Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 23, 1955 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
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Saturday, April 23, 1955
Page 6
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ETY ^ I A. M. iftd 4 P. Mi An will meet -at 10 o'clock in /"C&ok, iay Music "Club win pre' Helen Lybfis ahd Miss , Re. This will be' her last' Sunday to teach, and all members are urged td attend, Tuesday April 26 The Woman's Society of Christian Service of Hope District will hold it's: 8th. Annual Conference in the First Methodist Church, .Hope, Arkansas on- Tuesday April 26, beginning at 10 a. m. Mrs. L Both Sides Guessing on Hie's Ptan *V * '- 'oto — carl people 'and the Red1'-eVin have one thing in common: Boih are left guessing whether the Eisenhower administration intends to defend the Matsti and Qugmby Is lands; .close, to the Red China V 4<'««^ A > c 111, . , in fre Ju tHct . . . Tooley is president of HSpe. Dis at 3 olcloc \v6t offerilt rtb*t public is Will feadl-th SS Class of' ih --Church- Sunday Here'j A F^ram For ; Ihe Entire Fomify! 8:27 rnuAi NAtMlRfltr , Tuesday April 26 The Cosmopolitan Club wjll meet in'the hdme 'df'Mrs. H, L, Hane^ Man on'Tuesday, April 26, at 7:45 p<<m. with Mrs. Lawrence Martin serving, as. co-hostess. 29 The Friday Music Clab will meet FridDy April 29, at 7:30 p. m.'in the home of Mrs. B. C. Hyatt. Clubs .' . ~V HppeWelt Home inventories, the! advantag- !S of having one arid ho^ to keep f, Were the topics of a discussion 3y Mrs John Keck, home manage^ nent leader, to the memb'ers of the topewell Home . Demonstration -lub in the'home of Mrs. Ernest Graham.on 'April coast. The administration guessing so far as is itself . i publiccly knowh. All it has said' is vague Meanwhile,, the, ArheHcah public gels repeated jolts tfrorri develop ing events, as if bumping into a short-cih-ulti There ha\*fe beett several jolts in recent weeks. They wei-e startling when they happened. The net effect was confusion. Chiang Kal'Shek, the American oily, claims Matsu and Quemoy Jhd 'has troops on them. His main forces are In Formosa. The United Stales, by treaty with Chiang, s pledged to defend Formosa but not Matsu and Quemoy. In a special message to Congress Jan. 24 President Eisenhow- ir asked Congress for specific au- horily to defend Formosa and closely related localities." Those localities could mean Matsu and say so. Ho said such authority from Congress — which Congress gave him quickly — would reduce the possi- During L T« lr , ' M bllity that the Red Chinese might During the business session, Mrs. misjudge, the U. S.'• •'nnrnnso- .nnH ChHI WILLS / VAUEE • Ptdro GONtALES 6UOUJR teck was. .elected' Becretary-trea» uier, replacing Mrs.!Nell Osborn, r hose resignation was accepted, fie group vofed to" give a S5.00 do'- lation to the cancer fund,..A week- y ^adlo program .for the county home demoristi'atlon clubs' and :'a- prottosed/ all-day tour to points, of intei-est In Texarkana wferje discus- Mory's Beauty Shop] •for flppointmerjfs Coll... 7-3584 MARY HAMM misjudge the U. S. "purpose •"jJrdcipitate a major crisis.' What, he intended to do about Quemoy and Matsu, being vague in the message, could only leave the Chinese' guessing. The President still hasn't said anything definite about the island. ', If i all that the administration ha said about them could be boiled Popularity of George Gobel WiUUst lies j i P f?u E ?,T World fame>us Physitist Albert EiHsttftt, died Suti- denly at the Princeton Hospital early'Monday. He was 76. — NEA reiephoto • . , dLlvtlt NfeW YORK (>P) ' —What ahead for comedian -.George Gdbel, now thkt he has rfsen with phenomenal ; soSed 1 "to one' of the top rungs In 'show "'business? 