Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 23, 1955 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 23, 1955
Page 5
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V 'i^Fft MOM IfAt, MOM, ARKANSAS FHefoy, April JJ, 1*if the uie»t •r-y'*^'?'"* V> fjx '- ',••>! ;>; •; f ; w;xj •V .", \ * " V-' "^ , ' -' '" . P" "'. ' ' . ' * '/ ^ . , \ 'ome things are so final. One of them is ' Judgment. But whether we like it or not, it is icoming. The child at school knows a test is set — he must make ready for it. The man at his bench knows the work must get done, -and on time. All life should help us face the coming verdict. The wise person gets the better of it by setting his own judgment at the close of every day. Life is made up of years, of months, of days. Why Wait for luck or chance which might make an escape possible? GANtTBEAT THE VERDICT. God will allow you to reap only what you have sown. You write your own verdict... God announces % riif. Go, to church every Sunday. Confess your sing to God. Write a clean page. Keep the record clear. Then the verdict will be well with your soul. !S YMhTheOnuth. TheClorelilnYoi 'XvAVWWrtM N«wi «f the CHURCHES LIBERTY LANDMARK Missionary Baptist Church Rev. Raymond Hicks, Pastor 10:00 a. m. Sunday. School 7:00 p. m. Sunday night Service. 7:30 p. m. Saturday Service 7:30 p. m. Wednesday night service. The temporary location of the church is one and one-half miles from Hope on highway 4, in Ho race Kennedy's Store Building. FIRST PENTECOSTAL CHURCH Fourth and Ferauson Street Rev. H. P. Hudspeth, Pastor 9:45 a. m. Sunday School Luther Cornelius Supt 11 a. m. — Morning Worship Ser mon by pastor. 6:30 p. m. Pentecostal Conqueror* Mrs. Joe Lively In charge. Junior Conquerors, Mrs. H. V Hudspeth in charge. 7:30 p. m. Evening Worship Wednesday 7:30 p. m. Bible Study and Pra yer meeting. Thursday ; : 2 p. m. Ladies Pentecostal Aux iliary. '. The Missionary Prayer Warrors will meet Tuesday at 2 p. m.' a the home of Mrs. Lawrence Kuy's The public is Invited to attend all services at this church. FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH 8. A. Whitlow, Pastor Burton Sutterfield Music-Education Sunday 9:30 a. m. — Sunday Scnool W. H. Munn, Supt. 10>50 a. m. . Morning Worship . 5 p., m. Chapel Choir Rehearsa' 6:30 p. m. Baptist Training Union, Hubert Thra.sh, Director. 7:45 p. m. Evening Worship Monday 4 p. m, Beginner and Primary Sunbeams. 4 p. m. All Y. W. A.'s, Intermediate and Junior G. A.'s and 'riends are invited to be prcsen'l at^the church to hear Mrs. B. M: Sdileau, recently from Hawaii. Refreshments will be served at he clsoe of the program. 7 p. m. Training Union Council Supper meeting. Wednesday 9 a. m. Sunday School Training lass?. 4 p. m. Carol Choir I Rehearsa] 7 p. m. Sunday School Officers and Teachers' meeting. 7:45 p. m. The Fellowship Hour The Midweek Worship for the Whole family. Thursday 4 p. m. Carol Choir II Rehearsal 6:30 p. m. Mildred Matthews Business Woman's Circle Pot Luck upper and meeting. 7:30 p. m. Chancel Choir Re hearsai. Friday , 4 p. m. Cherub Choir Rehearsal FIRST METHODIST CHUKCH West 2nd at Pin* V. O. Keeley. Pastor 9:45 a. m. Church School C. V. Nunn Jr., will teach the -cnlury Bible Class 10:55 a. m, Morning Worship Special Music: "I Love the .prd" (West) Mrs. James A. Mc- .arty arid Homer Jones. Sermon: "Sampson And Peter" Minister 5:30 p m. Intermediate MYF 5:30 p. m. Senior MYP 5:30 p. m. Wesley Club 7 p. m. Evening Worship 'Special Offertory: Organ Music y Miss Carolyn Story | Sermon: "Five Famous Prea- chers" Minister Tuesday 9:30'a. m. to 10 a. m. (Rcgis- trajlon) the Sixth Annual Conference of the Hope District WSCS will be heioT" ift this church with dinner servea'ia^iibpn by Circle No. 5. W«lheiday ?:30 p, m. Choir Practice at the Church. Thursday 7:38 p. m. Fourth Quarterly Conference will be held in this Church With" Dr. E. C, Rule, prcsid ing.;...-..-.' We welcome you to our services, was in a mild state of shock. Hi ST MARK'S EPISCOPAL CHURCH Sunday Second- Sunday After Easter 7:30 p. m. Evening Prayer anc Sermon. FIRST PRESBYTERIAN 701 South Main Street Rev; L. T. Lawrencs, O. O* - MMIStsr The Men's Bible Class win meet In the 1 Fellowship Hall at 9:30 .1. m for 1 doughnuts an4 coffee; the les son at 10 a. m. will be taught by Jack"'Lowe; Dr. J. W. Branch niahlst.- 10:iW, r a. m. — Sunday School James H. Miller, Superintendent 10; 55; a. in. .lii*rnlttg Worship •Sermon , siibject: "Unfrantic People". Anthem: "Incline Thine Ear , to '-. Me" Himmel Soloist: Mrs. Art Rughes. This . service will be broadcas over _ Radio Station KXAR. • ff, "p.fm.." P., Y. F. supper Sharpn. Foster will have charge of the program. 