Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on May 5, 1955 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 5, 1955
Page 6
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MOM SfAft, HOPf, ARKANSAS , May 4,JMJ RKETS - i •> * - •• ; boars calves•- 700* steers 1950-22.000, U The Day ickache »of Pep and energy, amny to due to uluw- tdrB -nay good rtant to Rood [Ihg backlq>*-feel miserable. Minor blacl- •Jrrjtiitioha due lo cold or wronit diet tnny .- youhltldne}* If the** condl. i .bolher Vou. Try Doan'i FWs-a mild Used ouccdasfully by millions for e«B. It-S-nronzinK hnw many lime* D.a«'il'»«ivl happy i-ellef from tlioio dlscom- pthclBijinc'iiiif kl'lncylu lies and fil- out.wM»te..QetDpayfl Pills today! '. '" '" n»m-£:, yw Vwithx-'' ''I. > ; '.'-•• (ilPSOU jMst*,, H.OCM300; calves'good arid choice {J8.60-23.00; high choitfe and prime comrnercial and good cii(lL , ahd Utility 800_ Steep'300; not ehough of any class, to test trend; good spring 31; old roosters 12-12.5; (faponettes 42-43.S. Butter steady; receipts ,68,384; wholesale buying prices unchanged to 1/2 lower; 93 score AA 56.75; 92 A 56.75; 90 S 54.5; 8 C 52.5: cars 90 B 55; 89 C 53. ', | Eggs steady; receipts 23,88; wholesale buy ing prices un- cha'nged. NEW VORK NE WYOR KM — Cotton futures wre irregular today in slow dealings. , - - - - Distant months were lower on -choice shorn old light sc JHng -which found only lim- toN °' 3 ' 6 - S °- 175 ,ited support. The balance of the t e>ves 50 lower at 5,00 down. :NEWV~yoRK STOCKS •NEWJ.'YOftlT'W} —The Stock Market advanced today to 1 ' extend yesterday's rise in a m.oderate' wa Prices were up around 3 points. May market was slightly higher as mill and professional buying met only moderate' liquidation. • Late afternoon prices wer 30 " at the best while losses went to between 1 arid' ' 2 p6MtS. Most changes Were small, The steels, motors, and railroads •were among the' best acting divisions. Most sections were higher, but aircrafts were mixed while airlines were steady. Trading continued On a subdued level. cents "a bale higher to 30 cents lower than the previous close. 34.27, Jul y34.10 and October 34.12. POULTRY AND PRODUCE CHICAGO (M —Live poultry i, steady on hens, barely steady _ w ^, as '.o weak on young stock; receipts in coops 108 (yesterday 504 coops 51,207 Ib), ;f.o.b. paying prices unchanged; heavy hens 25-30; light hens 16.5-17; broilers or fryers 29- GRAIN AND PROVISIONS CHICago UP) — Some of the recent slpam behind the buying in wheat was missing today but the bread grain nevertheless made small additional gains. May wheat was ost in demand, largely because of short covering. In early dealings wheat was rest of the grain market, but a firm tone in the cash grain and a brisk advance at FOR ATHLETES FOOT Use T-4-L for 3 to 5 days..Watch the old tainted sin slough off leaving healthy, hardy skin. If not - pleased with powerful, inslant-dry- ,soybeans Ing T-4-L, your 40c back at any *' " drug store. Today af John S. Gibson Drug Co. , " ••• BIG 2 HOUR LOUISIANA HAYRIDE SHOW — STARJUNG — t • BILLY WALKER Columbia Recording Star • T-TOMMY Mercury Recording Star ; ^i.V^...;.,. v ,..- with :••'.--•": '•.,., mmy Day, Floyd Cramer, Bill Peters, and Chuck City Auditorium I^OPE r ARK, FRIDAY 8P.M. '' "'' '' Sponsored 'by, \yio. W. .Admission .' . . Adults 75c -- Children 35c mm PI %| m f$%H''N : ;i' :5 ?7V • -. .