The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 30, 1939 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 30, 1939
Page 6
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FRIDAY,- JUNE';30, 1939 BIA'THEVU-LE,, (AUK.) .COUBIJSBJNKJVS Salesmen Wanted WES THE CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION _ _ ^ Daily rate per line for consecu- naw |elgh's, DI live Insertions: . Memphis, Tcnn. One time per line • "£ Two limes: per line per day....wo Three times-per line per day "-wo tix times'per'•line per day....W£ Month Vat« per line........ • • • • »£ Cards of Thanks '...50c & <»° Minimum-charge 50c Ads ordered for three or .six <imes and stopped .before expira- llon will be-charged'lor 0« number of times the add appeared and k td)ustment of. bill made. - k AH Classified .'Advertising copy Ibmllted by. persons; residing out- of the -clly must, be accom- led by cash. Rates may be. eas- computcd froriy above IMe^ iverlising ordered for -irrcsuidi riiohs lakes the one time raw. responsibility will be'taken liofe than one' incorrect inscr: any classified ad. . WANTED: Man with car for prof- liable Riiwlclgh' Route .Must bo satisfied wllh good living at sliut, Sales way op this year. Wine nawlelgh's, Dcpt. AKF-21-101, Confesses Murder of Oil Promoter well was cut from a log, apparent- hollowed by hand. Ice ICE-ICE Phone 107 JOHN BUCHANAN Found Arkansas 1933 1-2 Ion truck 1 • cense. Number 214-545. O»nc may have license by paying cos Of this ad. Courier News. "Fov^Salo or Trade ETbcrtroom, with private \ to; bath and outside. lw, 627 W. Walnut. Box "P 28-ck jbedrooms, newly tleco- Emma Nolen, 310 'drooin, convenient to 'Main. Call 280. 21-ck-tf .1017 Walnut. . UU m. Garage. Hctv- "Simmons, 818 Wal, 5-ck-tf Siibnrban grocery and market f sale or Irade. Well located, e.stn Mshcd business. Write c/o Courier News. LIQUOR TERM IT Notice Is hereby given thai I Commissioner of Revenues of Stale of Arkansas Iws issued permit, No. 452 to Hasscll's Whisky Store to sell hnd dispense vinous or sj)irltuous 'liquors for beverage at retail on the premises described as 315 West Main Street. Tills permit issued on • Hie 1st day-of July, 1939. and expires on urn PRICES? Tungsten Mine in Idaho Called Nation's Largest SPOKANE, Wash, (UP)-Sloek- iioldcrs of the Imu Mines corporu- llon claim to own Iho largesl tu»B- slcu mine In the nation. ' u Is situated near'May, Idn., a remote poslolllcc '10 mltcs north of Salmon. Thu president <)t Uu> company, Ben T, Tllleiy, snld in'n'iceciH Ictlor to' CIWBO' dolleb, Spokane, Hint n not her vein of lil«h'eiado ore has ben slriick In « lower tunnel nnd thai It Is 25 fed 'wide. "That" Iliust W United PRICKS AND ••SKIC KOR YOtlRSlOl.K. II U H K Y-~ THKY WON'T HI'! HMU', LONG. '31 Chcv. Cmipi'. ? 77 ';>'.) Kon! Tudor S''19 '.'J3 'Kurd l'V<U>r $ 815 PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock (iiiuruntccii Heal l' ric «* Kirby Drug Stores J. L GUARD Optometrist Only (Iriiilunte Oliliime- trlst In BlylbevlHfc Classes Killed Corredly Couch 'fl'l -Gliev '35 Kurd Tudor '37 Chcv. Sudan Master Deluxe ?H>« furnislied npartihent. >rated. 9H Hearn. tlin 30th day of June, 1940. PHIL. HASSELU im, m unfurnished apart- I tt nd Second. F. Simon, litisTsudbury Buildlns. Sec UQUOR PERMIT Notice is hereby given that Ihe Commissioner of Revenues of Wo State of Arkansas has Issued 30. to Robinson " Arrested »t Grand napicln, Mich., Daniel Kent, above, confessed he was hitch-hiker who lillled George Hall, Detroit oil promoter, in his automobile June 22. Kent was paroled from Michigan • state prison four months :if!