Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on May 3, 1955 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 3, 1955
Page 7
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N 0 M STAR/ M 0 ft, AtftANSAl tuesJay, May, 5, MARKETS • • < /-y • ( / • 12.50; bulls Utility and commercial x3.5M5.0t); Banners and Slitters 11.00-13.00; vealers bulk good arid choice 19.00-24.00; few high choice end prime 25.00-27.00; commercial ' cull and utild ±S- and, good 14.00-19.00; - fttitfth a White Grdcfuate liffLE, ROCK — , Dorothy 28 Vfegrd students'at tiie collegeis) 28th commencement. The school! is a Methodism-supported insti-| tution. A recent survey shows thai the most gasoline is sold to U.'S. mot orists between 4 and 7 p. m. M.6M "'-"WAw H,dP I, ARKANSAS ,t»f-"-*" *-•"'», Ill- iclpwn 14.00-15.00; heavier sows ' 8,«86, ( higher; tjulhlltt-tS.SO; boars 8.50-11.50. !Z8-«Ib il2§-80; mostly i dattle 4.500; calves 1,300; good tffefe |fc>m J s -and 2s 17.85-75:' and thoice steers 19.50-22.50; iit^l- W.f&l7.50; 240-270 Ib jly arid commercial cows 12.50- iWSWrfb 15.75-1(5.50;, 15.00; canners and cutters xO.OO- ig!. . .-?.*-' Nalll c*nt*itien • itociitMl with htjj toldi m»y tiiiil Tymotemi ef SINUS ~ MAY i« almos it.l (congestion and lymplorhl of SINUS which m»y include, severe and pounding headache jjn forehead, lemplet; top of head, , . i back of head, jchinj) chert bohel, eye» lora and feel like /If] gtivsl In theifi, sbreneti down back of neck, drip and [Hi / drainag* ef note and throat, diziynest, ear noltet, can't r r tie. *tl|. tMloiei, can't think -straight, feels like tight band > around head, ean;t smell or taite, and coughing. This Mak . tjonally Advertised product hit given quick and amazing "-j " relief to thousahdj. therefore no matter how lorig you have '? v luff»red. r H6w rnueh.yeu,ha»e spent or whal' products you have. • tried write for 7 OAT FREE TRIAL no cost or obligation except to yr«juih ahdjiiyJew tints pottage If not delighted with results as .. thi» is not a sample. .'•' ••• ...-•• • _ , - • _ 'NO MWtCIN"! TO SWAllOW INTO STOMACH SAfl ; :-. ,- 'nrXo wtiAi;'sA7is~Fiib USEM'OF SYNOL*SAY -V tr«tmtnt ; ft simply Wiriderful, ,..„, _- t/lmt:t let isl.me tn\* Very snort |i«nj6. Cletred op jny,h««d,./«l/«Md sym .. ,,. ciif ilnuj fieaSache and'all sore^n*,,-;.; Ji> ic....i/.' .':!• -i' • I am 'very proud to sty that your Synof has «16fi« wonders for me. I no longer^ hjye' -nasal congestion and my terrible' headaches have been completely relieved, Signed: Mrs. Wm. B. tauer, N. Dakota' «lv«s such gratifying results It xan.be sent on PftEE TRIAL, It will cost you- tb tr> «. YOU rfi>y blf ss_ "th«-^ra^ycjM wrote for It as thousand! of others' _._-_. _ ... - __» CALIFORNIA, Coo Dai G^rtdral Dies in Action SAIGON, South Viet Nam tfP) — Gen. irinn ivimii Tne. top L.;IO Dai ; general and one of the chief sup- purlers of Hie iree Viet Warn revolutionary committee, was killed in action tonight. His ^ealu vyas disclosed a short time after hard-hitting troops of the Cao .Dai religious sect, joined the Nationalist army of Premier Ngo Dien