Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 28, 1955 · Page 29
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 29

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 28, 1955
Page 29
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MOM STAR, MOM, ARKANSAS ,K<s;fw48. ihfbrmtfd.bf the tiost- § 1 fcjr fo .Whife ribusc. At , h* «dd«d, the decision fcffo^ft bfrTth* SUte De- fttQlOtoVi fctthltessiohftl liaison jt>|h, ...iAiai. S&oretefy lharston B, ' ,,J*tV*f«^f.-'- IK-ff:^!•<,-• fWmi:' .>>..; •/•-, x w 'f MM* <W "<*'A *to- '•; tMfe. ii' n iiildn«to deny Id/nihis . v ,,• .. l>H8ld«nt Els^htioWfer was asked v '••* Watch 28 ftetoS conference ethit he -hid changed his vletvs i In* • :flrlcie* :-«HiKildment. His '• He 1 ' : -it last • on the UPPUBVU .-it •*»»!' JCOfc ."*• *•»*•. & thai it would 'hinder, his .bf.i&tfefgfl relations. A re* ff in!;, tW .Senate, If) brief, the proposal Would allow a treaty to --••'••••• effective'ft? internal law .jfodstf lej^Mri Mich be Valid lh the absence of a LIGHTING FIXTURES Prefect your eyesight •nd enhance the beauty of your horn* with correct llghtlnfl flxturei. ALLEN ELECTRIC CO. 114*,-Elm Phone 7-2629 RESCUED — Brldfle cavbrter sports flrln and seems to be flicking ashes from cigar as rescuer guides descent to safety of Queensboro Bridge roadway In New York. Man, Identified as Sam Romppner, 42, calmly puffed cigar during rescue. He Is under observation at Bellevue Hoplstal. — NEA Telephoto ahead, but he said in an interview: | "This refusal to face up to an obvious effort to weaken the hands of the executive is going to be interpreted as cringing before aivo- cal segment of the Republican party. It is obvious to me that this stall or delay has its root in the refusal of the administration to risk antagonizing a vocal wing of the GOP.' Kefauver said he will fetart hear- Trade-in Offer ing on the... atiable demand for ' fresh, i new material. What's the answer?. •' The extraordinary.' things ,'that appcn to ordinary people, as ' re- jorted in daily newspapers'., and^ y news services,, says i| l '^ ucer ; w hich Id Byron. J:.' ..-J. (•)<(' .(-- '•• ', -. '• , ' f " .-. < il^^^^K "^^^^^^^^H >^^^^^H '^^H ••' ^ ^ ^ ^^H^^V* '• V-**S-v.i,--v-/i,'.''.-'< v •','•'• x-SV-;KS^^^K*^Br»^R^*^fcil(••••Wr "'< • i $ mti&:^--\i--LJ^^:m^V< i: &:^ fl >; : '' j ; ;;-vi.tB«'i t w'. :'.,•-•?••• '••.:•:, , ate^^*E^i^^ »!• R p^ Mm'-'Mk OWN THIS NEW 1955 CROSLEY Shelvador FOR ONLY-- were the chief 'source of -material or his Mr: District Attorney: show an radio, and later on TV.'' Byron says'that.in telling'about unusual occurrences'- in the lives of ordinary people,'the problem is not in making; them,seeny dramat- c. It's in trying .to convince view- ;rs that'they are 'fact, and riot iction. ; •••'', '. . '• "•' "Our problem - is to keep from saying, ' "This couldn't' happen in real life," says'''Byron,' a- former reporter himself.' 00 Per Week Small Down Payment. Your old; refrigerator probably will make the down payment on a new Crosley regardless of the condition. When you come in to see these 1955 Crosleys we have a gift for you. ft&^-^-Whtte"We are "rriokind these terrific trade-in offers we will let you tell us how feX^mueh .your pld.refrigeratdr.js^orth. You know it better than we do, so just P^S4 V ch0ck the drriotinfyPW think in the chart below and mail or bring it in to us, p£t-.j$;il^ Old Refrigerator Worth? Biggest TV Problem Is Talent Hunt By WAYNE OLIVER NEW YORK W) One of >» ° j a tive sessions and for- 15 daj iggest problems has been US in-1 f and after the session . atlahlp- rfpmnno for fresh, i new ~, _,_ x, u Police Smart Over Immunity of Lawmakers By LEON HATCH LTTLE ROCK UR — The 1955 General Assembly has been over since March 10 but some Arkansas police officers are still smarting from what they consider an abuse of legislative immunity on the part of a small minority of the lawmakers. Qne state trooper told Jqe Wirges, the Arkansas Gazette's veteran police reporter, that hej stopped a legislator driving 110 miles an hour on the new Little ftock-Benton 'Highway. When the driver was asked if he didn't think he was going too' fast, he replied "Hell no, I'm not driving fast enough; I am in a hurry," the trooper said. And he sped on, leaving the officer standing. Other officers recalled similar incidents. The attitude that some state senators and representatives reported ly adopt and the police officers' understandable reluctance to en- terfere — or even to be quoted! by name — dates back to a law more than 100 years old. This law says that senators and: representatives, as well as clerks, 1 sergeants-at-arms and doorkeepers of each legislative branch, shall be exempt from arrest during legis- • - - -- d a y s Be- r There's another section which says that the arresting person! shall be subject to a forfeit of $1001 to be paid to the "injured party."' But Byron is relying'on newspapers d news agencies for his' latest st m another section that the prohib j tion ; doesn't apply "in cases of treason, felony or breach of the peace." .The Arkansas courts have never ,v> ..V,.TU >- 0 • "• i-D/i" * i me ArKansas courts nave iievci-.