The Age from Melbourne, Victoria, Victoria, Australia on August 8, 1952 · Page 8
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The Age from Melbourne, Victoria, Victoria, Australia · Page 8

Melbourne, Victoria, Victoria, Australia
Issue Date:
Friday, August 8, 1952
Page 8
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LEYLAND, GARDNER, ALBION, THORNYCROFT, A. E. C, MEADOWS, PERKINS. GENERAL MOTORS. BUDA. HERCULES. CUMMINS. WAUKESHA in isct, ANY make of high or slow .peed Diesel Parts manufactured for obso'ele model,. Truck and Marine conversion!, industrial installation,. FUEL PUMP A INJECTOR SERVICE I- aVl I llk.ll- ! ueiuihc. y l PER. FULL SET. Pint IJ "2 j38IS$3& P J 0 5 ,!3. V P ' ' & trucks.! r Cover Services SOLD IN UNDER 4 YEARS I MOTORING and Conducted by Interesting Javelin in The Jowett Javelin is a medium-size car offering the family businessman motorist an interesting blend of the unconventional and practical plus some of the best features of other cars. When we took over one ot the de luxe models Tor a test we knew the Javelin was unconventional; we knew- .It had a "flat-four" engine. But the whole car also seemed unconventional. Why 1 We had our answer in the car's response to some hard driving. The Javelin proved to be a m-litre car with the performance, roominess and comfort of a 2-litre model, but with the petrol consumption of the former. We added features such as reliability and willingness for hard work and had a car for many purposes. Surprised A 216 miles round trip, Including city traffic, high speed open country running and low gear work in the hills, was a good test for overall consumption. 90 milpR nf rir.v wnrlr the route took in Prankston, rooraain, Lang Lang, Drouin, Warragul, Noojee. Lilydale, Croydon ana "home." The excellent figure of 30.8 m.p.g. was recorded. Neither the driver, passengers nor car were fatigued, although the car was asked for 60-65 m.p.h. cruising and fast, rough hlli work. We were surprised at the hill-climbing ability of this car. The bridge and bad turn at the foot of the Vj mile pull up into Lang View was approached at under 30 m.p.h., because of that frequent nuisance, wandering stock, but the Javelin climbed steadily without much extra pressure on the accelerator and was doing better than 40 m.p.h. at the top. ,nThe ar handled and rode like a thorougbred on a wide variety of roads and bends. ENTRIES In the VS. C.C. Novices' Trial (Sept.7) have been limited to 60. Entries close with N. K. Charge (WM1141) on August 29. The event is over 130 miles of delightful country with a picnic lunch and is lor any motorist who has not won a trial or rally. TAX Is a heavy burden on the motorist. particularly sales tax. One make of small car was listed at 286 in 1939 and is 724 today. Sales tax then was 9 and today 126. Thus the list price of the car has Increased 2.4 times, but the sales tax 14 times. The percentage of proceeds from this tax spent on roads would probably show a decline I If It's From Us It's Right MODAK The Specialist Motor Cycle Wreckers Over 351.10 Maohtnes Wrecked 342 ELIZABETH-ST. , MELB. Central 6294. " j fRANKSTON.'jg'" Save Time and Money with Our i tsMkbind vmMK Mifff I SPRAY PAINTING ,WW I PLANTS FOR HIRE yXMW FOB CABS, THOrSES. FUKNI- it J ' ilW ( i I Arnold 4 Samson IlluOfiClO &rmat JttC cCARRUM J f j Portable EqulpmentW'V,01'8 kmdm . S ItlM i t ft it J I : . Srf r7iT 1 Accident or Breakdown TJhrW -t Hill AT ; ! MELBOURNE WPfT'M ) TOWING SERVICE WlfiSA i7 5X53 j Continuous Service I ill Vsf'Ti1 1 f uuu. miis. niisu. I lftrK ( I ,j 1 J wy UmoRduuoc I ...CrUT frr.Trl.'w- AVX PAINT PLANTS J '")f )V Complete Portable Units tor: 2s . ).