Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on May 2, 1955 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 2, 1955
Page 8
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0F&t&i. 'f » ^7^tJt?f«r> 4f & '•' (•»»«*• / '"^ . . a*' • " >f T?,-'T ewing acine- IfWfNQ CINflft JL*M» ARKANSAS •a ,t _„ ' t-ji,,. £vf»l:r „ tr t ', - i --'-*"—•"•- iT ~ rTU fl ]L -^ ff .^ /| ^ [1 .j- Tfj t--, f . . ...,«. ™,-»-**Sa**1 CLASSIFIED . 'Ad* Mutt He In dttfee D»y I«f6f« Pubfltitlbft AD RATES All Woftf Adi 61"* 0oyobl« In vanc* but oa« will be occ«pf*d ever f(» tete^ftort* and decbmoda- Kon o-counts allowed wlrti the understanding the account Ii payable wheft rtoterriertf Is ' rendered, '"' "£S»!?Ww»T» PANY. fcUtTRESSES •r,*Ude Into I .»W«rkauarMtM< > Oil*. Day. fervlM — AMottrMt _•. «tm *tmt Phon» 74K1I *L " .! '.jr.. . .* _ 30 to 3S to 40 One Thrts Six On Ddy D6y§ Day* Morvf .45 ,90 1.50 4.5 .60 1.20 2.00 «.00 .75 1.50 2.50 7.5 .90 1.80 3.00 9.0 1.05 2.10 3.50 10.5 ;20 240 4.00 12.(X .35 2.70 4.50 13.5 .50 3.00 5.00 15.0 I WESTERN SHARES Income • 'Ark. - Phen*744M SERVICE ly 67-West of Hope' wi»v«nywhere. Call us. ~ r, Truck, , .Tr. a S*°r repair*. ffA •lCSLSC near as your phone" "' 7-2767 Mumber Of W6rc(j Up to 13 16 16 20 ?[ hs 25 26 to )\ 3« 41 to 45 46 to 50 CLASSIFIED DISPLAY 1 time ...................... 75c per Inch 3 times ................... ... 60e per Inch 6 time*' ..i ...................... 50e per Inch Rate! quoted above ar« for eon* teeutlva insertions. Irregular or skip- dote ads will take the. one-day rate. All dolly classified advertising copy .will be -accepted until 5 p. m. far publication the following day. The publishers reserve .the right fin revise or edit all advertisements of. fered for publication and to reject any objectionable advertising submitted Initials of one or more letter*, groups lor figures Such as house or telephone numbers count as one word. The Hope Star will not be responsible for errors In Want Ads unless errors ore. called to our attention Offer FIRST Insertion of ad and then for ONLY:the ONE incorrect Insertion. PHONE: PROSPECT 7-3431 Funeral Directors OAKCREST Funeral Home. Insurance . . .Ambulance. 2nd Si H zel ... Phone 7-2123. 13-1 Mo. HER^DON-CORNELIUS Funeral Home and Burial Association. ^Prompt Ambulance Service. Phone ~7-5570 or 7-5505. . . 23-1 Mo. For Rent UNFURNISHED, newly deciorat- -ed. Six room house. Garage. Garden. 812 W. 4th. Dial 7-2247, 1-tf THREE room unfurnished apartment, private bath, reasonable rent.-1311 West Avenue B. Phone 7-3696. 18-tl & l6EE-T4v|lfE <• jt> , * - Tjirniire Control Service Owned* Operated by ft.. /•*."•' *•'.,„ IGG Main St. FOUR room furnished apartment with 'private bath. Newly decorated. Electric refrigerator, 203 East Ave. C. 29-3t UNFURNISHED apartment, up- st^irs. Closq-m. Available May 1st. 'Phone 7-3329. 29-31 FURNISHED 2 bedroom apartment. Convenient' to town. Phone 7-3329. 