---. j^JriiliSiEd,:^tfe»qy ; .. .May 6 and 7th 87c ^g^ !r ^v^,;i-. , -;v' : ;;;{$;flfc : «%, mis Wl^^s^/jf^'^:'. r Jfct.' V Size,. JmSii^yt ffi}*S?ff^fe«t|ire Nebraska Beef from the land of corn, ***'*"'*& -'ije»Mg£JBt"inltown or money bock 17c FREE 3 On?y OAC iGED • '•' • '•"• "•"" ;•• •"•" BaSiis'.ii:^ ^;,:.;- .SWIPT'S' T- TR.AY-PACK Lb. 39c : CHUNKS Lb. '&;irs.'FRESH Lb. 63c BUFFALO FISH P- ^P.W *,^P% § * • W ,t K. U e K i¥ff Fhaw f - Kansas City created renewed buying. Other cereals fluctuated around previous closing prices. Wheat closed '/8-l'/4 higher, May $2.17'/ 2 -%, corn lower to '/ 4 higher, May $1.45-1.44, oats Vi lower to y H higher, May 73, rye J /.-'/ 2 higher, May $1.00'/ 2 -$1.00 and lower, May 2.54Wheat: none. Corn: No. 2 yellow 1.51'/ 2 -52; No. 3 1.47'/4-50; sample grade 118-40% Oats; No 1 heavy white VS'/i-SO'/i; No. 2 white 76'/ 2 . • ' Soybean oil: 11%-%; soybean meal 55.00-55.50 Barley nominal: malting choice 336-53; feed 1.00-15. SLIGHTLY MISTAKEN MADISON, Wis., (UP) —Gerald Schott, 24, was fined $75 for giv ing three • cans of beer to a 12- year-old girl. "Don't you know you can't give a- 12-year-old beer?" the judge asked. ,"I thought she was 14," Scott replied. Boyle Continued from Page Ona Iriterfaith Movement in recognition .of "her exemplary life as wife, mother and neighbor." The Robert Halj clothing'firm paid the expenses of the; entire. family" here so they ' could; : s6e - her gei the '' ' ' During a four-day stay the boys won a $3,200 jackpot in' cash and prizes oh a -CBS network show, "On Your^ Account." But the wonders of iSanhattari palled -quickly and left the whole family homesick; ' ..>..' "It's corn plantin' time," explained Harrison. The tall, rawboned farmer, who had to quit school after the fourth grade to go to work, is a man of natural dignity with a rich vein of homespun humor. Having "a" large" family came naturally to the Harrisons. His wife.'is -one of 16 children. His grandfather, a religious man as he tells,it, had 27 children, 3 wives, rode a red mule to church every Sunday'until he, was 85, and died triumphant at 93, still praising the Lord for a good life, 'And he raised all 27 children on a 70 r acre farm,'.' sa,id Harrison. "I courted for a year before I got married when I was 23," he add,ed. "I'll neyer forget that day. I didn't J}aYe . anything at 'all — only a woman" — 'Mrs. Harrison glanced up with a sjiy.' smile — "and maybe 75 cents in: my pocket. T earne^: ojily $2 tHe first we.ek wa were married." .: , Atyer 'years of strugjgling labor during which l^e sometimes had to go put after {lis day's Ayork 'and cut wood to trade jt for groceries, Harrison was able with the help of a friend" to buy a 72-acre hill farm. The farm has 2 horses, 3 cows. 25 chickens, 6 or 8 hogs, a large vegetable garden. The cash crops are •tyheat, corn and tpbapco. 'We don',t sppr»d more than $13 to $11. a week foj- food,, 1 ' H.arrison said. ''We raise the .rest. "I don't believf our medical bills hav.e been more than $50 all told -since W.e were married, no counting the cost of getting the boys borji. . . "If they get a cold I just mix up some hog lard, turpentine and kerosene, rub it on their chest — then turn 'em oft barefooted. We dpn't pay rip attention to 'em not wearing 'shoes.' 1 One Tuesday last October a fire destroyed their home. For the first tirne in his life Harriston felt completely down at heart. Bwt the next Sundfy tne congregations of 1? nearby". ch'urchps; pitched in with rn.0ney, irjaterials and labor ^>.nd bwili the faiiHly a larger, better home. "I think J k.npw ngw wli^t faith and friendship coro« to,' ' said Harrison.' "j' V p knpwo a "ght snjav); of trpuljjje, but I've ha,d a happy Jife. "But the ch.Ud.ren — tlipy're the biggest enjoyfnerjt we've fot in thi.s world. It vypuld be lone.some wiibovit anyone pf o f ur ehUdren. We'd m|ss him.' Mrs, Hjrrispn. pQ^d^?J quietly. Harrison said he Hop^ to use the cash rjjon^y' yie fapnily won on television to give his boys a$ much schooling as possible. 