The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 1, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 1, 1930
Page 6
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mmimm^w-:- Expert. ^Pick's Sington for '' All-Ameri- i ca; Dodd Great. .'': -A young."', southern Idol left " ranks,.'tis true, but It wouldn't hv:* mail* any particular difference h?.'J he 1 -stayed. . Not even tho -grin-.:!- slaranikig Bobby Jones ccujd hr. .7 wedged his bulk Into the 1030 All- Southern football team. : .For .every Ben . TIckiwr, Fran;: : • Carldeb and Wes Fester'•operating -.-above'--the Mason-Dlxon )lii!,.H!er: '-. waVa: Preacher.Roberts,. n/Usbb" Dodd'and a Jerry 1 pilryinple fj.'ic'n r Ing" the same brilliance oji Ko'ulh- • cm "gridirons'..Ypji, may doubt II, but' just, remember.' that' In 10 nu- • ior'lntersectlorial."Barnes, wilh.east- ern and mid-western .elevens, Hi.- south was winner of sevci). ': Perhaps the most Interesting' of these Dixie footballers this past season was Major -Bob .NeylaiU'E •'• tall, 'skinny signal-barker nt Tennessee. Players,, coaches'and spectators are unanimous In their claims that Bobby Dodd played the role of a superb-quarterback., "Dodd's cool, calculating play ss- lectlon most certainly was the rea- son''for Tennessee's' long' string of successes," "a "conference official wrote. "He's tlie, best.quarterback tlie south .has ever had .and the crily'maii I remember wito could run to his left and fire a pass ac-. curately-to the right" from'runntng plays."? .... , ; Yes, .Dodd was a field general. whose repertoire .Included passing, kicking and running with the ball. He never went In • for ball carrying until this fall when Tennessee's attack 'was ruined with in- jurlas. Then. Dodd shouldered the burden' and Major . Ncybncl \vts satisfied. : ' ' . - ' . Superlatives used by my observers" in posting the" tackle qualifications, of Fred - SIhgton, Alabama. ' and Elmer McCance ol 'Allans have convinced me that these-two' young men must, really play that position. Sington .led interference for the CrlmsonJ Tide's fast-running backs. On the defensive lie-played whore- ever he.-.thought "he might-make" a tackle. 'Sometimes that- .took htm out ori the end or Into tho Center position. - ." : '. ..'"":• . ' . iBodenger of Tulane, Steele of the . FloridaVOators and Lloyd (Preacher) Roberts'of: Tulane Jorrh a center co:nblnatlon"-' : that one-might hunt^for." months -and..never find. BodehgeV and .Roberts, ^winding up three-year • careers, di.d It In' R manner-rhost pleasing .to Bernle Bierman, their coach, Though Steele p'|ayed •'with a hlt-or-mls; Florida";'.eleven, neverthelcss his votes were heavier; than "those for Leathers of Georgia or Harry Thayer, captain or the Tennessee eleven. One .team should not be pormit- . ted to have better ends than Dalrymple And .Holland of .Tulane: In the case of an: all-star group, however, it's permissible, an:l that's tti?. ... reason for'Dalrymple and Calflsh Smith," the" Georgia wingman. Smith •batted "Just- a". lew points htghjr than Holland, who would never have to play second fiddle to many in the pass- catch in g. business.."' Young.Mr. Dodd ought to be satisfied with :the assistants chosen for him. Shipwreck Kelly, the Ken- tuekian; Flash Suther of Alabama and Jack (The Ripper) Roberts of ^.Georgia were the acfs of attack on • their .respective teams. The Eist became acquainted with The Ripper, for • he. ripped • up and down Yale bo*i one afternoon not long ago, and then "went north to tear up New York U.'s sod. Suther was not nicknamed Flash "in the pan " and Shipwreck Kelly was far from being a football derelict. POSITION FIRST TEAM j^ Dalrymple, Tnlant Tacxle Sington, Alabama Gu " d :•••• Bodcnjcr, Tulin- Ccnlsr L, Roberts, Tnter.? T i!» • *"-' StcHe, Fiariila lackle ......;.. McC?.nc!, Tulan * Roberts, Geor POSITION SECOND TEAM E nd ' ' ....... Schwartz, Vandcrbllt Clement, Alabama Georda State (tTPl to a recent Coc!cins . . represents a m Bain rf- j38 OTOT last fall's enrol ' - •<>- J- H v, Pentriss, Miss., has grow sweet potato metsurin? 