29-31 Political Announcement Th<* Star is authdflasd td fta- ftounce that the fbllowing,are candidates for public office subject to the action of the Democratic primary elections: Mayor 6. L. RETtiG For SoU SAND,., Gravel, topsotl, fill <Urt. Phone 7-4392. A. L. Park. April 15-1 Mo. BABY CHICKS, large variety. See these chicks before buying. Danny Hamilton, 204 East 2nd. April 15-1 Mo. FERTILIZER, ammonia, and nitrate soda. Cheap for cash. J. W. Strickland. April 21-1 Mo. STATE CERTIFIED potato plants for sale. Porto Rico, Bed Velvet, all gold and red gold. W. B. Porterfield McCaskill, Ark. 26-61 iutifitti ForUoiti StfPEft SERViCE Station, 3rd and Laurel Reasonably priced. See S. L. Mufphy for details. WE SELL - We feuy - We Sent Meal Eitate. franklin Company, 106 South Main. 5-1 Mo. BEAITTIFUL 2 bedroom home at 529 Peach Street in Beverly Mills, owner leaving city. Buy his gcju- ity assume monthly payments. Let me «how this to you. Call Jim Cole, Phone 7-3175* 26-6t JUST $200.00 cash . Balance like rent will buy-this two bedroom home with den - we will redecorate interior with your choice of colors. Tel-mite treated ' new lih' oleum. All on two beautiful shady Jots at Walker and 15th Street. Call FOSTER REALTY CO. 217 So. Main St. PR7-4G91 2-3t CE CR'EAM twelve delicious flavors, 'cups, cones, pints, gallons. Open 7 days and nights to serve you. COLES DOUBLE DIP STORE ' 2nd' arid Walnut 28-Gt HERBET flavors, Lime, Orange, .Pineapple, Gr,ape. Cups, pints, gallons. COLES DOUBLE DIP TORE. 28-6t 'WO BEDROOM home 1% block from Brbokwood School at 819 (East 5th. Call 7-5574. 28-tf FROST Trailer for- sale. A-l condition. Bodcaw. Ark. Joe Duke. 29-3t 'NE FORD car, 1951 model, .4 oor sedan. May be seen at Fruit and Truck Branch Experiment Station, Hope. Bids will be received through May 7, 1955. 29-3t OTPOINT sink, dishwasher, and waste disposer combination used very little, also Frigidaire electric range slightly Used. Small tool house and a few ci-espted fence post. First'Baptist Church.' See Perry Moses at York Furniture Co. 29-3t The Negro Community By Helen Turner Phone 7-5830 Or bring Items to Miss Turner at Hicks Funeral Home Monday, May 2, "' "-'•'•• " ! ' ' 1-',--, vyrrif' rt. By 6AVLE TALBOT NEW pRk (fP) — tt'fs difficult to recall another big league club which has Had as great ludk fts the Detroit Tigers in coming up with spectacular young outfield units. The one which is causing American League yes to bug these days is the second' such to burst Upon the Motor City since the \vnr. It seems only yesterday, and it actually was only six and seven'Cleveland years ago. that .a youthful Tiger Chicntrn outfield trio of Hoot Evers, Vic Detroit Wort?, and Johnny Groth was the New York hottest tiling in the game. They Kansas City *n,rl U 1 I Tl *ti ffftf, OJn«J Ii i «u .* 1u_ -*-i J _ *" I | ( . 13\ , ' Feller, Score Hurl Indians td twin Win AMERICAN LEAGUE W L Pdt. GB 11 6 ;647 ,10 6 .625 'A •10 8 .625 >/ 2 CR-fT-R—"Tipper" figures he : ought to have special equip-! nient if he's going to be a pro-1 fessional hound-dog. That ex-' plains the comic teeth cluttering his mouth. The nine-month-' old beagle will do his hounding around West Sand Lakte, N. Y. . Mrs. Fannie Rose of Washington died at her home Friday, April 29/ Funeral arrangements are incomplete. Mrs. Hattie Jackson of Hope died at her home Saturday, April 30, 1955. Funeral arrangements are incomplete^ •-.