Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on May 7, 1955 · Page 11
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 11

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 7, 1955
Page 11
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fwTw*r^§™ -\ "•?•-ffTft'^i^wffj ^ i ^ i M 0 r*f $ t A R ; M 0 P t, ARKANSAS 3 i Huckaba* "llPSpruce 'Street on Tuesday, evfefilnfc Msy 16 st, 7 f o'» clock. " . x .«. MM. 'ft. n. .Hsite*» f« Cirtis 2 ',:• R. 1A. LaGrone entertained Sunday School Lesson By WILLIAM E. GILROV, D. 0, The history of the Jewish people, in the divided kingddms PRESCOH NEWS Circle'No. 2 at their (beautiful hew i of Judah and Israel, offer case . — M -diorrie last Monday* (material of incisive interest' and be Monday | Mixed spring flowers were used profit in its bearing upon social usiness for to d ecoi at e the rooms. and national welfare and destiny Mrs E p> o . Nea , . pmented an The period of time extended . Circle the evening will be the election of > . e the 1st* Bajltet Church officers, and everyone is urged to inspirjng devotional- -and Mrs. C. from the death of Solomon and Mondtfy «ghf MM 9, at • ' " " attend. ..-!* 14&. tfliss of the JFirst 1st ChureH wfll^rheei Monday at 7i30 in-the home as M. 'Agee ftave an interesting article on Oavid Livingston. The financial report. Was given tuesday May 10 -"'f, •*--* •The Stath Aiinual Music«Festival will be held in Hammond Statium on Tuesday May 10, at 7:30 p* m. , The Lilac Garden Club of DtAnni sent, with one. puest, Mrs. Albert Will meet lit -Mrs. J. C, Burke'sj GraVe s .president of the local so- the disruptioh under his son, Rehoboam, uiilll the fall of ithe northern kingdom In 722- B/ C. Wtsleyah Guild Meet* The Wesleyan Service Guild of (the First Methodist Church met on Monday evening in the home of Mrs. N. R. Nelson with Mrs. Bill : Gordon associate hostess. j Arrangements of red roses and yellow and purple iris decorated the rooms. The president, Mrs. L. 0. Lee called the meeting to order and conducted the business followed by Mrs. R. 1*. White after which and the exile of the people ',' o£ the chairman, Mrs. Earl O'Neal, the southern kingdom to Babylon in gave a summary, of the activities 586 B. C. "" during the past'year. "It is this quality of timeliness e'TRebccca SS Class of the £ t ;.Baplist Church will me'et in ftbttte pf Mrs. Wed Gresham. Win St., Monday-May 9. at "' ^Uwllh Mrs! Vfck'Ddugan S. Itecit Bittle as do-hostess. Tuesday May Id, at 2 o'clock. All members will motor to Arthur Ofay's to see his Flower Garden in Ozan, All members are urged to come and fating a flower arrangement, i o Fu<mrru*f co. Xtty Ll*nltt W.st 3«lion VVter'ilrres far ••!• •hont 7^4381 Hop*, Ark. ORBVL-6N THEATRE f*' ", ^^T " Wy, 29, South •' Open 6:30 'A Good Double Feature , Brawling Thrill- ...%. . fcf?, ALSO Lough Riot of the Year? ^»'^AMIT ;LEIGH • KIENAN WYNN FEARLESS WLUS ; Chapter 7: of Serial, ,,. Af*\i±f*f<r*Amv vmiv, ld,puck Cortoon v^>*V.v WK •* { -v j '^^^^F'^^^^^T'!. ™ 22?. »T' fONIGHT IFREE ^IFOWL" r* 1 10 - TEH r 10 PUJTJHA '* ^ ' from »he Feeders Supply Will Be Turned Looie the Top of Odr- fftli CATCH 'EM AND 'EM! "INVISIBLE to LpttShow — Sta — tay SHOW IIX !!.