Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 25, 1955 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 25, 1955
Page 5
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a»4a ffi Jg- - -1- -gg*-. jj»--tj... .Jja „. __ ..g.^.,„!._.],.,....!_ h, a .. . ^gr.> jt. imxt^Httx £~t -^..-L. * t* J* 6jU_,Lv«~_ . ,^is- « ,,k •L.iu.-fc !fcfcfee.v. A. nt A.;L. fj-«- jr ,' lir ,iTi,J*ij^p. Jto-aArJt _.. ->.»^t-, , . f. i &*« ftf« !*• h&£ ntrtv Cached* the .Stage. Me has published h 405 shorl stories, lurried '^otfad.t'.iwadfe Mo starring-4ohn -W«yM, 4o fl.:h6 bears a Str6hg physical Recehtte he sola ft -lal lor ,416,000. s ie »htither look, "Wd tArfapJtt'M tiottts a( ,_-,_„ t don't >tl(e that fast, iJd..;','But wiriUrtjt tcomc* easy ' I have wMtt*h 'about fiv< [L^AtjflMj. 4t^Elll*lll4* %*t AM4>ttjfc J woras. usually' i write, * Very morning every .day be -week, and turn out about 10 fence hftW- featf, Writing help* jdi your troubles. a .,, '.'Stou feel, any bet_Jit still and do nothing. Rout, "Who Tfte**r has' smoked ir«iatjdy or chews gum tyhtle 'rites, L nnd says he can write here— on trains or-planes, crowded restaurants. l^ttie only thing thatjboihers: me *. . . —-^£.3^ .Head snen.ft>Tfegffiid.; ; "Sto [fe'.ago 1 I-&rtd>?J|aWfh.afit Mod PW»^^gp&rJ& .anted a wornan fe make homey?: '' ' !>, H5M. Court Refuses to Analyze Cap of Coffee ROCK I/ft Th« Ai> kahsas Supreme Court today refused "toT'stiJ' ~\vhat constitutes . a cUp of cotfee. -' ....... '.' The -ecroft in effect, tiodges' this question' , when it upheld an injunction preverftiAg' JJaf.oia L. AuStl^ director r -6t, Ihe . Food -and brug Division o!.: th^; State ffeslth .Depart'-; meht, ftom Irtterffirlng with 'dis-. triiiutiph .of . a -preparation' whose mahufaclurers" sa^ "will 'enable ' fc User lo -.make . twice as ; many, cups tut of .a pound of cotfee. The C^burt, ,s.aid . that the sale of Dutch flavoring, . did ; pot violatie any law pr t-egulatiohi'of the State board of' Health. " Until, such, .time .as the 'board issues regulations, "fixing nd establishing a standard 'of identity. and quality for ... a cup" of coffee sold in this slate', -we cannot say' that' 'the adding of Buisrhans is an adulteration and likewise we cannot :say :that -Buismdn's is misbranded ;because the label . states exactly .what it is and there is ino law that' fbcs. the {standard .of Hie .product :• tp- w.hjch!* it is ad.ded.' , ', The' co'uf 6 :-'note*--lhat-'»t5he^ brod- ' ' ' ; '' , ttc't ' is >'cimposedf of., v; caT.a''meiii'.ed ; '^albium: Vphospjiatil'-f' It ^kr<dvitj)er<(' •w$Si 'np-^'s'tihiony ithgt -,.the,'' v iitfgred ierfts , i- The rnufac.tuj'iB^.s ^ :l ' - CAUWA lxr«iMWTAL 'f 1 '"- ' 'V',; „ HACTO* FOR PEACEFUL ATOMS—Artist's sketch indicates important •'element's of the ftfst nuclear reactor-Ior pfiy&te industrial research f&^^iL±-- : . 4 - ; .^ Aid to India uestioned by en. Knowland By RAYMOND LAHR WASHINGTON (UP) — Senate Republican Leader William F. Knpwiend questioned today whether .U.' S. foreign .aid r funds should be allotted to India. .in view of that bountrys neutral position in the Cold war. His attitude reflected a viewpoint Widely held in Congress among members who are questioning or objecting to the. continued inclusion of iridi'a irt' the foreign aid, program. . •. ' • Knowland gave his 1 views, to reporters in commenting on'the line taken by Indian " Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru at the Afro-Asia conference at Bandung* Indonesia. He expressed the belief that the conference had • "backfired on the neutral Nehru and. Red Chinese Premier Chou En-lai because the anti : Communist .countries in Asia had N made an effective case against -"the dangers.' of communism." . "" ..,''. Knowland also said he. thinks those countries were more willing to . make,, their .