The Sydney Morning Herald from Sydney, New South Wales, New South Wales, Australia on January 16, 1965 · Page 13
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The Sydney Morning Herald from Sydney, New South Wales, New South Wales, Australia · Page 13

Sydney, New South Wales, New South Wales, Australia
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 16, 1965
Page 13
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13 Tic Sydney Morning Herald, Sal., Jan. 16, 15 l The Remarkable William Booth 1 M.9, J. As," I-VHiV'VC-SfML.i.? r"TOI - -mw . Y -i-m t ,ij iiTUr i- TM " ITT I I HIT tT -11 11 331 ' "ViHEK rr u WW 7 it i mm- . wsssj r -ana. Sim VwtimwMZ, , ' ir ' 1 .1 . i r.- -j f - - mi . iK. i 1 jTWh.- it i n ri This year marks the centenary of the faun-(lotion of the Salvation Army in a disused burial ground in the East End of London. By MARY CORRINGHAM well as shelters where desii-Treedom of Ihf Cilv. the Itilc men. lor four-pence a 'highest honour London can night, could get a mattress confer upon an 1 nglishman. Willi a Icalhcr coverlet, a li u,is follosscsl by a hoi wash, anil a supper and ; Doctorate of Civil Law 'con-breakfast of cocoa andllcircu Ivy Oxford L'nivcr-bread. ! sity. Reports soon spread of the: , . )c of " "' ' General Hoolh went ler of Booth's the district where work was car- A SLUM clearancehnndrcilsof vcars. On Julvjworld: hut eiery country scheme for Sneinton.12. I9f5, a plaque to himhere the "Blood and Fire' Nottingham, England, in- will he unveiled in West-' com- volves the demolition o.'niinstcr Abbey. He was; . . -'., h. everv house but one. IniWilliam Booth, founder olhccn i.lunchcd throughout! the Salvation Army. Australia and among olher) London will be the set- extensions oi tne Army that house, on April 10, 1 824. was born a boy blind alter an esc opeiation. ricd on. attracting the alien. I h , d hv ,he buf up tion of philanthropists. ho, hc , w.,s ful f .'iini'tni'pd lhiimiHf t it itci . 1 value and contributed material assistance. Renamed the Salvation A ...- : iu-tt .. ... i ..r si i a : :. "n-i! c,.y to continue his work tor suffering humanity, begun 47 years before. When he lied in Auimisi, his funeral Wm$ktwmm umtm a tarn wwim9Mw&M more rapid progress than HOW DO THEY SWIM THE ATLANTIC ? By A Special Correspondent :of London, with his coffin .... - . ,. - .., . . ,e IRC II I: C SSIl.llllS 11 MlltS destined to change more ,inR for international cele- activities in Australia is thceio c. .n'nc"- """land emperors, ssas described lives for the better than h,,,,ilins tended by Salsa-I"!:Poin."" . fA ,?""?..,u f 'dnJ T 1-."L' ".'neof .he great scene., invone else hud done forliionists from all over thei -rh, ih, . fnVir.-lin'the mission, immediately 1,1 Bnllsh hlsll1r- movement we know as the canie simply "the tien-j Salvation Arms' l.ulnv mess al." and proceeded to' out of William Booth's per- P1'1 I"'" organisation on a sonal crusade lo alleviate Ihe military fooling. with J distress of the social out- umioims lor male ami casts of his lime. Ihe "sub- 'P,1,lc.. ."A'c'ers In 1104 merged tenth" of Britain's HlarU II receives population. Booth m audience, and His bos hood svmpalhv affectionately called him with the sufferings' of ,,c I'eneral. after s hich "Ihe ,1,-siiiiiip in..Lmwr. ..r hie I "nics dropped the quota- task look him of Mexico and the Afticaninalivc lossn ssas Ihe prelude.""" n"s icrerring coast. lo a long lile of sclf-sacn- ,,,1,,l,"." "" What surprised the Dane.ficing toil and devotion. ! Inevitably the movement even more ssas that he ssas Booth's father was a J J.' lolraclors. aid was nelting not only ihe larva, speculative builder. His'1""'' V ""' ' ' Jewess, ssas a " " " i--'-- .