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Janesville Daily Gazette from Janesville, Wisconsin • Page 15

Janesville, Wisconsin
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DAILY NOVEIVIBER 18, 1949. PAGE FIFTEEN. SySamLeii jiiios- Di pair; i-cn; CC or. jJiiii-'- Tr- 2 :5 itn Musio! were is atiolUon to liif KoDirisor. jec: Inf- case jsriti; a-: inejudei: Jr.

nis 3- iiom'- i-uii---. Jit- avvvi rims. uv- wner. liie siapftc riii; home rm: Ik tsssk Waggly Smsan 'ee--; ai'r: tnrp'-aays irus i an-. tnc- Football Returns to Stagg Field Chicago A footbali brjHj game is pjanned Tuesday at the Universiti' of, Chicago's StagR field.

TJip event for grid fans at the schooJ which abandoned inler- coJlegiate football lO-years ago, v.iJl be between two teams from the university. Players for the intra-squad contest were selected frono a squad which has been practicing for some time. The game is called the "Philosophy bowl," and the teams are identified as the "Arjstolel- Jians," and the "Platonians," Some 50 players make up the two teams. They were picked from more than 80 candidates who reported for practice after a football club was organized. Thfe 1919-50 Bis Eigm conier- oasketbali race begins next 23; and pre- sea indications are lliat seco.ic djvision ciubs ol 1948-49, £asi ifiThj and Eeloit iiave the oasx material to capture Botri East and BejoiT have veteran squads of six- iooiers.

front on ocoaKion, has baffled aU opposition tliis faU," ajat liorlict, tiie defeafl- iar ciatmp, iost by of Xloiiiek, auti JOadiMHi Ontrai appear liw lUiB-m dark Jtofe itan mid oarti! ii! tbp -etao- paipa, bak tsiaxiitig team al More of Swanson: "Coaches Iw Wiiliam.son and Milt Eruhn have come up with the most radical de- departure of the year. Whereas you have seen defensive lines the ball as close as the rules aliovv. the Badger forwards play fully a yard farther back. The defensive maneuvers are hard lo fathom. They have aided in lifting a team from last place in 1S4S to a jjosilion of title contention this vear." Harvard High Squad Lists Four Vets Four veterans form the nucleus of the Harvard high school basketball team.

They are Dick Vance, Bob McCormick, Bill Behrens and Lyle Vierch. Seven members of the junior varsity squad have been promoted to the first squad. They are Charles Crabtree. Bill Magnuson, Clarence Hermonson, Arno Carlson. Ed Bourdage, Walter Aubrecht and Vernon Townsend.

Other candidates without experience are Frank Pi.ushboIdt, Jack Vick, Walter Reese and Howard Lane, liarvard will play 14 Wisconsin- Illinois conference games and non-circuit contests Walworth. Hebron and Harlem and v.ill participate in the McHenry County tournament at Richmond iin December. Claassen Picks Wolves, Minnesota and Stanford By HAROLD CLAA.SSE\' Xew for the final weeks of the football season v.ith an .809 average on 479 correct guesses and 114 stumbles. Last week's selections listed 73 correct and 14 incorrect for an aggregate of .839. Here are the week's Notre Dame over Iowa: There was a time three decades ago when Notre Dame couldn't defeat Iowa.

Now, apparently, the trend is reversed. over Oliio Stale: The home field gives the Wolverines what little advantage there is in this annual clash. Minnesota over WiHcoiuin: Minnesota, which enjoyed a mental visit to the Rose Bowl in mid-season, needs a victory here to stay in the race for a real trip west. Stanford over California: With the Coast title and the western Rose Bowl invitation at stake, (he Indians are the pick here although California generally is favored by as much as a touchdown. Spiitliern California over L.C.L.A.: The by a touchdown over their crosstown rival.s.

Dartmcutli over Princeton: Princeton reached its peak in winning the Big Three title. Skipping over the rest in a hurry: East: Brown over Columbia, Fordham over Rutgers, Lehigh over Lafayeite. Midwest: Illinois over Northwestern, Missouri over Kansas, Purdue over Indiana. Alabama over Mississippi Southern, Georgia over Duquesne, Georgia Tech over South Carolina. Southwest and Far West: Oregon State over Oregon, and Washington over Washington State.

San Francisco over Marquette. Tony and Accordion Signed by Celtics 't the towering pjayers St. iinportan-. in present aasi Coach Kermeth Kiteimper is rather opti- more games jose." tiie aeuejjd or. spepc and zippy Tjas 10 cflse: iack of should improi-e with eact jrame ana may -be vy lourr -ament time," de- the Eaiiiing Bluebird ineE- ior.

