Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 27, 1955 · Page 9
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 9

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 27, 1955
Page 9
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K^wrs^ iv* b v' -: f v j •ft? T '*, HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Wednesday, April 27, 19S5 :lmto*l*mt&**m li*'* April 17,19SS .. , •mended a bill ot 16 Gr-ofle? i£± cottifhunity." I bill was returned to com hiitlee for further 3tudy after ifs Sfctortgbr, Sen WaH Allen of Chick- esh<\, charged th6 amendment BW$P, It "class legisiation and thus "unconstitutional." ! E-o* * *; fM.-* ,/ DO IT... t iiSf IN STEEL CONSTftUCf ION At««f&f$£lAlhlmgi *** "industrial BuildlttgS t^r W6ltesafcifi?<llr% Id JSj^cifleatlortS. „ .7 ." ' Con be constructed at tew east! I«n StlfiL A tQUIPMENT CO, ^torfli Moln * ALWAYS H R S T QUALITY! 4-^/ I T> i W*fr. ^ ::y ' JS STRAW HAT BAY itM-e, but\thesayPenney loWnorfe, biesides ^. . the ' ^•^&^,^f.VKX": ;.'-V: •.•<•;;•• vf^'-r'fft'- -'<.'' ; " Hope Policeman Receives 'Gcmgbuster' Award At.tHe o'pehlng of the new full-length feature "Gangbusters" at the Saenger Theatre Tuesday night;' Hope Mayor John L. Wilson, \Jr bean. Parson. Mr. Parson wbn . presented the Phillips H. Lord's Awafd of IV|erlt to City Policeman . „*.„,, , _.„_,.. , the award, as a restilt of a contest' run by the SSerider, Theatfe ' t6 Select the local .officer to receive the award for.his outstanding contribution td law enforcement. The ( <;'sor6ll presented to Mr. Pears'on reads: "The Phillips' H. Lord's "GancjbusterV Award of Merit is pre- "iented' t6 DeaH Parsdn of the Hope Police Departrheht for his outstanding contribution to Law Enforcement", and Was signed by .Thomas O'Nell, president of Mutual Broadcasting System, lnc. : , a'nd ; :; General .Tel.eradiof. Inc. , ; • • • . • ':: ..i ST. LOUIS LIVESTOCK NATIONAL TOCKYIARDS, 111. (ffl — Hogs 8,700; steady to weak; bulk choice 180-220 Ib 16.75-17.25; few decks .-choice No. Is and 2s 17.35; about lour decks at 17.5)3; 220-240 Ib 10.50-17.00; 240-270 Ib iiG.00-75; few 170-300 Ib 15.50-16.25; : J40-170 Ib 16.00-75; sows 450 Ib idown 13.75-14.75; heavier sows 1250-13.50; boars 9.50-12.50. Cattle 3,000; calves 800; about LlGHtlNG FIXTURES Protect .your eyesight and enhance the beauty of your home with correct lighting fixtures. ALLEN felfeCf ftlC CO. 114 S: Elm Phone 7-2629 Air-cooled cops with open mesh sides . . . breezy-. "..-.-'looking'' vwide sun-visor ' style " in ; raydri-dcefate ):; denim • yv i-t h genuine r.u.?. leather sweatbond. .Col.o.rs. -to match your sport to; ..,.-. ,...»,, ., ... ,-fi-f*..,, |HT BLENDED SLACKS !a»ga8ia^ ^tbady; good and low choice •ofte.r- ings largely 2000-23.00; cows utility and commercial 12.50-15.00; panners. and .cutters 10.00-12:50; bulls utility and commercial 13.5015.00; canners and .cutters 11.0013.00; good and choicn vealers 20.00-25.00; high choice and prime 26.00-28.00; commercial and good 16.00-20.00. POULTRY AND PRODUCE CHICAGO W) — Live poultry firm on hens, steady on balance; re ceipts in coops 294 yesterday 587 coops, 94,012 Ib; f.o.h. paying' prices unchanged; heavy hens 24-27; light hens 16-17; broilers or fryers 29-31; old roosters 12-12;5; caponettes 4243.5; ....... -,.." Butter Steady; receipt 1,248,642; ,wholesale. buying prices unchanged; 93 score AA 56.75; 92 A 5.6.75.; 90'B 54.5; 89 C-54; cars 90 B 55; 89 ( C 54.. . . .•••••: '. • Eggs weak; receipts 37,570; .