Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 26, 1955 · Page 9
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 9

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 26, 1955
Page 9
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ilFT^;.r^ t <?*^ M-OP6 STAR, H0M, ARKANSAS Southerner : -/<Mi.aaftW4U4 "- * --'^^ • No SBL^L * jj.'__ yn f S|J UW ered ut Country IKdtOtf t»-ttlnety years Huldrtd b a errantry hifri much, but ^tj'Vfi Wfeft thinking about the ol .a Idt lately, but today rfcalriara ' St. LOUIS Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, — (ffl Hogs 12,000; lower; tholce 180-220 lb 16.75-17.25; 4243.5. + , flceipts iUg387.l83.{ : : wholesale buying ftrioes bulk isfhchariMe'd to '/ 4 lower; 83 ° score . A A ie.'fs; & A 50.75; 89 B 54.5; Actress Susan Hayward in Suicide Try By JAMES BACON this "is Confederat D^y—and I come . from 13. use 6 sad tim , home\beca,use jt is the ann ru UUIUC lUWCIUIa Barf otlttit*' da)* deh< Joseph tSto«***''Ws d the last C01 fC r R«p«lr Shop It M n*«r at 'your ,tol«»fi*n« -TRUCKS- .CTORS UO'S GARAGE "H _ ~. 7-4314 KOMARTSFIELD _ Owner fd Operator We Pk* Up and Deliver eral hundred head 17.35; choice 09 C 54; cars 90 B 55; R9 C 54.. No Is and 2s 17.50; 220-240 lb. Eggs weak; 4650-17,00; 240-270 lb 16.00-50; 70200 lb 15.50-16.25; 140-170 lb i6.25; to Vz 700; ' " " - receipts 33.035: US. large whites sows 40 lb down 1375-'per cerft >nd' over' A's 37: GO-G.3 1475; heavier sows 12.50-13.o();jper cent A's 36.5; mixed 36.5; mo- bonrs 85012.50. '' . "• diums 34.5; U.S standards 45; CattJe 6,000} calves 1; 200 ;< very;dirties 33; checks 32; current r=- httje done ".oil 'Steers, heifers andiceipts 34. mixed ySaMirigs; initial bids iin- e Veal Jr'lower j choice heifers at 2275-2550 ,ab'6ut steady,; : , Utjljjy and commercial 12.50-15.00; canners and cutlers 10.00-12.50;-bulls utility arid commercial 1350-15.00; carfners and cutters 11.00-13.00; Vealers good and rholce 20.001300; vealers good.'and choice ' VQRK: cofroN NEW YORK . M— Cotton futures wre, irregular today. Most of the trading centered in nearby months with old Crop deliveries stehdy on fairly good trade covering. Late afternoon prices, were SO 20.00-25.00; high cho'ice and priem'conts' a bale higher to 60 cents sparingly 26.00-28JOO; commercial jldwer than the previous close, sparingly .26.00-28.00; commercial jMtiy 33.54, July 33.72. and Octo- and,eood vealei-s and calves 15.00- bcr 3.92. 2000. Sheep 700; about steady, choice nhd prime. spring lambs 225023..50; good and choice 21.50-22.50: GRAIN AND PROVISION CHICAGO Wl — Selling in May deliveries spread to other sections utility and good 18.00-20.00;. choice!of the grain list and forced prices 12 Ub shorn lambs No 1 and 2 lower on the Board of Trade pelts 18.00; small lots No. 3 pelts 17.00-50; .wooled ewes shorn ewes 500^50 6.00-7.50; NEW YORK STOCKS NEW" YpRKW — The stock ma'rkel climbed, today in nn atmosphere made favorable by excellent- 1 corporate ; reports. < .The rise took prices up from 1 o around' 4''points', although.- most gains were moderate. I/o'ssbs came betweenil and 2 points. Th ' seels ' and rhto's were the most heavily ..favored'of the major r.piips,-,and .also hjgher were the tilities; oils, chemicals, rndio-tel- evisions, and railroads. 