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All styles * j* r j ^ t ' Thursday, toy J, STAR, MOPI, ARKANSAS SOCIETY Phone 7-3481 Between I A, M. and 4 P, M. alendor hursday May 5 lope Chapter 328 order of the .stern Star will meet Thursday ay 5. at 7:30 p. ro. The Rocky Mound Home Demon- '-tjption Club will meet May 5 at :30 p. m. in the home of Mrs. E'd- far Jurrels for a cake social. This* is in celebration of National H, D, C. week, and the public Is invited. Brookwood Brownie Troop will meet Thursday May 5, and the leader will be Mrs. Rogers with Brenda Barentine as hostess. All Brownie's of this troop please be present. . . Albert Graves, president ot WSCS a Visitor. the station Club will meet Thursday May 5, a.t 7:30 p. m. in the home of Mrs. Lloyd Collier. e Green Laseter Home Demon- Hwy 29 South • Open 6:30 • FINAL NITE • & BUMPER CLUB NITE F-I-R-S-T HOPE SHOWING 'MKDOLPH • BOUNTY HUNTER TONIGHT IS 5/5/55 NIGHT! A FREE PASS .IF: 1. Your License No. ends In 5 2. Your Soc. Sec. No, Ends In 5 for a 5 in Our Snack Bar I • Fri. & Sot. • A Good Double Feature Laugh Riot of the Year! JANET LEIGH KEENAN WYNN "FEARLESS FAGAN" * ALSO • Scorching, Brawling Story of the Thrill- Busters! "RODEO" Color by CINECOLOR • PLUS • Chapter 7 of Serial, "ADV. OF CAPT. KIDD" & Donald Duck Cartoon HOPE'S FRIENDLY DEPARTMENT STORE u'll Get A Wonderful •vJFeelinq ,...*?M-- • •• *J , When \You Meet CINEMASCOPE Color by PE LUXE RICHARD JEAN TODD PETERS •• STARTS SUNDAY SAENGER Friday May 6 The May Fellowship pot-luck luncheon of the local council of Church Women will meet at the Christian Church Friday May 6th. The women of the various churches will bring different type ot food; Methodist; salads, Episcapalians; dessert, Christian; meat. Presbyterians; vegetables. Mrs. Jack Brown will present her pupils in a 'piano recital Friday May 6 at 7:30 p. m. in the First Christian Church. The public is invited. The. Rose Garden Club will meet in the home of Mrs. Byron D. Hefner 915 S. Elm Friday May 6, at p. 'm. Co-hostess will be Mrs. W. H. Gunter, Sr., and Mrs. James Meyers. I 8 n Monday, May 9 The Business Woman's Circle No. One of the 1st. Baptist Church will meet Monday night May 9, at 7:45 in the home of Mrs. Miles Laha Jfi04 So. Main. Tuesday May 10 The Sixth Annual Music Festival will be held in Hammond Statium on Tuesday May 10, at 7:30 p. m. Leadership through Music Was Topic ef Program Of Alpha Delta Chapter Of Delta Kappa Gamma Society The Alpha Delta Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma Society held iU final meeting of the year with Mrs. B. C. Hyatt on May 3, at 4 p. m. Mrs. W. A. Williams and Miss Gwendolyn Deari were associate hostesses. Mrs. Hyatt presented a program on "Leadership Through Music." In her talk she reviewed the activities of local music groups and stressed the need of arousing a greater public interest in musical and other cultural programs. She opened the program with the group's singing the D K G Song. Mrs. R. E. Jackson, Mrs. P. L. Perkins and Mrs. Joe Amour gave reports on the Kappa State Convention, which they attended in Pine Bluff April 22-24. Mrs. Jackson, president, conducted a short