•wholesale buying prices unchanged to l /2 low.er; U.S. large, whites 7C per cent and over A's 37; 60-69.9 per cent A's 36.5; mixed 36.5; mediums 34; U. S. standards 4; dirties 32.'5; check's 31.5; current receipts $5. Wheat closed 7 a lower to 1 cent higher. May $2.10'.,-... corn unchanged to, lower. May $1.43 J n- Va oats 1/4- lower. May 73' 2 . rye unchanged to J 4 higher. May fefeW YORK dottON NfiW-.YORk (to — Cotto'n futures were irregular today. Trade and New Oi-le'afis buying brought moderate' early gains, but the ma hot later eased on scattered liquid! alien. Switching from nearby May, to later months slackened, with only one May tiahsfciable notice issued at New York and one at New . Orleans. Late afternoon prices were 30 cents a bale higher to $1.10 lower than the previous close. May 33.53, 33.75 anS October 3.89. and soybeans 1 to 1 lower, May $2.50-$2.50'/ 4 . Soybean oil: 11 "2rtieal: 57.00-8tf.00. soybean lendar DIARRHEA Ge/ fair, Sddfft/rtg Re//ef w/fh peaevMBCICINC April 21 • , Brookwood Brownie Troop wflljtheet Thursday April 28. Susie HOPI STAR, HOP I, ARKANSAS <•'•. '"' / J * - <,Hl«' IP Dean will t« hostess. April 29 The Friday Music Club will mee Friday April 29, at 7:30 p. m. in th GRAIN AND PROVISldNS CHICAGO Iff) — New crop wheat futures held • firm in an otherwise sagging grain list on the Board of Trade today. $5,060 - $25,000 MEN WANTED! 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UNIT -For Year-Arouitd AIR CONDITIONING • Cools • Ventilates • Heats Model CZ-120 YORK FURNITURE CO. HOPE/ ARKANSAS SAENGER * NOW * Feature Times 2:00 - 3-:42 - 5:34 - 7:26 - 9:18 POUT IS Straw Hbt Here's what you get v when you buy a PORT 13 • The most for your money I • Newest Styles and colors. 1 • Lightness in weight \ Cool open weave hdtS'S- PAN AM AS-B ANGORAS i - UNDUS - HINOKIS- ! MILANS t' BROS* Ht|>f i Ark. Thlfywr 8f tfll y«ari, watch you* step when you buy any new truck! It's easy to get caught with an , oldrfashioned long-stroke engine. Get the facts first— look under the hood! • SHORTS e j 1. NEWS OF THE DAY / 2. SPEAKING OF ANIMALS 1. WILD PETS SOCIETY Phone 7-8481 Between • A, M. *nd 4 P. M. home of Mrs. B. C. Hyatt. The Berean SS Class of Unity Baptist Church will meet at the Experiment Station Friday April 29, at 7 p. m. for a pot-luck.supper. All members are urged to be pre- ;ent. Monday May 2 Circle No. 3 of the 1st Methodist -hurch will have a pot-luck lunch;on Monday at 12:30 May 2nd at Notice The final monthly meeting of ; ub Pack 62 has been changed rom April 28, to May 5. Cosmopolitan Club Elects Officers' for New Year The Cosmopolitan Club met in he home of Mrs. H. L. Hannegan on April 26. at .7:45 p. m., Mrs. Jawrence Martin was associate lostess. Mrs. Lawrence Martin president, presided during the short business ession. The progressive dinner which had previously been oet for- Way 17, was changed to May 31, because of a conflict in dates. Mrs. H. L. Hannegan chairman Mary's Beauty Shop for appointments Call... 7-3584 MARY HAMM THEATRE Hwy 29 South • Open 6:30 • NOW SHOWING • Bumper Club Night Drivers of All Bumper Strip Cars Admitted FREE TONIGHT and THURSDAY IANA KIRK WMTII DWJGUS-fWON DICK POWELL •/RIB-TICKLERS *, 1. Leon Errol Comedy 2. Popeye Color Cartoon 3. Novelty, "Try & Catch Me' 7 •, FREE ATTRACTIONS • Aeroplane Swing Ride • Slide — Swings • Sandpile — See Saw • Monkey Village • Kiddyland Zoo of the nominating committee submitted the following names as of* ficers for the coming year, anc they were accepted iby acclahia tion. . Mrs. Lawrence Martin, president) Mrs. Franklin Horton, vice- president; Mrs. Virgil Keeley, secretary ,and treasurer; Mrs. L. B. Tooley, parliamentarian; Mrs. Lyle Brown, historian. Mrs. Jim McKenzie gave the topic on Minority Groups and this concerned the Arcadians who live in the Evangeline