'OULTRY AWD PRODUCE CHICAGO Iffl — Live poultry fj-rn" on hens, stegdj on balance: 'eceipls in v coops 587. (yesterday 78 copps, 103,710 lb), fob pay- ng prices lowpr to 1 higher; ' leavy' Kens' 24-27; 'light hens 10-17; " Boilers . or. fryers 29:31; old- roost- ederate army, in- the - field—17 ays. after "Marse . Robert" E. ..ec gave up at Appomatlox on Mostly this is a time of mourn- Jilffor me too, but today I've been ghingj Down by the Capitaol iere^, is a bag statue of Gen U. .S. Grant, surrounded on both flanks h horses and cannon and men raying v swords; This moring I no iced that some of the~ swprds are ent Quick Relief that Lasts! /« PIIE PAIN * TftqrptoivMinor Ointment is • '. «omp<e<ejformula with special in- ' « grediente to relieve itching, burning, pain and reduce swelling Goes to work ;nstapt|y; lagfs for hours, Proved clinic formula— pinrment pr suppositories. $1,00. Insipt on Thornton-Minor Pile Ointment—at all drug stored. .today May wheat was first to feel the selling pressure. This was based on Deports the government was swapping red wheat at Chicago for similar quality wheat at the Atlantic seaboard. The transaction took place late yesterday. May corn lalso was underpres- sure, largely as a result of large stocks of this cereal, and late in the day May soybeans weakened. Wheat closed; '/ 2 -2^4 lower. May $2.H 1 /i-!'i,, corn '/t to 1 cent lower, May $1.43%p$L.44, oats unchanged] to i/4 lower, May $7.3-% ,rye unchanged to '/z lower. May 99'^, and soybeans y.i-2 3/4 lower, May The 35-year-old redhea'd gave y/arning of her intent in a hysterical call to her mother, Mrs. Ellen Marrener, 65. : Her mother telephoned police, who battered in a patio door and found "the actress, c)ad in pajamas and a housecoat, sprawled unconscious on the. living room | floor, frear her were two empty HOLLYWOOD UP) Susan Mov • Dottlcs vi sleep-inducing medicine. Nvard on7ofThe mTviS top ^oxJ hPolicc ° et ' °: W ' ™* et ™ f" d office stars.'attempted suicide ear- » h ° "? 8 breathing so hard that he iv tnriw hi, n ,,\* • i • and his partner decided not -to [fills gumpmg sleeping wait for an ambu i ance .They sped Two detectives who had "o kirj in " sqil — c *w' to ^°,'' th , Kolly ' in the door of the swank Sherman'T^ Recelvln , g H . M P ltal where a Oaks mansion saved her life *™W pumpecl out her stomach, jiti jut. After emergency treatment, the doctor pronounced her . condition fair and said "It's just a matter now of sleeping it off. It was a close one. We acted on the premise that it was an overdose of auditor. Died yesterday. LAS VEGAS. Nev.—Earl CJnttls, .63, manager of staging operations lor the National Broadcasting Co Died Sunday. RICHMOND, Ky. — Joseph A Whittinglon, 57, post engineer at $2.51-2.52. Wheat: . low 1-50; None Corn No. 1 yel- No. 2 1.50; No. 2 150 50 1 /.,; No 3 1.44 1 / 2 -48 I / 2 ; No 4 14042; 'sample grade 136-42. Oaf.s: No; 1 white 761/4-77%; No. 2 75; No. No. 1 white 76y 4 -77%; No. 2 75; No; 1 heavy white 80-80'/ 2 . Soybean oil: 11; soybean meal, 58.00-59.00. •.'•'-' Barley' nominal: Malting choice 1.36-53; feed 1.00-15. Deaths Over the Nat-ion • By The Associated Press : LONDON—Rupert Beckett. 83, banking authority and chairman of the .Yorkshire Conservative News paper .Co,;; owners of the. Post. Died '•. yesterday. '• :• , ' . WASHINGTON—Clinton N. How ard, 87* general . superintendent since' 1937: of .;the International Re form Federation and: activeijn re foi'irt movements for mariy years. Died yesterday. CASPJ0R. Wyo'. — Harry H. Schwartz,' 86, "U. Si • Democratic senator from yomin.g.'19J36-42. and a former 1 member of'the National Railway Mediation Board. Died Sunday. LONG BEACH, Cahf.