°. I 1 i !~ '' ^ [ j ; (.— ' if ~* usl l)c n wlndciful oroli The" tola! amount Of;motor,vo->U> ^ nolhliig Hko It-In the hlclo'lnxcB p.vld Curing --19J8; (a &,> '- ,L ,._.i.. ,i..^.. . fni.,.'menls amounted -to <'more lhan' r > —PRESCRIPTIONS— Sufe-- - Accunile Your Prescript!"" Druggist Fowler Drug Co. Main & Klrst I 1 '"" 10 m Hnvfl Vour l>os Vim-iimtfrt Ajiilnsl Habits DrFJ-Weitz |710 W. Ash >''">"« W'i' HU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 For Prompt Laundry and Cleaning' Serviet TRUCKS Kord rifk-U)) ;i;i Kurd Si-ilan Hc'ly 3 i'' 1 31 Chcv. I'/j Truck....? '1 (J '33 Chcv. Truck V, Dtimp-Hotly ' ? cci as 418 W.. Ash St., Blylhcvllle This permit Issued on the 1st day of •'July,'1039, and expires on Ihc 3ft day of June, 1040. DR. W. H. YOUNG. 30-7 HURKY, HURRY These won't tie here Ions » these |m Sudbury.. 2711 PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. For Sale osu Allcj North Fiinklln 20pW , . t End Pharmacy to sell nnd dispense; vinous or spirituous liquors for beverage at relall on the premises described as 310 East, Main St., Blythevlllc, Ark. This permit issued on the 1st day of July, 1039, and expires on 30th „•* o, 7^^ NSON 30-1 Mf g Co IIQUOK PERMIT Notice is hereby given that, the nmnssioner of Revenues of the ite of Arkinsas has. issued a Tfl''ih immofts Daj and nlglvt L Keith 411 NO 6lh 24pkl 211 E Kentucky , batn New Is" Sapered nnd pMnt ed $200 down piyfncnt to mclVfdt 1 principal li f^mainrte inltrest to mctc Durance ind Ws pay ? ble month ' like rent Harvey 128 or 508. Morris, -2 t My Stucco home and .2 acres k 5 rooms: and bath. Blocked hard wood, floors.'Phone 252 or 34 paul.-Byhim. ' with straps. lca \ i ,„.....„ coiripl Guaranteed wo each. Raymo 9-pk Id Well Believed . By Wayne's Expedition PAULDINO, O. (UP) — A sink lole on his farm near here caused Richard Licilcr io dig awhy lop soil to learn Ihc cause. Underneath a Uiin layer'Of earth he found an abandoned well, believed to Irave been built by Gen. Anthony Wayne nnd his men. Tlie well is on the old Wayne trail near the reported camp site the general used while IlBhllng Indians 150 years ago. jlh ft Walnut ODTAIN K15MBI'" KKOM CYSTITIS (Inflamed Bliidrtcr) A 311-ilay test "' this N A T U H \ MINUIIAI, WA'l'lill Will CUSl }UII VIMJ lilttC . • • t* lull Hits t e a I yourself and iiolo Ihc hn lirnvcinunt. Dlslrlbulcd by Crosstown Whiskey Sho IMl'ORTKl) * DOMKSTIO WINKS, LKtUOUS, IC'J g, Dlvlilon St. HEMORRHOIDS Curort Without Surgery, uml Cwi SAFETY'S SAKE! KKAl) .THIS AI) I Sen us and kavc! SIHC ilt I Sine -Irmililc! llcforc going I inur vaiMllon or taking moloi ] lrl|is, h'l us (.beck Ihc follow I" Danger Points Cooling System itiul Kau Belt A very sole nnd harmless method; .wllUonl Conllneincnl io l,cd te o( lime from work ami wllh vo.y mile distonifoil, i of piles, llsmires, llsU'ilns, etc., liealed by our 1 of lice mulhods. ' • ; / DHS. N1ES & MIES Ark.' Ualtcry, Ulectricitl System Ilrakcs, Hrakc l>e<tal S: Clulch Gear, Now I,i)C»tctl at 101 North Sccoii* ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON Kl>WAItl)S, 1'rolirlclor' All Makes .if Ill-built TypcwrUcrs, AdilHiR Wheel niffercnllal an'd TntiismissiOH PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Phone H . imit No 29, to Crawford M, le io sell arid dispense vinous spirituous liquors for 'beverage icHil on the premises described s mie l.»tllo 'Shop Hotel 'Nob o. Valnut aiid Broadway, Blytheyllle L ikan'as rt ' : ' ':' " . This permit issued on the isi. 15 of July 1939, and expires on he 30 day of June, 1910. CRAWFORD M. NOBLE. 