- Only fnmily man lo have tunnelled religions Order II illinm Hoolh. The seaward trek of the freshwater eel to its breeding: ground in the region of the Sargasso Sea. some .'?.()()() miles from Britain's shores, is one of the mot amazing of all natural phenomena. lav. The is years. His first clue led him on a wild-goose chase toward Ihe coast of Bntlanv. bmj,,f ihe l-'uropcari eel, but of i mother, a aner a years iriniics-. )hc American species also search lie decided lo try, nj , hj mcan ,),,,, Mimc..and proud, wnh turt tier wcsissanl. om in tne ..i,.... ; ,u. ..i.-iniu. sns .. wonclcrlul eves. STRINE, SEX AND SPARKLY GUYS response to innumerable request jor information about Professor A fferherk Lauder, I whose researches into the Sirine Iquict, ihouchtfiil woman, tall fnrc. enH'l'Sin,c ' national l,mintl!f have recently been re- the most;"'" " i Yele,i in these columns), his Allunll Cl.rA he- rti.-l tA HIS ,t i" "ispawnin uie uau again ana ntcaine!, lines' more and more convinced u11 , Lamils a ground common to P"v'y disrupted the boy's;' and shocked many by act- s ing in a way not thai Ihe anssscr lav -. ...k,..i;.,.. .....i nt , u ainoim leugious nouics. "i.. . . . exuncrance ami emnusiasm ? ,.,nn hv some as t-.,...,... 'j TAKING the energy of a cross-Channel swimmer as 10 rimes greater than an eel's, the trek of the eel is equivalent lo a human being swimming round the world, plus an additional 5,000 miles into the bargain. It finds its way 3.000 miles under the sea without chart or compass an in-' credible feat of Perhaps cscn more remark able is the miraculous man. muscular tPIBOJVK came swatminc from the sea. The riddle was: slid the adult eels go to raise their families? Mans' thought the elvers were hatched a short distance oil the coasl. The lirsl clue came lo light in 18'Jh svhen two Italian naturalists piovcd CClion. Thr- Amrrii-an vlV,hl ""Ic llsh found inl navigation.',.... k ,i.r ,, .t,.., "r.lhc Strait of the ruronean snc. i,-s a changed by stages into an of species a about 1 .0(10 ss:it nn 111,- tsisml ,st nmlinn n ,mim s iiusssi 111 a i'.issii- , , some- ' .' h, "ere rcgarucn her in ihe ili-en svaiers of ' "s '"""s. hhuuhvimu want o reverence, and even 'e,'" decp wa,ers olTiddlc. l-o disasters occurred, . ;....llwd riois. In one vear I a sman vessel ,17 l realised it waVimpossihle lcWa' ' l . J. Two or three years l.ter seriou-ly assauhed. and uprivcricomb a whole ocean foiL" "nl'' 9 " I ' :hc ""Jerwenl Ihe spiritual nearly 100 a large propor-Iclues and he asked captains; .'V'" ilhlc resume his experience of conversion. (isn of them women were if occan-eoinc merchant'cxc,uns q,ic,,t i"hl wa, 1,01 aml "lsequentlv cniluclcd,scnt lo prison for alleged whcl'cLhin. t iin" h ii.ini.l,on6 before he established, revival nieciings in Ihe obstruction caused in the nccial nets on their vovaecsi c !:"-'t 1'" lnc Poorest districts of Nulling- street by their processions. and lowering them into ihcj' ,. ." uuiopean.riani, pelted with bricks.l But lord Chief Justice sea at llltCI SalS . ' - .