Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on May 6, 1955 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 6, 1955
Page 8
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• n ., "•? tfl H0M JtAft, MdM AftftANlAi May «, IMS fftfrtftLittte seventh annual Little fcook Rose Festival. The blue-eyed high school senior was chosen last night from a field of seven princesses. Other contestants wjere Mikki Pdlychi-on, Kay 'iT-yesjMHd w»«it juuieiams were Nikki Pdiychron, Kay Ireufe/ilE ^Betffr tf " ffielStfiith. Helen Ruth Mason. Mflty ' T r fl , Umt Stcmt IN TOWN" ? The Ideal 1 , | Gift foe 4| ">•¥*< Mother's ^ |f i; ^«,-;.:,; fspf-:^.-^;:'* 4 ^*"^ •. f 7 " i|! aj», v^^vf^ ?,<"••?•':-• ^^IgCjij^,.-,:^-..,^...". .. •;•«;"••••»' "..f.l :;':VlV'"'' ''V??' ' ' -LOUIS ill. per cent A's 35; mixed 5; med- KSKJSH^-.I': ..'fiT?** •.. . . ^;;§^ii-;bi*ai Sl^l^*^"^--^^ 1 lft?i;.l ! .-W Ai ;>';tv£; : ; ; :ji, ... r '. • -V . . rfy^*"™^ ; - ...<v.............. JJM ..."-*? tfS'U* 5 ?''* • •'"'. wa.-y.;--; : i mfif•<:;••>•. -^A? •• yTpL'r •"•'-' ..-*.j,!»^»«,'-.. WS&^»jz*£:*'>*<'«'>. «»ar*'>^ ; *^ ISM ;S*'";.*rf. : ^"" ..''j .:™ : ,'.^^^^»' V««.MV'V • "«Vi.*•>.•• '.-..;,'•• ."• '.'••-,•'••• Wf^i'l^' l^^ JF ^l*'*! «-i'"'>*'*'-*.'>-- *»«**<•., • ' <<Jrf.,.-.- !•-»•.'.. .. .' ;:_, :<, ^^K^:^;^jV.,;.::_^ 4 ^^i _ .t^!..:'" '.. ,^ Si|M' r '^1O^^eithe : Mw^''^u^s-flssrif^ivJ'"\--' " ' - frihgi"Switze'f)arid's many romantic, '•>' - 0 '/ 'v-,lvWTtWjW.i/'. '.<»/"* 4 . , -,•-•.•-! •'• •• . '• - .*• >!"-" . , -,•-•.•-! •'• •• . '• - .*• Jakes.. Your eyes will IslfS^^V'ldjSJ^^^^rry on a pair!'. __ .»>. <».w^ri*f ;»)* ll **y f ' J *p., < f'*f**>'-'•• 'X 1 -•.•$•••' ***<i • •' -•?•''-". ' s*T - *Rteflir-^ Correctly" f : Phone 7-2700 ' !ff^!*i?^:#*&i»r^^ ,„, — Hogf 8,000: slow, powef;! inrils 32 -5; U. S. standards 2.5; most • -choice 180-HO Ib 17.25-60; jdirties 31; checks 30: current re- Choice Nbi'l and 2 17.65, sorne; ce 'P ts 2 17.?6 few Uneven 226 lb : dewn • 6;' m&St 225-46 lli 1100-3S; few NEW YORK COTTON to 17.30; 240-270 Ib 16.50-17.00; 270-300 Ib 16.00-50; 140-170 Ib 16.2517.25; sows 450. Ib down 1350- PenrfeyCo, Officers Are Re-elected State Con Hovt 2nd Giiarcf Unif LITTLE ROCK </P) — Authority has been received for another National Guard battalion in Arkan^ sas and Adjutant Gen. Sherman T. Clinger said that he is asking cities NEW YORK. APRIL 20 - At the; to furnisn money (o match federal annual meeting today of J. C. Pen- runds to bu j ld armories, ney Company stockholders the ibl-j ]inger ga , d {hat Springdale and 0 Paragould had raised a total of lowing members of the board NEW YORK Itft— Cotlon futures'directors were re-elected: J. C. •,,_ nnn .. , . , .. . were mostly higher today on trade, Penney. F. A. Bantz. J. F. Brown, I* °' 00( ° as thc fsta * e s sha ™ ? OBC °"' 14 <M h«v, P , Bnws 12 2U1 nn- hn arland local b "y in S which found *- J- !