The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 10, 1938 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 10, 1938
Page 6
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PAGE FOUfi PLYTHBVILLE, (ARK.)! COURffltt NEWS COURIER NEWS COMPLIMENTARY TICKET This Titled Will Admit Mr. and Mrs. George Aluir 205 liast Uavis —lo Uic— Km TllKATi'K —lo see— ••rENlTENTlARV' tcrplccc of Ihe dining fabic when Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Lynch entertained 12 of i heir friends at a riJnnoi 1 (wily Tw.v.lay niglit ;il lliHr hoiiif. In the bridii'. 1 guinea v.liidi fol- lowi'ti tllnnrr, Wrs. )j;in-y Kh'ljy ll 1 . 1 !:! liich sroiv atnont; tiic women |;ut'l Koss U. Hi,;hrs arioiiK tlio jlticli. Mrf. Klri.-y w:i:i iir'.MiHi'd ;i [rf'.e I. owl anil Mr, Hughes icceiv- /«! Bwli tiay-j .mil '_'i!;nri'tl'.' <.i>n- Inincr. Social Calendar VR ID AY'S EVENTS Hlatcd. mcellllt; of O. E. U. «l .7:39. p. n.i, al,Hall. Mrs. nenheii Wclcnkiunp cn- tcrlsiimng' tlic Golden Rule Sunday icliebl class of the First Christian church al 7:30 )). m. Literary Dt'jwrlincnt of Wotnan's club'.mdctlug al club house al 3 o'clock. Ehnwobd Ceiiielcry associali meeting with Mrs, J. W. Slionse at 2:30 p. in. Fidelis Sunday' school class til First Baptist ohuvch meeting wilh Mrs. Alyln Huffman, 1)23 West Wajnut street, at 1:00 i>. in. Dorcns Sunday .school class o(" First Baptist clnucli meeting nl 2:30 o'clock al church for monthly business and ajelal meeting wltii Mrs. W. M. Blnylock, Mrs. T. L. Cassidy. auci Mrs. Epperson hostesses. Have Dinitci- Party. Jonquils were used us Die ecu- BAKERY SPECIALS Kriday-iSaUirtlay- Suniliiy All Day \ I'KCAN ROLLS! ' POTATO HOLLS FRESH OR AN' CIS .COOKIES. l)o/.. ; . COCO AN UT Layor Cake, EH. . NUT BHKAf) Loaf .......... .. CUI 1 CAKliS ' IJO/C'II .......... . 1C 16 We SpH'iali/.e in Spcciiil Orders,. Phone 110 BLVTHEVILLE BAKING CO. i'hunc 110 Bibli- Sillily iMl-rts Elsht moinbcr.s ol the Uulics' Bible study ol Die clnircli of Christ met al Ihc Jiomc of Mrs, lieunic Ccnk yeslcixlay afternoon. Mrs. Hairy Sansoin hn:l i-liarHi; of the lesson which was taken I rum (lie nth and mil clmiilcrs of Romans. prayer w.u ollcrccl. by Mrs. E. M. Huffman. ^ Slmly Adolescent i'rublems "Tiie I'rablenib 1 of the Adolescent" was lh> subject i>f the study conducted l:y Miss Grace I'helns at Ihc mecliii] of Ihc Junior-Senior High. Parent Teacher association vesterdtiy altcrnoon lit llic hisli sclicc', auilitoriuni. Shyness, lack uf sympatliy from i:.irei)t5, imnttractive' home cpndi- tic':in, am! lack of leisure time wore among, (he many problems listed bj Miss Plielps, who also discussed the following five results of adolescent maladjustment: cniollomil Instability, lying mid stealing, indifference. Jenving hcmc early, und early marriages.-' During (he business session plans were made for n ln» day und a "vanishing" leu. Mrs. Kill 13. Harrison will be in charge of the TAKE WEIGHT OFF TIRED FEET i Loie Fat The Kny W«y —Wilioul Slirv.liou Dicli, Bitk-Brctling or Rellini Eiuciwi. i [f yom' (Vcl mid ankles fed tired nnc] nclm all over—Liinivisc yuu me farryiiiK loo much Tal — ilo Bfoiuthin^ al-olll H. p £ry Ihi; ' I rait i lira I UniL lins liclpcil niilliona lo rciluu 1 1'Xi'Ub^ wciitliL t Alarmnta toutnins tliu siuiii! clctm-ttl lire- FiTibcrt liy inosl iloctotM ht (rcntitii: thclc ftil tintu-fits who luivc it ^(iiiitlul»r x ilrlicii-ucv, Aimnifllti rrcst'Liriliiin Talilctx luivc liuun si>li! io Ihr tmtlir f»f more (him tliirly j't-iu - s. Moto Oiiiii iwcnly million lioxta hnve Lucn (Ustrilinlnl (lurimt'Otal ncrlotl. Munnoln in tiol intumkil HS u cuic-iiH fnv Jill nllmcixts. 