The Age from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on April 26, 1978 · Page 56
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The Age from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia · Page 56

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 26, 1978
Page 56
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56 The Age, Wed., April 26, 1978 RANGE ROVER The luxury t wtieci drive work-i none. KeMows INV 309 has ar- i-nr mttomi'G. cower steering and it's in whit with special brown 1 cloth trim. KeMows recommend j vou to see this except onal vehicle; t S17.S00. For more details, pnone Bob Ness OH 66 604. K EL LOWS OF RUSSELL ST. LMCT 343. SKODA '75 SI 00 Std. good cond. plenty of res. 52.000 kms. SI 500 ONO- 7 Eastertei91 Crt.. Dandenons- 792 0S94. SPORTS CARS WANTED. PtlOnc S50 5000. i STATION WAGON. Kingswood Auto. . iuu oep. IYS539. Loi.g rea L. 3331. Ring now 741 1ZZ2.. STATESMAN DEVI LLE Auto. '76 mod. 1 owner. low mge. car. A!i lux. feats, Inci. FACTORY Al COND.. fabric seats, pow. steer., white wall tyres, &c. Unmarked bone duco with match, int. and vinyl roof. Mech. fauitles. service history avail. Good reg. RWC. First gen. person wi!i buy; S7950 ONO. Tel. Zd9 2340. RANGE ROVER. .976. in OJt-sra-iding order, white duco, tan snt., ru." maintcnanve !:, ROLLS SHADOW. 1973. Kellows! history. 59,000 nils. Perfect ! cond. Take-over book. S365; mth. on no dep. to appro .edi client. RR 645. Your trade-mi CAMBERWELL CAR CENTKt, bTAi tM an uevine ius eng.. 550 Riversdai Rd.. C'weli. ! '74. superb cond.. atr cond., 813 2433 LMCT 598 1 radio cas;... new radiais. 12 mths.' reg.; S5600 ONO. Ring : S30 4925. 'STATESMAN DEVtLLE. 1973. 55.000 miles. Ai cond. white. S4250. 550 4550. - 'STATESMAN DEVILLE. many ex- fas. EC. RWC. rea.; S4100 ONO . enioy: 489 7005. Power TN WAG VALIANT 70 '71. ROVER 3500 VS AUTO. AUTO. AS NEW. SELDOM USED RWC. RADIO. BEaT OrrcK Here s ft prest.a car vou". arivinc. ACF 227 has steering, air conditioning and kilometres are oniv 17.000. Rei ser.-, every 1600 km. oy KciiOwt lows rave i: rar iu.u ano mr. AROUND S1750. RING 7501605 Faui:ner, origina, owner ven.. n; r.i,n '- ClT J : STOCK CAR. Vacant APo. ail ready rSei'Ca Only XiJ.ULi Kill. clIIU: WII DO WW-.. MIIC1 HUUIJ has never been used off the road: 763 7931). He has details of S:5 000 otters conslde-ed. Ph.( other attractive Rovers in stock. 619 1733 wkends.. and eves. BH KELLOWS OF RUSSELL ST. 54! 2743. ; ; LMLT 543. to race, plenty or spares, spare motor, also spare all synchro gear box. Has won trophies; S300 ONO. Call at 118 Winfred St.. Oak Park RANut 7 'STUDEBAKER Cruiser. '63. .ec... nc... ;ow mucdge, veiyur "''"- ROVER 3 litre. Man. and auto... mm II.. ana thr'Out: HTO- ne Micne,m tyres, fc. a rw. ; -w. steering, tovelv orig. cars: 992. L.2787 45 Swan S 1i;n- 133 a.a i.- 3. Dv llr eiviU. u: mono. let- .to w, n bar3a.:: Sio.suu wnn m mxns. ; u-arrantv Abso Ute fault.eSS COn- i.:ioi. Phone 33 2832. LMCT' 4306. RANGE ROVER. 1975. VG cond.. .luu-f.r s.ireo PM radio. cord. New tvres RWC. 12 n-.tiis.' reg.: $13,950. Pnv. sa:e.j - RA9NGE3ROVE9R WS 1st Class! ROV 2000 Man NEW MOTOR. co-d.. finished ir. Tuscan oiuei '67S. AIo a 70 1 mod. Auto. 5250 da. warr. Will 94 2018 trade. iSUBUA 2 GL Coupe. 1976. This CAMBERWELL CAR CENTRE. i executive car is in silver metallic 550 Riversdale Rd.. C'we::. i paint, radio, heater, fresh air. &c. 813 2433 LMCT 598. i All stand, equip. A very smart car. 1 IQB 627 S4B50 h stereo, towoar aPd driving, i JU' ,K'n v"'-; r3'.J- :ioMT- !--250. Ph. 509 7044. AH "" '" "' 699 5249 RANGE ROVER 1976. lOY 997. Mint cf;d. thr'out. POA. Ph. 544 5544. AH 877 41 25. RANGE ROVER. 74 mod. Stereo. Si 2.500 ONO. Urgent priv. sa e Ph. 876 2681. POUND MOTRS VOLKSWAGEN CENTRE 1 1 6 Leicester St., Carlton LMCT 353 Phone 347 6S22. SUBARU 4WD. 76 s wag.. exceJI. example or this hard-to-get. town and country car. finished in smart green duco, in beige trim, with iow kms to match. ILA-369. Only i ROVER 3500 V8. F.uted bonnet, ?4.4-9-8 4a AU ,-K honeycomg gru e. new .ook. LCJ' J-f3. 49 21 d4. ah B szb. 5 zs. S4000 on nn. a rter oay:ng CAMBERWELL CAR CENTRE. , 550 Riversda; Rd.. C'weii. 813 2433. LMCT 598. RENAULT. oca. Will trade. CAMBERWELL CAR CTNTRE. ; 550 R.versdaie Rd.. C'we:: 813 2433 LMCT 598 1 owner. Serv. bks. Crash bar. Sump guard Radio ,'casi. Heated R. winnow. A;.. &(.. Today's special at $4490. t1s SUM- va'ucs: RENAULT 1,4 otfER Tc ,970 IHH 877. A r-I JiJ,,1 ,-, . -.?-3 plV end., one o--. very oris, uniy 3l4at int.. many .xtras. S3690. Ph. 573 3902. SUNB1RD '77 4-dr. Sedan 2.000 -gr . nngnc vei;ow. we : serviced. S4450 ONO. 267 1 233 AUTO .'AAA CS21 or.iv 60CO k.t.. was i nuum. 11475 o:. S475 dca.. wi: :rad. CAMBERWELL CAR CENTRE. r.qn Riversda' Rd.. (. 313 2433 LMCT 598.. NOW S5650 RENAULT 1 4. MANUAL .'AAA 617; n:v 5500 km. Was "Zl, , ?r- RlftbVER-SSOO-.iiM Ward. new, .SUZUKI 4W3. 74 .. a.n..r Wi... i:Y!TeD d&.-V Your bt nan Kv.-.a nnq Mur.' LMCT. 20S -ay Krr.snt on 63 6G42 for tne! nea::s O'y SO 000 ex stoc. FISKE'Sj lex since r,e One S2j50 2231 39 9359 KELLOWS OF RUSSELL ST LMCT 343 ROVER 3S005. VS law mi., racid (ally RWC. RACV rested. ;!tit.3l. cond.. plneyt o( reg.; SbS50 Pn. 435 0596. ROVER VS. 3500. LCJ048 Ajto Low rr.s S5S95. S29 W NO dep. 850 5000. LMCT 1254. ROVER 3500 HUD. auto., IHI-607. S3995. FISKE S LMCT ?nx SQ 5o27. AH 842 5074. 1970s !s jrly'RovFir 1500. 1 awner. LFR141. Feb.. '79 -eg. S5995. FISKE'S. LMCT 203. RENAULTS. Four R16s :n KOZ'K. 75. 72 a drwo 1973 mode s. Gne o S1 190 Tie "76 s 35 D.-ar.d 39 3627 AH LYH 134 L598 Ph 81321 TD CORTi N A XLE An'.o Sed.. 190. T-oar ajro Bije 0a:i vinyl root. Blue grey ve.ou- up-no.'st. Carps . 19.000 kms Reg. De '73. Very :.ean rnr'out Prt of flee: o.erstocked. Mus: -.e!! S3500 ONO 2S711S6 BH 43S7S31 AH 4.-0 o-:'V S-1975. iKH 493 .ROVER 3 S Coupe Auto. KST103: rrav iMP oep.; S5795. FlbKL. LIVH.1 4WO. rn. ti aoor purchasers. ! 39 3627. AH 842 6074 CAMBERWELL CAR CENTRE. ROVER 2000. rran.. 1965. VG 550 R -.ersda Rd.. CaT.oerwe:' . c0.ia Urgent sa.e: $995. Pnone 313 2453. LMCT 593 25 3634 ROVER 2000 SC. 1970. :o m. e- " . aoe. EC: S2300 ONO 3299743. , Here's a 1977 6 cy:. Hotde.. 7o-rana LX auto witr. raoiat'tiined suspens.on. O-ifv ' 3.000 k-v.. Ke;-'ows have IUF519 wait. 1 g tor vou at S5490. Mark CoMir.s u rne to contact or. 653 4748. KELLOWS OF RUSSELL .T. LMCT 343 RENAULT 12 SED 1.4 LITRE' - tsfaas. 13 236 n a!r. On-! 4 door. orar9 Ou.o. 22 000 -r.ared -A.ilte ext. a .n tan trim.; rr.iies. '10 rr.ontns reg. - Gen. ;ond. o :.s .eh., tan or. y er. supe'a .ar. S6s00 4782463 pe desceo as serf. Ava.1. for' ... :r.r parga n price of S4999 !XM-j 5AAB KOMBI COUPE. TA3. 353. 25.000 km. 18 mths. old. 11 ROBERT ALLAN TOYOTA ; mth5. Reg. Tan. $3000 or reasor.