TJie IVBnneapolis sports editor eJoiaed Jiis jtraifiing: of iMe Badtc- ers with; "bt llie past Wisconsin lias been able lo Btzt lie miRfortune was that the opposition too oflen Hfjotvd mitre. Thai isn't true Ibis 32 Siiiar' Terr. pic; Uierr frame or. ML- El Coach -r. 20lia uniiersiiy.

isn 'i iookirtf iro current of bciwc- into m- wr -s y.ov. 2tj -Jaiaius- Peter-sor Tfip Big Efeiit has tme new wiudi at Keutwlia. lied ere WW in the Sut if Jaskuiiicii'c taaskedeen; improve ae TajHdiy did ias first footiiaU team ttten Kenosha laay prooi- iiMwtH- in the Hag' -race. Other Hiz are: liolwrt i Beioit; Milt Biehl, Saet; Sobert Barriii, laadisai! "tVest; Boitert AJivisi, Madisar! OentcaJ; EtiKseU Keh- i boiz. Sacine TrmtiCh.

Baeine and Keni netii Kitelinger, AmesviUe. .2 ci i'uer- I'i Sucv. starters stains: i and Lin' coin come together for the fourth lime in the non-loop ojiener for both teams; in Miiwau- Friday night. The Battling Biuebirds need io dupiicale last 39-28 iiere. lo the all-tJme I Lincoln nicked in the lir-si ci-ash.

1HJ6-4T. by a score jiere a.nd in 19-37-48 won in 46-39. When jays V.aukesha's here ii'i; be the fift.h straight sea.son tiie schools have tangied in JanesviJie has a 3-1 sclvaniage. having tri- umtjher; in til" three ga.mes. 33 .3 arir; 37 -31.

V.aukes.ha v.o.n last vear. 33-29. Ai stake Minnesota and Wisconsin football teams tangle is the "Paul Bunyan Axe." a seven foot u'ooden replica of a logging axe, bearing thp colors of t-he tv.o schools and all scores of previous games. The trophy, re- plaeinr a tiir.g>' piece of wood re- spir of bacon, was pro- by the club am: as battled for for the timf in fall. It was formally pre to the Minnesota club between halves of the Wis- basketball game in a Jast Heath Recovers From Arm Injury Green Stan Heath was reinstated as a No.

1 candidate for the starting quarterback assignment today as the Gr Bay Packers continued to build a goal line attack for their game Pittsburgh's Steel- ers Sunday in Milwaukee. Heath reported his arm injury, suffered in the Chicago game in Milwaukee, completely healed and for the first time in four uoeks tooic part in a passing drill. Coaches had kept the in.iury secret, not wishing to lip off opponents ihat the former University of Nevada star could not pass in the an accident to Jug Girard made it necessary to use him. The Cutis have signal another ouffifanding' and much fiougSil prospM-1 from Chicago'B sandiols. He is Andy Varga.

6 ft. 4 pound, left pilcher. Varga will 19 on Dec IL He was signed to a two rear contract wilh Oe- calur. 111., of llie class Three-Eye league b.v 4ai-k Sheehan, head of the minor If-aarue Varga received a sultKlantial bonus. The signing of gives the Cubs a corner on Chicago's standout pros- peetii this year.

Pitcher Arthur Klein, -wJio was with the last Imlf of 1949, and Outfielder Don Eiiberlfton the other two Chicago products landed by the Cubs. The Wisconsin State League not only e.xceeded all 25 class circuits in attendance sea.son but bellei'ed the record by 1-1 other looDs. those in class and C. -The State league's attendance was I The class A Central league, for examoie. tjlaved before only Abe Green Renamed to Top Boxing Post J.

Green of Pater.son, N. a top figure in organized bo.xing for years, is still top man in the National Boxin? association today. The N.B.A. gate him a thunderous vote of praise Thursday and re-elected him its commissioner. Green had asked that he not be le-elected, but was shouted down.

Greene served N.B.A. as its president for seven years before being elected commissioner last year. His re-election came after Fred J. Saddy, veteran executive secretary of the Wisconsin state athletic commission, was elected president succeeding F1 a A-lae of Miami Beach. doubles at Albany and team event at Evansville.

Brodhead. Albany and Evansville leagues are affiliated with the local association. want me you'll have to take my accordion, too. That, in effect, was Tony Lavelli's proposition to the Boston Celtics of the National Basketball association. So- the Celtics took the former Yale star and the squeeze bo.x.

Tony plans to play it between halves of games. Tony explained that he has been playing at night clubs and theaters in the and wants to "keep in trim." He has hopes of being a composer some day. NAMED TO BOWL Evansville, and Marshall were named as opponents for the annual Refrigerator Bowl football game Dec. 3, with the Ohio Valley conference championship at stake. Basketball Scores Klkhnrn.