• H- Herbert. A. W. Hughes, L structl °" cosls for ^mones in 24V«fn boar |ferings limited. Nearby May was W. Hyer. G. E. Mack. E. A. Ross. ^CiH= -nn ^aivn= -JIW. n^mmpr ! ni g her in earl J' dealings, but later H. H. Schwamb and H. F. Torrey.. taiue luu, caives juu, commei- reased on f urthci . liquidation prior] \v. M. Batten was elected a -li-'announced that it planned to build those cities. The federal government recently fluids could obtain the proposed toe5 are more prevalent May 15 gu'ard units by providing temporary quarters. HERE'S HIS REASON 'STUTTGART <UP)»— John Scott of Stuttgart is circulating a petition asking the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission to move the Start of frbg gigging season up from May 15 to April 1. . His .reason; "Whereas, mosqui- Ihan Aprli 1. Friday, Moy «, Ifftf HOPE STAR, HOFI, ARKANSAS H. B. Luck Hlflhway LUCK'S . USED FURNITURE CO. EdO« 6t City Limit* We»t M (Ballon Water Barrslt tot ••(• Phone 7-4381 Hope, Ark< i ^feadt n« 18002150- cdwS utifity' tO e ^P iration of that fading month rector to replace F. W. Binzen, rortm2rfl?ri ' 12 tt£u TOO- can' °" 1<hursda y next weck ' 'who retired at his request alter cities if the state would provide nnrc VhVl riirtpp^ '00d2?%6 ' occi-! Latc afternoon P Hccs were 10 .serving since 1935. Mr. Batten, who 25 per cent of the cost, cuuers^ »^**j )3U{ | nd b ^| cents a bale lower to 45 cents high j is a vice president and assistant to The state has no money for this ....? . ' t t ei" than the previous close. Mayjt ne president, started with the Pen- purpose, however. Gov. Orval .05 and October 34.08. i ney Company in 1935 as a salesman'Faubus vetoed an appropriation and later became an assistant ', bill for the guard because there n>; ! bulls utility and .commercial io<jl - T , 13.50lS.-00: heavy fat bulls 11.50-"''"' JUly 12.0d; vealerk high choice and prime 24.00-26,,00; good and choice 4800-23.QO.' , Sheep ;200; • not enough to test ttend; few lots choice • clipped lambs .14.00-16.00; around 120 Ib fresh 'shorn 14".00; few culls 12.00; Shorn ewes mostly 4.00-5.00 armories in a number of Arkansas BROILERS LITTLE ROCK Itfi — Northwest are'a: Market steady: Demand very. good'. Broilers and fryers 27271/2. Mostly 27. ' Batesville-Floral area: Market about steady^ to steady. Demand fair 1 to very good. Broilers and fryers 2B-27. Mostly 26. All prices F.O.B. fdrm NEW YORK STOCKS NEW YORK l/fl—The. Stock Market was. slightly higher' today in GRAIN AND PROVISIONS CHICAGO UPi — Grains fluctu- stpre manager. He served in the was no revenue in sight. .... , ., Personnel department in the New Clinger said that Springdale and ated nervously on both sides of York offlce from 194 ° until 195 °- wi " Guard Biireau had authorized in- the early afternoon, continuing the higher trend of the past two days. Gains went to around 2 points at'the best in key areas while losses were fractional. ' Railroads were generally higher alone .with coppers and aircrafts. Steels were steady to higher while motors were steady. prbvious closing levels on the Board of Trade today. Soybeans, which have been lagging over the past several sessions, had a firmer tone than, anything else. New crop wheat futures enjoyed a little rally around midday, but subsequently gave up a'part of their advance. Feed vgrains suffered irom mild hedging pressure. Wheat closed lower to l-la higher, May $2.16%-$2.17, corn V 2 lower to Va higher, May 1.44 a /4, oats lower to '/ 4 higher, May 73-72, rye 6 lower to '/ 4 higher, i May $1.00 > /«- 1 /2, and soybeans ^'1 I lower to ' higher, May 2.51%- T a $2.52. Wheat: none Corn: No . I yellow 1.51; No. 2 l.Sl'/a; No. 3 149i/i- 50%; sample grade 144-47'/ 2 . Oats: No 1 heavy mixed 77'/ 4 ; No. 1 mixed, W/zi sample grade heavy mixed 74; No. 1 heavy white 78; No. 3 white 