- HAWTHOSs DIVISION j aal- otter. Pi. 28 1480, 8 a m - 43 Camberwe : Road Hawthorn. 1 p.m. ;-urv -. - - S13 2877 LMCT 2455. SANDERSON'S SUBARU CENTRE TORANA LH 3300 1975 SEDAN ! Sc'd more Suoau'S flan apv : TORANA LH 1974 2330 SEDAN TORANA '73 LJ 2850 S MAN. nr. in red itn co.itr. trim radio, ntr.. rew rad. tyres, 3 79 reg.. excei: .en. thr oaf. ROBERT ALLAN TOYOTA. Tfiis week oniy $2790 LLJ148. BURWOOD DIVISION. 117 Burwood Hv.. Srvood. 233 4153. LMCT 2455 RENAULT. 16 TS. '74 auto. Exc cond.. o-!v- sale. Owner interstate $3800. Ph. 750 1036.' 47S B053 RENAULT TL 1969. tan dark now" uplOit RWC. reg Aug. fu: y recond. motor 5 tns 3 d., -re:-. AI. 4 reft- rad-als rad.o. St 500. Must scl' toity. o seas Sun Pn 20 8S66. RENAULT 10 63 RWC. neater, o. s;aev gooa co. 0.-tO'. $975 713 254' RENAULT-l"972 1 STLrjeaTn fiaie witn 3 ac -r: . gocd radia s ra- rt c. :-3rg -eg.. RWC exc. cord. tn.-'out: $2550. B.H 32 13S5; A.H 32 o054 RENAULT 12 GL Sedan 73 Tangerine i:-? -"t 51.000 tv.s. VGC Rao 0. -eq unti. Nciv $2830 R -3 AH 244325 RENAULT 12C.- t!74 -npcc:. 43 000 m Ece cod . S250C. S19 9125 RENAULT 16 TL 72 VG con; Rac.als rao c T-oar.: $1300 ONO 91 23S3 RENAULT RtC "63 RC. -adiC. SHOO P- 755 7251 aft S RENAULT 12 GL 73 tse-c. iv rw , asset other $ubaru mV.c-; or'.a for 1976 and 1977. Look; at 1978! Today we are offering I on.v FWD Wagon Er.g. No.; 8S0463: $5995 on tne road. Uced 4 WD wagon, cur-ent mode: with $700s wortn of accessories. IY2465: $5795. SANDERSON'S SUBARU CENTRE 55 Msrrnerwe-': Rd . Hawtr.orn E. 82.1231. LMCT 3044. TORANA LJ 1972 AUTO SEDAN TORANA LH 1350 1971 1FDAM TORANA IH 2330 AUTO 75 SEDAN WILL SELL BY PUBLIC AUCTION TONIGHT AT 7 ;o MIDTO'.N AUTO AUCTIONS 53 A BECKETT ST. MELBOURNE. 347 350O Mi did m mk-lmwik THE Confederation of Australian Motor Sport has backed itself into a corner on the question of the eligibility of cars racing for the 1978 Australian Touring Car Championship. It is possible to argue that officials of CAMS have been as reasonable as possible in interpreting the regulations to help competitors. They are handling here the most "interesting part of Australian motor sport, to judge from spectator reaction. Large budgets and professional racing drivers are involved in what is now big-business motor sport. CAMS' unpaid officials may have borne this in mind as they painted themselves into a corner. They certainly had the good of the sport in mind. Cars that are almost equal in performance certainly put rn good racing, pleasing sponsors, promoters and spectators. An opposing view of the current eligibility problems might conclude that CAMS should not he in charge of running a lucky dip at a kindergarten. The mess has evolved rather than suddenly happened. The cars that raced at Sandown for the fourth round of the touring-car championship were, it seems, oniy questionably eligible to run." But rule-bending has been one of the black arts of motor sport for years. In the days when eligibility depended on a part being listed in a spare-part manual teams had additional pages showing the necessary parts to win races printed before major meetings. It was printing-press eligibility and CAMS stamped that iitJnw-ri t & r This is Allan Moffat's Falcon, which is the centre of a motor-sport controversy. out, but the same minds have been at work on the next set of rules. The "spirit" of the regula-lions has been a flexibility clause often used to permit borderline cases of eligibility. Then there was further hairsplitting with terms like performance-improving illegalities and reliability-improving illegalities. Presumably, improving the performance is cheating, but making the car run longer at a higher state of tune and fragility isn't. For example, the stabiliser-bar mountings at the front of the Holden racers call for the bar to pass through the engine's tray. That has been called a performance improvement because the relocation helps the handling. However, the metal composition of the crankshafts and connecting rods of the Holdens or Allan Moffat's roller-rocker bearings only make the motors last a bit longer. They don't improve either the lap times or horsepower. When motor-sport budgets rarely touched six figures it was possmie for an eligibility decision to have less pressure ror cams omciais. But now the budgets easily top six figures some estimates run at more than $500,000 for some teams sponsors have quite a slice of the action. And for them the old aphorism that winning isn't everything but losing isn't anything would make a good team motto. For spectators at the track it really doesn't matter as long as the racing is close and much the same goes for promoters. For car buyers reading advertisements for race wins or watching them on television there may be some reservations about the race results if eligibility problems continue. Ironically, it is CAMS and its sport that are hit worst. There is nothing lower than a discredited series, particularly when it is so much in the glare of promotion. Perhaps it is time for CAMS to get really tough and totally eliminate the grey areas embraced by the spirit of the regulations. $1750 rally through the forests THE Melbourne University Car Club's Shellsport 78 Akademos rally the fourth round of the Victorian rally championship will start from Sale on May 20. Top Victorian rally crews are expected to enter the event, which will take them through East Gippsland forests to the finish near Bairnsdale. Strong support in addition to Shell's $1000 prize-money has taken total prize values to more than $1750 for the rally. Supplementary regulations are available from the event secretary, Don Humphries, at 453 Highbury Road, Burwood East, Autosport, at Box Hill. Rallyquip, at Deepdene, and Racegear at South Yarra. Spectator instructions will be available for the event. The route takes competitors through some of the prettiest and best rallying country in Victoria. TAIUMPH 2S00 PI. UF304. T-bar auto., t owner, serv. bks. Long reg. Spotles cond. Qual. car at $3490. SMITHS OF MENTONt P L.. 1 Nepean Highway. Mentone LMCT 1281. Ph. 93 2281 TRIUMPH STAG '72 auto. Htop. S.'top. 4 mths. re. $7200. Ph. Hobyn. T7 3215. TRIUMPH 2500. BANS83. $2995 2 to choose. $15 W. No dep. 850 S00O LMCT 1254. TRIUMPH TR6. hard 'soft top. IBG409. S769S. S3S W. Ho in iit;ft ;nna LMfT 11254.. TRIUMPH STAG VJ 948. $9495 2 to choose, hn. or lease, rn. 850 5000. LMCT 2415. TRIUMPH TC auto. MK'2. LZO-275; $549-5. FISKE'S. LMCT ?OR. 3627 AH S4Z 6074. VALIANT VH REGAL 1972 SEDAN. VALIANT VJ S.'W 1473 SEDAN WILL SELL BY PUBLIC AUCTION TONIGHT AT 7.30. MIDTOWN AUTO AUCTION 58 A'BECKETT ST.. MELBOURNE. 347 3500 miOUIEEII DiiinnR VALIANT VIP REGAL VS. Auto. stn. waoon. long reg.. good tyres, looks and drives welt. Sell as traded. ACQ-529: $1290. ROB ROSS MOTORS. 