The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 5, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 5, 1930
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION VOL. XXVII—No. 120 Blythevllla Courier, Blythevllle Herald, BlythcvlUe Dally News, Mississippi Valley Leader. ni.YTUKVlU.K. ARKANSAS, TUESDAY, AUGUST (i, 19HO SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS 75,000 LOSS IN DENTON G JUDGES, CLERKS ME SELECTED F Amisi of Girls Who Wore Men's (Hollies Praised MANILA, Ark. iSppciall—So far has Die United Press service scattered the story of the arrest of twj young women of Big • Lake for |\A t, wearing men's breeches, lhal. Con- IVldlK. ; , su ijle.s Kid Wright and Buck Cher- Pre-Primary Meeting ol 'i ''? vc b ^" recpivin g leltc " rs ">nd P. . • „ . " clippings from New York clly. II- Democratic Lommiltee. ^nois, Ohio, and other places The 1 arrival is from Prole, Iowa. Cotton Trade Association resident Predicts Failure With Hoovers At Their Virginia Camp Men aclive in Uic cotton irntl: 1 Only two minor conflicts, which i N ° signature is attached, but the i were apparently amicably settled,'. handwriting is undoubtedly femi- ,,,- c " Viol"" fighting the" marked the selection of officials to- '' j| ['-|-'- Box _JI is the only ^available | marketing movement, but they dt i day by the Mississippi county •"'''"""" '™'- pemocratlc Central committee ._ conduct the party primary on Aug- . Arrest, and oners ltv address. Tlie sanciimonioiis lady! llot 1)rct jict success for its effort- i to commends the comiatk-s on their j n beliall of cotton growers i: biblical quo- grow continues along present lines, D .IF.', lUlli in this county. lttlm ' from Deuteronomy 22:5 a.i M . Burford of Little Ro:k. presi- , Judges and clerks for the polling " Justification of tteir aclion. Herf I 6fM of ttu , Arkansas Cotton Trad? j places in the various townships ^ what sne sard: I association, told cotton men ol i 1 found this enclosed article in Blythevitle and vicinity at a lunch- ! Des Mollies Register, and 11 rnn -, th . H otel Noble loduv. I places in the various townships were selected with dispatch, once the committee turned to the paramount business cf the dav. C. A. Rogers and Joe Epperson, thought I would Inform you of a j law thai has never been repealed. though written many years ago: M r B llr r or d and W. S. Turner, * ccrc i ary O f the trade association, were thc BUes t s O f i, onor a , lists of choices for the official morning that they were glad to pests and objections flew thick and | | enrn about tlljS| as it marie lnem fast before officials were finally : feel a little better. Not that their chosen that were granted the mil- consciences were botliered at all. tual ccnr.ent of both committee- but because it justified what thev men and after a committeeman .had done. A few of tiie letter* liiry from another township had sug- ; received were not. sn commending geested to the committee chairman, or sympathetic, Wright said. T. J. Mahan. that toth lists be. thrown out and a new group chos- . en. . ! Alec Williams, urjert hut active- political veteran of Fletcher township and candidate for justice of ; the peace, took the floor to pro- ; test a number of selections by thc ' township's committeemen but aft-' er a few minutes a compromise, • agreeable to the conflicting parties, was reached. The central committee voted to specify on the ballots to be used • in the Chlckasawba district that : six of Ihe eight comnn'tteemen allot- Short Circuit in High Voltage Wire Causes Fatal Explosion This Morning. en by the local board of trade. "Cotton dealers, almost nnivers ally, are interested in the welfare nf their own communities and ol thc entire south, and recognize t r.eed for helping the fanner." Mr. Bui-ford said ."They are willing \J sacrifice a part of their business ior the common good. If thc cnn- i rtition of the fanuur, and hence ! indirectly of Iheir communities, can '! and will be bettered thereby, but most of them believe that the government is on the wrong track." Points lo Effettive Program It K not the cotton dealer's margin of profit, usually not more than fifty cents a bale, that hurls the ; farmer, Mr. Burford said, but ra- , ther a combination of other cir- | cumslances, including the one crop ( system, the failure of farmers W j produce their food anrt feed on )octor Drops Dead While Performing an Operation D1HMINOHAM, Ala., Aug. 5. Ul'i—A surgeon who wns performing 11 ramrlan operation fa childbirth was family sli-lr-kcn Ittfuri' Ills task wns uiuuli'i.'-d, bin fellow surgeons look up the work when death came, brought tiie child safely lulu the wcrld and saved thc life of the mother. The dcud .surgeon, was Dr. T. I/. Williams of South Highland hc.'pluil stall, who expired before Doctors R. M. Custou and J. n r:an could finish thc op (.Million Williams had begun. Mr«. H. L. Day, the mother and her B 3-4 pound baby girl were reported In a siuisfactor> condition. - It's a ccol. comfortable retreat, in the mountains that President, anil Mrs. Hoover have chosen for their frequent week-end outings near Washington, judging fiom the above picture. The chief exceu- live and the first lady nre shown on ihe porch of their lodge at Rapldnn, Va.. In thc first photo for i parlment officials said today. con _ | Memphis Made Headquarters for Board Established by Agricultural Dept. WASHINGTON, Alls. 5. (UP>- FstdWlshmenl of a board of supervising cotton examiners at Memphis Is designed lo facilitate grading of Ihe cotton crop, agricultural de- whtch thoy have posed there. All;!. 5. stantly killed and led the township elected • MEMPHIS, Tenn.. from" Ely theville and two" from' the j —One man was inst.i_._ _ territory outside Blythevllle. The ] two others seriously injured when chairman and Bruce Ivy, secretary,' a short circuit in a 12.CCO volt wire doubted the legality of the pro- caused an explosion at the Fourth cedure but staled that if the pro- : street station of the Memphis Pow- posal was agreeable to all parlies ' er and Light company here cavly h woulrt be carried out. No com- . today. mltteemnn voiced a desseiiting vote. • Murray B. Creedle. 37, TODEKTHRTSEJl produce their food anrt teed on j .. _. . „ . M their farms, high prices tor goo4sj|<atal bullets med r r;Orn bought on credit, and the -tariff. | "The, government could really achieve'something for the farmer,"-1 he said, "by forcing him to get on | a safe, fane, economic basis. This j could be done by loaning money to i farmers without interest or with I j very low interest, and exercising control owr the crops anrt acreage Another- Coast Guklti Boat Is Belief. SALISBURY BEACH, Mass, The plan to give citizens outside of \ was instantly killed, H. W. .Kil-jot the farmers who The comittee voted to change •'. voting place in Troy township from : P lla 'Butler to Ncrtena anrt to movq the The-men were doing some repai: Skidway box in Neal township to : wort: "' , thc s ; vllch 1 , c0111 o[ tne Poplar Corners An ^Witinn^i | m » * Mm » '> vlli '' 1 lllc explosion occiir- 30, ccast guard boatswain's mate while he was on duty on thc Massachusetts coast last night were fired from another coast guarrl craft, it was announced today. IPSWICH, Mass., Aug. 5, lUP) -Louis A. Pratt. 35, a coast guanls- ivlialever the (arm- j man, died at Cable hospital here tn- eV'reccivS'fpr his cotton would be | day, uipp.iscdly the victim of runt over and above the cost of his i runners. Babe Ruth Hits 41st V Homer This Afternoon YANKEE STADIUM, N. Y.. Aug. 5. (UP)—Babe Uulh hit his 41st home run of the sja- son today in the sixth inning of i\ doubleheader against the Washington Senators. The 1 -drive, in right center close to the score board, a distance of abom 450 feet, came with nu or.c on tase. Mcmphls was selected because of I Us central location In the cotton j bell although a [lumber of olhcr [.