70. POULTRY AND PRODUCE CHICAGO UP) — Live poultry 'steady; receipts in coops 186 yesterday 108 coops, 51.306 Ib; f.o.b. paying- prices unchanged; heavy hens 25-30; light hens 16.5-17; broi ers or fryer's 29-31; old rooster 12-12.5; cappnettes 42-43,5. •Butter steady^ receipts 1,567,027; th the exception of three years he spent in the Armed Forces. NOT SO FORTUNATE HOLLYWOOD, (UP)— Screenwriter Frank Stanley Oilman Borden Chase Fowler today changed his name to Borden Chase. He received permission for the'relatives change yesterday after testifying'thing."- stallation . of eight-inch howitzer battalioon in the state. Clinger also revealed that he | planned to place new units in Rec lor and Danville. He said that cities which had no "I was named after a flock of rich but never inherited a Soybean . oil: 11-; soybean meal: 54.50-55.00. Barley nominal: mailing choice 1.36-53; 'feed 1.00-15 Legal Notice No.7,736 In the Chancery Court o( Hempstead County. Ark. Williphine Perry Plaintiff vs. Earnest Perry Defendant The defendant, Earnest Perry wholesale buying prices unchang-.j warned to appear in this court ed to' Vz higher; 93 score AA. 56.75; 92 A 56.75; 90 B 54.5; 89 C 53; cars 0 B 5; 89 C 53- ' Pggs steady; • receipts 31,584; wholesalp buying prices unchanged; U S. large whites 70 per cent and over A's 35; 00-69.9 Bridenthal, Nancy •.Sue Whitcprab and' Nedra Dbdds. jt ISp-fS'^'-'.••vy^-V^T..^- .T. • WiitiMZSjjM ^^^^^^•^f^^-^ ^ . B >-.-^' MAGIC HAWAIIAN "" >"' " ^.. ,„ ... [_yyje s ybj cori get this exotic'lie"ajjt'ifuj gfefin .,'... Tl-plant FREE by'just fill'mg "in the coupon >.. .-••; . below and either mail-it'to us'or bring it'in. ":"<#, Amaze ybu'r'fnen'ds: and neighbors yifh this f|/ ;. uniisubl :decpra t tiye' plant ,direq,t ^rom'i'the HO- wq'iian .Islands. You had better hurry .as these |e Sylre and See the N?w Is Your Old Rffrigerotor Cheek Below and Bring or MoiUa U$. $125 ISO' $75 $175 $100 $200 ^NAME ,, v .,.,..,. / ...,...,...,,,....... ..,,....,......i > ,,,,,,..,., ADDRESS ....'. ...,..; '..'.'.......... PHONE ........... nv ...... / .......... ' - tv of Old 955 CrpiUy Shtlvader Refrigerator $&,fa v^c ; within thirty days and answer the complaint of the Plaintiff Williphine Perry. Witness my hand and the , seal of said court this 13th day of April 1955 Garrett Willis, Clerk By Charlene Burke, D. C. (SEAL) Weisenberger & Wilson, Atty. for Plaintiff f albot Feild, Atty. Ad Litem April 14, 22, 29, May 6 ' Legal Notice No. 774§,. In,tihe,.C!hancery.-Cn.uirt of /' •'. v-'v'H^i'npfstecid Countj;',^Ark. Jim' Edward' Wnitc plaintiff . - . . . . . .,, Npncy W. 'vVh'ite Defendant WAI?NfN'G ORDER ,/. The defcn,danti Nancy W. i!White warned to appear in this•" court Within thirty days, and answer the complaint of the Plaintiff, Jim .Edward- White.- • • Witness my,hand and the seal of said court this 4 day of May ,1955. Garrett .Willis, Clerk By Charlene Burke, p. C. (SEAL) '.' May G,, 13, 20, 27. Legal Notice LEGAL NOTICE PROBATE COURT NOTICES Notice is .hereby given that the following Guardians have filed their Final and Annual Settlements with the Probate Court of Hempstead County, Arkansas, for approval and confirmation, to-wit: Final Report of Jewell Massingill, Guardian of the person and estate of Ida Howlarid, incompetent, filed April 6, 1955. Final Report of Syd McMath, Guardian of the Estate