( J.firV III Cars. Houses. Decoratlnt. S Ks JJT V Xfiktl I I I j 280 1NKEIIMAN-ST..I DanOI MN V v'iir, lU HOCK I I I 1 LB3093 mfM -pas?1 wwj n.s.) oMELBOURI -MsWsa3HsSP- i m mm ljak, THE The suspension, which Is neither firm nor spongy, was, just the thing for some reallv had Datches In the hill timber country between Noo- lee ana poweiitown. The responsiveness of engine, brakes- and step, ing meant the difference between merely getting through, or making good time in the hills. The engine . adequately answered our demands on uie trip, out curing tne acceleration tests wp n slight pause before quick j get-aways from low speeds, t The motor seems to really I taice noict oetween za-au m.p.h., a boon in traffic. There is something different about the feel of a fiat-four engine, hut we came to like that in the Javelin for its smoothness, silence and ability to quickly reach a high cruising rate. Well Planned Mono-construction ol body and chassis and torsion bar springing have reduced weight of the Javelin. Such construction also helps provide room without bulkiness, but "large car" leg room for six persons on the Bat floor is made possible by placing the engine just ahead of the front axle. This also brings passengers ahead of the rear wheels. As the passengers have been so well placed, it has been possible to smooth out body contours according to best areodynamic principles This reduces wind noise and helps economy. Spaciousness is a feature of the Javelin, and passenger and driver comfort has not been forgotten. No seating position is more comfortable than another and each passenger has an armrest. Offset pedals take some getting used to and a little practice is required to use the toe instead of the ball of the foot on the brake pedal, which Is rather close to the steering column. Palming the steering column gear lever away and up into 3rd gear position is advisable to avoid "knuckling" a switch on the Jacla. Tilts Back Otherwise the gear change Is delightful; it is handy and positive. The squab of the front seat tilts back as the seat is wound forward. This is an excellent idea for longdistance travelling, but not so good for a driver of short stature. Walnut panelling and thoroughly serviceable upholstery are conservative, and attractive. The excellent Instruments must be praised for legibility and grouping in front of the driver. The tools have their own compartments in the large platform-type boot, signs of thoughtfulness which would be appreciated in some other popular makes of cars, as would the same amount of space for packages, &c. R.A.C.V. Tour-No, 12 KIIDA HE TOS is a pleasant tour ot - CA ,ll-. .l.wu.nt., Ivy (nuts irtfiuir. ivviy country, all within 25 miles of the city. Follow uanaenong-roaa to Oakleigh, turning to the right along Warrlgal-road, and alter five miles and a quarter turn left on to Centre Dandenong-road. This ' turn-oil is not sign-posted, but a garage on the corner Is a good guide. The route AGE. FRIDAY. MOTOR CYCLING John W. flail , Blend MAKE: Jowett. MODEL: Javelin de Luxe Saloon. PRICE: 1399 Unci. 211 sales tax and 10 19 Reg. and 3rd Party Ins.) CONDITIONS: Cool, dry daj. rj Mjht wind: two occupants: itan- TEST MILEAGES. Out. 5420. iil 5744. TOTAL: 324. CORRECTED SPEEUOMETEB. Car , . 20 30 40 '50 60 70 SO True . . 19 28 38 47 56 66 76 ACCELERATION. Tarouxrt bears. sn.r.n. 0-30 0-40 .. . 0-50 0-60 Standlnl U-mlte . In Gears. Sees. . 6.8 . 12.0 . 16.3 . 25. S . 22.8 ora. 6.9 7.8 10.6 17.0 M P H. Top. .. .. 11.8 :: ::!:$ .... fs.4 10-3U 20-40 30-50 40-60 50-70 Flrlns . . . . '.-( 'z -mile . . 1.6 rn.pb.) 11.3 SPECIFICATIONS ENGINE. Cylinflen. 4. O.H. valves. B.A.C. rating. 