-,,,,,lsi "' muiiss iiiki sicasl cais ny ine.v ois-i isiye iliii,h sen in ins ..mwssi, mi ins iw- uicai rougns. ,riousc oi loisis mat lie gion at a depth of some Moving to London in j look it that every English-1 1 S49. Hoolh spent his spare j man had an absolute and Further research prosed lime in evangelistic ssork. (Unqualified right to go that Ihe American elvers When in IS55 he marriciLahoul his business and per-took a sear to reach their. Catherine Mumford. a sainl-Torm legal acts ssith the everyone. Hv piecing to-jhomc shores, while the ly youne woman wnh simi-, protection ol the law: and? ntUn ll.n c,,nni;,l licT ..l..- l-l l.. I.l.-.i. : . I. . L I.. t 1.1 . L 11 I fiw" 1 v sinn .i'ir,llu . I uis,,s,iii iis-ssissi i.ii isisais. u ssits Hie pecin-.iie anpis-iicnucsi inai ssaiK- 4 .SICSSina , ... 'n..,rl,. ,1,.. r.. ..f .. I.... u... i . "n. i : i... u .u- . i inc nicisnaui snips n ss'on . ns.n .. t.uts ss.n. is. snisi iinij; sii ssii.u iirts ps:sii sancu ins: 1111(1111:11 uie in 4 i.A....n.n ,l...t it.. !.' the .vOOO miles back lo oiir "lhe most rens:iil:ilsli lil',- niili-r iinil nrni-pssinn rsvn 2 , . , . i'SS.iiiis. sivni inns inc sin - . , . 1 ... .... . eel. tight ears passed . i..,r lh,ni streams and risers. When partnership on record." if accompanied bv music -s it h no further clue until in ... . : "" thev start on their amainc Aficr some sears of and the singing of hvmns. i mime 1904 Dr Schmidl. a Danish .""Uc u im'--mc(l- trek thev arc onlv an inch preaching for ihe Methodist was absolutely lawful, in J m'i - - - - si I Ml unit:. I'm s us- i I is-s i-ssis s li iiil'.s nil. niinin in inr iiisiisk ni uni.'n I riisi.'im'ais i auuliiications and his background, sodics. Its the "Herald" here reprints the from I he Strvnoo Zoo": SURPRISE The results astonished I.Alllin. .illlKRI.CK: l.nm-trie Irxieovrnphrr rl ihr mul-tKeniieih irnuiiy, Horn in Mnirlhen to liitmblr parents nl nnblr Unit, he very early in lite auountletl his keeper by displayme tin extraordinary gift jor langiiavn. When only tmt tlays old he could read Scrabble and three tlays later lie learned to speak. His first minis to i's startled parents Merc: "Hey you! Hrinu me a thicken and look fellers, no hens! I have spoken." At the early iigr of three months he iompoed. and dedicated to his mother, the song entitled "Thanks tor the Mammary." whieli ts still sum,' b' Sirincs on iiothcr's Day. At the age of five he look his M.A. and Ph. P. and shortly ntteneards sens appointed protesor lo the inWv created Sehoid of Sirine Studies at IC:: Rock. Handicapped throughout his lite hv having been born with extreme myopia 'uned ivith a verv rare and curious inalloriiiation of what is thought lo he i'nna of . i hall-point pens. Kelly:: J Us:-ur- I rter in which the young eels, lourncy or elsers as thev are called, miles. steer a course assav fromi lor centuries men non th. en'.., n,nn nm.mrl, U-...L . . . I I I..