Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on May 5, 1955 · Page 14
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 14

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 5, 1955
Page 14
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^ . * ' i tv- •> ™ " •¥ V ** - HiflsyjS ESCOTTNEWS . Wilson wi«.host«s« 1*W C»n*iU Club .t her f frldajr KfttHtttttft. - - iffihiefhchW at dutch Ehgllfli dofwodd ,, wert V«fttftg* potiiti in th* i ft €4ffiitliAfg Wai * , i. t> O. CJoro, V. *%*. Mrs, i. k toft. ' ' Mf«, 'gartdwich — Jay afternoon, Mf, and fe. HcRae Jr., entdftained Jawn party'at'their home t pleasure of lh*fr daughter, ;Ion J her fourth tolrthdiir. '"-uests played with various movies were mad« by Mr. •«t>d ; tb'e pink and i. birthday cake were served . :th« lawn table that held a h',W jfink". snip''3r?tons. and *-"•' ototcred With a .May pole '"ifiiti pink ribbons that ,t» the lour ooverV Pa- »J>efe\b«lloons, > paper hats " f«U6i. ',",-." — ,Cass' Bensberf. .Crane. Steve Klh|. Douf i,, .,Roseoe • and '••"Hitf Gray, Ellen 'and n, Charlotte, Easterlin j, Uto*. £U4* fay Mrs. Alma aMl Mr*. Eleanor Anderson. TH* iic~« Co^efed te* table held i centerpiece of amafyllis lilies and fed verbena. Mrs. Lela Hays firesMed at the ipunch bowl. Mrs. Floli Peirfee, Mrs. ttaiel Adams, Mf*. Thera Oreer and Mrs. Thais MtCteliiftd assisted in courtesies. <£Mlgs Judy Gilbert played piano Selections an'd accompanied Miss ttettyOanher id several Vocal so- 19S, < ...Skty-ffve guests called during Ut%-*^ipointed -hours. Out of town S eSfl Were 'Mrs. Mdrtha Smith Ark'adelphia ahd Mrs. Mary Ear. hirt of Gurddn, Lrila °Hays, 'Mrs. Hazel • Ad ams *rtd *frs. Flora Pearce attended the recent Delta Kappa Gam' its State Convention: at Pine Bluff. '' Mr. and Mrs. W. G. McGill* Billy and Bruce McGlll of Tatcr iluff were the; guests Sunday ot Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Cole. 'Mrs. Hoyle Mann spent the week- ahd- ia Warren with relatives, and"Tonv effort Smfth, Jimmy ie .Daniel, Helen "and Jane^,;Combs . , \i "*' * ' 't " v , D/, L. McHae r Mri. Grace ^grandmothers -x>t' the hon , v , r: and firs. McRae. ' Kapi»a n>i«nior Qlrja . , J" K»pp» the Senior flrls ., High School and their rs'with^a tea on Sunday aft- "yaf, the • i ;Home Economics were greeted by Mrs. Notict NOTICE ffatX f . . . . . _ "3 -MATTER' OF STATE OF, • . fold, deceased, , n<tyn> address -of. decedent: Bast "Second Street, Hope, uuas. • • •* - - M4««% M««h H, 1055.' u -, •uAdcrsigned w«« —'• tratrix ot (he estate bf the decedent on the IV Miss^Bc-tha Gray, was the week- snd guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Gray, la Ozan. 'Mr., and Mrs. Charlie Thomas Visited iLt. and Mrs. Harlcy Cox in Greehville, Miss, during the weekend. 'tMr. r and Mrs. Pat Combs and Jan , have returned • to El Dorado after"* visit with Mrs. C. D. Me- itotinTand Wiss Ann McSwaia. Mr. and Mrs. Al Williams had as thejr guests Sunday (Mr. and Mrs. Uoyd Spcncor of Hope, ' ' '"Mrs." Fadjo .Cravens : ' if Jr., and BOOS,, Tommy and Chad, returned to :their home in Fort Smith Sunday' "after a weeks visit with »lh' rfnfl Mrs. 