•'•'- S-A Grover Cleveland Fisher of Great .Lake, 111., is. visiting his mother. Mrs. Irene Fisher, and other relatives. S-A Maurice Biggin of Great Lake, 111.,' is visiting his mother, Mrs. Cassie Bostic, and other relatives. ' ' FURNISHED 4 room 'duplex, Fri- jgidaire. hardwood floors, private entrance, first class hbrrii&. MrsJ „ P. E, Cook, 908 W. Aye. B. • 2-6t wi ••x-iwur.jiwjewiono ^RS-TRUCKS- TRACTORS LEO'S GARAGE 9 S U/j.1...*. ^BLr 1 A* &&*• ^'m^r'H'i LEO HARTSFIELD Owneh Arid Onxrainti 4 ^_' fctw n**i\i»ritL,u • We Pick-Up aniT.peirVer K__LJ_V_<____!__M I j*»< j j»* J> l4 j ti LET US DO YOUR WASH! PICK-UP AND DELIVERY Volenrine Washeterio 800 West 3rd 5 DIFFERENT varieties of iris' Logan, Mil'' blooming today in their richest Snider', Bkn. shades and colors. Chrysanthemum plants now ready. Arth'ui League Leaders r . ' ' i By United Press "IW" "LEA'DlNfe BATJER8 (Based oh 50 official at bats) NATIONAL LEAGUE G.AB R H Pet.' Moon, St. L. 14 68 10 28 .382 Muelle'r, N. Y. 15 64 10 24 .375 Repulski, St.L. 14 66 9 24 .364 Gray, Ozan. 2-6t Notice MOVIN.G? Long Distance Moving. All Moving Rates are not the same. Call collect 592 Prescott Transfer & Storage Inc. Prescott Ark. !Free Estimate. .. ; 4-1 Mo. CURRY'S r«rmite Control Co. "! ^ f * . , " • BONDED • INSsURtD j • GUARANTEED • w <f- -i " for FreeJnspectjon ^f>. Middlebrooks Jr. •"""» 7r28& 'o, 7-3791 We Are Dealers of - if ;jt,., - . Dura Graft Aluminum Boats Mhoon's Jewelry Store Jess M,prris for. custom slaughjer- ',ing and 'cold 'storage at Community Ice Co. Phone ' 7-224i or tf-3478. April 22-1 Mo. Awnings TAKE HOME HICKORY SMOKED BAR-B-Q BURST'S Rear of AJS.P, Store Canvas Awnings and metal awnings. Manufacture Venetian blinds, , Renovating old blinds. Rug Cleaning. eOOPjER-BLANKENSHIP Formerly Riley Cooper 1015 Texas ''Ave. "Phone 32-1841 Texarkana, Tex. Aprjl 14-1 Mo. • Desk Fans • Westlnghouse Alrcondltloner • Window Fans • Attic Fans Johnson & Rettig Electric Co. 319 W. 2nd Ph. 7-2155 Hope Star ircr >. mt M. W*»h»«rn, Mll.r « H. K. LuoK Highway «7 W«it LUCK'S USED FURNITURE CO. Kdg« of City Limits W«t M Gallon Water Barrels for Salt Phone 7-4381 Hope, Ark. Wanted NEED WHITE man age 21 to 40 to work .full time. $65 if 'can qu'alify. Car and $22 bond neces sary. Call Hotel Barlow Wed nesday, May 4. 5 to 6 p. m. v foi appointment. ' 30-3 iad hit Briggs Stadium almost to- jether and in no time at all were being 'fitted for immortality. In 1950, '.he second year they played together as. a unit, Evers hit .323 Wertz .308 and Groth 306. Largely due to their collective clubbing, the Tigers won 95 games and finished can exciting second, only three games back of the Yankees. There seemed no limit to what heights the trio might eventually carry the club. But it wasn't to be. The next season Evers' batting average plummeted to .224, that of Wertz to .285. Only Groth stayed close with .299. Within .two more years the terrible trip was scattered through the league. You may recall that Wertz did a bit of hitting for Cleveland in the last World Series. Evers is hanging on with Baltimore, Groth with the Chicago White Sox. And now the Tigers have Al Kaline, Bill Tuttle ' and