421 Malvern Rd.. South Yarra. 249123, LMCT 1183. S7S 8985. VALIANT '71 HARDTOP. KW2-481. After 20 dep. $1600 left to finance. Lovely car, RWC. 100 warranty. CAMBERWELL CAR CENTRE 550 Riversdale Rd.. C'well. 13 2433. LMCT 591. VALIANT WO-! Station Wagon. ICG464. Finished in AneMc white duco. rustic trim, auto, trans., radio, heater-demister. low miles, March '79 reg. Sacrificed at 41S9S. Finance available. LMCT 628. Ph. 450 1177. 335 Bell VALIANT VK RANGE WAGON, 1976. IVJ 7S6. Fitted auto! gears, radio, low Irms. 1 '79 reg. Excell. cond.; $4395. L444. BURWOOD CHRYSLER, 45 Burwood Highway. Burwood. 288911: A.H.. 873 1 67. Appears Today on Page 21 VOLVO. VOLVO, VOLVO, VW Lookino for these. Z45 Auto. air. UL-Z69 $99oS we have six in stock now. incl. 245 Auto, air, IIA-245 $9950: Beetles and Kombis 76 264 Auto IMN-047. .'71 Type III. KXZ-842 . $1675 $10.4501 -6B Beetle. JZC-541 . $1180 74 164 Auto. LUS-SSS S6500; 65 Micro. JEN-242 . .. S149S 74 145 Auto. IXW-304 S79501 73 Van. LNJ-405 .. ..'$3390 73 142 Man. LRE-868 S4950i 63 Beetle. HXM-118 . $595 72 144 Auto LKM-376 S47S0 MP.- TO APPR. BUYERS. 144 Man. LFM-riS )og v-mk LtNTRE, PETER MANTON MOTORS. 205 Peel St.. North Melbourne. 3Z9 70Jto AH B44 L. VBLVA I ne Classic i-ar. -wtk nave a 142. a 144. a us. 164E with pwr. steering and air cond.. the 144 is a new look model '74-75 with bfo bumoers and only $4850. Lse. or no dep. to approv. purchasers. Trade- ins accepted. CAMBERWELL CAR CENTRE. 550 Riversdale Rd.. Camberweil 813 2433. LMCT 938, VALIANT '69 V Stn. Wagon. Auto. Pert. cond. thr'out. New tyres, mags. reg. Feb. '79. Many extras. Priv. sale. $2450 ONO. too o VALIANT VH RANGER XL. Henti 2oo. 1971. 46.000 miles, auto.. GC. 12 mths.' reg.: $1750 4 Marama Drive. Frankston. Tel. O J .343 VOLVO 14$ MANUAL WAGON L-Tu-sae. is4. This superb vehicle is finished In gleaming yellow duco. with matching cloth trim. Would suit most discerning buyer. Fitted all Volvo safety equipment. Priced to sell at $6995. HENLY'S VOLVO. L. 3200. 478 Riversdale Road. CAMBERWELL JUNCTION. Telephone B2 3331 . 550 Riversdale Rd.. 9 to 4M. Camberwe:. LMCT 59S. VW GOLF - 5 dr.. This much wasted $4798. The car is in watt e duco and is a 1 owner motor car. IYB-889 L638. 4o2154: A.H., 26 5276. VW PASSAT. ' "we- 76 man., s. wag.. 12 mths.' jeg.. 27,000 kms. burnt orange duco. match, trim., unmarked condit. Only $5900. IKZ-297. L.638. 4fi 2154; AH ?fi JS?7R VW PASSAT S.W. -75. White with sirver trim. man. 61.500 kms. Long reg. Bargain of the week. AI cond. 1st to see will bjy. Priced for Quick sale at $3700. ONO. Ph. 781 2989. VW KOMBI. 1970. new recond. engine only done 1700 tnties new exti.. battery, stereo cass.. radio, fitted with bed stove, cuo-boartis. carpets Ac $3000. Ph 311 8903. VW KOMBI. late 71. fully fitted as camper. Reco. engine, excell. cond. Countless spares and extras. Owenr leaving country. Any otter over $2900 accepted. Ph. 414 4bt4. VW 73 Auto. RWC. radio, radial tyres, 40.000 mis. reg. to sent. 78. Private Sale: $2400. Ph. Mr. Tomlinson Bus. 478 2144. Priv. 231 1579. VOLVOS. VOLVOS. VOLVOS. ror quality fRE-OWNED VOLVOS 5erfan or station wagons from as low as $3495 in i?b iuo oe mxe oeerte, onwards, contact us FIRST. Alii long reg.. perf. inside and out. cars are fully tested and guar-j mech. very good: $1150. 359 anteed. LEASING WELCOME ON Burke Rd.. Glen Ins. 20 6295. USED CARS. LMCT 826. UfUiTCunoce r,- at 1 VW Duta '71 lftA L 8 DQH VALIANT GALANT ajto. station! 298 White Horse Rd. N wading, m.ies. As new body and motor. w?3.- 1975 Cherry red oaco.j 878 6677. LMCT 1541. 1 radio. 6 mths. reg.. 3 tyres. 24.000 kms. on.v. IFF-824. Full 1 $2400 ONO. 329 6392. ?r.';e. "9. 878 6677. L. 1541. voiva ui nrrnuATir VW Kombi. 1500 '66. runs fine vnuArai tn. vygn.. -72 mod..l nRliii i UmXc -Irfvtna fnr RWf Tn SlmSe,!r2M 9uard. reg. Dec G' s'e'nino .M- miM ave time will sell unreg.: S4Sa. $1250. ONO. 459 6027 after 7 PsafSTof "S sTe? Natu;"- or W8"' nT LIANT RANGER Sedan -74. i K SiSS, "EE, SS, n - 27''" "-."Vi-1". to. vtt, i ing and radio. mainainjo "4- " uuu Ml- S200. ! PRICED TO SELL $7995 736 7437 96 3617. VALIANT APS man irn 11 mths. rea.. exc. cond.. 4. an.; iTn . ?JrP tyres, oerf. int. Call at 2 Cle-i ments Gve . Reservoir: $650. I V?7U0AoSTm VSwintChaJJsf:!VOLVO 244 -MANUAL. brown duco. June reg. S78 7855.1 ia-14. C7nnn nun ' RWC. $1050 Ph. AH 787 1 310 HENLY'S VOLVO. L 5200. 1 VW GOLF, current jeoes Ari- A.1 . Burgundy St.. Heidelberg, : "Jl "'""'vw -64. Recond- eng. RWC: j $850 ONO. 96 Mrliwraith St.. North Carlton. $2000. ONO VALIANT STN. WAG. 70 '71.-AUTO. AS NEW. SELDOM USTD RWC. RADIO. BEST OFFER AROUND $1750 RING 7501605 VALIANT AP5 auto. Sed.. 2nd owner, sound, reliable. RWC. reo - $675. Ph. 97 5Q4K VALIANT 770 CHARGER 1974.; LWJVOI. 4St). SU W. NO deo. 850 50QO. LMrT 1?ta VALIANT VC Sed. blue. $650. carps., racio. Ring after 5.50 am. 842 3188. VALIANT PACER. "69. olue. ehro- $1290. RH 47 20 1 VALIANT 196S mod. Needs small amount or work none. RWC: $500 ONO 8tK T1C VALIANT Stn. Wagon, '68, radio, htr.; $700. 489 577. VANGUARB I960. VGC thr'out. iVV. 0 ' 573. -WSJ. vim A c.ntti- R..". lank mri , . OriVeS nne. Ml O. riwnr catcning blue with trim. A delight to drive, and fitted with radio, pius the usual Volvo re-1 finements. PRICED TO SELL $7695. I "Il-Burolnlr.. Heidelbero VW 1500 BEETLE, KSS1 194 4M 440b. VW '71 Superbug. man. ;auto.. in VG cond.. full year's reg.; $1600. CaP after 4. 94 6031 VW KOMBI. -65. unreg . excel. Body, lair mech.. many spares. $550. 347 9BS1. rvras. RW'. ga coa 3511232 ROLLB-ROYCI ROLLS ROYCE CORNICHE Immaculate silver-grey coupe. Handmade Park Ward body. For private sale. S 55,000 ONO. Phont 370 6990 or 435 0845 TORANA SL LH. 4 2 LITRE T-BAR AUTO . rr!S.WV r SEATS SiLVER DUCO. AUNGEft tAbApSa LISER BAR PORE WOOL SET LUVtNb BKUWN INT PB R A t.LVER SHADOW Tii Offtc D:sf;stor)i &-ert t.-r ciSti.-gu.srrea ejarrt;e-: at tr.i -AO.-id-faxojs car. Ko: - .-it vou to pa v tn es s so roo-n irignugits: silver shadow sfries rr ZE 82t; i- pea::ic 3.e wttn ae.g .r.ter.o- Nes g o kiics. ar.J fca-:je of factory wirra-ty. A gftr-uire .-estrrnt opsor. turity. 572. 500 or !ease. S'tVER SHADOW fl2E 6'5.. A 1970 ejca.Tp.e wit- 3 speed;0!-. Bin eathf hide ir.terla-- with -tratirg Rg! Res exterio' MaKes another orthwn,i t"verrrft-,t at S29.500 or iease. M;chae Ca-ae: derronstrate mil the ir:omnara5:e features of tnew Si.ver Sradc--s. Tne onone r.o. is 66 6C-2. ;afttr hours 7S3 7531; KELLOW-FALKINER PTY. LTD. 206 RUSSELL ST. LWCT 343. ROLLS-ROYCE CORNICHE Beaut ?u--v n-alnrarned.'ed i- stee; srey djco wit;- :or-t-ast;--5 !5e .te-:r. fa. se-..ce story l.