'Tom Bemis. They were 1 accompanied by Miss Bitty Qcmis and Mr. Bemis. ^ j „ , f , 5 Miss Kay King 'of Little Rock vetted 'her iparehts, Mr. and Mrs, Karl Kirig, Jr., during the weekend rMiss Virginia Johnson has ro- turned to Little Rock after a weekend visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Johnson. Firman Jones has rcurnod to Little 'Rock after spending the weekend with his family. ', S>.',P. Dickinson ", of Little Rock ss«cnt the weekend with his mother, Mrs! Sam Dickinson. Mrs. Homer Ward and granddaughter, Lynn Pratt, motored • to Lit tlo w 'RocK 'Friday where they Mrs. Bill Pratt of Newport. nict Tanks Ride Out cr reported that most of the 1 residence Still Were standing a though the window* were kiidckc but. No major fires tvefe apparen immediately. The tankers, In the first Indoc trinatlon for V. S. arrhofed tas forces, went through the tetrlfi blast with "no stain." The shoe wave, which shook ttiahy of th J500 Civil Defense workers ah jf.ewsmen ?-'/ 2 miles distant, wa 'barely dlscernable In (he buttons down tanks, the crews reports back by radio. Occupants of froht line trenche two miles distant were showercc with a cascade of rocks and dus but none was injured. . A flash of 100 suns lighted the skies of six Western states in the darkness before dawn as the de vice was detonated at 5:10 a.m PDT atop a 500-foot steel tower in Yucca Flat, 75 miles northwes of Las Vegas. A deep orange fireball spewei out from the tower cab, touched the desert and then rdse angrily toward the sky, spanning a dlam ctcr of 1400 feet, greater than the length of four football fields. The | characteristic mushroom cloud formed by the fissioning atom resembled a morning glor; in shape and color — its hear glowing and rays, of deep, purple light shooting out. It quickly ros«> to 42,000 foot and drifted north and cast toward uninhabited dcscr counrty. The brilliant portion of the flash was three seconds in duration followed by an eight scconc orange-toned ; after-flash. The typical mushroom clout shot up to 40,000 feet and an ice-cap formed as usual on thi white crest of the cloud. For this climactic shot of th year's nuclear experiments, man got closer than ever before in peacetime, either . above ground o in trnches, to such a king-size explosion. Eleven army volunteers, 10 o them soldiers and one a civilian crouched , in . reinforced trenches 1-1-3 miles (2900 yards),, from the base of the 500-foot tower atop which the blast was triggered a 5:10 a.m. (PDT) at Yucca Flat 75 miles northwest of Las Vegas Nov. Firty-ton patton tanks occupicc by armored task force personne and newsmen were only 3100 yards from the tower — roughly ' 1 miles. '.,•'•''' It was the biggest civil de fense test in the history of cxperi mentation with atomic dcstrucion —or any explosive wrecking pro ject' for that maer. A ho ime in the five years of nuclear blast ing at the Nevada Proving Grounds has so elaborate an cf fccts test been arrayed beneath the detonation. |fr. and Mrs.; Jmon Gee had as their tucsts 1 Sunday Mr. and Mrs,) Dudley Gee and children of Hot Springs, Mr. and Mrs. Dunn Phll-i persons baying cUimg against lips and children of Long view. Tcx- '.t.j*y* >.