13.05 h.p.. develops 50 b.h.p. -at -4100 r.p.m. Bore 72.5 mm. by 90 mm. stroke. Cubic capacity. I486 c.c 's. Compression ratio, 7,2 to 1. Welsht to power ratio, 7S. 4 lb. b. h .p. Carburatlon; Twin Zenith. Ijtnition, coil and 12-volt battery. Fuel pump. A.C. mechanical. Cooling pump and fan, STEERING. Type. Internal eear and pinion. Turning circle, 32 ft. Turns lock to lock. 3 Column control lever. TRANSMISSION. Clutch. Bont & Beck single dry plate. Final drive, hypoid bevel. CHASSIS, Body - chassis construction. Brakes. Girling hydraulic. Suspension, torsion bars all round. Independent at front. Shock absorbers. Woodhead - Monroe. Tyre size 5.25 z 16. OTHER DETAILS. Fuel tank, 8 galls. Weight. 204 cwt. Clearance. 7N. In. Length, 14 It. Wheelbase. 8 ft. 6 In Height. 5 ft. OVt In. Width. 5 ft. 1 in. Track, 4 ft 3 In, (front). 4 ft. 1 In. (rear i . Seat widths. 51 In. ( front i. 49 in. (reart Luggage boot. cub. ft. Understand Those I appets f"",!"? The correct amount of clearance in the valve gear of various makes of engines differs greatly. This slackness Is essential for correct operation and is usually referred to as "tappet clearance," although there may not be any tappets Incorporated In the design. , , The correct figure Is always stated in the maker's instruction book and should be rigidly adhered to. The reasons for differences in clearance are bound up in the shape of the cams and whether they have "quietening" curves or not, the type of valve gear and the metals of which the head, barrel, valves and pushrods are made. Materials have a marked effect because their different thermal expansion rates may tend to make the clearances wider when hot or may have the opposite effect. In overhead camshaft en JGHTON ' I IPoint Onnaid IUNC ey-Carrum Downs passes Moorabbin airport on the right, continues through beautiully kept market garden areas, past a picturesque old church on the left, then on to Dingley and Keys-borough, with occasional glimpses ol the Dandenongs in the distance. At Dandenong the route joins the Princes Highway, and alter fallowing it far hall a mife branches to the riaht on to the Frankston' road via Carrum Downs a pleasant run through rich country. Return via the Nepean Highway through beach resorts to Mordialloc, then Beach-road to the city. All the roads are ffou m men-THF. R.A.C.V. TOVK 1ST OFHCM. AUGUST 8. 'The Age Road Test, No. 2952 PFTKOL CONKUMrTION. M.P.H. M.P.G. 30 3j3 dO 36.1 50 .. .. " .. ' 32.0 60 . . . . . . .. M l Overall: 216 miles trip 30.8 m.p.t. MAXIMUM SPEEDS. Gear. Ratio. M.P.H. . 1st ( ) 1X-9 to 1 23 2nd (m.) 11.6 to 1 37 3rd (im.l 7.31 to 1 60 4th (sm.) 4.875 to 1 60 BRAKING. 30 m.p.h. .o stop. 39 ft. 3 In. (Flturea are averasei of rum In opposite directions: maximums are beat at any itase.) Look for the Cause Careless use of the starter will reduce the life of a battery. Heavy current draw Is not detrimental to a healthy, charged battery, but will noticeably affect a battery in low charge. If the engine does not start readily, look for the cause rather than use up the battery output T1B CAST CARBURET-lJ TORS have an annoying habit ol farming a greyish solution in the float chamber. Periodically check and clean to prevent jet obstruction. gines exhaust valves must have at least .020 in, clearance when cold so that they will not be propped off the seats when not. This wide clearance results in noisy operation when the engine is well below real working temperature. O.H.V. engines with aluminium pushrods do not alter much between hot and cold, as the various expansions cancel each other out, but on side-valve engines the inlet clearance widens and the exhaust closes up. Insufficient clearance causes the followers to ride continuously on the cams and may cause groovees in the followers. When deep enough these will cause noise, however close the clearance is set, and are also certain to burn out exhaust valves. This occurs because the opening is very