Diem in an offensive agains the Binh Xuyen rebels. Gen. The'S Cao Dai forces were once allied ' with the Binh Xuyen society and the Hoa Hao »Jat in a united front demanding Diem's resignation. But the general switched sides three months ago when Gen. Lc Van Vien, the Binh Xuyen leader, rejected demands that armed struggle be avoided. Genm The had thrown four battalions of his troops, perhaps 2,400 men, to Diem's support in mopping up Vien's . battered force of 2,000 men on Saigon outskirts. Martin of • Mablevale, Afk.j yes- The female falcon, like all in lerday became the first white'the group of dlurmal birds of graduate.of Philander Smith Col: pr ey is larger than the male lege, established here in 1868. (according to Encyclopedia Bri- She received her diploma with tahnica. Commerce ! A -it. NEW STORE HOURS! DOORS OPEN AT 9 A. CLOSE AT 5 P. M. : ,r 1 HOPE VALUE DAY SPECIAL! to Sheer' \* !.'•'; *•- FIX-UP ItYtimVto "c/6 /tM* i£>vST *Kt.£ d'/f!ji. !$ working! FOR PASt^lT AND PASNT BRUSHES WEfeARRY A-BIG STOCK ^ WI I^DOW SHADES • 'Ti towbtd Hi* purchoi* ef a quart w mor» of Du Pant DUCO i Enamel. On» can p»r cu«rim»r on Hih offw. Good for two weeks only. •i \ if Wonderful for furniture, walls, and woodwork •£ Easy to use—Dries in 4 hours if Lasts for years—Can b'e washed repeatedly i( Available in odorless gloss or . semi-gloss enamel cold vo/ut»flMi Coupon )/20lh of *an> , ,. t ,. . .,, •• **™™*^"*""™™™^™^-" 1 "."™!™"™^." 11 ^.?"- Ybur hearf will sing Sailed Peter .Color by DELUXE RICHARD '""" 1EAN TODD PETERS , In the wonder of STEREOPHONIC SOUND ,; ; STARTS SUNDAY SAENGER The V. F. \V. Auxiliary will meet Tuesday May 3, at 7:30 p. m. in the' Hut for the election of officers. All members are urged to be present. SOCIETY Phoft« ?jl4il ietwetn « A. M. and 4 P. M. School Band and the Junior Music C. week, and the public Is invited. Calendar Tuesday, May 3 j Brookwood B rowhie Troop will Chapter A. E. of P. E. O. will '• meet Thursday May 5, and the lea- meet at the home of- Mrs. E. P. j der will be IVfrs. Rogers with Brrn- ONeal Tuesday evening, 7:30. AIL da Barentine as hostess. All Brbw- members are urged to attend. Poplar Grove 190 Supreme Forest Woodman Circle will meet Tuesday May 3, at 7:30 p. m. in the WOW Hall for their monthly meet- ng. All member please attend. nie's O f this troop please be present. In the absence of the president, Mrs. Garrett Story, vice-president presided over the business meeting. Musical current events were presented by Mrs. J. V. Moore Jr., and the hymn of the month was sung by Mrs. Ed Ogran. A nominating committee was appointed consisting of Mrs. Oliver Adams, Mrs. B. W. Edwards and Mrs. Edwin Stewart. Plans for the Musical Festival were announced by Mrs. Hyatt. At the close of the meeting"' a delicious dessert was served to the 12 members present. Parsons. Rt. 4. Hope. Mrs. James announce the arrival of a son Ap< E. Allen. Hope, Olden O. Stewai t, ril 30. 