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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
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Friday, April 29, 1955
Page 7
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J-, Winih'rop Wall' street I if Aft, HO Pi. ARKANSAS r-ricfay, April 5$, 195$ One-Time Jap Hater Did on About Face By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD Iff)— Sgt. Hugh was off duty to give technical advice on the picture. His story, which Aldo fifty eft- 'ac!s on the sereeri, is a dramatic 6fie. Aft'Afrrny ffia'n before the war, h : e enUste'll in trie Marines after Pearl Jiarbor, since he feared the £rrriy ! would pigeon-hole him to train ,tro6ps. . He served four years, then tried '* Good Fishing in Arkansas This Weekend Friday, April 2», ItSI MOM ITAR, HOPt, LITTLE He went Game and 'state Fish Commission re- MARKETS ST. LOUIS LIVETOCK ' NATIONAL STOCKYARD . ill Hogs 5,200; modera'tely ac' • ' ' fall. $2^11-;,-. corn unchanged to \' 2 j higher, May $1.43 n a-. oats - 7 , 3 lower to 1,4 higher, May 72-72. rye '/4-U/4 higher, May 97-98, and soybeans unchanged to 1 cent higher, May $2.49',2- : <4. Wheat: No. 2 yellow hard 2.23',^. 50 , . .to the Army hoping to ge ports fishing should be good iri'S? higher; sows 2 BLYTHEVILLE (M— TeucherS in Blythpville public schools are coina to set up a political com- TTJlbdV. ilW. *« ^v,iiu«* mi* v* fi,u\i /£•{*" ***o "" •* » r * J'J'i V. The rise wasn't bery extensive Corn: No. 2 yellow 1.49. Oats: mittee to endorse candidates wno and went to nrouncl ,w points in j Norn Imixed 77-78'/ 4 ; Nom 1 heavy offer a legislative program fav^| r key sections of the market -at!white 78' 2 -%; No. 2 heavy white able to schools. Teachers to Set Up Politically SOCIETY Pnon» 7-MS1 Behteen I A. M. and 4 Pi M. a Japan- tb'jJa'pan. " € W8S ««*,«« fonowing end: r; bulk tional. over the week-.choice 1RO-220 Ib 17.25-75; choice sThcre '•V the bestm Losses usually were frac|78i£; N O . 3 white 77',2. and adopting ah Osaka or-1' *Tti admit I went over therel jj^nage, has just_ been .through 1 with'a chip on my shoulder," he ^ r ^e,' whito bass. handful of indivi- 56.00. Norfork ....,_..- res! J yeats-ago, I; ^Winted-v-chairman of Hie (the. expedience o"f watching own life being filmed; , Mow/did it feel? ... "Then you f re fed a lot of "' j misconceptions- about a foreign .. . . "Ifind of str.ange," saidf the taH, rugged sergeant from -NeW York City. "I didri't think it would affect me,-but I found myself bal- ipeople, yoii fihd. yourself ready to dislike them. It took a While, but 1 hfld my "ideas -changed." O'Reilly not only changed his ing as I watched some of scenes." attend.. He is in Nevada atomic fP^;^>o#pbned «|*^d£Kef^ller., :was....inr: £Jfls f 'y"6Mfeo> brother. Da it brother, David, of -' J ""' !i '"'- •'"" - su'bsti' ISrtew.jtitlieii'* o^^hT slate where .ilUii £%*'Jta 'X'wM---«i.ilaii,-kJ'lrit.A2i -•'«.•-•* i"» _ wo****!. • Ifp|d*ned;-;$> 'iawpearvifi;^ I; ?,within4nirty? tfayif-ahd' : .; story' was recently fffmfed by Columbia in Japan under the title of "Gentle Wolfhound," That's the name of the prbiid -regiment with which he fought in Korea. Now the studio may rename the film '.'Sergeant O'Reilly," The- sarge doesn't Cot- tdn to the idea. "Sure, it's a compliment to me," he said, "and I'd be a liair if I didn't say so. But I think the credit Should go to the • regiment. The men in it 'contribute $2,000 a month .for. the support of the orphanage.!' O'Reilly can easily wax enthusiastic .about'the Gentle Wolfhounds. "It was formed in Texas. 