The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 3, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 3, 1934
Page 3
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NEWS. THREE •* ! a .H_M__J5_O H 4D S "Is ff> rf "t fin* /!% Its Streamline JVovdly iPpPni fT P||TcT| •nil -->— • —, U:. : ..iMil.ii i I I UN fll •(V-vmlet and Plymouth .Shipments Next Week While the problem of .securinn P>* pa.wnuer cars from the fac-! lories continued to be a II'IK nrob-. |P»I willi several local car dealers. ilie sale ot new trucks and cats il'irlne ihe past week was fairly food. Boih the Clievro- )e< Co.. and ihe W. T. lianu-ii Auto Sales Co.. reported ilnt they were Mill unable to yeeure .shipments of new passenger cars, ex-! ivpl for o few new models sent them nrlmnrilv for demonstration and display purposes. Hoth asen- cies were expecting shipments . iievt. week. Phillips Motor Co. local Ford dealers, reported Ihe delivery of a j number of uassenner cars, how- ' ever, cliirine the nasl week includ- in? n I> Luxe Forilor Sedan to N. W. Trantlwm, local conl dealer, by J. C, Kinniiiqham. salesman. Alfred Reynolds, farmer livina east of Luvora. a\v\ bought a Ford se- doh from Kinninsham. and Gene Bradberrv sold a Fonlor to his falhr-r Otto Bradberry of Dell. H. Hl<>hfill nurchased another Dodee light delivery truck from W. T. Barnett last week, making the third Dodge he has bought recently. Henry Lutes, county farm niprrlntenilent. run-chased one of Ihe new Plymouth sedans from W. T. Bnrnett. as did J. J. Biycan. loc^l taxi nnerotor. E. A. Havnes. farmer living on! Route 2. has a new Chevrolet! "pick-up" which he recently' bouBht from Lehman Glllesuie. ralesman . for tlie Shnusc-LHtle Chevrolet Co. Another "nick-un 11 *ns sold by Tom Little lo E. M. McDonald, who operates a store on Highway 61 near Luxora. and Fielder Perry has a new in ton truck bought, for use in the Irans- fiT business. Salesman J. C. Buchanan made the delivery. .'illOll of Output Make Prompt HIS JOB GILS 'Continued FP m i>a,<e Onei you may turn 01 ossible. Clievroln as- fconei- <lu these .snub-nosed a-.ilo.robik-., wuu llltl , „„,, ,, .to..*- E ,opean product a,,v, , 0 m ; ,, oau . ^^^ ^ ** Hie Fiencn-ma (k . i Waw and if.s valued at \llr-ll li'll ilurhii! the '.'7 by producing '•••li'. iyn<'r^' 11 maiu'iKer. :•••'. of I lie new models • line roiiMdmibly "i:lli. tin- iitlain- '' u iniHluction rate is • l» bi'ln-t .stepped up. :inl. and they will |j,. •"'•'• I" rapacity wllh- :»n »f ompiit ha.s been ''''•'•I'll." hi' said, "ever .••'.i cars Introduction, simultaneously Hint hu Dad to retire to his Hlau-' nrn Ommly IN. y., f(lmi for , K £._ Ij 1 lv,o ynir.-i to rcfnln li Horn on'a farm, Tugwoll never has lust u feelliiB for the soli, ,,nd jii'ver Is htippler than when he Is i Hie Imuso he hum ),| mM .|f ml( | Ihe orchard nml Harden tlml siu- round them. Hm while worklni; h' Washington he llve.s In n' .sjmill llQtl.SU. . tlic "youne" lllieral who I ' Kmy-lmlred at. «, and hend of th"brain . trust" which he sny doesn't exist, luviu again lo his desk to resume his quick, Intense .search for some of the answers. Vermont, was tl>- ( .state nu- 'liiiwi ty the Unlcn aflur the nrlp- Head Cornier News v/ani "Slmply ... nelly the new everybody week I ll"' bill," that you are .saying n . • Mime things sold hy - • around the • n |o ,, ' ). ' erica" ' ™ ' " tnr l " 1 " 1 >1Sfi •- < « 1 ««l< 1 ""--m <>r A,n- Into u long lellcr of pro Tin well's superiors. 1'nlleni with the arfliimenls of rus" 0 «r ^nnffls: i ..^r^r, inn *« °- TOI w,ste,s no time on „»;',* ^L, 11 '!.!? 1 ™^^"^ lit- daillup. nniraiR the (Jew benl u^lJl •rL'T''' 11 , nf MX '" ny "'" measures whleh, lie Insists, must en |',«l " l> "" "° l 1)cfn be considered ns u uiiined pro- '. " . mini, noi as unconnected stabs In '• f0 ' thi- dink, Is the land ullUuiUon Hie lime, we are I amomobilo Shovn""' throush- 1 ! oor tranie. j Marion TalJey and Waring )3;utd Launch Radio Series for Ford '•" • !