-c&se ^because .the Southeast ; .-Asia • PactS and -Bother tt'.eaties;." gave, trrem"; "a;^sdnse of stability.:-'. :..'!'- ' - : i .? .' ; V-'.<r '>• " $,'?j>^ v i '-v.'.'U:--'." l -.'V. ; "-. ••••'•••'. : ^ • >yi ' : '-?* ".,•>*• ^^,-"'.'>>.'"'-'s* •'•v-V\i'-/f.'':"y^ ^e'nt'-dt'.,th';'is,''i;ia'tiori l s A'si_an -pBli'ciej.' ».'•••• '^.j-v>^a'•-'*••'•• i.—-'-- v -\'f, <••?,'.& «>•"•• ••*•••:•'.••.; •••:.<• •- p '?'v-:->. ffeirl 1 ; He > -"snidvHbe:'--Ban'aun%';' : coriferefic^. .*-"': $'y.'"'^ J^^yided^baAgAurW-^hiphi .''-.-!.'.: I- : -.'".' ''-•'•; ••VMrAA'.'lK'IKr ••,'H :Sfc '.' V't 1 '. ••.-'' '' ''• '"" ''-''' "' : '~ J — — Moncfcy, Aftri) we have not had before* and frorii il "we can better measure tne ( effectiveness of our own policies.. Humphrey, a member of the Senate Foreign Relations committee, said in a statement the conference he showed "how terribly f. import- ant'if is' for the United States to work'with its "Allied partners is,j forming policy in the Fa'r-East. "No one questions Nehru's sovereignty and independence' Knowland said. "If he feels encumbered by the mutual aid program, .he has the right to stayjsiit.-but >i» in Mbntloy, April 25, 19SS HOPE STAR, H0M, ARKANSAS Communist China or the. Soviet ion. " "I don't know anyone ih;-the ffov- ernment who wants to tofdp a '?*>• on'.NehrU.if he feels it 4a •"«»,:«' front to India. I think that, allocation could be used by P.aklstaii to build its defenses.' '' : ; The $3,500.000,000 foreign' aid program submitted to Congress." by .President Eisenhower. 1'aat iffee* contained no breakdown-. • showing the amount earmarked <&*• India. The program submitted a year ,aao included $95,000,000 for ithdt coU» try. . ''?,,' SOCIETY Phone 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P. M. Calendar Monday April 25 The Duplicate Bridge Club will meet at the' Catholic Hall Monday evening April 25 at 7:30. All members and guests are invited to attend. Notice Tuesday April 26 'file Woman's Society of Christian Service of Hope District will hold it's 6th. Annual Conference in 1 the .First Methodist Church, Hope, Arkansas on Tuesday April 26,, beginning at 10 a. m. Mrs. L. B. -Tooley is president of Hope District WSCS. All members of the W. S. C. S. Circle 5 of the First Methodist Church who possibly can are a.iked to be at the c'hurch Tuesday, April 26, from 10 a. m. to 1 p. m. to help prepare and serve lunch to the 'conference women of the Hope District. If you agreed to bake a 'cake please bring it to the church by 10:30 a. m. Tuesday. The census bureau estimates that U. S. population,will teach 817 million-In the next years./' ''.*' .; A new permanent;by''.-*> :r- -..< '• •••.•'....'^v: : :'" f "''« r( *:; > -Y- I.:' .- -if, >; ; .^men.C^sW^ ± * ,.;• - 'i-'-V'''-...'.'.^-'.''