Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on October 25, 1995 · Page 180
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 180

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 25, 1995
Page 180
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JUL Wednesday, October 25, 1 995 The Arizona RepublicTHE PHOENIX GAZETTE 3 Mom seeks daughter through TV show ByClartUllk Staff writer Penny Nickel-Relf will surround herself with loved ones and hold her breath when she sits down Friday night to watch NBC's Unsolved Mysteries. One of the segments will be about her missing 14-year-old daughter, Heather Relf. The child clfeappeared in 1992 with her father, 42-year-old Richard Relf, a fugitive charged with stealing nearly $1 million from his Phoenix employer. "I am anxious, I am nervous fight now I'm just trying to keep myself very, very occupied," said Nickel-Relf, who lives in Apache Junction. "I know better than to pin all my hopes on the show. I just hope that she (Heather) is in the percentage they find." -Unsolved Mysteries learned about Heather from an April 3 story in Community., Program director Jim Lindsay said producers were interested in the case because, of Relf s crime coupled with Heather's disappearance. The show solves about a third of the mysteries featured. However, producer Shannon McGill said photos of Relf and Heather boost the chances of locating the pair. "I am anxious, I am nervous right now I'm just trying to keep myself very, very occupied." Penny Nickel-Relf Heather's mother i "If they're anywhere in the country I'd be really surprised if we don't find them," she said. ! Interviews were taped in Phoenix, Tempe and Mesa in June with . Nickel-Relf; Heather's 22-year-old half-sister, Tammy Hughes; Phoe nix police Detective John Stahl; and Kelt s tormer doss ana coworkers at Brown Wholesale Elec tric Co. Producers also interviewed Relf s third wife, Joanne Johnston. She was married to Relf and was helping raise Heather at the time the two disappeared. She later divorced him and now lives in Idaho. Relf was fired from Brown Wholesale in June 1992 after being accused of stealing more than $800,000 from the company by paying fictitious vendors and pocketing the money. LURES From Page 1 "In addition to the resort I'm working on in Texas, I have a store ready to go there and I may get it opened by the end of the year. Tempe was just a test market, and if has proven that the possibilities are there. Also, I'm in the process of building another plant in Page." , .Although Yamamoto has kept h'iA' product off the shelves of such mass marketers as Wal-Mart "in order to keep my products unique," his lures are in numerous tackle shops around the country and he's considering opening other hare showrooms. ,"We have so many color combinations it is impossible for most retailers to carry our whole line," Yamamoto said. According to Derek Yamamoto, the Tempe store handles a lot of mail orders and an estimated 60 to 7jQ percent of the company's prod-uSt goes to Japan. :r.i'My Dad is like a celebrity over there," the younger man said. "He gets mobbed for his autograph. We've sent so much product to Japan that every man, woman and A1441J 1 1 J 1 f uuiu snuuiu nave sunie vi uui ltfres." But the Japanese connection isn't all one way. Gary Yamamoto imports thin-wire hooks from Ja pan, including models made espe cially for his busmess. In addition he imports Japanese-made lures and fishing line. Although salt-impregnated plas tic lures are not unique, the fact that Yamamoto s grubs are liter ally loaded with plain ol' table salt is one of the lure's secrets of success. The abundance oi salt is a factor," said Jim Brandsma, owner of Fisherman's Choice Pro Shop in Phoenix and a serious bass angler. "I'm sure the stuff that bass eat, such as threadfin shad, have salty flavor. And the salt makes the fish hold onto the lure a bit longer before he realizes what he's got in his mouth isn t real. Yamamoto puts his lures to good use himself. He won the $50,000 first prize in the WON U.S. Open bass tournament this summer at Lake Mead, and he hopes to spend more time on the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society tour in the East and South in the future. iHmiifti-iimv From earaches to minor breaks. Arizona Urgent & Family Care provides medical services for illnesses and injuries that are serious-but not life threatening-such as the stomach flu, stitches and pneumonia. We also offer complete family care and diagnostic capabilities. And because we believe your time is valuable, we won't keep you waiting, From flu days to x-rays, we're here for you. No appointment needed "No waiting" waiting room Staffed by board-certified internal medicine, family practice or emergency physicians Open extended hours- 8 am to 8 pm weekdays and 8 am to 4 pm weekends-365 days a year 1 Affordable care with fees 50 less than emergency room charges Services include urgent care, family care, school and sports physicals, pre-employment screenings, on-site x-ray, flu shots and more AH major insurance plans accepted Urgent&FamilyCare Real doctors. Really quick. v Mesa Power Road, across from Leisure World 807-0130 Gilbert Baseline & Silverado 926-8700 Chandler Alma School & Ray Road 917-8400 At the time, he lived in a large home in Cave Creek with Johnston; her daughter, Tiffany; and Heather. Relf and Heather left Sept. 9, 1992, in a 1991 GMC Suburban that has never been found. A month later he was indicted on two counts each of fraud and theft. He faces up to 48 years in prison. Relf had legal custody of Heather at the time.'Nickel-Relf regained custody last summer and i registered her daughter with Valley law-enforcement agencies, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, and The Na tion's Missing Children Organiza-;tion Inc. "I know she's OK in my heart, in my gut," Nickel-Relf said. "But what he's doing to her, the moral issue, is not OK." Heather's older half-sister also is anxious about the show's outcome. "Maybe this will be an end to the search, an end to the hole in our lives," said Tammy Hughes, who last saw Heather during a fun-filled weekend the girls spent with their mother. "I can't believe she's been gone this long." PERFECT C0LfHv.IJ9G Since 1978 Arizona's Finest Cz'.t 'f-.' 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