30-7 Licder said Ihc casing of the LAWN MOWERS Sharpened, factory method, adjiist ed .oiled—ricked up & delivered.,? Used Lawn Mowers For'.Sale ATKINS Mo.chinc Shop & .Garage . 410 S. 21»d . I'hono 284 j LIQUOR PERMIT Notice is hereby 'given that lie Commissioner of Revenues'of the State, of Arkansas has issued a permit lo Dr. W. H. Young & Hugh Cherry to sell and dispense vinous spirituous . linuors for beverage Wert Optometrist "HE HIA.KES 'EM SKK" Over .Joe Isaacs' Slorc , Phone 540 OUTLINE MAP li'Lir.. > /- ".- 1 Brooks, Slcele, I Mo. •fie have R.•number o! and desirable cottages m vllle, well located, which we can sell at reasonable prices. Terry Abstract A Realty Co. r>lirme 611, : • - ' 6-Ck-tf . cnnrtilion. Call Mrs. Grace Lo» nn?-J. for Halsell's Grade A Milk. Oream. Country Butter termllk. exlra or bolidav _ nrdm Inspection encourased anytime. •' Ualsell'8 Dairy Promised Land. Route 2 ..Notice Fishing License AT OUR STOKE. SHOUSE-HENRY ' HARDWARE CO. W Thonc 35 HORIZONTAL 1 Outline map ot Trench «olony in Africa. 7 H is adjacent to —— 13 Lion. MWork of sUlll. 35 Grain. IS Owned. 17 Cotlon separalor. 19 Perfume. 21 Turf. 22 Devil. « Measure of 24 Eternity. Icnglll sssr- «ss ci hatched birds salmon (pl.>. 16 Cake 29 One Ihal uses, decorator. 30 To pardon. 47 Gun. 31 Measure. 32 Onager. 34 To subsist. 35 Sibilant letter. 37 Of the Ihing. 38 Genus of auks. 41 Before Chrisl Answer to Previous Puiile Minnows For Sale Minnows' and iishlng canes 300 E. Main.. Phone 800. G. 50 To congulale. 51 Destiny. SZTcnt. . 54 Town. •56 Kiln. 57 Variety of cherries. 5D Mine shall hut. (abbr.). 60 Us natives arc —:- by religion. 61 Us capital.' VERTIC/VL IMorindin dye. 2 Lawful. 45 Vocal 3 Enlargements ullcrancc. of Ihjioid glands. 4 Sun god. 5 Deity of war 6 To vouch. 7 To groan. BRowing Iqol. 9 Right. 10 Defrauds. 11 Framework. • - Goldfish Minnows (L F. Brbgdon, 310 Dnugin K1NNOWS & COCK ROACHES .Carl Damon. Cor. Railroad « &S Personal Aroust Sluggish Liver, work off Ihe bile, to rid yourself ot constipation, gas pains and that sour, hunk feeling. Take one box 01 W' '•.-,• KIKBY'S * ACTIVE HVER TILLS 25c. ot all Kirhy Stores. Rppiii and Board Comfortable rooms. Reasonable rates. 803 W. Ash. photte'SB. 22-ck-tf UY>HUn HARM AN A CLA,-TT6R BRINGS A' CRY TOOIA MORGANS RYPER GA\-UOP5 OOT to Hit' the Trail MOI.V IF THERE'S AWVTHlWe TO WELL-,-T SliTTLES 1HE FACT THW lM 1U.VA— HOT Cf r THE WIRE/ "g^pw^^ 5 ^ Bvervnnc Is Worried liY K"oYC»tAMti WASH TUKBS SEE HEOE, BROTHER. H^PP^-HUl-^. OF WHWE TH WQSt WHERE SEAVKIFW. 6KL MW MOORl-0 tNB ROVUMG OOWM TO SINGA PORE: . . iEX \?.V.AvVp BELLES FOR E! PRETTIEST 6181.4 CM EM1TH frftE 'N AMERICA, THE ttW Of K^M^'?OHS. -^HW'-i WHERE WW ' J 7 RECKLES AND HIS FRIEND lu- pur THE BE6 ON DAD. FIRST, AND IF 1 FAIL ,tt)U 60VS CAM THATS AM IDEA------ . BUT WHERE UL E .<S£T THE 10 VA-'ELt. = ,ANDK> WITHOUT A JOB, AMD HOME IS MILES AWAY VWKAT'LU WE tX> ? 32 Alleged force. 18 Hub. 20 Toword. 211'orgy (fish). 22 Part of. the Desert is in iU area. 23 Livelier. 26 Its monetary units. 28 Female relative. 33 Grave (music). 36 Accomplice. 38 Exclamation. 39 Infuriates. •lOPosvder ingrcdienl. 43 Scottish people. 48 To mock. 49 Tissue. 51 Monastic lille. 52 Male cat. 53 Measure Ot cloth. 55 Affirmalive. 57 Pronoun. 58 Giant king.

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