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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
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Monday, May 2, 1955
Page 7
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, ft tWeusand may of interference - British\Sig '' it 4 I •<• *> • It A*.* MOM, AftRANSAi _.. ,—,„ a.jrie siHHfWpWftt't bjitviyou can't pro* iMusi'when:^'"?'-'':"'' 14 '""'• '' " r your, chances of plcktoj* ^"h^ from'the firilish '.Oor-ftt* "'Steve- • -Tobey EASjV CHOjCE—lt!s riot tpo difficult 16. select the prettiest face .in."this group at Miahii Beach;' frla. Posing beside a pile of cocpriut "faces" Is Esther Claire, a former "Miss Miami Beach.". in:dis- lw|tstatlo;n>i-flllasi»!t Developed, .in " ; ^si'.;'it4did*'in- radio" for • n ; Slgftals: bdurtce ^:l;ule 'sail p|JjrtpSsp.ac^.;ajKi Daren't- refle.ct- l5Sarouhdfrthe:iparth?s curvature. - ! NEWS pr^-by a -P{ri margin. - ?m •'£!•' P^j||g^^^j^S^| • Mrs. Regan -..- ..._._. Hostess To- ' ."" Wednesday Club ..Mrs. W. S. .Regan was hostess to the Wednesday-Bridge Club at net home on Wednesday afternoon., , /JThe livipg • room arranged ((for the players was, beautifully decor ated with bowls of iris* pansies; and pinks. ,'... • . ' ,The. high s-cbrc prize wa.s wqn by (Mrs, Tom Bemis and the cut prize j; ..Mrs. C. P. Arnold Jr., guests J-! (Mrs.-Jack Robey and'.Mrs,. T. R. Mriberg were''also guests. ! u A v da'Mi'ty "dessert course and coffee were served, by the hostess. Birthday Supper Mrs.. Roy WHi'te honored Mr. .Wihile_andJheii\ daughter," Meril'yn., with a-surprise-birthday supper on Ihfe'ltiwn'. df their hpn>e;'. '....•" !nie."'''tajjle, , wpscpvcred i V^'!.'th' a yellow, cloth -and held a 'central arrangement- >of • pink' and whltd Tjlo&prns. • ••'.'• . ' - . • .': '.'.,-.' ,,Aiter the guests sang ,'/Happy Birthday" the honor guests opened their gifts. ... ;; . ,' 'Covers were also laid for.Mr.-and \tfs. ^aul.Rhodes .and Robert Ajien Erskm'e. ..*'*, - ... », .. ...,'.;•-. .. ; National tMii]sic; Week To Be'pbieryed ; * '' .. ,„ . 'N£tib'nal' Music Week began Sunday. May ,1, : with music orgariiza- ions' throughout the United Stages rfving special attention to rriusical programs "and other ways of focus- ng^attention to the art of music COMING HOME-Gen Eai le E. .Pa tit r.i d.g.e will, head the Continental Air Defense Conj- mand at" Colorado Springs, Colo. Hfe will return to the U. S. from his.present post as head fit the U: S. Far East Air Force. W. Rev. 'Charles Conner of Arkadel- ihia, Associational Missionary gave n informd'tive''talk on "The Results if Simultaneous Revivals in the Association." . . , . Mrs. .Conner was also a guest for the evening. J,,H. Larigley offered the closing prayer, fhei'4: WUl^be sorri,e obsiSr.vanqe' of ! Miss Lillie Butcher, Mrs. Watson his»6pecial',1w,eek inJevary/Stpte of White, Jr., arid Mrs. J. T. McRae fte^Union.. Int*Arkari$as the various were in-charge of the arrangements music clubs'of th'e state" federation for .the,, suppqr. will participate in various actlvit- es showing that music, is funda- ,, ,• _ _, . , ,, „ „, . mental to life -and that it brings .***.*: * R \ B ^ ml ^ °J al , P ', T> A> ?a'rid':h-appiness. ^ president,- attended the Arkansas ....-»- • - - Congress of parents and teachers held at Hotel Marion in Little Rock Wednesday. In Prescott the -Musical Coterie . .itAisisJfcS^'iS-:.:-.'. .&< rams pn ^*- jl-ujge the_,.s,inging of the Hymn the Month, at the various, chur- !h'es.'-will''shbV its iriterest in rural nusic by presenting a program, at the Bleyins School Assembly on •Wednesday. May 4, and -wil,l riialje its i ' " '* ' ' ' ~ ' ""'* Rop Harris threatened But Unharmed By GORbON BROWN } WASHINGTON (At— Rep. Harris didn't know anything about it uhii: he Was pu't dr danger, but a man thraetened to shoot him 'the other clay. The man appeared at offices ol he-House Commerce Committe and said he wanted*«,to talk w^t Harris -about TACAfr — A .nW air navigation aid systertt developed >y (he Navy and still ftfther lush. : i t ' . The committee of which s a member, has been c bm'e closed hearings oh it the time the mafi appeared at he .committee offices. Harris Was Conducting a hearing on bills to xclude independent gas producers rprn federal regulation. After talking with a committee ler,k, the man, from Studio City, ^allf., went to the office, of Rep. iinshaw (R-Calif). Hinshaw, how- yer, also was attending a committee meeting. Apparently miffed at being enied a chance to. talk to Harris*; le man departed. Later, however, e .called the committee' and -in a.ther violent language said :h"e knew where Harris was : arid ho iv' he could get him. Montfciy, May ji j, ) MJ^ »t*t, fieri« At KA N f A f M.S.Judges Hear 'Phone Rate Case „„. „ ACQUAINTED—Whiskers, a Surrey, England, cat, ihrinks a little from the friendly gestures of Violet, the cow. But if Whiskers knows'which side her bread is buttered on, shell , soon buddy up to the source of her favorite drink. | MARKETS st. LOUIS LIVESTOCK NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, ill. [Principal 'iTionths. Late support in old ive; barrows.arid .gilts 25-50 ower than Friday's average; sows 25 ower; bulk' choice 180-220 Ib 16.75- He threatened to go after Harris P 7 - 25 ? choice No. 1 and 1 I7.a5, with a gun. .,.