7 p....mir. Evening Worship Subject: "More About Jesus" Special music: Solo by Mrs Haskcll Jones.' This .service will be held in the Chapel The Prelude and the Of fertbry will be played by Tena Pilkinton. • Monday 7; p. .m. Choir Practice. Thursday 7 p. • rh. The men of the church will .have their monthly supper meeting. FIRST .CHRISTIAN EdmomJ Pendleton, pastor Sunday ,,>f 9:45;a. : m. Bible School 10:50 SJ. m. Mowiing Warship ''How:Firm A Foundation" • : 2:30-4:f)0 p, m. Communion Ser- ylce to shut-ins. ;S:Op-7:3a.p. m. Christian Youth Fellowship. •'Thursday •7:30 pi: m. Evening Worship No Chbir. Practice .•You'aue always invited to attend this church ,that is dedicated to a;Christian. Hope. In our- Church we seek to marke Christian Liberty and the -Love of Christ Prevail. But'we know that we are not the only Church i» .Hope with these high 'objectives. So .find the church of your choice and attend regular. GAftRETT MEMORIAL 300 North Ferguson Street Eld. Elbert O'SUen, Paster Sunday '..'....-;''• . .9 a. in. Rock of Ages Broadcast over. KXAR. 9:50 a. m. Sunday School. Paul Chur-ch Supt. , 11 a. m. Mornlne Worship 7 p. m. Baptist Training Service 8 p. m. Evening Worship .Monday 2 p, rp. Senior W. M. A. Wednesday 7 p.. m. Teachers' meetnig and G. M. A.'s 7:30 Mid-week services 1 and faycr meeting Thursday "*«fe 7:30 p. m. Junior W. M. A. UNITY BAPTIST CHURCH •ouWi Elm Street Pastor, Howard White 8:25-8:55 a. m. Unity Gospel Hour KXAR. Sunday School .0 •. in. — Afillty C'.ilbert, Supt. Morning worship 11 a. m. 6:30 p. m. Baptist Training Service. 7:30 p. m. Evening Wonhlp Monday 2 p. m. 'Ladies Auxiliary 7 p. ai; WUling Workers Auxil- lary Tuesday 1st & 3rd 7:30 p. m. Brotherhood Meeting Wednesday 7 p. m. Teacher's Meeting , 7 p. m. Girls Missionary Auxiliary. CHURCH OF THE NAZARENJt Fifth and Pine St. Garland Johnson, Pastor Sunday 9:45 a. m. Sunday School, J. D. Bullock, Supt. 11 a. m. Morntrg Worship, 7. p. m. N. Y. P. S. 7 p. m. Junior Society 7:30 p. m. Evangelistic Service Wednesday a 7:30 p. m. Prayer meeting. Friday * 2 p. m. Prayer and. Fasting Service. CATHOLIC CHURCH 3rd and Walker Father A. G, Dunleavy, . Partof 8 a. m. Mass HOPE GOSPEL TABERNACLE Rev. C. S. Walker, Pastor Rev. G. E. Hicks, Music-Youth Director. : 9:45 a. m. — Sunday School, T. C. Cranford Supt. •-. ' • 10:00 a. rh. — Kadlo Bfcle Class, Broadcast over KXAR, Rev. C. S. Walker, Teacher. 11:00 a. m. — Moinlng Worsnlp sermon by the Pastor. 6130 p. m. Senior C. A., Junior C. A., Primary C. A; 7:30 p. m. Evangelistic service, Guest speaker, Rev. Larry Keel. Monday 2;.-39 p. m. Womens Missionary Council. Wednesday ' \ 7:30 p. m. Mid-week Service The public is cordially Invited to attend all services. CHURCH OF CHRIST 6th and Grady Street F. L. Jennlnns, Minister . Sunday 9:45 Bible Study 10:37 Preaching 6:30 p. m. Bible Study, Cluiei for -all ages. ^. Tuesday '•& 9:30 a.m. Ladles Bible Study Wednesday 7:30 p. m. Bible Study CHURCH OF CHRIST Walnut Street Elton Hughes, Mlnlste? Sunday 9:45 a. m. Bible School 10:50 a. m. Preaching 11:30 a. m. Communion 6 p. m. Bible Study 7 p. m. Preaching Tuesday 9:30 a. m. Ladle* Bible Study 7:15 p. m. Men's Bible StuBy Wednesday 7:15 p. m. — Teachers Meeflng 7:30 p. m. Bible Study , , You are always welcome at tbf Church of Christ. Arson Case Is Set for May 18 <*; FORT SMITH W — Two. men charged with arson in a $70.000 ire at the Stroud Lum'ber Co., at learby Greenwood .April 8, will >e tried May 18 t Greenwood be- ore Cicuit Judge Paul Wolfe, The two men are S. V. Stroud, wner of the lumber company, and ",lmer McDaniels. This Series of Church Ads Is Being Published Through the Cooperation of the Local Ministerial Alliance and Is'Sponsored by the Undersigned Individuals and Business Institutions ', : Maoufqctgr'ihg Co. Gunter Retail Lumber Co. Hope Transfer & Storage Co. Ralph Montgomery Market Your Building Store Packing - Crating • Moving '' Your Friendly Shopping Center M&M?