**. e?n w$ijn"' , : i"* H< M IIM ^ -Mrs,'Clinton Barrett has return- sJ{om the date* of thg ._ jHibltfBtton of this notice, or *be forever barre4; from' any benefit in the ir«*wtteer.fir«r puMished~6tii edjto hef home in Victoria, Texas 'a visit with Mi 1 . and;Mrs. Powell, She was accompanied rs^ W: FT Denman Jr. .i - * - ... i John 'A, Davis has returned from Jacksonville where he was tha guest ot Mr. and Mrs. Whit (Davis. •Mr. and Mrs. -Bob Tpdd of Fort Suggestions For Mother to; Her ftqy, Sunday, May 8 te> Ponjjee? and Nylons **i BLOUSES Sizes 32 to 46 PANTIES Nyloniied panel •' panties, Sizes *-\.r rr 'SM&l' ' 3 ,0, $1 Gift JfWEiRY 59c 79c 98c Sport Shirts ^^ only, •Shadow Panel SLIPS Cotton Plisse Nylon Trimmed $1.59 Plastic Tablecloth • Ernbpssed •. Size 54x72 98c Table Lamps A large assortment to choose from 3.99,o 5.95 Men's Nylon Sport Shirts Short sleeves. Sizes S, M & U $1.49 loy's Nylon Sport Shirts , 6, 8/ 10, 12, 99c S I () H The Negro Community By Helen Turner Rhone 7-6830 ' .Or bring Itertit to Miss Turner at Hicks Funeral 'Home Yerger .Band Mother's Club wil meet Thursday night, May 5, at the regular meeting 1 place.' Ask ing all members to be present at 7:30. .• • The Friendship Club .will meet Thursday night, May '5, at the home of Mrs. Nathaniel Dcloney at 7:30. Nelson-Hill Post No. 427 will have a call meeting Thursday nighl May 5, at 8 o'clock. Asking all members to be present at Hicks Funeral Home. Nelson-Hill Post No. 427 will sponsor a Mother's Day program Sunday, May 8, at Lonoke Baptist Church. The public is invited. Three o'clock. The meeting of the Cooperation Club called to order on 'Tuesday May 3, at 2:30 p. m. The minutes of the last meeting wore road and approved. The reporter and treasurer also made reports. The Roll was called. There will be a weincr roast at Mt. Zion CME Church Saturday night, May 7i sponsored 'by the stewardess board and usher board. The public is invited. The senior choir of BoeBco Memorial CME Church will sponsor a wciner roast at the home of Mrs. Persie' Turner, The public is invited. Johnnie Frjcrson of Greenwood, Miss., is visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Author Friarson, and other relatives. Mrs. Martha A. Harris, and daughter Mona of St. Louis, Mo., and] Mrs. Grace .Hightowcr of Milwaukee, Wis., have returned , to their home after spending a few days visiting Mrs. Lcona Newton, and other relatives. Worth, Texas were the weekend guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Langley. Mr. and Mrs. Watspn White, Jr., Miss Lillie Butcher and Miss Elizabeth Frapclsco we>e the weekend guests of Mrs. Emond