gradual and takes place too soon when the gas in the cylinder is still very hot and at a high pressure. wide clearances cause noise and wear the valves and seats because of ham-merine action when clos ing. occasionally, - however, one meets an engine which will run for long distances with clearances just a little wider than standard, but if readjusted rapidly returns to the old figure. In this case, accept the position. Caravan Notes R.A.C.V. Caravan Cluu invites enthusiasts to ring Mr. H. R. Deacon (muocji) for details of events pro- posed for the finer weather. ine ciud runs to wnituc-sea on Sunday, camps at Eltham Park from August 30 to September 8, and the latest tour planned is Kyne- ton-Meatncote on ucioDer s. (Details later.) Camping Spot! iVo. 4 EMERALD. Camping park (old Nobelius nursery), waier, firewood, kiosk, swimming pool, diving tower, dressing sheds, beautiful scenic drives nearby. Motor Cycle Club Notes DANDCKONO holds Its 21st 100 anniversary open scramble at Bea-consneld on Sunday, August 10. Among the record entries an those of the state s leading naeri, and nrsr-llx q 3fl to 11.3Q m' The course can be reached by travelling to Beaconsfleld and following signs from there. Catering is on the course. Proceeds are In aid of Berwick Bush Nursing Hospital. RRATRRDflK. SDOrti dSTS ind practice at St. Albans, Sunday week, 2 P.m.1 Kenaonity imi, August 31. with 20 observed sec-tinn. within five miles of Sunshine Entry, 26. to Bill Bulensteln (MW0745). at or before next general mcptlnr? ESS EN DON. Support scramble on Sunday. Combined committee meeting at Bill Smart's home, HARLEV. Ball tickets available from Ron Rat tray-Wood FW&olt Football practice, Como Park, Sun day a.m mahtwei.l,. Club feature meet Ine. Monday. Members and. their ladies are welcome. Clubmen seio in irnrmnnrt for machines and ac commodation at Warragul, August port Dandenong scramble Twenty-first anniversary smoke iocial at Vogue Hall. Hawthorn. August 29. Invitations available from club 0fflMENTONF. Trial results: 125- r Mcuowan isi. ij, ho pis., L. Marks (Ess.). 85. 2. fog- (Ment.), 118, 3. Commit- t mMtlns. NORTrioOTE, iubscrlptloni due IOT IVDJ'OO. BUWWl ocawsitr flftlrl RICHMOND. General meeting tonight. 8 p.m. .sharp, at M.u, Hall. Hoddle-strtet, Niini tr a rial postponed until nert Friday, entrusts ha at elub rooms 7, trait. X sVier. 1952 PTY. LTD., OFFER IMMEDIATE DELIVERY OF YOUR A40 FOR ONLY 404 DEP. (BALANCE, 2 YEARS). ' YOUR CAR OR TRUCK TRADED; CONFIDENTIAL FINANCE ARRANGED. , Authorised Metropolitan Austin Dealers. 556 ELIZABETH - STREET, MELBOURNE. Phones: ' FJ2383 FJI493. After Hours: FF8966. CAR SILENCERS You get more efficient service and longer life by having a LUKEY CAR SILENCER fitted, to your car or truck. This Is because LUKEY SILENCERS are so designed to give an average of 60,000 miles without burning, choking or oiling up. i-hour Change-overs. (No need to be without your car while old silencer is being replaced). Speedy Service at all times. For Immediate Service at Required Time and Date (by appointment) Phone XF1404. f HOLD EN, "MORRIS,! i AUSTIN, VANGUARD i j and other mokes J i Total Cost Fined 45 i I (includes freight for country I 1 llentsj LEN LUKEY Cnr. Nepean H'way. and Centre Dandenong-rd Cheltenham (just past the traffic lights). Forget Trams and Trains MAYFAIR MOTORS Pty. Ltd. 303-305 ELIZABETH - STREET, MELBOURNE, C.I. SELLING YOUR CAR? BUYING A CAR ? THEN SEE SOUTH SIDE AUTO AUCTIONS Book YOUR Car In NOW for our Next Auction. 