1955. Grand Prairie. Tex, j Branch Discharged: Charles' A. McKa-i Admitted: Mrs. ElcJridge Cassidy Friday May 6 The May Fellowship pot-luck luncheon of the locnl council of Church Women :will meet at the Christian Church Friday May 6th The women of the various churches will bring different type of food; ; Methodist; salads, Episcapalians; 'dessert,. Christian; meat. Presbyterians; vegetables. Friday May 6 Mrs. Jack Brown will present her pupils'in a piano recital Friday Wednesday May 4, at 7:30 p. m May.6. in the First Christian Chur- with Mrs. J. W. Smith. rh. Thp public. is invited. mic. Rt. 1, Hope. Levi Hair. Rt. 4, Hope, A. P. Clark, Rt. 3, Hope, mes Wm. Caudle, Hope. Hope. Mrs. J. C. Atchley. Hope. Discharged: Mrs. l,alia Pickard '-Hope, Bob Rowland, McCaskill. Mr. and Mrs. Carlton King. Hope! Admitted: Rex Huckabee, Pat- Wednesday May 4 St. Mark Auxiliary will meet Thursday May 5 The Pat Cleburne. Chapter of U. D. C. will meet Thursday May 5, The Rose Garden Club will meet in the home of Mrs. Byron D. Hefner 915 S. Elm Friday May 6. at at.2:30 p. m.'at the'Barlow Hotel, j 3 p. m. Co-hostess will be Mrs. W. Mrs. Jack; Atkins and' .Mrs.. J. W.)H. Guntor,.Sr., and .Mrs. James Branch will W hostess. Meyers Coming and Going Mrs. C. C. Spraggins and Mrs. B. C. Hyatt had as Sunday guests' Mrs. R. J. Kennedy of Whilesboro, Texas, Mrs. Louise Hohnan and Mrs. Henry Holman of Texarkana. Mrs. H. E. Benson will leave Wednesday for Kansas City where she will be the guest of her daughter, Mrs. John McGee and husband and little grand daughter, Marica! Lynn. ' Hospital Notes Thursday May 5 '• Hope Chapter' 328 order of the Tuesday May 10 The Sixth Annual Music Festival Julia Chester Admitted: Dorothy Walker, Emmet, Elmer D. Jones, Rt. 4, Hope. Mrs. A. O. Cannon, Hope, Mrs. L. B. McFadden, Lewisville, Mrs. Carlton King, Hope, Mrs. Dean Eastern Star will meet Thursday j w ill ,be held in Hammond Statium May 5. at 7:30 p, ,'n>. . on Tuesday May 10, at 7:30 p. m The Rocky Mound Home Demon- itration Club will meet May 5 at .':30 p. m. in the home of Mrs. Edgar Jurrels for a cake social. This' is in celebration of National H. D. DUPONT PAINTS for E^CRY PURPOSE . ..... E, lere'is ; : ' i iroof that '•'_ •-•!'-•. n feature ! rfter feature; • , •>.- * - : ,'' «' TfYlXFl 'AV/tAlO *UJKU exceis ,.' E ?af s in { r^»»» »» 7 ' 1 iigfter-price • ,., ,...,, ,. <,,-•' Packets' • \ FEATURES .: L<eig room, front (in.) » rear (in.) Head room, front (in.) i ., rear (in.) Shoulder room, front (in.) -. ^vt-./.» .'-^Hv-jik-, . rear (in.J Maximum trunk depth (in.) Floor covering, front * i ijtfiv v 'vAu^t, rco r Foam-rubijer Seat cushions Twb-sfage front door checks Center-Fill Fueling ^ -..•-.•' .f / v .. — ' Suspended brake and clutch pedals « Horsep'ower, maximum (V- 8) , torque, maximum (Ibs.-ft.) Compression ratio (to 1) 18-mm. spark plugs Dual exhaust "<**.* 4-barrel carburetor ;.,/.; _......,--. r, .. ....', Ball-joint front suspension 'Brdk'e lining area (sq. in.) FORD Fairlane Town Sedan with Special V-S y. 44.3 41.9 35.1 34.2 57,0 56.8 48.9 v Carpet Carpet f YES YES * YES YES : 182 ; 268 8.5 : YES YES : YES. YES , 192''. ; Medium- priced CAR P '. . i. ...- - '*) j-- , - ' 42.7 42.8 35.6 35.9 56.6 ^ 56.4 48.4 Rubber Carpet NO . NO • NO NO \ i'8d 264 '. 