'L'his nilvcvti^mcnl is itttvnUt'd otily f«r fnt [>crKons whu lire normal, tmct Iifivlthy othcrwiKL unit '• ytin^c fnliic»n la rjiuvi'i! by hypo-thyroiftijim u-ilh ncconifrniiy- injj i-iilnioTiiinl mclaUnliu: ritti-s. No nHu-r rf[>rcsuiilivliun if. niatlc ns to Iliia trcutmrnL i-xcypL imilcr ITii-si- coiuliUtms and accortlinir In the ilosut-c as mumnuNiileil. _ Wo ito^t.mukc uiijj ilit\«un.s^ ns Ihnl : I6 iho fuuctidri'iit your iiliy^lvinii. who iims't your il for ifmt i. rliiilcil in i-i-rry I'/IC^I^P. l — yd n hyx uf Mnii»ul;i loJny FLAPPER FANNY "Just our luck! Not! in' but relatives in tlic audience an" not a movie talent scout in the bunch." lug day which will be hold Satur-1 nncl Mrs. H. H. Houchins will be day. 'Ihc, proceeds will be used lo their alleniiitcs. pay for music for the band. The ! Jonquils, bridul wreath, and smip- viinislnng tea project will begin dragons provided the decorative wiMi a t?n for Uic executive board background for the two course homo of,( Mrs. Byron Morse, luncheon which WHS served to tlic , Each member of the board Ihcn entcrlnin at her home. * • • 1'. K. O. Ktccls Onicei-ii Slis, R. F. Kb'shncr was elected president of Chapter "D" of tlie P. E. O. sisterhood at a limcheou mcetini; ycslerdny afternoon al tlie home of Mrs. A." B. Fail-field when Mrs. W. I. Dcnton was co-hostess. Other officers elected were: Mrs. C. ^y. Affli:k, vice president; Mrs. Mnrion Willinins. recording secretary; Mrs. A. B. PSlrticld. corresponding .sccrcliuy; Mrs. Rny Wor- Ibington, Ireasurcr; Mrs. willinm Lnwshe. guard; Mrs. M, O. Usrey, ehnpiain. Jlrs. C. S. Wnipns and Mr^. \yor- (lilnglon were V cii0sen delcgatcA'io Uic state convention lo] be held at Comvny April B and 9. Mrs. Fiiiriicld Keep Your Kidneys Free From irritating Acids and Poisons If Vim IVniilil Avoid Sli-cp Kiiiiiid All Gcltiiifp 1.1 |i iitui lleallii ll.-ickiH-he— VVillioiit' Cioud When ytiii have (o net up two ur llncc tiiuc.s every night and your iioor back iiche.s tliiring liic day pay allcnlioi) lo your kidnoy.s. Probably alt yon need is kidney .stimulant and diuretic. Nowaday*, (hoiisands nl mini and women ill tlie lirsl sign of kitlnw or bladder trouble start right in lo liiko »n iiiexpenshr fninity remedy known us Ramon's Brownie Pills for the kidneys. Just ask for Numon's Urowjiic Pills' for the kidneys and refuse substitutes. 35 cents i imlecd. at all druggists— guar- 20 members jircsent. lf;ivc Mission:!!')- l'ruj, r r,-uu "Meeting Friends in nommmiu" WHS tlie subject of the missionary inogi-jmi presented Tuesday nftpr- uctm nl n meeting of Uic Girls' Auxiliary of tile First Bnplisl churcli. This was the second mis- sioiiRi-y program of the mouth mill came duiiiig (lie March week of ln;i,cr observance. The 13 members and their coun- sellor. Air.?. jM. T. Burr, opened Ihe meeting by repealing the wnlch- word and ullcginncc. Marlhn Jean Nnyc wns in clnugc of the dcvo- .tional. -iiWrs. Burr started the Rouiiinniun discussion with ;\ talk on "Meet