••oiitheru cltlc. 1 ; sought to have thc •board located within their limits, i Field classifying offices nre main- i tained at seven other cities fnul In New York, but the Memphis board -r« T|l I/I New York, but the Memphis board III I III K • '"' ' mve supervisory authority over I II I HI iXillifsc. W. F. Dent has been named IU inLl\| Uialrman _ . Definite Annoiincernent..o{ Plans for Speecb-Fesi Will Be Made Tomorrow A number of candidates have nl- Spcclflc iliiltcs of the new board will Include supervision of the work o( couon 'classifiers; The Board wll also supervise the' ferqcln and slanU determinations of the cotton clas committees. Licensed cotton classifiers havi been invllert to meet with the nev ready Inriicnted their desire to par- ! L'o licipate In a mertlne at which ai: ' and An was ordered added in Neal ti living. He had been mortally wounded UT ^d! S^drteni; Ihere^a'^h »l ^ Burforrt made it ctor ,ha: last n,g,U by bnllets fired from an •"- ,he hi,h voftage wire wna shorted. I he was not advocating sitch a pro- | ^^ ^rai^on -^-^of searching the darkened r-iirriricuwni Tfiw\-«mp " ui> =""'«'"is "• "^ m~i».'j •" t"c i "^ >-"""<- - •— •_. doomc( i j waters ior a boat which two Win- CIII B^h S e iU^ E a™ W Enc1 HIP ' <™'"* ™'» «« ™. ^ ^ ^ ^""^."'but as"' .^unjSS! «™P men supposedly had abandon- J,,d E es Hess D Hughes, H. H.: -^1, °^ rC ^^'thrown off in luvasioTby "he government of tte "Ternat? JuSsC. W. P-« i lhe 5tation a " " owr ln tllc dom >- Md °' *?" *»™™^^ Clerks: Izzie Thomas, TO FfTuI Store Magnate's Son Charged With Disorderly Conduct ai Airport. MEMPHIS, Tenn.. Aug. 5 (UP)— Police Captain Smith today wns ! ordered to brinr; Clay Saunders. I youngest son of Clarence Saund- ders, chain, stcre merchant and nationally prominent business leader, into court today to face charges of disorderly conduct fol- land. Alternate Clerks: Wilson Henry. Byron Morse. Court House hes H H • — ' , . • v,,. tin. envernmenl ol i-ie er. im? court, nxuty u» nice ' " ' As the power was thrown off m | "'vasion bs the 8°« rl £aiu Following PraU . s denth a widc . ch of tl , FO rderly conduct fol- l-^Htf^wa^^^lr S£ .t&- -V-f ««•£ —L^liS JESS.'" — « '* •>£ *°-i ss?rr« -i rsrri= ^,o^r AXS «*«--«.«« r . ^ r ^, n . * u ^ ' work in office bihldines itself out 1 Tnc two coast guards had con-l*" 0 ls " "cet.sed pilot . were ,T \\U1K 111 OilltL UH11U1NS&. lltjtll u\ll. _ ...I r .. K-nnnV,- K,. n llnlfnac ,lll,l\il'l n?i 1 I at Memphis on August. 1 12 lo be made familiar will aspirants for the Democratic nom- j »"f functions mid methods of tin inatinn for county ofllces will be j nipcrvlsory board. Invited to speak, as suggested by a number of citizens yesterday, and definite announcement of llio tlm? and place of such u meeting wi! bn made tomorrow. County Judge Gem-go W. narhmn has granted the use of the courtroom or the courthouse lawn for j thc purpose, and definite announce- • ment of thc time and place wil' I Le made tomorrow. Indications ar- VI L! P-IC that the meeting wll! br htrlrt Frt- ! i' lull l jlnb ULIS ! day night on the lawn, unless ruin : I should force il inside. I i Sponsors cf the meeting, ten business and professional men ot" j Blylhevillc. hope that it. will set a I MEMPHIS. Aug. 5. (UP)—Whil precedent, for the public riMaufsion \ scattered showers In the past 2 of campaign Issues on the eve o[ • hours cooled west Tennessee an Memphis environs, most of the rtls trict looked in vain for substanlla but Not Enough lo Be o Benefil to Crops. ngs. i Elevators in all buildings stopped • many of them halt way ' Uncertainty Dislnrhs Market ducted their search for some time fighting the co- [ jp vain when they came upon an "We are not Hi:uiy UL LII'JJIL linn **nj uirivxi,:. . \t c «"*- • •-- --u--- ~ u I -t-- Hoo's Tl-.c p^r.