-•,,,, ; ; ,- ; ;- Jew ' 17.80.;.'220-240 Ib 16.50-17.00. Alarmed,' the committee: staffjl e . w ,_to 1710}•" 24'b-70 Ib 16.00-75; summoned police. Two policemen * " were sent to guard the hearing room where Harris was presiding. Other police were stationed at tfce f than the previous close. May 3.64, July 3.78 and October 3.80. _ LITTLE ROCK — A three- judge federal court . today began hearing a case involving a new approach, by a utility seeking a rate increase. General Telephone Co. of the Southwest, which serves Texarkana £-nd 10 other Arkansas communities is asking for a federal injunction to prevent the Arkansas Public Service Commission .from interierring with a proposed $300,000 a year rate increase. Heretofore, utilities denied rate increases by the PSC have appealed to Pulaski Circuit Court and thence to the Arkansas Supreme Court. General Telephone contends that PSC's refusal to let it put the higher rates in effect .deprives it j of its property without due process of law, in violation of the federal constitution. A diversity of citizenship and interstate commerce and involved crop and theref ° r e the matter is a prop- |er one for'the federal courts, the company asserts. , , The company is a Delaware cotrporalion and its Texarkana posed of Circuit Judge Martin t>.v Van Oosterhout, Sioux City, ''Iowa \; and district Judges Marrj*; J. Lam- ; . ley of Hope and John E. Miller of Fort Smith. Ark. A three-judge court is named when a constitutional question is involved. ' General filed its schedule Pf increased rates, approximately at^ year . ago but the new charges* were suspended by the'PSC, whicbi later approved an increase of onl^ a p p r o x i m a t ely $35,000. Thaft amount was to be 'derived bfy boosting the cost of a coin telephone call from five cents to 10 cents, and an adjustment of miscellaneous service'charges. r-MJi Between I A, M, AM 4 »< M. Tuesday, May 3 'The Iris Garden club will me*t second. After the business session, re- freshmcnts .were served and group sirigihg was enjoyed. ThC next meeting will be in tho NEW YORK STOCKS NEW YORK WI-r se t vos both the Texas and Arkansas sides of the border 'city. The PSC and the 'City' o{. Texarkana are : resisting •, federal -juris- ' The. Hippodrome, opened by BaN ' nurn in 1873, was supplanted".by " Tuesday; May 3 at 2:30 p. m; pt . „ ..he home of Mrs. Floyd Crank with home of Mrs. Elva Key. Irs. C. M. Agee as co-hostess; Prd gram -on : "Shrub Roses as land jscaping material" will be in charge of Mrs.. Owen Nix.. The arrange •nfent for this meeting will be fart Members please hole the hartge. .in date which has .been changed allow discussion 61 The stroke oar in a racing; shell is the rower narest the stern of the boat (in front of the coxswain)'. committee room 'and'/ at Hinshaw's office'. .•'•'*'"' : . Another detail went to the man's hotel and arrested him as he emerged with .a pistol in one pocket. Subsequently he was sent to St. Elizabeth's for mental bbserva- *.-*« w,«« ... - -w.«w ...., i!4^,y I \_7i\JV \tll T^JIU OLULK 1V1UI £70-800 Ub 15.50-10.25; 140-170 Ib ket moved irregularly today with 16.25-17.00; sows 450 Ib down 13.75; ' - tion. After it was all over, Harris learned what had happened, A few years ago a man did'take a shot at Sen. Brick'er (R-Ohioi. And last year a %group of Puerto Ricans fired wildly in the House chamber wounding several Congressmen. Sen. McClellan gave some of the boars 50 .lower at 8.50-11.0 Cattle-7,500, ;calves 1,000; few opening sals about steady but not enough done to fully establish trend; scattering good and choice steers 20.00-25.00; few choice mixed yearlings 22.00-23.25; cows steady; utility arid commercial 1.50-15.00; canners and cutters 11.00-13.00; vealers and calves un- "cha'rig'e'd;"! high" choice and prime vealers : sparingly 26.00-28.00; good and choice 20:00-25.00; commercial and good mainly 15.00-20.00; culls S.00-12.00. POULTRY & PRODUCE CHICAGO Wl — Live poultry steady; receipts in coops 764 Fri- Pentagon' high brass an uncom- day 527 COO P S - ? 