^'. ywiv^/A''.? i!' :"• •> ; Call for ^n' Tlic Cosmopolitan Club will meet in the homo of' Mrs. H. L. Hanegan on Tuesday, April 26, at 7:45 Pf)m. with Mrs. Lawrence Martin serving as co-hostess. Coming and Going •Mrs. Elaine Ethington lias returned to her home in Temple City, California after spending the past month with her mother, Mrs. Oliv- j er Bright w*ho underwent surgery ! at Julia Chester Hospital. Chapter AE of P. E. 0. will meet Tuesday April 26, at 3 p. m. in the home of Mrs. Basil York. The Kathleen Mallory Circle of kthe 1st. Baptist Church will meet [Tuesday night at 7:30 p. m. in the Ihome of Mrs. Pod Rogers. All iSmembers are urged to attend. ft» % | «'he Jetl B. Graves SS Class of | the 1st. .Methodist Church will have a-pot-luck supper in the home of Mrs. Claude Lauterback Tuesday evening April 26, at 7 p. m. All members'-are urged to attend, as Mrs. Manncy will be present for this, occasion, • but is leaving soon to.uiakc.-her home with her daughter who lives in Osceola, Arkansas. Friday April 29 he.-Friday Music Club will meet Friday April 29, al 7.:30 p. m. in the home of Mrs. B. C. Hyatt. Mary's Beauty Shop Mrs. Sundstrom and son, George ol Phoenix, Arizona are visiting her parents Mr. and Mrs. J. A. •Davis and other relatives. Clubs Sweet Home Sweet Home Demonstration CluB met in the home oi Mrs. O. L. Ward April 15 with Mrs. Doris Carmen, president, in charge. "Holy, Holy, Holy" was sung and Matthew 28:110 as a devotional was read by the hostess. Prayer was by Mrs. W. E. Loo. The building committee discussed plans for club house. • Mrs. Lorraine B. Wylie, home demonstration agent, gave plans for a home demonstration club tour of the industries of Tcsarkana on May 12th and also for clubs taking part on a KXAR radio'program on Wednesday afternoons, beginning May 4th. Mrs. Wylie gave a demonstration on making beads from ''chinaberries Miss Hazel Cummings, poultry leader, gave a report. Mrs. W. R. Campbell and Mrs. Fred Books gave information on personal finances, wills, valuable' papers, and business investments. I • Mrs. Wylie discussed how to take Recipes Used in Local Contest (This is another in a series of recipes which . were used in the Mrs. Arkansas contest by local ladies.) Double Crust Stir-N-Roll Pie Crust Mrs. Bobble O'Stein Heat oven to 425°. 1. Mix together: 2 cups sifted all-purpose flour such as Gold Medal l'/2 teaspoon salt Pour into measuring cup (But don't stir) l!i cup Wesson Oil IVi cup cold whole milk Then pour all at once Into flour. 2. Stir until mixed. Round up dough—divide in halves. Flatten each half slightly. 3. Place one half between 2 sheets waxed paper (12-inch square). Lightly dampen table top to keep bottom paper from slipping. 'Roll out gently until circle Beaches edges of paper. Peel off top paper. If dough tears, mend without moistening by pressing edges together. . . or press a scrap lightly over tear. 4. Lift paper and pastry by top corners; they will cling to- DOLL OF A MOLL — Joyce Jameson, featured In the all- new full-length production, "Gangbusters", which starts a three day run at the Saenger tomorrow. gether. Place (paper side up) in 8 or 9-inch pie pan. Carefully peel off paper. Gently ease and fit pastry into pan. Add your favorite fruit filling. Trim even with* rim. TOP CRUST: Roll as above and HURRY! LAST DAY • Feature Tirrtes • 2:00 - 4:17 - 6:43 - 9:09 jow '•: - -150 •. NO. , • 2; i :§Q5o »<>;•. .NO. \ ^ 49.; '.'No.' 4 1,42^'; NO.-'^S "i.w/a';- sample' : gr.ade 1.1222 iO'ats: ,No ..'l REAUTY ^ Hazel Virginia '' ' " GENERAL Repair near asVour CARS-T ; 220-240lb -17,00^50;. 40*270 Ib 16:50' ' score- AA,57'; 92 ' ' '•NEW ' V ,OR-K STOCKS . v H-1701 ib-'h,6;5-1.7.5p;,-:.so\ys 450Mb • , down ' : or; .hbayier .sows; 13.75 "'" " easj;; r e c e i : p.t s . 34, : X«6; . ,.g pell ; eajr i y ; today - as '- ma rgin : .re: wholesale. .-buying; prices,-, unchanged :aulr.ements v were ? 