50 years :»go,"r,he said, "then went over- fi<%s in the /Spanish-American War. lUhasn't .been -back in the States since." . , The regiment is stationed in' Ha,wali and O'Reilly hopes, to be reassigned there this summer. He has lately ,been at .West Point and Japanese; he lost the ;ms heart ' to a pretty Japanese interpreter. ..She is now Mrs. O'Reilly. Not So Slick, Behind Bars LITTLE HOCK W)—Two grocery stores yesterday gave a total of •17.90 to a man who brought items .o.their checking stands and asked ~or refunds. -Police arresed • Richard Crotzer, The Negro By Heleh Turner Phone 7-5830 Or bring items to Miss.Turner : .at Hioks Funeral Home - Boorte—Bull Shouts Lake, bream, ci apple. Clark—All.streams, bream. Clay—Current nnd Black River, Crdppie; all : lokns, perch. Conway—Lake B;iiley. bream. Crittehdcn —Horse-shoe Lake, crtfppie. • Desha—Big Jefferson Lake, crappie; Balco Lake, rrappio; Silver Lake, bream. Faulkner—Lnku Conwny, Jii'e, bream. Soybean oil: ll?a; soybean mesl crap- Franklin—Arkansas River, rough fishing. Fulton bream. Spring River Lake, Garland—Lake Hamilton, bas.s, ! crDppie; Lake Ouachita, b.iss,' crappie, bream. Izard—Strawberry River, channel cat, perch, bream. Lee—Bear Creek Lake, bream bass; Whitehall Old River, Midway Old River, bass, crappie. Marion—Bull Shoals Lake, crap- tract-new industry. He said Ar- .kansas "needs capital" but is "eager, and anxious 1 to do'afreal job" of-bringing in additional industry. Two state .senators, Jack ? V. 'American Legion Auxiliary News The following ladies .from th Nelson-Hill American Legion .Aux iliary 'No. 427 attended the Distric 12- Spring Conference in Bradley Arkansas. Tuesday, April 20, 1955 pie, bass. Monroe—Lake pie, bream. lb down 14.00-15.00; heayiep'isows tors, aircrafts. radio-televisionsn 12.<5-13.50: briars S.00-12.00, ; . , . !.|so-me' coppers, chemicals,' fclcctrica Cattle nOO, calves .300;,-.fp*- lots equipments, and railroads. The steers and heifers,'-commercial -a« POULTRY AND PRODUCE CHICAGO good at 18.00-22,25,'." : these ,,', fully Oils held steady, steady; cows finding-'mQdei;a.lely EC' c live selling at'steady prices; -utility and comnTe'rcia.l r2.50-15.ho. , a f';w to 15.50; canners -and mtters 30.00-12.50; bulls unchanged;: a'.fdw pood light yearlings .IG.ob-lt.O'O; utility and commercial 13.50-15.00'; heavy fat bulls 12.00-50; vealm-'s and calves 20.00-25.00: a few high choice and prime 2G.OO-28.00: com mcrcial and good 1C.00-20.00; bull and utility 10.00-13.00 Sheep 700: 4 decks clipped lambs those unsold; a few slaughter ewes steady; wooled ewes 5.50-7.00; shorn ewes 4.50-0.00. utilities were lower on balance. Brinkley, crap- NEW YORK COTTON NEW YORK W'l — Cotton futures were irregular today. Trade and local covering extended early I Bains to 45 cents a bale. At the top levels, the market met a mod- Perry—Lake -N-imrod - crappie eratc lncrcase in spot house a-Ml- Phillips—Storm Creek LakeV' lg which caused prices • to back iss, bream. 'down. Switching from nearby May bass Saline— Lakes Hurricane and , lalcl ' ' m0nlhs was "mited, part Clark of, Texarkana and" Roy Ili- Mrs> Allce Holbcrt - Mrs. Louis ales of Mena, were in the visitin Hlcks - Mrs - Gladys N. Davis, an Mrs; Lula M. Gamble. This was a very interesting meet ing with the District President Mrs Kuykendall presiding. Prior to th program a 'banquet was held,anc a very delicious dinner was served The program included, annuals' re ports of all' the Units present.: Mrs Davis made the -annual -report fo Unit No. 427. It was very/gpod ,anc well, ^received.- The principal add ress wias made by Mrs. Flora Ben nett, State,Director of Poppy Sales Mr.: JW. L. Hoibert and Mr. R;, J Hicks accompanied .. the •= ladies ti Bradley: v : 3 ' , " ' Others were James L. Bland, ex ecutiye; secretary to Gov. Faubus Dick Simpson, bank commissione for -the. state; Dabbs Sullivan -o P, 8 ???, Sullivan Co.; Jack Picken of ;;• Dickmani<-PicMens-B6nd Con slructlon Co., -Inc.; S'am Harris Arlcansas Gazette; John E. Green Northwestern Mutual Life Insiii ^^.; W. .E." Darby, Nationu - >j Insurance Co.,. and Tom . - J / r - National Old ."L'in ^ all of. Little ; Rock'. Legol Notic« tEGA'L NOTICE of Tealvprdperty with descWbed : terfi. '•-' ~ '• " & 1G ^pMyfc^ 1 "' Bloek;3; '; «•/ ,:3/i,/5ve, & rin .,3, 4, 5; 6,,7, & a. , tract of land marked V th&t''fre^tairt 'map of .,.. ., .,. T ,°f, Hope," Herijpstead '.