8 ' 755 Ib; F.O.B. fortable two hours 'at an arinroDri- pa y in £ P^ces unchanged; heavy heps 25-30;. light hens 16.5-17; broilers or fryers 29-31; old roosters 1212.5; caponettes 42-43.5. Butter: 1,267,048 pounds. Market irregular.' 93 and 92 score 56 cents a, pound; 90 score 541/2; 89 score 53; tarlots: 90 score 55; 8 ations subcommittee hearing. •Annoyed at seemiriglyr conflicting information he kept getting on the subject of the closing'of the Hot Spiings Arriny-Navy .'hospital, . fye hauled a group of officers into a hearing and fired questions at them. : • • .• Actually, .he, said, nothing much jew was developed b.ut "now I lave them on.-the .record.'-' Obviously the Defense Department plans to. cqntinue with the closing plan. The witnesses,, said he final patient would be out of he, hospital in the next few .days, ind the place would be shut down by, June 30. " . When officials saidi they planned a lower tendency developing in tho early afternoon. Some slocks wore wide swings but most changes were well within a range of 2 points cither way. The steels were higher along with merchandising shares and many individual issues. Going lower were the farm implements, electrical equipments, motion pictures, and utilities. Others were steady to mixed. , Slock Mar- diction. They contend General 'has remedy in the state courts. Today's hearing 'was , concerned solely with the jurisdiction of the federal court. .. ' If the federal court assumes 'jurisdiction, the .trial will be set for later on its merits. The three-judge court is com- GRAIN AND PROVSIQNS CHCAGO, Of] — Most grains drifted lower in a lethargic market on the Boarcl of trade today. An. exception was soybeans. They were ahead most of the session. Other, cereals were subjected to mild hedging pressure and selling based on the large supplies. HOT WATJER HEATER HEADQUARTERS • Day & Night • Rheem •"' /,-.' •' , ' , • • ' • ' '- ! ' . • . -. V . :"'. • Crqne•.:••;.••. ^ -.'•'•',;.. :• ' .' - :,* ' : ' . "f-"'' ; .•; Generaljv;'V ; ;': ; i' One - Th ree -' $y'l - Ten ' Year W.drrdnty/ • • •. '.'>''* ' ' HARRY W. SHIVER Plumbing - Hgating, ;104 E. Ae.C Alpha Delta Chapter of Delta Cappa : Gamma Society will meet i! the home of Mrs. B. C. Hyatt n-Tuesday, May 3 at 4 p. m, Mr*. |W. A. Williams and Miss Gwendolyn Dean will be associate hostess. pter A. E. of P. E. O. Will at the home of' Mrs. E. 'P. iDNoal Tuesday evening, 7:30. All fmcmbers are urged to attend. Tuesday The V F. W. Auxiliary will meet |Tudsday May 3, at 7:30 p. m. in Jthe'Hut:for the election of officer's. ,A11 members are urged to be pre{sent; • . • -••'.•• Wheat closed 2.10-, corn '/4$1.431/8-% , oats lower, May lowe r , May VR- lower, May core Eggs: . 35,75.4 cases. Market regular. White large extras per cent a and over 36 cents May rye >/ 2 to 1 cent, lower, 97!/4-, and soybeans '/i-l'a higher, May .$2:51-$2.50. Wheat none. Corn No. 1 yellow 1.49'/,; No. 2 1.49-49^.; No'; '3 1.44',-i " white large extras 60-69.9 70 4; No 4 1,7; a 471/4 Oats: . sample grade 1.15" No. 1 heavy .white i sample grade heavy per cent a and over 35>/ 2 ; mixed, white 75'/ 4 ; No. 1' white 73%. ' large' extras standards 321,; 32; dirties. 1; checks 30. 5;... rned.iums and 1 Soybean • ; current recepts 56.00-56.50." ' ll'/a";-' soybean meal '"" ' '" YORK COTTON .NEW/YORK (J)—Cotton futures o turn the hospital over to the' were "'regular today in slow deal- eneral Services 'Administration in ^ s - Mos ^ traders were inclined 1 ?, 3 ^ 1 ' further Washington devel- cements on cotton. Evenig up op- nearby May were Mrs. J. V. McGinnis has returned to her home in Tulsa, Okla., 'alter a visit with Dr. J. D. Cornish Haltom, and keep it on 3 standby basis,! McClellan . ppinted-: out '...,"' vovildn't have -jurisdiction' .', „ "AS took if'over;.-.They then '• said s $ an - wl , th onlv three Ma y t™™- tey planned tp declare it surplus. j^ a , ble _ n ° tices .issued at New McClellan termed this "cornplete abandonment." Adding to the confusion, the department's budget officer spoke up i.n some surprise to say it'was the first he'd heard .about abandoning 1he hospital. He said that actually, the budget includes' some main- tainance funds for the Hospital for jbution to local club pro- T" ' 'V "Jf ^f 8 ' i 'Thursday, May 5, by pre- I 1 * £ n{ J d ^' ghters ' program at the W. C, T. U.r-j-On Friday night, May .6, Mr. Cllve ,lV^cCle!land, local band dir- ,ecipr. : and special member of the Musical. Coterie, will direct an •Operetta,' "The Beauty Contest," Wftfi' a .cast of about thirty girls. T%!oper-eUa;Js-in.two acts and will ^b'e/prese'nted for the Park School students and' -the High School stu- ,dents in matinee performances be- lore /the ;riight performance for the '" ' pttblic'; Night ' Members - of the First Baptist "Church enjoyed a Family Night luck supper at; the church on Wednesday evening. The invocation was given by H Miss Jennie Lewis and Mrs. Paul Jones spent Wednesday in Hope and Texarkana. Frank Haltom spent-a part last week in Nashville, Tenn., business7 ' of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred 'E. Smith III arid children '. Irene Roystbn and Randolph Hamby, 'have returned- to their hoine in "Baton Rouge, La,, after a ten day visit ' with her parents, R. P. Hamby. a'nd Mrs. mfire&Applance 4/1 ' i r »( *'* ', '- 1 " 1 * "» - v t, » T » ""'"^ ~~-r- Mrs. Paul Hiett returned Wed- ne.sday night from Memphis^ Tenn. where she accompanied'her sister, Mrs; Robbie Bolls, yviio' has been Tier guest. Mrs. Mary Montgoriiery has returned from a week's visit with Mr. and Mrs. El Dorado. Carlton McRae in Friends of Mrs. W. T. White wijl regret that she is seriously ill at Scott' White Clinic in Temple, Texas, year. McClelian's pitch now apparently w. ill be to get' a' Corigressional declaration that the ho'spjtal shpUJd be operated another yepr in ofder to permit, full exploration pf other possible, uses.' This is the approach pn which Rep. Norrell, is, w.ork|ri'g. IJorrell is seeking to get .the House j^Dpropr'iatjpris Corriniitt^e, of which he is a member, that the hospital should be. opiDrated. Whether the $rrfiy would comply is another matter! "... • Several Arkansas 'groups will be in Washington the next few weeks to urge House arid Sejiate appropriations subcommittees -'to approve funds for various flood control ai)d river projects, ,0n May 5 and 6 a grpu.p headed by Gov. OrVal FaUbus Will be hfere in support of appropriations for Arka'nsas Hiver bank stabilization and the start of Dardanelle Dam. On May '17 and 18 several Arkansans will be in a group, asking sorine 50 million dollars or more for work on the lower Mississippi Barley nominal: Malting ch'oice 1.36-5; feed 1.00-15. 100 TABLET BOTTLE ONLY 49C SPECIAL NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC In every City there is a law prohibiting cars and other vehicles chasing fire trucks, or parking such vehicle where it will be a hinderance.to the Department while fighting 'a fire. For sometime it has been difficult for the Department, to operate, the equipment in an efficient .manner. Peopie- who go to fires block the streets and run over water hose, and sometime they ace'brpken. .'. It is .also a violation of ;fhe law to operate.' your car while a fire, or ambulance aldrrfj. is 1 , sounded, you should pull your car to.'the curb-dnd remain there until an all clear signal 'is given. So' if you do not belong to the fire Department, and have no other business th'i=re > ";p|eose keep you"r. car, or any other vehicle r;awfci'jd : *5\ir Police \yillA be instructed to arrest any one caught in violation of any of the above laws. - - ' • : • ; ' Respt. yours, .'C. E. Baker • • Chief of Police - ••'• Wednesday May 4 . i» Mark Auxiliary will rncet !Wednesday May 4, at 7:30'p.m. with-Mrs. J. W. Smith. Thursday May 5 ...',' The iPat Cleburne Chapter qf Xl. D. C. .will meet Thursday May;;,5, at -2r30 p. m. at the Barlow.-HoVql. Mrs.. Jack Atldns and Mrs.' J.; W. Branch will be hostess. • ••••' *. . • • Mrt, Fftafik Ruuell MosteM Of Gardenia Garden Club The Gardenia Garden .Club met Violent Death Toll in State Reaches 17 By The Atseclated Pr*»i Arkansas' violent death toll fo the week which ended Sunda; mid-night rose to 17 with the deal! of a deputy sheriff whose ca smashed into the rear of a no the car near Osceola, Ark., last night state Trooper Fred McKinley said that the deputy Lester Ayres of near Joiner, • Ark., was driving a fast-moving, powerful new auto in the hbrrie of Mrs. Frank Russell with Mrs. Frank Rider as co-hostess. Beautiful arrangements of carnations flown frorn California de Hunter of Osceola. Hunter was not hurt. A passen ger in his car, Joe Bill Chapman of Osceola, was listed in serious corated 'the Russell's apartment. The meeting .was called to order by the president. Mrs. Sam Strong, and the Lord's Prayer repeated' in -unison. The roll call and the minutes were read by the secre tary^ Mrs. Eddie Whitman. Mrs. Strong gave the treasurer's report in the absence of. Mrs. Albert Jewell, Plans .for the coming Hat Show sDaciniis 1 con dition at an Osceola hospital v "* Hunter told police he was driving about 25 or 30 miles an hour when hit. Both cars burst into flames. W. C. Hughes, 54, died in his smoke-filled room at Mcna, Ark., last night. Members of the Mcna volunteer fire department extinguished the blaze before it could spread to the rest of the large rooming house. Hughes lived in an upstairs session. The