- to Ihe streams and rivers " s ,:" fesc.irth i w of ihe hunL Thc c,,ac came, conic suarmin? in from (he ISM became an ipilcpcn-i subject bad the right 'to be head, he xvns for many yean nn their parents left. ' , J ' ,UM Faroes, netted a larxa mo c,,in cvcr' dav- To add lo the sreat eel linlH 1 '-n ,h:i' lhc m-VSIcrV,idcnlical lo that taken from ' he larcc number oi elvers mystery is the fact that: was solved. It was well-j i he .Strait of Messina. dredged from thc deeps American and Furopcanj known on both sides of thc j n view of thc fact that told he uas hot on thc trail irrsnwaier etis pom makCj Atlantic that everv autumn! thc ecl fishery uas an im-, . a trail that was leading - it p.iwnmgjf ou.n ccls maic ihcirlpottant Danish indtistrv.'touHid the West Indies and grounds in ihe haruassoi , , i' ... ., ... . region and their offspring wa' downstream and out tojDr Schmidt was asked lo more particularly toward an "r V nin-vc inc iiiiMfiitc in ', , I , , . , . .. , ' whtCll lime thev CrOW to .inn iUc merl'mw rnnfinnrrl ! headine lor the wronc dir-'countlcss nit inns of e vers1 where the spawninc Grounds which hes between ihe Cm , t t,' ., .i . '"V ."' . tl'"I"1,,c: 'he ! wcich up to I OH' sea they arc ahout three dent rcvians. deciding that protected. Wr 10 read or w rite wiinotit the am inches in lenuth. his real work lay among thc The Ocan of Canterbury S " powvrftd trinovufars. His output. ii. i , n i. I. i .-.-..iiA.k j.. h,t i,. Piif.. Heat ions include; "Some l.esrr-known limel Sounds amaha Cahie 'Irani iiripttten"; "There Snow Patter ftafi hrr Yenou Yerrone": and "Little Lauder's Lexicon." Asked ahout his hohhies t'mfcwtn Lauder replied, "Well I dt "DESTINY" Tlfte Is freM mile The siht)ili(l Evsones, pride of ihe Creek Army, are threatened because of a deadlock between a king and a tailor. From A Special Correspondent in Athens in America. Australia and Rosal Guard "Only I South Africa. haven't goi around to mak- ai h.nnn His each (fsie-'ing that one just yet. 72). he understandably has! The pride of thc Georgou ,. . , ,, T, . , .... r.-, ipracticallv no nrisalc sales las family is equalled only THE king is 24.year.0ldl "That depends. Esange-lhjn tircccc ,bv thc pride of the Greeks t onstanttne, vvho suc- U . 5 . ' "o .. ... lh- ironhle is ihat a m their Histanclla. fcvery FUMkH In lh. ihrnn of ' alacc- . ' - "nr.sner" l-iisi;inrlla reoiiircs day wear at the time of the Greece less than a vca r"' J a ZT l h yards of clolh and take, reyo.ution in .822, it gradu- iw ... i . , .... 'iiiv tt:iv n:i- posting as permanent.'" P" :";,,. "i ! . , n i I ni. i-irnion Mil u sic i .,ii. ... lOlliccr-in-commana. rsoyai; .VT ri,mnMn Km in ago. The tailor is fi2-car-old Uncle hvangclos ticorg-oulas. 5.1 years in thc service of Ihe Royal House of Greece during five reigns. 1 he issue is money Tailoring Lslablishmcnl Old Kvangclos lirsl presented his conditions to lhc laic King Paul more than a scar ago. anil ssas promises! of colour hirl and nccdlc-svorking-hours embroider. over the ssllllcyci,s ''go H w"S sun a sum- kilt, lakes 2-U)!nu,n lorm ot evening anil Onlurv Old Icicouri tircss, anu, says i"L'nclc" Gcorgoulas. was superseded bv "black tic' mainly because ils cost ssas becoming prohibitive except for svealthy expatriate Greeks. homeless, lhc vicious, and. (Dean l-arrcrl. who had lire starving of the London personalis' visited the Salva-slums. lhc "quagmire of lion Anus's prison homes. t ii , i ci i Junius. nomcs lor reiuec. nigm IJnitrr llri- lillr first .sr ihf ! . f i .1 ' - i A fler five to. seven years Fasi London Mission and similar ' esiablishmenis'. "rie. i:u.opean risers, ntinnc ,hen of lhc rhrisnan Mis- s,,ihe,l ils work in elrvatinn .ion inc nieciinj; continued, ihe conditions of thc most I have a iiiawy horse, hut I am reafiv lone