The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 10, 1946 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 10, 1946
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, A1>RW, 10, I'O'-iO ' BLYTHEVtLLB (ARK.) CODIIIEll N1CWS Would Cut Cost 0! Government Expenditure Council Ufges Consolidation Of Small Counties Analysis of tile $8,002,186 sl»iH single yeiii- In Arkansas British Bride 'Couldn't Stick It Oat' in Husband's 'Shack' NEW YORK, April 10. <UP>--A conveniences, mil 1 told her over disillusioned EntslUh war bride, who in London when we were phmninij "Just couldil't stick. It" In the to come to Airiorcla thnl I lived "shack" her husband culled home on n farm and thai 1 was u farther, in North Carolina, decided today I, "I still lovo her though. Hut I Lo go live with her mint at Bliss, guess she just married me lo uH N. y. I to AnUTicn." Tlie Birr 1 , Mrs. Evelyn Caroline Posfon called his wife long dts- Cripps Po&tmi. 10 years old and ( , mcc yesterday and nsked her to governmental services provided by yreWy - snld ' a " she wauled from •(.<,,„,, Ulu . k to him, but she refused. lav a suggest- ' llei ', huitolld ' ,Warren 11. I'oslon, j- she , llso ,.,. rusl , d ,, |)U ,, f ,. om , H ,,. J ER Salisbury. N. C.. was a-divorce. She fllt iier. Jo im Alfred Ciipps. to «•- K. 13. counties brought today a suggest ion fiora Uie Arkansas public Ex- IH'iulltui'e council thai Serious tori- sUieraUon be given to lilt 1 classification mill consolidation o f coiin- cios, ulso the revision of assessment aiul tux collection methods. Tim report was submitted by G. for Bliss today lo live will with her aunt and uncle. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Shisler. Mrs. Poston deserted her husband last Wednesday, 24 hours after she ' arrived' in Salisbury from England, Brown riHle Hock m-p<^ a " d wa S tountl yesterdny in a New fdent. and sleVe S ah exec, vu y °'' k >>?<^ S '' e ^ *\ ? R ^ Ihe original $38 she carried when Stahl. director, for Ihe ExiJeildiluro Council which is seekiln; to help ArJmn- she 1 arrived in New York aboard sits taxpayers get grcnloi- efficiency ! lhe " Bricle shl 'P Joluv Ericsson March in local; state, and national• govern-'•"• . , , , •• menls • j He r husband, a former corporal ,„. ' , . „ , ,. 'in lhe Eighth Air Force, had told Hie suney made il possible to.,, el . h Htul two , , lomes ,„, Nm . r ] lit into one report- more data on chral n m . she explained', (')unly eovcmrhem than ever prc- ..there were l\iu" sHe' addi viously assembled in ArkaHsris for a silicic year's opei'nlions, The Gouncil's research staff worked nearly a year making the survey and used clnl'n on 194-1 operalloiis, the latest available, at the time the investigalion was launched. Ill releasing the report 1 , Mi 1 . led' ruefully.-"but his family lived iu lhe good one and he took me to the sliaok." It, ho<j neither electricity nor run- riitii; water, she said, and there was only a sloVe to h'eat the five tiny lurni lo their home in London. "We want her lo reuirn hotm 1 ," Crlpps told tlie United I'rcss. "We arc happy lo hour she is safe and if she wants to come back, we'll do everything to make iher happy." ' He said he had consented to her marriage to Poston because he bo- llteved the soldier was a "t^ood man. [lint if she has left him the sll- ^uation must In 1 pretty bad." ' Mrs. Poston was found by New : York police living in Hie Hotel St. [Paul near Central 1'iirk. She said ;she had been staying Ihero ever [since her arrival iti New Vovk last Thursday, the dny aftor she left her husband. ; Police turned her over to im- 'inigration authorities hill Oiey said she had entered the country le^al- i-ooins. The r 'shuck;-' she added, was ''V ai '<l H «'"* «i«l i" their |iro- At The HospkaU lllythi-vllle Huspllal Admitted-. S, D. Proctor. Sleele. Mo. Thi'udoiv Payne, city, lioril to Mr. and Mrs Wacdlaw, city, n daughter yestenlay Dismissed: Mrs. W. I. Mallory, clly. Bill O'Uamion. city. Walls Hospital Admitted: Mrs. John illalf. clly. Mis. Carl Possey. HI. 3, city. Mrs. C. [•:. Lewis-. Sleele, Mo. Vcrnmi Wfl|!hl. Sleele, Mo. Mrs. K. V. lllll. 111. 