White in Fort Smith. Mi§s Francisco also attended the State Christian Convention. Master Eddie White accompanied them home and is visiting Mr, and Mrs. White this sl fe,U>-"jv"l iMirf<fe/-j MOM STAR, MOM, ARKANSAS May 5, f *5S There's * heap of good eating at our DEL MONTE ARDENSHOW DEL MONTI . BARTLETT ...Tiro-. <.....,.... Ml MONTI SOUP PACK IOI«ATOES: r ^^23* Nt MONTI IARIY OARDIN SWEET PEAS....I_JS If* DEL MONTE SLICED ' ~" : v ^ PINEAPPLE N ? m2 29c FRUIT COCKTAIL SPICED PEACHES -.=37 PEAR HALVES LIMA BEANS GOLDEN CORN SOL . -= 14' ORANGE JUICE K^,-••= 27' DEL MONTE 16-ez. Can 16-oz. Cans € C C Sale of Fine Heavy Calf! "SUPER-RIGHT" HEAVY CALF SIRLOIN STIAK , JANE PARKER DELICIOUS MOTHER'S DAY CAKE "SUPER-RIGHT" FRESHLY v GROUND BEEF ..;..... ;.....„;.-.;;.:. Lb. 29" "SUPER-RIGHT" HEAVY CALF . A • f $f EW MEAT _. ^ . 25 l 2 Golden Layers with vanilla cream Icing • nd coconut. Toppod with a rod ro»o and groon leavot. ' Comoi to docoratad box with card 89 JANE PARKER "SUPER-RIGHT" HEAVY CALF — BLADE CUT ROAST im^r^^llF •. 29 C APPLE PIE ""' ; ' CUPrAlf K JAN * MRKI " %V" VftlmBl* MOTHER'S DAI "SUPER-RIGHT" HEAVY CALF TOP CUT J i\ f ^•«»«M>A« MAI • « ROUND STEAK , 69" 2"""" 11 . JANE PARKER DECORATED Pkg. MOTHER'S DAY of 6 ;r "''- 5* 25* "SUPER-RIGHT" HEAVY CALF 49 POTATO CHIPS c OREO CRIMES »«. P..,. RIB STEAK ALLGOOD BRAND SLICED BACON "SUPER-RIGHT" SLICED BACON BEANS W H PORK HT 3 ;x 35 MOTOR OIL SALAD DRESSING NABISCO ' n>/ 4 -o». COOKIES Pkg. NABISCO COOKIES^: 37< 1-lb. Pkg. l-lb i Pkg. 47c PARTY PUNCH 55 C STAR-KIST TUNA HI-C ..Can 29* CHUNK 9 7-c ITYU ,....O Cant FRUIT DIBC rRUll rlE9 MORTON FROZEN 10'/,-ei. Peach, Appl* or Cherry PI* Special/ . ANN ' Qt. PAGE >. .;."...Jar 139 _ 9 COOKBOOK s. TSIS. am;:.... '«, 19* *I3* PIE CRUST MIX -, ±T vs 10« HYPOWER JUMIO TAMALES 3 28-01. Cans PLANTERS f AITIO PEANUTS ••ox. Can. 35* PISHWASHINO SUDS TREND Ofanf l/i« 45* poo rpOD DASH (-ox. Cam M^i KARO WAfRE SYRUP >*'»«. •*/ 25^ Fresh Fruits and Vegetables CELERY CANTALOUPES FRESH BLACKEYED PEAS SUGAR LOAF PINEAPPLES FRESH FLORIDA CORN 4 TURNIPS & TOPS FRESH GREEN ONIONS - • - Bunch MINUTf MAIP r«OIEH Orange Juice l. Cam frlcti «/7«c/iV» through Sal., May 7 '• NIAGARA LAUNDRY STARCH 12-ox. Pkg. MAZOLA Pint Btl Salad Oil .. 33C CLEANSER BAB-0 •WANSQN'S IONED CHICKEN 5-ox, Can ................. IWANJON'I FROZEN PIES Beef, Chicken or Turkey 2 «-o?, flet f * »i May S, •lONMI WHAT TIME IT WA3-- }*» I'LL BE LATE FOR DINNER City and Town Answer to Previous Puzzle ACROSS 6 Requires • Massachusetts (var ) notes 16 Rises In vapor 11 ? nr ,!!^. in( , 17 Mortar tray to ?