- A MOVI!! •mi T''f st'^prapr •' TO THI r AND roUNCIST t in ^•/r;: 1 meet in the home of, Mrs. Dorsey Baptist'Church scheduled to meet Moke Mother's Doy. a Grand Day . . . especially for her! " Take 'her out of the kitchen for a day; . . .and treat her like a Queen! Take her to Church'. . . then out to Dinner . . . and. then treat her to our Special Mother's - Day. Show! ciety. A salad plate was served with Iced drinks. • ^ . J _ lfl ^. Chapter AE of PEG will meet Gflme N5 e ht at the ^°P C Countr/ 'uesday at the home of Mrs. W. club scheduled for May 10th has Bcnsberg in Prescott at 1 o'clock or luncheon. ' The Fireman's Auxiliary will Nineteen members, ^ were pre-jthat keeps the historial Books * of the Old Testament so insistently alive. • ... Generations, though they have not always heeded tfie lessons, have found in this history of the Jewish people the crucial evidence of what has happened, is happening, and can • happen 'to nations and peoples, when .wisdom, vision, and righteousness prevail. Or when injustice, inhumanity, and immorality are allowed to do their festering work of-destruction. The history of each king, Notice been postponed indefinitely. The Beacon S3 Class of the First SUNDAY MAY 8th Outstanding Comments From Local Leaders who Have Previewed "A MAN CALLED PETlR''. "No one can"measure, I'ife in terms of length of 1 years after., seeing "A Man Called Peter". Vivid proof that it's far better to burn out for Ghrist than to rust out for self; It is my hope that everyone will see it"." '•''.-' —iRev. Edmund Pehdleton, Hofje, Ark. "A truly great picture! A-picture : everyone must see. —--Mrs. L.B.-Topley, Hope, Ark. "Exceptionally fine, intensely .interesting,' truly in. spiring. I-rurge'.everyone-to'see_ this fine bjcture". -—Rev. L. T: Lawrence, Hope/Ark. "The greatest picture ever shown. Eyeryone, : must see it, including my two boys"." -— : Mrs. Joe Hamilton, Emmet, Ark. "jt is truly one of the, great pictures of our generation'.' His sermons reflect the Theology .of the day. His. life is r really inspiring •—in addition/it was splendid and attractively done by the stars. —: Rev. V: D.'Keeley, Hope, Ark. "It took a man to what a wonderful thing it i9 to be v a woman. .." Their love lifts you witfi a giant.' gentle hand .,, surges with \ . exaltation from the first second to th« , . . »•»• , last sigh . . , and se,nds a shiver ' " ' t of rapture through every fibej 1 of •, your being. The story of Peter jmd' Catherine Marshall... from the book that topped the best-seller lists for 128 w*ek»! / Whit* All Chjf«fr ? fl !if£n<i««l * START* SU « * •s^p? or prophet, .is a. part of the story but of the kings as individuals there is a monotony in the record.. Both in the kingdom of Judah and in the 'kingdom of Israel, the,story is so often -the same, of a king who "did evil in the sight of the' Lord," misruled his . people and misled ' them into idolatry • (which meant into moral decadence and corruption). Here and there the record is broken with a king who did good, like Asa (II Chronicles 14-16), and his son, Jehoshaphat (II Chron- iclfes 17); and like, the' young king Joash, who escaped to.become kirig in the slaughter of all his kin (H Chronicles'22; 10-12). The.con- trast between the zeal for righteousness of Jehoshaphat and the wickedness of his son, Ahaziah, who succeeded hjrri, is again' emphasized as Joash, Ahaziah's son, returns to the ways of his grandfather, rebuilding--"the house of the Lord's," and rulings well in his forty years on the- throne. But these chapters in the ancient story 'in the Second Book of Chronicles, like so much in all the history of kings and dynasties are red with massacre, as well as corrupt with iwickedness-and violence. The story, of Ahab and Jezebel enters into the record, for, while Jehoshaphat ruled -righteously- in Judah, Omri, a wicked kin, usurped powen, ( in the Northern Kingdom of Isral, arid 1 was 'succeeded by the'more famous and equally wicked-Ahab: , It is here that n Athaliah comes in, a woman comparable to Jezebel in her ruthless cruelty. It .was : she who -had... all the seed royal'of • the ,-house, of Ju'dah slaughtered, wh'en Joash, was hidden' 'and ' escaped. She was the wife of JehPram,, : who succeeded Jehoshaphat' and 'as the daughter of 6mri was the sister of Ahab. '.