'boosted,, "but - .V calves 800.;. active.; ' ' to flower.; U.S, large ^wb^ssT per : cent iand-'over - : ..• ( As;t > 37Jjj:-'".<to 6!O v;l|ar>.c'ent':. iA'svSyjJ.^iSSd^T;; e. .decline: carrie ;at •' the!• qperi • _5.'_ii^ '•'••' ' • 'ii '''• ' Xi.n'-'-l'_ ". ..'il- Slw^ifP •for appointments Call. . . 7-3584 MARY HAMM .. arid .'cutters; ,;,. -utility, eah>; Wo Pick-Up SAENGER tract's "'-ipii'^the.VBo^^'-'^^V^^f^^.r 7 ^ tJ'ayj-,'- ''" ' •'';,;" v ;; -/-: -y; '.'C-'.'il / -^V'.'*^-,. -•:''liV'1 .'•."'•'-••'- ^f!Whef"?ffVki«d.*Vrt]^>''AF/^ftf ; i.tH^^ r Rf:nt*t •?f£WCkG& -t^f^iliivt?:^' ppultry, ' -- ' ''" '•' '''' ' • •'• l^cMk^ K^W^SP^^^* 11 *^ ?¥"W? S - b ^hore^ala^feivv^:fj 3 ; .^^,ifc tetS j - ;L . Radf ^w;^? i ^s p ^i^§ ^1 TOMORROW siren scream-to a cell in solitary!..the complete, unbelievable, record of a savage, senseless, career of crime.., Even police files don't bold all the sordid details! VISUAL DRAMA, INC- in association with rERRY' TURNER fitesents Hardtop... with a"Rocket"! VFhat « r«c«ptiou!'0l«l»niol>ik'»i>*»vjlolid»f Se<l>u Las just about lurnc<l tli^to\vn upside down with eiciieinent! AniJ ' po oouder! There hasn'l been a car sooonipletely new iii drive tl<e ti»riUwc n«)V CONVICT KING OF THE PRISON YARD! PAST MASTER AT .MIRACULOUS ESCAPES! / TOMMY-GUN TIRROR ON THEiOOSE! for dead.. he escaped the gravel THE OWGWAURWE EXFQSr Created by PHILLIPS H. LORD • • ft**! to PUB l. fills, Kim a Qota a home inventory. Mrs. H. E. Patterson, county council president, Mrs. Bill Skinner and daughter, were guests. The hostess and co-hostess, Mrs. Hamby Rinkle, served refreshments. The next meeting will be with Mrs. Harold Ingram. place over filling. Trim to rim. Seal by pressing gently with fork Dr. by fluting edges. Snip '3 or 4 mall slits near center. Bake about :0 minutes in hot oven (425°). Victory Mrs. Bill Burke gave a report on managing personal finances and taking home inventories when the Victory Home Demonstration Club met-in April with Mrs. E. C. Calhoon. Mrs. Burke and Mrs. Dexter Alfurd were co-hostesses. Devotional and prayer were given by Mrs. Calhoon. Flower and card reports were read by Mrs. Cecil Smith. Mrs. C. J. Rowe was _in charge of games, with the prize going to Mrs. Hallar McCorkle. Mrs. George Hartsfield received the thrift package. Mrs. Robert Cash led the group in singing "Red River Valley". Refreshments were served to the following: Mmes William Schooley, Dalton Smith, Rowe, Me Cork-le, Cash, Jack Sumpter, Cecil Smith, William Stephenson, Hartsfield, and two visitors, Mrs. A. M. Calhoon and Mrs. Edison Petre'. The May meeting will be with Mrs. Carltpn Roberts.,. , Apple Pie Mrs. Bobbie O'Steen ' Sufficient pastry for a 2 crust, i inch pie ' . 1 Can apples J /2 Cup granulated sugar '/4 Cup brown sugar (firmly packed) '/4 teaspoon salt % teaspoon cinnamon Vi teaspoon nutmeg 2 tablespoons all-purpose flour 2 tablespoons butter Meals to Be Served in Schools Menus to be served in local schools this week: Elementary Scholos Monday—Hot Dog, Lima Beans, Slaw, Blackberry Cobbler, Milk, i he didV Tuesday—Southern Hash, Rice Kraut, Corn Muffin, Gingerbread, Milk. Wednesday—Pinto Beans ato Sauce, Mixed Greens Bread, Carort Sticks. Jello, ies. Milk. Thursday—Brown Beef and Gravy, whipped Sweet Potatoes, Spring Salad, Oatmeal Muffin, Grapefruit Sections, Milk. Friday—Fish Croquettes, Mashed Potatoes, Peas and Carrots, Biscuit, Cranberry Sauce, Milk. DQPOTHY DIX Foster Mother Deaf". Miss Dix: Our • rtiaf rtage I began to rail apart eight years W when.rny husband's mother died. It