>••<• . ."' '' «rv. We cxpeclcd .. l>'.:i>li(- iracllon In our 1934 "'' « l 'n not fully prepared : ••' .••sa-li an In-rusli of ord- •-•ri i.-ii il it.s inti-rKliicllon and 'iiiMj'.iiin-meiit of the cotn- <•'"'• lialic-y of tnjotliii; only '••ii jiririvs inilu-r ihiiii f.o.b. •" 'hf buyer. Mure than '" ! -'H orders are alicadv en utmuinuii ',,'? f,, l ° lmiw ll '"»'' iwlicy, Throuuh the SurpliLi Relief , " , win 1LW Ill1s urenlesl of nil I ration tosiwinnn i,nc been,'' 1 ' 'C-sources for Hie l>enent'' ,.|0f all ihe ittoplc of the country, j "The problems arc- Intricate mid j can't evado the prob- ] "Inn. _ _... Corporation, *2S.OOO,000 has approprlutcd lo buy up ami re-1 lire from tannlnf great tracts of "' II10 I" land, addlni; It. lo the public : >' llst - Bllt llo " mi " f01 ' public 8aim ' Preserves, K Il " li ""' Ukf '- ar Firstj n ; Orders Rim Deliveries in Weeks of 1934 DETROIT, ^lel:—The vigor with I 1,'hich Dod-jc Is swinging Into the new year's busino.v. .it (he factory .i.s well as in t!« f.eld. Ls sho«-n ey a .slatomeir. ip ".hleh A. van- fierZee, gcnci-il .'^ir.s manager of • •edge HiotlK.s Gsiporaiion. re- ucus tlu- urgan'-jiion's ac'iviiies for the first Unve v-'i-sks of Jan- Br»ail and Butter ]Tn the editor:! 1 notice that the lias enlisted the services of Willis Thornton on "The Crisis in our Schools." who is probabU- a man of wider exrjerienr.e and having access to more authentic information than I have. So I would like to lire, what space vou :nav prant "e. (o di'ni" a s'lh'-ct willi which I. am more familiar, viz; The B r r-"l ail( ] Butler Question. ' Like ' n ' larec ni.mbe>- of other H"Bii and women, I am now em- -v.loved on CWA at wates from j peeled. j Using the largest network In the Bevond- l ° r n ° f commcrcit 'l broadcast- ueyunu _ ln ,j. I,,,, first series Qf na radio programs sponsored bv the norc than 7,500 Ford dealers of the United States and Canada will be inaugurated on Sunday' February 4, by Fred WarlnA Pennsylvania^ and Marion T al Icy, as guest artist. EUsel n. Ford President, of the Ford Motor Com-' pany. will speak. The programs, which will h c : heard every Sunday evening f, om 7:30 to 8:00 and every Thuwdav evening from 8:30 to 5:00, Central Standard Time, will be broad a network of Hie cnlire i -.--— ~*",,MVuaniig System ' Sn™" th ° Unlt0ti Sllrt « «"! dilriiiui ; : 1M-I1. ,-v cm was ibi! ibli- on January 24. mil will go up fast Our payroll as of iO.SKi ix-Kom With ": as H Is, dealers make Immediate foresls, parks, I ranges, 10 " 1 - We imist. nnsiver it." And fioxford Guy Tuewell //' /r.s- Service You Want, Try TOM W. JACKSON SERVICE STATION (.'or. 2nd & Ash (ias, Oil. Tiros I'll lint- S hendquarters cr:st over a network of etwc;., ~ji»- 80 Cations, embracing a>. c.ill for i Columbia BrondcastJug _.., . -_ f rnrniiDhi"int *K*. rT_ :i _ • . Orders recei-ed at hendquarters itom Dodge cl?alei.>, bet I i-'iiy 1 and Janrui r:con-as-i:ossibli; shipment of '7-! ! ^ passenger ca's ;,ncl 5.000 com'-! On Hie other l.anc'. retail de-i overtlle mdio for MIC fint h |in^!' Cou™r- N e,v E l.ner,,.s made bv Do<, g e dealers \^ «he left tfie MetrlU"', ( ...ihm -the same Ihree working j °P era Company several years ago 1 vieks amounted 10 3.772 passen-l"^ "tired to her farm in Kan nna tnfckT v' 3IS , lcmmerci ' 11 cars ithr ' am °" S *° p ™ n ° «'»' sing, '''^f 1 . ' i llll! Waring Male Chorus " * ' ola. la ,iriv rCC ° r<i 6I " r<!ers and of: With Wartn^'s orchestra each .lily-season ictn- deliveries by : Sunday and Thursday e'e h 4,n ''1 nm '" M ? as it is for'b*' heard a guest star of huerna-i exmh t,""" I™!' thD firat Pub - T nrf ' "•' oraira -™ c '» nddiUon to "i exhibitions of Uv np «- models. tllc feature artists who have con- —- — •—•• ...ics very encourai-iiis indic.