-on- r.e. t-av-red o-:v 23.000 genuine n:'es. Lease or I'iy. SS9 530 ADK379. LMCT 1793. RENTS PRESTIGf CARS Cnr. D'nong and W gal rde., Oaklelgh 56S 0S8S. AH 5S1 459S D O 2-SP HTR . DEMIST M NT APPROX 50 000 (V. $5400 NEG 92 t19 TORANA-LC4 'a- S"Sa: KRE 497 Ixm. t..:a conttast- -5 gc a t' 'di.i t: earns. o.z. seats i-on-tr' 4iL Good rea.. tvres UiT-A-.-e.-i .o n t:ir out. Firs.: to see h.'.' ruy. 0 : SI-99 T- .3 8774951 Ai 7S 59 .WCT 4212 TORANA. Tr.R-SNA T.-.RANA LC MAN 5 CYL 4 CY VINY. ROO LOG REG LFT-03 S2493 TORANA GTR RE 3 LONG RSG LOW V.S OR G!NA. COM3 LO?IS2 S2695 WIO MELSOJRNE VOTCRS 529 0233 -MCT 3'9' TORANA SLP. 79"5 2S 000 KVS LONG REG. I CAREFUL LADY OWNER. VAROON CHAMOISE TRIM. T-3AR AUTO FACTORY INTEG. AIR. A8SOL-. UTELY AS NEW VALUE AT $3393. S100 DFP. OR 31 WKLY. iCT 122 PH 49 47S1 AH S50 9005 L 1011 TORANA S-R 50D9 1 OWNER WITH SERV. 833-CS LOW KVi MAG. WHEELS. NEW K.E3FR TYRES. IMMAC. C0N3. THR OUT MECH At. VALUE AT S599S. S130 OE. OR S40 WKLY. LIB 393. 49 4761. AH S50 9006. L 3923 TORANA LH 2850 Man. Lo. TOYOTA CORONA CS Sedan, auto. ; TOYOTA Land Crjiser. 67-68. n- je.. raa;o. asi . 12 mtns. l TOYOTA CROWN. ate 1 97 2 . : TOYOTA CORONA 69 IRW-832.! '78. 2700 ki.otnetenl 9l SW8. VGC. RWC. FWM: S2750 re-l. car.. or.9. cond.: S31G0.I 4-sp. man. on tir.. one of We RWC. After paying S300 dep mtns.' re9.. ejfe. conC. stereo ONO. BH 24 4522. 645 1 1J9 ! nest in Meb.. tin. in Lonoon- only $1090 left to fin. cassette, push OuttOit radio, many TOYOTA Coro :a Sed. 7 mth&. ol. TORANA 8 4 n- 2 eoor. in-" tar. until match, trim, vitiy roof,- CAMBERWELL CAR CENTRE. ! extras: $6000. fn. i.H. 896289:- as new Urgent sa.e. Owner :3nd OA- rn:-. ijr:v D-;e.I an norj rtnlv First "o m' 550 Riweraoa:a Rd.. C weil. ' AH 231 16SS. I salna averseas AH 9,1 T196 ROBERT ALLAN TOYOTA. i 73 modei. too oar. dr vir.g 604 $1995. 110 W No 1 BURWOOD DIVISION. lights, oucnet &eatt. radio cas-' 850 5000. LMCT 1254 117 Burwood Hwv.. B-j-wood. iiovora corolla a 76.77 't: 4ioo. TOYOTA CbllCA marua-. rr.-l.a.. 0"rl vr r.w TOYOTA CROWN. 59 Aurc flu.o dark triT.. K erjer radAs. Ro.o Good co-fl. $1050. BH S1190 Pi. 88 1763.1 TORANA 75 p.i.s 4 LH low. v-n-.. -nand. RWC. as ne. 53800 Urge-it sile 460 150S. j 74 vol ri . f - Dr. -r:ea. any s ;ar. S2iOC :059- 67 1528. arter 5 PY- dep. Vf VALIANT, good mi:eage. RWC, . m cr 11 rnens. reg.. must i4uu. oi rcm ah low . dej S0Oq lMtI liS. VW Beetle 1300 Deluxe, too .! cond. Reg. Aug. RWC: $600 VOLVO VOLVO; 6S 2642. week days only. !VW KOMBI CAMPERVAN. tjar- t.-allv fitted our. unreg.; w ONO. 842 1S22. VW BEETLE. 1961. RWC. 5 mths. reg.. SS40. Ph. 547 8204 VW BEETLE. -55. VGC: S87S. ONO. RWC. 478 1380. WE HAVe A FULL SELECTION OF PRE-OWNEO VOLVOS. DON'T BUY BEFORE SEEING US HENLY'S VOLVO (L. 3200). HEIDELBERG 459 446S CAMBERWELL 82 3331 VOLVO Sedan. 1973. 164E Auto. Fuel injection. Good condition. Serviced. Roya! biue duco, light blue Int., air cond.. tape VINTAGE CHEV. 27 Capitol. tra-J JJ"- 9od. Mlche- vr.reo t.sgg mis. in perfect! j",, v.- ShOMtrfusm .n-jt; iw-T 01 or. S62S0. ONO. Bus.. 45 2395: AH 49 ' t?K-T -67 1422. AH S46 1048. I VINTAGE AND VETERAN CAR OWNERS. Lock-up car storage ! VOLVO 142 de lure. KE-E 029. Ex-space. Ormond a-rea. From S25l cel. order. 79 res.: S2450 oni "ill!- fh. 64 1168. 1 S2S0 dep.. terms to suit. RWCj r-a itron -ron tray; L Arm Bfc K WELL CAR CENTRE 288 4153. LMCT 245S TORANA LJ :onom ta . 4 VGC. 3 mre-. -.e.'. . ut;. i. $1 795. 391 4517 TORANA Lj J.iio Oe 4 a-S.'"95 FISKE5 LMCS .'OS SI 36-. AH 542 6074 TORANA 19o3 4 CY L 4 n-LXy 131. $950. LMCT 1619 20 1'2o TORANA 69 SL r?3 . fo g:o .c: d 1-.: out S500 61 270V, 175 Att 6 5-. 547&211 TORANA 1 0;- a:.:. 74 l..3 S43 to $2- LUPS'-. L "331 R.-.-S --OW 741 2222 TOYOTA COROLLA 72" 2 si- .t-n-a - 4 - 1 ' . 'TP-334 r.r. ! red C...0. t.r TOYOTA BUYERS 73. .OOK. LNR- Tovota Corona SI 057. $2995 Rer.iiii . S.t or. Waao:i. 9.300 .t.. $4695 Le. irl Mi. -11 1974 rr LVVW-3i'3. i24SS SANDERSONS MOTORS. 55 Carr.otrwe.; Rd . Hj-vrn r. 82 2281 LMCT 3344. F rena. red Aj'.o . rad o :a4.. . .-ith tr:-r.. prote-t.ort t o icr. 18.000 rr s p-; 44 e: $4950 Pi 551 22CS t 7. 10Pee! TOYOTA CoroLa 1970. must sejt.j Tru:K. 9enu;rie 45.000 mis., runs' 550 RiWrsoale Rd.. C"" 73 rSee7 llVO pSn 6?9VC5196eS- Jg!!iHag- 455 7.38 -, 813 2433 LMCT 598 AT KELLOWSI It's the most opportune time to do a sood deal . . . KeUows are re-s?or.King and will buy your car or trade ft we:: on a new Ley-rand. Renault. Peugeot or one of their good used cars! Nei: Kest-nen can help you with on-the-spot informat.on. Ring 66 6C42 or call at convenient city showroom. KELLOWS OF RUSSELL ST. LMCT 343. 32 000 oay $JS"0 . .. . 1st $133 $.: 4 a--antv MLT 3135 TORANA5 S-R 5S03 WANTED. PAY CASH 8504538 85087:9 Rolls Royce Corniche Chassis No: CRH 11943 Impeccable Shell Grey body with complimentary Connelly hide interior. This vehicle has an impeccable history and full service records tor the mere 20.000 miles it has travelled. Highly advantageous and attractive leasing or finance terms are available, and needless to say the vehicle will be delivered immediately. Price is S59.500. I LMCT 17P8 Cnr Dandenong & Warngal Rds. . Oakleigh Phone 5680888 AH5t14593 cbv BSE i? TORANA LJ SEDAN 73. 02G8SS. 2 r. 12 situs. 0 .-.eats. A-on-':oo.-. cast 995. LMCT 3340. RON PETERS. 1231 Tooraifi Rd Burwood 2-99 2882. AH 874 2173 TORANA 1974 xooe LZM 158 $2295 F jn.e. T-ade-'n CAMBERWEL- CAR CENTRE ' 53 Ri.e'Sns e Rd . Canoe-vje 813 2433 LMCT 598 E fANS TOYOTA 154' 3-i-e o s Rn 3,.' So-a 3323 363 093? H TOYOTA CEL'CA L't-.i::. 77 n- . 3 tn o t :kv :n ee: rj'j du.n 1 1 .re-ti r'oti ir -i . 12 ntrs -a . a-d ii-.-.,: . -st.-fs C.r),--r nr.v 20 300 .:nrs 1 rre. Oivne.- 1 v.. ..r.l 'or .- Ta oe so ri f-.s s-i". o- o- v S6690 10C w--jntv LMCT 319S tf VANS TOYOTA 1547 D-ioc o-o R3 G.---?a-l 56sOS2a 568 3933 TOYOTA TCYOTA POSSiB-Y ME LB S LARGEST RANGE OF NEW TOYOTAS 'S3 IN 5T3CK!. MCiT MODS AVAIL. PRICED FROM $tP3 TO $13. 3:3 FIN. AND LEASING ARRANGED PHONr- NOW WE PROP ABLY HAVE THAT UiE3 TOYOTA YOU HAVE BEEN SEARCHING FOR NO 03L-'GA TION HOME DEMO TOYOTA ' St MAN COROL-A. fir. i:. .ig.-it gree:- -tn tai. tr..-n. fined n sta-caro Co-o extras rarj o. ran tyres A: Tra. or y 23 000 '"n Su.t n-ca' buyer a: c - $4399 1MV806 ROBERT A -LAN TOYGT4. BURWCOD DIVISION 11 -r Bj-;3-3 HW. . B.. A4MI. lit 4153. LMCT 2455 turoo rr.ass, r-.e.ri. A 1 ee'.t offe- ' T'Y.'0f CWeiNA-'TT " CB'U auto. TOVoTA CORONA Stat or Wagor .u... .i.w.. . . n , t g -n:,-',. .-eg 42.000 icm ?':t?!'.ot-.'L.' ' " Z:"'"'-V ? rac. Syesam green ,mm.-. r. " .,,L Jio ONO PI 4 19 2299 ee . 12 nths -eg 19 300 c. 26 5435 e.en ng .-r. $5300 ONO P- 90 !o35 TOYOTA 69 C ow Sed 6 J ui r: . . r i fl e: 0 0 a. 74 B-Acr, Rd P.-vai f - pi ---.a . .- TOYOTA CORONA SE 1975 cots. T-oa- eo;o r-;.o' AUTOMATIC SEDAN IN EX- :vr?., RWC Tei 4. 7492 $95 SSk.'STue. ,-r CONDITION TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 1976: THROUGHOUT SWB S T 3S .003 i-r. Po.