-'; W. Shanhouse Sons, Inc. Cox Bros. Foundry & Machine Clothing Manufacturer, Company Everything In Machine Shop Work PP y Graydon Anthony Lumber Co. , Hope Federal Savings and LewisviiieH • Butane Gas Co. Butane Gas and Appliance! Logn Association Real, Estate Loans to Buy-Build-Hepalr ompany ' Crescent Drug Stqre Lets Put Christ First — Lets Go to Church Hope Furniture Co. Headquarters lor Fine Furniture . Southwestern Packing Co. Pork and Beef Packers Hope Baske Pbone 7-334J Owen's Department Store Ben Owen . . ' Cities Service Station Groyer Thompson Company y, o, Mjclwest Dairy Products t'* ^pst Healthful Food Stephens Grocer Co. Wholesale Groceri Young Chevrolet Co. Chevrolet Sales & Service BruneMvory Handle Co. Phone 7-2304 Hope Thea'tres, Inc, Eldon Coffman, City Mgr. Collier Tire & Pottery Service Dunlop Tires • Excello Batteries . Emerson TV Feeders Supply Company Your Purina Dealer First National Bank Member FPIO Citizens Notional Bgnk Membe* FD1Q •. Porter Garage & Glass Shop Expert Auto R?palr - GUs» W«fod Productf Mid-South Cotton & Supply *«* n, i ,. • ,, .Plunkett-Jorrell Grocer CP. William M. DyckKtt' ( Scrap U W * ||*i*l f To City Sub.tribers: If you fail tqflet your Star plebse telephone 7-3431 by 6 p. m.,ar1d a specjal carrier will deliver your paper, 56TH YEAR: VOL. 56 — NO. 163 Star of Htpt 1»»», ftttt 1927 Consolidated Jan. II, 1929 Star WtATMM Southeast ArkaMi* ->• _ cloudy and coritifttied Warm «UI afte.-noefl, tonight lid tefl«r«lf, Scattered thundershowers" totttf#» tow. High this afternoon ufrpe? 80s to low 90s, low tonight mid 60s. i, , f HOPE, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, APRIL 23, 1955 Mtmbtf! *i* AMMUM4 MM * Aritt ••*«• •» A*. N«f »*M CIM. I MM. tfltfH* Mtrefc II, 1*il —»,!•» PRICtSe Democrats See Mistake in Cut orces WASHINGTON, (UP) '—House 'cmocrat's. said today Presided Eiserthowe'r made a "serious mistake" in ordering a reduction'" in military manpower-and--that the Fefmosa crisis proves it. i. House Democratic 'Leader ' John liby Navy, ..Secretary .v.Charles S. W. McCormack cited testimony Thomas and Adm. Robert B.''.Carney," chief of-navy.'cannot n\ain tain .its prjesgnt. strength in the far cast if'it; is to also comply kwith Mr. Eisenhower's cutback [ brdcr. ' Carney, in secret testimony before the House -Military appropia- tqi^j subcommittee- Feb. 11, said the- cutbacks in naval strength had been predicated on the as sumption that more .overseas forces • could be brought home. Tha[t has not been possible to the extent hoped, he said. '. Thomas said the Navy would need more n men r arid '. more money to continue, its present strength in-'thei far. .e'ast. • ""' McCormi'ck saicT^Mr. Eisenhower cr's, cutbacks .are' "a calculated ruk' thaU should not have been tafbn."\ Beautician's Close 16th Convention,, The Arkansas Beautician's As- saKation closed its 16th annual session at Lonoke Baptist Church, this week. •Officers and delegates stated that this was one of the best Cessions held in the history; of the organ!-- zatijm. '.i.,. , 4 .. . ''% . T|ie Convention was well-attended with^nihuteen chapters representing'"from Little Rock, North Little Rock, Hot Springs, Pine Bluff, El Dorado, Texarkana, Cam' <J2ji; Helena, West Memphis, West Helena, Eudora, Malvern and Conway with eighty-two delegates registering. Two new chapters, joined the organization. ;•' Activities of : .the convention included: Welcome program Sunday afternoon; Get acquainted tea at Club T. V. Sunday evening. Downtown Parade Monday afternoon President's Banquet Monday qven- ing at Yerger Lunchroom: Annual Ball, Hair Style Show, Miss Cos- r^tology Contest, with Miss Zelphia Mae Hendricks of Chapter one, Pine Bluff being crowned Miss Cosmetology of 1955; Installation of officers by Mrs. Austine Williams, the first Negro State Inspector. Mrs. Williams is from Little Rock. Mrs. Cleaster Handle, President of Chapter No. 16 of Hope, was elected to the Executive Board, and the Nominating Committee, Special guests included Paul L. Sillier, owner and jobber of the Miller Barber and Beauty Supply Co.. St. Louis, Mo., Mr. Jones of the Midwest Barber and Beauty Supply Co., Little " J t '-"f „—"»" ft j vA t-fZuW&C t "• \ f HORN OF PLENTY—This huge, horn-like spiral casing in London, England, will house plenty when filled with a 73,000- horsepower water turbine and shipped to Portugal. The 35-foot- high, 66-ton casing dwarfs the man ; at bottom of photo. Great Britain Is in the midst of a'new industrial export boom. Stylists. Joseph Mansen, Chicago 111., Hair Stylist, Mrs. Katie B. Lupper, Little Rock. Mrs. Earnestine Townes of the Valvatex Beauty School, Little Rock, Sammie Releford, Hot Springs, Miss Ruby Faye Flemmons, Chicago, 111.. Job- tor of the Beauty Dust Supply Co., Jwiss Flemmons is formerly of Prescott. Chapter No. 16 selected the Yerger Band as its project for thfi year. The president and members of Beauticians Chapter No. 16 wish to take this opportunity to thank the entire citizens of Hope and surrounding communiies for their so- lendid cooperaton in helping to make this convention -a great sue- 8/ss. Oregon Lawyer Killed by Car Bomb Blast PORTLAND, Ore., (UP)—Oliver Kermit Smith, 35-year-old attorney vho pplice said- recently purchased a gun for protection, was killed ast..night when a' .bomb wrecked his car as he started home from i " country ' club. -' . 