J. W. Porter. The latter, just but of the Army, Boston Washington Baltimore Yesterday's Results New York B. Detroit 1 Cleveland 2-2, Boston 0-1 Kansas City 1G, Washington 10 Baltimore 9-3, Chicago 8-6 Today's Games New York at Detroit Boston at Cleveland (2) Washington at Kansas night) (Only games scheduled NATIONAL LEAGUE City Brooklyn Louis Milwaukee Chicago Philadelphia New York Pittsburgh has yet to prove that he is quitejpincinnati in the class with the other two, but everything in the background of the bonus beauty indicates that he will, given time. 16 59 12 21 .56 17 58 14 20 .345 AMERICAN LEAGUE Skowron, N. Y. 13 51 14 23 . .451 Kaline, Detroit 16 60 15 25 .417 Power, K.C. 15 58 17 24 .414 Kenn, Detroit '.16 fiV 11 25 .373 Lollar, Chicago .16 53 13 19 .358 HOME RUNS — Furillo, Dodgers 7; Snider, Dodgers 6; Lollar, White Sox 6; Nieman, White Sox 5; Dropo, White Sox 5; Kaline, Tigers 5; Kluszewski, Redlegs 5; Jackson, Cubs' 5. RUNS BATTED UN — Thomson, .Braves 22; Spiders, Dodgers 21; Nieman, White Sox 19; Furillo, Dodgers 19; Skowron, Yankees 18. RUNS — Carrasquel, White yesterday in the $15,000 President's Sox 19; Bruton, Braves 18; Man- classic—Panama's richest race of FINDERS KEEPERS-Provided, of. course, Gisele Robert should get lost in a crowd. B'ut .her press agent says that would be ..improbable, because she's six feet tall. The long-stemmed beauty entertains at Paris' Amiral Cabaret. Sports in Brief PANAMA, ATYS, an Argentine- bred horse owned by Nicaraguan President Anastasio Somoza, gal- v ., loped to a seven-length victory I fans saw something different in Moore Favored to Beat Cuban Fighter By MURRAY ROSE Of The Associated Press Light heavyweight champion Archie Moore and Cuba's Nino Valdes, both yearning for a crack at heavyweight ruler Rocky Mar- ciaho, clash tonight in a non-title 15-roiind bout in Las Vegas, Nev. Both put up a loud holler when Marciano by-passed them in favor of England's Don Cockell. The two then agreed to battle it out so that the winner could put the pressuse on the heavyweight champion for a September tit bout. The 38-year-old Moore, winn< of 19 straight fights over a thre year span, is a 2-1 favorite beat the 30-year-old Cuban, no the 'No, 1 heavyweight cont.dnde lor the second time. Archie, a footer outpointed the '6-3 Cuba giant in a "St 'Louis 10-rounde March 11, 1953. • .. Moore's record is 118-19-5 wit 81 knockouts.' He : has i»een stoppe four times. Valdes' record is 34 8-1 with 24 kayo's. He has bee halted twice. . Won Lost Pet. GB 15 2' .882 8 6 .571 S«i 9 7 .563 5>i 8 8 .500 G\f, 8 8 .500 C'/o 7 8 .467 7 ' 4 11 .267 10 4 13 .235 11 Yesterday's Results Brooklyn 5, Milwaukee 4 New York 2, Cincinnati 1 (Ifi innings) 2nd game ppd, darkness St. Louis 4-0, Pittsburgh 3-7 Chicago 8, Philadelphia 7 Today's Games Milwaukee at Brooklyn (night) Chicago at Philadelphia night) St. Louis at Pittsburgh (Only games scheduled) ' ' COTTON STATES STANDINGS W L Pet. GB Eight Pinch Hitters in Single Game LOS ANGELES' Services Offered For AH Makes and. Refrigeration Service APPLIANCE REPAIR 210 E. 3rd 7-2809 MATTRESS renovation and Innerspring work Cobb Mattre** Co. Slfl South Wa«hington. Phon* 7-262a. : Mar. 4-tf RALPH Montgomery Market, Cm- torn slaughtering. Phone''7-3361. 