of Frank Walker, Jr.; minor, filed April 27, J955. Ninth Annual Settlement of the Citizens National Bank of Hope, Guardian of the Estate of Herman H. Johnson, incompetent, filed April 30, 1955. And all persons interested in the above mimed estates .are ordered to come forward and file exceptions if any they have within Sixty (60) days from the date said settlements were filed, or they will be fprever barred from excepting such accounts or any item thereof. Arnold J. Middlebrooks Probate Clerk of Hempstead County, Arkansas By Arthur C. Anderson, D. C. May 6 If you need o Trailer , . . See U« WE RENT UHAUL TRAILERS and haye feverqj on hand now that a, re re«dy to go. All Kindl of AUTO GUSS WYLIE Oau * Salv«f« Co. Wilt Jrti ftff<H QI»iN 7 DAYS A WEEK ^liikas^^ REMEMBER MOTHER MOTHERS DAY, SUNDAY, MAY 8th Gifts She Will Like Pangburns Candy ' Perfumes Shaeffer Pens Yardleys Cordays Justin Bill Folds Hudnut Royal Stationery Old Spice 102 W. 2nd WARD & SON DRUGGIST Phone 7-2292 - LEO'S GARAGE - Sub-Dealer for FORD TRACTOR & PARTS "Our repair shop is as near as your telephone'' For All.. , • CARS • TRUCKS •TRACTORS • EQUIPMENT teo Hartsfield — Owner and Operator 413 S. WALNUT PHONE 7-4314 THE BIGGEST LITTLE STORE IN TOWN MOT 11 I'll You'll find nothing lovelier to give for Mother's . Day Uinn perfect Prim nylons. Beautifully fitting hosiery in a variety of styles to fit every occasion, express your perfect taste. $1.25 ,. $1.95 FOSTER'S FAMILY SHOE STORE "Where Good Shoes ore Fitted Correctly" 1T3E. 2nd ' Corbin Foster Phone 7-2700 Calendar Friday May 6 The May Fellowship pot-luc! luncheon of the. local council o Church Women will meet at the (Swistian Church Friday May ?th •The women of the various churches will bring different type of food; Methodist; salads, Episcapalians, dessert, Christian; meat, Presby €• ' DRIVE-IN THEATRE Hwy 29 South • Op«n 6!» • TONIGHT & SATURDAY A GOOD DOUBLE FEATURE THRILLING AS A CIRCUS! DARING AS A BULLFIGHT? THE RAW, RUGGED LOWDOWN ON THE RODEO WORLD" "RODEO" Color by Cinecolor! Starring • JANE NIGH • JOHN ARCHER Looks like the Thuncjerbird— Acts like it, too! A Test Drive will prove Ford's Trigger-Torque power lives up to the promise of Ford's Thunderbird styling Ford used the long, low Thunderbird as an inspiration for the styling of its 16 models for 1955. Ford also captured a lot o£ the Thunderbird's "Go"'.''.. .a lot of its .easy handling . . .and S lot of its interior beauty. You'll find Ford's Trigger-Torque power gives you action right when,' you want it. You'll feel safer—pass fiiiter. You'll find Ford's Ball-Joint Front Suspension helps Ford hold the road,like a coat of paini;... and a new front suspension'mounting gives Ford a silky-smooth Angle-Poised Ride. Then, Ford interiors, like those of the.Thun- derbird, are rich, colorful and completely new! Come in and see why Ford's worth more. • ALSO • Lough Riot of the YeorT "FEARLESS PAGAN" — Starring — • JANET LEIGH • KEENAN WYNN and introducing FEARLESS PAGAN (Himself) -.;-•« "; ,*««**', , • PLUS • Chapter 7 of Serial, "ADV. OF CAPT. KIDD" & DONALD DUCK COLOR CARTOON LOOK! ! SATURDAY NIGHT IS FREE "FOWL" NIGHT! 