-er remained off for I operatives." he sairt. "but ts be- j unidentified and lightlcss craft. As Judges: Ray Worthington. J. K. half an hour Khnc an emergency licve In time they will eliminate | t | le Uvo i^als drCT; together a ser- n?nr Trn T-Tnlf 1 *,' . - , . ..-. i i !_[,,.» 1..-,^- \xr«i lmn(> t lint in tllVIG ' ioc nf cVintt- n nn-iT-imiKr f m.r, n ,r,n _ Ungar, Ira Haley. . crew Q1 - e i cctr i c i Alt ""*'l ^ >IC1 P S L X S?l.l ISaaKS ' the station to ge: Ira Crawford, J. F. Smith. Clerks: Mell Brooks. L. A. Wat- : n(to / the nnfh but riremen cji: Alternate Clerks: Mcnle Sanders, Addison Sr.iith. Citv inn? wns rushed to thhemselves. We hope that in time; i es O f shots, apparently fn :i the power back on. the act will be amended to in-1 c i,j ne sm .were fired fror room crpase its benefiLs and eliminate, peeled rum runner. Pn nickly conflict with private business" i to the bottom of his ill The present low price of cotton j f ata n.v shot through tin and unsettled condition ot the! Fire broke Oiit in a switch brought it I'ndcr. control without serious damage. otn a ma ; •om the sus- Pratt dropped his turf. boal. the stomach. Hall i cotton market, were attributed byj I Mr. Buford in large part to ""-|BloW Out of MotorCycb ' certainly as to farm board poll- ] J each election. Every candidate foi county office will be Invited to speak or to send a substitute ID rains. speak for him. Each speaker will The rain fell here shortly before be given an cintal opportunity to be i midnight, causing the tempenitir heard. Tire Results in Death J £"?_"•. ««*„ h . a ^F. T?. c "™?'* ! {or . .S™ "!? n ^ Jl MEMPHIS, Aug. ft. (UP)—T : one time Judges: Marlus Evrard, Harry 'D_:| M an C av o Prnfit n( Klrby. Luther Chambers. ,o no^ XT n • C L i Mes""c=tton merchants and spec-1 Alternate Judges: A. M Butt. 5>>."S Is Not Quite finOUgh ulators. he faid. lack confidence i 10. J. Browne. J. H. Webb. : in t!le situation, anrt that, is the j Clerks: diet Caldwcll, Dixie pm ^ BUROli . (UP) _ An al , m(1 |' reason the severe drouth has not, blowing'oi'rf of'Vhe' front'tire on'a, nn . amtiMaa lm his r.,,-., C AUerlra« C Clerks: Henry Humph- = ,-„, «* ^^ «« i %*?£, 'jS^rFZZ \ %» »"" ^^ ^ ^ reys. O. Coppedge. " """"" "" " ' materially by making a __ _ _ announcement of what; killing the older man. proposes to do with the col- , f , arrls _ owner w , h( . pmachin? to drop from the high M's to 8D decrees. The fall, however, v:as not sufficient to end the 78 day drouth penalizing farmers, ruining grow- Cross-Examine Witness | m -' «°i' s ni!d caiislll « ^"pread ! sufTering. SAN FRANCISCO. Aug. 5. (UPi I Arkansas weather reports Indi-Estella Smith whose long winded ' cnlcd the showers were scattered, and olten evasive answers yesicr-; alihouKh a heavy ^'"PO'ir was day wreacked havoc with the nm- reported between Willow Spring? es of her questioners, today wns to arlrt B| S Springs, face a new inqvtisit-r in the per-1 That the 10th day of droui 1 -. brought by B. Holmes, municipal airport manager. . "When I told him he wouldn't | M00n€y Counsel Will fly in his condition lie cursed me," t'.ie airport manager told police. Holmes also brought charges against Gecrge C. Aldridge similar to those filed against. Saunders. These were dismis. p />d when Holmes failed to appeaj' in court yesterday when the case wns called. Young Saunders and his elder — _ .....— - ..