The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 5, 1930 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 5, 1930
Page 2
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TUESDAY, AUGUST 5, 1930 B1..YTHEVI1.LE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREK Drawing Shows Cause of Earthquake vci^iiy here, me of the most ncled seismologists. '"Iliesc two types are» volcanic and leclcnic," explains Father Odenbat-h. "Those of volcanic or- ii'in are limit.?d in exlent. Tectonic niakes are caused by shrink- !'.ogih -- -, Hie center of the earth was a fluid | mass. Now Uv?y believe thai it i is solid, though they admit that j ti'is solid interior may. under ler-1 r:flc heat and pressure, become sufficiently plastic to flow like wax. ValraniK Cause Ilaly's | "Ilaly'.s \oicancs arc responsible: fu r her many earthquakes." saysi Father OJcnbach. "Many theories; Ir.ive teen advanced for the cause: Ellzenc Dickerson of a volcanic eruption and accompanying Uc-inovs of Ihe earth. It was believed at one time that scep- W it waii?r into the molten inier- icr created steam that caused the pericdic upheavals. Explosion of passes al'o is fclamrd for eruption , "But many now think the most i Chas. Johnson. In Nebraska Race TiT-tnors, Mostly Slight, Oc- ctir on an Average tJliP Kvf:l'V '7 MllHl'rs. nv ni-:nvL MII.LCU S'KA Service Wrllrr Cl.KVEIiAND, O—Once eveiy 17 irtiiiii'.es which means 30,000 I" in liif e'liise nf u year—old Moth-' n Eai-'.h shakes or shudder* ami. '.hire !•> nil carlV.qrake 'omewheiei in the siorld. Mo^l of iiiese seismic dlsturu- of rom-!.-!. are slight; many' (.1 ll'.c-m are never noted ex- ii pi. on the delicate recoiding in- .'.tniim-ni?- of scientists: sunn; deal widespread death and destruction,. and fti:.?rs may occur harmlessly l:ir under the surface of the sea. For no man really stands on "solid ground:" far Ijelr.w the :;nr- .'uce. the i-CMlc.w forces of n.uurc '.nal b:oui/ht Ihe planet into behi<; uidiifi ago art- still at work.^ Oc-• , n , K CAUBE or ITALY'S GREAT EARTHQUAKE is shown in this ' '"iuidc'r^'occiiis b^eath^'i densely ^"'""a diagram which reveals how the restless underground forces U"ii'l!ilod C cct'nn:inity', as' has jus't; cf nature work in both kinds uf subterranean disturbances-volcanic i.i'eii the- case in Italy, and ihen i and tectonic. In ihe volcanic kind, cccuriing in Italy bccaur.1 of the v.f have a majcr disaster with I pi-esonce of Vesuvius and ether \olcancs, the disturbance is limited widespread denili and destruction. jn ^.^ hccause [no rcrocs u]ltl nn mll i e i through- the volcano ' TCie Two Kinds of Quakes | t . aur , Q| Ih(s ,]j slur banco is the same as thai of the teclonic .quake— "Tr..:ro are two kinds of earih- e] | lill j. aj , e of (lie enr th, shifting of ihe masses underground, and con- Hiiukts. according to Father F^L. _ ^^ ptf ^ Hre O f these h-t musses upward and out. But the tectonic world's-intake nas no easy outlet, like tlv? volcanic, and therefore causes a much greater disturbance and ove r a wider area when il dees force itself Ihroukh. At right- is Fther F. L. Odenbach ol John Carroll University of Cleveland, or,? cf the country's greatest seismologists. ,F FIGHT IF Lift Nebraskai! Runs us Republican Bui Thinks Al Smilh Should Have Won nv uons':v ni;TCiii:n NBA Service Writer WASHINGTON. — Senator W. Norris of Nebraska. the mor-l unique fleuro In modern AnU'i'ican politics. Is winding U]> iv haul, Ij'.nirr sirn^iile for renomln- allon in his stair's Republlcim pri- inaiirs cf Alii;. 