8.0 ' NO ' NO : NO NO 178 9eu SliJ SV Medium' priced^ CAR B ,f-r ,. ,. ., .. .; r ' •> 42.3 41.8 35.6 ; 34.0 58.2 : 56.7 46.0 Rubber ,. Rubber j NO NO 1 NO -.- .4 i NO . : 188 •* 256 ;NO ' I NO NO NO 1 85 P&MWiittl Medium* priced r CAR O ' t . 42.9 43.8 . 35.6 34.6 58.2 56.7 46.0 Rubber : Rubber NO NO ' NO • i '4 NO 185 320 ; 8.5 NO NO NO NO 192 «•••••••• Medium* ''-J triced J CAR D 1 4 : 4.5 1 45.0 "i. ' '• i 35.5 , Y 34.9 ; • •- ' r- 58.0 57.8 : 55.0 • Rubber a Rubber Front 'O'nfy ! NO NO ' • \jrnu ft, *• YES t 175 -' 'I 240 i ;7;6 ' •.'-.•I : 'NO : -;C; : :'NO. '••-••-•I • • :.!'..'• . •". • . '"'• -! .'. '. •» • . J l -K|/^' ' • ,' ' , '•!**•' : ..:> ! . ; . J |ggJB|^|jjg|j|^ SHEHGER * NOW * AT: 2:00 - 4:26 - 6;48 - 9:10 The Mightiest Motion Picture,of than All! ' " '-'""""' WtDisney EXTRA! The First Donald Duck Cartoon in Cinemascope Walt Disney's Grand Canyonscope In Technicolor SPECIAL PURCHASE £ • •1:. ... ...... . ...... . ..... ........ -. •' J^OOKIN.O FOR MpRE VALl)E froifa jroiir motor dar dpllaiii? Then, looVfiQ mdre.'Fpi&'bnpigBjyou » ^ wealth ^ * of |lhe*car jfeaturea that even some of the higher-priced cars can't match. jTpr ^apripie, tjie ch^t above show? ih'at in feature after feature FordJgives you everything 'you .have come ^ekpectu* a m«Jiymipnc|d car . . . and more. Yet, ^ a Ford Fairlane Town '3ed§n cosjta* you leiss than the ''teUws^prfrtrf'-'coiia'parably equipped 4-door sedan of four popular medium-priced makes. And, with Ford wwQgnized as,t6e style leader : ,; : "at home" wHerever you may-go . . . why pay more? ; . price for "price , ; ; you can^t •„ Can you «•«/'*'••'/ flop taftly?.., Ch»ck your ear,,, efc»ck acciWif* ixay better than Ford. ^t... .. — --------- -•«*„ ] v«i«rt«n U*«, Of THE AUTO (NDUSrir, CfAtlQIN, 4UCNJGAM •r-%•»- -»•«.,' SHOW ruof manufucturtr'f ivgpitoi llttpria. ' SBSUB MOJU3 BECAijSES'ITS WORTH MORE ... In^Tirne For MOTHER'S DAY Pair For $1.60 Pot-Luck Luncheon Enjoyed by Circle 3 of First Methodist Church Circle 3 of the First Methodis j Church, met in Miss Henry's SS Class Room May 2nd. for a mos delicious luncheon. There were twenty members and two guests Rev. and. Mrs.- Virgil Keeley present. • • Mrs. Jolly Byers opened the meeting with prayer. Mrs. O. A. Graves, president of the WSCS presented several items of new work that the executive committee had worked out. The entire circle agreed to cooperate. A book entitled, "A Sermon On The Mount" was presented to file leader for the past two years by Mrs. Cecil Weaver. Mrs. Johnny McCabe had charge of the program, and the devotional scripture was given by Mrs, Steve Carrigan, Jr., Mrs. Manney gave a most inspirational talk on, "The Material We Are Sending Up for Our Final Home," A group picture was made and the meeting adjourned. Mrs. B. C. Hyatt Hostess To ™ Friday Music Club The Friday Music Club met .Friday evening April 29th. at the home of Mrs. B. C. Hyatt wi'th Mrs. B. W. Edwards and Edwin Stewart as co-hostess. Mrs. G. T. Cannon, the leader, presented the following in n program: Ann Adams; Marimba