-^Frank F. Morriam,. 89. former governor of California ; and onetime Iowa stat Ipl; us-- 1 * >n^».y *!»}|j Jv 'W< n i > »?-^!.»-• ^Jaj - t ,, 1 . ......W* f^ '*' I •,i L "•'I 22995 EASY TERMS: ."••••. ( . * OVfR I-CU9IC-POOT CAPACiTY * ADJUSTABLE DOOR SHELVES ' * BUTTiR COMPARTMENT y* * FUU-WIDTH VE6ETA9LE DRAWER * COiOR'STYlED INTERIOR PflVM I.I Cu. Ft. \f9* » *H ^ ^*;^' OthtrModtJt Prietd From $179,95 itf &$£**£ M* "£$ i« H Phont 7-2121 •TJ-* - • * * »-*»&-"niv; i . d L ucii a wi -wv. wnm^ii auic Grass Ordnance Depot for fnr an unexplained Isst five years. Born in Buff a-! listed under the n Jo, N. Y. Died Sunday. 'Brennan. sleeping pills." Later -she was taken to Cedars of Lebanon Hospital where reason she was namC of Mary Arkansas Weather By The Associated Press Central Arkansas—Partly cloudy this afternoon tonight and Wednesday. Warmer tonight. A possibiliyt of scattered thunderstor ms Wednesday. High this afternoon in the mid-BOs. Low tonight near OOs. Northeast Arkansas —Partly cloudy this afternoon, tonight and Wednesday. Warmer tonight. Scattered thunderstorms Wednesday. High this afternoon near 80. Low tonight in the mid-50s. Northwest Arkansas — Partly cloudy this afternoon, tonight and Wednesday. Warmer tonight. Scattered thunderstorms Wednesday, possibly beginning late tonight. High this afternoon in the high 70 to low 80s. Low tonight in the 50s. Southwest Arkansas — Partly cloudy this afternoon, tonight and Wednesday. Warmer tonight. A possibility of scattered thundpr storms Wednesday. High this afternoon in .the high 70s to low 80s. Lo.w tonight in the upper 50s to low Tuesday, April 26, 1$$S possibility of scattered thunder storms Wednesday. High this aftj 60s. Southeast Arkansas — Partl.1 ^« ••-- -.,-_. T , (.,_<,.,! cloudy this afternoon, tonight andiernoon in the mid-SOs. Low tomgntl Wednesday. Warmer tonight. A in the low 60s. MOM fTAfc, NO**,- ARKANIAf 3000 BROIL 1!/?. to 2V* pounds, Ideal for Barbecuing 40c each or 35c each for 50 or More Midsoufh Cotton & Supplf Co. A. E, Slusser SOCIETY Phone 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P, M. SHOP WEDNESDAY — DOUBLE YOUR SAVINGS.-. .With Piggly Wiggly's Low Low Prices and Double S&H Green Stamps — On purchases of 2.50 or more PRICES EFFECTIVE WEDNESDAY — APRIL 27. MISSION BLUE BONNET COLORED MARGARINE KRAFT FRENCH SNOWDRIFT SUNSHINE, KRISPY 8 Oi. Bottle 3Lb. Con BALLARDS or PILLSBURY Cans KRAFT SALAD DRESSING SUNSHINE HYDROX COOKIES DIAL SOAP 2 Reg. OO*. Bars ZYC DIAL SOAP 2 if* 35c JOLLY TIME POP CORN 10 Oz. OO — Can ZZC WATERMAID FRYING CHICKEN BREADED— READY TO FRY SALAD BOWL SALAD DRESSING , 8 Oz. Jar SALAD BOWL SALAD DRESSING }^- 29c SALAD BOWL SALAD A- DRESSING Quart Jar MAHATMA MILLED C SWIFT'S PARD DOG FOOD * SWIFT'S LUNCHEON MEAT PREM WOOPPURY SOAP 2 WOODBURY SOAP 2 16 Ox. Can U. S. NO. 1 YELUOW FANCY DELICIOUS FOR SALADS OR COOKING SNOWMAN loth WESSON OIL & 69c MELLORINE ic UNPERWOOP DEVILED SUPREME CHOCOLATE DROP 3'/4 0*. Can 21c COOKIES WE RESERVE THE RJflHT f P MMIT «VANT|TIE5 CLOROX PINT BOTTLE Calendar Tuesday April 26 Mrs. Claude Lauter-back Tuesday evening April 26, at 7 p. m. All Melody Maids on Saturday morning. In the absence of the president Sue Cook presided over the business session, during which the lollowinfi officers were elected for the next club year; president, Kay Ray; vice-president, Marian McQueen; secretary, Marcia Bowden; trea- DO.POTHY DIX Su/fcy Stepdaughter Dear Miss Dix: Three years ago I married a man with two teen-..