Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on May 6, 1955 · Page 12
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 12

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 6, 1955
Page 12
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'• V-'-^^H* «OH, AftftAftlAI MO M- S f A * ,, M 0 I> fc , A R-R A N S A S fclMl fttfit j Attic r«ttifc ^ W« AM fc«i«* of Duro Croft Alurnihum Booti l*| Jewelry CLASSIFIED Adi MuM.t* IK Publication *-•>* MAVIS USED FURNITURE Free Sewing Course inger Sewmg Machine. , SINGH* SEWJNG CENTER ' -'Ati Want'Ad* M* fcoyoWa fn tOVSHtt btrt Adi -Will to 6ie«pt«J ever th« tetephon* ortd aceortwtta- flori tKESiiittf allowed Wifti Ihe un- dirifohdlno the octbunt Ii payabla i- Political Graved topsofl. fffl dirt. .Phone 74392. A. L. Park. April 15-1 Mo. TUIELESS TIRtS / ot popular pric'es WH^tL BALANCING •OKLAHOMA TIRE & SUPPLY * COMPANY. Cost Ituur-ahce FARM MUTUAL Contact • ACE HUBBARD , 'Phone 7-2436 ' \VESTERN SHARES ^.•rDlvarairied IneorneFiin*]. &.^f>rwM6tua avallabla front v oOc-ipftr ...... in*tiim 506 0*if Ihfcn fr daS"dds'wiliTak« «ie M one-doy *•»•!' --All doily classified-odvettlslno copy publlcatfcn the followlrto day. Th* publllher* WservO the rWht to rtvtse or edit all advertise'ntenTi of<feted for cubllcatlon and, t6 'fe|ec> dry bblectlonaW* odvertislng »ub- mitted Initihll «f en* ot 'Wdrt let»er«, praup* *r floufes such a» house or telephone numbers count as one word. The Hope' Star will not be Tesptn- flble for errors -In Waht Arfs untais •rrors are called to our attention offer ;FIRST Insertion of ad and ;ther» for ONLV the ONE Incorrect Insertion; PHONE: PROSPECT 7-3431 fcABY CHICKS, large variety. See these chfdks before buying. Dan- US' Hamilton, 204 East 2nd. April 15-1 Mo. 'FERTILIZER, ammonia, and hi- frate soda. Cheap for cash. J. W. Strickland. • April-21-1 Mo. TWO BEDROOM home l'/ 2 • block from Brookwood School at 819 East .5th. Call 7-5574. . . .28-tf 5 DIFFERENT varieties of iris 'blooming today in their richest 'shades and colors. Chrysanthe- ,rtiUm plants fiow ready. Arthur Ofay, Ozah. ' 2-6t The Star Is authorised to announce that the following are candidates for public office subject to the action of the Democratic primary-elections: Pop Mayor B. L. RETTIO H. M. (OL1E) OLSON TALBOT FEILD, JR. Salesman Wanted once in S. Hempstend Co., or Hope. Good opportunity. See Corwin Crow. Route 1 Box 30, Nashville, Ark. or write today, Rawi leigh's,. Dopt. Ako-841-105, Memphis, Tenn. Help Wonted For Rent - ~- t -_i , — ~ r f OGCOrst- ed, six 1 room house. Garage. Gar- Hen. '812 W. 4th. Dial 7-22117. 1-tf FURNISHED 4 room duplex, jFri- gidaire, hardwood floors,' private entrance, first class home. Mrs.' °P. E. Cook, 908 W. Ave. B. ,2-6t ONE JOHN DEERE ' Baler, one Case baler wife tires, one mule, one mare, 35 acres of land. B. E. Gi'een, Patmos. 3-6t ONE'OF Hope's most beautiful ho- me.s. Located, in the McDowell ad• dition, on 2/3 of an acre. Large number -of; big shade trees:. Level Jawn .with St. Augustine grass. :This ; home has three large bed- 'rooms. >Wall to wall carpet in- living .ro.omi and Jiall. Also rub- -ber ..tile and hardwood floors. 2 •b.aths:(!%).. Double garage. 2 .ypars old,;Shown by appointment only. Call Mrs. . M. L. Fox, 7•,.