and Hn( quicklv became Ihe talk wretched of men as "God- i interested in such simple pastimes . the new nr ,iir ,.mn u-lrn (i;i... i;i . ,.t ,t lir,l.l,,, l,i ,. .. ., ,,.,, ,i cencration of eels feels the " n;(i.frri ,-, uac ' S :., , ,,tit call of destiny. to shreds one stormy nicht.1 . r i Details of other famous Strtnes are I hey chance in colour to, anous old buildings were I llulUy iMGtl a clittcrinc silver, their cvcs'uliliscd. j crow larper and their: Booth formed a collection i ....... ., . . . , snouts become more point-0f notorious evil-doers nliam Booth is the only cd. If necessary, a migrat- tlc "Hallclu ah Rand" '""J man wno nas iauncn- inc eel will cross roads and;w10se characters had beenicU a rrl,P,ous c,,dcT He anu nis wnc orou.cnt up seven children three sons and four daughters to carry on their work. One fields in search or a river cT;ingcd by his services. At that leads to the sea. meetings they related their It is. alas, a onc-wavlc.xpcricnces and ofi'crcd test i-: tirLM lh:it thr nrlnlt lH lmnnir :W1i -art inn himrlmel:! taLrv for ils inurncv In theiof neonlt who 'would nntlf lhC founder's grandsons. c wr.tu n,it.,. k..a iu. (i Commissioner V cliffy raisinc duly ended, so is its' hear an orthodox sermon. Noolh. youngest child of, I life I As Booth richtlv told alHrHniwcl' BooIh- w' v'sit' Thousands of millions of wMcyan conference some jAiislra ha with his wife next eels have cone out and Vcf s his organisation; "rtinl" lwd the c,s come in from Ihe Sarcasso. Hnf lrt th miW;" Hnnimrpd hv envrroinn.! but each and all have kcpt,cans ,lc harlots, tlvc thicves'and statesmen.' and having Iheir direction-finding sec-ipcoplc outside the palc;earned the respect of all rets. Doubtless the Gulf of ordinary churches and classes, William Booth lived Stream has some bcarinc drew its converts out of thcito see his critics silenced on the matter, but mavbc ""cr-. , . .wld-wide recognition ... ' , ; As funds became avail-'of thc worth of his work. WC SflHll nCCf KnOW inC'..UU n,,U nrm-idrl farlh. in r.'limin ll tt'nru ? ".inc breakfasts anil soup k it-1 1 nc-s of human failure. hens for lhc starving, as' In 1 905 he received the )- complete answer Great Rel Mystery. to I" printed helot followed hv further ex-tracts from the "dlossarv": l")ORIMY FASOLA Ti l DO : World-famous lyrii it tint! soprano, Strtnes have everv reason to he proud f the many fatuous .singers their country has produced Joe Nammon, Nellie Mairlper, Peer Torzen. Joan Sul-hut and. ahove all, the glorious Porintv Fusola Teedo whose name will forever he graven on the hearts of all true Strines. Madame Teedo known to all her adorers as "The Marrickvtlh' Magpie" is unique in Striae musical history. Her golden voice and tempestuous personality are indeed legendary, hut it is as a Ivricist and composer that her true hrilliance is revealed. Perhaps the best loved of her perennially popular songs are "There are ferries at the homh of nty garden" and "Picey dicey! dive tne your ant. Sir, do.'" Another favourite, "La! Pi:.:er Mannie's Planet 7 hink!" has been translated into fj languages. Even n the most remote parts of Som Tare Tree and Lex tier Us e one may hear thr natives stngfng. in thnr attaint cents, thr well-known words of this 3j niovitr,: ballad xvhtch has here been translated as "Love is mmtev splattered thick." I WISIM KOO PI'S: .1 """" n.tmr