-itions i tr:bule(i to Ihe high raiikino of slrlct 8 c <>eia])hiccil the business tliai. may be ex- ' lho Pennsylvania™" in popular are "" ' favor. when 'aii activities hit i" meeting Sprity M.WI to S12.00 a week. With fi in the fnmilv. and 2 of iliem subieei. tn pav tl.''^ a we-fc for *niti"n if they attend school, ir, is Hard rnrj (! ,e observ-iitan n" -"'<>• to set fiir awav from the! ,i c alcr r'-V. , :> rchool question, except for the! ;i £, ,7m r !? i " feet, that the bread and butter L slit '' llifoU: whosc cal1 qtiesiion. If neglected, forces it-:., s f,I,I Mmplos -alone means F°" to the front. •'..sizeable uroducrirn. I have been a member of Ihe! - fllnADe ^" pmiiirtion'and re- ieir full stride j Polcy McClintock, the -fro»- ••'T.nnu'" Sa ?K n C , Cd " drllmmer °(.the band, who follows with | hail': from Tyrone, Pa., will here- th? Dodge (after rasp the microphones twice affords more weekly <viih h[ 5 equipment. The s who felt HID rear of „„„„. I have dropped out of that clars. The fear of hunger and lack of clothes and shelter are the only ofnol « 1'ave created and con, are bodies that bother me now. r would not write about them if 1 did not know that they are no- Icntlallv plentiful i n this country. But my experience is that the more We work frvr (hern r>ffrtr •> certain amount of work has been done, bv all nf us, Ihe less chance rome of us have lo get what we fanatic for educa- j " lr « ™- ks because I was not' racl:1 °2 of :r.innr "r. \\i\- i Yawns and Stretches in His Neck Is Broken riu'd the country's re- thi! industry's new ol- .... Uabs Ryan brothers, (be trio from i Tcnn.. will also be or. Vi 'of each p:rfo.-i.::u:r- Fred not all w.ts a student iege. his gre i'ani G. Warii;: curious vocal his Alma Mater Lane Sisters. Rosemary and all colle B iai 1: . ha ,•„., Jrli ., his orche.strn n-oin in-.tiunions learning in virtual!'.the United Stales. Pi p., -Radical" Idea I, OU Tugwell has studied this problem for years. But (he humorous part of It Is to those who see Tugwell as n radical, so has the Department .of Acrlcullitrc. Thirty years ago, department reports were made on the subject, of retiring bad land and selectively allotting (lie best to proper uses, No;v that. It, has fallen to TIIK- well to do something about II, lie's called radical. "We've Just begun to think of j this whole country ns a good 1 ''imer thinks of his farm." Is the Tmwell emanation. "A farmer who puts his chicken house at the best building site on the property, v.. «.,o,,ivj.-> jrt HCVH- nl '(l sticks his house In a roadside nil-- IU-K-. '-in Chevrolet," he said j hollow belter lilted fur a barn- r.'iilidi'iii that 1934 wlll'yml. l.s no blinder to his oppor- '•lahly letter limn 1933. itimitles of pleasanter and more — j.spacious living than we have been ' ns a nation. In living on our land." life Flr.'l Public Job Tugwell, while he believes thoroughly ihal the time has come when we must plan our future us a nation, doesn't believe people cnn be simply ordered off their farms if somebody decides the faims are poor land. 'The problem Is to offer them a mcjre attractive alternative." Inclining to the belief that much of our foreign market for farm products is gone (or good. TiiRwel) sees more hope in raising • the demesne market to higher! levels, and believes that If people in this country' could buy all the food they want, much of .our stir- pluses would disappear. nut not all—retirement of acreage is necessary' also. His present job Is tlie first pub- lie position Tugwell ever had. un- Ifss you Include the canteen work he did in Parts during the war, which EO shattered Ills health We'll start making deliveries next week on the new 7.9.W CHEVROLET Passenger Cars and Trucks Phone Today for a free Demonstration prove ments jcar's models, features, whicl -Newly introduced :y tiLw "-«ion rceepted wi pro DALLAS. Tex. -UP)—!,. Young. Dallas. s Retail ddhtrie.