32 inches 1 length (not Including K inches ad ,-*Uonal ten tanall in cirbumfore -,W.caant) The average was 354 Inches. ni dlamot . CHECKEB PURSE PLANNED • CinCAQO, (UP) •— Checker en thw.'asta are raising a purse 0 1 $5 000 for a mateh'bttween Kewe Bai-M, Americtn profeaicna charapfen. and Robert. stewat Scclllslij chaaipl»n, held ne srt,C»<Ui Point,, Olilo. A 'tip to Da|j.r*i-Jack We a:e jiist a trifle concornsd cr.-.a; Jnok Kearnb. 'i-hc c t!icr t!a/ 1 Jack s«nt cut a bulletin to the Vp.1 ilniine in effect that even Ins date of :he MIckey'Wulker-Max Schnicl- in^ ^mak-li tor next year had been fet. . . Oh, y,:s, May 31, 1931 at Soldier's' Field! To which our only comment at this time will be that May'31 lirppens to fall on Sunday. licrttmi Octs B-jck Anifijci Horwem.Karvai-d's coacli, returns to the tanneiy in Chicago! his v, p ork for the y.^ar done- w^ll >|n iK-allng Yale. No more,' says' he, will he coach the Crlmsrii. •;.'".' . I think Yale will iigrec that Nor- wcen in In the right business in Chicago. CoAsict?rlng Hint the Bull (b'i wan pretty thoroughly tanned lliis year, anil last year, and the year before that. 'oinl After Touchdown . Fo:iball Is ft game thnt gets its name from, the practice of kicking H l-?aliier-coYcred sheroid. Naturally, you kick with ycur.,feet. Aside from punting and booting. fie.ld i:oals, tlie try for p:dnt after tW'cli-' down is tlie only kicking. you : sce la. a footlxill game -these "d^ a:t!de Irom kicking ribs, 'etc. '"' Suco^ss in kicking the point after tciiclidown often brings a team, vlc- 1'i.y. It Is a, department of,the game. If they do away .with, kick- it) g tl mean the football) whyVcali it football . Is ft not im-portent thai skill In kicking be retained?. Oli, Boy! United States Drinks .More Canadian Beer VICTORIA, D, C. (UP)—Over 08.0 of the beer exported from Canada In 1029 was destined for the United States, statistics show. The United Stales also took 98 per cent of the wine Canada exported. The. wine amounted to 40,116 gallons valued at $107,714. The beer exported from Canada of which the'-Unlted States-got 08.0 per cent was 2,078.291 gallons valued at *2,818,45S. - . : ' Canadians themselves drink over a million more gallons of beer 'during 1929. . Lone Cop Stands Guard Over Bullion Shipment SAN FRANCISCO.' (UP)—There must be something about Officer B. C.. Tally of the harbor police that keeps gangsters away., The liner Shlnyo Maru brought $2,500,000 in gold' here for the mint and due to a tie-up could-jiot unload until "the following day so Tally was detailed to stand by Hie five tons of gold bullion.' "It's not much fun watching a couple ,of million bucks," Tally said. •••-'• tiey've done a lot of cheering this all at Msrqiictlc University nnd ne couldn't really tell whether U "as for Miss Laurine Milliard, bovc, or for Marquettc's football earn. Come to think of it, maybe le cheering was for both, because Ilss Milliard was Marquette's co-ed cheer-leader. - YOUTH SHOOTS BUCK .- I.UZERNE,' H .Y., (Up)-Three tours after \rabur Stokes, IG-year- Iri Luzenie High Scho?l Uutot, Mtered the vvoons, lie returned home with an elglit-iwint luick relghing 100 pounds. He said he [choir dropped the deer with his first' yetrs hot. ' ' AUTOMATIC NET TESTED NEW:ORLEANS. (UP)-An automatic trawling . net for . shrimp and crabs; Hie invention of John W. Enright,' of New Orleans, has had its first successful test. The net has a canvas tube at the mouth through which' the shrimp are drawn directly up to a barge to which .11 is .attached by the force of tho water. - . HADN'T HEARD NEWS LEEDS, Eng. (UP)—When Herbert Morley, 50, a hawker, was told by relatives he had been officially "dead" for six months, he replied, "that's the first news I had of it. 1 ' GLIDER OFFERED FOR $180 MANCHESTER, Eng. (UP)_A glider has-.been eorstructed by a group of men here" In their spare hours at a. coat of 1150. SANG IN CHOIR 50 .YEARS ABERDEEN, Scotland. (UP) William Kirklanq\ and William Johnstqne have sung in the sinic in a church here for 50 DID YOU KNOW THAT— The big shot In Germany Is not Max Schmeling, the World's heavyweight (by foul) champion. . . . It's Eric Moeller, the bicycle