Mllt'in Unhn, 'J-O. 37. KcnJall. :0: Bl'tomincton, 3.5: 29- Nciv I.ii.-.(l')n. 47; 32.

Bowling Scores LVDISTBIAI. CO.M.MKBCIAL VV I. iiurd'! 21 rJ rtr.infii 17 IB Tom 's 20 riClatworthy'i 17 18 I'arkor 51 20 Sizzlin' IB 17 FiriSKsi Ifl Bartcnrfcn 20 21 Mr'urn Top 18 IS'Irpcn Lantern 9 K'tKh Scttrea Hurd'i Slanilard, Imlividual 'iliPrt Kcrt, B17 246, 188, Hill 609 (107, 219, Schumacher, '25-1 OeaKue rtxord game). THr RSOAV 778 I. 'Mivt MoUl 20 Sv.cns'.n'f l-I ii Saxer 20 riHorrlson 'B 16 17 rwne 19 I'l Corner 8 28 Line Coaches George Svendsen of Minnesala and Milt Bruhn of Wisconsin were team- males in the line on Minnesota's powerhouse aggregation of 1934.

Swanson. Minneapolis Star editor who has IVisconsji! in most of its Kumak this inlornis bis readers: Pittsburgh, is not too big. especially in the line. But like Pittsburgh, the liuemeji are terrific scrap- Aad jui backs figrbt harder for yards tiian HO pound I Ciiristejisen at right liaif. The are defensive I just lUse Tiie basic stajf- iine of iive sofsi, with iine baciiers iitmpiag in and out to form a Janesville's attendance of e.v<eeded tliat of 263 of the ciubs in orsaniaed baseljall.

Grand liapids, a class A dul). played to while in the same class bad only Tlie total attendance af all minor league dulis was 41.978.'235, a neiv ord. Of the leagues, 27 broke marks. mctfi i iOfj t-eam un- Ot. o' Ge'ji'ge a' i-'-uV.

The executive board of the Jane.sville Bowijng assoe'i- met this week and it i.s re- ptjrted that jjians wej-e completed for holding the annual tour.ia- ment singles at Jirodhead, The new secretary of the Fans i Group of the Janesville Cubs is I Wilna Harper and not her mother, Kverett Harper, as reported in Thursday's Gazette, hunters can clu'er Uie weather man's Know is faUiiis; throughout mosf of Wisconsin (o (Ja Jjand O' has a loial of seven inches on Uie, Temperatures In fhe 30s are forecasl Umorrow, The lowest last was Zi at Jjand O' lllcfi Srorftn Shfcl and sso. Indlvldual-H. Crapp, and 205; Windy Sleurcr, VinMhS-a MA40R W. W. L.

IH 12 li; 14 JPM 12 13 17 17 Vimne 8 22 Hroret Tca.Ti—l.. 2,110 and 840 Indiviiiu il -Kay 554 214; KaliiT. Pal Gucnihrr, .546 and 2()'i; Ad.i 511; Mc- Xi. JIK 'H I.AHOB 1, 5 1 "nstat CiFflU 3 liurdjrk Nc'. 1 4 2 St.

P. Carmen 4 s'in'rt 4 2 N''i. 2 2 4 JarT's 4 2 O-nl, Labor 2 1 Kro 3 RuswII 'B 1 2 0 6 Tejm.s'.crt Hllh Ti-am S.iWs ilr.d 910. In 'liM'ioal. A.

UV.y. P. k-, 2'7; H. 211: it. 210; ('.

T. (iihlman, Tll-i, "H9adquailtii ht Stat Covii" AUTO SEAT COVERS See for Quality and I'rUx'. Nylons I'lantlcs LION'S. Inc. BLtl'l'' AND FIBKT HtH.

HOMES mom yciiir isiitiiots Alii liirfc Lasiiy jij riJiiriiUftt- jaiitf oovjij. fias- I Oil MiBxdw Co. zAmwuncement Buell Hess Motors 821 N. Bluff St. the HI Coming Soon 4 f'hu'r C-'jr hi llit' Low frhc fU'U! arit many for wrjy with JJud iMhup tevite yonr Brodhead Brodhead Banner temple 37, Pythian Sisters, held roll call Tuesday night and also observed Past Chiefs night.

Welcoming past chiefs was Selma Knight, most excellent chief, and they were presented by Rosh- eisen and Marion Bellman, excellent senior and excellent junior. Anna Blackford sang "In the Garden of Memories," accompanied by Mrs. Gertrude Thomas. Mrs. Kittie Hyatt presented a portion of the program.

Miss Crystal Burtnoss, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Martin Burt- ncss, Brodhead, featured on a radio broadcast recently with her first grade students from Lincoln-McAlister schools. Mr. and Mrs.