seemed to me that Paul didn't take the loss t» heart t«bd 1 didn't offer much sympathy However ? en " so he grieved momthfn I ' ''" i_ i - 6 yol " g e minds ^ the cah get ttUMs' turh«, * /^.Wf cole pleasant .iiv order of icover up his »wh imisdeeds; though wen Lh*ve: absolutely: no r fils-';outside ' to es. yet, I don't feel I can trust him. ;and begin to be pleasant'about : the hpuse^, (o.r«e.tti.ng,;. your,.," Junior-Senior High School Monday— Brown Beef He has a job with irreaular hours •«'°-"«' w*W.ng, 5 . your, ..Hnsfcand:s so it/tapo'sYl&f ^ to tabs on him. We hav *™t~*to. and Gravy, Whipped Sweet Potatoes, Srping Salad, Oatmeal Muffin, Grapefruit Sections-Cookie, Milk. Tuesday—Southern Hash, Rice, Kraut, Corn Muffin, Gingerbread, Milk. Wednesday—Pinto Beans and Ham Hock, Tomato Sauce, Mixed Greens, Corn Bread, Carrot Sticks, Jello—Cookie, Milk. Thursday—'Meat Loaf and Gravy, Lima Beans, Slaw, Enriched Bread, Fruit—Cookie. Milk. . Friday—Fish Croquettes, Mashed Potatoes, Peas and Carrots, Biscuit, Cranberry Sacue, Milk. There are 21 whooping cranes, sole survivors of the species compared with 25 last year and a low of 15 in 1942. tabs on him. We have two children and he'll take care of them any time I want to go out .(so 1 won't have anything to say when he.goeV out.) He drinks quite- a bit when we visit friends, though he has j never been intoxicated. This makes visiting unpleasant for me. I can't belong'to church Societies because of his irregular .hours, and I am getting so tired of the same routine day after day. Paul knows I don't like these things but when 1" try to' talk to him he sa'ys- I'm nagging. He won't sue a marriage counsqfor, he's just being. spiteful M his actions. What advice can you give? JULIA B. Answer: The bit about your mother-in-law's death was quite revealing. You certainly should have known that a man would grieve over the loss of his mother even ii he didn't show it. You Lacked Sympathy The instinct to know when her .sympathy and _ understanding are needed is a mark of a good wife, pince you so plainly lacked the' ,., fniu-kable CH.ange '.iri.."the Try seeing a -marriage counselor on -your own-. -Make -'a- clean' of ^yddfi Jaflln^s;, .^ert/^.abou^ |ii changei'.Uiem, It takes, two to make a good marriage -BWdt^you irjKito prove otherwise;"!' think, Paul u is attempting, to do .his .share.'.,,, Dear Miss Dix: I am 10 years old and have been married for three months. Our parents don't •know of our marriage; how shall I bieak the news to them? P. A. Answer: You're experiencing one of- the first unpleasant aspects of a secret marriage. The- only thing you can do is approach, your lolks .directly, and immediately, telling them of the marriage. • ..... ...... there are competent Vhll Bord«h A word to University den Graduate Award in at Columbia awarded to Dorsey W» 27, of Newport AHt. ' ; -beari W» - Garduate Second oi Jf(JtifriS}fi Columbia /anndunded 'the yesterday, WdodSott»wlll ;* masters degree , in" jotlrtialli , Goiumbla this Jftihe. tie "lii 'if S| uate of the University Of Arit journalism -schdoL ' ' '• the Bbftfeh , grant of $500, It Was establish'!! this " y'eai 1 ,',-.' tiy-; " " foundation, Inc., .. .,._.„.,... honor of the company's h !vit*;u3ii Gail 'Bordeh,'- hews'paperrrtan rleer..-'- "•,-."••'."