'Will his popiilftrityr -last-?- • • • -'<•• T.he answer .-is^.definitely yes, according to. Sylvester L. Pat •Weaver, president of the National •Broadcasting Co. Weaver's appraisal was given in (Jobel's suite in the Roosevelt Motel a few ;minUtes after the comedian had. received {he 1955 George Foster • Peabody award for tel* vision entertainment. "George really has an Individual characterization and style that's different,' explained Weaver as George, attained in slacks and open neck sports shirt, listened appreciatively. "He soesh't depend' on doing with variations what other comedians have been* doing." Gobel, although very successful In .hotfels and night clubs for several years, still appears awed and modest a'bout his sudden emergence as a national celebrity. He gives a large share of the credit to Al Kantor, director and head writer, and writers Jack Douglas, Harry Wihkler and Jimmy Aller- Sunday & Monday at Saengei .. I *LACK ARROW " ». & Men. * THEATRE Hwy 29 South. • .Open 6!30 A> Good Double Feature! J.- I . . ! . • 'ALSO • Johnny Weiiimuller "TARZAN ESCAPES" down it wotild.be this :the Pfes- iderit will decide on fighting for Quemoy. and Matsu if the Reds attntk, them and he thinks then •Formosa is endangered. A few weeks ago Adm. Rober't B. Carney was quoted by sorrie newjsmen, after a.n off-thc-record dinner with him, as expecting an attack on Quemoy-and Matsu by April' 15. .A short time later the President said he had no such information.. To add to the confusion, Carney said 'he- hadn't bepn quoted correctly. And newsmen who had been at the dijmer didn't agree!-on just what he sa^cl. Jjsst; Sunday, after a visit with Eisenhower,' Secretary of State Dulles to}d, newsnicn .that "only .during-the'lasf few days" this gov"- ernrnent' had ' learned 'of an "in- opnosite- Formosa. '.' ;- • On Wednesday the Defense Department 'anribyncedj "in'view -of the tense situation"' in the For- mofsa area;.;Adm. Arthur W: Rad- •ford.and Walter S.iRobertson, as- susljant. secretary , of , state, would BAREFOOT CONTESSA,", released ;by 'United Artists, trthnicblbf. "These fellows not only come up with wonderful material but they write things just the way I'd say them—they think the way I think," he declares. "Our problem hasn't been a shortage of material, but too much. -We have to cut out six to seven minutes every week to make the show fit into a half hour," he adds. The droll comedian short of stature and hai r,can't quite get used to the attention and notice brought by his TV success. On hjs flight here from Hollywood to accept the award, he was greeted by actress Marlene Dietich; and was as flustered as a schoolboy. "I said 'are you going to New York too' which was a silly qUes- tion since we were on a nonstop flight,'" he recalls sheepishly. General Says State Guard'Is Ready' : By the Associated Precc The; Arkansas National Guard AND DOWN WE GO-Two hundred feet from a cliff top in suburban Cleveland, Ohio, to a creek bank. Police believe a car thief hopped out of the 1954 Cadillac and let it crash down. Owner of the car said he last • »aw it in his driveway. Rules Salary Not Repealed * PIUS • . I CHAPTER 5'.OF<8EKlAL, "ADVENTURES OF CAPTAIN KI0,D" , 4 Herman '& Katnlp Cartoon fly to Formosa. They left within itwd hours. - " "•••• At almost the same'time' Dulles told newsmen., "no- crisis is- m- 1KT SUPPORTING ACTOR ! .Ik* WwM't LOOK!!! TONIGHT IS FRE€ "FOWL" NIGHT! 