Rounuiura" ivliicli wns followed by Uic "Story of Bltick Prints" lold by Mary [.ouisc Reeves. Irene Pila- Koi'Kld ant) Lurti Psaliuouds introduced the girls lo two Ruuinnniun friends in their liilfo mi "Meet Mr. Scaniov" nn<| "Meet Mr. Cti- cul'^," The last lumilicr on Ihr program was "Bis Brother's lioots" given by Anne DilUihunly. Durinj the business mcciin<;, the grciiji voted to[i:hangc tlieir iiiime. In the future they will l;c known us Brooks' O. A. in honor of Mrs. Harry Brooks, president of Ihc Wo- miui'ri Missionary Union of (.lie PVi-st Biiplisl clnirdi. The next meet ins of the ;;>'ou)> will bo iMaivIv 15 at 3:15 o'clock at the church. The subject for Die; program will bo, "In America." All members who have net yet brought LheM Annie W. Armstrong offering arc urged to do so at that time. • t • Mrs. Hanson Complimented Mrs. James Hasson, who before tier.marriage rabruary 20 WBS Miss Jiuinlta Perry. \VRS complimented with a llnen-li;^e)ie phowcr and bi'lilge parly given by Miss Jiiaulla .Snillh at her home list night. Joii(|tills and other spring flowers decorated the living room where bridge was played by the 12 guests. Sprlnj tallies . further tarried out the seasonal scheme used in tlic party. In the curd yumcs, Mrs. Hnsson was presented a cameo pendant for high score and Miss Constance Smith, linen handkerchiefs lor low. Tlic cut prize, hosiery, went to Miss l.iui.'io UiUrcll. A dessert course of cherry pie a );i mofle WHS served at Hie conclusion of Ihe games. ilnary GIUUJ> TD Have Mcclint Mrs. I- 1 . [.. Husband will tiavu' charge of tlic jjiogram "Women In Medicins" which will be presented «t Uic meeting of tlic Literary Department of tiie Woman's club Friday afternoon at three o'clock at tlie club house. Mrs. Husband will lie assisted on the i.-roxrtmi by Mrs. L. r,. Uubener, who Kill sjicak OH "Dr. Florence Rniii .¥a\)in," anil Ur. Edna Nies, ivho will tali: on "Women in Medicine as a Profession." Mrs. Husband .will have as her subject, "Maritime Curie." There will also be a .special musical number on the program. t:nk-rluius Club ' Jonquils iiuide the spring centerpiece of tlic lace draped dining table when Mrs. c. A. Cunningham entertained the Wednesday Bridge club and one guest. Mrs. Thomas K. Muhan, at a luncheon yesterday ill hci,>' home. A three course tiienii was served. Mrs. Farnsworth Black was high and Mrs. W. H. Minyard, second high, in the bridge games which followed. » * * C'luli Has Guests Mm. c, H. Willey. Mrs. Jim P. Harwell, Mrs. J, 11. Elkiiis, and Mrs. P. \j En^lcr iverc the guests of Mrs Hiram Wylic when she entertained members of the Wednesday Contract club with an after- neon ijarty in the Rose room ol the Hotel Noble yesterday. A seasonal tomb was lidded to tin; party by (lie spring tallies. The club princ. a suede card table cover, went lo Mrs. H. A. Taylor. .Mrs. Hanvell received a dcufale deck of cards for Ihr guest award. Apple pie a la mo;!ct with coffee was serve:! at the conclusion of the bridge games. THURSDAY, MARCH 10,v jf>3 Bits of News Mostly Personal Bert Lynch jr.. oPst, Louis, iir . nved lasl night Im a visit u'itii bis piirciils, Mi: and Mrs. B. A ii. KC is attending to i)usi- In Walnut liidsc and Joncs- boro loctay. Jin [iians to be here w some liity* Mrs. C. R. Babixjck and Mrs. 1C l>. Carpenter arc spending today