-'•••••• The record panpetuates itself. We know ol evil ' entanglements in high place's even in compari- tively"modern times.' It was to Jehoshaphat's credit W. M. U. Has Community Missions Program .The W. M. U. of the First Baptist Church met on Monday afternoon at the church for a combined business meeting and Community Mission program. Mrs. Lewis Garrett opened the meeting with prayer and a brief business session was conducted by the president, Mrs. Roy Stainton. Mrs. W. A. Lindsey was in charge of the program, Mrs. J. T. Mn- Rae read a poem "When Jesus Came to Prescott" Mrs. Lindsey told of "Needs of our Jerusalem". "The Spirit of Community Missions" was discussed by Mrs. Fred J. While. A solo, "Lord Lay Some Soul Upon My Heart," was sung by Mrs. J. H. Langley. A chain of prayers were offered by Mrs. Stainton, Mrs. Langley, Mrs. Lindsey, Mrs. McRae, Mrs. , Mettie Robinson and Mrs. Roy Loomis. Mrs. Stainton spoke on "I Will Witness in My Jerusalem". After assignments for visitation were given the meeting adjourned with the song "Lead Me t6 Some Soul To-Day". Tuesday May-10 has been postponed until a later date. Births Mr. and Mrs. George Ware, Jr., of Manhattan, Kan., announce the arrival of. a .daughter, Cynthia Owen Ware on April 25. They are iormer residents of Hope. SAENGER ^ Hurry! Last Day! GIANT TRIPLE PROGRAM AT: 10:36 - 1:50 - 5:04 - 8:18 If You Thrilled to "The Srrorton Story" ond 'The Glenn Miller Story" You'll Love • ALSO • AT: 11:59 *3:13 - 6;27 • 9:41 MUUtUim "itJCIIM" PfcU$ • Ch«prer 5 of 9W Sfrifl •.HTHEIUCK ARROW" ANOTOM* JEMY COLO* CAITOON with the devotional by Mrs. J. A. Cole. Mrs. Lela Hays and Mrs. M. t). Tippett concluded the study on "Jesus Teachings Concerning Women". Delectable refreshments were served by the hostess to 27 members and a guest. better. Favors were suckers and bubble gum. Guests were: Duafie Vahdiver, (Say and Edith Menley, Mafita Jdne and Andy Bemis, Dennis White, Gil Johnson, Kareri Ann Rouse, Cynthia Arnold, Virginia Moore, Betty Sue, Thompson, Jackie Harvey, Richard Graham, Jimmy Graham, Ronnie Barksdale, James Hairston, Freddie Moseley, Don McGuire, Caroline Daniel, Bill Justlss, Michael Westerfield, James Foster, Don Bratton, Betty and Louise Buchanan. Mr«. Dan Plttman Hostess to W. 6. C. S. Circle 1 Mrs. Dan Pittman was hostess to Circle 1 of the W S. C. S. of the Methodist Church at her home oh Monday afternoon for the last meeting of the church year. The chairman, Mrs. S. V. Scott, opened the meeting with prayer and conducted the business. Mrs. E. Adam, program leader, presented Mrs. J. B. Hesterly who ?ave the devotional on "Around the World Broadcast." Mrs. Fred White spoke on "Magnet in Korea." Mrs. Adams told "The Tele^ia Shaumba's Slory." Mrs. Joe Moore gave aw impressive reading on 'Jesus Seat." The members presented Mrs. Scott with a lovely gift. Delicious refreshments were served to 11 members and a guest, Mrs. Moore. Mrs. H. H. McKenzle Hostess to W. S. £. S. Circle 4 Mrs H.'