- n .in.i r-. o.ncn. wneels -r.o-.tns refl ne ex-ausi 4-:.. $4490 ONO AH 23 7674 - CO r.o . S?Q4.?7 AH QOS719 TOYOTA CEL1CA IVB039 It-n-.a.. S389S $19 W. No oep E50 5000 -MCT 1254. TOYOTA Cdro-4 M II Rad.c. cass Good ci.-.d : $3230 ONO R-n 48 2432 TOYOTA COROLLA SE. 73 moo. Yei.ow-nac-r r-m Radio Ca"-peti. $1925. P-. 783 6862. TOYOTA "70 Corona VGC tnr -Out. Priv 1695 94 4655 TOYOTA 77 CELICA MAN L SAC F r.. -. A-ite triT.. m i ve:t s r.ert. tr--on y 21.000 .-r- 12 -ntn. rec A atard-d Ce'ica extral, i.iit ..ew .ar buyers. $6959 IUD-006 ROBERT ALLAN TOYOTA. B JRWOOj DrviiiON K .raM H-QUMiv Burwood 28 4153 LMCT 245S, TOYOTA CORONA AUT3 MK 2 4 75 AS NEW OW M-GE ALL EXTRAS GOING OVERSEAS MUST SELL PRIV SALE -ST TO SEE WILL BUY AT $3950 OR ACCEPT BEST OFFER pT PING 30 1605 tan TOYOTA CORONA 1974 SEDAN ' WILL LELL BY PU8LIC AUCTION TONIGHT AT 7 30 MIDTOWN AUTO AUCTIONS 33 A BECKETT ST MELBOURNE. 347 3530 TOYOTA LANDCRUISER SWB. AUTHORISED Hardtop. 1974 Ex:e aorw. yes. ajK. fue: ra-, r.W nurj. rrjof ra;k. ra.o. leater tow-r;ar tieavy duty TOYOTA CORONA s-t Wag.i r'ry iL;,fL;.-??, 1 ewer: 75. nan . 4 o: f IEG165 T-.s $ 80- '1 o99 6872 ve. "-as tu' -e-.. -i-.t- and ras .r w - . . . . Co.. Only 38.300 k-r-i Fi" ..' gvnsrr. nu-.c. .tn t.ory :r -r. ext'-s .r. ' a.r :ord . a '4tc I a e til ee at sasu. iuo pi 1 a-r. LMCT 3195 , LE MANS TOYOTA ' 1547 Dandenong Rc. dane-ar.. 1 5590S28 S680C33. I TOYOTA MK 1! Sed IK M 556 I Po.r wn.te d.KC. none :n: . -lb nr a-, tann. ste-eo $6000 798 6452. as-- for Leor.. TOYOTA CROWN Fj , up i ted A-o W.go. KH B 568 RWC Needs toy uo. $1350 L 593 F T-.r-r 83 2413 TOVOTA CELICA. 1971-72 ve:-! oai. int -ir.y extras. 1 oeaut .ond anv te:. Laoy owner.. RWC. $5600 ONO. Pnone r.'. 634 421 1 S CO.e:ro , TOYOTA COROLLA. P VAN. . ' GOOD WORKHORSE IKH49S. i RWC AND GUAR S1495 MID MELBOURNE MOTORS, i 329 0223. LMCT 3191 TOYOTA COROLLA SW.. 74. 12 ' mths reg . brand ne M.cftelm. -adl'c.. -ecor- motor. air cond.- I $2995 Te 232 6917. Afte- 6 301 TOYOTA COROLLA. 1 owner. 74-Tljd. Ye.OW Perf. cond I Rado'ass. se-v .e oooVs-l $2950 Pi S601597 i TOYOTA CrOn 2600 SE 1972.1 Rao.o ' :a.-fr oae paver rad. a s. Good ;;nd . reg. 1 1 78. RWC: oar TRIUMPHS TRIUMPHS AND MORE TRIUMPHS VOLKSWAGEN CAMPERS AND T VNS. VOLVO 74 new 'It. Auto Must r,.JOCJyi pffi?"- ser today, one own.: $4500. L. CaT.-jer.aii .800. ora.-ge. 598. Fin., trade. 813 2433. 63 SoS-iV C'7Ti"- I'97. ICR- Fu ly in-uorted Westphalia 'VOLVO. Nov. 1973. DL man. sea., Caxser, $7495 "estpna.u , owner 32,ooo mis Ec. ;ond! VW Caxoer. 2000. H.-Todoer' 9,00 ONO. 419 1458 evenings. Wa.tserer deluxe, with apjrox. Jif , . . . rw.e tne normal Lisn .r,:,-- VOLVO .44GL. late 72 In-.mac. IOC-397: $7795 . regular service and ma.nter,a--ce. Ko.t.d.. 1800, red wih camper-' V'-3- ra.a:s. must seii; S3795.: : uti roof ready tor the na-tdv- P ease pnore 211 7850. Tan. IPM-203- $5395 VOLVO 164 Sed.. 70. excell. WANTED TO BUY KomDi 2000. 1977. fully .m- nd.. eir. radio, s.-radiais. full Good c.ear. :ate mode: used fur ported. ex-Voiicswaoen exe.-jtiva -rA9-;S4150. 211 6076. Best p-ice m Mecourne Ph Rocl or.-.en. radio ITV-240: $6995. VOLVO 74 Auto.. 164E. with. Garo ner now. 791 1133. LMCT 44 WANTED TO 1UY. AH Maxes and Models. B. S STILL WELL FORD. 600 Ca-nberwsi: Rd . HARTWELL. 299 1233. LMCT 770. TOYOTAS TOYOTA DEA.LR seats and rad. 3 a I uxury exti I S2D50 ONO Pon 762 3952 I TOYOTA CORONA CS '76 ye- ow. brow- int. tr:-n. ece .. :o c. I 35.003 ,:n-.. $5200 P-.oie. " 267 ?044. AH S69 8449. TOYOTA Corona M. II, 72 Inis I Couoe. Reg. Jan.. "79. a- new, I n.g .-r.t-. a:r :ond . pr.-.-.: $4530. Ke. as nave positive. y tre nest ra-ge of tr. .aiues ns-t .-. the heart of tne city. Look ar fiis :ite-up! TRIUMPH DOLOMITE AUTOMATIC CAAQ 572 in white. Tr-s .s a Kelens executive rar. $4950 TRIUMPH STAO (ADD 779 m ted. $10,503 TRIUMPH 2500 -'S" Marual riXA 271 in brown. Fitted a;r :o-Oitionir.g. $9730 TRIUMPH 2500 TC AUTOMATIC CtQT 846i green. Has power steer, na TRIUMPH TC AUTOMATIC flRL SS51 In Wh.te ro-i-SHRDL LU nU -U nU rU W1 Power Steer. r. Soee: from a Lev;id emecut .e S7500 : . TRIUMPH 2330 TC AUTOMATIC riDA 944: v.-itn a.r conditioning VOLKSWAGENS, ana power steerlne. S65G0 Go.l IOM-300. with radio cas-. TRIUMPH DOLOMITE' sette and produceo before 27A r A as 722; as d-i.en by oo::jtion cortrol: $5295. exeuti.e Or y 3500 kirn. 1-. Passat 1600 Sedan. 197 re-cr-o-o'ate matching -.elor' 27 A ILL-178: $4495. trrr.. 56763. Passat TS Coupe. Red. rad'o, TRIUMPH TC AUTOMATIC 'IRL. stereo, cloth tr-m. fu.i ir.stru-5951. in wh.te power steer-I mentation. 27.000 krm (17.000 Knir-hi Ixrrn .h. ',.-. air-cond 4700 98 5985 nni o.i.-e. 1 owner. LVK-159- VOLVO 144 auto.. "73. urgent S459S. a : sae: $4200 ONO 729 9318. : vw Van. 1972. white over'VOLVO 2A4 GL 1975, 1 owneri red nemir.a- exceil. eondi- extras: S5950. ONO. 89 1071.; t'On IJN-o49: $3250. VW AUDI VW AUOI VW AUDI.: - " " 1 ' a auvw cc. I m I -1 auui rux AU u. TUAU u, - urin -rn biiv i- - T-i.' ?es special Sa990: -eed oood cars. Too prices pad. AUTOMOBILES PTY LTD. D -.-is. o: Lane Motors. 17 Lonsoa.e St.. Dandenong. 277 31S3 954: $5495. Carnoer Vanfc Vans and Mlcro-i Ma ry eras iow krn. $4490.1 LM1"TBuRWOOD CHRYSLER. Todays new Camper Special I.! iTor S4490. 291B,T0-a HwJH SmSOW a VW Suni-ner Catrtomobile. en- AUDI 1O0GL. LU02S4. wanteo Bint No. 060618: S95-90. p!js: 1 owner, low Vm. 1S990. WANTED-:i ,- on the road cost. Also VWi AUDI FOX IUF913 I F'it Zj0 Sed-?LW. a Sopru mooes. Manuals and Auto- 7000 "rn stereo SS99ol "tB sood engine, suitable for ! S1S00 sa,-ings on MW Bnse WANTED. MERCEDES COMPACTS AUDI 5E EXECUTIVE. j MODELS. S8-74 CASH ON Fully optioned. pTls elet. suh-l J"fnspI , e,EAf, j-H? HP roof a-.-ail for 'mmed deii-v- PAIDUT. L598. 613 24a. erv due to cancellation. Comeiv'A.NJc' sh for cars. reg. or and inspect this magnificent RWC not important. Surtaoje lor. nach. Test drh,e arranoed tor' resa e or wrecKms. DAREBtN oen purchase-: S18.695. plus; ROAD WRECKERS. 497 2455. on read charges 'WANTED. JAGS. Mk. MS Cash. For further information rega-d-' waiting Hire purchase paid out. Ing new and used Audis. con-- SI 3 2433. tact the Audi Specialists WANTED TO BUY. Good used cars SMITH'S OF MENTONE. Any model, cash. Contact -P. 1 NEPEAN HIGHWAY. Moslev. 59S 7611. LMCT 1281. 93 2281 WANTED. Vo'ks. Sedans and Komo.s. anv cond. Best onces mooi.e Can-.oers. SANDERSONS CAMPERVAN CENTRE. 85 Cameer-ve:: Rd.. Hawth. E. 82 2281. LMCT 3044 1 mi'esV 1GD-356: $4495 TRIUMPH DOLOMITE MANUAL Cals--"- 19-6 Automatic W..iyw MICRO BUS ISCOce. 74. 