2 p.m. SATURDAY, AUGUST 9 No Sale, No Charge. We Pick Up and Deliver. Candid Report on Every Car. Transfers Effected. All Titles Guaranteed. Large Attendance of Dealers. and Private Buyers. - Free Refreshments. (Ted Macklnnon. Auctioneer), Ring XB6359. or after hours XB6540, and our Valuer will call SOUTH SIDE AUTOS 91 BAY-STREET, BRIGHTON. And at 356 NEPEAN HIGHWAY, EAST BRIGHTON. (Op. Brighton Club Hotel.) NEW TYRE SALES and friendy Service, too BBl11 W FIRST FOR SERVICE NEW TYRES RECAPPING RETREAOING MELBOURNE: Fronklin-tr., FJ9281; St. Kilda-rd., MX1032 TRUCK SERVICE DIVISION: Rocecoune-rd., FF1391 A State-wide Service throughout Victoria I.A.1 Ad.loid. Mt. Gombler; N.S.W.i Albury. Waggo. your own safe, clean and quick transport! OVER alsTL Wl miles per Ride anywhere on your "two-wheI car" no parking problems, nips m and out of traffic, Ind passenger seat, 12$ c.c. engine, sprung front and rear, separate bralei control, machine totally enclosed. Simple t -drive, there's no end to Lambretta's usefulness. See It NOW I Cell, phone or wrif for litmraturm. 5218 J,.!,lilJ.lH,.1:IH UNOITI SPARKING 0, "TOO GOOD 'MISS'" Save lares and buy a James. These "Safety First" Lightweights are as easy to ride as a push bike. 1 h.p. Model illustrated From 35 Deposit Superlux Autocycle, 30 Dep. 125 c.c. Motorcycle, 45 Dep. 197 c.c. Motorcycle. 50 Dep. Immediate Deliveries Panther, Douglas, and James Distributors: WANTED TO SELL A RX you mixing Concrete t HUM A, a LIGHTNING 3 cub. ft. Power Mixer, Builders Barrows alu leo u.llwhl W rinltvstr. RING UGHTBURN, MX5434. After Hour. JU4321 BEDROOM Suite, walnut en., used 3 months. Ring U4729. BOOT Trade. Ramsden and Chaplin Clicking Press, motor-lsed1 180; 44K11 Sewing Machs.. 15; 1O8W20 Binding Machines, 45; 44K13 Machine, with wheel FJ ai49 12" HlD Cro,by sh0 Co" Bungalow To ft. x is ft., W.B., lined masonite, T.R , F.C C. 27 Oakbank-gr., Pascoe Vale. HUNG A LOWS. Bungalows, 12 a in nrswMit frttmei. red gum I stumos and sole plates, assembly I plan; 44. ex yard. Hardware Supply. 443 St. Klrwin's George'- ! rd., Thornbury. jj&k)0, vkirTTnNHni.K Machine ChODDer. I 239L Singer, very gd. cond. F3.5. 1-500. j coupted rangennder. all accessories, as new; 10 U9075. - JMARPET. I'd i 13 olue: Car-t.y pet 12 x 9. autumn tonings; Lounge Suite. Wardrobe. LA2678. - CtASES 1239). heavy machinery, of j varying sizes. In good condition. Can be inspected at store in Brooklyn. Price wanted for lot or part. n,m. Age. sf lE.1E.iV 1 . 1E.MENT. N.B.W.. 24 ton. 21 i rrr bar. Aval aDie per bag Avalfablr from stocks arriving every few days. mnco lo, Ltd.. 160 High-st.. St. Kima, LA7589. JW2-13n. C1EMENT. CEMENT. Wmsni. Fresh N.S.W. Ceraimt. Immed- delivery, ex h. w.b. "'; menis, t-ti w"w''i " mond. JB141!. , M isment. uerneni. wum , j Bag or ton lots. Delivery ar- 31-39 Napoleon-st.. c wooa . t,t e- sir amstnt itore delivered. ' Peter Tumbull A Co. Pty. Ltd.. 483 Colllns-st. MB31R2. CHAIN rtU , sllvv' With Four Chains. Kj in 413: 20 ft. engths. IMPORTED BARRY BROWN. 18 Elxln-st.. Carlton. FJint. -TiiPKW. V.nPlnM nil n.D.. Ley land, For de- U in excellent condition. ...I. nhnr,. Ewcoari KrldaT onlT. TvTNNER. Tails and D.B... Dinner U Suits, all sizes, i Marlton-er.. St. Kllda. Hire 3 LA 1797. ULECTROLUX. Hoover hi new and rebuilt, from 4-cash. Term. Godfrey's. VTn t,ommercii- PENCE P O Reinforced Vibrated Concrete. in. x In. x 4 In. 3 In. Corner, Struts, Strainers, Sole Plates. CHIMNEYS. Sectional Precast Concrete Lounge and Stove Recess, IMMEDIATE DELIVERY. CINDCRETE BRICK. CO.. Ingles-street, PORT MELBOURNE. MJ1724. I7ENCING. PALING, FENCING. r b it., ti10 ft.; 6 ft.. 79 ft immediate Delivery. All Suburbs. Let Us Quote You on Erection. Palings. AH Sizes. Red Gum Posts, Front Picket rencing supplied or Erected. Open Saturday Morning. BAY-ROAD FENCES. Arnold-St.. CHELTENHAM. XW2761 I FENCING. FENCING. FENCING. 1 Posts, Ralls. Palings, Soles and Sruts. immediate oelivery. 76 per ft. ; labor and material. 