| •enture, .Mr. Citizen, on ABUvteie- bcen Ued on to de fi n e just what'i vision Wednesday nights, , They | .. . . .. .. breach of the peace- under 'this section. One lawyer, however, said he believed that anything which would endanger the lives or safety of other persons would be so defined. Under this interpretation, he said, a legislator /would be subject to arrest for driving at an excessive speed or for drunken driving, but not, for example, "for parking too near a fire hydrant." • The qualified legislative exemption from arrest is contained in . , ....- .•. the" Arkansas Revised .,' Statutes, He is particularly -excited, at ' the which were ; ado pte d .shortly after moment'over the third, in; his .new, Arkansasb( ..... - scries of programs, scheduled tor . .___.,. next Wednesday, on the -plight of ' '' epileptics; ..,. . "We're going to bre.ak the- story of the American' epileptic',"- he s became a state in 1836. Apparently the original purpose was to prevent an enemy from having some legislator or legislative employe clapped into a back- says, zen -«-r--i----.. i woods jail as a political maneuver "He's a • second-:class.,,citi- during h - s stay in Little Rock or while he was making the horse-; back journey to or from the capl 'The epileptic is , 'discriminated against. He's only allowed to 'drive a car in one state.'(Wisconsin). In six states he can be sterilized. In a! number, • of, states he' : ;is.ti''t allowed workmen's compensation. la 26 states he can't get a marriage license. • , •.•-..:-,•••.. "It has been shown that 80 per cent of cases of epilepsy' can be .controlled by medication." : The practice offending sentimental greeting 'cards on Valentine's Day started about 1.400 a. d. jngs with Briekor as.a witness and "someone 'I will; try to 'get\.who may be able to represent the administration.", •• • •• tal. Incidentally, related sections oi 'the 'same early statutes forbid arrests — except for felony, treason or .breach of the peace — of persons voting in a public election or on their way. to or from "he polls. ' There's a similar exemption for militiamen on duty or "while going to or returning from the place of duty or parade." Voters, National Guardsmen and reservists oight 'want to remember these sections. Twelve U. S. states have towns called Hamburg, says the National Geographic Society. ;•,' ,'r,'. t —rr-rr^ "• - * *-.»&••-:•.•. .J»-a..,,.->.i.,.- Check Below ond Bring or Moil to Us. YEAR Size of Old Refrigerator p],yjiy,pi.J[WW:PRftUi!>JMJIJ«i-M']i WT^t'^f •*£'*?:*'"''".",,? 'v ^ ": •'•'• —.Come in Today and Get Your New riwItyShtlvador Refrigerator Scott's End of the Month SPECIALS Plastic Tablecloths Made of heavy embossed plastic. 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DREW OF THE BOSS By Michael O'MolUy «nJ R«M» L** OUT OUR WAY A MNUEOI MJlV Answer to Previous Puzzle MAW. AWO 1V» Table Talk ME WHEN VOL) WITH THI5SENTI.6- MAN/ 66 Asterisk 57 Saints (ab.) DOWN j Eccentric wheels 2 Bread spread 3 Result of overeating 4 Eats more than enough 5 Dash 16 What the smell 6 Tenant of good 7 Perform cooking does 18 Not in debt 20 Metric measure 21 Affirmative reply 22 Within' (prefix) 24 Cicatrix 26 Great Lake ACROSS 1 Corn on the 4 Antitoxins 8 Edibles 12 Drink made with malt 13 Fish sauce 14 Musical instrument 15 Honey 23 Saltpeter 24 Pierce 25 Cipher J . 26 Foe 8 Large boojc 27 - and 9 Funeral notice sauerkraut 10 Seep 28 Small portion 11 Source of 29 High cards venison 31 Laundry 17 Changes device 19 Line of poetry 33 Japanese city 38 Wrest from 40 Immature egg 41 Goose genus 42 Canned meat 43 Demigod 44 Indigo 46 Girl's name 47 Revise 48 Prepares (he table 50 Butterflies WASH TUBES THEY WORKEP Of THB WHERE WE'D LOWERED THB5TATUB».TMENLEfT, THE POWER I TALKED TO fc MATWE WHO SWN THRE6 WBKI UANP OKI THE I6LAMP WITH ^ HE*W r r,, n , THE VIIGHT PNN50M "GU^ROED' VOUR uPI u ( &TATUEI THIS FELLA PROW THE FREIGHTER WJSI- 1 1 TcLL ^fci Best news of all Owen's brings them to you for only DAWN LEFT ON THEFR orator DESCRIPTION o 1 THEIR 27 Small (Scot.) 30 Alarm 32 Of the torrid WHY MOTHERS SET GRAY ' zone 34 Cling to 35 Landed property 36 Busy insect 37 Hebrew measure i 39 War god of I Greece 40 Semiprecious stone ,41 Exist •42 Use a razor i 45 Holdings 1 49 Stingy ',51 Chemical suffix < 52 Seed vessel OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople A COARS&, ROUGH €KlN TO -TH5 &5FT, SMOOTH Of A SHEER |sM.0Ni STOCK- • _ J _i tt.M __ ._ _j* «OCTS AND HER BUDDIES VI »/ »lf HI ^) |ll' OP A RHINlO FORMED i 53 Heraldic band , S4 Chewed { 55 Break water CARNIVAL •y Dick Turnw BUGSPUNNY THAT'S k X-l'Vf B-BEBKI By Herahbergcr WHAT MA / PETUNIA, BUT > UP TO, VI DON'T 6ET PORKY Ty/> ANV RESPONSE ALLEY OOP 1 / (SEE.COOLA, AJN'TJTGOOD TO BE BA£K UPON PL' DtMNV AGMN. 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