••• , : . , 3-at FIDER'S HELPER for double band hardwood sawmill. Immediate work available. See W, C. Slater, Superintendent, Dierks For- Business For Lease ONE SUPER SERVICE Station, 3rd and Laurel. Reasonably priced See S.. L. Murphy for details. 8-tf Awnihgs Canvas Awnings and metal awnings. Manufacture Venetian blinds. Renovating old blinds. Rug Cleaning. COOPER-BLANiCENSMlP ' Formerly Riley Cooper 1615 Texas' Ave. Phone 32-1841 Texarkana, Tex. April 14-1 Mo. Boyle Continued from Page One "I don't got you,"'says Ronald. "Well, everyone I know who be- onnes .a suburbanite.buys a house hat is either half-finished or bo- gins to fall apart the day he moves in," I tell him. "He finds NATIONAL LEAGUE W L Pet. GB Brooklyn Chicago New YoTk St. Louis Milwaukee 'iltsburgh 'hlladelphla lincinnati 18 2 .900 1110 .524 71/2 9 9 .500 8 8 9 .471 8'/ 2 11 .450 '9 8" 11 .421 9" 2 8 12 .400 10 C 13 .310 n'/2 Chicago at Cincinnati (night)' iMllwaukee '/at 9t. '{Loot's rtight -AM"ERtCAN LEAGUE e can't afford to hire expert help, so he .decides to fix up the place iiiv, ouperniienaeni, 'ijierKs l"'or- ' 1 ' mse ^- He may not have driven ests, Inc., Broken Bow, Okla- a nail for 20 years, -but' immecli- homa. ' .. . 5.31 alc] y he becomes a carpenter, a plumber, a paperhanger, a • painter, an electrician and a landscape artist." "What's wrong with that? says Funeral Directors DESIRABLE 3 iroom apartment furnished and- .' bills paid.,' 204 Bonner, ' 3-tl IDfeAL 1XX>ATION for office or some kind of shop. Formerly Hall-MdNeill. For information fcall Barlow Hotel. 4-3t THREE- large rooms, furnished, large bath, electric box upstairs. Phonp 7-3174. 4-3* BEDROOM and pijvate bath. 420 Edgewood. Mr. and Mrs. Guy V. Wood. 6-6t '36" x I'O" SWING. South Bend metal ,lathei Call. 7-2459. 4-3t SPINET'PIANO, slightly used, ex- 'cellent^ condition.' Save '$250.00. Monthly payments $20.67. Write or phorle' "Reed Music Company, •112-114 East 7th Street,: JUttle •Rock, Arkansas. Phone FRatik- •liti 2-5151. • 4 . 4t OAKCREST Funeral • Home. Insurance . . . Ambulance. 2nd & Hazel... Phone 7-2123. 13-1 Mo. HERNDON-CORNELIUS ^Funeral Home, and Burial Association Yesterday's Results New York G, Chicago 3 ,-• Brooklyn 4, St. Louis 3 Pittsburgh 9, Milwaukee 4 (Only games scheduled) Today's Games Pittsburgh at New 'York fnight) Brooklyn at Philadelphia night Cleveland Detroit Chicago New York Kansas City Baston Washington •Baltimore W L Pet. Gfe 13 7 .6aO 1 7 .650 11 7 .611 1 11 8 .SfS V/z 9 .500 S 9 13 ,-409 5 7 12 .368 S'/ 2 5 15 .250 8 Yesterday's. Results' Detroit 3,.Boston 2. (Only game scheduled) .Ertctay, May 6, 1953 Vicksburg 4, El.Dorado 3 Pine Bluff 12, Greenville 4 Today's 'Games Hot Springs at Pine Bluff Monroe at El Dorado Vicksburg . at Greenville SbUtHERN ASSOCIATION fj W L Pet. C& 17 9 .634 5 15 9 .625 i 14 12 .538 if 14 12 .538 i Today's Games New '.York at Boston Baltimore at Washington (night) Kartsas ; City at Cleveland night Detroit at Chicago (night): - - - - - i . - { ^ : COTTON fefATES LEAGUE Memphis New Orleans Birmingham Atlanta Nashville Chatt&nooga Mobile Little Rock Ronald. "It's fun.' 'Prompt Ambulance Phone 7-5570 or 7-5505. Service 23-1 Mo. Real Estate for Sale 4-rdom houses, 2'/& miles , on P.atmos Road Lights and Natural gas, ?ee Einest Ri'dgdUl. 