-••. county; Arkansasr dated 10th ' day:of March; 1049, sighed by , .Joe'B. Wilson, Registered En- gineef, and Lyle Brown, Mayor toe hereby notified -that a petition has ; ; *'een.'-Jilea with 'the City Clerk of the said City of Hope', p'urpprt- JUg to be signed by two-thii'ds in value of the.- owners of real' property ; within said .territory, which petition ^prays that a loca-1 improvement district be formei} embracing said-territory for the ,,purpose .of paving With -bituminous '-surfacing (bla'cktopping^, all of* the following streets: -.,-''.'' . •- '',. '•" ,- •'•••, , ... South Elm Street from West ICth Street South to West ; 19th Street (3 blocks) ;-West 18th"Street between South JElnv Street ;and South Main • Street ;(1 blpck) ' West Igthf,' Street between South Elm Street and South Main Street (1 block) : and the post thereof be assessed and charged upon the real property above described. All owners of real property within said -territory are advised, that safd petition .will be heard at the meeting of the City Council to foe held at the hour of 7:30 P. M., on the 3rd.day of May, 1955, and that at said meeting said council will determine whether those signing the same constitute twb-:thirds in value of such owners of real property; and at said meeting all owners of real property within said territory who desire will be'fr'eard upon the question. Mrs. Cha'rles F. Reynqrson .-'.'•• Clerk. -(SEAL) April'?2 ( ;j2? IN STKL CONSTRUCTION Building*.—- Industrial Bi i —'- t '- f - to specifications, it Jpw cost! OUCKITT 5T«L 4 EQUIPMENT CO. ' '' LIGHTING FIXTURES Pret«oj •n«i ' t)»«'b»iuty AUEN CO. The Christian Union Communit, Club, ; met April, 18 at, thei regula; meeting p'lac'e,' vl E. : 9th': ft. "and 'Do wiiy ;St. at 7:30,- iylth the' presideri Mrs. Snow A. Nprwo'od; presidihg The spngVleaderi'Mrs.. jyiattie L'an gstor conducted ." J the openink esc '' .Minues;, -'.of vthfe?:-;; as . . rneetihg;' wer'el read; and.' ^ Player for the sick' by^rs;' kef neria" Lihdsey. Bible-- lesion was taught • by 'Rev. .Freddie . lil-qi^rison ql'l enjoyed the^iesspn.' Members present' 16,' .visitors ,^2, -'A. , 'donation were 'given _ tq'..l^f ; , V^ : ay". Bradford The riext 'meeting . : wil}. /be May 2 at trie regular "mebiing»:^lace,. Asking 'all members 'to -be -present. ipiere will ,'be, ' a , wiener, roast at Mt. 2ipn CME 1 Cliurch Saturday night, April ,-3,0, j sp.qrisbr.ed by ,th steward board and, the pastor. The pivbUc . is ; , -invited*. -•,-•'.There will be a fish fry.^nd ice cream supper, at .Be.eBee. .M.emoria: OMB Church Saturday night, April 30, sponsored. : by,-.'.the .missionary society. The public. is ; invited., . Mrs. -Martha>• A. Harris arid daughter, ,W[ona pf St. i Louis, Mo., und Mrs. Grace Hightower of Milwau. e, Wis., are visiting Mrs. Leona Newton, and other relatives. BEEBEE MEMORIAL C. M. E. Rev. T. 'J. Rhone, Paitpr 9:45 a. m Sunday School Mrs A. B. Rerger, Supt. 11. .8, m,. Morning Worship « p? in';' '''Epworth League 8 p. m. Evening Worship MT. ZION CME CHURCH Rev, I. M. Manning, Patter 9:45 a. m, Sunday School S. : J, Johnson, Supt : 11 a. m. Morning Worihlp 6 p, jn. Epworth League 8 p. m. Evening Worship OARRETT CHAPEL BAPTIST R*r. F. R. Willlami, Partor 9:45 a. m. Sunday School L. P. Wyatt, Supt. U a. m. Morning Worship fl p.m. B. T. U. 8:30 p TO. Baptist Hour over Station KXAR. RISING STAR BAPTIST Rev. W M, Erby, Pa*tpr 9:4$ a. m. Sunday School Ambers Dunlap, Supt. U 8- m. Wprning Worship 6 p. m. B. T. U. 8 p. in. Evenlnu Worship CHURCH OF OOD IN Eld. O. N, Ptnnia, Pa»ter 9:49 •• m, Sunday School Mrs. Myrtle Richardson, Supt. )V a. n». .Morning WocBWf 0 p. m. V. f . W. W. « .p, m, Ev«ninf Worship BiTHEL. AM