'Police described it as a slaying and said it -was "the most vicious" hey had seen in years. TJie. motive was not known. ' ' Last month Smith, a Purple Heart war veteran, told police he was assaulted in the garage of his lome by a man who struck him m the head several times. Last week Smith applied for a jermit to carry a gun saying he needed it for "protection", police aid. Virgil Crum, Smith's law partner, had no theory to explain the jlast or the March assault. The explosion occurred shortly jefore midnight as Smith was caving a "stag" night affair at he Columbia- Edgewater Coun- ry club. The blast was heard over a large •>art of -northeast Portland. The plintered windshield was thrown more than 150 yards and the top )f the car went 50 yards. Smith's body was thrown 20 feet nto the grill of another car. Poice said the bomb apparently was riggered to the starting mechan- !ism. Police said between 50 and GO Plane Stealing Kids Won't Be Punished PACOIMA'; Calif., (/P) —Two 15 year-old boys who "borrowed" i plane last Tuesday without th owner's permission and took i twoday jaunt over the Mojave desert, Won't be prosecuted. The plane was found yesterdaj on a highway between Darwin anc Keeler, in Inyo County, after the boys landed It 'there and set out to find help to tie it down ag&ins high winds. The boys flew the plane to Trona Tuesday and refueld. Wednesday they landed at Lone Pine t . said they were en route to Ely, Nev., and were lost. Despite warnings they took off in rough weathei and were forced down. The plane's owner has forgive.n everything. TESTIFIES — Former Pres. Herbert Hoover is shown testifying before Senate Foreign Relations subcommittee which is studying proposals for UN charter revision. Hoover told subcommittee UN "has not fulfilled our hopes" but "I have no notion that .we can abandon any organization of nations that makes for peace."—NEA Telephoto. 15 New C of C Members Added At the Contact club meeting cars were in the parking lot the time and that other persons might have been killed if they had been nearby. Monts Pasture Test Slated for Monday The first harvest of pasture growth on the Clyde Monts permanent upland pasture fertilizer test demonstration will be made Monday afternoon, April 25, at 1 o'clock announced County Agent Oliver L. Adams. Dr. R. L. Beacher, Associate Agronomist in Charge of the Soil Testing Laboratory of the University of Arkansas is-supervising the test. Dr. Beacher applied the fertilizer to the test plots on March 25th. He will make periodic clippings during the season to determine the yields. The test involves a comparison j of nitrogen and other materials at ' various rates- and combinations. The test area is 50x100 feet and was fenced out of the pasture by Mr. Monts. The plot is on high- DAR Angry at Ike for Dodging Meet By PATRICIA WIGGINS WASHINGTON D. C. UP—President Eisenhower angered the Daughters of the American Revo-lway 67 on the left at the pasture lution today because he failed to make a personal appearance at their 64th annual Congress which is meeting only two blocks from „_. 0 the White House. Friday morning Dr.: Floyd Guerin' Some of the Daughters were reran his new members to six;|P° r ' e d "absolutely furious" that George Frazier to three; Don Mr. Eisenhower sent only a brief Westbrook to four and Paul Me-message to greet them on the last Clellan turned in two. I day of their meeting. ,_This. makes a total of 15 aew' The Congress program had an—'—'-' : — *-" • • hounced that both President and Mrs. Eisenhower "have accepted the invitation to the 64th Congress" and delegates had been an- members since April 1 and Chamber membership of 190, Man Believed to Have Drowned ^ r JONESBORO, W) — Dragging Daughters' delight became a mem- operations in a rain-swollen ditch! ber and personally greeted the gate just east of the Missouri Pacific underpass. The Monday clipping will consist primarily of rye grass but should be of special interest to all farmers of the area with upland Bermuda grass-lespedeza pasture. All interested are invited. First Heart Clinic Held Here Thursday '>*.,:" The Arkansas Heart Association Thursday conducted the first hear! clinic ever held in Hempstead County at the Julia Chester Hospital. At the invitation of the Hempstead County Medical Society a team of four physicians examined patients who had been referred by their private physicians. Mrs. Kelly Bryant, Hempstead County Heart Fund co-chairman •who headed the volunteer staff at the clinic, said that the physicians who donated their services to the clinic were: Dr. Frieda Wilhelm and Dr. C. S. Meeker, Texarkana; Dr. Driver Rowland, Hot Springs and Dr. J. A. Harrel of Little Rock. The physicians were assisted by Mrs. Mildred Keese, technician. Little Rock. Mrs. Ernest O'.Neal, Mrs. Ray Turner, county health nurse and Mrs; J. W.