6-31 BEDROOM house, 'built on slab, asphalt tile floors and car port. Call 7-2993, Fletcher Easterling. . ' 6-6t WE SELL — We Buy;—. We Rent Real Estate, Franklin Company, 106 South Main. . 5-1 Mo. Services Notice Done 1 «hywhere.' f 'Cill' be. i for your Car, Truck? " — »w^ Tractor-repairt. "We are as near as your phone" MOVING? Long Distance, Moving. All Moving Rates are not 'the same. Call collect 592 Prescott ^Transfer It Storage Inc. Prescott Ark. F.ree 'Estimate. • '4-1 Mo. BE&T-MITE Teirmili ConJrol Service • ;Owne<! & Operated by GUY GRIGG . policy »09 SeiiHi Main St. Pho-ia 7:3445 or 7.2772 Wonl-cd fro Buy DlERKS FORESTS, INC , will buy Oak "Hardwood Logs —; Prices 'range from $34.00 to'$60.00 per • -thousand log scale depending on , grade. Logs to be delivered to Dierks or-Lockesburg. Contact Mr. O.' E.. Banks at DeQueen or Mr. Dean Holdcn at Dierks. 5-6t MATTRESS renovation and innerspring work- Cobb Mattreu Co. 810 South 'Wuhlncton. Phone f-2623. Mar. 4-tf RALPH Montgomery Martcet, Custom slaughtering. Phone '7-3361. ___^ 10-1 Mo. WATER WELL Drilling any. depth or size, O. T. Clark-and Son C. R. Clark, Cale, Ark., 203 East Ave. B.-Hope, Ark. "It may'be for a guy with a natural aptitude for tools, but for a lot of other people, including me it' sc.ownright dangerous. 1 ' "Who you trying to kid?' Well, finally I got the official figures on the • accigent toll among home repair fans for complied by a.n insurance company engineer and read them to Ronald. . . ,• "Last year," I informed him, "600 thousand fix-it-yourself. boys suffered disabling injuries. "Here is how they were hurt: 115,000 performing home carpentry; 98,729 making their own furniture; 95,000 replacing broken window panes; 76,000 painting the outside of their house; 57,000 repairing, gutters and troughs; 47,000 'putting up or taking down storm windows; 33,000 pruning :rees: 32,000 'repairing roofs; 31,)00 doing interior painting; 11,000 fixing Chimneys; 16,400 putting up niK.., ^ud .Ciusi TV antennas. , '• . ' "In 300,000 of the accidents lad- April"18-l,Mo. ders were involved, power '-tools in 72,000. And the number of suburbanites who got heart attacks while shoveling snow isn't evert included. 'Now, why, in Heaven's name, should I move out to the suburbs. I live in a nice apartment'building in the. city that was put up and is operated by an insurance company. If anything goes broke in my apartment, I simply pick up the (telephone, yell 'Help,' • and they send over some succour right away. .1 don't have to risk, my life trying .to fix a piece of machinery I don't understand." • • , .. "But in the suburbs you get fresh air," said Ronald, defensively. As he turned away I noticed he was limping. 'What's the matter, Ronald?" I asked him. ' , "Caught my foot in my new power lawnmower," he said. '"But a neighbor helped me get it out in lime. That's another thing about the suburbs—out there you find real friends." See what I mean? It takes more .han a heap of living to make a louse a home in the suburbs. It .akes the old Davy Crockett spir- t. Me, I don't have it. But if it weren't for us city cowards who would there be to admire the splendid bravery of the -heroes who dare the -dangers of the suburban wilderness? Hot Springs Monroe El Dorado Greenville Vicksburg Pine Bluff W L 'Pet. GB 7 3 .700 ' 6 4 .600 1 . 