E CHURCH R»v. Wlllard L»«k«, Pastor 9:45 a. m. Sunday School Mrs. E. M. Noise*. Supt. 11 «. m. Morning Worship .Subject; "The Yearning O| Tta e f ». m. A. C. E. L. I ft. DA. Evtalnf Worphlf fNOKB BAPTIfT CHURCH R*y, J. W. W«lk«r, 1:0 a. m. Sunday School MC3. ElllftiQt, .' U «• m- Mwcniw « p. m. i. f. V." Norrell, crappie, bass. Scott—Square Rock Lake, bass crappie, bream. Yell—Nimrod Lake, crappie. |ly reflecting the absence of M lower than the previous close. May c3.54, July 3.73 and October 3.81 c c . — Live Station Must Close Pending Hearing . WASHINGTON (ffl — A three judge federal court ruled todaj that Radio Station KPLN, Cam den, Ark., must go off the air a midnight Saturday night pending final action by the Communica poultry i tions Commission in a case chal firm on hens, weak on -you'ng lenging the KPLN license. slock: receipts in coops 257 Zyes-| The action was taken in denyin,, terday- 139 cops, 47,03 IbJ; f.o.b. JKPLN's appeal for a ruling that paying prices unchanged to 3 high- would" upset a commission .order or; heavy hens 25-0; light hens o f April 14 directing that it sus- 16.5-17; broilers or fryers 29-31;! pend operations. old roosters c!2-l Butter steady; receipts 1,254.223; wholesale buying prices unchanged o.'i score AA 5(1.75; 92 -A 56.75; 90 B 54.5: 09 C 54; 92 cars 090 B 5; 89 C 54.5. sEggs weak; caponetles The case stems. from a protest filed in April 1953 by aiiothei Camden station, KAMD, against commission action authorizing construction of KPLN and transfer "of its construction permit and ilcenss receipts 27,258; wholesale buying prices unchanged to lla lower; U.S. large whites 70 per cent and over A'S from Mid-South Broadcasting Co. to D. R. James Jr. KAUMD's protest was dismissed and that station appealed to the courts. The court of appeals or-. GO-69.9 per cent A's 35.5; mixed-'] e red a review by the commission 5;. mediums ?,; U.S. standards;of the KAMD protest. 3; dirties 32; chocks 31; current"—• • : ' receipts 23, and charged him with petty larceny. Chief of Detectives C. O. Fink said that Crotzer picked up the SNEW YORK I/ft— The tock items from grocery shelves and Market advanced moderately to- then walked to the front of the'day in the early afternoon in a store and asked for refunds. GRAIN AND PROVISION CHICAGO i/n — Grains dipped any early and then firmed, on' the' ay transferable notices today, i Board of Trade today. Many con- Later afternoon prices were 30j tracts were able to get back above' cents a bale higher to 30 cents'the-previous close. • j Brokers attributed the buying mainly to previous short sellers 1 who wanted to be out of the mar-! ket over the weekend. Wheat was' aided by a foreign operations ad-! ministration authorization to Turkey to buy $4,480,000 worth of; American wheat/ NEW ORK STOCKS 'rebound from yesterday's sharp Wheat closed -IVi higher, May SEE US FOR... New Holland Baler carts and Service for Wisconsin Engines, Eaee-Flow Distributors and John Deere Tractors and Implements. The home of genuine John Deere parts .220 W. 5th St. Phone 7-3475 UTLEY IMPLEMENT CO. At a meeting yesterday the Blytheville group also voted to ask the Arkansas Education Association to set up statewide machinery to screen political candidates and make recommendations. rlday April 29 2 at 7 p. m. A program on "Teacher Welfare" will be presented by Friday Music Club will meet Pfiday April 29, at 7:30 p. m. in the home of Mrs. B. C. Hyatt. the Washington faculty members. TIME CHANGES MAY 1 NEW SlffPfR SEftVfCfonffco FLYING CHOW BETWEEN KANSAI CITY AND SHREVEFOKf •. •' '•' • Please Ask About. EARlJllR DEPARTURES > .'.'••• and ; ^ew Service to '• Lake- Clfior/es, BedumoW and Port Arthur. / KANSAS C.TY/; <iOUTHFRN DiPOT TICKIT OtHtt i 7-KJI i J 'T'hc Berean SS Class of Unity ptist Church will meet at, the ^Experiment Station- Friday April i at 7 p. m. for a pot-luck-supper. 