lu Memphis \viiore lliec wilt meet Mrs. Babcoek's inollicr, Mrs, Mary 1 Burke, of Khiifconnu. ill., who is cnrcutc home I'rojn j-'joiicla v.hrie she luis .siient Mjmiil months. Sin- wHI iiecompiiny HICHI iioitw anil will reniaiu for a i-jsil nilli Mi's. JJiibcock mid family. Mr., ami Mr:;. Ocorgr \v. Barham have Munied from mile. Reck where they spent two days Tom A. Little, who lias been ill In the Memphis Methontsv hospital tor sevcial mvks. will return home loday. lie b very much improved. Mr. and MIX Charlra nose ir have returned from HoL Springs where they sjienl (wo weeks. Mrs. C. \V. limner, who recently underwent a major operation al the Memphis Methodist liospi- lal. is getting ulons: fins. Mrs n iN. Swrarcngcn and Mr.. Ramcy urn witli lii>r today. Her children. J. I'., ESoLse, and Sue namcy, accompanied ty Mrs. Chris Tempkins, spent yesterday with her. B. A. Lynch, Fred Warren, Ro:l- ncy L. Banister. Max LOR.-III. Riley 13. Jones anil J. Louis Cherry will go lo Jcnciiboro tonight for (lie meeting of group I of the stale tankers' a\si,cintion. Dick Potter is ill ;,[, his home from a throat infection. U'tm A. -Hoberson, wlio was removed from the Blythcville hospital (o his ], olnc , lral . Sunday, is nou- sloivly improving. Due lo-hi:; seriotis illncsi caused by a nipiured appendix, ho was unable to .attend the funeral services ol liis fiithcr, R. L. Robcr- .'>on, who died Ihc early part of this week in Lcesburg. On. Mr«. B. j, Brcwjio. who has been quite ill r 0 r S i x weete, was taken lo tile Memphis Methodist liospital this afternoon "i a Holt ambulance, fane was accompanied by Ur. f. D. smith and Mr. Browne and Mrs. J. Meal GescJ! motored (town to be mil) her. Her father, R. c. Dent, or near Jackson, Miss., is expected lo arrive in Memphis late loday. Mrs. Browne's condition became much more serious early today and she \vill te given a blood transfu- sion as .soon) as she arrives II iU hospital. Otlm- members ut family arc- exacted lo arrive Mem^liis tonight and in the morning. Mjrs. Jo T. Trice, or ^one spent last night with her sisters Misses Alice and Belle Whitsltt. Mrs, C. A. Cunningham and bei mother, Mrs. j. T. Cronsiiaw, p 'mulct!, Tcnii., are spending today in Marianna, Art. Mr. and Mrs. Byron Morse • am son. Bill, were In Memphis Tuesday. Tljcy attended the showin? of "Snow White amf the Sevei Dwarfs" and also (lie Fred Warms performance- at the Orjihetim OATS CANBERRA (UP)—An iirmy of mails has invaded Canberra. Australia's capital, known as die "Biu-dni city." Tlie beauliful pnb- )ic aiirt private giu'don.s were ovcr- nni v.ilh them. is the breakfast -v—----.... ^. » B ^ bank oi\ yT says Great American All-Star Quarterback, VERNE HUFFMAN, pilot of ih, 1937 winning AH, St« Football learnt • Motbe/s by (fie millions give this wonderful whole-grain cereal to children because it's so rich in food energy, 50 rich in flavor. Yet costs but y z cent per portion.Tiierc is no othej oatmeal like Quit»c Oats!... And Quakf t Oats has the extra value of Nature's Vitamin H- che precious vitamin you need daily to combat nervousness, constipa- .B. 6EE SfilES COMPANY COMnmiSTEHIDTHEHfW SILENT METER-MISER Urn u Unit camni—Ycu uit Ixtntl-s Ixaril rw.'Mcct Ihc simplest refriB- cr«mg mechanism try built! 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