Country in Louisiana. Mrs. H. L. Hannegan was in charge of the program and presented Mrs. P. L. Perkins who reviewed the book, "The Living Faith" by Lloyd C. Douglas. A delicious salad plate was served to twelve 'members and one guest, Mrs. P. L, Perkins. Mr. and Mrs. Berton Ellis Celebrated 39th. Wedding Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Berton Ellis of Emmet celebrated their 39th. wedding anniversary Saturday April 23, at their home with their children. Those present to enjoy the occasion were ;Mr.. and Mrs. Doyle Ellis and children Phillip and Micheal, Mr. and Mrs. Auston Ellis, and their grandson, Jeff er Ellis all of Little.Rock. Mother Loves Lingerie Only by •, • |~—BORE—-| Others talk 'em up—we open 'em up! Gome In—look under the hood. See the new kind of power that's revolutionizing truck performance—modern Short Stroke engines that prolong piston ring life up to 53%, give gas savings up to one gallon in seven, and la?t Ippger. QNLY FORD gives you M a rnoney-mgking Short Stroke engine in ev^ry tryck, from Plckupi to tandems, available .right now! Four Y-8's dnd a Six—fully, proved in over five billion miles of 6n-the-job service! STROKE Come in-See How to tell if it's a short-stroke engine: check printed specifications. 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Vows were read by Rev. Elbert O'Steen before a 'back ground ot white lilies and greenery. " • The -bride, given in marriage by her father, wore a dress of ico blue lace fashioned with rounded collars and tiny rhinestone buttons, and a full skirt. She carried a white Bible topped with gardenias, .and showers fof • white satin ribbon. Her accessories were ice blue and white. Mrs. Martin Green was her sister's only attendant. She wore a dress of navy and white with navy accessories -and carried a nosegay of pink carnations. > .Mr. Jean Cranford, brother of the groom, served as.best man. Proceeding the ceremony nup- ital music was provided by Mrs, •Wade Warren at the piano. Traditional wedding marches were used. The -bride's mother wore a dress of rose-beige lace with navy accessories and- a- corsage of :pinjk,, carnations'.- • "'• •'•• . '•'•'%> Following the -ceremony a reception-was held in the home of Mrs. Zona Green. The bride's- table was cove.red with a lace cloth and centered with an arrangement of whita stock. •"-...' Miss Alene Jester was in charg of the bride's book. After a short trip Mr. and Mr Cranford will be at home at 410 So Elm. • Out 'of town guests for the Col man-Cranford wedding included Dr. and Mrs. D. P. Arnold of Pres cott, Mrs'. I. J. .Button, .Freepor Texas, Mr. John Cranford, Newpor 'Miss Mollie Ann Green, Dallas Texas, 'Mr. and Mrs. Hunter Me Corkle and children, Magnolia; Mr and Mrs. E. L. White, Gurdon an Mrs. Madge Polk of Emmet. [ Mrs. H. p. .Whitworth,,: Entertained Tuesday and Friday Bridge Clubs with Fish Fry Mrs, H. C. Whitworth entertain ed the Tuesday and Friday Bridge Clubs at her Lakeview Cabin on Na rrows with a fish fry and Pot-luck luncheon Tuesday. The lovely cabin was decorate< with.pinks and other summer flow ers, The guests all ate from one long table, and 'after lunch .bridge was Played from three tables. High score went'.to Mrs. Dewey Camp, Mrs.' Harry Whitworth, Mrs. Rob Jones and Mrs. Roy Anderson, There were twelve present to c« joy the occasion. 