-. brother Lee. both are licenwd, son of Frnnk P. Wnlsh. attorney | would be established today seemed Flames Gain Great Headway Before Discovery Early This Morning. . The handsome new plant of the Denton Chevrolet company, Main and Franklin streets, was swept by n disastrous fire that almost completely destroyed the building and stock of automobiles during Uie arly hours of the morning' while undrech of people gathered as ily firemen fought the names in nc of the most spectacular 1 blazes f thc year. W. I. Denton. owner of thc firm, : ml one of Dlylhevllle's leading car tealers, estimated his loss this Horning at approximately ilS.ODO, . nly partially covered by Insurance. ': ncluded In the loss were 15-new • ars and 25 used cars. The fire, of unJinoWn origin, ; alned tremendous headway before. t was discovered and the alarm j iounded. Keforc city firemen reach>d the scene thc entire plate glass . llsplay front of Ihe shdwfotims • which faced Main street,: 'had crashed to the street and the flames : "aced across th eentlrc front of the structure. , . • Curs Catch Quickly : Two pumpers were rushed liilo action, and six streams of water . were hurriedly thrown inlq the blazing building ns firemen and i volunteer workers, sought lo check ; the. fiames hi time lo save at least ; some of (he cars stored in; Iho ; building. The new automobiles . which occupied the showrooms" caught afire quickly as flsmes from, ; thc woodwork, of- the building j spread through the show rooms nl- • most Instantly,- -'••--.. ,' ;; Firemen^ shroslied open the ga- , miles' of railing" "mack snioke '/ thwarted their errprts to. repeh.ths ., interior. One hose'h'ne was played' j Into the motor building from-llie roof of an adjoining building while streams from other lines were whipped across the blazing bulltlhi'4 from the ground. Just as firemen . succcctred in bringing the fire under control, another alarm sounded and firemen with extra .equipment were dispatched to Muiu and Division streets where the lire house of the, Gulf Service station was .discovered blazing. The fire was easily brought under control but the biaze had gulled Ihe small structure and : seriously damaged the tire stock before firemen could reach the building. • •• Must nulul Anew Although thc office safe of the Denton company hnd not yet bse.i opened this morning, officials ot • the company expressed the belief that all records of the concern wcrc Intact. Letter files in the of- , flee of the building survived the fire and the company's bookkeeper • was certain that ths more valuable records, locked In the safe, were unharmed. The shell cf the modern building, which was completed only a. few months ago. is practically.use- less as the foundation for building, Mr. Denton slated, and if the structure is rebuilt It be . . probable in the face of weather long distance nights The youth's. Although the present hearing, an! forecasts which Indicate high tem- father, an aviation enthusiast, at informal one before thc seven jus-1 pernltires and possibly thunder- necessary to start an entirely new I construction. Mr. Uenton has not " yet determined whether he will replace thc building". Announcement was made this afternoon that the Denton company plans lo open temporary quarters within a brief time In order to continue service without interrup- i u of S3.98 doesn't enough to justify oiieralion of n Ford BtilMinr stcam railroad passenger service, F. Judges: A. D. Fan-field. Russell c - McKce - P^ident of the Win- Phillips, O C. Barnes. •• fii>w . Railroad Company, told n. Alternate Judges: O. W. M c-• ™">lic service examiner. | Cutchen. Perry Moss. Bernard The railroad earned S3 OS in 1929.: '"'^' .fiirner told of thc various i Gooch. he testified, in asking permission | se f Vices performed by the trade j Clerks: U. S. Branson. W. J. to discontinue service over -the i ass - c iatiort particularly In the dl-! Pollard. " 12-mile route, from West Winfield j rcc t'i 0]1 O f obtaining satisfactory Alternate Clerks: Frank Whit--to Butter Junction. Competition of i adjustments of differences withj worth, Ross Beavers. bus lines Ins cut the revenue from I transportation companies. arm' was studying aviation ! tlces of the California supreme i stnrms. cr-urt. was called to attempt to cs- r C w ! "i^ S^ wh^^lea | No Hope for Rain in East | op^t^'^ln'a teVdays "I was Cast Straw Votes ! a new aopltcation' for .pardon Tom [ as Hoo J w Stud|es p rob lem a!