„„,. c. „ . i T* . . I ii*w*ncu ct llidll Wllil IWU sure.. Sue Cook, reporter, Betty age children. Since I owned a ni ~ ' _. , large house, they moved in with Ginanne Graves read an article 'me. I had no trouble with the boy; mS " Ca " d . Mc-,he is responsive and co-operative. Court Docket •Municipal Court of Hope, Arkansas, April 25. 1955. ,. --—,--i • ~,u^ „»!, nicci. mia ui'fasion, out is leaving soon uoe Arditi uie home of Mrs. H. L. Hane-lto make her home with her daimh-! "The Bro n on Tuesday, April 26, at 7:45 ter who lives in Osceola, Arkansas. ' Cook and] 1Y1 tintViTl/T*. n T^... u __ *»•_._»*._ ; "**-"iJWJ Jake Jones, Assault with a dead- members are urged to attend, as Queen gave the story of Lily Pons. 'However the eirfhas a trick of _. _ Mrs. Manney will be present for Kay Ray nlaved a niano soln anrl ^ T .. , g f ,. a trl . ck J* 1 ^S?. s ^ polta . nCI !??w lU .™ eet !thls occasion, but is leaving soon Co^I ArdUh Harrl'«T»±',± l"^"^.. "^ J alkl "f" and «« ly weapon, Plea guilty, fined $50.00. a day or a mon- Perry Ware, Ed Hightower, Gam- 'ing, Plea guilty, fined $10.00, Forget very;feited $10.00 cash bond. wn Bird Sinrin Su m. with Mrs. Lawrence Martin rving as co-hostess. The Kathleen Mallory Circle of ajtst. Baptist Church will meet iCTday night at 7:30 p. m. in the me of Mrs. Pod Rogers. All embers are urged to attend. The Jctt B. Graves SS Class of Betty Jo Cox ° Friday April 29. I The Friday Music Club.will meet' Friday April 29, at 7:30 p. m. in the Hyatt. home of Mrs. B. C. Hyatt. If I'm not home she talkative with her da j.tells him why she is has a very pleasant room, nice clo- ed $5.00 cash bond.' The Berean SS Class of Unity Baptist Church will meet at the Experiment Station Friday April 1 . •**~ iT' ,• "" "•""" W:E J29, at 7 p. m. for a pot-luck supper. e 1st Methodist Church will have 1 A11 members are urged to be pru- pot-luck supper in the home of sent- Hwy 29 South Open 6:30 • STARTS TONIGHT • BUMPER CLUB NIGHT Drivers of All Bumper Strip Cors Admitted Free Tonight, i jVednesdoy & Thursday!! KIRK WALTER DOUGLAS • PIDGEON D,CK POWELL Bany SIIUIMN- Gloria GMHAME , - M-O-M picjuse ' Gilbert BOUND • RIB-TICKLERS • l..Leon Errol Comedy ff*Popeye Color Cartoon J. Novelty, "Try & Carch ; Me" COME OUT EARLY AND HAVE A PICNIC AT OUR SNACK BAR Best Hamburgers in Town! Notice During the social hour the hostess served a dainty salad plate. Vonceil Trout Becomes Bride of D°>; 8 Yocum In the presence of their immediate families, before baskets of pink, Forfei! thes which I have bought or made, her friends are welcome in the house at any time, and I co-operate in any activities she undertakes. Jan Robison, speeding, Forfeit- rd |5.00 cash bond. Charlie Palmer, Junior Hill, Disturbing peace, Forfeited $10.00 T ... t ... . , *» f^av.c, A-ullCiltTU Allf.UU I work part-time, for two rea- cash bond Plea guilty, fined $10.00. sons. It gives her a chance to spend R obe rt Jacques, Carrying a pis- more time alone with her father tol as a weapon"irle" S $M!M Earl Thornton, and it supplies extra money for tni ngs the children need. Usually The final monthly meeting ot Cub Pack 62 has M becn_ chan« 0 d in a from April 26, to May B . stock, in the First Baptist Church, April 21, at four o'clock, Rev. S. A. Whitlow said the-marriage vows pink my stepdaughter " ..... """" " „ -,,-•« tnese spells if comes out of give her some' Perry Woods, Joe White, Drunkenness, Forfeited yred Cash b °nd. thing; this time even that failed. sault and BaUey Worker's SS Class of Garrett Memorial Baotlst Church Has Meetinc- doublertng cwemony Miss Vonceil Trout, daughter of csted Mr. and Mrs. Tom Trout and Doyle ™ ........ One thing that might bother her cash ond Yocum son of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis C. Yocum. The 'bride chose for her wedding $10.00 1= »i t t~»u * u - "• "", cas f> tiond. as the fact that she is more inter-] :Robert JacqucSi Petit larcenV) ftati in office . ( pi ea guilty, fined $25.00 and 1 day graduates in jn j a ji June, she's not the least bit inter-1 The Workers Sunday School Class a bouff ,, J"„"£ f ««., ,- ,* Garrett Memorial Baptist Cmur-'^Sf^ * °t hi l !±±* she would be her of ' ch met Monday night in thf home I of Mrs. Selma Simmons on S. Kim St., Mrs. B. M. Hazziird led tlie opening prayer, and the; devotional was given by the hostess- accessories. throat Mrs. L. E. Jordon dressed in aqua linen, carrying a bouquet of ness session. Gewen Firth, teacher, presented the class with a nice collection of mans. After the social hour the hostesu served refreshments to 13 members and one visitor The closing prayer was voiced by Mrs. Grady Harrislon. Sue Cook Hostess to Melody Maids Sue Cook was hostess to the Carroll Yocum served his brother as best man. Mrs. Trout chose for her daughter's wedding a dress of navy and white, and wore a delicate pink vancla orchid. Immediately after the ceremony the couple left for .a short wedding trip, and on their return will make their home at 420 'Edgewood. Hope, Arkansas. ™ h rHpH housekeeper " we hadn>t j Guy Coynes. Driving while intoxi- married. er as a daughter. My h pes in that direction seemed doorn- ed. P. H. T. Answer: This may be nothing but a teen-age tempest. Adolescents vdked one year. Defendant gave notice of appeal, bond fixed at $250.00. C. E. Hester, Driving while in- guilty, fined $50.00 Mary's Beauty Shop] for appointments Call. . . 7-3584 MARY HAMM Coming and Going Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Robertson and Judy Suzanne were week-end guests of Mr. and Mrs. Audrey Morris in Magnolia. They also attended the air .show there Sunday afternoon. 2:14 - 3:59 - 5:44 - 7:29 - 9:19 STAGE PRESENTATION AT 8:45 tknUctd tr, Wiu Un,mal Qttt*» IhMk NlH EXTRA 1. News of the Pay SAENGE their own families; a stpmother in the picture just gives added incentive to the sulks and moods that characterize the years from 13 to 19. _^ Try These Books I have a reading, list on "Living With Your Adolescent." The books recommended may throw some light on your problem. You may have the list by sending a self-addressed, stamped envelope to me. Psychological consultation also would be helpful, 'but I am inclined to think patient handling of the girl along the lines you have already followed will ibring results within another year. Since your stepdaughter is thie domestic type, you might suggesi switching roles for a while after she finishes school. You could continue your work on a full-time basis and let her take over the house. You might suggest special training in domestic science to fit her for a job in food research and developii ment. The field