following members Were appointed to a nominating committee; Mrs. Frank Russell, Mrs. Lynn Harris and Mrs. C. F. Ba.ker. determined. A total of 10 persons died in traffic accidents in Arkansas during the week. Two of -the victims were struck Mrs. P. H. Webb had charge of ! northeast he'. program and introduced Mrs. u "" edst 3aker who gave a paper on "An- by cars Saturday accidents in Thursday May 5 • . ffeppe Chapter 328 order of tho Eastbrn Star will meet Thursday May'5, at 7:30 p. ro. Yancey Gill, 65, was riding a mule when hit by a car south of Moore spoke on ''^1^'^^^uS* $L%. rif.r-tnrf = • ,! C ° n " Wmie B - Canady also was killed ducted a. quiz-.game on flowering instantly when hu by a car while • $£„ i,'* J ,1 ,• : walking across Highway 1- south' * J H ' ?°, 8tC , S * ,, S ° rycd u 3 dehjcious of Forrest City. Ark. salad plate to 13 members and on» guest,yMrs. Carl Bryan. A nine-day wonder U which causes a great «en*itiofe- lew daya, then p«*»«g, tote, j imbo of things forgotten. (Spring cleaning instincts should be turned to the winter-tired .face/too. This young lady has invested .in a battery of hew '"-"-' •'• -' paint up for sprinri Hands (center) get a softening sted itt farthering • _. with'y&u; W that 'cise* t 1 f , :onversdtit»n and action* wl»^' 'cy the idea, then th«e*l .. ng f<5r"you to do but fibttiUtef i definite part of your --«-"«»•*• than a link with ii lipstick colors (left) and Is about to pal 'worn put by steam heat and chill winds coat of hand and body lotion. For a sunny face to sparkle under a spring hat, she's applying (right) a satiny foundation that patH* pers and flatters her skin coloration. Ihe one she's U»!hg has A moisture-retaining ingredient. (Tussy Cosmttlqutlk DDPOTHYDIX Answers "Other Women 1 Rriday May 6 The. May Fellowship . pot-luck luncheon of the local council of Church' Women will meet at. the Christian Church Friday May .6th. The women of the various churches will bring different type of "food; Methodist; salads, pert, Christian; ians; vegetables. dOK! tefi Episcopalians; meat, Presby- Notire . The call meeting of the Gardenia Garden Club to mcc tin the :home, of Mrs. Sam Strong Tuesday/May 3rd. .ihas been cancelled. - . -Ha'rmony Club ' Has Meeting a' mprnbers of the Harmony surprised Mrs. Garrctt Willis by : 'meeting in her home Friday night April 29. for a tacky party. 1 't i A very enjoyable evening wa's enjoyed, with prizes going to' Mrs. Geneva Boyd for'the tackiest cos- 1 tume, and Mrs, Cora McBay won Births . Mr., and . Mrs. Linton Crank ol .1303 Ridge Avc. Coraopolis, Pa., announce 'the ..birth of a baby girl, Detora Kay on April 6, 1955. Com i ng q nd Goi ng Mr.' and 'Mrs. J. W. (Son) Jones .. , . , of-Dallas, .'were week-end visitors three r ° sulte , d from flre s and three in'Hope. wcre Brownings. One of the drownings was added In addition, three Fayetteville,' These; women... seem to consider Ark., persons were killed and a themselves injured, innocent parti- fourth injured critically when their. es to a hopeless love affair. Wives, car and a trailer-truck collided in'" 1 thfi.se,-cases, are just interlopers the southeast corner of Kansas. j or spiteful, scheming women who The victims were identified . as won't... give their poor husbands Gioldic Sheplcy, 43; Juanita. divorces.'/ . Yvonne Jordan, 22, and her daugh- Wejl, 'let me give you the wife's ter, 22-months-old Betty Darlene version of the story, I have a cheat- Jordan. The driver of the car 28- in S husband''who maintains h Dea.r Miss Dix: I'd like to answer ome letters you receive from wo- the manner of amusement as in the men 'in love with married men. |potential dangers . surrounding it. You-attend dances with no ,thought of anything but , haying an ^enjoyable, .evening.. .-There's; nothing wrong in that. However,; there's always the strong, possibility that some*: man/.you meet at -a dance will..turn your/ ..pretty;little head and tempt, you .into being a disloyal .wife. Also, there'is 'always the fact that- your .conduct-will...cause talk. Wilburn Carl Coombs,' loves^nie- as 'well as the other gir critical injuries. year-old suffered Of the other Arka'nsas fatalities,. Hospital: Notes Discharged: Mrs. Ray C. Brittain, Hope, Mrs. W. R. Langston, Emmet, Roy Nations, Rt. 1, Hope, Richard Steadman, Hope. come take the tOO-Million-Dollar Ridel" :- v -:•',' ': . •-.