10-1 Mo. .M Htjnpstcod, d Mlllfr •*••• »29 1 3 00 _ fW'yv^f^tv'-tfftw 1-60 ™ "W-yrMi-'TOfrv--" 8*0 "!»«""•-•"• ••«««v«««.f««j'»' *-w w 1.10 . 325 ,. «5Q If you need a Trqjler . . , $ee Us WE RENT UHAUL TRAIiERS and have severql on hand npw thot are ready to 90, AH Kinds of AUTO ^^R* ^^^^P ™ VF^tr WYLIE W'jW r jl ^^P m Wl CONVALESCENT AND Nursing Hospital. Reasonable monthly rates. Quiet Neighborhood. Catering to Aged and Convalescent Patients. For information contact Ouachita County Hospital, Camden, Arkansas. Phone Temple 6_9325. April 1-1 Mo. WATER WELL Drilling any depth or size, O. T. Clark and Son C. R. Clark, Caje, Ark., 203 East tie, Yankees 17; Power, Athletics 17; Bauer, Yankees 1C; Finigan, Athletics 1C. .HITS.— Moon, Cardinals 2G; •Cuenn, Tigers 25; Kaline, Tigers 25; Mueller; Giants 24; Power, Athletics 24. PITCHING — Lemon, Indians 5-0; Turley, Yankees 4-0; Hearn, Giants 3-0; Erskine, Dodgers -0; (eleven tied for fifth with 2-0). the year. By The Associated Press AMERICAN ASSOCIATION Louisville 7-3; Denver 2-1 Omaha 8-0; Indianapolis 7-9 Toledo 3; St. Paul 1 Minneaholis 8; Charleston 2 SALEM, Ind., (UP) — Bob Sweikert of Haywood, Calif., won the 30-lap AAA spring feature yesterday in a race marred by two accidents. Jerry Hoyt of Indianapolis and Pat O'Connor escaped injuries when their cars smashed up early in the race. WICHITA, Kan., (UP) —The National Baseball Congress today announced it has issued a charter to the Oneonta (N.Y.) Baseball Umpires association on its 1955 National Association of Umpires. TEXAS LEAGUE San Antonio 1-4; Beaumont 0-3 fort Worth C; Dallas 3 Tulsa 8-5; Oklahoma City 4-3 Shreveport 4-0; Houston 2-4 Ave. B. Hope, Ark. April 18-1 Mo, SEE Jess Morris for custom slaughtering and cold storage at Community Ice. Ptyone 7-2244 or 7-3478- April 22-1 Mo. The United States exported 304 ; 645 tons'of cotton seed oil in 1954 compared, to. A Rrewar annual average of. 3,347-tons* • BE WDEPENDBNT. Sell Rawleigh Products in S. Hempstead Co:, or Hope. Se« Corwin Crow. Route 1, Box 30, Nasjiville, Ark. today for particulars or write Rawleigh's, Dept. AK'E-641-D, Memphis. Tenn. . 2-H WESTERN LEAGUE Lindoln 4-7; Pueblo 2-5 Colorado Springs 12-7; Des Moines 11-3 Wichita 12; Sioux City 6 High School Stars to Join Porkers FAYETTEVILLE, W>V-Razorback ootball uniforms are being reserv- d for two Arkansas high school football backs and another player from Terrell, Tex., High School. The University, of Arkansas announced that 'Danny Edgmon of Blytheville, George Jordan of Camden and the Texan, Jerry Green, will enter the university as freshmen ,n>xt fall, Edgmon, a 190-pound halfback, scored 84 points last year and aVeraged 8.53 yards a carry. He Ugbl NoHce BARCELONA, Spain, (UP) .British Motorcycling Champion Stanley Dibben was in critical condition today from injuries suffered 'in a crash during the International Grand Prix yesterday. The race was won by Willy Fans of Germany. umpire baiting yesterday — eight pinch: hitters for the same' player. Vexed with the umpiring as his team Was losing to Los Angeles in a Pacific Coast