12. Htcuine Nonis is ihi: mt»i 1m- ixnliinl indr'iiendenl lender in WnshiiiKtr.n die flPhl has aroused national Interest. Mr. fearlessness, his contempt lor lliical r-xprciiency. his constant npinsitinn tn every roactlonnry rnca'uri' >|Kinsored by ills party and his ivin:irl;al)le independence whicli even led him to oppose Ilt)o\er's prcsidfiitial candidacy In 1928 Ime Hie admiration ol Ihe ;uul piogressives of the country. Ihs nrt):d lias also arnnsrd the hllrr vnmity of standpat politicians. the adinlnistrallon, public utility eor|in:atlons. cxucnu- drys ind those \vho won't forget Ihnl- he supported :i Catholic for president. Ilimver Supporter Opjmsfs His onponenl In the prltnnry is Stebljlus. Kx-Bfiialor'Cilllirrl Mi Hitchcock Siualur (icnruf W. Niirrls he seeks Hie Drmr-iTJllo sen- tie runi|ulj;iis as a llejiulillcui nk.rliil nomination. i llirujli hi- .I|I|KWS llnnvrr. frre jpfech, wornun snffinSiO, imp- ulnr rights uiiil populav govern- men). In.Shnals l : l|lil cluck" uinendme'nl, farm reltei hills, ami-injunction legislation, a successful resolution to Invcstlsalo 111 "iirjwr trust." and many other liniKirtntit measures, lie began tin 1 Weaver was i;nlng to run naflin Nun Is, Inn chunked his mind, (imrrr N'mrh Killed Out Then i-:mu' Unit vlcloiu stroke Ills ninne has linen atlached to I n lp c.iiuHil:u-y »f George W. Norr Muscle ahouls legislation, the "lame|-NO. a." un olMiire grocery cle nl llniken Him 1 . Neb:, who filed f Ihr Rcpuhlir:iii senatorial nomin lir,n and disappeared. Senator No rls admiurd If both nam iweic pttl un the ballol. his awn earthquakes are caused by shrink-! Ilinfirfl a-c. of ihe earth with accompany- III If I L L ii'ig displacements cf huge masses." JIMII1I il, Geologists, he says, once thought! ««"««-«! '" ME mm FDR ,-Lukc Stewart. ; ' Study -Crmv ' I Judges: J. M. Bartholomew, Will i Keely, Paul Crafton. | Altiennte Judges: Jim Piles. Lou- i h NeeiUum, T. C. Hatcher. (Conlined from page one) Starling Bnnc'i. Clerks: Monk Matthews. Mose W. Smith. Alternate Clerks: Spencer Bunch, Dan Ross. Number Nine Judges: C. C. Langston. Dr. Hill, '^-'^ Mitchell. MONHOll TOXVNKIIll 1 Oscoola Telephone Ofllce Judges: H. J. Hall. Claude Thorn - ason. Harvey Brooks. prnbjulc cause is that the earth shrinks, causing the crust lo col- crust forces it lapse, and pressure of en • Ihe mciien interior iipuUrd through the volcano's cralbi. This terrific churning be- Fred Bean, nenlli the surface causes the tremors nnd destruction. "Of comri.', llaly could be rock,?d Alternate Judges: W. M. Shaw. Jack Trimiie, J. J. Moore. Clerks: Prof. Lashbrook. W. A. Hollingsworth. Alternate Clerks: C. Jackson, Clerks: Henry Bartholomew ! Alternate Judges: A. W. Knight, John Williams. . I M. ''• Crawford, J. H. Lovewcll. Alternate Clerks: Dave Milligan. i Clerks: II .Bryant, C. I.. Moore. A. C. Reed. ! Alternate Clerks: Ralph McEI- iMilligan Ridge vain. Eric Fletcher. Judges: Chas. King, Jim Despain. Lumber Yard Chas. Partlock. Judges: Claude Roach. U. C. Alternale Judges: Armor Sparks,. p, lc e. J. S. McCants. J. \V- Williams, Oslie Weems. Alternale Judges: Jas. Canton, Clerks: Pierce , Swines, Ash Leon Sullivan, W. P. Hale. Swines. Clerks, J. A. Pigg. Geo. Doyle. Alternate Clerks: John Redman, | Alternate Clerks: Chas. Maxwell. Cordon Wiseman. Cuurt House Judges: E. C. Erinen. S. M. Hodges, Chas. Rose. Alternate Judges: Ed Ayre-s. C. B. Driver, F. G. Patterson. Clerks: A. W. Bowen, D. S. La- Ai;oi-n«^ niorv-c- niii RiHncin ! Alternate Clerks: Geraldine Les- John Redman, Mable Barker. Roc key School Judges: Jim Rockford, clarenc; Num. Clarence Nelley. Alternate Judges: Jess Page, Less Hancock. Arnold Langhorn. Clerks: Arbcry Arch, John Williams. Alternate Clerks: Dill RDfcinson. Stale Treasurer W. M. v.