.H. McKenzie was hostess to W. S. C. S. Circle 4 of the First Methodist Church at her home on Monday.. afternoon with 12 members attending. The chairman, 1 Mrs. Doug East- crling, gave the 'devotional and led in prayer. Mrs. A. L. Turner gave an interesting talk on "Magnet in Korea" and Mrs. Wayne Eley spoke on "The Island of Formosa' 1 and gave "Telesia Shaumba's Story". •-•••:-.• This was the last meeting of the church year a'nd Mrs. Easterling was given a rising vote of thanks for serving as chairman. A dainty dessert course was served by the hostess. Misses Matlock and Daniel . Entertain . ' Miss Hazel Matlock and Miss Opal Daniel of Hope entertained with a samba party- on Monday evening. The Matlock home was beautifully decorated with a variety oi spring blossoms placed at vantage points. . ' ' • Mrs. Emma Taylor won the high score prize and Miss Doris Dunn the low prize. . A delectable dessert course was served' to 12 guests. 37 Club Entertained by Mrs. Hirst Members of ' the '37 Contract Club were : entertained on Tuesday afternoon by Mrs. O. G. Hirst at her home. Colorful 'arrangements of ' pansies, ; roses "and amaryllis lilis decor ated the rooms.' The high score prize was won by Mrs. Mark Justiss and Mrs. D. L. McRa'e Jr. : Other members included Mrs. Jack Harrell, Mrs. C. D. MoSwain, Mrs. Frank Gilb.ert, Mrs. J. R, Bemis, Mrs Tom Bemis, Mrs. S, B. Scott, Mrs George Christopher,, Mrs, A, V.' Reynier and Mrs. Archie Johnson. .Mrs. Al Williams was a guest. The hostess served a delectable salad course. St«v« King Honored Mr. and Mrs. Karl King Jr. honored their son, Steve, with a party at their home on Tuesday afternoon to celebrate • his fourth birthday. The guests played a variety of games on the lawn after which they were served lemonade, ice cream and cake from a table spread with a white linen cloth and centered with a white cake embos sed in yellow. Miss Geneviene King assisted in hospitalities. Guests included Joe Paul Grain Jr., Anna and E.tleji Gprden, Ann .Bolton, Jimmy an<| Roscpe Franks, Charlotte Easterns, Cathy Lang, ley, Melanie Psnkey, Ellen McfU Jimmy Ritchie, N0rjna Jean and Kenneth Evans, pob Rouse, Eddie Daniel and Mike Simpson. Johnny L«dbett«r Honored Johnny Ledbetter, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Leclbetter, celebrated h|s ninth birthday with a party at his home on Saturday afternoon, Various game* were played on the lawn. After which ice cream and caKe wire served by Mrs. Led- Vtrs, Warren Kinney and Daughter are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. David Yarbroudy and family irt Alexandria, Va. Mrs. Jack Cooper returned to lef home in Texarkana Monday af- ;ernoon after a visit wthi Mr. and Mrs. Roy Loomis. Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Grantt, Jr., returned to their home in Magnolia on Monday after a visit with Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Atkinson 'and Alta Grantt. Presbyterlan Circle 1 Meets With Mrs. C. H, Moore Fifteen members and the president, Mrs. D. L. McRae Jr, met on Monday afternoon in the home of Mrs C. H. Moore for the monthly meeting of Circle 1 of the Worn-, en of the Presbyterian Church. The meeting was called to order with prayer by the chairman, Mrs. Carl Dalrymple. Following the business, Mrs. Wallace Pemberton gave the first of a series of studies on "Love in the New Testament" and led in prayer. The Bible study on "Newness of Life" was presented by Mrs. Dalrymple. Mrs. T. E. Logan led the conversation period on "Lets Talk About Our Birthday". The meeting adjourned with the Miz.pah benediction 'after which the hostess served delectable sandwiches and punch. Mrs. Worthington Hostess to W. S. C, S. Circle 2 Mrs. Tillman Worthington was hbstess to .Circle II W S. C. S: of the Methodist Church, Monday afternoon. Following a short business session, Mrs. L.