10-TEN-fO PURINA FRYERS , FROM THE Feeders Supply Company Will Pe Turned Lowe From the Top of Our SNACK BAR? YOU CATCH 'EM AND KEEP 'EM! k^L^^J LOOK! MIDNIGHT HORROR SHOW EVERY SATURDAY; * TONIGHT • " CRIEPS Com* ti to*t Show — 1, -*-~ - V&4UAO • JO- ill* .voiyed" and that the two men were going to Formosa for the "normal maintenance of contact in a sitiia- ,tio^ that is admittediy serious. , T^esterd^y, Sen.' ipeorge (IJ-Ga.) Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, the one,, fnan . outside the] administration most likely *o knqw the .purpose .of the Radford Robertson trip, said he thought the Jneh worje .-going..to 'Formosa "to get a 1 first-hand: view, of the 'situation ^ Tihe President, 'if :he hp.s made up 'his mind about Matsu and Que- .mpy,-: may .'be'keeping it quiet so he can negotiate.with the 'Red Chinese; for the; islands in return for a-ceajse-fire in the Formosa :area. •But .'it's not. certain he's made up his mind. Mrs. Jess Hays ' Hostess To Contract Club Mrs. Jess Hays was hostess tc the '37 Contract Club at her horn on Tuesday afternoon. Arrangements of iris were plac ed at vantage points in the liv ing room. A lovely bouquet o mums, narcissuses and acacia was used for decoration in. the living oil room. Mrs. A. V. Regnier won the high score award. Mrs. Guss McCaskill, Mrs. Saxon Regan a-nd Mrs. Al'Williams were guests'. Other club memb'ers included Mrs. C. D. McSwain, Mrs. Of G. Hirst, Mrs. George Christopher, Mrs. J. R. Bemis, Mrs. Jack Harrell, Mrs. Frank Gilbert Mrs. John Pittman, and Mrs. Tom Bemis. A delectable salad plate was served. Tri County .Medical Society Meets Nineteen members of the Tn County Medical Association me on Tuesday evening at the Lawson wers enhanced the beauty of' thg hall. Ice tea, 'cake's' and " cookies were served from ' a i: table covered; with a white cloth centered with white and' blue flowers -in a blue vase. Approximately '40 attended. ' • ', .- ; - Mrs. Gray .Garden Club ' Speaker . -. The April meeting of- the Rose, jarden Club was held "Tuesday af- :ernoon in the home of Mrs. John Thomas McRae with Mrs.' Sam V. Scott,.Mrs, Charlie;-Scott and- Mrs. Gene Hale cohostesses. V Lovely was put to a test last night, and its commanding general says, "the Arkansas Guard is ready.-*' I it wasn't the supreme test, but •it-was close to it. It was Operation Minuteman, a ill that sent more than 7,000 Arkansas Guardsmen; scurrying out of jtheir homes at .suppertirne to throw up. an emergency defense Foot sOldiers guarded bridges, waterworks, power_ stations, airfields and roads Tn Arkansas. Medics set up first aid stations. .:.-. LITTLE ROCKWP) — A general 1955 act fixing county treasurers' salaries does not repeal an initiated 1928 law regulating the Poinsett treasurer's compensation, •. the attorney general's office ruled today. Asst. Atty. Gen! Dowell Anders said legislative records reflected that the new.'law did not 'get the two-thirds majority necessary to repeal initiated local acts such as the ones in Poinsett County. The opinion went to Poinsett Treasurer C. Bennett. Although the ruling was concerned only with Poinsett, it obviously also would apply to other counties having valid initiated acts fixing. treasurers' salaries. Arkansas Weather By The Associated Press Air_ National Guard planes fromf Central Arkansas—Partly"'cloudy d continued warm this afternoon, thrbugh the. air,. intent on finding Imaginary, enemy 'planes. .At the. Arkansas'-control'point in Little Rock, reports were receiVec from alii 89. Arkansas Guard units that they were • on .the job within 40. 