1 members are urged to be present. M^Monday May 2 ^Circle No. 3 of the 1st Methodist ^Chuich will have a pot-luck lunch- epn Monday at 12:30 May 2nd at .fciiclc No. 6 of the Womans Society of Christian Service of the Meth- ddist Church will meet Monday, May 2 at 2 p.m. in the home of Mrs. ; C. Carlton with Mrs. Jim Cole co-hostess. All members are re- ftimded to pay their pledge in full ftt this meeting. ' Hempslead County Classroom Teachers Association will meet at Washington School Monday, May Give Mother q PERMANENT For MOTHER'S DAY MARY'S BEAUTY SHOP Mary Hamni . Ph^ne.7-3584 W. A. Williams and Miss Gwendolyn Dean will be associate hostess. Notice Mrs. Jack Brown will present her piano pupils of Guernsey in recital Friday night at 7:45 in the Guernsey school. The students are as follows: Marlene Powell, Waunzelle Powell, Trudy Daughtery, Sue Mullins, Paula Christian, Barbara and Patricia McCombs, Mary Ann Thomp Continued from £«ee On* decided he'd rather die than part with his stomach. Me sold out his business interests and moved to Florida, figuring "i might as well be warm while I was dying. "I decided I'd better do all the things I'd wanted to do and hadn't Nina Adams, Dorothy Lamb, Wrenetta Cleaver and Vivie Mae Powell. The public is cordially invited. Circle No. 2 of the Womans Society of Christian Service with Mrs. Earl O'Neal chairman, will meet in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Robert .LaGrone on Monday, May _ __ ^ 2. Mrs. C. M. Agee will be the Club which was scheduled for program leader and Mrs. Ernest Tuesday night May 3 has been «,„ ™ c Y° mbs ' ™ a 7 Ann T h°rnp. found time. One thing I'd always sickened by the fact that a bank son, Barbara and Leveta Jeanes. wanted was a horn* nf mv own m, 1 cashier was shot down. DEATH OF A LEGEND Hit, BERRY CHAPTER XVII THE STORY: More arid more frequently murder accompanies The bank robberies committed by Jesse James and his gang. One of the gang, Cole Younger, Is Game night at the Hope Country wanted was a home of my own on cashier was shot down. an island. I told an architect to I Jesse grunted the introductioh of build me one, and be quick about it. He did and I furnished it just the way 1 thought it should be. "I took good care of my ulcers. Ed Miller as Cole squinted to adjust his eyes to the glow of. the lamplight in the barn. "Any kin to Clell?*' asked Cole, O'Neal -will be in charge of the devotional. Hope Band Auxiliary will meet Monday, May 2 at 7:30 p. m. in postponed until May 10. Unity Baptist Auxiliary Meets The Sr. Ladies Auxiliary of Unity Cannon Hall. The Executive com- Baptist Church met in the Church mittcc will meet at 7 p. m. Im- on Wednesday, April 27 at 2 p. m portant business is to be transact-1 Songs were led by Mrs. Wanda ed'so every one is urged to be prc sent, Tuesday, May 3 Butler accompanied by Mrs. Howard White at the piano. Eld. Howard voiced the opening prayer followed" with the devotional by Mrs. Sinclair. • ••ww« (,uwu «-DA^ l/l ill J UlLWl Ot * .» ,1 For two years I did nothing but cying the newcomer unsociably, loaf and fish. Then I began to fear " n '" fl "- " ""• —•" ! " ~—" I'd die of boredom. "All of us have a hidden ro- "Brother," the man in question answered for himself. Both the James and Younger The Iris Garden club will meet Tuesday, May 3 at 2:30 p. m. at the home of Mrs. Floyd Crank with Mrs . R11 Le wallen offered pra Mrs. C. M. Agee as co-hostess Pro- yer . Eld Whu thcn taught Pthc gram on 'Shrub Roses as land- ]esson which was taken f / f scaping material" will be in charge 12 chapter of Revelations. The mi of Mrs, Dwen.Nix. The arrange- nutcs o£ the , ast meeti am , th ment for this meeting will be fan: treasurer's report were read by motif. .Members please note the jy; rs - * i date which has bi o allow for discussion the coming Hat and Style show. Alpha Delta Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma Society will mee in the home pf Mrs. B.. C. Hyatt on Tuesday, : May 3 at 4 p. m. Mrs SAENGER At: 2:41 - 6:08 - 9:35 • TODAY & SATURDAY • AN EXCELLENT FAMILY PROGRAM! 