ui Strine literature. Soiorious for his 1 harshness, hated by the prisoners, fear- ed by man and animal alike, W'isperoo , Pes is the brutal mam character in I the low; epic poem. "Chn and Pes." X by the Strine poet Adam "Li::ie" (torn. The fofloxxtng oft-quoted pasr 5 sa?e is lnm the fanunts duel tene tn Act I : Enter, ed Kellv. carrying easel. brushes and several 44-galhm drums of synthetic enamel. Oi'lsta critics ciit kin "Harsh, harsh. Wispcroo Pes And Chrissofcr Rtdun have fallen dan.stair.s. Antnlerking .sauces anorlcrking smen Are watching ihe marcs and the birdies aynin." II IK BIG HOUSF-CART M AJOI- (( Strine patron saint of voting mar ried couples, or as they are sometimes - t indulgently knoxvn. " early weds." How the Major came to acquire his J curious nickname is unknown: indeed mufh id his life and back ground is obscured hv confU- ting reports and J ( ryptic half-truths One thing. Iuwcvc: J iv certain, and that is that If lias ol- S M7 vv been assot tiled with marriage X and weddings. Today no scll-rcspcct--' ing soloist at a Strine wedding cere-" money am re r-tunneit imm ringing that so well'lovrd melody addrrwed to: "Hig llor'-cart Maim . mi nr." OAUIU.FR MINCT.: Within the next half hour; also; greetings. As in: "Til be with vott in a garbler mince.'' and: "H itli thr rarbler mince of the dem of Pirectors' INN I R NARKl'l IX PA.f : A s builder's term, meaning: H ithm the next seven or eight weeks. An ehbor. atton id this phrase "Mr smite j duirf mttlv, inner nark up luda:c for . sure" means, in the building trade: s ' H fh;rt the next seven or eight weeks, t I. FN I I I: Length. j SIH.1T NAIR OVkF: A continual sensation of pain in the head. As m: i' "f got a split nair dyke, Smor taken J ; bear, I left a tiger nipey .sea." SLX: fleshing buiigs. Sex of pota- toes; sex of manure; corn sex; etc., TIGFR: Imperative mood of verb to Take . As in: "Tiger look at this, Reg, you wooden reader hattit," or "Tiger petrer sparkly guys . . ." I S OLE: IVolcsor Lauder would like to eprc-s his warmest lh-nks to Ihe many "Herald" readers who have ttriftcn to him offering such valuable criticism and comment, and who have submitted so many Strine words for possible inclusion in thc Glossary. He is most Graphite to find that his work has been so favourably received by the jell public, and hc regrets that, because of thc volume of correspondence, hc is unable to answer these letters individually. I i ! What Became OfH. M. Bat ef nan? To find the bringer of jollity in such a place is so appropriate that it teas almost to he expected. OWN a deep lane, in a last, old and decrepit, the ssas. and is. iust svhal medlorous artists the treat liule farmhouse, he Iconvicl is released and drags to he called "a decent; mass entertainers of their ,il hv lhc fire in the osv-!himsclf hack to ihe British chap. His comments on I age. It hegan wnh Phil hcamcd parlour, a fond oldMuscum. Hc hnds the same injustice, social foihlcs andjMayand his conicmpoianes terrier snuffing at his sidcJshosscase and. heforc the ihe .amities of Hnglish life a. the linn of ihe ccniurv Here, enjoving his scsentv- aitenuanis can seize mm made their wrv points Pc-iann ended in iiyi. wnen seventh Christmas, is H. M. again, hrcalhcs on the glass nealh rohnst cood humour.1 Ihe war. paper shortage. From TOM POCOCK in London IT Raleman. Henry Mayo Bateman