'minutes, iof. the; Of p. m. alert ai-angements of tulips, iris,:--nar- Many rof. the!units: had- 90 :per cent •I'SQllCRO nn/1' n .*iA + + «»-] *O.,; n ^_^_ f\f fVlCi'i»« .-r\artf*r\r\r\f.\ «n«<•!-_. *-.— ^; __ By HOLLYWOOD (/P) -Art lover need not wo>ry.. MOM is not go ng to shpot the life of painte Vincent van Gogh, as "Lend an t.ar. ' The studio is planning a scriou nd artistic film based on the ca eer of Van Gogh', who once slash d off an ,604- in a fjt of madness The pioject is in the able hands I John Hous.eman, who prduced such films as "The Bad and the Beautiful" and "Julius Caesar " "VVe plan to show Van Gogh in three different lights,' the explained. "1. As a Harris of Hope, program Hotel. Dr. chairman, introduced *br. ^Charles Smith of Texarkana who spoke 01 "Compound Fractures." Dr. Peoples of Gurdon and Dr Smith were guests. pro- very . . ,,., difficult man; 2. As a mystic who was gieatly interested in religion; o. As a painter, whose mysticism affected his work. "We'll use between 85 and 30 authentic paintings in the picture, plus a nurnber *f reproductions in scenes where they won't be seen close-up. There a,r e several good Van, Goghs m this area — Edward G. Jlobinson has three — and we #rc makii^ wruogeTOehfs to bo'r- Mrs. D. S. Jordan Honored My OES sed. Mrs. W as « new C«W» wa| welcomed . 'Mrs. H- B. Pat- Order of the Eastern Star observed "Friendship Night" at the Tuesday night meeting at the Masonic Lodge and also honored Mrs. D. S. Jordan as chapter Mom." She was introduced by Mrs. Johnny Harrison and was presented to the East. Mrs. L. O. Lee, accompanied at the piano by Mrs. Kenneth Ledbe.1- ter, gave 3 lovely reading entitled White Lilacs" and Mrs. Lawrence Stovall presented Mrs, Jordan- a Jift from the chapter expressing •he Order's appreciation of her as a friend and "Mom." A touching discussion on "Friendship" was gi ven by Mrs. Jordan. Invited friends were introducec and presented gifts. Out of town guests were riev. and Mrs. Zum wait of the Hope Chapter. Red verbena an dpinks in a cry> stal bowl decorated the secretary's desk and bouquets of spring flo- cissuses, and a potted Princess VTargaret Rose tulip.-..> decorated he home. ' During 'the business meeting Mrs. T. T/ WOrthington, vice-president, iresided and the club voted, to "onate $15.00 to •. the Swimming 'ool' Fun.. Roll call ,was answerec jy giving the name, of a vegetable or flower using the name . of a county. In the .arrangements brought by each; rn.qm.ber Mrs. John MeRae;.placed :jirs"t and Mrs. Carl palrymple 'second^ .'..-.. Guest speaker for. the- afternoon was Mrs. C; R. Gray,who gave a most- interesting \arid. informative talk on "Flowers in- -England." Cake, ice cream,, coffee and nuts were served by the hostesses to H members. their personnel ready/for action within anhour.' "The : .operation'' 'was . an,. unquli- fied success," said Maj. Gen. Sherman . Clinger, state adjutant general. "The Arkansas Guard is ready." • tonight and. tomorrow. Scattered .thundershowers tomorrow. High this afternoon near 90, low to- Jiight .mid ,60s. Northeast Arkansas — Partly cloudy and continued warm this afternoon, tonight and tomorrow. Scattered thundershowers tomorrow.