> Jl " uver oluul " i tion to their patrons. The garage i and sales service of the local Chevrolet dealers will be back In full r'ams, owner moved here from Corinth. Mis?. !Probe Death of Carolina „ en members of the BIythe- i examine the I vilfe Lions club, at their weekly | Anothei ' luncheon at the Hotel Noble today. I.John ! cast straw voles for various can- ' Billings.' ften ' ; that Walsh was privileged to cross ; t n • r j-j • ' Mooney, convicted with Billi: tor Primary Candidates h us entered the testimony so ol WASHINGTON. Aug. 5 (UP)- I It is understood that plans are under way to rebuild the structure. ! Tlie weather bureau held out no Negro in Prison Camp! ^f* for : ' l;ltc aml coimt >' of - recalled to 11O tlM 1 TVltnC ~^ * in- « t «\m,i MUI *-i«i« ...-in [ ,ther witness "ioday may be;i">P« ^ ™>" '» ' hc e f. st I "- 1 " Indiana AutO Accident vrnnmld «-)-n K 1'1'clv to be ! nexl two aa y s to "hove the drouth • fit'lJ :d to the ilaiid for cross ex Bs President Hoover and his cabinet Kills Little Rock Child ^nation „ to «mc o, «JTe' new : y™m into session today wit,, expec- -An Wrsl End of furthering economic ccwpera- j Bull _ presid( . nt of the local board j Judges: W. L. Homer. Ed Rice, ^tion between the two slates. Aus- ] of tiarte. and B. A. Lynch and' Harry Atkins. tria and Hungary have each ap- , ^ o Little local bankers, also Alternate Judges: Roscce Craf- . pcinled a f|-^rial commission of > spoke' hrieftv ton. E. R. Jackson. Leslie Moore, five experts to survey the needs of, I_L ___ Clerics: E "°' and Wendell Phillips. Yarbro Victor Bvciy. Farmer ; eac h countr _ , „ . i They will keep in mind at all ' m " k IiCnlCy ': times that Austria, though pri- , Tourists Increase ' marily industrial, has certain agricultural interests which must not several weeks aso to ir.asr noml-1 Judges'. K. W. Chapman. Herbert: be damaged; and that Hungary. Mirtlins, B. B Aiken though primarily agricultural, has Vinina; 'the increase among the Alternate Judges: Dr. McLaln,! in mind an industrialization pro- English being 56 per cent and (Continued on page • three). Igram which cannot he Ignored August Ci Joseph, n new church which is to VIENNA, (UP)—During June 61.- be known as the Franz Josef Oed"609 tourists, an increase of 4917: aechtnlskapellc (Francis Joseph nvcr the previous record, arrived in ! Memorial Chapel) will be dedicated by Prince Archbishop Dr. Riedor and the Governor of Tirol. Dr. I among Ihe Americans 51 per cent. Stumpf. For Justice of the peace—Brog-. don, 15; Oscar Alexander,' 13; F.- Walker, 12; R. L. McKnight. 10: George Walker, 8: Robinson, 8; John Walton. 3; For constable—Harry Taylor. 10: C. B. Burch. 3 WEATHER at thc post meeting Tu"fci.iy nijht, August i9. Members of the nr.niina.ini! committee arc: n. B. Stc-.i:. rhaiiman. R. J. Dcdson, J. J n.ily: K. N. Ware, chairman. Hor.w Walinle, Nell] Roed pcrative that he retire from the game. Steele leaves the Travelers ARKANSAS—Partly cloudy and unsettled tonight and ; little change In fem- peralure. It was 100 degrees here yestef- In fifth place and with a. reputation ; day with a minimum ol 71 for last around the ^oulhern circuit of the best hustling ball club in the 'league. night, according to Francis Carpenter, official government observ-

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