4 Tn.s TOYOTA 77 AUTO CRESSIDA 5COAN is only 11 months 'TORANA LX VS. MAG WHEELS.: ifeVS Juto" -rtcn re oe-ZZ K'. . RADIALS. GREEN W.TH BLACK j viojr i ' Power fteer ? a . KAI-ut iiKirci di.i 3--I-.I nar-nn. rrei.aa evtran $1500 jr-der -ew ca- 1st, paid. 338 4919. LMCT 3S80- omatlc, low kilo--. radio: S429S. , AUTHORISED LfcNTRE. WANTEO ' $5495 $103 DEP OR $40 WKLY. IMS-943 PH 49 4761. AH 850 9006 L 101 I i TORANA 1975 SL 2850 : quoAe oeige tr.m 5 new; i raaials. full 12 rr.tns reg. Pr .ced to se.: at $4150 ONO. 758 6364 or 97 2310. after 5 pm any i-w-car buver- ony $7236.- 1VG001 ROBERT ALLAN TOYOTA. BURWOOD DIVISION 117 8-u-wood Hw S.irwood, I 28B 4155. LMCT 2455. TORANA LC 1600 SED LVD975 TOYOTAS. RED. AS NEW. 12 M 1 Ma. KCU : HTR . RWC. AND GUARANTEE CAN FIN. S2395 . MID MELBOURNE MOTORS. 329 0233 LMCT 3191. TORANA. 1974. 2853. Woman driver, aop'ox 61.000 ms. oerf. ; int. and ext.. purp:e color. long reg.. rad. a. Best offer to $3500. 1 P.-.c-e 233 7290. TORANA XU-1. Bathurst mod. i s.-owroom cond. Steel be.ted i radiais. new exnaust system LR I 17a gall, petrol tar.- Must ' se l: $2790. Pi. 439 1772. I TORANA. 72. LC. 4 cy... 4 i door, low m.ieage, ard .ao.a.s, I carpet, brakes: $1 700. Ph. 288 8724 AH U-rna.-x.ed SI- v B.-jv du.o. b:a- ( -nte-.or. 5--.peed manuai t'a .s.. 1 frt extras, n: mag. wneo.a. I LFY533 A great sports Per- I !o-mer at 1 no-n. na: $3776. B 5 STILLWCLL FORD, . 630 Caxoe-we' Road. " HARTWELL 1 299 1233. LMCT 770 I TOYOTA CORONA Ajto Sedan. I 1CO-075. Po.a- white duco. Con- . trast. int . T975 mod . T-bar a-to.. ca.-oi.. bucket seats, radio. 1 a . luxury extras inc.. factory I a.r-rond.. long reg imrraL. 1 CO--1 SMcia. today $4190. , LMCT 3195. F n. aval! We na-.e r s-k i Corona LE manc TOYOTA I Ce ica. Crown Stn Wag. 78 Hopkins Sr.. Footsrray I and a 4WD Trav. No nep 689 2944 539 5959. -I to apprvd buye-s. 1969 TOYOTA '.ROWN SE A-j-.o. 1972. . Co'ona. IRW-832: $1313. LGK 693. One carclu O" er. ! 1975 Ce ica. LYN-438; 13.300 m s. rut se. .e r. story, 1 $4450. 1970 C-own Wag.' S-r.irt Lo.-oon Tar- -iuco. F::rh- KNJ-570: $2475. 74 4WOI went tr.n. it wood be rt-em- y I IIS-846: $4450. We hn.., hard to hr.d a hne- examr e: 1 a trace. ! $4595. L444 : CAMBERWELL CAR CENTRE. ; BURWOOD CHRYSi-ER 550 Rrersda a Rd Camcerwell1 45 Burwood Hignwav. Su-wod. ' 813 2453. LMCT 598. 288911: AH. 873 1. 7.1 TOYOTA CORONA LtO. SI Sa 1974. CROWN ; 77 oar.d rv-A ond.. 15.388 v.i w. r. T.n.i na.. -n-marked bamooo exterior parchment tn-n, $8750. ce . :ond . ---dials, carps.. 12 rr.tns. -eg. RWC: oinu. g: 633 oon. 'it-tP.WaiS 01 m I iial.L' - ' Mi TORANA 68 SL 2 Dr.. d sc brks, ; new mtr.. radio Ttr. 3 mths. reg.. RWC. S1475 ONO. Ph. 1 509 161S. I TORANA LH MAN. '74 SED. ADE-856. Yellow' black trim, low mis. long reg. as new SaloO Ph. 870 9766 LMCT 1136. TOYOTA Coro' a Wagon. 1974. LVB-138. wagon in flaw es coid., unmarked blue du:o, contrast, int., radio, heat er, carps.. Marcn. 79 rea.. anv mech. -est welcome. RWC. Fully guaranteed: S3490. Low dep.. terms. LMCT 61 S. ALEX AG NEW MOTORS. 85 Witif Horse Rd.. Blackburn. 877 5091: AH 87a 6858. MELBOURNE CITY COUNCIL ELECTRIC SUPPLY DEPARTMENT Orfers will be received unM 10.00 am Wednesday. 3rd May 1978 for the Purchase end Removal of the following vehicles Specification No. 21 E78. 1 Holden Kingswood HQ Sedan. Auto Reg. No. L2B750 1974 Reg.sf-atio:. 4? 793km 4 - Holden Kingswood HQ Staron Sedans Auto 9ea. No L2A052 1 974 Registration 51 047krn Reg. No LZ0039 1974 Registration 39.801s.-n Rec. No LYEK'? 1974 Registration 31 2b0krn Reg. No. LZD 040 1974 Reg-straticn 33 372m 3 Hoiden Kingswood HJ Station Sedans Auto Reg. No. ICD 112 1975 Registration 43 391rn Reg, No. ICD 134 1975 Reaistration 45 698km Reg. Na ICD 118 1975 Registration 39 167km 1 - Valiant VJ Station Sedan Auto Reg. No. IFF 225 1975 Registration 27 554km 1 - Valiant VK Station Sedan - Auto Reg. No IIT984 1975 Registration 33 490km. 3 - Leyland Mini Vans - Manual Reg. No IIF873 1975 Registration 14 632km Reg.No.IIF 867 1975 Registration 15900km. Reg. No. IIF 872 1975 Registration 12 178km 1 Dodge Utility 950 ko. Reg. No KSB 602. 1970 Registrator) 40.901 miles 1 International Tip Truck 2600kg. Reg. No HYC 267. 1964 Registration 81.090km. 1 Dodge Tip Truck 2550kg. Reg.No.JFC 702. 1965 Registration S9 SS6miies 1 Albion Tip Truck 6550 kg Reg.No.JJC 054. 1965 Registration 57 310miles 1 -Albion Tip Truck - 6600 kg 1966 Unregistered 79.481mi!es 1 Dodge Ladder Truck 1750kg. igajt Unregistered. Working height 40 feet 63 734mi:es 1 Dodge Ladder Truck - 1850 kg. I960 Unregistered. Working height 40 feet. 67 1 62mi!es 1 - Nuffield Tractor cw Cable Winch - 24 HP Unregistered Inspection can be made and Tender Forms obtained at me Electric Supply Department Garage 623 Lonsdale St-eet Melbourne between 8.00 am and 5.00 pm - Weekdays. 800 am and Noon Saturdays Enquiries Telephone 63 0481 extension 464 f H ROGAN Chief Executive Off-, or and Town Clerk. - STATION WAGONS HILLMAN HUNTER AUTO WAGON. '71. 34.000 mis. T-oar. carps-bucket seats, ex:, cond.. only S2690. KXC-102. DATSUN 120Y WAGON. '75. Kalahari Tan with contrast trim. Unmarked cond. Caros.. lam. windscreen, bucket seats. 4 on fir.. A.. Only S3995. IHM-095. TOYOTA COROLLA. 71 4 dr. wagon, a neat littfe wagon, fully imported, comes with radio, caros.. bucket seats, tc. Only S349S. LKY- - 293 RENAULT 12 GL WAGON. 75. All Renault tux. incl. tacho.. Michelin radiais chrome roof rack. 4c Bright yellow with contrast trim. Only S4495. IXW-290. DATSUN 1S0B AUTO WAGON T-bar trans., first reg. Feo. '77. immac. metallic green vith quartz trim. Will . defii-nitety suit new car buyer. One previous private owner. Only 55995. IUB-209. HOLSUI HX S WAGON. 78. Comes with man. .trans, and In excell. cond. A low km. low priced wagon for only $4995.. IPY420. SABY ROSS MOTORS 1SS White Horse Road, Blackburm LMCT 43C7 7 0SS3 7627241 AFT. HRS. 8501 053 F-n. Grecian Gold auco with Tan int.. 1: T-bar auto, low km. fitted with many extras. 1 2 mths. warranty, i Priced to sell at only $4490.-1 Reg. Nov. '71. IOG448. LMCT T22. FERN TREE SULLY DATSUN. ! 758 4444. I TOYOTA CROWN, fully lmpJ. acito wagon. KHB-668. Bucket seats, -rear dr. child's dicky, seat In rear. Seats 8. Only $1975. Can fin. will trade. I CAMBERWELL CAR CENTRE I 550 Riversdale Rd.. C well. COROLLA C$ AUTOMATIC SI 3 2455. LMCT 593. TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 1973. On. el the Japanese wt.-.ners.i T,r,?Y Dropsides 4-spd. box.. I IQK 145. is In smartest red and- L'&Si6-, An?r 22- de0' "'v 1 has done o ily 11.700 km Kcl- S-790 left to fin. Very orig. , lows na-.e 11 va.ue-onced at only "'I" v:'.'2-. . S4'j9o Bob Ness !S tne mar. 10, contact just Phone 66 6042. KELLOWS OF CUSSELL ST. LMCT 343. CAMBERWELL CAR CENTRE. 500 Riversdale Rd.. C'well. 813 2433. LMCT 598. TOYOTA CORONaTse AUfo: TtT?!?TA. CORONA SE SEDAN '751, IBN090 ; lGH 76- 1 owner, blue con-;! Th: excellent well cared for' vinyl rf..4-pn-fioor. b.'J sedan oners many luxury tea-: i"" ir?,.'