business meeting preceding the program. She extended a welcome to Mrs. Carl Hinton, who was elected to membership in the society at the meeting on April 5. The hostesses served a dessert plate to i5 members. p. m. "* i ™" Chariman, Ruth iTenwlck, Stated Saturday May 7th. would *>« "Buddy Poppy Day" in Hope. The following officers were elected for the ensuing year. President Mrs. Lyle McMahan, Sr., Vice- president, Mrs. Steven Bader, Jr., Vice-president; Mrs. Paul Bain, Chaplin, Mrs. T. B. Fenwick, Sr., Treasurer, Mrs. J. V. Keck, conductress; Mrs. Henry Fenwick, Guard, Mrs. A. L. Willis, Three year Trustee; Mrs. Hinton Davis, Two year Trustee, Mrs. Edward Aslin. Mrs. Harry Phillips was appointed as secretary. The Auxiliary will have a banquet and installation service Tues day May -17th. The Lilac Garden Club of DeAnn will meet at Mrs. J. C. Burke's Tuesday May 10, at 2 o'clock. All members, will motor to Arthui Gray's to see his Flower Garden in Ozan., All .members are urged to come and bring a tlower arrangement. New Officers Elected For Circle 6 Of WSCS First Methodist Church Circle No. 6 of the W. S. C. S. of the First Methodist Church met Monday at 2 o'clock at the home of Mrs. J. C. Carlton with Mrs. Jim Cole as associate hostess. Arrangements of spring flowers were used throughout the home. Mrs. David Waddle, chairman presided over the (business session. .Mrs. Sid McMath, chairman of the nominating committee presented the following slate of officers for the coming year. Chairman; Mrs. Jack-Gardner, co-chairman; Mrs. David Waddle, secretary; Mrs. J C. Carlton and treasurer; Mrs. Jim Cole, each lady was duly elected. Mrs. Jack Gardner gave the devotional and Mrs. L. B. Tooley had charge of the program. A report was given of the Hope District Conference with several members taking part in the discussion-. Delicious refreshments were served to nine members, and Mrs SHEHGER HURRYf LAST DAY AT: 2:00 - 4:18 - 6:47 • 9:09 Out of Jules Verne's great; human adventure, comes the Mightiest Motion Picture of Them AIIT UURK DOUGLAS-JAMES MASON HIALUMS^PnatOME & NEWS OF THE DAY * Fri. & Sat. * GIANT TRIPLE PROGRAM! • ALSO • I lie BOB MATH1AS Ml WIHIA5 • WARD BONO V* l»Mu<l^ MEIIA MAIHIAJ ' • PLUS • Chapter 5 of oMr Serial "THE BUCK ARROW 1 ' AND TQM & JERRY COLOR CARTOOKI Emmet WSCS Has Pledge Service The Emmet W. S. C. S. met Monday May 2, at 7:30 p. m. at the Tom Garland Annex. Mrs. Shelly Jones was hostess for the occasion. The meeting opened with prayer by the president, Mrs. Otis Townsend. Officers reports were given and a short business session followed. Two hymn's were sung; Living for Jesus and Give of Your Best to the Master. Mrs. Alfred Hickey, .program leader, assisted by Mrs. W. E. McFarland, Mrs. Allene Hood and Mrs. Otis Townsend had charge of the pledge service. The pledge service closed with each member placing her card in the receptacle. Prayer of dedication was given by Mrs. Hickey. The pastor, Rev. Joe Hunter installed the new officers in a most impressive ceremony. Soft music was played during the installation by Mrs. Basil Munn. The hostess served delicious refreshments of cake and punch from a table covered with a white linen cloth, centered with an. arrangement of pink gladiolus." Mrs. Allen Hood presided at the .punch bowl. There were 20 members and the pastor present. W. M. A. of Garrett Memorial Has Meeting W. M. A. of Garrett Memorial Baptist Church met Monday May 2, in the home of Mrs. Elbert O'Steen with Mrs. Bryan Clark as co-hostess. The meeting opened