10-TEN- 10 PURINA FRYERS From the Feeders Supply .Company Will Be Turned Loost From the Top of Our SNACK BAR! A YOU CATCH ] 'EM AND 4 KEEP 'EMf • SATURDAY • OCIETY terians; vegetables. Mrs. -Jack Brown will present her pupils in a jJlano recital Friday May:« at 7:30 p. m. in live First Christian invited. Church. The public is Monday, May 9 The Business Woman's Circle So. Main St., Monday May 9, at'son, Rdfeert tee Cash, Merle Co*,|S. A. Whittington, Fulton, Sam 7:30 p. m. with Mrs. Vick Doufan and Mfs. Cecil Bittle as co-host«ss. No. One of the 1st. Baptist Church will meet Monday night May 9, it 7:45 in the home of Mrs. Miles Laha J604 So. Main. The L. L. L.. SS Class of the First Spring Hill i>."T. A. will be°Mond"ay|age a'nd'MTcky Baptist Church will meet Monday n "ght May 9, at 7:30. Business for numbers will be The last tegular meeting of the Brendi Sue Faris, RoS* AM Wil-1Stucket, ttojie, Jafct fituift, Me- liams, Charles Beyerley, Florence{Caskill. Davis, Betty Bladttroed, Linda I Discharged: tits, Clyde Cotfee, Pettit, Vicky Bruce, Jo Ann turn- Hofre. Baber. Specialty! tr* by Vinnie Mae 1 Admitted Mrs. toavid QHer, Hdf»e, evening May 9, at 7:30 in the home,the evening will be the election of Powell of Guernsey and Judy Wfia- Rt. 1. of Mrs. Burton Sutterfield 1513 Pe-! off icers, and everyone/is ur*ed t can with Mrs. Jim Simpson as attend, associate hostess. The Rebecca SS First Baptist Church Class of the will meet in Tuesday May 10 The Sixth Annual Music Festive will be held in Hammond Statlum CELEBRATE MOTHER'S DAY ^ A NICE GIFT TO THE OLDEST AND YOUNGEST MOTHERS PRESENT SUNDAY NIGHT! today ypur d»y to Test Drive FORD the new BEST SELLER more because more/ HOPE AUTO CO. taut 7-2141 If YPM'r* Inttfiitid in on FORD PIAUH FOR OVII 90 YfAK| m w Uffd Cur>— 1« Syrt to l«« Vowr Fard Dc«Ur 'INVISIBLE RAY" Come to Lost Show — Stay FREE For SPOOK SHOW * Sun, - Mon. * IRUT YOUR MOTHER TO A MOVIC MOTHER'S DAY! • RIB -TICKLERS • 1. Popeye Color CortQon 2. Pere Smith Comedy 3. Edcjor Kennedy Comedy 4. Warner Bros. News In Honor of Your Mother, and All Mothers Everywhere ... We've Scheduled a SPECIAL MOTHER'S DAY SHOW! If you want to give your Mother a real treat, bring her to see "A MAN CALLED PETER." It's a gift she'll always cherish and remember! Just look what your friends are saying about this wonderful motion picture ... "A wonderful picture. If the movie industry would put out more pictures like this, I'm sure the whole country would profit by their influence". — Mrs. S. A. Whitlow, Hope, Ark. "It is-truly a great picture. I hope we can have more of them. I Will tell my people about it and urge them to see it". : ' — Rev. Joe Hunter, Emmet, Ark. "A moving experience — in Ihe right direction. Don't miss it. . , Splendid for all — especially teen agers". : —Rev. Wesley Lindsey, Prescott, Ark. "Every one should see this beautiful picture. It's so true to life. I highly recommend it for young people". — Rev. Omar Daniels, Blevins, Ark. .. "Truly an inspiring picture .that should be seen by every one". — Rev. Claud Clark, Springhill, Ark. the home of Mrs. Fred Gresham,|°n Tuesday May 10, at 7:30 p. m The Lilac Garden Club of DeAm will meet at (Mrs. J. C. Burke'. Tuesday May 10, at 2 o'clock. All members will motor to Arthu Gray's to see his Flower Garden in Ozan. All members are urged to come and bring a flower arrange ment. WITH US! the book by CATHERINE MARSHAL! Color by DE LUXE . tUrring Richard TODD-Jean PETERS with Marjorie Ranibeau • Jill Esmond • Lcs Tremayne • Robert Burton • Gladys Hurlbut WHITE ADULTS . . 