of home economics offers splendid opportunities^and'it may be here that the girl has her future. • Dear Miss JDix: is there any hope that my husband will settle down? He's 25, we've been marled four years and he still acts like a 15-year-old boy. Last year he had an affair with a divorcee, telling her he was separated from his wife. That's an example of his prowess as a liar. I can't believe a thing he says, for he continually contradicts himself. He can't even remember what he lies about. He's been faithful ever since that one affair, but he still lies. Mrs. A. M Answer: Lying is usually a cover-up for some defect — real or imagined — in one's character. Or, it may be a refuge for a lazy person who prefers lying to action. In any case, a psychologist would be able to help. .. Of' course, you would have to gel your husband to see one and that might be difficult. However, if you could point out' how much better his life would be if he could live honestly, you might ibe successful in getting his consent to professional help. Dear Miss Dix: I am married to a, wonderful man. We have three darling children but I am afi;aid the feeling I have for my husband is not love but a sense of security If I am right about this, it would hurt him very much. Should I go ahead and tell him or should keep plugging along making the best of the situation? A Troubled Mother Answer: Since it is to the best interests of three out of four of you to maintain your home as it is, I think it 'better for you to keep plugging. However, have you ever considered that love may quite easily .be part of your feeling of security? Love doesn't manifest itself to all people in the same way. Since you are basically content in your home life, there probably is a spark of love lurking around somewhere. Dig it out and give it nourishment. ,State Docket [Melvin Moore, No driver's license, Plea guilty, fined $5.00. j ;Pred George, Improper passing. Forfeited $5.00 cash bond. W. E. Owens, D. W. Hoskins. overload, Forfeited $25.00 cash bond. Harold Golston, Parking motor vehicle on public highway, Plea 'guilty, fined $5.00. "Jesse Porter, Willie Frank Sml Ih, No brakes on motor vehicle, Plea guilty, fined $5.00. . C. H. Phillips, Giving an over- df-aft, Dismissed on payment of Cbsts—check paid. Vtreorge Walker, Abandonment of wife and child and failure to support,. Dismissed oa payment of cost?.' Civil Docket D.-'C. Whatley, dba Whatley's Grocery & Market vs. Leon Burton, action on account for $15.50, Judg- J5|eht for Plaintiff by default for ; 15.50, interest and costs. 8tt>. .C. WhaOey, dba Whatley's Grocery & (Market vs. Seymour Jor^gs,,..Action, on. account for $38.55,;.Judgment for " plaintiff 'by default for $38.55, interest and costs. Door locks were very large in the Middle ages, 'sometimes more than 17 inches long with keys around 8 inches long-. i Recipes Used in Recent -, Contest Here Two additioiiai recipes used by entries in the Mrs. Arkansas contest tare recently, sponsored by Arkansas-Louisiana Qas Company, follow: Banana Creme Pit Mrs. Gilbert Odell 2 Egg yofkf , i» 1 Cup sugar 1V4 Cups sweet milk 2 Tablespoon cornstarch Vt teaspoon salt 2 Bananas Blend egg yolks, sugar, mUk ' t0p ° f Boyle Continued from Page One but its range Is only 25 miles from Buckingham Palace. For the Duke. \vho travels all over the country, this isn't good enough. He likes to .call his wife when he's out en official