."' One "study- indicates i^that-jii will set .1^" founds 'Of ' in ;a pasture 'Whre the" gra's"S : :IS. ; |J inches hligh but bhly 48' fe i>'b where it is •• three U. •. S. taled 426 mlllion rose to in Dear Miss Dix: When I married Cliff Six years ago 1 was a widow wth a daughter who had been ado* ipted by my first husband and me. Cliff agreed, before bur marriage; that he would adopt- Sally. .However, he hasn't kept-the promise ,and says it's because' he doesn't want her to have as much of"'his gredients except butter; pour intoljinsight to be a comfort to Paul in! estate (which isn't very large) as pastry-lined pan; dot with butter, jhis bereavement, it's certainly lo- his own• child, a girl of 18. Moisten edge with cold water. Cover with top crust (prickec} or gashed); press firmly together. Bake igical to assume that you have fall,«d. in other respects too. You are very fluent in recount- Line pie pan with pastry; trim i in hot-moderate oven, 424-400 dog. ,ing Paul's shortcomings — he lik- edge.Combine apples with al] in- F., about 40^45 minutes. WINNIE G. Answer: See a lawyer., who. will advise 'you what y'our rights -and Sally's are. It's foolish 'to continue' When PILE PAIN Send for this Free Book , • , - •-.T T '' ; -K."r:^t Then .• etc., so seidom give real ftig. help .'ior .pileS.C*^ 1 "" 1 •and rectal, trouble-. , - wnat you really should 75,000 others.-havo-'been'!: under -clinic'plan,<hat5> an actual written guaran' iWrltel t6day, f of ^FRfei to go out alone, he drinks a bit .worrying about .something, when gnU T h or . n ton Baker Mrs. Dalo Tonnemaker, home management leader, led a discus;, sion on how to make a will anc where to keep valuable papers a the meeting of the Baker Home De. monstration Club in the home o. Mrs. Roy Baker on Thurpday night April 14. "I Would Be True" was sung. The devotional, Matthew 28:1-10 was read by the hostess. The Lord's prayer was repeated. Mrs. Orville Steadman, president, told of the HDC radio program to begin in May with the clubs alternating. A HOC tour of the industries of Texarkana on- May 12th was discussed. A day camp to be held in July was also discussed. The surprise package went to Mrs. Edith Jester and game prizes to Mrs, Vernon Schooley. Mrs. Shirley Ann Moore and Mrs. Jester. (Refreshments were served to eleven members: Mmes. Tonne- maker,_Steadman, Woodrow Baker, Schooley, Howard Tippett, Carter Russell, A. A. Andrews, J. W, White, Merlin Cox, T .B. Fenwick, one new member, Mrs. Jester, and two visitors, Mrs. Moore and Miss Carol Baker. The club will meet in May with Mrs. Merlin Cox on Pond Street. IVi-IN THEATRE Hwy 29 South • Open 6:30 FINAL NITE* • EXTRA • 1. Warner News 2. Casper Color Cartoon 3. Novelty, "Three Wishes" * STARTS TUESDAY • 1 LanaTURNER IKirkPOUplAS [Walter PIOGEONi I Dick POWEU SPECIAL SECTION FOR COM?RID PATRONS! • Playground Equipment for the Kids! * Pirecr-To-Car Concession Service! Hop*'* Finest Deportment Store GOOD HOUSEKEEPING the «ec*el» of » / 7 mother who look* younger every yea J • * -/'IIP . ., -, „.,».,, ^ ; ..', . , /UWSJON She loves a MarJfha Manning for its f lottery and 9en»le detailing love any one of Iriese sheer cottons by Mqrthg Monnina for their itylfi their soft and loviely prints, their afry coolness. i a. Sheer lawn tn Mack, pink, lilac or aqua with whitj*, whilf pique cuffs, lace trim, in sictts 14'^ lo 24 I/4 . b. Pink, blue, y*llo|w or frty »h»M d. 5h«(?r din\i»y ir? pink, . dimity, white val ioct y*itf«, in yellow or lilac on whiU, wi»n <i " '"" ' t(9itinf piping, in >i*f> N'4 (« " " if'» /* i' K%- -. ' /'|..?j.v.w.V^:':i,.rt;»i^iJ c. Blqck, r*d, nqvy;'or »h«er printed lawn with wr>it» mtdqllioru, in si

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