-High this afternoon upper 80s, low ; tonight mid GOs. Southeast Arkansas — Parti cloudy and continued warm thi afternoon, tonight and tomoi row. Scattered thundershowers to morrow. High this afternoon lo 90s, low tonight mid 60s. and the Couoty CouncU President, .members were present for Hospital W. Admitted: U. S. Q^rrett, Hope, S. Mrs. B*tty >'aber, flf*pe. Mrs. Ohar}«| McClendon, row others from collectors else where. The paintings will be used liberally to establish locales." The studio managed to land Kirk Douglas as Van Gogh. He had originally planned to film the artist's life for his own company, but gave up the project when it a peared that MGM had priority. Houseman displayed some self- portraits of Van Gogh which bear an amazing resemblance to Douglas. Making the classics into popular tyre is no new task for Houseman, whp worked with Orson 'Welles i# the old Mercury Theater days. He is credited by many former Mer- curites as being the man whp kept Welles' peculiar genius under control. Band Mothers' Club; Meets Prescott Band Mothers Club met Monday evening in the home of Mrs. Wallace Sage with Mrs. Lews Connell co-hostess. Mrs. Doug Sasterling, president, presided and ippointed the following nominating committee: Mrs. R, C.. McBrayer, Chairman, Mrs. Vernon Buchanan and Mrs. H. C. Vandiver. Mrs. Gordon Banner, Mrs; Ezra flilam, Mrs. Russell Moberg, Mrs. Roy Loomis and Mrs. B. A. Waren were appointed ;to serve on the ommittee to checl? in the Junior nd Senior band uhifprms at the end of school. It .was decided that each student would pay for "any replacements that had to be made on his uniform. Clive McClelland, bafld director, announced that band jackets for those who lettered this year had been ordered. He also stated that Su^ie Hooks and Jane Kitchens, Junior Band Members, who have also played with th« 'setiior band this year had qualified for letters in the senior band. The club voted to award medals to those who lettered in thevJunior Band! Plans were made for the State Band Festival which'will be held April 21-221 at Hot Springs. The joys will be housed at Parkway 'two Candidates for Jaycee Presidency •HARRISON W — Alex Leftwick of Forrest City..and. P, D. .Gathright of .Little Rock are candidate 'or president of the Arkansas Jun or Chamber, of. Commerce, whic opened its_ annual convention her oday. ' : The new president, who will sue ceed Mike Maloney of Fayetteville is scheduled to be elected tomoi row^ afterhopn. The conventio will end Sunday. Maloney is candidate for national Jaycee vie president. Speakers include Harrison Mayo B. N. Holt. and Henry C. atkins vice president of the. Jaycees : ndregiohal sales.'manager for a fi nance, company.' sited Prescott friends Tuesday, Mr. and Mrs. Allen Gee'motored to Hot Springs Tuesday for the day, Mrs. Clifton Barrett of Victoria, Texas is the guest of Mr, and Mrs. Fred Powell. Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Yarbrough and Miss Jesica Bemis of Texarkana haye' returned from £oone- vjlje, Mp., w.herg they have been the guests of Charles Yarbrough situ^e.nt a,t JJemper Military School, and. attended "parents Day" and the Military B.a.U. Courts an,d the girls at the Majestic iptel, Chaperones for the' trip are tfr. and Mrs. Olive McClelland, Mjrs. H*y' v Lopmis, Mrs. Max cheri, Mrs. W- P. Qdlden, , Yamcey an* Mrs. Haasei- . Cold drinks and cookies w&re served by the hostess to H . R. T. Murry has returned Little" Rook where she has the .guest of Mr. and Mrs. 