1. clly. Mrs. Frank Privelt. clly. Jewel, clly. Mrs. U. W. Maliun. city. Mrs, W. 1.. Newman, clly. M. I.. Teusley. HI. a, city. Dismissed: Abiier Abhcrafl, Cooler, Mo. Donald Joe Tinker, city, lialph Lirjscomb, Steefe, Mo. Mrs. Churles Justus, city. Herberl llonnEil Hraiuuiin, Carl 'l\?aslcy. clly. Mrs. Ben Kin^. clly. Hess Beuty, Dell. Xempiils HaplKt llos|>ltul Admilted: Mrs. Ktlwl Miwdy, city. Mrs. K. L. wade. 'clly. Mrs. C. K. Dean. Osceola. THftEE Olsen's fi'oiu the label's ^t Khoomak* GYlir. He |)iiillei|:a|«i ,,, i| 1(> j, viislon oi iwo jinin .,,111 M -i veil nt ' n f n I I A . Pearl Harbor, on <Suam and oilier. OQ HO BOOKCC At Pacific Islands. Tlie cafe Is located at 11W auutb C^O I'l jthpl'^V I P Second .Street. ^^ u ' U '' 1C I S V I I I <^ ts injured In Fall Mo.. Aprl 1(1.—The laritest oVenl lo be spun sored by lhe Pemlscot County I'o,. Mrs. M-.iiulK Mt'Uoii, elnirrh see- N». BB of tlu- American I i-r.l-m, retary ul Mclhodlsl church, '.'luce. lh,. county fnir last Uflobi-r Js niulei'Kiilnii li-ealiiieni. nt lUyllie- V vlllt 'h was ntlcnded by President I Iville Hospital for Uijinies received iTriimini, will be (i dance here! jin a fall. | Monday cvcnini:. April J!!. with £'he sprained her ankle, wrenched music by Cicorui! Olsen and his '.ir-! her hip and WHS badly bruised III 'j heslra. l'eat\ii'lnu Judith Illalr and, ' Ituy Adnnis. r-'oHowlun' Oils in May. Marry Fiu-rar. the Legion's post (oiiimamli'r. siild thnl aVrannements aie l)t>li)(! madn lo cntertuin a lartje. number of dancers for Southeast Missouri and Norllicast Arkansas. 'I lie (Innet- will ho held In the armory here and a special commil- t< e ]ui', chaise ^( Improving the hull's acoustics MI thin Olsen's nui- sic ran be prejiented lu the best Production of potatoes I n .-Mori Dakota during IMS was estlmati id 23.660,000-bushels, compared 20,376,000 butlwls ill i9«. the (all. Her comUUoti is lory. liaKcmcnl. (3ls<>n iilll be one oV the "j-.aine" bands to play at lhe Mld- h'oulh Cotton Carnival In Memphis city. eight miles from' Salisbury. Brown expressed hope the report oh to]) . of . ,,n: that, h cr husband will promote greater interest in county government, bring better citi/cn understanding of Ihe per- piexini; problems confronting of.'i- stimulate cooperative kUig suclV reforms sis A-incc I'quarrels. intercede \\\ eials. and effort in K as cou kjli L*J]J Oi' ill'- viiwt,. iivi iiwo".*.." !• , rl ,»..•( f i . i- iv.rt nr tlii-po vnai- oM «i<;ier "A rh " '"''t'sh Consulate finally ar- nict lU iS;» "'iS^ taStar. n™*<« t™ "«', to *> »™ «™ ^ who were, to live with ; them. Mrs. Poston' /lid. "I. didn't expect to 1 live palace, biit I didn't expect a shack may be necessary to improve eltn - e! ,' I spe , u . 0116 day am i a ,,| B ht :ity i-overnment. 'ihere. .and then !• knew I Jusl It was explained that spending alone is not always an accurate yardstick for value received in gov- 0]-ii]iiental operations. The county which spends the most conceivably still could give more per dollar in ^explained, services" (or the taxpayer than' counties which spend less. However, it was suggested that in instances where the expenditures are out of line willi costs in other comparable counties nnd with the slate couldn't stick It. 1 ' ' Poston- was indignant, when told that .she 1 had' referred to his ftve- roortl cottage as a shack : . "Iti doe's have electricity." he "but ho 1 other modern average, an examination by bolh officials and advisable. The report taxpayers might be contains 18 tables, each dealing \vilh various phases of the financial set-up for each of the 15 counties in Arkansas. "Factual information contained in Oils report fociises the spotlight on certain glaring weaknesses in so that organizational cloth may be cut t'o fit" llie-patleril. 