.'. ?- : .-Bob" Younger looked .up, saw ijple pnd Clell Miller slowly., jogging : .' their horses ihto : .'.. Division street from the east road. He riodj ded swiftly, passed the "/.word, /to' the third ; man,'-"Look sharp, C.har-' lie. We're moying:" "'••.'•.'•'..•,,' ;',The whittler '-put : away. his' knife", trailed off his rnorioionqus'- whistle. •'I'm-right behind' you, 1 ; 'Said'Cjiiai;- ie Pitts. ' '•;•'"'• ''" : ": The three men' walked 'quickly, .o the bank, entered it withpiit looking again at the approac'iiing lorsemen. • . ; . Clell turned his mount in at the bank's hitching rail, |ted , Wni alongside the first three. He.moved to the ba-nk door, peered in, Jurned and waved to his companion. C6}e waved back, swung off. his ;tajll bay in midstreet, began tugiging'at a saddlegirth. Jesses Big Plan wa,s, running easy,as gun-oil through a smppth"- bore musket. At least it was—but- side the ibank. ' , , ..'• Inside the bank, the oil was hitting a few ru^t pits. Hard at work, as Jesse and his two henchemen entered the builtl- ing, were Joseph Lee Heywood, Bookkeeper and acting cashier, A. E. Bunker., teller, and, F.J. Wilcox, assistant bookkeeper. , Heywood, new to his job and-overanxious to please, moved, from his desk to meet the strangers. His eager smile ended in a startled ga,sp. "Throw up your hands," said Jesse quietly. "And don't holler out. I've got 40 men outside this a . lo A?S, , someone else.- Brando 1 was pared ; -io, -CJlilt,;'' pliff-'-to -.'•sonaeone else,. Starrytnbfe to Booth and s6 i6iti\, ' '.' '.'-•,' /• ."• :/ -;•-;.-.;;- oseSttd; Drama bank. You're you' Heywood denied the cashier, it, ain't Jess returned 'to Wilcox. and Bunker in turn. Each shook his head. When he turned again tp wood, he • was 'beginning, tp .blinlc-. ''I ifehow' a- -cashier when I §ee one^i.. ha said ''Open that safe or, 111 blow your Hea.d ott," "I cant open it, 'the cashier pleaded. '"Its got • a v.timelock on; U »l -d '^VMI . '(1 •-•— ' Thes seized 1 Ifeywpod , JPjtts slashing him across the face with his '.pistol barrel, pfpb hurjinji him bodily against the'vavilt. "You still got a timelock on, By VVAYNE OLIVER NEW yORik(>P) Tejevisipn: again has: demonstrated it comes closest to maturity In the fipld o( .Srani'a. Jionday ,pight is NBC production of Sidney Kingsley' s anti-Communist play "Darkness at Noon" was stark, realistic, adult. Lee f, Cobb as Rubashpv, larnv C' people's commissar and old-line Bplsfceyik caught in the grip of the Frankenstein's monster he helped create, gave a moving perforrn .since. There were others, but Cobb's role .dominated the play and he dqminated the part With force and professional polish, Here was classic retribution. Rubashov, who had , ruthlessly sacrificed and betrayed others, stopd condemned by his own v/ords. ' "For our purpose the individual doesn't exist," read the young fanatic Gletkin, played by Pavid Wayne, as Rubashov heard his own death sentence accompany a quotation from a book he had written. Jf their,,was a major shortcoming, it was the lack of time on the air to develop sufficiently the process by whiqh the Communists broke down Rubashov's will to remain silent, an<J his determination not to pnake a spurious confession. Ruth Roman gave a comptent performance as Lube, the woman Rubashov both loved and betrayed. Brooklyn OHieiol in 'Rum' Pr*mi*« four years on a battery without By VERNQN Of The A»*o?lat«a Pr«M Brooklyn pfticial who prt>- mia»d the Bear* « ' f ir|( Several years ago he forecast TV set ultimately woulg b» _... contained IP 8 box only <*bout enf Hfef p*rioj4 division baseball (earn within 4»y» |ouW qualify easily today' ' of foot square and would project H| Picture wpvjp-fa?l)ipn pntq § wall screen. He stjckf t to the f and. says it's niufih clRSCr, ninth con8«c,utix8 Saturday They A ^ i A^ A. Ig,*' **-** Sports in Brief Was second- -, and SummCr.'-fTan Iriir'd: ':"':' '•';;. .JsVVVvSF.';,, X'VV-v '-- - - -' ; .' : ''•• ••-••->..-- •^.v --- •'' : :imed-: at, f .4:p7.;,-if b-ith&'^Vai. ity Jof . ;, Miaiili's ; ,> Invitational 4rt^£^jf ;$?%£$$$ mer light' h champion "Joe TT'-T"-! •I'-*TM?'**1 ~ rT Tl, ~ « ' V s eran Democratic political leader in Indiana. Pied yesterday, _ WASHJNGTO N— Herbert' C plummer, '51, public informatior director of the General Services,Ad minjstratipn »nd OUT OF BUBINCiM cause f- Sny'eler'feiwr^piteL '•;$wM&£tjffiB%$ffifa ' f'i-.-ff-''-''-.'.-.'-.-'^-'"' .^-"i'-^'V^I ' I: -f»-f«ii"5!H'^H:'*v:s,!.: ' - • ."'i-'"'' » «!•*•» A" j?.ffc*»?'.« (• fc f: i.v>ffp- w:&«J7g'K^«Esp55- f ? mi>^m£tvtiilm back, Mauriello, with four straight tories, was Bryant's ace,- But 21-year-old fireballer Mas dropped,' ! wiWnets.' fouf-hitt*rs. his The rookie matched yesterday with' H»l , Qrifis •«• l,

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