'James Hpwell and her new little grandson, James Rucker. iJSfr. and -Mrs. Pa.ul Hitt have as their guest, Mys. Robbie Bolls of Mis?. THE BEAUTY BOX Open 6 Days a Week Appointments after 5 for those who work. Phone 7-5850 112 S. Main SEE US FOR... New Holland Baler parts and Service for Wisconsin Engines, Eaee-Flow Distributors and John Deere Tractors and Implements. The home of genuine John Deere parts UTLEY IMPLEMENT CO. 220 W. 5th St, Phone 7-3475 Company Creditors I Appear in Court LITTLE ROCK Wl —Arguments were presented here yesterday by creditors of .Westmoreland Manganese Corp. who contend their claims, should have priority over government claims . against the now-closed project. Federal Judge Harry J. Lomley gave both sides CO days in which'lP to file briefs in the offshoot of the government's three million dollar foreclosure suit against Westmoreland.. . , • i Witnesses for the creditors testified that government' purchasing agents had assured busJncs firms that all bills would be paid when. the ; Westmoreland project was or- ' dered close. The,, claims of, credi* tors total $350,000. \ • The government is' 'seeking to M recover $2,800,000 it advanced j tow Westmoreland under 'a 'defense cotv tract. The project was shut down before any manganese was delivered. • .,',-'' Lemley recently recessed hear-, ings in his U.S. , District Court here on the governments suit following Westmoreland charges of fraud and misrepresentation by government representatives. UNSCRABBLED MADISON, Wis., (UP)—The local weather man reported the weather has been "azba selia muk- roorok." That's Eskimo language for "oh, My! the weather is fine.' The search -for the man wns halted temporarily last night about 9 p.m., Cooper said. IT'S HEAVENLY A new permanent by Helen Curtis Call for an appointment HAZEL'S BEA.UTY SHOP Phone 7-2878 Hazel Virginia Auline GENERAL REPAIR Our Repair Shop is as near.as yoUr telephone CARS-TRUCKS- TRACTORS LEO'S GARAGE 513 S. Walnut Ph. 7-4314 LEO HARTSFIELD . Owner and Operator We Pick-Up and Deliver The Quality Nome In Air Conditioning York has the most complete, most versatile of air-conditioners. The mpst advanced features are included to provide the full benefits of true air-conditioning. All models cool, dehumidify, and circulate filtered air. • FOR HOMES • Commerciald Use SEE THESE AT YORk FURNITURf ip.cUliz. in effective ffrmttt iwitrol. the problem, we hav., the *n»wer. fhire'. no •o .n.pection io t eell on our long fipfriencefle ARKADELPHIA TERMITE 1039 Main Street f hone 1057 ARKADELPHIA Jog Maker of v4- . •rj0h,t »nd itors ui Te»»rkaB« ; . Mrs. . were Monday vis- «frs. is &. L,. Wilson olliittle H«ck of her 4*ugWe i'., and family. W - •-••••• : - -v^r- , •" IWANT you to know how sincerely we appreciate your patronage of our pharmacy. It will be our constant endeavor to merit your reliance upon us for the professionally competent filling of your prescriptions, and for courte- o.us service'in all merchandising departments of our store You have every right to expect your drugstore to be a good drug store, and we intend to so conduct ours qs t® deserve your approval. 