- Franks, Heart Fund cochairman in the county served as volunteers for the clinic. The .board of the Julia Chester generously offered hospital facilities for the clinic and services of the hospital staff. Hope CG Joins Ncitl Better Business Group The Hope Chamber of Commerce has become a member of the National Better Business Bureau, New York City, thus making it possible for the Chamber to better serve the community as a whole, Carl A. Bryan, Manager, announcd today. "By becoming a member of the National Bureau, the Hope Chamber of Commerce has joined forces with over 700 Chambers of Commerce throughout the country m the protection of the buying public from fraudulent promotions and •unfair business practices," Mr. Bryan said. "As a member of the Bureau, we will receive monthly bulletins alerting us to the sharp promoters and schemes operating in other sections. In addition, we will have access to the Bureau's files and are entitled to special reports on nny inquiry we make. "While this program is not a cure-all and will not stop all the abuses practiced by a minority who operate on the fringe of bus'.- 1 ness, it will give the comunity greater control over them and provide it with a channel through which investigation and correction can be made." Mr. Bryan emphasized the fact that this program can best serve the community only if the community makes use of it. He urged the buying public to be especially cautious of any proposition which promises "something for nothing." "As with all programs of the Chamber of Commerce, this one can only be successful if we have the cooperation of the community. A check with the Chamber of Commerce may save time, money and worry. It pays to 'investigate before you invest,' ' he said. i NO SCHOOL TODAY — Flames shot 50 to 75 feet Into the air ras five-alarm blaze did $150,000 damage to the''three-story-Travis ,'elementary school in Dallas early Thursday. Police found a smudge | pot that had been thrown through a lower floor window and called S blaze a "case of arson." — NEA Telephoto , Chaffee Soldiers to Be Court Martialed FORT SMITH W) — Two Camp Chaffee, Ark., soldiers will be tried by courts martial in con- xiously awaiting a promised per- nection with the death of another sonal visit all week, Mrs. Eisenhower, who soldier in a traffic accident here to the, last week. were resumed today for the body of Ed Carter, who officers believed drowned yesterday, ;*$raighead County Snerirt Lonnie Cooper said papers Which probably came from Carter's pocket ;DAR in 195.3 bowd out earlier in the week, choosing to remain at the presidential farm at Gettysburg, Pa. But there still were no haid Capt. John Mawn, Chaffee Pub- Jic Information officer, said today that charges of involuntary manslaughter and leaving the scene of the accident have been filed against PFC Troy N. Owens, 23, of Mansfield, Tenn. He said PFC Polk feelings until the President still Williams 23 of Si Louis has been - - - ,...i.> Student Held for Ban kRobbery KANSAS CITY WPi — The FBI arrested a university student last night in the $400 robbery of a Kansas bank. Sheriff Billy C. Hodson of Lawrence, Kan., said Byron Eugene Byerly, 18-year-old student at the University of Kansas, had admitted robbing the Centerville, Ka^, state bank. On April 19, a bandit abducted James B. Barren, the bank cashier, from his home and forced him to open the bank. The bandit was unable to get into the vault but obtained $400 from cash drawers. Sperry Seeks EndtoPlqnt Picketing , By ARTHUR EVERETT NEW YORKOP) — The Sperry •yroscope Co. today seeks a court- enforced end to mass picketing jid violence at its struck plant at iake Successon Long Island. Mean- ^hile.'its electronics production is h&lted. •.'-.. jTwo successive days of battling between CIO pickets and non strikers left, one man dead of a leart attack, and several injured. A) State Supreme Court hearing scheduled here today on a company petition for an injunction a/gainst the mags picketing. *>Yesterday's renewed ,.