is probably the greatest humorous artist of the century. His laughter rings far hack. Some horn in Georgian England who learned lo lauch svith Gillrav and Cruik-shank. laughed in old age svilh H. M. Haleman. For more than 60 years Mr Baicman has been engendcr-ering laughter and. for more than half that time, he was recognised as thc supreme exponent of his art. known -and drops dead. 1 The most famous Rate-man cartoon is The Guardsman Who Dropped It. which nosv hangs in thc Guards C Inn. iist as an. then television, brought ncss' sons of visual humour. Hc talks affectionately and with admiration of his old colleagues: Heath Roh- oihcr in his great records, mson. Frank Reynolds, of Rrilish embarrassment.:! c is Haunter and ihe rest. The Man Who Missed the! He thinks thai Max Hcei. Tndav. it survives as i mst as Bateman. as i har- naiionaf costume. And whilcllic Chaplin was "Chaplin." every Greek hov osvns al This Christmas one of cheap one for school cele- what Stephen Potter calls Rail on ihe First Tee at St Andrew's belongs lo lhc Rosal and Ancient. To Phil May. Mr Rule-man's mother had sent a bundle of his drawines while hc was still at sch May had recommended Al slake is the sartorial iihev would hc considered magnificence of the killed Rut then thc King fell ill Royal Guard, thc delight ofjwilh thc cancer from which every visitor to Athens who ,c died last March, and thc tours thc city, camera in , issue was not pursued. Fvcrv nlcat in thc kilt and "lin'!- Nosv. with thc Royal 'evcrv stitch in Ihe waislcoat lhc dispute centres onlmmlrnin!, mcri iind King n)ust hc indicated by mas-Ihe Fustanclla. the sli llly ronslantinc's wedding and tcr tailor Evaniiclos Gcor- flowing kilt with its SOI) honcvnuK,n behind him.lgoulas. who spent a quartcribrations, adults put it on"lhc immortal tragedies of pleats, worn by the l-.voncs r;Vi,ngclos Gcorgoulas hasi0f century undcrstudyingionlv to perform folk dances H. M. Bateman" is again W hen on scnll V duty al thc,., h,. Question. It is. his father, unit hpcan leach, ifnr'lnnrlsls irennhlishecl as n namnhlcl. Royal Palace and the Tomb . . his jrrcvoc:ihlc de-iin'o the art to his ossn sonl The rent ihin Lilt for Thi.' Irani- faniasv is .-all. now mark H. M. Batemanlminster School of Art of the Unknown Soldier in iCjsjon )0 retire during I965.iwhcn Ihe hov was nine. iiinhilnt. in and not n skin ed "I he Rov Who Rreathcd : as a "committed" artist I "There." says Mr Rate hohm might have been lhc gi cutest of them all. IISIIEIUIAS SELF PORTRAIT "Becrbohm was like a mediate transfer lo Uflerwards. he'd go off and school. Hcnrv Bateman s (tratt nnnv portraits of his mi ncr v as very v iciorian fr;n.iv Hi ,...,;,.... aau icnucu 10 rccaru arusis;. .nsiuuuon quarc am. Am 1S son dl not lake, -i he House of GcorcoulnsW ballet is worn onlv bv'on the Glass in thc British ail ceremonial paniucs. uncss given mote,..,.,. fIM,niP,l hv h'vunMrloK'ithn s5vv:ini.rino men of thpi Miisriim" and it was drawn caricatures upm hri i-tnt hul il h. and actors as being immoral I,.,,, crjollsv gone in for u t U1 ,,ior la-V b"' ,inallV Wd humorous art. hc would Perhaps such fables would to send his boy to the West- hic hecome a great force in thc land." H. M. R.ucman has been Any Alliens seamstress ..,,,,ie, n" terms. can make a Fustanclla adc-' j; j jk vvilri Uiiaic i or a lancy-urcss nan, Ko .