- C. Gatlin presented an inspiring Devotional. Mrs. J. A, Bailey talked on "The Island of Formosa". Then Mrs. Adam Guthrie, Sr. gave articles on "Magnet in Korea" 'and "Telesia Shar- umba's Story". 13 members were served a delicious' iced drink and cake. . . "V . Mrs. T. C. McR.ae ' ! Entertains Presbyterian Circle 2 Mrs. T. C. McRae entertained Circle 2 of the Women of the. Presbyterian Church at.her home on Monday afternoon. Mrs. Mary Montgomery was assisting hps- tess. .--.'.' Lovely arrangements of snapdragons and iris decorated the rooms. The chairman, -Mrs. Tom Bemis, voiced the opening prayer and the'minutes were read by the secretary, Mrs. Allen Gee. Mrs. S. O. Logan gave the Bible study on, "The Newness of Life" and led in prayer. Mrs. E..M. Rowland spoke on "Lets Talk About Our Birthday." Mrs. Wallace Pemtoerton gave the impressive study on "Love In The New Testament" and closed the meeting with prayer, A delicious sandwich course and punch was serv.e'd to. the 18 members during the social hour. Presbyterian Circle 3 Meets With Mrs. Bob Reynolds 'Circle 3 of the Women of the Presbyterian Church met on Monday evening in the home of Mrs. Bob Reynolds with 13 members and a guest, Mrs. Wallace Pemberton, present. The chairman, Mrs. John Hubbard, called the meeting to order with prayer. After the business session, Mrs. Jim Hamilton led the Bible study on "The Newness of Life." "Let's Talk About — Our Birthday" was discussed by Mrs. W.' P. Cummings. Mrs. Wallace Pemberton closed the meeting with the study on "Lpve in The New Testament." A dainty dessert course was enjoyed during the social hour. Mrs, J. W. Gist ha? returned from Hpuston, Te*as where she was the guest of Mr. and Mrs, War net "•" is the former Miss Artie Elizabeth Gee of Prescott. Mrs. Dick Johnson and children of Grand Prairie, Texas are the guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Vuel Chamberlain. 'Man Called Peter'Draw?* Praise Here I "A Man Called Pejer" : Is the story of a very remarkable man ^vho, for five years, was <chaplain of the U. S. Senate. f Mr. and Mrs. Chester Davis of The filrrl| adapted from (the best- Mr. and Mrs. Wells Hamby had as their weekend guests, Mr. and ' Mts. Wade' Bell and Susan Little Rock. of Houston, Texas are spending the| seller by Mrs. catheriue lllarshall, week with Mr, and Mrs. Ira Da- wi f e - 0 f the Scotish emigrant boy who dedicated his life to 'CJod, will open an engagement at felie Saen* - . Vls and Mrs. Genie Cummlngs. Dr. and Mrs. C. A. Hesterly .returned Monday from a weeks Vacation in Galveston, Texas. ger theatre Sunday. , The audience of ministers, civic j and club leaders who recently re* Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Wynn and viewed the ftlm in Those from out of town who attended ' funeral services here Sunday for Billy Joe Coates we're Mrs. Sdra King Coates of Friendship, Ohio; Cpl. Carl E. Ray of Ft. Benning, Ga.; Mrs. W. H. Coates, Mrs. Ellis Darby and Mrs. Maxine Pierce, Bas- :rop, La.; Mrs. Jessie Lenard, Mrs. Verdla Roberts, Milton Lenard and Woodrow Booth of West Monroe, La.; Mr, and Mrs. G. E. Coates, Mr. and Mrs Lyndel Fuller 