10 ft. FX9494: after hours. FX1101. - T FENCING, FENCING. FENCING. Ralls. Posts. Palings, 7 ft. Delivery free. Timber M1J, 84b White Horse-rd,, Box Hill. WXllo2. UMREWOOD. ALL SUBURBS. V BEST GREY AND RED BOX BONE DRY. IMMEDIATE DELIVERY ANY QUANTITY. SPECIAL DISCOUNT FOR BIG ORDERS. PHONE FW1954; AFTER HOURS. JA1991. 1 FIREWOOD. 10 bags, mil; ends. 30: or ft bags mill ends and 5 bags spilt wood. 2. Suourban Firewood. MX3S10. 17IREWOOD. extra dry, mill ends. 1 ft. blocks, del. any sub., 20 bags. 3 92 Gold-st.. Colling-wood. JA6831. J FIREWOOD, best quality, dry; ' grey and red box, any quantity. 190 Edward-st. , E. Brunswick. FW2512. any time. FIREWOOD, dry, grey, red. yellow box. Order now belore price rise. Northern subs. only. JU4327, all hours. 1 FIREWOOD, mill ends. 1 ton and 1 . ton deliveries. Immediate deliveries. Ring MX3786. FIREWOOD, dry, Murray Box, Gum. FU7KiJ9. FIREWOOD Mill Ends, 1 ft., 2-3 ton, del. any sub. FU5962. 11TORS. Coats. Capes, Boleros, 1 Vni collars: terms arranged. Further particulars.Haw,3521.rr ALVANI6ED CUKtl. 1KJ i unponeat. IMMEDIATE DELIVERY. 6 ft. x 27 In.. 8 x 3 in. corrugation. 26 gauge; 176 each. Also Lead Coated. 6 ft. x 27 in. 8 x 3 In, corrugation. 26 gauge; 12 each. Any Quantity. D. A. DAVIES. 10 Wllklnson-street. BRUNSWICK. FW5863. Box 48, Brunswick P.O. OPEN SATURDAY. 8 to 12. After Houra, FL3483. -GALVANISED IRON. Imported. A Cheapest in Town. 6 ft., 8 corr., 19 per sheet. 8 corr.. 21 per sheet. 8 corr., 24 per sheet. 8 corr., 27' per sheet. i 11.. 8 ft., 9 ft.. 10 It. o corr., ah per sneei. Flat. 6 ft. x 3 ft.. 226 per sheet. BARRY BROWN 18 Elgin-street. CARLTON. FJ1776. GALVANISED Corr. Iron, 26 VT gauge; 8 It., 23; 10 ft., 30; 24 gauge, 6 ft.. 1; 7 It., 22; 8 ft.. 27; 9 t.. 30: 10 ft.. 33: 8- 9 and 10 ft., 24 gauge, 135 per ton. Spouting. H. Brackets. Downplpe, fcc.; also Galv. Water Piping. Imp., fe-ln.. 32 W ft.; -ln 18: ltt. 26. JA69oa. JA6798. 37 Napoieon-st.. Colllngwood. Robot Trading Co, GALV. Iron, imp., 1st grade, 26 g.. 6. 7. 8. 9. 30 ft.: Bpt.. Rldg.. D. P. MW1013. 265 Barkly-st.. Footscray. GARAGES. SLEEP OUTS. Cash or Easy Terms. MX3362, VX5556. GARAGES, cash or easy terms, lnsle Bros Pty, Ltd.. 372 Fllnders-st. MU2898. fiAS stove, eiev., 4 jei gnuer; 18. XB4135. GRANDFATHER CLOCKS. VTf Hleh DOllshed walnut cases. chrome dial and fittings. Excellent quality movement, fully guaranteed. Delivered tree in meitupoutan area. 55. James McEwan Sc Co., 119-125 Elizabeth-street, Melbourne, MU8101. HARDBOARD, Hardboard. Swed. Ish 6x4. 349; 8x4, 193; 9 x 4, 226: 10 x 4, 243; 12 x 4, 289; single sheets, crate lots (12), 386 100 sq. It. ex yard. Kirwln'a Hardware Supply, 443 St. George'a-rd.. Thornbury. JJ3555 TTTTCHEN Cabinet. Sunshine, good XV oraer. Phone LFo4U3. evening 5-9, I'NITTED Cardigans, E.E.O.S. JVtt-c.; cheep. 109 Gertrude-st, Fltzroy. IOCS, PINE. j Good for Case Making. All inquiries Rkig WL2699. LOUNGE suites Re-covered ano Reconditioned; new Suites ana Chairs, wholesale. J. Evans, 21 Hlahbunr-iT.. E. Prahran Win. 30S9 T UX one-fire Stove, Bath and JLs Basin, good order. 45 Mary- St.. Kew. . . .-. ifASONITE, 12 ft. x 4 ft. ahee s, xiL standard or tempered. 12 ft. and 6 ft. sheets; Temprtlle, 6x4 ft. sheets; Lustrttle, B grade, 37 er sheet: A srade. SI oer sheet colors, cream, white, green, blus and rofe. the new shade, pink and mlm- SHARLEE STORK. UL1085, 47 Woverlev-rd East Caulfleld. OFFICE FURNITURE. SPECIALISTS. Roll Top Desks, Revolving Chain. Cftlce Tables. Iron Fireproof Ssfes, Filing Cabinets, Stools. Linos., Carpets. Inspection Invited, THE BASEMENT FURNITURB STORES & AUCTION ROOMS PTY. LTD., 377 Bourke-street. CATV. TAtNT SDravs Hired. 2Sn Inker. X man-M., St. Kllda. LB 3093. PALLETS. WOODEN. ALI.ETS. WOODEN. 2.1U x 2.10. 1500; .V each. , 60 CITY-RD., COUTH MELB. PETROL Engines. 