102 W. WARD & SON DRUGGIST if CM Ytmt STIR THE ) ( STIR THE STEW STEW r-f ( STIR THE STEW- / ^N STIR THE STEW STEW THE STIR -J STEW THE STIF?-J STEW THE STH3 ONE TH6M IN YEARS/A FUY DROPPEOVBETWEE AND Ti GET HOME.DEAR STIF? THE STEW REPEAT THATraep f, so vou WON'T FORGET OUT OUR WAY Mr to Previous, Puzzle Fifth President HE WORKS NIGHTS) AMP steeps PAYS-AND WITH ALL THIS i CLATTER AROUND ' SPARROWS CHIRPIM' ANPA WOODPECKER. IM HIS TREE BOTHERS HIM.' HE /MUST BE A NUT.' HERfi -»IP ANVTHINd SHOUL HAPR6M TO ME, ©VE THIS PKbeRESSIVE.' TO THE copgy eur THAT'S WHY BOTHERS HIM/ ; ACROSS IFifthU.& President, James— 4 Decay 5 Chemical suffix 6 Noblemen SWWKl V euy ARE *£>*.- 8 Tahitian god 9 Tooted vase 3rd Virginia regiment 14 ^Balance due 15 Irritate 16 Give 1.7 Drunkard 18 Lords (ab,) 20 Scottish sheepfold 12 Large plant 19 His was 29 Roman bronze 47 Genus of announced 30 Notion willows 31 Prison room 48 Scatters '•• 32 Grafted (her.; 49 Tardy 34 Harden. 50 False'gOct 40 Negative reply 51 Weights of Dec. 2, 1823 21 Placard 22 Half an em 21 MexfcaTcoin -^ Preposition 23 Note in ^ ° utI !" CS . • Guide's scale 25 Mouth ward 25 Constellation 2C 28 Whim 33 Burrows 34 Female saint 41 Postscript (ab.) • 44 Penett'ate person (slang) 45 Venomous 27 Entry in a serpent ledger 46 The dill ... ,,,v'^i^w : ^g|ii^ii§is >x*.v.i : .'r'. • f'l ;.h&^&^f : i^^,^,^mf WASH TUBES 54 Unit of reluctance 56 Fish 57 Tear LATEg,r\gOftRO THE SCHOOM THAT'* ENOUGH ROLLERS OW THBW FLOATS, GIKLI&I TH' FRONT END ROLL PA&T 'BM, M WOP ON TH* KA-PTI C30NTACT. W eaRorbF ONTIf RW«Tl AN 1 NOW ReTAW^^Ut ROLLERS! <ab.) 35 Arabian gulf 36 Encourage 37 Bitter vetch 38 Highlander E^6ED DOWM TH6 S-LOPE ON [ r^f&fl^ffiXfV'™- H ' ' ,,v^ ow \ '**-« ' THE OLP STUFF »^. Mt , m '^ t , J39 Formal denial' |i41 'Utah peak • 42 Universal - language 43 Promontory 45 Capuchin , monkey 48 Number 49 Fairy fort 52 All 55 Philippic 58 Pared 59 Redactor 60'Stable' 1 compartments 61 Repulses DOWN OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople HS TELLER • FOR A LET'5 RAISE ACT UPTU& TEST'.TUBE£ AMD •WORRIED A€ A L06T l APPI<OACl-!eD ME, PATIENT TILL -L RAISED "WE & \,OOO TO ' VQOtS AND HER BUDDIES . 1 Cartographs CARNIVAL •y Dick Turner BUGS CUNNY ^.^ GET VA' . : W IT^^eE'/^^ONv^^jJ-^;— ^D^^iS^P^^^ T,ClLY L tH'1, K^^^&jftd ^ lilS^iB^SO t H^TE TO,1^I C'NGE 5Pe N DALt\PRACT,C FUNNY BUSINESS By Herihberger :-^ipp^v r«n*w?b.Yft'^ 'TAT M-MONEY) -SAME THINS^ER FOft ONE : OFX ^/KF/^OWr/J' -runisc • C:X^_I__'-'. ,;',.' . L^H.' '•VIBRATOR REDUQNS. . ••MACHINES 1 .'' y-D ®C,'- • r II ••-.•*;>- ^£^v r W. V™ ,. .*-*i ALLEY OOP VOU'RE GQING INTO v A ROUGH,' RAW, WERE -PREHISTORIC READY •/WQKt r D, BO . ISN'T OUR \ IT . GETTING ) $Eu PVETDNG r BACK HERE \M9NMUG'S PARTV PRETTY MUCH UP the job has a lot of laughs, too—like watching »' ,„ ._darnes^run to catch the bus!" SIDE GLANCES By Golbrairh The usual armsling and splints, Doc—it's housecleaning time again!"... SWEETIE PIE sMmm- V*By Nodine Selrer PPJSCILLA S POP YEP! rVE DECIpED TO ' GROW UP WITH T MY BOY! ^ T ow ^» TRAINING, BOTTS m /aa;^.. / f\* Px»ri'^> s,* & C THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE ERIp? MARTHA \|KWN AS THE HANDS OF THg £== CLOCK IN THE HOTEL ASTCKBH.T DfMW Tp<5£THEI?, SO, TOO, DO THIKE PER80MS, *??§*. "Qid it »eem fgnny tQ you how titty agreed to heartily i when I mtnUohtd that ' — gnist nave happened! I only/filled the pan : 72292

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