3. Salary schedules—A. large number of our county offices at present ai'e' financed' by fees. As aunf who said the girl could live at her farm home "permanently." Mrs. Poston said she was sure she would like living in her -aunt's home better than tier husband's. Slip was one of nine children, ishe explained, "but we had a mod- |ern flat ii; a modern building and 'I never did live in anv place, like ;my husband had in Salisbury." The Georgia Legislature granted e Mayor of Atlanta a salary increase from $8,000 lo S10.000. the American Municipal Assn. reported. a result there is little or no control over the expenditures of these offices. This system makes it impossible to properly budget county revenues nnd expenditures. Thus, adoption" of- salary scheduled far all county officials would seem highly desirable. "4.' Reassignment of Duties—In all but 13 Arkansas counties, the Arkansas county government." it • officts'of sheriff and tax collector was stated in the letter of trails- nrc com b|hed' Since lhe work is initial, "and 1 the Council recom- L,, ra Any Dinted, it is suggested mends that serious consideration r that ( U(j Wo be separated and he given the following: 1 the ,.c s p-qrisililllty for tax collection "1. Consolidation of Counties— be tra'risferred ; to the-county treas Many Arkansas counties are too small for efficient administration. Revenue is not sufficient to meet increasing demands fov essential services, consolidation info larger administrative units would provide for services ^vhich cannot now be adequately furnished by many Of the smaller counties. "2. Classification of Counties— Under existing lav.- a l\ Arkansas counties have practically the same number of officers and the same administrative set-up. The amount of work to be performed in smaller counties does not require the same number of offices needed by larger ones. Counties should be classified I II COUPON § BOOKS I:;: see 500, 1000 & 20 M Lb. Samuel F. Norris Successor To ACTON PRINTING CO. i We Specialize in Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Seed and Plants Wholesale or Retail Blytheville Curb Market 130 E. Mum Phone 073 Victory Cafe Manager Hi.y.s .Spmdley Is now inrtnnKcr and owner of (he Victory Ciifc. piircliasod for him .several weeks ns" uy his parents, Mr. nnd Mre. ;b Spv.idtcy. Mr. Spradley retiiriu'd home lliis | week aflcr having y>cn discharged I "H I'JiVR lo SCOTT ALLEY SIGNS 0< AM O 1 O M J DIGfSTIlrt TRACT And Stop Doling Your Stomach With Soda and AlkalUert Hon'l expect to pet real relief from hoatiaelio, uoiir wtoitmch, pus uml btui tucmb hv hiking suttu uml oilier »lkii- liicr.s [f the I ruo cuuae of your trouble ui consliiiatinn. In inia case 1 , your voul trouble la not In the stormiclint nil. UuL In Lhu inlcHtinid . (r:sct wlitruSOVo ufyourfoo*lis ( And wlu'ii il Kt'ta blockud it fuiU to' tliyost proptirly. ^ \V\nl you want for real relief Is not sotlii or ni\ alkniixer — but wa/ "unblock yoiir inlosliniil tract. Hunit?- tlviiiK \o-cleim it out ctTutttvcly—help Nature ^f;L buck pn her feef. (Jet Curler's iMls riylit now. Tuk« tlif in as (iiret; tod, I'hoygonllyMTid effectively "uulitoek" your ili)cVHtivtt tract. Tliis portnils your font! to move alornj normally. Niituns'.Howndt^MtivojuiceW can thcMi reach it. You 11*11 genuine relief Unit iiicikes you f^el'miKy vuad u^aln. ^Clot C'urtfr'n I'lltnatiiny tfnjjjatore — • 2SC, "Unblock" your inU'.itiiiattraetfor rcul relief from indigestion. ircr. "5. Revision of Assessment and Collection Methods—A study of as- ,eF.sments reveals lack of equality h property valuations. In order jo place tlie burden of property laxation on at\ equitable' basis, the lystdm must be revised-. Also, too nuch tiiiie elapses between tlie isscssinent and the collection of iroperty taxes. It is recommended lial lliey be assessed aud collected h the same calendar year. "Some of teie cilanges suggested above can be made by legislative action: others would require con- •jtjtulion'al amendments." ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES Let us figure your bill of materials or the total Contract, including labor. WALPOLE ELECTRIC CO. 110 So. Sec. Phone 3371 Bowel CleaniA? Power 01 Inner-Aid Medicine One man recently took INNER- AID three (lays :mcl suUt utter- ward- that lie never would liave believed his body contained so much filthy silbstdrice. He stiys his stomueh, intestines, bowels and whole system were so thoroughly cleansed that his constant headaches ciime to an end, several pimply skin eruptions on his lace dried up ovei'mght, and even the 1 rheumatic pains in his knee disappeared. At present he is an altogether different man. feeliiig fine in every way. 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