2, 25, 3 h.p.. 40 Shoe Co.. FJ1149. 2, ViiHeri Mark each. Grosby )lANO. an upright grand, Llndthl, a. excellent in every war, De&Ull' ful salon model; 210. WUb747. ho aea ers. IJIANO. a small Iron frame, Ban- X sail & son, very good order, suit student; 60. WU6747. No dealers. IJIANO part iron frame: 25. LA2678, - - PIANOS. BRASH'S invite you to inspect their wldo renge of new Pianos Jun arrived from ENGLAND and GERMANY. AUGUST PORSTER. ALLISON. JOHN BRINSMEAD. BERKELEY, LINCOLN. BRASH'S WRITTEN GUARANTEE BRASH'S AND EASY TERMS avail- brash s able, iuk Eiiznttn-s , BRASH'S MELBOURNE C. 6700. Ilia NOS. Wondfrfttl gf lection. Including 2 Models by each ol the following well-known makers: RONISCH BLUTHNER. LIPP WERTHE1M. Cash or Excentioitniiy Easy Terms, MAPLES. Car, Chanel and High HI., PRAHRAN. WANTED TO SELL pIANOS.Ull Ui IrapKt 03 CHRISTISS PTVLTn ULAYER PIANOS' Uris 7 t of reconditioned models for inspection. Full 88 Motes iJ fitted with all UtMt attteftS,m.4 Models by ADAM SOTAAF wit?' LI2ER. STROUD, F&Vt&" teed. 24 RolU and Kw.r"' CASH OR EASY TERMS ARRak ED, FROM 176 WEEKLY CHRISTIES PTY LTD u ELIZABETH-ST.. MELBOURNE 91 23 15 crater tW ,',.5' store, . C. P. Edwirdi. Sio Melbourne RED Cum for Sale, an sizeTT low list price. W. M. Shitf i Sons, 422 Racecourse-n NtS market, rear Pastoral Hotel REFRIGERATOR SPECIALS Silent Knight, electric:' 49 106: M. and w with Wer.M" house Compressor; 99 jn. B3th these refrigerators srt i new coo. dltlon and carry free delivery. . stallaUon and guarantee s a SECONDHAND ' "LIGHTNINii" 0 , MIXERS. 404 ElUabeth-,,.. Melt FJg H WARD BROS. New Portstle Cabinets. Utej" fe1 round shuttle, backward MS fa5: ward action. Also RmndiUwuj Mitchines. Ewy terms avuiabii REPAIRS to all . 'V ... Mechanics and Old Machines Ca-ModSs t0 Ml' 'nd E1" WARD BROS. (Est. 70 Yeint 40 Errol-st., N. Melb. (FJiiSMi 222 Chapel-st.. Prahran IlS ' 19.1 BarkVst., Foolscray (MWiSb, CEWING MACHINES, The (amoui O BRASH Sewing Machines L-now available. Electflc Ponib'u. 4R 10; Cabinet Model. 50 ir BRASH'S OWN EASY TERM6 D. monstrttlons dally. BRASH'S PTY LTD., 108 Elizabeth-itren. MEL. BOURNE. C, 670C. -- SEWING Marines, SmEtti. others, guar. Johnson's, 5th fl York House. 294 Little ColUni-it" Melb. SHOP. OfBce, Display, r'actorj Fit. tings, all kinds; anything. Bud-gcon's. 298 Flinders-line. MBU:$ SLEEP Outs, all sizes, also Roomi for houses. Garages. &C, tin terms. Argall Constructioni. Rice-course-rd.. Newmarket, opposite u.i yards. FU2779. SLEEP Outs, Ganiei. ill Hits, 10 X 12. 70; 10 x 10. 55: 1G x 8, 59. 57 Lit. Bourkt-jt. JM1724. : SLEEP OUTS; cash or easy termi, INGLE BROS, PTY. LTD.. 372 Fllnders-st. MU2898. SLEEP Oute. BuriEilowt. on terms, Clarke. 27 Hyde-st., Footic- Nr. stn. MW4351; alter 5. WA987 STATE RIVERS AND WATER SUPPLY COMMISSION. WANTED TO SELL ( Readvertlsei) . OFFERS, In envelope, eniowd "Offer tor Auto Cycles, " sddreista Secretary, State Rivers and Witti Supply Commission, 100 Exhibition-it. . Melbourne, for lodgment m Commission's Tender Box, will fai received unUl 12 noon on Auiusi 26, 1952. for the PURCHASE "A? AND WHERE IS" Ot NINE SECONDHAND "NEW HUDSON" AUTt CYCLES, Nos. S502. 14.606, 14,blU 4.01.1. J.-3.014. U.blo 14.616 14.617. 20,684, m a quantity of spare Paru Offers may be maae for :hi machines in one lot or separately and lor the Spare Parts in one lot Machines may be inspected on plication to this Commission'. Stor Yard, cor. Brady and Glttut streets South Melbourne (Phone Highest or any offer not neceusnli accepted. QTOVE. Fleet. electric. atana, as new, ,i Thornburv. smith-it., TIMBER HOUSE FRAMZ! Precut to Your Plan, suppl: Only, Supply and Assembly or t? Lock-dp Stage. Written Guirtnt with Each Job. CASE and CHAPLIN. Reserve-rd.. Crieltenhara. XF24T8 Open Saturday. 