'beautiful throughout with many varieties o< spring flowers. The cthtef of attraction was the dining room table which held a maypole And the buffet with line arrange mehts of purple iris and paste lighted tapers. A surprise shower was given Mrs. J. W. Manney who has tau ghl the .class for quite some time and is leaving soon to reside in another city. Denny Hefner greeted the guests at the door and Mrs. B. C. Hyat provided music for the guests. There were forty-eight members present and the following guests, Mrs. Sam Warmack, Mrs. Lillian Bryant, Mrs. Edna Linaker Mrs. Charles Graham. and Mrt. Franklin Morton Elected State Treasurer of PEO. Reports' of the State PEO convention were s 'iven at the meeting Tuesday April 26, of Chapter AE PEO at the home of Mrs. Basil York. Mrs. Jim McKenzie and Mrs. franklin Horton were delegates to .he convention held at Conway last Thursday through Saturday and gave the report. Mrs. Horton was elected State Treasurer of PEO for the coming year. This is the first time Hope las had a representative on the State Board, and a standing ovation was given Mrs. Horton for this high honor. During the business meeting it was announced two new members would be initated to Chapter AE next Tuesday. A thank-you note was read from Chapter 'AX of Benton to Chapter AE for installing the Benton Chap- .er. A delicious salad plate and coffee was served by the hostess to 16 members present. Personal Mention Friends Df Mrs. Joe B. Greene will be glad to know that she is doing nicely, in St. Micheal's Hos- 'pital, Texarkana after undergoing surgery there. Lt. and Mrs. Reno Bonomo of Ft. Bliss, Teaxs (nee Mary Lou Moore) will arrive Friday for a visit with her mother Mrs. Thelma S. Moore. Hospital Notes Branch Admitted: 'Mrs.. Martha Folsom, Mc'Caskill, Fronnie Trotter, Washington, Mr. John Vesey, Hope. Mrs. Charles Ellis, Hope, Rt. 4, Mrs. iRuth fliley, Hooks, Texas, Mr, Fred McJungins, Saratoga, Mr. THE BEAUTY BOX :•! Open 6 Days a Week Appointments after 5 for those who work. Phone 7-5850 112 S. Main George Garrett, Jfopev Discharged: Mts. John Thomas, Washington, Mr. E-rwih Betts, ttiSbe, Rt. 1, Mr. Sylvester Cobb, Hopu*. Mary Bel] Wyatt, tiope, Ark. Admitted Mr. ft Continued att riT ! THURSDAY, APRIL 28th Is Straw Hat n » vl •fr T, -»" • "IT'S A WISE HEAD THAT WEARS A ADAM" • "IT'S A SMART BUYER THAT BUYS WRIGHT". Straw hat weather is here ard you'll want one Vf : lliese"1^ smart new straws for summer. All the dark tone shades ^ that are the newest colors in straws. Get your hat save at Owen'. i V'l cv GENUINE PANAMAS Other Straw Hats .... 3 .95 Mrs. C. M. Rogers Jr. Hostess to Kathleen Mallory Circle The Kathleen Mallory Circle of the 1st. Baptist Church met April 26, in the home of Mrs. C. M. Rogers Jr. The meeting opened with prayer by Mrs. McDowell Turner, and the business meeting followed. Mrs. Rogers presented the program, "Caution: Crowded Island (Hong Kong".) The Scripture lesson was given 'by Mrs. Henry Catlett. Mrs. J. V. Moore Jr. and Mrs. Horace Hu'bbard gave the remaining section of the program. A delicious salad plate and punch was served 'by the hostess to five members. Pot-Luck Luncheon for Jett B. Graves SS Class Held in tauter-bach Home The Jett B. Graves SS Clayss of the 1st. Methodist Church was entertained in the lovely (Lauierbach nome with a pot-luck luncheon Tuesday evening. The home was IT'S HEAVENLY A new permanent by Helen Curtis ^Call for an tppointment HAZEL'S I6AUTY SHOP Meat 74171 Hoiel Virginia Auline * . ...,. .. ... MORE BEAUTY! • i . - _. ^ \ij* "/py. M TMB FORWMtO LOOK Actual photo of Plymouth Belvedere Convertible MORE VALUE!.. 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But why not see for yourself? See and drive a new Plymouth today! . . find * ** -JA * f * Ul & I PLYMOU M ,„„ ^^HI^V M M ^m • *^|H^^., ^HB|I^,^ ^iiv', ' T^ u&ii - r % I|IST BUY NSWi ifTTjRR Tfl(|fl|lM|l|Jf9B[l, fy^XM "yfff™, tfW

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