°TT . D rj«_ ; _j 12 Larissan mountain 27 Duration ot 44 City in Illinois ig0vertima offi(;e 46 Be borne (ab } «f of 21 Annoys (ab } 29 Finnish name 47 Greek god of 35 Compound 2 1 Looked 30 Former war ttt r* «. « searchingly Russian ruler 48 Poverty 22 Printing 31 Lampreys 50 County in K western beef cattle , S3 Analyze a ! sentence , 35 Recbrded ' event 36 Social insect 37 Passages in the brain 38 Town in Massachusetts 42 City in Oklahoma 49 Assist 46 Uncooked 49 Capital city of Colorado. • 52 City in New . York 55 Natural 56 Town in North Carolina 57 Pesters 58 Take into custody DOWN 1 City in Maine 2 Bread spread « Raced 4 Point 9 Individual mistakes 39 Nostrils Hungary 23 Mend 40 Six (Roman) 51 Summer (FrO 24 Slopes 41 Dropsy 53 Gibbon 25 Italian city 42 Mine entrance 54 Russian 26 Plant part 43 Low sand hill community 13 IS 17 15 11' 34 5fc K 49 55 51 Z 2b 43 3 27 44 4 m L\ & m bO 5 m u. • w bl b p w, w/ m. W/: ft 4b 1 m w// m 9 4f 7 IT 16 m m w m f 41 by. % * 8 m. b '&> •% 3t 37 Ws\ tt i n Z4 m bl 10 & Li %. II W 4 1 / \l 'il W f CARNIVAL Dick Turner 5*A H. Reg. U. S. Pal Off. Copr. 1955 by NEA Sirvlci, Ino. 'You realize, of course,.that while you're standing there dickering;, your car is depreciating!" SrOE GLANCES By Golbroith l. In;. T. M. Rig. U. $, p'»i Off. ff-5 1 »Ve nil set for the baseball season, Joe—my girl friend ; ha» 9 new cft.wjth a 24-inch screen!" ! Jj tt f I 11 AJ A li 0 » j , A fc t A Hi A (i wjf wnfCW • VlHIfl DAGWOOD, WHEN I YOU BRING SOMEONE HOME / FOR DINNER, YOU SHOULD PHONE FIRST OUT OUR WAY •y J. It. WHV.TH'I WELL.SUMP'M IS PIRTV. I WRONG.'HE LOOKS- \l MUST I--.---1A BUM.' \ SUSPICIOUS, BUT THE lZi£j I EtW'T I PALES CURED THEIR M IN SOME THINK / &OG OF CHASIW " HE'S / CARS--JU&T PROVE GOIMC. X BV AN 1 ONE BUCKIT TO CHASE) OF WATER DUMPEP TH 1 CAR.' / ON HIM AN' HE AIN'TCHASEPA CAR SINCE/ OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople WOf?D,JAkE. / THl£ L, HOT RB ooWrt CUMNV BUSINESS By Herahberqar dZARK IKI "Pop put on the extras^'cause I like to speed!" SWEETIE PIE By Nodin. Selxcr M l'm taking up a bone collection for TK OUTFIELD TALKING BAT IN TH NINTH.' Wt^Mjii.,,.!,. WjrmwTE'S'S VIC FLINT WSb •y Mieho.l O'Malloy dnd I PlONT MEAN TO U3SE THS ROSE--! SWEAR PIPM'T/ SHOULD FALL ffTO PUCK PILL'S HANDS, I'M DOOMED... DO VOU WITH A PlM, I'M AWFUL. a«BF* CAM WASH TUBES By L..U. Tur I «.,.>>/A VE6'R,,.THERB (MM'T NOTHIN 1 MORE TEWPTIM 1 TOAWOMAMTHAMWIM 1 TO REFORM A AMkJl $0 30 AHEM>. GIR.LIEv.rM PUTTY IM YER HtVNPelx WORRIED, MR.MEEKIF PAM50N 6U5- PECT5 WE'RE WISE TO HlWi 06E, L,I DUNNO BUTLNEeDdWHELPIN 1 / WOTTO5AVI IF 1 WASONLV SURE IT. WHY. ft-couRw iDO,wi»Di7pwa#ir.' IP WLLV BOV DAWdOM. " FALL* INTO BAP COMPM»>{ WOrM/KyLEAPIMAflTRM. ... WSPEARlfiMrrUrJ Tg< AND HER BUDDIES By Edgar ' ovyjw VROKJV! KXfcX^OOO^' ISXM SOGWbOW ^ BUGS PUNNY scRtecH 1 •s V\ i *»|fi ALLEY OOP !YOKAY,OOOUA,t SEE IF YOU t, '5UMPIN i CK f >*" L Lf^ ^5CR/\TCH i EN ,115 I.EMIAK •c 5-5 ' HEY, LCOKL-^^WHAT'a T SAY5 IF WE EVERT,' A NOTE /WEU.A IT 1 WPJMT JO SB$ OURV ._,.. FROM ( WEIL/ J£AY5y KINS A£WN|, WE N£iS''2 TUNKI ____ " <SmiB^B»^ I .,_,„.., BACK HIS, S^^^- k'S POP THAT MSNUUTY K>D CHASING- OUR I'VE TOLD HER A HUNDRED TIMESH BUT> DEAR, IT'S ONLY '',$ THI STORY OF MARTHA WAYNi CALUNS,THpU6HT YOU'D BE INTEREST?P Hi H 19 -AN9THELMA.- SEEM? 9feH MM IN

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