- .. ... "•—I • " v -. , ''•:•; River program. On May 12 a Ouachita Hiver Prevents Tragedy Befell Sister MOUNTAIN VIEW, N. J IJ) T^Nirie years ago, little Marie Frishknecht wandered away from her waterfront home, turn bled into Pompton River and drowned. And yesterday, her twin sister Marjorie jumped into the river at almost the same spot to prevent a similar tragedy. Majorie, a pretty 11-year-old blonde with blue eyes, was visiting 'a neighbor when she heard shouts that a child was in the water, She ran to th e river and plunged with her clothes on into eight feet of water where 3-year-pld Ann LeiaH of Bowi- ton had fallen in. Mujoiie held the pa fan's head abo.ve waiter with her 4cft band, and swam tp shor? w.$j her n$h.t the bahy to safety, A»ip npr Majojie r anjr to suf- valley group will testify before a House subcommittee. Reps. Mills and Trimble, will head a delegation testifying May 17 for funds — some 2'/z million dollars-r-to start 'construction of Gree'rs Ferry dam. "'- •- .... SAENGER HURRY! Last Doy • $• At: 2:24- 5:25 - 8;26 JUDY Returns to thejereen... Singing! Judy GARLAND Jame. MASON • EXTRA • Ji'. Hews of the Day T. Daffy Duck Color Cartoon .Continued from P.age One ing a contest to name a new seductive perfume? Personally, I entered one of these contests to name a perfume, got nowhere, and now have sworn off being a contestant for life. Editor's note: What name did you suggest for the perfume? Boyle's note: "Snooty"—and I still can't see why I didn't win. But the contest mania has become so widespread it is ruining social Ijfe in this country. People are. so -busy filling out box tops they no longer have time to talk. , The craze also has infected the business • world. In some offices the white, collar dreamers arc so busy filling in boxtops or contest labels they have no time for their regular tasks. I heard of one annoyed employer who put up a sign on his bulletin board: "A prize of $10 will be paid this week to th first employe found working at th job he's being paid to do." After' a week he removed th sign. There had been no taken The prize was too small. This grabbing philosophy has d ,vided the land into two new class es—those who sponsor contests those who enter them. Since I now am too proud t enter any more contests, I hav decided to sponsor one of my ow —an exciting contest that de mands both, skill and dexterity an will add to any entrant's educa tion by improving his understanc When; a .man rnakes such a state ment,.believe me, he loves on] himself. • He seeks only pleasur and because his wife is tied u with children part of the time, h to the list Saturday when the body j seeks ..amusement with someon of 80-year-old Frank A. Smith of,else. His only motive is selfish de Ozark, Ark., was found in the Arkansas River south of Ozark. Franklin County Corner E. W. Bilstrbm said there was no suspicion of foul play. Smith had been the object of an intensive search since he disappeared from home Wednesday. Governor* Tqkt Coffct With Ikt WASHINGTON (If) — Gpve.rnors of the states took a coffee break with President 'Eiserihowe'r this morning in the midst .of round table discussions of international national and state problems. Top government officials ws.re on hand tg brief them. The mwt-' in^s will cover such topjcs.a^. f^r- eig'n affairs, national defense, highway cpnstructipn, a^d thf polio vaccine progrpni. Vjce President N,i?c,pn addressed the goyej-npj-s b.P{or'e tfeey 'went across the street to see the President, '.. qonferenc* officials r.eportpd of the gate's weVf 'OR bjfli?," wUh orxly Qpvs. P.eVt^rson p/ Orfgon anjj' J9J.uisqn oj- " ' ' It's an unforgettable experience ::; just lift up the phone and we'll bring a brand-new Chrysler to your front door! vi5U.lh.fi nnhQj((erj9ir on IF YOU HAVEN'T YB;T driven America's dazzling new style leader, you've been, missing out on a tremendous thrill! There's so MUCH here to. pjease you . . . including the world's most powerful type of V-8 engine, the silken-smooth acceleration of PpwerFlite fully-automatic Drive, and tl)<? one and only Full-time Power SteerijBg. Giant Power Brakes match greater "Stop" power with Chrysler's greater engine power* And with double-strength Ori- flow shock absorbers, ,'you can face up to the roughest roadi without a qualm. \ We're eager for you to experiencf Chrysler's "lOO-Arilli^-Poilw Ride" and we'd like^to bring a beautiful new Chrysler oj^J; tQ your home ... just phone u0 whenever you wish. • Of course, if it's more convenient, ( stop in at pur showroom. You'll get a hearty welcome any AMERICA'S MQfT iMAKTLV PirfCHKNT CA1 MAY 19 NATIONAL SAFETY-CHECK MONTH-CHBCK YOUK CAR, CHC6K ACCIPINTf I NUNN - MCDOWELL MOTOR co Phone 7 101 THI MIT m TV, f|| "1T'$ A 9IIAT Starts Tuesdqy * Out of Jules Verne'* great hufiun Give Mother o PERMANENT For MOTHER'S DAY MARY'S BEAUTY SHOP .. ..Mary -.jyamrri . Phone 7-3S84 DRIVE-IN THEATRE Hwy jit South .