Orla McClellan, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wise, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Tics, Mr.

and Mrs. Clyde Berryman, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Rostad, and Mrs. Harvey Day, Mmes.

Clarence Zimmerman, Lawver, Paul MONROE HOSPITAL were bom in St. Clare hospital to Mrs. Russell Rueter, New Glarus; Mrs. Lyle Gilbertson, South Wayne; Mrs. Robert Haberman, Juda; Mrs.

John Tschanz and Mrs. Roy Beach, both of Monroe. Surgical patients admitted: Joseph Webster, Darlington; Mrs. Alfred Bargren, Rockford; Mrs. DH 'ight Crandall, Monroe; Mrs.

Wayne Adleman, Durand; Mrs. Sarah Wiley, Lena, and Richard Brust, Brodhead; for tonsillectomy, Shirley Fiese, Beloit. Medical patients admitted: Mrs. Minnie Kammerude, Blanchardville; Mrs. David Schumacher, Monroe, and Robert Raynolds, route 1, Monroe.

Dismissals: Mrs. Edval Erickson, Mrs. Maurice Sleep, Mrs. Marvin Wolleson and infant daughter, Mrs. Arthur Rygh and infant son, Mrs.

Virgil Elmer and infant daughter, Mrs. John Obert and infant son, Mrs. Alfred Swain and Leo Christopher. ma Dorr and Itrs. Evan Appleman visited third grade classes Thursdas'.

Dr. and Mrs. E. J. Mitchell left for Sarasota, where they will spend the winter months.

Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Klingbeil have gone to Arizona to spend a fortnight with relatives.

REDSKINS WIN hook by Jorgy Jorgenson in the final five seconds handed the Sheboygan Redskins a 97-95 victory over Waterloo Thursday night and stretched their National Basketball Association winning streak to six games. P.4YS BIG PRICE Lexington, Ky. Hancock Jr. paid $118,500 for two 11-year-old brood mares con- signd by the estate of Crispin Oglebay at the Keeneland sales. Hancock gave S61.000 for imported Uvira and $57,500 for Level Best.

nrace Blanh, Sn? ctb fttreet, Rrndheatf rorrewipnnrtent, phime Temporary ggent, Vernon lArwn, phone Zimmerman, Maude Ties. R. K. Stephens and Newell attended the open house Monday at Davis, 111., when Mr. and Mrs.

William Arnsmeicr observed their 55th wedding anniversary. The fourth grade and their teacher, Mrs. Joanne Schuster, visited the public library Wednesday. Mrs. Lowell Ringen, Mrs.

Car- LAKELAND HOSPITAL daughter was born in Lakeland hospital to Mrs. Perle Stem, Elkhorn. Surgical patient admitted: Mrs. Richard Morgan, Lake Geneva; for tonsillectomy, Mary Jo Kelley, Palmyra. Medical patients admitted: Mary Lou Anderson, Carol Probst and Helen Ropinski, all of Jefferson.

Dismissals: Mrs. Dora Logterman, Sharon; Mrs. Merton Petrie. Marie Tillberg and Allen Dupce, all of Late Gtneva. DEATHS OF DAY IBT ASSOCIATED PBESSj New y'orjt Theresa Serber Malldel, 76, a pioneer in the feminist movement and adtilt education, writer, and her husband, Leon A.

Malkiel, one of the founders of the old New Yorff Daily Call, Conservation Is Held World Need was pictured not only as a need for this country, but as a requirement for worW peace at a symposium here yesterday. Dr. William Gordon Whaley, director of the Plant Research Institute of the University of Texas, told the group: "All of our high-sounding at-' tempts to form an international organization for peace will fail unless we devise methods either of sharing the products of ota- own efforts with the- 'have not' people or of enabUng these people to produce by their own effort to raise their own standard of living." Dr. Conrad A. Elvehjen, dean of the graduate school and chair-, man of the department of biochemistry at the of Wisconsin, listed these things as "primary causes of this country's waste of food:" Faulty diet, inadequate preservation of food between the producer and the consumer, destruction of nutrients through- modern methods of preserving fobd, purchase of exfcessive amounts of food and destr'uction of plants by insects and disease.

FORMER TRAINER DIES Philadelphia The man who trained Tommy Loughran during the former light heavyweight champion's heyday is. dead. Jack Brady, 49, died Wednesday in U. S. Naval hospital.

He had been In poor health lor a long time. Ruptured? TRUSSES $3.95 Adults and Children UP Back and abdominal belts, elastic hosleiy, knse-caps. anlclets, OTitehes and canes. PEOPLE'S DRUG CO. Enunetf Doyle Les McGill 21 MUw.

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