-• violence utside the mile-long Sperry plant ed the company to abandon aj] efforts to • keep operating. Non- triking employes were directed to tay home, until further notice. The effect was to' idle all of Sperry's 16,000 employes, including he 9,000 members of the CIO In- ernational Union of Electrical workers 'who struck at midnight Monday in a wage dispute. Besides the big plant at Lake Success, Sperry production plants t Mineola and Lake Ronkonkoma, loth on Long Island, also wera losed. There had been minor dis- urbances at these plants . Small bands of supervisory per onnel kept vigil inside the plants o see that vital manufacturing rocesses and equipment did not eteriorate. It wa's the first crippling strike n Sperry's 45-year history as a hief supplier of electronics equip- lent to the nation's armed forces. The IUE is seeking an 18 cents n hour increase in wages that now average $2 an hour. The company has offered 12 cents spread over three years. Federal mediators hoped in separate talks with the union and the company to set up a joint peace meeting. They reported no progress thus far. Pickets massed 200 to 300 deep at Sperry Gates. Lake Success' 10- man police force has proven helpless to quell the disorders. Nassau County has sent reinforcements to some areas but they admittedly have been insufficient. Sperry Gyroscope, multimillion dollar main division of the Sperry Corp., was founded in 1910 .Its first customer was the U.S. Navy, its first products 'marine Gyrocompasses and later automatic airplane pilots. Later, it began producing for the Army as well as the Navy and the armed forces remain its chief customers. Two thirds of all ships afloat today navigate by means of Sper- rji instruments. With the growth of aviation and the mounting importance of the science of electronics, Speryy stepped up its research and development and now turns out about 200 products. Disregard Plea, Rob Woman NEW YORK ;WI — Two robbers, disregarding the pleas of a'recent- ly widowed Brooklyn Woman,' last night looted her home of $1,500 (n jewelry and $26 in cash. ' : The armed thugs pushed their way into the home of Mrs. Shirley Stark whose husband, Di\ Julius Stark, was killed April 7-in'a-five- car collision on" New Jersey's .Pulaski Skyway. , v , One robber stood 'guard over the woman's two children,, Allen, .15, and Tobey, 10. Theother gathered up the gems and cash. Mrs. Stark pleaded: "I'm -. widow. I've just lost my,:husband. Can't you .leave us alone" : ; 'She pointed to the mourning candles burning on a sideboard.' The 'b.andjlf's,'ign'ored^her 'pieS ; '"at, fled withHhe.loot. :,:'_.. •""*'"' are guided control de- mv_ T^ni The FBI !„„„,„! nl,n,.,rr,c- formal chaiges were found in the water. The failed to show after returning to! charged with accessory after sheriff said he believed the man's Washington Wednesday from a 'fact, body was swept dpwh the ditch visit to his Augusta, Ga., retreat., 1 PFC Wesley E. Breeding, 23, of by the swift current, |Nothing, at least, like the 20-ycars Nevada, Mo., was killed-when hit Drew Thomas' told officers that of "no speaking" between Presi-;by a car in early morning. A cat- he and Carter were caught in their dents and the DAR during ' the i registered in Owens' name, was against Byerley, whose home town 1 is Centerville, will be filed today. MAN KILLEQ FORDYCE, OW B. J. Jon'.'s car-by a heavy rain, which, cover- Roosevelt-Truman days. That star-Jound abandoned .lajter. in the day. 25, of Little/Rock was killed yes- Chief among 1 them missile parts, radar vices, fire control apparatus and antiaircraft equipment. Seven different unions represent Sperry employes. The CIO Electrical Union gained recognition in the plants in 1942. There have been sporadic, minor union-management disputes over the years. But Sperry boasts that it never previously had a strike of cripplnig proportions. on to Collect Tax on Machines aLITTLE ROCK I/PI — The Internal Revenue Service today announced the start of an Arkansas drive to collect the $250 machine gambling tax from people who are pinball mchines as gambling devices. The campaign will be conducted in conjunction with a nation-wide drive announced- yesterday in Washington. -'Olin S. Godwin, district director of the IRS, said that his' records show that 54 gambling machine tax stamps have be.en sold in Arkansas since last July 1, including five sold this year. Godwin said that there .were -2,807 amusement tax sales since