-ho promises lo "rland by ihe president." Nmii'i is G!) yours old nnd he has done s:> much that It is hard lo L iitnni:iri/c his career. He is the only man of Wilson's famous "wilful twelve" senators who voted against the United Slates' entry Into the war who still remains In the Senate. After war was declared i Norris siipjwrlcd every war measure and even tried to volunteer as i privtitc. but he .still Insists Hint took the right stand in oppos- u:ir. lr lias beet) ill Congress since 1003 and hit record of Insurgency date-: far back. In 1900 during Ihe Paync-Aldr:ch tariff light he beat the machine and put kerosene on the free list. Next year he led the historic rebellion which changed tin House rules and ended Speaker Joe fight to save Mnscln Shoals from nnd Ihe BKICM-'S there would be a Henry Pord and the "power Irui.l" hopeless inlstip nnd he couldn't In I92a and Is still flghlliuj. thus pebbly win. He wns Jusl nuout to fur successfully, .inter as an'incleppndcnl canilidalo lie led the. successful bailie to when u supreme court decision put keep Vare of Pennsylvania and ' Norris No. 'I off the ballot for hnv- Smllh of Illinois out of ihe Ren- ; my filed i (lo luie, ale and the more recent move-1 if Sori ., s (ll , rcnls siebblns, as he menl which kept Jiute Parker ol, pcota . Uy «. m , 1C wnl lmvc Norlh Carolina off Ollll. HALF MOON TOWNSHIP lltllf Me on Judges: A. C. Ashabranner. D. B. J. A. Richardson- U (rom formcr Ihc government from the .ptojrte's . r.wn natural resources ihUrh would • bring cheap electric p°**r to the ;; p>poie Inuead of turning those resources over to private corporations for private grin. "J didn't agree wlih Governor n!th on his prohibition ideas. I'm ot In favor of repealing the pro- billon amendemenl. But Smith remised lhal, if elected, lie would iforce the law as long as It was th statute books. I knew lie nnldn't repeal the amendment or lo luw and T belfevcd In his prom- se because his record for six years i governor of New York absolute- y demonstrated that he had kept Is word. "Hoover had never g!»en any eflnlle stolemenl that he wa; .. inch in favor of prohibition or he eighteenth amendment. "History since Ihe election ha-, irovcd lhal I wns rlghl. PresidEnt icovcr has prevented any action >y Congress toward the harnessing . of the rivers and streams of our country for the benefit of our people. He opiiosed ihe Senate Muscle Shoals bill which would ' have cheapened fertilizer for the fann- er and provided electricity p^ c- liea.lly at cost for minilcipaluk-s and farmer organizations. Farm Kclkf Stand "Besides the comfort lie has giy ' en the power trust. President Hoov- " er's refusal lo let Ihe House relaln Hie debenlure plan in the tariff ' bill has shown that he is cppcf;2d lo farm relief of n pracllcnl na- lure. "If Governor Smith had been elected, we would have had a raritt nil which would have given 'rellei. to the farmers and which woul-l have lowered some of the' tariffs on nnnuficturer's products. If Gov-' •rnor Smith were now president, the "'., .luscle Shoals controversy would Senator Gilbert M. Hitchcock in the Always opposing the "buying" of November election, and It prom- elections. Norris went Into Pennsylvania in 1!12G nnd campaigned 1 o rlhe Democratic senatorial c:m- Lses lo be a holly contested race. Many antl-Horils Republicans are likely to vole for Hitchcock In Nov- lldate, William B. Wilson, uxnlnsi | ember. The Norris forces are for- Boss Vare, the Rcpiibllcaii candi-.iled nice about Hllchcock than date. And in 1928 he rapped his alioul Slcbblns. iong record of nonjnrllsanshlp by' Stebblns lias been using the pro- campalening for Al Smith against j Inbition issue ngutnsl Norris, ac- Hoover. lie urgncd Unit Smith | cuslng him of making derogatory would best serve the Interests at \ r> innrks ationt "Btshop Camion, the people. ] the great temperance, leader and Norris hasn't, backed down an , Christian." inch in this campaign. He Insists | Norris has been taking much the that events since the Hoover In-jf^me line In his campaign as he niiRiirallon have proved him right. | developed In a talk with this wrlt- Thc senator's enemies tried to er'just before he loft tor Nebraska get General Pershlng. Nebraska | born, to run ngaitisl, Norris. but. "1 \Vh>- JIc OpiHwed Hoover opjjcsed Hoover because Pershlng refused. Samuel R. Me-Ikiiewkncw he was against, what the Kelvie was groomed us the minim-! 