duties, and also Prince Charles and Princess Anne. He talks to the children in a dls gulsed voice, and then to their de light, reveals its really papa. A pilot, the Duke also likes the most modern airplanes possible. The de Havilland Aircraft Co. says a new Heron plane, sprouting with safety devices, gadgets and radio aids, is to be ready for the roynl family within the next six weeks. "The Duke has seen the plane,' | said a spokesman of the manu »,o« 0 « , , . : ~~ ,, ei \. C , factwer, -but he hasn't actually 'bananas into well baked,flown it yet.' It took more than a „!» >ni« snelland .P ou ^ this co °k- year to build. Thats longer than rr,, t T g -4u v n r ? banana s in'usua, but there were so mariy crust. Top with 2 well beaten egg sadgets 1ttVlitm*.. u ,Jt. u •* » ' CHICAGO cup? of coffee get the ;AEC dllays i test in Nevada f To test its irrtethod ing hot food to .emergent^ the Vacuum dan dd..s brew fresh coffee each ___„.sent to the test Site 1 th* ttjrfti • bomb is detotiatedm ' "A * ) Although fcoal and IrOti 6f« s| available in China, its aflnUal if production is about two mlllloft t aibout a fiftieth of -V.-f whites and brown. Pineapple Ice Box Pl« Mrs. Russell Carver 1 small can cold ppt milk Juice of Vi lemon 12 marshmallows 1 small can crushed pineapple Vanilla wafers ) Vi stick butter Combine marshmallows and pineapple., heat until marshmallows melt. Whip cream, add lemon juice and com'bine to above mixture. THE BEAUTY BOX Open 6 Days a Week Appointments after 5 for those who work. Phone 7-5850 112 8. Main Th oldest known fossil is a two 'billion-year fungus. Pour in vanilla wafer and butte» crust. IT'S HEAVENLY A new permanent by • Call for an appointrhfirt HAZEL'S C BEAUTYSHO Phon. 7.Ji7i Hoxel Virginia Kathryn Windsor is Running Her Speciol Offer 1 MONTH ~ — ******* In lessons of Children's Plays such as Cin<l0rtlla, '"• Snow White. Classes starl April 30. Must b* *rt- rolled April 29. ,-,,., - .w ^ *&\ KATHRYN WINOSOR^:"JS^7' J TAP AND ACROBATIC SCHOOL 104 E. 14th Phono 7-3327 SHOP MOORE BROS. WEDNE Fresh Produce From Tidwell's Irrigated Gord Fresh Hometown TURNIP Fresh HomeGrown RADISHES FreshHonteGrown(ABBAGE DRY SALT MEAT VINE RIPENED TOMATOES FRESH DRESSED FRYERS GERMAN BEER NEW BEDFORD, Mass. (UP) — Crewmen of the Scalloper Sea sang the praises of German beer today. The fishermen yesterday netted 160 cans of beer from the ocean of the New Jersey coast. The beer had been brewed in Germany in 1939. More than a million Americans have been killed in auto traffic crashes. 'i^»^^! An horwr tfudNnt Is om LAY-AW AY SALE mAfXNJ'NI •••-..• - , »„« , ., .„-» » WOOL rr. ~ coATS-suir$ Our Final Sale of Wool Toppers and Suits. They have alhbe'en' reducSlfo:'! 50% of original price. A 50c down payment will hold them 'til August 1st, I with weekly payments. Save as much as $40.00 and have your'chajce',pd1d for when it is time to wear. Reg. Price $25.00 29.98 39.98 49.98 39.98 49.98 59.98 65.00 79.98 JUST LOOK AT THE BARGAINS Down Price Now $12.50 Item Toppers Toppers Toppers Toppers Suits Suits Suits -, Suits Suits Payment 50c Weekly; Paymenf $1.00 '1 V 15.00 20.00 25.00 20.00 25.00 30.00 32.50 40.00 ,g » a.^*"^ . /H • *fV *4* t ' *>j <"rt,)(*A \ H T^ff . ).. ^,^' 1 ' », - & W9J * f-\ M .K,ft«K I t ^ ^%i* I ^'rUfEj^l 7't* ( -m%i 4 H^w?K'l 4 ^.u-i*S' v ' ALL WEATHER J SUITS ' ' Were $25.00 ' NOW 1230 SWK

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