last July 1, and 1952 since Jan. 1, 1955. The amusement tax is $10, Godwin said that he had information that many operators of pin ball machines were paying off on winning comlpintions. "That puts the machine in the category of a gambling device, and makes it subject to the $250 tax," he sid, Godwin said that the owner or operatr of the establishment in which a machine is located is II- ble for the gambling tax — not the person who actually owns the machine. Godwin said that the 1955 federal code, contrary to previous laws, requires that the gambling tax be purchased before the machine may be used as a gambling device. He said that the law previously required only that the tax be paid by the end of the month in which gambling opertipns start- Number 13 Not . Lucky for Him t/ '& DETROIT (#r —Atty. -ary r. Bockoff, was in .Record^* crmiinal r Court 'yesterday.','to defend two men in 4 gambling case, case. ' The men were accused \o? selling "lucky"' numbers in. i mutuels racket. * Bockoff, cross- examining Police inspector Clayton Nowlin, raised the question Whether some numbers are "lucky" and others "unlucky." "Now wouldn't you agree, inspector, • that most • people consider the number '13' unlucky" Bockoff asked. "I hardly think so," answered Nowlin. "There are 13, letters in my name. I was married on the 13th] of April and assigned to the 13th Precinct April 13, 1928. and . . " "That'.s enough," interrupted Bockoff. rri iv Four Seniors Attend Press Convention . Four seniors from the publica tlons staffs of Hope High Schbo will be among the high schoo journalists who will attend the Ar kansas College Press Association convention at Ouachita College Arkadelphia Saturday, They are Emogene Fuller, editor of the Yearbook, the Bobcat; Sandra Robins, business manager of the newspaper, the Hi-Lights; Alice Gentry, assistant editor o: the Hi-Lights; and Louise Fagai.- assistant business manager of the Hi-Lights. They will be accom panied by Mrs. Lawrence Martin sponsor. •' . The day's program will include the following discussions: Adverlis ing and Circulation by Arkansas Tech; Features and Columns bj Hendrix .College; Headlines anc Layouts by Harding College; News Coverage by. Arkansas State Teach er'S; *:College;''V Editorials by ( Littlr Rock Junior College; and News Ar by^outhern ;< Baptist College., ^ ft> , 1 J. L. Redden, 'p'roifessor ' o: journalism at Ouachita College,, is in charge of arrangements for the day's activities, Siamese Twins Separated, May Survive CHICAGO Iff) --The head-joined Andrews Siamese twin girls were separated last night and surgeons are "guardedly optimistic" both will survive. 'Mercy hospital described . the ;irls' conditions as "good" early ;oday. Never have, two, similarly linked Siamese twins survived separation, Dr. Harold Voris. who , headed the team of 14 doctors performing the operation, said it was completed in the relatively fast time of 4'/fc hours. This compared to . 13 hours, 40 minutes required for separation of the famed Brodie, twins in 1952. Rodney Brodije, now 3 survived; Roger died 34 days after the separation. Unlike the Brodies, the Andrews girls, Deborah Marie and Christine Mary, now nearly 7 months old, had separate sagittal sinuses, the veins which drain blood from the brain. Dr. Voris said this fact was responsible for the operation's sue- ed. Gambling is illegal under Arkn- sas law. ed the toad with water. They de the to spend the night m car, When he awoke, Thames lldd *VVVUU T >'*>' *» v>«**^*»* v*fc»ju. * *j w v *j»v.« j Auvit ii.( ^ t J n J HA VJJ * V-W .lO.liVA- "1 H*V v ted when former Pres. Roosevelt! Capt. 'Mawn said Owens will addressed the Daughters as "fel- 1 tried within the next two weeks low immigrants." Mr. Truman did,by a general courts martial. Wil- 73 Dead, Missing in Jap Uandslde SASEBO, Japan, M — Police today increased to 73 their estimate tile breach. (rial is set |o$ nest, terday when his pickup truck over- °f dead and missing in Saturday's turned about 14 miles north of.giant landslide. heie. Sta,te Trooper H. C. Thrash said the .truck, rafl ou^ 9! All weip miners and their fami- Plans Atom Power for Surface Ships WASHINGTON^ 1 ) — The Navy, well pleased with -its first nuclear submarine, probably will start this year the development of an atomic power plant for surface ships, The forecast was made by Secretary of the Navy Charles S. Thomas in testimony made'. 'public yesterday by the House Appropriations Committee, .'• •• ••-.'