( c iiiiirtis. i in-oaiicc umhii children s cai uiv Rut onlv ihe Hon Iprnmlfalher more than a' Ros al Guards. for thcjcciuiiry ago. during the! "f "Uncle" uncic icign of Olhon. lirsl Sine ot (.ccps his Fvangelos word, and the !!P nirlv fvangelos receives 86 diach-!modcrn Greece, and Olhnn King does not "accommo-. ,., i' e.,r-lms ,)llsl ,,vcr 1 anhimsclf. who died in exile., jtc" his son. in n few years C OI VirOI .:Ki.,,,,,r ,.,v In IIS ale- ,. .. Isnrle.1 in 9 r.e.irerMiln. .1.. 1 I 1 in I J I ft. A small hoy. hored in thc F.gyptology Room, breathes, lillle pu..lcd. makinu his ptotcst. Were I man. "we learnt to draw and. these tanlasics, I asked nim.linat ssas ine nasis ol our ;t j jy drawing, for 12 drawn as serious comment Miumoiir. mere is sucn in-:,.. n- ,.h.e v,.n,ni,.i,i Mr Raleman looked n!"niic variciy in people and f-ollrlcn.,v w,cle hc lodges living in IJcvon. occasion. cars I ! 1 .:S: . . .oiSMSait-. - lJ ''j i u " ' , ' r',lcighl-hour day in his "ate-htiried in a Gcorgoulas )(. guards, loo. may lookirudc word. An allcndant gOUI.S pi IMltlie a I IIS- .. .. j ,c Kamllkc Alliens l.1K,:,nella. '.ah- ...rv h.KKv L lil. seies him .lelisers him t I was not! "Cir expressions, Nowadays wi,h rc,jrCl filrming on thc glass of a showcase, conscious ot ssannnc io!"'"""""" """" '," " , , couple, because il is near preparatory lo writing a make a social point." hc;wJoly ''". captions lr six good Iron, streams. He said Thc Man Wlw Paid Off His Ovcnlntit. From I etidiin "Pimsh." lanclla fit for a kings jiiir.i H. -;I:,L-C) He must sunplcmcnt Now. "Uncle" Fvangelos jncomc (sy turning out is retiring. His son. now !'.:, he national costume Fits-has been brought up for the. , f lhc men and micccssion, initiated into all," " , ., . . ,nr ,u. the secrets. But will he lake "Amalta gowns for Ihe over? Iwonten for wealthy Greeks Fvangelos' , father took oscr some 80 years ago. and was buried in Ihe last Fustanclla he ever made, and cither very shabby or likciseis him. delivers him to muscular dancing girls. jpolicc. magistrates and, fin It's a sad prospect, asially. the Old Railcy. anvonc who has thrilled to their rolling gait and pre Fvangelos himself fully in- cision drilling on ceremonial tends to be buried like ajoccasiens will testify. . j11.0 loves to fish thc lasv or, Ihe Chelsea Arts Club and let is iniinorialilv. Mr,.: Anvonc living to rcad"raun lo .'"m': " "m lake his rod up n:i to Dart-: King's Road but he never Bateman is the last of them. ..niin s.s. nu.. n ,,,,. u ien it has ramcii aoes tncie now His eieat tun s.iii-n I sas him. mi mp The Judge pronounces sentence of life imprisonment. So to FJarlmoor and yean of breaking stones. At' I eft-wing protest into Bale-man cartoons should turn up his "A Bolshevist in the Milking" or "The Awful Re sult of Having No Matches." Jn truth, H. M. Bateman grumbling mouth." H. M. Bateman began drasvins when cheap printing and new reproduction methods were making hum- ami the streams run full. 'contemporaries have fol- on hat and issccd coat and swift and beery oil thc lowed Rosslamlson, lillray.isciling off briskly across thp peal. C iuikshank, Icnicl. Fiirniss.l frosty grass with his v4 Mr Bateman likes to talk I'hil May and thc olhcrs lo lerrier. he did not ieeirl about London Fleet Street,, the Paniheon. where laugh-l alone at all. "l

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