League double header, Hollywood Manager Bobby Bragan sent up eight men consecutively as pinch hitters in the last inning of the opener. They kept replacing each other after one .pitch until Clarence Buheller eventually grounded out. If the umpire wasn't confounded, the official scorer was. Hollywood lost 7-5 and then 5-0. Said the fiery Bragan: "All those batters were used to show up the umpires, who already had made a farce of the game/' IN THE CHANCERY COURT OF HEMPSTEAD COUNTY, ARKANSAS, FAY SHELL PLAINTIFF FLORENCE, Italy, (UP) —Fans to Gardini and Giuseppe Merlo members of Italy's Davis Cup team, met today in the finals of the Florence International Tennis tournament. Gardini gained the title round by upsetting Mcrvyn Rose of Australia after Merlo turned back Budge Patty of Los Angeles. PITTSBURGH, (UP) —Halfback Richit McCabe, End Joe Zombeck and Linebacker Skippy Doyle have signed their 1955 contracts with the Pittsburgh Steelers of the National Fpotball League, it was announced today. NEW YORK, (UP) —The Nu- rernburg football club of Germany launched a seven-game U.S. toiu yesterday by whipping the German-American soccer league all- stars, 7-1, before 15,985 fans. Max Worlock scored three goals for the winners. Haza'ruk, Racing Star, Is Killed LANGHORNE, Pa., UP)—Mike Nazaruk, one of the nation's top auto racing drivers was killed yesterday .when his Offenhauser rammed through a fence during a 30-mile race at the Langhorne Speedway, turned over four times and burst into flames. The 33-year-old North BellVnore N. Y. driver was doing better than 100 miles an hour. Nazar r uk, an entry in this year's Indianapolis 500 mile race, had finished second in that Memorial Day classic in 19,51 and was fifth last] year when the fjrst five cars complete the grind broke track record. Monroe Hot Springs El Dorado Greenville Vicksburg Pine Bluff Yesterday's Results El Dorado 6, Greenville 3 Vicksburg.7, Hot Springs 5 Monroe '14, Pine Bluff 1 Today's Games ' Monroe .at Vicksburg • Pine Bluff at El Dorado Greenville at Hot Springs SOUTHERN ASSOCI ATOM Memphis • New Orleans Birmingham Atlanta Chattanooga Nashville Mobile Little Rock By JOE REICHLER Of The Associated Press The American League champion Cleveland Indians were back in first place today :and who do you think put them there? 'Bob Lemon? No! Early Wyhn? No! Mike Garcia? No! None of the fabulous Big; Three had anything to do with ''it. •10 8 .625 >/ 2 It was 36-year-old Bob Feller, 10 B .625 \'z who wasn't even trusted to pitch 78 .467 3 in the World Series last fall and 8 10 .444 3'/ 2 21-year-old Herbie Score, who did 5 11 .31 5>/2 not even join the Indians until tif.s 5 13 .278 ~G<& spring. They put two brilliant pitching exhibitions back to back as the Indians twice conquered the Boston Red Sox 2-0 and 2-1 to forge into a half-game Al lead. Feller, only pitcher since 1900 to turn in three no r hitters, came within eight pulouts' of getting his fourth as he won his first game of the season and .203rd of his career in the opener. He permit^fl only one hit—a one-out sevenWi- inning single by Sammy White. It, was his . 