• Open 6:30 f Final Mite • • JUNE HAVER • ION McCALUSTER "SCUDDA . HOO? SCUDDA - HAY!" — AtSO — 5 -COLOR CARTOONS - WARNER BROS. NEWS 5TARTJ TUESDAY • t RANDOLPH SCOTT '"TNf'IOUNTY HUNTER" IN WARNERCOLOR! Arkansas Weather By The Associated Pres* Central Arkansas : Partly cloudy this afternoon,. tonight and Tuesday. Not much change in temperature. Partly cloudy and warm Wednesday with widely scattered thunderstorms. High this afternoon in the high 80s. Low tonight in the low 60s. Northwest Arkansas: P a r 11 y cloudy this afternoon, tonight and Tuesday. Widely scattered thunderstorms tonight and Tuesday/ Not much change in temperature. Wednesday, partly cloudy and warm with widely scattered thunderstorms. High this afternoon in the mid to high 80s. Low tonight in the high 40s to high 50s. Southwest 'Arkansas: Partly cloudy this afternoon, tonight and Tuesday. Not much change in temperature. Partly cloudy and warm Wednesday with widely scattered thunderstorms. High this afternoon in the high 80s to low 90s. Low tonight in the mid-60s. Northeast Arkansas: Partly cloudy this afternoon, tonight and Tuesday. Not much change in temperature. Partly cloudy and warm Wednesday with widely scattered thunderstorms, High this afternoon in the mid to high 80s. Low tonight in the 50s. Southwest Arkansas Partly cloudy this afternoon, tonight and Tuesday. Not much change in temperature. Partly cloudy and warm Wednesday with widely scattered sire'for endless entertainment. Lik a child, he must be constantly d verted. When the other woman begins t bore him, he'll have no compunc tion in throwing her over. Perhap he has already done so to her pre decessors. Through all his infide lilies, it's the wife's job to shiel him because of the children, he faith (even sometimes his own) hi family (who would be just too too shocked to hear of their dea boy's failings.) and very frequentl because scandal would jeopardiz his .his job. The other woman knows onl the pleasa'nt side of her paramour If she ever,had to scrimp, struggle work, stay up with him when he' sick, stretch the budget when h has 'spent unwisely, cater to hi family , or discipline the children she wouldn't stick for a momen Then 'she wants sympathy be cause her sweetheart is 'too nob! to divorce.his wife! Noble, my foot Selfish,, lazy, craven are bctte adjectives. Paula B Answer: I hope, Paula, you words.may make.some women loo objectively at the "heroes" the adpje, and see below the surfac of polished phrases that keep them spellbound. . ... , His Promises Meaningless The philanderer wrecks many Ii ves, chiefly, of course, those o his wife and his girl friend. H considers himself in an impreg nable position, free to come and g as he pleases. Secure in his statu as a married man, he knows h can promise the moon and stars t another woman and can't be hel to his promises. The responsibility for the' rela tionship is squarely up to the thir party. If she has any intelligence a thunderstorms. High this afternoon all,. she. would be able to add up in the high 80s to low 90's. Lov tonight in the mid-60s. The red cedar tree is a true cy press, not a cedar. ing of nature. So I hereby announce it — an in ternational .competition to see \vh will become the first person in history to milk a live lady polai bear. To the best of my knowledge i has never been tried before bu we can't let the Russians beat us to the punch in this, can we? The rules of the contest are simple: 1. The polar bear must be awake at the milking and undrugged lour. 2. All milking efforts must be at- empted in an atmosphere of rnu- ual good will — that is, as mutual as the polar bear will allow. 3. Each entrant will assume per sonal responsibility for all medical expenses entailed, including ny claims for damages registered >y the polar bear. 4. Entrants will provide their wn polar bears. 5. The winner will receive inter- ational recognition but no cash prizes—although he will be al- owed to retain the milk if he nooses. Entrants may object that this o.esn't sound like much of a con- est. But our main purpose here s to put cohtests back on a sound, ommonsense basis of good old- ashionec} fun. They have another pnsolution. They won't have to mail in a boji top—or write a 25- ivord essay on "why I Enjoy IHking Polar Pears," , the score and realize that for he it's a. big, fat zero. . Then the man decides the outsidi affair is getting dangerous, bor ing, or too complicated for him ti maintain, he can get very nobli and decide he should return to hi; wife. His wife will take him back usually from the motives you pre sent, plus the fact that usually she still-loves the guy. Perhaps he'l profit by. the experience and set tie down to being a good husband perhaps he'll just gather breath for another whirl. Women would save themselves a lot of