1'rogresives had stood for ou the islrallon's candidate, being ap- j farm relief question and because iintcd to the Farm Board so he I knew he was oposed la ihe con- Cannon's "czarlsm.." He fought for direct election o senators and put over the reso lulion for Impeachment of Judge'could go lo Nebraska and IIIHL.) n -sErvatlve of our nntural resources,' Archbold in IQ12. He fought for splration speeches to fanner vol-1 Norris explained. "Especially wa measures considered too.radical by ers, but his lioim sagged along with:he oposcd lo any generation and conservative administrations, for'the price of wheat. Governor ! distribution of electric power bj be ended and this vast property, owned by Ihe government, would, lave already begun to supply electricity at cost and cheapen the cosl of fertill/.er for agrlculiure." Hospital Notes , Miss Melba Foster, city, was dismissed from the Blythevllle hos- pnu uoaay. Gravel Trucks Needed at Wilson, Arlc. Schultz Construction Co. hi" It" wlioii cau"es fiirther riis-j Clerks: B. F. Gay, K- L. Haw "Hi'Tvo^i rf e?u,Hicn in ^Aiternat. Clerks: T^m Bass Buck Itr-ly begins wilh a « S ue record T»™"»^ CTOK TOWNSII1P Hector Judges: J. R. Gill. M. Lewis, R. C. Rose. , of one supposed to hav.» occurred seme 1500 years befcre the Chris- I'an era Vesuvius, most 'ccle- S^s-^rpS^s: ;^s G o^\^r;^rwi,- -, I" Alternate Clerks: Dewy Wilson. ' Ed Stacy, jr. i FLETCHER TOWNSHIP | Luxcra. ' • Judges: R. W. Thomas. W. C. the! Howard. Will Meadows. Alternate Judges: E. R. Bogan. Scott. R. T. Ballon-. P. Raino. Browns SpurJudges: R. M. Belew. 'Gray West. Reed Threlkeld. Alternate Judges: Tom Fleeman, Elmer. Robertson, Louis Matthenf Clerks: Ira Watkins. Clyde Shockley. Alternate Clerks: J.-A. Belew. Ulie Threlk'eld.. Lost Cane Judges: M. 1. Stints. E. M. Parks, -Mm Finchc-r. Alternate Judges, Sum Fincher. Oscar Simpson. Tom Jeans. Cierks: Newt Cultell. ' Waller Vastbinder. Alternate Clerks: iioy Leach, Leo was the surrounding land. It.s first outburst recorded in history was in IS A. D., when the cilifs of Pompeii and Herculanc- iiin were destroyed. Whole Islninl Exploded "One of t'.ie greatest outbursts in many years was thej explosion of the vclcanic island of Krnkatao in th.? East Indies in 188V Father Odenbach said. "So completely did this eruption up the island that ton v Jas. Cartwriglu. 'Keiser Judges: Wm. Taylor, R. H. Rubinson, B. R. Moore. Alternate' JitdRcs: J. R. Donahcw. W. W. Anderson. O. M. Polk. Clerks: J. K. Chilcis, Orls ChiUis. Alternate Clerks: H. E. Gibson, Hiirvev Wilson. Twenty years ago cancer stood eighth in the death list; todny it it blow was- com- McGAVOCK (TOWN'SHII- Joiner Judges: Jack Grossman. J. T. Lee. L. R. Campbell. Alternate Judges: N. S. S:iliba. H. C. Melcan. J. N. Felts. Clerks: W. N. Lee. O. A. Sisk. Alternate Cierks: M. Silverstein. The question o£ food VALUES ..and FOOD values C. S. Clerks: J. M. Majors. Russell Bowen. ' Alternate Clerks: A. N. Woodson. Deven Richards. | feet high, innuiidaling neighbor- in" coasts nnd drowning thous- And yet, as anIOlasco. Clerks: S. R- Brad F atids of persons. earthquakes, the disturbance \\a-~- v-innvcr r.-VIS^ I 5^'JlSq"^^^ e WcsH,r in the vclcano and was r3corded only by nearby instruments. This Alternate Clerks:- W. P. Me Wilson Judges: J. H. Grain. J. R. Col- Vashable Cojo './Q MB is true of practically all volcanic earthquakes "Tiie other kind of earlhqi 1 ' more powerful and far-reaching in its vibrations, is called the tectonic quake." the scientist said. "These are caused by slipping masses along regions of weakness sometimes called fractures in th - ciustnl rocks, and Ihe break may be far below the surface. The most destructive quakes are tectonic, l North America Shaken "Such an earthquake was that 0! 