&''inlZst dnv now;i! tures plus es economy of small I SM"- LMCT 3040. I car motoring Any test. VACC RON PETERS ( or RACC, we'eome. - 1231 ToorIk Rd., Burwood. ! $4390 i 299 2882. AM 874 2173. ' Phone now for a home or 'TOYOTA SUPER SALOON, first'l work demo and ask about ourl reg. May. '77, 18.000 km., ab--l easy terms finance from S100. saiuteiy as new. twin air-condi- dep. to approved buyers. ; tioner. radio cassette, elec. win- B S. STILLWELL FORD. ! dows. self-ocking doors, every:' 6C9 V.ctoria Street. 1 conceivable extra. Replacement RICHMOND. I cost S13.100. will sell 42 0414. LMCT770. j Finance or lease avail. 24 7389: 1 TrSVOTA rnPnUA TC i-VAvL,Ait.- munr I n o ' CROWN 7S SE Secan automatic outstanding conoit on. 34 700 n . es oniy Un.-narked cream exter.or witn matching tr.m red Marcr. 79 83999. LLH 357. CELICA Coupe Aaol. arjjnrt n In ev. resp-e.t nd xecn perf. 27 776 km only (17.252 ml. Unb.en-.. ..hoc. ext. rr,ch tr;m. rC9 Sep:. 7R Without dojbt tne best Cetic of tn'. tvse ava,;. tor la.f1 INSPECT, invhted t LY W 715. CELICA Auto. Coupe, pe-reet cond. and unmarked duco exter.or and Interior radio Low rm.eage. S41V9. LNO 249. CELICA LIFTiACK MANUAL. 1977 22.000 km. only. Res. March 79. Whrte-tan S69S. IOU 000. COROLLA 75 Automatic, Bamboo la color with buff trbn, 28 590 km. only 17.6XS miles), radio, brand new cond. S4299. IFO 286. COROLLA 77 Liftback Sedan, almost new cond. thr'out. 10.000 km. Radio cass.. reg. May 78. Absolutely unmarked exterior and Interior indeed a delightful car. S5550. IUOSS1. CRESSIDA i 1977 Auto. sed. 29,000 I km. Cream, beige. Brand I new cond. S699. VC 001. CORONA 197S AUTO. 14,800 mis. only. Reg. Dec. 78 Unmarked Cream r Parchment S4999, 1IS954 TOYOTA CORONA SE Man., new I, Dec.. -73. t owner, low miles, lj EC. going o'-ieas. must se :. - S3" 50. P.n. 94 4671. 'TOYOTA NEW A'l mooe 3-i&. Finance o- 'ease i-.a::.i I PAKENHAM TOYOTA. L 2587 I C055: 411711 AH Melb. 974977' I I TOYOTAS WANTED Must be , goon LMCT 585. Ph 972305-6 . I ! VOLKSWAGEN MICROBUSES. IGP-045. 1 owner. 1S75. 1800 TRIUMPH 2500 auto saloon 1975.1 with nomina' km. Has a cassette I EH 637 T'bar auto, air cone. 1 owner, showroom condition ; thr out. olive g-een duco. many-other extras. Drives like new on ; road. This luxury saloon la prtd-to sell ar S5890. Terms or lease. LMCT 616. ALEX AGNEW MOTORS. 85 Wn.te Horse Rd Blackburn. 877 5091. AH S7S 6858. player and will sell today only tor b79a. IHK-137. Is a 2000 cc Micro- bus bad. ft , .. uctjnr 1 afv' full iy, htaf.. In It-re.. I wlnoscreen privately usea. many extras incl. frcnt roof rack, curved lam. Ra : .H,nJrtf E. tyres, ic. Rusty brown co'or. LMCT 3044. 1 Any test welcome. This week's ssecia'. S5490. S200 deo.. SS2.33 wkly. 100 PC warranty. LMCT 3195. LE MANS TOYOTA 1547 Dandenone Rd.. Oakleieh. 5690828. 5680933-i MGB 67. gearbox, and crash- 878 BB6Z. WANTED. Good used cars. A'l models. Finance paid out. Contact B. Becker. 792 0495. L. 1 1 S WANTED. BMW ALL MAKES. CASH WAITING. HP PAID OUT. 813 2433 WANTEO TO BUY Good Small Cars Try us. LMCT 585. Ph. 97 2305 6. WANTED. VWs. any oroer. 354 9883. 233 A517. us. witn on;y 41.000 km. VW kuS TOYOTA i ,Jrt!:5 WJth , To. :'.ner ae.uxe conversion. . Imme- wpekims. IS 60. 1961. RWC: 5575. ' fn.n'JlTRIUMPH SPECIAL I ased estlali Reg Dec RWC. IVLWIA 1 I S2945 Ph. 89 2797 or 336 2327' - Ui-i, TOYOTA Co.-o.Ia Auto. Die. 68 - wmte. 49.500 gen. m.ies. Reg. No. '78. Excel!, cond. First to; see wi: buy: 11450. Ph. 4528101 I TOYOTA CORONA 2000 SE 74 i Sed.. man. Orlq. owner. RWC;, . 35450. Pnone 830 7522 BH ; 700 168E AH. ' TOYOTA CELICA. h-ue. man.. Nov. I I' '76. S57O0. ONO. 32.000 km. - I Ring 65 2291 or after 5. 32 TRIUMPH ctack- Eg. 1976. 2500 TC man. o drive. a,r cond.t.. 55 Camberweil R4.. Hwth k. 82 22S1. LMCT 3044. VOLKSWAGENS WANTED. AuSis Wanted Subarus Wanted. Top oric Diid now for pjr-ctit. or trade. F.narue contracts paid out. Trade inquiries welcome. Contact Mr. Dav:d Nutter at: SANDERSONS MOTORS, Create de.-i.-erv. Hire ourchase or esse can be arranged, contact ; Ross Thomson today on 91 12S1 : ar ca;: p ar.d "rspect ";t PiT-STOP TOYOTA TRUCK CENTRE. 170 Chapei St. (Cnr. Briahton Rd.). St. Kilda. LMCT 33S2. WRECKING, EJ Station Wag., suit weCKiiS- 540. JiSO ek. seoan, S20. Phone 380 J19S. 'Al"'?- ""ii,, S5 Ca.-noerwe,; Rd.. Haw 82 2281. LMCT 3044. ard d.ico. IM 1-525. SMITHS OF FAIRTIELD. i I..858 48 2154: AH SSL-II.J1.-0 .' LeA-isham Rd.. Windsor. I, TOYOTA COROLLA Sed.. '70, wrnte duco. PB radio, good cond. I 11 mtris.' red. sale. 458 1262 S2000. Private TOYOTA COROLLA 74. S2S99. ,1 580 dep. $16 wkly. Radio. LUV-' 163. L. 3331. Ring now jir'WYOTiS"" t 2000 Mai.. On:y S149S. i stock, inci. KCS40S. others -.! Dolomite. CAMBERWELL CAR CENTRE. S50 Rlverstia-ie Rd., Carrrberwei;. 813 2433 LMCT 538 TR ilJM PM-1 9718 73 P.I, KTS0 35 Pin.shed in aoua blue duco. tan trim, bucket seats. 4 speed manual trans. A.i luxury appointments. :ons rea.. nominal miles. Priced to s at S2999. Finance ava.ab.t. LMCT 628. PM. 4SO 3177. JS3 Bell St., Preston . , . ,,. , 564. Fireball red duco. contrast.; 1977 4-DR. AUTO. SEDAN. 1TP400. Reai luxury tam;lv; int.. 5-spd. man. trans., full in-'l transport. Features air-cond.. T- struments carps., bucket seats. bar auto., rad.o-cassette system, i rad:3. Special today. $3390. cioth trim, bucket seats, heated! LMCT 3195. Fin. avail. ! iais. ic. Travelled o.-iiy 17.000 78 Hopkins St.. Footscray ii 19 uamDBrWBIl nOlfl. ROBERT ALLAN TOYOTA Hawthorn Division ANSIS MOTORS THE SUBARU PEOPLE Large range available. Immediate delivery. Easy finance. Top trade in. Cnr. Dandenong and. Hunting dale Roads. OAKLUCH LMCT 158 S11 5899, AH 787 1917 km and reg. to March, 1979 i 889 2944 . 689 5959. I This represents excellent alueiTOYOTA CROWN Sedan. KSF-ji u&uw. Mas ivi ian oaxter. B. S. SAILLYVELL FORD, 88 Cotham Road. KEW. 861 9123. LMCT 770. TOYOTA LAND CRUISER SWB ft ip- '76- IOU950. On:y 40.000 kms. s new tyres, extras Incl. elec. winch, bull bar. tow bar, SW hubs, steel roof rack, fin. In green duco. has been rust treated, elso cass. radio, would suit new 4-wheel-drlve buyer. This -week's special. $6990, S500 dep., SS2.4S wkly. 100 pe warranty. LMCT 3195. MANb TOYOTA 1547 DllUlMinna OM 1 . 1.. l .. 5690828. ' " Sfisoslft. 939. Wii-iow green duco. sadd.e; int.. 1970 mod., man. trans, with 1 eiec. o'drlve. good reg.. low mis., I well-cared-for cond. Special cond. ;i $1990. LMCT 3195. Fin. avail . LE MANS TOYOTA. '! 78 Hopkins St.. Footscray. 889 2944. 689 5959..'. Hawthorn, S13 28T7 LMCT 2455 I TOYOTA COROLLA SEDAN, traoa.. oo. Love.y appealing small car with the comfort and extras of 44"82a 'miiel' DEMANDS W SPECTION. RACV or VACC test ! welcome, rinance available on i easy terms. Ask for a no obliga-: tion home or. work demo. B. S. STILLWELL FORD. (09 Victoria Street. I RICHMOND. 