50c COLORED ADULTS . 35c ALL CHILDREN . . . 15c Pai«e» Suspended Sunday SUNDAY! • Feature Times • Sun - 1:00-3:05-5:10-7:15 9:20 Mon- 2:16-4:38-7:00-9:14 SAENOER Notice The Gardenia Garden Club wil have a called meeting Friday Maj 6th at 2:30 p, m. in the home ot Mrs. Sam Strong , to complete plans for the Hat Show.. of Horton-Ansley Marriage Performed Miss Lula Horton daughter Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Horton of Ble vins and James Ansley son of Mr and Mrs. James H. Ansley of Gonzalos were married April 29, in the home of the bride's sister, Mrs. R. L. Ramsey, with Rev. s! A. Baker officiating. For the wedding the Ramsey home was decorated with daises and «-ange blossoms on the impro vised altar. The bride wore a navy blue suit with white. accessories and her corsage was of white camelias. Mrs.-Robbie Ramsey and James at- Elliott!were the couple's only tendants. A reception was held after the wedding with Mrs. Mattie Allred and Mrs. Grace Horton presiding at the punch bowl, and Mrs. Jean Horton- serving the cake. Those attending the wedding were Mesdames Elmo Hammitt, Vera Curtis,"Bessie Erwin and Tom Ansley Jean Rowe, Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Smith, ;Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Horton, Johnny Ray, Micheal. Lee Horton, Betty and Donald Ramsey. Mr. Arnen .Lowrie and Miss Fay Loosier. • M rs. Jack Browii -Piano Recital To Be " ^ .Friday May 6th • Mrs. Jack Brown will present her pupUs in a piano recital Friday night May 6,. at 7:45 in the First. Christian Church. Those taking part are as follows: John Merrlck Ronnie Stevenson, Betty Jane Dod- ver of Fulton. Discharged: Ira Turner, Wash- Assisting Mrs_. Brown will b« the ington, Arkansas, Mrs. Ruth Riley, Hooks, Texas, Frottftie Trotter, Hope, Rt. 1. Mr. and Mrs. David Oiler announce the arrival of a baby boy Oil 5-4*1958. Oglesb> Glee Club undet the dlr ection of Mrs. Sydney Frlcks. U. D. C. Ha« Meeting at Barlow The U. D. C. met in the main din ing room of the Hotel Barlow Thursday at 2:30 j>. m. for thel regular meeting. Mrs. J. W. Branch and Mrs. Jack Atkins were hostess for the occasion. The meeting opened with tht salute to the confederate flag, pie dge allegiance to the U. S. Flag and the Arkansas Flag. The rltua was led by Mrs. J. J. Battle of Fulton and Mrs. Gus Haynes, The minutes were read and ap proved and a report from the trea surer, Mrs. J. M. Duffie was given The president, Mrs. J. M. O'Mea: opened the meeting and presided, A book entitled, "Heronic of Dixie" written by {Catherine M. Jones was donated to the public library by Mrs. W. S. Williams in memory of the late Mrs. H. J. F. Garrett and n honor of Mrs. Williams' children, Jackie and Billy Williams. ' A report from the Essay Com mittee was given by Mrs. Harry rVhitworth, and a talk on the Con 'ederate Children's Chapter was jiven by Mrs. Sam Strong.' Mrs. Fred Cook formerly of Hope pre >ared an article on, "Women of the Confederacy" and it was given at his meeting. . . Flans were made for the an nual picnic to be held in Washington on June 9th. During the'social hour the hos- ss served individual cherry .tarts cvith whip cream and 'coffee to the members present. Notice Game'Night at the Hope Cbtlntry Club, scheduled for May. 10th has >een postponed indefinitely. Coming and