grief if they would learn to run like crgzy at the first mention of a "wife who doesn't understanc me." There is no peace of heart, mind or soul in. an extramartia] love-affair, To think otherwise is self-delusion. Dear Miss Dix: My husband is n the navy and has gone to sea. iVe have been married five years and have no children. My question s: Is there any harm in going to a dance if my husband has faith n me? I enjoy dancing very much ny husband does not. While he's dway there's little I can do in the y of amusement. I work all day, am home most evenings, spend /cry little money on myself, but would enjoy this particular form f .entevtainment, I go with my girl friend. I never let any man ring, me home and am always in tie house before 12. My husband s not jealous; he knows I love him, nd wouldn't do anything that vould cause trouble between us. JOSEPHINE M. Answer: The difficulty in-a situation like, this lies not 20 much in no matter how tentions are innocent your in- 1 If you and your husband are truly so sure 'of, each'either that not a spark .of. jealousy' will 'come from him, nor a .wayward. word from you, yourlcbnduct is' 'a'matter of your own "discretion. .But ,remember; keep','a sharp eye oUt for danger' signs, ' ..-'•• ' • Dear Miss Dix: Several ' years ago, when I badly 'needed a friend, I met a woman 'who helped me get straightened, .out;. She .was more like a .mqiher;' to me, though the difference Jn .our, ages .was not too great. Sheniiie'd a few. months ago, stricken.. • He : has called me several times since her death but has never, suggested seeing me; We had become good friends over the years and I saw no reason why we couldn't continue that relationship. During the winter he was quite ill and I phoned him often. He seemed pleased to'hear from me. Now I don't know whether to continue the association or not.- .' ,1 haven't, heard from, him for the last few weeks but I believe he went away for his health. I don't want to give him' or anyone else the impression that I'm • too forward, tout on the other hand I don't want to' seem neglectful. He is -a link with the past about the only cne I have now— and I hate to lose his friendship. '. . ' . Answer: . I have shortened your letter', somewhat, but ..; through 'it ran a decided indication that .your woman friend was bossy and intent on running the affairs of those around her. At the tirne you met her you needed a dominant personality -to : handle your affairs, and she filled the part with efficiency. s Her Husband Suffered Undoubtedly her husband was managed .with .the same competence. When a man has been dominated by his wife for many years _ . leaving her husband and me; grief- it is .difficult for him to learn the art of self-sufficiency. If your friend's death left you at loose ends, imagine what it did to a man who was the'chief object of her domestic engineering. Here is where diplomacy on your part is sorply needed. It would not. be..at .all amiss for you to set the pace for a continued friendship, provided you doh'i make your purpose too evident. The man may have lost all capacity for thinking fbr himself, and there's no harm whatever in helping htm regain it. Don't bombard him with phone calls or letters, but don't be discouraged if you must continue to be the aggressor. : Of course there's always the possibility, that he just isn't inter- f& T'iiTBTTjjsi-' \m ** jphttttoifc Ife Unit fot>!tfcitrrt*h1 6* fc&ff filed *ith ft* AtdMef th* . Adminlstfatdf Ja the | cotild U Installed by Get, f, tf AEC approves. the first cobalt unit to M fell iri opefatiofl in the itltc il it 1 Versity Hospital hef e, ~ Dear 1 Miss Dbt: 1 am ith a neighbor's baby, lite n is About 22 and the child It months old. The father beats hlld to the extent that the yea have been blackened. ,. mother won't do anything about he says; her husband <1« V«r> 'ous and*the baby's crying iim. Also, they both attend, roquently, leaving the. child! lome alone; '" Cotac Answer: If you know, re true, they should be; o the welfare agency or ,_ ommittee of your town brujbif ince you gave no, name , ess, I cannot give you ific instructions,- Steps,. I tiould be taken Immediiti he removal of-the child rtO'J urroundings. THE BEAUTY Open « boyt • V Appointment* after for these whe'werk. Phone 7-M50 REMEMBER MOTHER Pangburns Candy Shaeffer Pens Justin Bill Folds Royal Stationery Pe^fijimfcs Yardleys > , Hudnut Old Spice 102 W. 2nd WARD & SON DRUGGIST < : ij * ' uainted"SAIi BIG SAVINGS fMhlonmf ttocklnp with '. ft' > • • N Nylau Top and T««-Rlnf, tabuloui protection igalnit rum! All tlift i, ntw colon I Proportioned lengths for /-< ; c «,.;' 'A^'t

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