2. At: 4.10 - 7:37 - 11:00 SHORT STROKi 132,h.p. v-B or Stroke 118-h.p. Six! Top payload capacity of 1,718 Iba. New Ford F-100 61^up. Fordomatic . Drive,! low extra cogt. HER FATE IN THE HANDS OF A MAN CONDEMNED TO DIE! RADIO-ACTIVE MILITARY SECRET IN BANG-U tfafflnfl MICKEY ROONEY ROBERT STRAUSS ELAINE DAVIS DIANA ANDREWS PIPER LAURIE PLUS CHAPTER 4 OF SERIAL, "THE BLACK ARROW" & WALT DISNEY COLOR CARTOON nw Short Stroke design...V-8 or Six /.'., before you buy any new \ truck! Look for modern short-stroke powerl Something revolutionary has happened to truck power! It's short-stroke design. Modern short- stroke engines prolong piston ring life up io 53%. Engines last longer!'. Give gas sayings Vip to one gallon in seven! And ONLY FORD gives you a Short Stroke engine in every truck RIGHT NOW! j . ONLY FORD gives you a choice t>f Short Stroke V-8 or Short Stroke Sin in a Pickup! Before you buy any Pickup, check the specifications: it isn't a short-stroke engine unleni the stroke is as short as, or shorter than the bore. Think what may happen to futurt traderin value if your truck has an outdated long-stroke engine, Go modern-^-go Short Stroke-go Ford! HOPE AUTO CO, YOUR FOUD DIAU* FOi OYfR W YIAH I4i , HOPE, XRK. Sunday & Monday * • FEATURE TIMES • SUN. — 1:00 • 3:41 - 6:22 . 9:03 MON, — 2:24 - 5:25 -6:26 I JUDY RETURNS to the SeREEN... and Mare Wonderful Than Ever i.. in Hollywood'*, Createit SWry Abpul Hollywood! !t h Jack CAKSON «Charks BICKFORD EXTRA: Ute N«wi * 0«ffy Pufk Cordon • JL/4 i . •*** m^ Jessie Sinclair. Mrs. Tom «"«-»«« ^ ^ with The ' mernbers of the Auxiliary voted to meet each Wednesday a 2 p. m. Hospital Notes Branch Admitted: Mrs. Dub Flowers, Hope, Mr. Bob Rowland, McCaskill, Mrs. J. C. Rothwell, Hope. Dischareed: Mrs. Robert -Ellis arid baby girl, El Dorado, Ark. Julia Cheater Admitted: James Wm. Caudle. Hope, Mrs. W. R. Langston, Emmet. Discharged: Mr. O. P. Young, Rt. 2, Hope, Mrs. Hilton Shipley and son, Hope. Fairly Pleasant Weather in Store By The Associated Press Fairly pleasant and dry weather was reported in most sections ol the country today. There were only two areas o) precipitation early today, in New England and in the Pacific North west. Heaviest amounts were in .the East, with more than an inch of rain in Boston and Providence R. t " Coldest weather again was ir DRIVE-IN THEATRE Hwy 29 South • Open 6:30 • Tonight & SATURDAY • F-I-R-S-T HOPE SHOWING! Nature at Her Rawest In the Savage OKEEFENOKEE SWAMPLAND! "BLACK FURY" Color by Technicolor • ALSO • Hot-Blooded Saga of the West! EDMOND O'BRIEN HELEN WESTCOTT PEGGIE CASTLE "COW COUNTRY" Chapter 6 of Serial, "ADVENTURES OF CAPT. KIDD" & Herman and Kotnip Color Cartoon LOLLY POP TREE FOR THE KIDS SATURDAY NIGHT • SUNDAY-MONDAY • HORSESHOE PITCHING CONTEST SUNDAY NITE! FUN & PRIZES GALORE A Cry That Stirs Young Hearts to Love? Young Blood to Fury? JUNE HAVER LON McCALLISTER "SCUDDA-HOO SCUDDA-HAY" • EXTRA • COLOR CARTOONS — PLUS — WARNER IR05. NEWS the rrtetter of formal education neither Cole nor Frank nor Jesse mance in our souls. When you families were of better than border are out of circulation, this piles up Average. Both bloodlines were of in you. During those two years 1 better than border average. Both decided that business really was my ", " oodh " es w . ereu of . Hi e h ,„, South, romance in life, but 1 hadn*t been,f llrsl famihy __ heritage. While in looking at it from that angle. "I swore that if 1 ever got well, I'd be the businest — and happiest —man in 48 stales. And I am." Greenspan never fully conqured all his ulcers but, as he says, "we worked out an agreement so we'd be able to get along together on a basis of mutual respect." In a few years Greenspan became a citrus magnate. In keeping with his new philosophy, his office In his Lakeland, Fla., canning plar-.t is in a kitchen, where he directs operations from a comfortable armchair. The telephone is in the next room. In 1949 while developing a citrus concentrate that could be taken by children allergic .to orange juice, he conferred with Dr. James R-'.