12th one-hitter. Score, who was only 4 when Feller set the major league strikeout record of 18, came within two of Bob's, mark, 'striking out 16 in the second game. . Three teams—New York Detroit and Chicago—were locked in a. second-place tie,, a half game behind Cleveland w h e n the Yankees snapped Detroit's seyentgame vtjgi- ning streak wtih a 6-1 triutnph and Baltimore held the White Sox even in a double-header. The Orioles took the opener 9-8 ^in 11 innings and the White Sox won the second game 6-3.' i Kansas City's surprising Athletics "moved into fifth .place, past the Red Sox, taking-a 16-10 slugfest from Washington with a six- run seventh inning, jjim Finigan paced a 16-hit attack'with a double | and triple, scored four times drove in three runs. • Brooklyn's jet-propelled dodgers made it 15 victories•'• in 17 starts, defeating the Milwaukee braves 5-4 on pinch'hitter George Shuba's run-scoring single in . the eighth. The St. Louis Cardinals were held to a split in their -double-header with Pittsburgh but took over second place by percentage points from Milwaukee. .The Cards won the . opener 4-3 but Icisf the second 7-0 as Ronnie Kline made his fiHt major league victory a shutout. The New York Giants and Cincinnati Reds played 16 innings before Johnny Antohelli beat the Red legs 2-1 with a dazzling six-hitter. Pinch hitter Bill TayjtOr's long single scored -Whitey Ijpckman from third with the winning run. Chicago's Cubs ed$ed Philadelphia 8-7 on Ransom Jackson's two- run'single in the 'nlnlth. inning of the opener and led 4-2 with tj^s Phillies, at bat'in thfe ninth when the game was halteij. because of th» Pennsylvania Sunday curfew law. The game will 'be completed tonight^ Gene Baker's seventh inning homer broke a ;2-2 tie in the seventh. r 5 1 4 2. 3 2 3 .833 .667 ,500 .400 2 3 .400 2>/> 1 5 .167 4 " W L Pet. GB 15 7 .682 13 8 .619 !>/> 18 10 .545 3 11 1.1 .500 4 11 11 .500 4 10 13 .435 5% 8 11 .421 5 1 /6 15 .286 8'/ 2 Yesterday's Results '. Atlanta 8-6, Memphis 5-9 Birmingham 13-8, Little Rock 3-2 Nashville 7-6, New Orleans 2-5 Chattanooga 6, Mobile 4 Today's Games Chattanooga at Mobile Little Rock at Atlanta Memphis at Birmingham (Only games scheduled) Nev., COMMENDATION NOW ATOMIC TEST SITE, UP) —When a general's aide at Jamp Desert Rock forgot to'wake his boss for one of the Scheduled atomic shots he prepared for a demotion. But the weather as us- ial, forced a postponement. He got a commendation instead. LETDUCKEtTPOIT... THE BEST IN STEEL CONSTRUCTION Sheds — Farm Buildings — Industrial Buildings '' mode according t;o specifications, '. Can be constructed at low cost! DUCKETT STEEL & EQUIPMENT CO. North Main Street VS. No. 7745 10 Boys to deliver Ijer.ald? for'"A MAN CALLED PETER," Coming to % ^aeiigpf. Theater, M™ 8, ,9, siwjl 10. Cpflt&ct Saeng£v "-- •f»r: "Fellah" is Arabic for "ploughman" or "tiller," according to >e Encyclopedia ...fAjjW^&feiJ . WALTER SHELL .... DEFENDANT WARNING ORDER The defendant, Walter Shell, is hereby warned to appear in this Coijrt within thirty days and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Fay Shell. WITNESS my hand as Clerk, and the seal of said Court, this 30 day of April, 1955. Garrett Willis & Wilspri, Attorneys (or )Pl«JntU| Talbot Feild, Jr., Attorney ad Litem Mey 2, 9,19, n WRONG BALLOT RELANDS, Calif., (UP) —Mrs. Walter Baumann's name was placed on the May 20 ballot as a candidate for Redlands High School trustee. She is seeking the post of trustee of the Glenn Oaks school district. was selected on the Class AA All- State team. Jordan was tailback for Cam- de^n, which captured three conse- cijtjve district championships. Green is a 190-pound. g ui jrd wbq wpn » berth on the Texas Cias.s AA AlJ-St,ate second team last sea Three other Terrell graduates are playing at Doctors to See Special Program LIGHTING F()TiRES ROCK; Prpteo't and enhance lie beauty youii Doctors in a post-graduate course at the University of Arkansas ' School Medicine will w.atch deliveries of babies this >veek over a closed television circuit, the first use of TV for medical "p(iuc«i,tion in Arkansas. Dy. Wi^is E. Brown, professor of obstetrics and gytiecplogy, said a small ca.mer.8 will be set up in the delivery room Thursday and Friday. Doctors will watch televj- siofi sets in the school's amphitheater, Ch>mlc»l Warfare Chemical wajfgre was .Hno\vji as 500. ;p. ' |<?h}pr}ne b^ginnmg 114 8. Elm phpne 7-2629 f HIM!?I CO, AIKANSAS HERE'S TEN ..DOLLARS BUYrVOURSELF A PRETTV PRESEMT I JUST \YANTEDTO TELL HIM THIS [S THE ' DAY THE/ PIC DO VOL) KNOW WHAT DAY THIS IS r OUT OUR WAY ^'^i.L^.W/£i'i,^:'Ji'i-tiVi 1 gOUKIP A TORE UP LETTER IMTHlS TRASH SOMEBODY THREW IM OUtS. YARD/ fT MUST BE PRETTy JUICY, CUZ. ANYBODY THAT TEARS A LETTER up IK) SUCH TINV HA& ear TO HIPE AM' POLUZt FCJUWP A FtA6Hl>ULe Answer to Previoui Puiii> Talk bf the Town WAftlkTTHB MU(4pfeBEP AVON'S _ _. V(C...VVHV po SOU WANT ' ANJV'doNNfecti DOWN 1 rr~ Lak * 1 Went down .City, Utah 2Toward the » Obtains sheltered side 3 Wash • - T, .•> «asn % ; J»P«fo, Brazil 4 Italian town 12 Wlng.shaped S Jewel • •? £r~"> 6 Eats away away ':«nngyivania 7 It's made in Akron, Ohio ^..ears 26Store worker 46Floating 8 Remedial 28 Run together device 'programs 30 Retain 47 Always WASH TUBES . ; ' J V .»* f/f . ; i LUfi. INSIDE ISPeruss plant. -.•"• , 22 24 Tardy i ..MM- •-.-— 25 Attest !« Gaelic 2S Apostle 32 Incarnation 33 Concise 50 Flesh fodder 51 Dry, as wine ' 40 Exaggerate 52—, Norway 43 Bird of prey 55— Moines, ! 45 Argot Iowa > M:&-, Ohio, • ;rbr'Spain M Verily •I Pitcher OUR BOARDNG HOUSE With Major Hoople 41 Health resort 42 Mariner's :• £ direction ;4IHat accessory 48 Free '4&e>blivlon ;5J Actress ' ."[ Gardner 34, Vegetable / reisers THIMK< A nose THAT AIR- ' l?dM DR. MA"RCU$ UM/ ,0* tOAO WAS ^UCCE55. TWO ' -ERASED ALL HAUL . DEPART . ENIEM: TRADE IT. FOR. Y£R 6K\ti FORMULA ACCOUNT ' : '• '• :•<»: ^,'^''--^^^ •••••' •• • ••••;.•- :y± ,' f -^;~-->-;>y:i;$.>.tyi,ffo*fy!jljjy •••'••""'•'"• •••.••- - ^'-v.V^iw':.\^^^^a^^;c^M- : ^i AND HER BUDDIES .66 Served food Burden riJh.UUSW , . 5)9 Attempt Love god «P 61 German king CAANIVAL •v Dick Turner ^'^$& j BUG5 PUNNY By Herthberqnr .HAVIMS 'M PORTWAIT PAINTED .' 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" ''* STATE FARM JjjlUTUAl, Contact ' HORACE HUBBARD 212 E.*16th 'Phone 7-2436

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