9 to 12. rpiMBER. Scantlings, houe lots X 95 per 100 super ft. Gusrin teed best quality tlmbti. Also iW select Oregon at list price. Jl STYLES. 300 Nortb-road. EAF1 OAKLEIGH. UM3309. rpIMBER X Large Packing Cs? Sections suitable for garases, outhoutes, Icq. 3 tons for 14. CASEW'OODS Railway Yards, Normanby-st., S Melb. MX3522. rpRELLIS Lath. 7 bundle of 10" X It., small or large quantities Ring LF908.'i. TYPEWRITER, portables arv standard . Set our window! ASSOCIATED TY Pt WRITERS MU4552. TYPEWRITER, new or se:ond hand, portable or standard Specialty Typewriters. 284 Husse.. si Ooen Saturdasi. TYPEWRITERS. Huge rie:i guaranteed genuine factory u builds, 14 days' " tree trial. Ins?e at Business -quiu;ar.iu ru. cu Showrooms. 330 William-street, in at Factory. 9 Daly-it., south Yarn with 5 years' free 1 makes: from 13 deposit. Fncn Central. 4529. 7 ACUUM Cleaner, nases, nut. makes .224 Swaiston-it. WA ASHING MA(-'Hircs. r leaamg maae wwimn - ines, Trior, Naco. Stampco, uiur deral &c. aee s. a. najiio. Glerferrie-rd.. Malvern. U47 ( WEATHERBOARDS. , WHIT BALTIC. IMPORTED MILLET LARGE QUANTITIES, 6. 7. 8, J? SQ AND RD. EDGE, a lis. H EDGE IMMED. DELIVERY. I BEECHAM 3 CO. LTD., 624 LOW DALE -5 1., IHL,D WIRE Netting. 42 Inch x V.t lj x 17 cuage; 4 Li wrj yd. roll. W.B. Investment!. Church-af., E. Richmond. W 'OO DEN PALLETS. 2.10 X 2.10. 60 CITY-RD, 1500 : 5 ea. Wireless AA.A.A. 6d. Fara Save, You f. Low Depoalt. or Near Enourh I NO DEPOSIT. Manttl Raaio. Guarwltri: f i. CASH IN YOUR POCKST. Your Present ser Exctuniea. NO DEPOSIT. SMITH'S RADIO PTY. IjTp.. 249 Smith-it.. Fllzror. JAg! 155 Barsly-st.. F00Ucr,y. MWSS A A. A A. A. i WANTED TO BUY. HIGHEST PRICES. SPOT CIS1 Radtosrams. Tabltpiml.. Car Radios, Mantels. PorUb.a BOURKE'S RADIO CENTRX, 433 Bourse-street. MVliel-HLUTiW. BARGAINS STANDARD RADIO. RADIOS AND RADIOGRAMS MANTEL RADIOS .. .. 7 IB CABINET RADIOS .... ! PORTABLE RADIOS . .. fig J RADIOGRAMS ... 2 Dozens to Choose rrom Evtrr Set Guaranteed In Wrltial EASY TERMS. STANDARD RADIO. . ALTSON CORNER, CORNER OT COUW AND ELIZABETH STS. (Entrifll Ellzabetn-lt.. Donitlln. I? " "cENTRAI, RADIO, centra Radio Will Bur JUM Portablel. Car Radios, Rilloraj-at hljheat prices. Central ss 1st Floor. 267 Lit. CollirtMt. GUARANTEED Used P.aflM. terms, written suirantet t radio. standard Radio. MO" Corner, corner Collins and Ella at,. (Entrance Elliabetn-st.. stairs.) - 76 RADIO Overhaul, adlost. allsn. 25 rears' esp. An; tt HOLIDAY RESORI'S MELBOURNE & SUBURB EASTBOURNE PRIVATE BOTE 62 weUlnston-pr.. E. Mel 3 mln. city. H. and C. all r. II JA2229. JA3678. , I PARADE Residential Hotel. Yl torla-nar.. 5 mln. Cltf JA107 Casuals. H de Laine, licensee. ' RAIJ.ARAT (CoustlJI. CASUAL and Permanent. Befl ti Breaktaal. Full Board. St. draw's Guest House. S, Daww" N. Ballarat. Phone 1397 CHELSEA I Seaside). ON Reach. Holiday Flat ami able. 16 Maurj-rd., CheUeiS. lirPBIRN 8FR1NOS (Coialryl AVONDALE. Dayleitord, l rooms, board opllonal, enlist1 welcome. TT.. SAVOY Hotel, under ne ami ment. Meals and Accom. Glbbs. Ilctn-ee. Daylestorfl a. MONEY A ADVANCES. 10 to M0 with or without security. S. C. STEELE, ind Floor. MA S. C. STEELE, 57 ELIZABETH-a S C STEELE. Phone M! A COMPLETE LOAN SEKVIC A SMALL LOAN. CONSOLIDATION OF DEBT. HIRE PURCHASE BMg , Call, Write or Phone MtnTO FREE DESCRIPTIVE BOOKLET THE PROVIDENT ILOAN SOCTri OF VICTORIA LTD., Kit, 360 COmNS-ST.MEL60J: A FTABLISHED Since 1 A WE LENT? Without securlB ''you JJ1""' F,PM Charred Bg not esceed " H'l'JiA 0 the set. TJepnilt lnJ,",,1'nLiS Ltd.. Yule House. 309-" "I Colllns-,t.. op Royal '. FASWB. 349-351 , Sii0., ,1ija Public Library. Melb, Cent, ' ' ' 1- ! 1 ) " it ' i. ! 1 . i I it t. 1' fs i .KCt - g

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