'Mrs. Viola Hall and daughter of Camden; Alvie L. King,' Walkeien, Tex.; Lucas James, West Portsmouth, Ohio; Alton Avery, El Dorado; Guy Coates, Monroe, La.; Bert and Robert Davis, Wensburor, La.; Mrs. Annie Halley, Pioneer, La.; Mr. and Mrs. R. H. McNew, of Greenbrier, Ark; Mrs. H. N. Crowson, Mrs. R. H. Lindsey and Miss Pat Roberts, Houston, Tex; Mr. and Mrs. B. D. Coates, Mt. Clemens, Mich.; Mr and Mrs W. A. Coates, Alta Loma, Tex.; Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Morrow and family, Marfa, Tex.; Mrs Nell Rapp, Galveston, Tex.; Mr. and Mrs. Hershel Johnson and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cash and son, Sidney, Hope, and Curry Avery, Blevins. formal preview arranged j>by Eldon Coffman, city manager.: of Mops . threatresi, Inc., Were motet enthusiastic in their praise .oC the pic- > ture. Not too much was known about Peter Marshall until;'-' after his death in 1949 at the age of 46. He was pastor of the New York Avenue Presbyterian church ih Wash- inglon, D. C. where Abraham Lincoln used to worship. *• 20th Century Fox, which produced the film, has done a remarkable job. ." '! The following are, a £ew of the . comments from those witnessing the preview. . O. A. Graves: "It was perfectly, wonderful. I never saw a finer pic- ; . ture. I wish everyone in- this community could see it and hope all who possibly can will do so." Mrs. W. G. Bensberg, Prescott:^. 'It was a wonderfully inspiring experience and one all should have." \ Hev. Seldpn Blackburn, Prescott: 'Definitely worth the time from a "busy life" to see. We need more pictures of this type." ' Mrs. L. T. Lawrence, Hope: "I think every young person would get a special thrill out of this picture." I L. B. Tooley, Hope; ^'One of the ' all-time great movies! I would Urg<?J everyone, especially teen-agers to make every effort to see "A Man Called "Peter" Richard Todd is >. tops in portraying this great man." . Mrs. O. A. Graves, Hope: "An in- : tensley moving true story marvel- oiisly portrayed. Everyone should see it." Rev. W. G. Bensberg, Prescott: "Excellent picture and inspiring to see." r.**^tMill •'•'••&. Fulbright Voted for Trade Act .WASHINGTON Uf>—Sens. McClellan and Fulbright of Arkansas voted for a bill extending the reciprocal trade agreements program three years -and giving the President • additional tariff- .cutting auth- ority which the Senate passed 7513 last rfight. THE BEAUTY BOX Open 6 Dayi e Week Appointment* after B for those who work. Phone 7-5850 112 S. Main REMEMBER MOTHER MOTHERS DAY, SUNDAY, MAY 8th l Gifts She Will Like Pongburns Candy "Perfumes Shaeffer Pens Yardleys Cordays Justih Bill Folds Hudnut Royal Stationery Old Spice WARD & SON DRUGGIST Phane 7-2292 - LEO'S GARAGE - Sub-Dealer for FORD TRACTOR & PARTS "Our, repair shop it as near as your telephone" For All... • CARS •TRUCKS • TRACTORS • EQUIPMENT Leo Harrsfield — Owner and Operator 413 S, WALNUT PHONE 7-4314 th,«,t his integrity , in spite of the military silence Ahab, that nearly cpst his m» ii> tb*- Ahab wa? slain, ' "Tfee yivid siw-y p| ths 'battle is in II Chronicles }$, and to the most interesting tain rrj,%o "w' venturi," It of i»hi B«t.« ft Medical f rat . ernity at the Arkansas School pf Wr. and Mr?, Osear Hart son spent Monday in Texa.rkan.tr.' W. C. Woosley was a Monday visitor in LittJe RocH. Mr. ai>d Mrs, Richard Bright had as thejr guests Tuesday, Mrs. .John M,assey., Mrs, Gerald Parham and Carolyn of C.am4sn. Mrs. M. p, Shell spent Monday Jim Thp.l»ilS, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charlie. Thomas, has been *lect«d president for his Mrs. Qeor|e Jfclvp *Bnl«, of * BRANCH GENERAL HOSPITAL Will Hold Open House ofthe NURSING & CONVALESCENT ANNEX- Sunday Afternppri Moy 8th 2 to 5 o'clock PUBLIC -;• CORDIALLY INVITED • H?