-Wilson of the American Medical Assn. in Chicago. During the conversation Dr. Wilson, a neutritionist, mentioned that the Puerto Rican had progressed beyond the Pleas- j ng it ant Grove grammar school, the parents of both class were well educated, widely read, and of marked religious bent. All three were omnivorous eraders and, de- spit the obvious frontier crudities of their speech, were regarded by most who had occasion to come in social contact with them, happily or unhappily, as "definitely well- bred gentlemen, with polite, scholarly bearings." By marked contrast, their followers, with the sole exception of the quiet-spoken Jim Cummins, were rough, unlettered men. Of these Clell Miller was typical. A ruffian In the classic sense, he had neither formal nor family leavening in any education other than that of first-degree murder and armed, felonious assault. "Ed's just out from State's Prison. Clell's sent him to me. Ed's got an idea you'll cotton to. Got it from John Reno, while they was In jail together," John Reno and his three brotners had run a gang pretty much like Jesse's, only up in north Missouri, Illinois and Indiana. But not with Dingus 1 luck. The Pinkertons had caught up with them. And John had spent his last three Summers In 'the Missouri State Prison. Still, any man in Cole's profession had to listen when John Reno's name was called out in the meeting, "Go on," said Cole, still not lik- tion and plantation building i n Puerto Rico, he has 25,000 more planted. This year he expects to market six million cans of apple acerola was up to 80 times as rich juice blended with acerola concen- in vitamin C as orange juice, and should prove a good natural source of this vital' element for undernourished children. "It was his idea," said Greenspan. "I just picked it up and shot craps with $400,000 to sec if it would work." ' After ; five years of experimenta- the Rockies, with a low of 25 at Wess ellowstone, Mont. Warmest was in southern Texas and south-. trate, estimates a market of 24 million cans within another, few years, but seep no prospect of the product drying up the nation's thirst for orange juice. "It should become a major in- .dustry in Puerto Rico and have a big market in Europe," he said. "Other producers are now entering the field. Maybe it's true that all 'pioneers die broke — but I've had a wonderful romance." Those who know Greenspan best, however, doubt that he will ever cm Florida, with an early morn-, be without a smile, an ulcer—or ing reading of 78 in Laredo, Tex. money in the bank. "Express cars!" blinked Jesse. "Government and big company payroll gold, on through trains." "Yeah, I know," grunted Cole caustically. "It's a powerful grand idea. Look at where it's wound John Reno up." "That ain't the point, you big. ninny I" Jesse flashed his twisted grin deliberately. "Reno was just getting the kinks worked out of it when he was took." He paused, eying Cole, and saw he was losing ground. "Money!" snapped Jesse."Cole, some of them trains carries up to a $100,000 in gold! Maybe even in one job — we can get clear of Clay County and stay clear of it!" "Ding—" It was Cole's turn to put his hand on his . friend's shoulder. "You mean that, old hoss? You really mean that if 'we get that $100,000 • you're through and done and shut of robbing?" "I mean it, Cole! So help me!" said Jesse eagerly. "And I'll promise you something else!" He played his. hole card carefully, knowing what it meant to Cole, saying it as it it meant the same thing to him. "There'll be no more killings." And