solo, Delmir Weliver; French Horn, Carolyn Strong; Vocal solo, and Ann Cole; Flute solo. All are members of : the High DRIVE-IN THEATRE Hwy 29 South • Open 6:30 • STARTS TONIGHT • Tonight, Wednesday & Thursday are BUMPER CLUB NITES! • Drivers of All Bumper Strip Cars Admitted Free All l$r quality, no seconds or irregulars, Summer Shade, Extra sheer for gift giving. Also large group of Black, Prown, Navy heels, regular length. FOItPPKA W&& Jy' •U H. ogue THI COUPON IOOK STOtl Open til 5 o'clock W«ek Poys, 6 on Sgturdqy- HEY LOOK! F-l-R^-S-T HOPE SHOWING Relentless Reward Hunten Minffir NlfNIW PoloresDOHM RIB TICKLERS! — 1. Pluto Color Cortoon 2. Bugs Bunny Cortoon 3. All-Star Comedy 4. A Good Western Musieol "Songs,of the Range" y> THE BEAUTY BOX Open 6 Days a Week Appointments after 5 for those who work. Phone 7-5850 112 S. Main I Let's All Work Together and Make Our Campaign Bigger and Better. Hop«'t Finmt Dcpcrtmtnt StoM mbs, Ira J. Ttifnef. Washihgtertj j discharged: MrS.% B."ffow6#S/toM '.. ..... .%.. <;.. •-... i' AA. w::a.». .. ...*-. Time to Dress-Up « j* Spring! 1 t i r, fcfeoivUp, Pafnt-Ur5, McNei — I'feffi * * *\ * $ „ <> ^ i* 4 s f "..•.-•. vV"*, . ^ % S O . V, j lfl^^%'fe&4? ?>^^V '1 In th« foregroMnd the new 198.horsepo^-er Mercury Montclair 4-door Sedan—newest member in Mercury's, drearo-car.gty(e,'d'^&»tclair series, - ^ ' ' ' r* ' *• " " ''' Now.Mercury Montclair Dream Car in America's lowest-silhouette 4-door '"J^ V The same beauty that hqs made the Mercury Montclair Hardtop Coupe one of the year's hottest cars is now available in a 4-door mqdel, ( The Montclair hardtop Coupe has been called America's most beautiful .car.'-Many bought it on sight. Many others wanted to buy it. But they had big families. They wanted the beauty of the Montclair but needed convenience of a four?door model. 1 Now these people pan have their cake and eat it too. For this popular Montclair is now also available as a distinctive 4-door gedan. And not one single inch of the original Mercury Monlclair beauty has been sacrificed in thjs new rnodcl. The new 4-door model still has ttyat low, ultra-smart silhouette—only 58%!inches hjgh. The lines are long and clean—un» cluttered by bric-a-brac. It's styling that is exclusive with Mercury—shared by no other car on the road, And there's new performance tOjmatQh. For under the hood there's a 198-horse power SUPEH-TOUQUE V-8 engine. New features like dual exhausts and higlvcpmpressjon spark plugs put more of Mercury's high horsepower to work for your everyday driv» ing. You don't need a superhighway to use it, *,,*> But pjacc your order soon if you early delivery. This i^ew Mon is ^ojng to be in 'big, demand. too/ that'jheres are/10 more models series to choose from, A Mercury for n>ed»and budget. We invjte you t« epm.§ and'gee, try, and ! ' i "' suits you best, • • F ^^\ ?V ,^^« tfVStf&M , • Pon't miss the b( 8 hit, id THE 321 S, tourel ., •vfnln« jn'8 "TQA§T QF THE; TOWN,- |(«n(*«y tv TRADING Your Lincoln«Mercury Dtoltr s< -u If'lfti ; ^ i. :;•

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