42 0414. LMCT 770. ! TOYOTA '75 MAN SE CORONA; STATION WAGON. Fin. in green with contrast, trim, radial tyres. 1173 reg.. 40.000 km. This veh. has been regularly serviced. Priced for this week only. S4999. ITM-242. ROBERT ALLAN TOYOTA. , BURWOOD DIVISION. , 117 Burwood Hiehway. Burwood.: 28 4153. LMCT 2455. 8A1D TOCJIGOT flT7.30P.C3. All popular makes ond modolt will bo told by gonuino public Auction. Trade int raposssssiont and private cars. At U Alackatl Straot. City. (Betwaan Sveanston and Elizabath streeisl. Ampla free parking 3 doom up at Westside Parking Lot. INSPECTION ETWEN 3 and 7.30 PM puonn 3G7 35C3 CROWN 77 brand new cond.. 13,088 km. on:y. 12 mths. reg. Unmarked bamboo exterior with parchment trim. 5S750. CROWN '73 SB Secan automatic. Outstanding condition. 34.700 miles only, unmarked cream exterior with matching trim. rfl. Marcn 79. $3999 LLK3S7. CELICA Auto. Coupe pertect cond. ano unmarked exterior and Interior, radio, low mileage. $4199. LND 249. CELICA LIFTBACK MANUAL. 1977 22.000 km on.y Reg. March '79. White-tan. 56999. IUO 00B. COROLLA '7S automatic, bamboo in color with buff trim. 28.590 Km., oniy (i7,b.3 mncs?. Radio, brand new cond., $4299. IFO 286. COROLLA 77 Liftback sedan, almost new condition thr'out.. 10,000 km. -Radio, cass., reg May '78. Absolutely unmarked exterior and Interior, indeed a delightful car $3530. I.UO-&S1. CRESSIDA 1977 But. sed., 29,000 km. Cream beige. Brand new cond.. S6999. IVG 001. CORONA 1975 AUTO. 14.800 mis only, reg. Dec. '78. Unmarked cream parchment $4999, IIS 954. ROBERT ALLAN TOYOTA Hawthorn Division, 45 Camberweil Road, Hawthorn. 13 28TT. TRIUMPH DOLOMITE 197a. IRA-492. 8400 mis. Alter paying 101. deo. oniy S5550 left to nan:e. 100 warranty. RWC. CAMBERWELL CAR CENTRE 550 Riversda:e Rd.. C'weli. 813 2453. LMCT SOB. I UP roof, new radiais. etereo. siav. I:TRTUM1H 2500 PI. 1972. MlKrTl I ' tf.'f 1 "JS S395- I AUTO. YELLOW SADDLE TRIM 'Mt'.c5s 21 1 7850. LONG REG.. RADIAL TYRES. UlSt. BRAKE.. I-ULL aCATINCa, RADIO. ETC.: $4295, S100 DEP. OR $29 WEEKLY. IJA-26S. KEN FAULKNER MOTORS. LMCT 1504. 0 Maroondah Hwy.. Rjngwood. 870 7000. AH. B48 7141. VOLKSWAGENS WANTED. Outright sale or as a trade-in. we need Beeties. Goiht, commercial veJiic'es. Ring Bob Piymin POUND MOTORS. VW Sales and Service. 116 Leicester St.. Carlton. 347 68 2. LMCT 353. VOLKSWAGEN MICROBUS, '70, dark gold. Has had new motor. 1976. Extras inci. tow-bar. butt-bar, radio, sun visor, stone guard. Really good cond. thr'out. Has jusr been completely serviced and new battery: S5450. B.H.. 67 4980: A.H., 751 1238. VOLKSWAGEN Campervan. -71. lui.y equipped, factory equip, pop : RADIO. HTR.. AS-NEW COND. !l LOW MLS.. LEJ559; $3695. l MID MELBOURNE MOTORS. II 329 0233. CMCT 3191. I TRIUMPH STAG. First reg. Dec. , '77. Auto, trans. Blue ext., tan '! trim, 6500. Sill under war- j ranty. Suit new car buyer: II S14.000. BH 783 1621. AH l (0S9J 78 2810. . TRIUMPH TR3A 1961 registered :1 December 1978. wire wheels. overdrive. good condition l throughout; $2750. Ph. 88 2411 I after 5.30 pm. Top Triumphs. Bottom prices. The fabulous 2500S. Pwr. Stg Stereo. IRS Alloy wheels. And hundreds under the competition. Unmatched trade-in valuations. But hurry. . Cnr Dandenone b Warrixal : Rds Oakleigh Ph 5680888 reco. enoin. mrh- AI KnA good but needs little work. Must Sell. Oct. rea.. RWC: $1300 cash. Rosebud (059) 853711. VOLKSWAGEN CAMPER 1976 2 litre Sunliner conversion, immac. cond. Suit new van buyer. Many extras. $8250. Ph. 26 3S59. VOLKSWAGEN SED.. '67. 1300. Deluxe, respraved, roadworthv: IJ000 ONO. Priv. sale. Rlno O I 9 .DDI VOLKSWAGEN 1S0O Stat Wag., mech. exc, RWC. S760. VOLKSWAGEN. Ear.y mod. good cond. Drives well. $575. ONO. 2 Katrine St. Nth. Blackburn. VOLKSWAGEN CAMPER 73. all accessories: $4650. 479 2S26. lExt 62. AH 509 S420. VOLKSWAGEN S. WAG. 10CO I KJC 478. Motor needs attention ! S950. LMCT 1619. 20 1126. vuLnsnAbtn Micronus 2000. 1576. 33.000 kms., 1 owner, as new cond.: $7500. 514853. VOLVO 264 6L AUTO. ABt-mo. 1975. Full service history with this one-owner vehicle. Would suit most fastidious buyer. Duco Is metallic blue with matching leather trim. All options incuding air conditioning, stereo. &c. Idea executive transport. ST 1 .500. HENLVS VOLVO. L. 3200. 478 Riversdale Road. CAMBERWELL JUNCTION. Telephone 82 3331. VOLVO t4. Full service trtstory. T-bar auto-' matlc, alr-conditloning. power steering, white with maroon interior. In good condition throughout. February '79 reg.; $3950. TRIUMPH 2500 STAG & TR7 "More luxury car for your money" gi'tl-ji TIT -litm VOLVO STATION WAGONS 1974 VOLVO 145 AUTO TN. ffVAfa. Pully Imported, irid. bl duco, match brown int. UCW429. sacrmceo sos9-. 1975 VOLVO 14S AUTO. STN. WAG. Fully hr.ported. light blue duco, extras. Can only be de- sennea as rmmac. tnr out. ICR444. Full price $8295. 197S Auto VOLVO 145 STAT. WAO. Alrcond. radio, tape deck, ful.y Imported. ICU210. Full srice S7495. 174 VOLVO 14S Mae. Stat. Wag. eige duco. guaranteed. Any test welcome. LZX885. Full price $7795. 197S VOLVO 14S AUTO. STAT. WAG. Only done 36,000 mis., fitted with Integrated air cond.. radio, tape deck, rear children's seat. Myelin tyres, tow bar plus 7-pin plug, plus 12 mths.' reg. Maroon duco. LTA513. S739S. 177 VOLVO 345 AUTO STN. WAG. AAY 300 demo model, fitted with air cond.. radio, tape deck, demo kms. Only SAVE SAVE ON NEW PRICE $11,800. 19S9 VOLVO 14S Ma. Slat. Wag, This nana to get stn. wag. comes to you In excell. cond. thr'out. Fully guaranteed at a lew price of S419S. IND407. FINANCE OK LEASING WELCOME WHITEHORSC MOTOBS PTY. LTD. 29S White Horse Road. Nunawadino. 7 6677, AH 870 9614, THE VOLVO PEOPLE LMCT 1541 VW VALUE STATION WAGON KIM , 044. out it goes as traded. SS90. BEETLE I Mi 400. Idea! 2nd car. S1490. 1600 L. BUG. RYT 846 Radio. 1 owner, 12 m. reg. 53490. BEETLE 75. IBZ S6. Immac Feb. rea. Soecial xeaay. -fciso. FASTBACK 73. LMW 433. 21.000 mis. Type KaaiO. Al. S4990. PASSAT 75. IFU60S. 1 owner. Serv. bks. Radio. Auto. S3S90. CHOICE OF 2 GOLF 76. I ML 929. 4 dr. Radio 'cass. Low tens, j CHOICE OF 3 KOMBI LA 77. Big eng. RunsweH. Gd hist. 53990. CHOICE OF 3 MICROBUS IED 28S. Big eng. Mech. fau:t;ess. Immac 56000. CHOICE OF 2 CAMPER IOT 675. Big eng. 12 n. reg. Radio. 1 owner. New conversion. 56990. CHOICE OF 4 SMITHS 1 Neoean Highway. MENTONE L12B1. 13 221. Registered for posting as a publication Category B and registered as a newspaper at the British Post Office. Printed and published bv WILLIAM GRAHAM BLAND, of V Beach Road, Beaumaris, for David Syme tc Co. Limited, at 25 Spencer Street, Melbourne. MB fjy c-C 40-"-t4

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