•• The secretary's testimony, giverj Feb. 11, was made public a f^w hours after, the House had vo*j4 372-3 to .authorize a SUI^OOO.OQO; shipbuilding program .over ( tfte ne$t ' He reported that, going into the operation, surgeons planned to complete it only If the twins retained sufficient strength. The Rt. Rev. Msgr, John . Barrett, director 'pf Catholic hospitals in Chicago, said the separation was "touch-and-go" at times, with the girls rallying every time their strength began to ebb. The twins' 33-year-old mother, Mrs. Wilfred J. Andrews, a Chicago registered nurse, received news that the separation was SUCT cessful with: "It's wonderful. I can hardly wait, to see them In their cribs." The father, 36, is a meat pack-' 'LONDOtt t/W—The west Three proposed to Russian, hat their four ambassadors Vienna meet with Austrian^ sentntives May 2 to complete n« lattons for i*m Austrian inde ence treaty. A British .Foreign* Office . man saicT the 'United States; •^. 1 .w-,, 4 ain and France delivered'notes t»|J the Kremlin-today accepting '1J3 proposal fotv a foreign minister! conference tb complete .the* I6n| deadlocked treaty. But the"' Wes attached the condition that, th..Ml bassadors do the spadewbrk 'tm The Foreign Office .simultaneous*! y announced that Ahierlean» BfNf ish and French officials^' start work here April J 27 \»» the groundwork for another^Bi|j four foreign ministers m' -•*"*Wider scope—particularly Gterman question. The British spokesman Indicttt the officials would prepare a sug gested agenda for the, late&irtee/ ing. "West German represntativc will be associated with the* dUT sions whenever German quest are examined,' he added, Gipson Sues t Stop Payment to Gentry LITTUE* ROCK t (UP) •—' Fo State Rep. J. A. GlpsonfjQlt^" county' filed a 'Jtaxpijjferq, In Pulaski chancejry^court^^ day aimed at stopping ''Hlei payment of Attorheyr eral Tqm^Qentry, for,j?ubHc°i j tions expensei;. *,* '• , ; *' f ,nV'«>i The 'fund wa* authorii vbyl^UJSSHQ^i... IIIlUVl O {-\H j» , o'-"*! Gentry said/he": had,,not served wife a ' ^ said "I certainly/do,vnot fund is illegal.!' The suif, appei,_. taliation to:Gentry',s .favorablel* ing on the, legality of^a^ill jtuitj izing an, expense, account for ; - tain county Judges. , £">* T; "It is a tragedy, when _ circuit judges of this state'lo through the legislature a>blll='t would iQcr,eas,e their salary.6v and above the 1 constitutional * lin it." Gipson said. 'It is an- v eq| tragedy. . .; for, ^h? > _attorheyi"j|E J eral to issue an opinion, upholdii the validity of the law." , "^ He said.herwas'^'riot^goitptji at the recent 'ruling because find that the attorney general hir self is drawing ,$1800 'a year' ij] gaily and I Have just filed suit, put a stop to this,,'} J The suit was Gip'son's seco recent weeks, He threatened eventually file o stop what he called waste. in : state government. Fight Finalists ^ n State Contest 'LITTLE, ROCK" WW^Jgn nalists selected in" .district,con 1 will compete here tonight.f•"' 'Hie of Mrs, Arluimsas,' ''f ,",,„. 4 winner will represen|L state May 9,16 at a contest a,t Ellinor Village," Finalists are Mrs, Saunders Jr, of Little C. S. AJlerj of Nor s th Wttle Bos VIrs. Floyd Evans of burgh, Mrs, Lester Graves of ?art, Mrs. J, H, Saddle of Ma ia, Mis. James W,' SawyeS" Benton, Mrs. Dee W. Hajferi ' Conway and Mrs'. Hilton <K f Nashville. » Southern State to Increase Fees •> ;'. allege will inerense ts staff next 'school year f reduced, revenue* Iwm \M nd the Ford Foundation, Dr, Doiph, qamp, ' ing company salesman. The Andrews have daughter, Patricia, 5, another four years. The three additional, . ( total 'included atomic- subrna.?! rines, to make seven in all. The new program subject Jo Sen., ate' approval and appropriation of funds, would provide for 34 new warsfyps and tfe? conversion o| S * i t In addition to separate sagittal sinuses. Dr. Voris said, each Andrews twin had a separate dura,' the membranous covering of the. brain beneath the skull cap. Thjs, he added, helped reduce brain damage to minimum in the operation. He said skjn from the, babies' abdominal sections was used (9 cover e)cpose4 areas of their Christine Mary, said to be the weaker ol the two, wag fliyen complete covering; peborah rje, .an 60 per cen{ covering, / |n addition, to,- the }| $ss\q Including plastic surgeons, as well as D,r. Voris 'and other n geons, 10 to IS technlcans l» (he delicate operation, ' ' /. Bjlilm, was, m^ oX IUo«. ',% dent,' today sa(d; ?ntranpjs |e be increased, Ir6m f instructional and • staffs Will be red^cfd Jf i least harm t done."

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