Going Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Wlnemiller ave as house guests this week Mrs ffmemillers sister, Mrs. Ella Elmore and nephew E. H. Ward .and ttle son, Don of Bellflower, Calif- rnia. Miss Monica Pettie a neice f Mrs. Winemiller of Benton; is Iso visiting in the hom,e. Hospital Notes Julia Cheater Admitted:'. O.' 0.' Brlnt, 'Rts •!,- ope, E. R. Muncey, Hope, Mrs. 3 Fined for Having Obscene Photographs LITTLE ROCK l»- Three men were fined $100 each for 'piSSs- esslng obscene literature and photo graph* her* th* men **l the ihat«H*L ffed L*|f«U, novelty ed f400., fined Thompsdri, afid Al -.- v All pled guilty In *Llt Municipal douM, The men WeMf after city and ed a businet* eii than one downtown THiBi Ph«nt SAEK6ER SAT^,At| GIANT FAMILY TRIPLE PROGRAM! At: 2:20 -1 5:22 - 8:28 2. At: 3:39 If you thrilled to ''The Stratton Story" and "The Glenn Miller Story" You'll Love ONE DAZZLING CHAPTER 5 OR OUR NEW SUP - ' ^THE BLACK^Rp It TOM AND JERRY COLOR CAR 1 B BASIC REASONS FOR m^f . "•••'' .- ••'' *' f -l,"•;••:[''•• '^^^^ . . M - , . i • . V * r*,l 'I Vfeifvl': 1 . ' . ; »/p^P^-^^^^^^^ i£'««5^'''*"•"'/;,'. .:,'.;V(i--.-»...v*:.-.-.:^.:,.,.;iiM;vJ)(4OTBBs f m&^s^mr^miim PONTMCS RECORD- 1. 2. PONTIAC COSTS LESS THAN ANY CAR' EQUALLING ITS 200 HORSEPOWER ' ''** ' -• '.' If you delight in flashing performance, here's alT' the reason you need to join the record-breaking thousands who are swinging to Pontiac. The 200 horsepower delivered b^ the economical Strati- Streak V-8 with the four-barrel carburetor, optional at extra cost, U the highest pow*r «vit. delivered by a car at Pontiac's price—higher than that of cars costing considerably more. For, thrift and thrills it's Pontiac all the way t > tT^ — ', (•; : , ; .^ PONTIAC COSTS LESS THAN ANY CARJ, EQUALLING ITS LONG WHEELIASE \ • - -, Model for model, Pontiac has a longer wheelbaae ' than any car at its price—122" or 124", depending on wliether you select an 860, 870, or Star Chief ; model. That's size where it really counts— ancl it's important because a long wheelbase is the reason for Pontiac's smooth, road-leveling ride and the roomy comfort of Pontiac'a large, luxurious Body by Fisher—advantages that put Pontiac on a level with far costlier cars for sheer' riding pleasure. /" 3 FOimAC COSTS LESS THAN AN? CAR , . EQUALLING ;ifS IMUIY-CA* STAIIUTT '.^(j/iiJ'^i The big, liuflky Pontiac „ ,._ . , v , j frame gjvfts you the safe, solid 'ieef at'cruud^ tp^eda that motoriata h prices to enjoy. And it Unks this roadl-holdinf comfort witK fease of control like that of ! co»tjyj i{)ort« care. You travel in w^lative c^mft^IAi Pontiac for th6 lowest price ever placed on ludi j big-car i 4 . MNTIAC'S IISTIIKTIVI ilAUTf IS UNMATCHII AT ANY PRICI 5. C ciri and much IMS than m«dtlf off M|h0r-|Hlc0d Mikti ' 860 $-door, 6-passenger Sedan — stale and ' local (axeg, if,any,ejctrv,prifet , i ihoy wiry in surrounding .communities due to I freight differential* LOOK H9H AND tOW AN& Pontiac's style and beauty are a^perfoct match for ite colorful performance. Fti»««iiteilAJaiiai; i Vines, Vogue Two-Toning and hood provide dash and glamour unsurpaMedlby }• any other car at any price. '' " " '"'•*"- You can fcwy • bjf, p«w«rff«l PtiiMfi Itr 1 f«It. V V V CAN YOU sef, STEER. STOP SAFELYI CHECK YOUH CAJt- 3195, Walnut

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