champion... . . When Max went back to.Germany he said scmethlng about "re-covering from the effects of that low blow" . . . which- niakes : him the champion at slow recovery. . . . He drives, a sporty-looking Lancia roadster . . .' and lives in a'castle-like villa near Berlin (•« the shore of ScharmutEel lake. . . . Planj a trip through Switzerland, and Italy. . . .He may come back to America for a movie contract, but hardjy will appear In, a ring any'wherie before summer. ... It ' was George Blake, teaching boxing at the Ix>s 'Angeles Athletic 'Club, who started Fidel T^aBarha en his way. : . . Fidel won the flyweight championship afte'r only 11. professional fights. - -_ . : .Hunk Anderson Trains " '. Hunk Anderson, hard -hi SWEDEN TO COUNT CHAIN". ' STOCKHOLM, (UP)-A national Inventory of all.wheat and rye stored In Sweden Is planned by the government gram board. In connection with the-.cenais, u w quality of this year's.crbp will also be Investigated, as -well, as tho tolal area of wtieal and rye bearing farm '' Ittlns Kotrn Dame guard oi 1921, and assistant to Rcckne. went Into training for that Thanksgiving morning battle between ..veterans of'North- western and Notre Dame '. teams. Tr.iintng, of course, Involved cessation of. smoking. Hunk a'ccjuiesced- He b:«ght a plug of chewing tobacco. ' :-. f * ' • • ' • ' .' .'.'*" Andy High ,Gc*s Back.' . .','; ' The wires carried a-tale the other day about Andy High's 'telng sent tack, to R'ochesters' farm. A couple of "month!! ago,'every other day or sf\ the \vlrcs"e'a'rried tales, of the pinch isitting of :Andy' High -winning tall games for the Cardinals nt a" time when the winning of-.ball ! games was most important. But then, of course,.organized-baseball •is professional. Riding' the-trains iis pait of the life. * * * • I Nibs Takes a Ride, Too Nibs Price is going to ride some tr.ilm. too". A coach, especially-, at a big school like California, is i.up- pcscd to win frotball game*. Let itmtbodf else lose -them; you are supposed to win them. But,., then, of coursi!, collegiate, foc^b'all -Is an amateur affair. CLASSIFIED Will/ IK U. S. Naval Academy at An- napclis wnu founded in 1845 by Georgia BancrVft, secretary of the navy at that time." HOME THEATRE Last Time Today Comedy .-ami Cnvtoon. Admission- 10 and 25c. Tests Show Child Appeal of Old Building Blocks IOWA CITY, la. (UP)-A set of blocks of various sizes and shapes will attract the attention of a child more quickly than any. other plaything, Miss Eva Nelson of the child welfare research station claimed here after more than two years of research. The blocks will have a more permanent hold over a' small child than a doll, sand pile, kiddy kar)" or any kind of animals'; Miss Nelson said.' P, The .first steel framed building completely i.uppTrting Its covering walls'.was built in Chicago in 1884. RITZ Last Time Today "Two Is • — but three' .Is;-.".» girl's best friend."-says CLARA Comedy and News. Adm. JIatinee — 15 and 40c. The hbticst mountain nron is at leaa 35.0CO lelght. > VOO NUJCN GOOD 'CONVINCE H te any test you want 99 DEWAXED PARAFFINE EASE MOTOR OIL lasts 25% t® 59% LOOK THESE COAL PRICES OVER CAREFULLY Buy your coal from us and have the difference to buy Santa Clans with Kentucky $ Lump Empire, that wonderful coal 9.75 ZeigJer, the coal \vith the heat units stored within. v 7.50 .Genuine Monlcvatlo, the coal world's best $ 12.25 10WNE & BILLINGS BLYTHEVILLE FEED & COAL STORE The fipal test of-a motor oil is what your motor saiys'abput it. And the motor isn't made that .can break the new Socony Motor Oil. The new Socony lasts longer because it is ATX oil ... DEWAXED . . . FILTERED and re- filtered. It lubricates as thoroughly at zero as when' the thermometer shows 100 in the shade. rage driver, expect 50 per r mieage from the new Socony or cent if you drive hard and fast. Get a cranktase fullHoday at the first Magnolia Sign and let vour motor decide. If ,ypu are an SQCONT Pronounced SO-CO-NY' SO-5B' Change NOW for Winter driving! MAGNOLIA STATIONS AND DEALERS -THROUGHOUT THE SOUTHWEST

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