with group singing and the opening prayer was voiced by Mrs. Eula Roberts. Mrs. Medford Hazzard president, sident, presided over the business session at which time Mrs. Virgil Huckabee gave the secretary and treasurer report. The devotional was brought by Mrs. Jack Watkins, after which the program leader presented a very interesting program on, "The Light In The Present World. " Those taking part on the program were: 'Mrs. James Braden, Mrs. Gradie Hairston and Mrs. Cook. A solo was sung by Mrs. Ted Purtie, and a poem, "Candlelight" was given fay Mrs. Bryan Clark. Refreshments were served to the 27 'members present. Local VFW Auxiliary Elects Officers Fop . • Coming Year The V- F. W. Auxiliary met Tuesday May 3, at 7:30 p. m, at the V. F .W. Hut. The pledge to the flag was repeated in unison, and the . chaplin. Margaret McMahen gave the opening prayer. The president, Delia Fenwick presided over the business session. Doris Bader, auxiliary cancer chairman reported that the V. F. W. Post and Auxiliary gave $11.00 to the Hempstead County Cancer Fund. The auxiliary voted to send $5.00 to the National V. F. W. Cancer 'Research Fund. District 10 president, Mrs. Cecil Waller of Magnolia, Arkansas announced a District Meeting would be held in Magnolia, May 15, at 2 Miss Joan Sundstrum Bride-Elect Honored With Linen Shower Miss Nancy Smith complimented Miss Joan Sundstrum 'bride elect of Jimmy Wilson with a linen shower in her home Tuesday night May 3rd. Miss Sandstrum was presented a unique corsage of mineature kitchen utensils. The Smith home was decorated throughout with iris and verbena placed at .points of vantage. Several games were played during the evening and the most outstanding one was the alarm clock game. Several alarm clocks wero placed in various parts of the home and were set to go off at differenl times, and each time the honoree was to go in the room and find the clock and also find a gift for her in linen. She received many lovely gifts from the 22 present. Open face sandwiches and iced drinks were served by the hostess to the guests present. ject* In their campaign, Education recreation, and beautification were the final ones chosen. Mrs.. Karl Weeks was then elected as contest chairman. Mrs. Shelby Jones and Mrs. J. T Adams Jr., were appointed to help Mrs. Weeks with the "Scrapbook" which was to be a record of all the advancement of the coming year. A new teen-age club was to be organized and the clubhouse could be used until the park was finished. Teen-age club committee include 1 Mmes. Alfred Pry, Olin Cox, Jack Arnett, Bob Magness and Joe Hamilton. Mr. Dildy invited the group to attend the dinner at the Marion Hotel in Little Rock on May 27. He indicated that a lot could be learned from the meeting as each town entering the contest would have a representative there. me meeting adjourned to meet again on May 17th at the club house for a fish fry. There were 34 members present. Fired by Godfrey, Couple fo Wed NEW YORK, (UP) — Singing star Marion Marlowe and television producer Larry Puck, both fired by television star Arthur Godfey, • will be married in St. Louis Friday. Their courtship cost Puck his [job with Godfrey. He was fired as one of Godfrey's directors imrned lately after he and Miss Marlowe announced their engagement. Miss Marlowe has one of six enter tainers fired by Godfrey last month. The couple plans a two-week Bermuda honeymoon following the ceremony. Notice The Gardenia Garden Club will have a called meeting Friday May 6th at 2:30 p. m. in the home of Mrs. Sam Strong to complete plans for the Hat Show. Coming and Going Dr. and Mrs. Jack Ambrose and daughter, Claudia Ann of Albu> querque, New Mexico are the guest of their parents Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Ambrose and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Whitworth. Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Wade Walters of Rockford, Illinois are visiting Mrs. Jim Walters, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Brown and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Walters in 'Hope. Mr. Joe Dildy " Guest Speaker at Emmet Improvement Club The Emmet Imrpovement Club met on Tuesday night May 3rd. al the School Cafeteria were the men were hosts to the women. Coffeo and doughnuts were served by the men. After the minutes were read anc approved the president, Mr. Shelby Jones presided over the meeting and introduced the guest speaker, Mr. .Joe Dildy of the Arkansas Industrial Development Commission from Little Rock, Mr. Dildy made a 'brief talk on projects, population of (0-1,000) should list a minimum of three pro- Tell Mother she's the fairest of all with a gift of nylons by A gift that's pretty yet practical is dear to every Mother's heart! Choose dainty nylons by Mary Grey in fashion-wise Island Colors . . . super-sheer or service-sheer, all proportioned to fit smoothly, wear wonderfully. 8K 2 toll, Ifl5 fo 1,95 THE FASHIOH SHOPPE 112$. Main Hope, Ark. Personal Mention Mrs. R. A. Spilzka, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Henry, now residing in Riverside, California under went a major operation 1 Monday and .is reported doing nicely. .Hospital Notes Branch Admitted: Mrs. A. Vf. Stone, Tex- Palmer Stages Delegation Dinner WASHINGTON W) — Members of the Arkansas congressional delegation and Gov. Orval Faubus were guests last night at a dinner staged by C. E. Palmer, Arkansas newspaper publisher, and the Magnolia, Ark., Chamber ot Commerce. Other guests included former Sen. Tom Connally (D-Tex), Sen. Daniel D-Tex), Les BiJCfle, former secretary of the Senate; John R. Stedmen who was an assistant to former President Truman, and Dr. Jose Maria Chaves, counselor of the Colombian embassy. •Palmer and Ray Howard, president of the Magnolia Chamber of Commerce, acted as toastmastersl arkana. Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Stone announce the arrival of a baby boy 5-3-1955. Julia Chester Admitted: Marilyn Evans, Columbus, O. O. Brint, Et. 1, Hope, Discharged: Mrs. Joe Raschke, Rt. 1, Hope, Elmer D. Jones, Rt. 4, Hope, Mrs. Carlton King and Son Hope. THE BEAUTY BOX Open 6 Days a Week Appointments after 5 for those who work.. Phone 7-5850 112 S. Main What's happened to the old-fashioned She s still ardund, really—but you a never recognize (or she's not only Mother cum laudc, »he'« teacher, 'f economist, dietician, program chairman} chauffeur/ V «,»»•.' / ', account executive, ct cetera, et cetera, et cetera / ' ^ . *\ *i« <», * * «•» w. * . < and pretty as a picture besides. Site likes pretty things, toot { «t the things that keep her young and gayr?, lilce Fahergd. 'For your favorite mother, -^^^ ' -.' ' we have a complete assortment of delcctahly' gift-boxed perfumes, colognes, bath powderr in her favorite Faberge fragrance* JPHNP.COXDRUQ^ : Wallgreen Agency Phone 7-4616 Topt In Shaving Comfort GILLETTE SUPER-SPEED 1 1 piece razor, t [pak of blades, * travel case ;/EPSON SALTS' -^C •* M §•§••' .4*4* MB* i ••-'• . 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