- cf I have been If"'!. tx--ha-"s in tl, c nrst January, with I nick orders W. DC - of publicitv rrd adieriKing fo: the Soiith- '..estcrn Ei". Tele-phone company . "i Texas, sustained a broken neck ' from yawning am', stretching ,in ted. De Young awofec. stretched him• r ell with his hend slightly to the 11'. 111. and heard :> slight snap-, r.nijj noise, after which he was unable lo lurn his head lo the I'Shl past dead center. Several : ilays later he liad an X-ray taken, i "Tlie .sij,\h cen.icnl vcrletra. ' i':uti:ied in tv.o i.'&ccs," was tne i ia:al verdict. Ttx> -, ictim musi ear a lenllie: 3 hold his he "'' atout foi;r Fountain l- re I78C. I'llOJIPT Baitnrv .Service .1. UI-.V Ct.UNF T .lackviin's Strrvicp Slaticn I'lium- K you'll never be satisfied with any other low-priced car Shouse-Little Chevrolet Co Ford V-8 for / 934 THE PROVEN CAR I)islrif:u[; T .- 1|U ' P "' 5l - liceii at '>"Sicr than th lime in thl iluili riirec-U'av Airi.ianc .LKIN'OriAD (UP) _ a t ,,.«aj airplane, designed to lui _ | water, land or <;nr»v hi erv kind can he ~or<xlnced"'in' de-1 com !''etctl by the Scientific ASSURED, that thev will de veioi) into bftlor |woi!c. It has al-'o seemed In me that if people can secure loo much of tho^ ''''""" < " i 'hnui an effort, they uill retrograde. Srien.rr has solved the problem; ''"" J ' noods nf r.earlv ev-1 —""• '""a or fiidiv has been can he nrcdnced in rie-1 con " )letctl by the Scientific Avi.-•..-.i quantities. Farms ore pro-| auon Research Institute here A rluclii" sufficient foot! for all. and 1 scvo "~ scaecr - H is built entirely of factories are equipped to turn out wood Tv " > "'— """ '•"mmoditief to meet every need.' Ycl more than 4n millions "of men : *'omen and children arc destitute, and exist on the sufferance known : '•-'• charity. Wiy should men be hungry ";hen foodstuffs are allowed to rot. war raes when a third of the colon is ployed up or not planted, me ID hovels or sleep in shed.? >UM.e lumber rots in yards and carwnlers are out of work « Sny? '" " S Iook ' f0 ^ Zenh O'Brien Blythcvllle. Ai-k. Chokrs on Sausage VERSAILLES. France lUP) — Feniand Foucroy. 3G. homeless. while being escorted to a police| s| ation charfcd with bcenin^ and v "prancy. swallowed whole a raw given him by a shop- and choked to death. County Jails weu the scene 'mentions- for car-ilal crime Ohio untu isss. The Most, Careful Driver is Always (it the Mercy of a Reckless One Vour only r .,otection from lioavy d-i m a;cs is Liability .mil IVopcrl.i Uamage Ir- ntmnre in a Mrnnc cnnipanj- First National Insurance Agency General Insurance 486 Phone 5"> ^ Bi« Wunderlich'* Main Serv Phone 711 Sound Tires are One of a Car's Most Important Safety Devices '"iviur drivers are m o r «• <.-' : 'Hil alwtil lives (han al>;":•• iiny o(!iov detail. They kr<ivy (li;i| (hp most S (. r j nus :iii-!':'fr[K :i.'i;:j-cii In n ear al IH:I' s,.oc;!—Inion^h f>low- r-:il- . ,)or,'t ; r: ini f,| c vm|r IifL ;ir:<l Ihe desiriiriinn of yotir f:n .r- ilijvirjr with insecure > Silvcrtown Arc Xut'c! The Ford V-S for I Ml offers >«,., many jrlvun- IIIBC.S.. 0|iiTiitinsr ci-oimniy, I'ur'iinn'—•>!) miles per gallon at -l.l miles ,. cv hour, in i-x- hanslivc U'sl runs. Clear-Vision Vcntilalion— willi no lilmd spots" unil (hc window ;i!| in <mi- pitce. M 01 - e actual f>ndv ,-„„,„ ( nan jn mitnv more expensive cnrs. Ri,!int; comfort— wilh free action for all four whirls plus (ho proved safely of a fninl axle. 1C very one nf nil, in who liuy.s a car h inicrestcd. one Ihinjf—jRTformaitn-. lirsl If you expcol :, oar l<, " 8 - 0 |,|KC ( ^ antl tin Ihin^" —i you wnnl S-cylinder pcrfni-n-ancc. but mil al Ihe usual K-cyhitler t<wl— S i 0 |» into lho new rord V-8 fur lit.'!I! fief ore yon buy any car at any price, drive the new Ford V-S for IMMEDIATE DEUVMKY Phillips Motor Co. f-K. H'fnin Sf DI../I. •!»_ it „ . 200-13. Main St. Blythcville, Ark. Opposite Hospital

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