5 5 .500 2 5 .444 2'/. 4 5 .444 2% •'3 7 .400 4 .: 4 Yesterday's ; Results ; Hot Springs 5, Monroe 3 13 1 Yesterday"s-i Results }Mq.m.phis '1-1, Atlanta 7 , 'Little Rock 11, Birmingham I] Nashville 7,--Mobile 3 ;, New Orleans;.5, Chattanooga '? TEXAS UEAG1UE Houston 11; San Antonio 4 Tulsa 6; Dallas 2 * Oklahoma-City 4; Fort Worthf Shreveport 7; Beaumont 0 ii It is estimated that Amq/e spend three billion dollars a y dh research. LIGHTING FIXTURES Protect -,your eyesight ; and enhance the beauty .'i of your home with ffK-. rect lighting fixtures. ALLEN ELECTRIC CO. 114 S. Elm Phone 7-2629 ARE OUR BUSINESS ' ' W ^L ^^ W* speciaPz. In .ffeeflva termite control. If termites are the problem, we have,the answer. There's no charge for •a inspection so call oh our long experience now. ARKADELPHIA TERMITE CO. f 1032 Main Street Phone 1057 ARKADELPHIA ARKANSAS Lost Cess Morris for custom slaughtering and cold storage at Community Ice Co. Phone 7-22441 tact Paul Tef teller, Phone 7-2589. or 7-3478. April 22-1 Mo. 3-31 BLACK heifer calf, 4 .weeks; Con- JUST IN TIME FOR MOTHER'S DAY CURRY'S •Ttrmite Control Co. • BONDED • INSURED GUARANTEED '!* -I 'K For Fre<? Inspection «m BU D< Mi«WI«bropl» Jr. tlPlfpnes 7-2822 or 7-3791. ^HoReStor Fabulous duplicate of i French • Canadian art '^S^Wf 1 ' " • ' t •"•'"-'"iV.-v'VV .'•*.,*"••''•- •:-(*i;-irs. •" «r*» ".*/'.' . ' v v ^ Punch-line to the years hottest power stoty- Chevrolet"Tkirbo-Fire V8 K. An exquisite Bedspread fashioned by a revolutlonqry new weaving proteis developed .end patented by Bates. So Incredibly exact, even in the weave and delicate color, vyou cannot distinguish it from the hand loomed original Hand '^finished, »beovtifully fringed, made of finest pre-shrunk cotton. ^nilqve white pn pearl grey ground. We have a very limited »wnber of these "Hobltont" bedspreads for owning or giving, now. Regular Price ., ... $1650 $10*95 ...... in t4 >i ^ F :v <•*/, This ia the engine that's writing a whole new chapter in the book of automobile performance records. This is the engine that has stock car timers doing a "double take" at their stop-watches wherieVer experts gather to compare the abilities of the 1955 cars. For example, in the recent NASCAR* stock car competition at Daytona Beach, Florida, Chevrolet literally ran away front every other car in its class—and a raft of others besides. In the one-mile straightaway run for loWtpriced cars, the first two places^and six of the first ten—went to 'Chevrolets. And in acceleration runs from » standing start against all comers, Chevrolet beat all other low-priced cars—and every high- priced car except one! What's behind this blazing performance? A compact honey of a . V8 that only the world's leading producer of valve-in-head engines can build. Chevrolet's new "Turbo-Fire V8" has the shortest piston stroke in the industry (that means, less piston travel... longer engine life)! And it delivers the highest power per pound of any V8 in the low-priced field. It's so efficient that it requires oply four quarts of oil instead of the usual five... needs less.radiator cool- ant, too. It's the most modern V8 under anybody's hood! It puts d new kind of fun in your driving life. You're in charge of 162 high-spirited horsepower'—or if