in the following five minutes the particulars of the first major train robbery in world history were set forth in the Samuel barn. Impotant in their. plans 'was the bribing of an express company clerk in Orrtaha concerning the shipment of {(old ftoffl th* ftftek Mills. ; ' - ' - Jesse picked his spot just "«»st of the bluffs, selecting a sharp curve a mile south'of the C.R.I, P. waypoint of Adair 4 Iowa. By i7;15 p.m. there was still too much 'of the late July daylight lingering on, but he could wait no longer The spades, saddle-packed all the way from Clay County, were pul to work loosening a Stretch of half a dozen ties beneath a rail collar on the curve. Meanwhile, Frank and Cole, uhder Jesse's personal eye, unbolted the joining collar. The long ropes were quickly passed beneath the loosened rails, half-hitched around the ties, re* passed beneath the roadbed steel and made .fast to the horns of Cole's and Frank's saddles. The two horsemen swung up and eased their mounts into the slack testing it. Satisfied, they nodded through the growing twilight to Jesse. He nodded back, turned his. own mount toward ;the timber and the restless shadows of his waiting men. The minutes wore on. He counted, them away against the audi-, ble ticking of the battered silver watch in his breast pocket. Suddenly, he held his breath, cursed SOftl^. ing.' He pu'lWd ft*dBl * r "Thirty feet «iwIS$ jtei tfacks"e&it 'H«lrd -A*; the tiny etasu of Ihe "What-* the tfbubl«, "i drduped «iy w*toh* Jesse, the flash of th* t swiftly fled as, it hid "Well, don't cry -as vised Cole tender] you a new one. Then it came, long-echoing. ¥he a stearn J*c.dr whistle, keening" _ Cole laughed aiftfcir i ness. Then he bdbmed i the growing hum., ind the rails r "Puli-uji.Mtf boys! We might hive somebody we know!", ,Me and Firanfc, mask* "ft! place, eased their hbrte* again; -Into UiA fUll 1 ropes. V,",,, (To Be ,*jP i _jfj ft. THE BEAUTY Op«it 6 Days • W Appointment, afttr forthowwhowtrtu Phon« 74150 111 •.•Jill BIG n:z::m n * ' '' '*' ' "' i ' This Coupon WortK 9 v »•* *' i l i'» At Crescent Drug r Stir| _ Sign coupon, present to Crescent Drug Store'irfctttl 4^ $1.29 bottle of BIG 12 medicine FREE wlrn biirchW pf $2.00 bottle. This offer i> for ADULTS only «r* is limited to one coupon per person. v '/ •.'?",, Name ....'. .i..J.!.../,. : ,«i.'.}..i Address .\\..,«.r.vw.tv#7^^ CRESCENT DRIHJUW The most modern trucks on any job! «/ «i , ^^;.<||^fe^ l^MjiW$®?& ^r^A^^I k^.r^/r^'H^V^ rh-rr— f**~ ."-brrr , From America's leading truck builder comes a whole trucktoad of new advances that mean big savings in hours, dollars and \ driving effort on your hauling or delivery jobs. And they're v . •••.-. - • * j ready to go to work for you right now! ^- <: ...... —...x.«» .. 2 Introducing new styling in trucks! The first trucks with fresh, functional styling that fits your job! Two pew designs are offered. Six new "high-voltage" engines! With a modern 12-volt electrical system for quicker, surer cold-weather starting. 2 A cab that's got A New 18,000 lb. T everything! 'Including a new Sweep-Sight windshield, new softer seat, 2-tonners and get real savings pew High-Level ventilation. on operating costsl max. G,V,W.l Get this hefty capacity in new Power Steering for all models! Cuts turning effort up to 80 per cent. Optional at extra cost on all models. 7 New Overdrive! Truck Hydra-Mafic! Overdrive, optional on Vi-ton models at extra cost. Hydra- Matic, on Vi; 3 A- an4 1-ton. S Tubeless tires standard on Vt-tou models! Give greater protection against a blowout ... deflate more slowly when punctured, P Power Bwlitt OH i'ton Increases driving s jird on Si-ton mpde oil ail other*.' ^^^f ^^^^^^ ^^9Bi^r ^^f ^«T ^^Hm^^ ^^p|^^ ^^w ^^*W ^H^^^"^^P ^f _ H^p ^BP '^^BBP^ ^WPBP*H" ^^P^WpP VMPP 300 i«ft Stcond 5f, HOPE, ARK, Phw* 7- V r #'W" v *

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