1661, which violently shook much of North America. Old rcc- ods tell us how forest trails wfrc j-hiftcd so far that Indians lost (heir way. Mud flowed in the St. Iiiwrence river gasses, evidently him. Ira Via. Alternate Judges: C- O. Williamson, Don Fletcher. G. H. Frazier. ; Clerks: Sumpter Reginald, C. I Ferguson. Alternate Clerks: Edward Regi-1 nald._D. C. Wayne. : , IIICKMAN TOWNSHIP ] Ilirkman | Judges: Dolf Adkinson. Jim Faught. Jessie Snyder. Alternate Judges! Johnnie Walker. E. G. Wheeler. John Metzger. Clerks: E. Pickers, Harvey McKay. Alternate Clerks: Hulbert Welch. Singer Johnson. St. Louis Resilient, From Stomach Trouble, Praises The New ;iutl Different Medicine. Judges: Huffman Hardy Adkinson, Paul Fitzgerald. J. H. Huffman. Alternate Judges: Gent Green, din H. Williamson, Eddie Hagen. Tom Hasscll. nnd nauseating from far underground, caused fish to leap fron - „•.-.- n.,,~u.. ,,.,, mlllkv nver" I Clerks: Cillie Ray. Geo. Cassidy. "some quakes move up and down. I Alternate Clerks: Turner Kis- Others have a rolling motion, whil • i sell. ;lill others give a tremendous jerk.] The horizontal movement MW | iho surface may be considerable. | A court suit once resulted from an : earthquake which sniff rt a fence j bcl-.vcen two properties. Argo The Charleston, S. C.. disaster in 1886 was of the rolling kind, bil- lowinn along like an ocean of ;arth with the waves two feet high from Manila liox 1 Judges: Chas. McWhirter. B. Murphy. R. M. Matthews. Alternate Judges: A. L. Oran Green, Mikcy Mike. . Clerks: Arthur Pierce. Oeorgc Fn- qua. Alternate Clerks: Gene Fleeman Claude Crain. Box 2 Judges: Claude Miller, (rmiz'n to cresl. There are several regions where earthquakes are most likely to oc- Ray. Joe Horner. rur. Thess include Japan. Met-1 Alternate Judges: ico. Asia Minor. Sicilv, the Aiey- Islands and the Pacific ocean. In many instances, volcanic prox imlly is responsible. Raydo Alvo Jolliff Will Thompson, C. W. Tipton. Clerks: Barney Threlkeld, Bur 5 Ashabranner. Alternate Clerks: George Snyder \A/ASH away finger-marks and blemishes as they appear — Eet easy washing replace redecorating! "Do" your walls with exquisite, tones by use of | Velumirm Hat Woll Paint Shows no lops cr brush morks — no disturbing slare. Call at this stori! for color card. The Arkmo Lumber \avds MR. CHARLES F,. DOIIKMAN Tens of thousands have said: "Konjola is the only medicine that helped me: Konjola is the medicine I should have had in the first place." That is why KonjolR is a household word in tens of thousands of American homes. R^ad. now. the words of Mr. Charles E. Dohrman. 68. of 3431 Park avenue. | St. Louis, who pays: j "I want to tell every one that |Kcnjola Is the only medicine that ; helped me. For twenty years I ! worked at painting, but had to give it up. I had stomach troub- ble; was nervous and could not sleep, and was bothered with con- jstipation. I took eight bottles of I Konjola. and I sleep better and,' feel better in every way. My nerves ar? quiet and constipation ended. Kcnjola certainly does all that is claimed for it." The files of Konjola fairly ovcrflov: with such endorsements; such proofs of Konjola's merit when given a fair trial. Konjola is s:ld in Blythcvidlle. Ark., at Klrby Drug Stores, and by all tin best druggists in all towns throughout this entire section.—Adv. Here is a double cilircd problem and liolh answers may be found in (he - (.'ouriuT News Food ads every Friday . . . advertisers in Ihi'Se panes offer unquestioned food VALUES of approved FOOD values. Furthermore Ihe Courier News Food pitges niter coimdess siiKKOstion.s fnr new, uppeliy.iiiK menus . . . Recipes for delightful summer dishes that add zest to every meal . . . Becoming n' consistent reader of Ihese will materially aid the problem (if meal time. you in answering Watching the Food I'ages will keep yon informed on the market offerings and "where the best may be had- for Ihc least.' Shop FIRST in the food pages of the COURIER NEWS

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