you're looking for even more excitement, the new "Super Turbo-Fire V8" (optional at extra cost) puts 180 h,p. uner your toe! Pick the one you'd rather have fun w$\, then coijje in arid jfet Behind the,Wheel. You'U see, why the Motpramic Chevrolet is showing its heels to everyone else on the road,! IflOS, YOUNG iwPWl MOM, AUK, fitfPI fttAi, - '^jffFte^ v >rs*sy ™ CMdt Y«m§ 02AM IKt •IHU1 BLONDie.lS THIS THE THINfG YOU WANT ME TO TAKE TO YOUR PAGWOOD.'THATS NO WAY TO CARRY A LAO DOWN THE STP»£ET THE LADV SHOULD WALK ON TH= INSIDE WHO KNOWS WITH OZARK AS CAPTAIN OUT OM WAY THERE'S OWE KETCH N TO THAT- IF TH' BULL Of TH' WOODS THINKS HE DlPM'T NOTICE BEIM' NEARLY TORE APART, TH' BULL, WILL THINK HE'S OUITE A FATHEAP AUP END AMY PROMOTIOMS IF VOU SAVE A GUV'S (tesfe TRevcxL. 11'/« A <soN6ft us ENVfiLOPfe HANNAH WJSt ACTUALLV HATE VOU, ^LJT HE REALLY NEVER LOVES. VbU BECAUSE PUCkBlLLOR THE ODfVBfiPOSE I Lfc*/E "TOWN, i*> FIX HER YM4GOKJ SOOP LlkE-A SAP AKIP AHEEO/ HE Z LET IT LOOK E THEY SAVEC7 THEMSELVES. WASH TUBES T ONNCR6TANP, HOWXWIWI 50 SOU MEPDLIN 1 SWr\B& WHMl THEN VOU.^THI* WON'T STOP Uf , KHECHMJOlDlOrJt SO OUr, EH? WELL, W'£ ALL W GLfcP YER Y1 WANTBP TO KNOWi VOU OLD <36TTIM'THrVrf7,000 POPS CACHS THRU FLMTBWN',1WTWW 8R ROTO"*! BUT THEM PIBflOl A RKT» YOU, AN' VOU'KB AWXIOU&TOTBLL VER. CROWIE* TH 1 With Major Hoople IT'LL COM& DOWM |?<2r-i HIM LIK£-A . < ' r fxJ r7i !-/••«•»• MM. * •. 1 . i ii l-^* / ME; ;A\Y EARtSRUMS.. xx WHEhi IT MAPR5M6 TAKE TM& Yv. WOULDNiT B£ SHRILL CRIES j \ MALf= 'HE'LL UTTER.VPLEASANT He FlhJDS/ PAIMTIMS THE OUT h\5 MAS CELL •HAS TAKEN! AND HER BUDDIES -\o Me LATELY: / >0« -oOGMi^on\ M«> POOR feOCKS', €>« ii'Bl- f &t\Oft^.-^* 'Ot YOSX «OV\ .\ WOWJtR NV VW «S»*$ttfBI «IIKX\Tli tt If, I V&ftft VWM MV V^ViGt BJJJJJJiJ1BJJ1J ,/ |- , J »l ™J^^ MH ! <Vx-_yv«k.v ek aHHHHW^aHHHHWfi^lHaB^»• ^^" »A . -«V-#^^y CARNIVAL •UG5 PUNNY e.^' .-•. * »• •> •T .•:,-f-(i',cv,^Mtrm O.KAY, GUUTZI.E... THEAA — VA' SLAVS By Herihberger JUM, LOAFER DSOPPlNS POTATOES 0 SIDEWALK '**•' ' ° ••*'• y ^^ ALLEY OOP YOU BETTER HOPE-5H£'5 HEY SWP'W PEAL"/ GOT IT IF VOU EVER COMES vwwr TO . , BACK TO YOJ? DON'T eee \cozy LirtLE f'f T. M. Kfi, U.». Pit (m. * ' €«(;. 1>S8 ty NCAStrtlct, Inc. * a , y$ l>tn a dominating pe,ri|or»afity, financially: rtc M and^rHm! I weigh three and a half pooindil''!; StOE GLANCES •;.r>^0«Wri«l)^ |t? I h§d juft said to Marge, This thing !!^':7;^«imply creeps along, doesn't it?'" ly Nadin* Selz.r PfflSCJLLA'S POP THI STORY QF MARTHA WAYNI BUT IF J PON'T Y THEYU , ANDIFICAN AWTIUTHVM WHV.THEV MAV WHITE THE lVHICg tttf t., NC4 Ilfvie4, Inc. T. H. ««. V. (. f.t «ff, "Ch, I always wear make-up trpund tht houi»—•)*• •fttrnpen George cam* hpmt and caught mt w' * and called a dpctorJ! 1 c»r» if th« bird doei gat tDtnktt ba^k whtrf jH• b«l«n|*" ' ,'•-;> y*& n'- \- ' * "V i' 1 ! - l >*•' r$?P A-S *> ' .' 1 <ru . •.MV&.'ak**?. ( t , ., 4j , ^&^.' , >»"»&&* ^^'JLV. '^ No other low-priced car has^ny—no high-priced car has all—of these great Chevrolet features! Body by Fisherr-ine engine? drive choices, in any Model—ify volt brakings-Outrigger, rear .ppring'ip — QalbRace steering -.. High- Level, ventilation — Double-Arch cowl . 'NatioM Allocation for Slock £ar Avlo Racing.

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