-V' j'l TiflaTiBnMrtil -L^\'.L.. :in>i,m& NERES THE BLADE f?A«OR POP--I 6 IT TO SHARPEN OUT CW WAY Seventh President ACBOSS 6 Travels 1 Seventh, 7 Bordered . . President, * F ™it drink • •—- Jackson 9 Century (ab.) t Mis wife was Io Detest • Jackson J1 Famous 13 Cylindrical English school 14 Form a notion 12 Irish sea 15. Surgical saw 19 Follower 16 Counselor 21 Horse's gait 17 Plant seed 22 Ex i st 18 Iridistlrict 2 3 Chinese 20 Abstract being measure 21 Cruets 25 Oriental Iy J, It. >Yimamk VIC FLINT •y Mkhitl 'Miltey tifdi . T . . ^ . 35 He was nicknamed ' 45 Ripped 47 Shoshpnean Indians 48 Hindu guitar '24 Puts on a play Hickory" 25 Rescue ' 3? Compass point garment 26 Islands (Fr.) 38 Come into 49 Otherwise i 28 Newspaper 27 Hurl view • executives 29 Spanish jar 39 Be seated [32 Solitary i 33 On the grass Hawaiian foo< 52 Entomology ' SOBamboollke 42 Pertaining to (ab,) | sheltered side,?, 1 Weights of ; 34 Sleeveless ' j garrnent' i 35 Aniofous looker 3«| Hebrew ascetics 40 Conducts' 41 Causes to remember 43 Light touch 46 Greek letter 47 Employ' 50 One-who run's ,' away to marry 53 Chaste 58 He had a —personality 57 Changes 58 Explosive " 59 Scottish miss DO\VN 1 Pewter coins 2 Fiddling emperor 3 Sketched 4 Ribbed fabric I 9 Greek letter India ships 54 Note in 43 Nuisance.. Guide's scale 44 Singing voice 55 Streets (ab.) 1 14 Ib- 17 Zb. • £ ti % 43 W bfe itt z • 3 k 14 11 * </ m L\ 41- ^ 1 f m U. * ^ y m i• i IB m w H itt 46 19 l& * m ^ 7 W 16 m m. m i. i i y.- B m & ii 3$ 0 ^ yj t m z« ?3 m *!' V »• • & II- T • - fc C 1Z "• 31 r .? CARNIVAL •y Dick T. M. Ri(. U. S. P«t p(/. Copr. 1S55 by NEA Sinltt, hi 'No\y in this particular operation, you must know that thr patient is in condition to lose a lot of money!" SIDE GLANCES ByGoIbrolth 'T*« bf»n wondering if the?e honn g^rdtni »rt |0 imirt i —If the farmer can't ftU all hii pr^wcf, w»»'t it VPItt | Wig nfttipnjj tceflemy?" ! ' &t> tt WcJW't HUfiff 1o £AU MI-W PdU A FfeW . ( - , HELLO/ ±'AA LOOK-) tREvbft'£ OLP . ,, , VEAH, HE PQN'T Like , POft-THE — -^llOB, HUH, PE4FSlg/ MDU'LU BMP CHIC-. WASH TUBBS THROW 'EtA OV6R&0<VRP! WEIL »criN- iMiiir oufjvri reuunu.i WHILE BS7, UNlNTBXRUPTEP TH ' STATURE! N080P/ -HA&PROOP'Trl' OTHERS OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople ? THE-TOILOFIrir-^HEH-HEH/ r V5MTIMS IT, TMS PAIf^m,. THB * - OF HA\/IM« IT STOLEN) -~~f CM AIR / IT BACK:— ^.R HAS rr -r-xir. A ,y , , K/ 6ECOW£ 'IT FOR A Kl(4S5-(?/siM5O\\, K/A I'M DUE 'FOR A VACATION/1 ~~ T'/u .AT *^a£WFDjZtf- TEMPTED", RESORT/j/rC<iM TO XKTZP < rve.HAo • M?s. WITH. tOOTS AND HER BUDDIES /iV BUGS PUNNY By Herthbergcr ALLEY OOP NEVER JUST-R OKAY, TUNKJ AWRISHT, WERE YOU /STAND t<l PUNNp; BUT-THE* ,'rtSJ MUSTNT VERV HISH WITH YOUR: SUBJECTS, SEEINB HOW THEy'WOJLDKl'T TRAC MV OL AX FDR THEIR KIDNAPED "Hie : e'»t5 Tike a pig and tips like a canary! »WIET| igiy Nodin. $elz«r WHEN WE FIRST MARRIED, <VPU ' USED TO' -SPREA KETCHUP ON GVeRyTHIMGf THI STOIY OF MARTHA WAYNI THAT'S EASY,VIWTff tai9 TH4TWILVMAKg "tO MAK5 •'•"SET if e»tehJ Qn* kintr !M»f, four tin cans^-and thli! ; - ~ v v • •*- — TT-r-^T l" ' < 1, i> i >v.tefcgv 1^4^. , - - .^, •>/{,%I '«' iMJ^I^

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