The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 4, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 4, 1930
Page 5
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'MONDAY, AUGUST BLYTHEVILLE, (AUK.) COUR1EU NEWS PAGE FIVE CLASSIFIED ADS 'nvc ccuu a word for first Insertion and one cent » word lor each subsequtnt Insertion. No advertisement takeu for less than 50c. Count ttio words and tend the fcash. Phone 306 COPYRIGHT 1930 j tjy NtA SERVICE//2c: | OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Aheru 'by ERNEST LYNN POK SALE FOR SALE—Baby Chicks, Custom hatching each week from now on. Marilyn Hatchery. 20ck-tl USED i Our imlicy of iclliny Used Cnrs| blrk'lly at i-ust ID. us. is your as-1 buiuiuT of inure Dollars (ur ilul- : lar value. All makes and models I to select from. i 1930 Mcdel l-'ord Tudur Sedan S135J 1230 Model Ford Tudcr Sedan $105 ; 1920 Mcdel liuicK Scilan .... S175' 11)29 Model 1'urd Slund. COUIK: Sl^li 1928 Model Chrysler Sed-m.. $375 ^ 1029 Model Uuraul Sedan . S2501 1928 Model Ford 1'ick-uii S2U5 1928 Mcfl. 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Tin* rnlliminK .Mullilny rehr:ir«- lil» lircln mi hit. iiil-llirr, nil :.cln|'- T:I|!IIII ot li hliiry iir. linil urEtli-N- Tfint ^vi-nrni; IIP Iravim Hint Ati»« I- lu i.iirk tlb>- fullnvvlnir ulurn- hiK. iiKiklnpr lln- Kt.-c*>inl llnir »HL- lius foniiij v.xlrn cnllilnyiilCIIti ivlr . iilu dliiiirr iihii «ri iiin fur n ith I'Al.'I* linltl iring nf Inmfnt* III* InnlitUly n rull« Ihr "Trill llulbnmiil «lnr>-! Tin- Klory of llie MuiHfcHrula of rx- irnK — how ther ni:umpc lu Hvr. NOW on ox WITH Tim STimv CHAPTER VI \ XN1S WINTKR was lu high ils wlien Rorimor called for her the next morning. Slic Bald, when she had settled hcsidc him In the roadster, tliat she had prospects of n week's steady employment; vossilily more. I "It's to uc quilo a liig picture. I gather, with n lot of people. I'm thrilled to death, even though I am so unimportant." Daii, inspecting her critically In her flat movie makeup, remarked the chiseled perfection ot her noso and chin In profile, and tlie FOR SALE—1927 Chrysler 52, 9,000 I £ | la dowed beauty ot wido dark eyes miles, rvre new tires, P™« lc "^| rga in s l the lawny pallor ot grease •Jcklt' paint and powder. She was wear- 1 ing a white uolo coat, lone and TOR SALE^SSOfl credit on new Oakland or t'ontiac at reatonable discount. Ray Jackson, Phone 8, care Tom Jackson's Filling Station. R S G03 before i>'OR KEN1 lonsc-fitting aod sporty, aud a white I RRNT--5 room bungalow, hot j l«ret. water aUachnvjnls,; and cold icwly Ike Miller, Phone newly pain'.cd. 115 Dougan, apply 380. 28C-U.! FOR RENT—Two modern ituuuo resirtcncca, 512 North First and 201 Missouri. Also frame residence on Chickasawba, Dr. Saliba, phone 410. 31cku The car this evening?" he asked. bhe said she wasn't Biiro. "1 mist', licvo to work late; you can't tell. Perhaps you'd hotter not." "IJut I'll want to know how the a s(re(c/i o/ bcac/i. ride, provided he would get back before ten o'clock. They were !0?" Ho litd ihown her liumn Monica ou Ihtlr Eunilay attenidon Irlro. Anne noddcil lie Faid, "Sport cloll.cs toiiio;- row? t;ive mo ell the details." twrt aud evenltig both," fclic smil'uij;. "Oh, 1 toii;iil lo l-St you. 1 met ilio B\\-cclcsl u'i'1 I'liii'.y. Slie's an exlr.i. loo, and worliir.;; :n tho same iilcltire, I inny LJ to llvo with licr—that IB, If thluus worli out right." Her name, Anne said, was Maim MonlRui. "Kilo'* adi»ahle. Unti; wo hci-anie fi'lemlly rtulit ft«ny. Kho liaa tho loveliest red Inlr—ulinosl lll^o Clara How's!—and she's cheerful anil funny, She's culal" "Whore's she from?" Bald Korl- mor. "llememher, I'm renpinisihl'. 1 lo X.lRisy Yonim tor you. mid I? you go around making friends yo'.i'v. 1 tjot in tell me nit n'oout them." "Yes. Elr." Aunu made a funny face; perlous, like a lltllo nivl l:il>- liib' orders from lier (allicr. An'l she s|x)l<o In n tiny Htllc voice. lluw old arc you, anyway, llltlo girl?" ho said sternly. "N'liie," she said, In the ?amc !!«.lie roioe. "No (oollne." Anne salil, "Twenty-one." "And I'll soon bo thirty. I'm ynur uncle—understand? Nuw zv mi and tell mo nhnut Mon:i. In jealous, hut BO ahead." Well. Anne said. Monr, was Iium Cliicago. "She has been in Hollywood almost a year. Klio told ir.a | all alioul lierscir. Bho won u j beauty contest lu Chicago, and [made a (cw atngo appearances Ir. i movie theaters and that sort ol ' thing. She has so ma relatives lu j San Diego, and when they drovo ! liust last year Mono cams batl; I with them. She's crary abimt her j tures. Oh, you'll Ilko her. LIL:,I!" "Anil you think you unc5 M.1:1.1 riding westward, through Ucverly Hills, anil Dan hod lu mind tho beach at Sauta Monica. Her day, FOR RENT—Three room furnished | apartment, batii and garage. Me- i Bride Apartments. ll )S; 5 j FOB KENT—Kooin adjoining bat!). I 809 West, Abli! "Waal's the picture?" he asked. "I don't know thai they have •> l:amc for it. Sylvia 'Patterson Is smiting in it—she's lovely, isu'l flic?" "Oil I'm not so crazy about! hcad.aud laughing- "Early to hed, I workiu: Momls," he drawled. "I prefer j von know-thafs what keeps the tliem with dnrk brown eyes and lihiel: hair, and I like ll:em to come from Oklahoma—" "You're headed straight for that been sho Eald, had eventful and pleasant, though some-1 They toivo an apaitmcut what wcaryiiiK. "I'm a lllllo tired. I IHoy'vc seen the cutest littlo bunsa- Dan." she confessed. I lo ^ but tu ° rciu l9 to ° laKt ' ] ' : '" Garry Sloan, it Becmed, was tho' the U.o ot tlicm and Mona Ililnks director ot the picture olio was j It would ho grand tr tho three ol us look it lot'cllicr. It has li'.'o day went." "Then call me np this evening." "How abnnt going places aud doing thlDRS?" "N'ot i! I'm working tomorrow nornlng," Anne said, shaking her in. flan said. "Carry Sloan, eh? lines out ot littlo girls' faces." Grand Unitcd's using Us big guns— "But at least wo can so for n | Sylvia Patterson and Sloan." little ride." Dan argued. j ••; tdj you it was to bo nutte a "Well, we'll sco about that later." picture." His day dragged by on leaden | ••[)„ y OU fc n r>w how Ions you'll he will hit It off together?" "I'm suro wo would. Tim onlv tiling—well, you sec, Mona Is living with a girl now, named liva Hark"... Privati? entrance, St. Phone 1004. 2pkG| FOR KENT, SALE o:' TRADE—j Five rcom-iiottse clcse in on high-1 way. H. L. Chambers. 2pkG | FOR RENT- Float bedroom joining bath, private home. 479-W telephone pole." she reminded him imiL-:;!y, ami lie, turned his eyes float. "You look as if you're going out j observe what a tyrant a director to play temis instead oi to work," , cou id uc . Though ColllD=. he told himself, was a good-humored :y- 'Don't I. though? i rant . nis wido and easy-coming FOR RENT—Two downstairs from I bedrooms. 719 W. Ash. 4pk9 i WANTED WANTED — Family Washings. Washed and ironed by competent white woman. Mrs. Brown, 70-! S. Lake St. 17ck-tf "Reliable lady to take orders for ! well known" Watkins Prcdnc'.s in j Blytlievilie; customers established; j excellent, pay. Write C. H. Wcr- ] ley, 70-90 W. Iowa Ave., Memphis, j Tcnn. | WANTED—Experienced girl stenographer Telephone 69. Luxora.! 4ck-tf he r-uid. Anne laughed. I'm sup;io«'jd to be a suest at a fashionable house parly. Today it'3 sports wear." "You look like a million dollars," Dan udd her, thinking that what clothes lie hiid seen her in would indicate Anne Winter's wardrobe was. to fay Ihe least, adequate. Almost as if shy read his thoughts, she said. "I think tho fact thai I had the right clothes helped me. You see, when I registered I was asked-about my ward robe, it's fairly complete; I found that w;;3 necessary in stugc work. Anil yesterday Central Casting telephoned me about this picture just when I was getting ready to call them and abk if they had anything. Isn't that grand?" It certainly was, Rovbner agreed. rooms. 1V\N asked her U she- had mot •L' Eva Hurley, ilu really did f;cl a little Jealous. "No—nor the huucalow either." She aililed tliat she would soe bot'j the nest evening- "Mona !ias Invited me lo their apartment for feet. Collins was exacting aud the| working on ifi" tail was not speakiEE its lines to j ,. Xo A , on| . ti[nc _ , Ilo])C _,. Dan said, "Has Sloan still got his] jj^,.' Eva (sl ,. t work i,, B . E ud crush ou Sylvia Patterson?" Bl , c . s Eo|ng , 0 CODk u .. "Are they supposed to La that way?" "I thought," Dan said, "lhat everybody In Hollywood knew about that. Sloan's married, you kuow—has a couple of kids." grin look the sting out of the sharpest reproof. It spread his little blomi, sharply upturned mastaclie, aud crinkled the corners of his eyes, and flashed whltcly with healthy teelli. Ho would sas', holding up his hand: "Brand, you're speaking your lines like a ventriloquist's dummy. Don't give me a (lead pnu; put some animation in your face. Alwood, here, has taken your girl away from you and you're mad —see? Yon act as If ho was doing you a big favor. Come on aud get mad—think about that dough you Inst on that horse at Calienle." Then the grin, ind then the repetition of the lines. Thus tho day passed, and that evening Korimer IE made no reply to that," She merely said. "Everyone, aayj he's :i wonderful director." "Olio of tho best. I guess. He's certainly got a big enough reputation." They rodo In silence *OE a whlh, and the tires sang under tlmiii! and presently Dan turned the-car to the right aud down a declivity, and they beheld tho ocean sbimmcrlns as though someone had opened :ui:i "Is l-;va an extra, loo?" "Yes. Moua says she's beautiful —n hloml." "I don't liko hlotuls," said Ua;i. "I Ilka brimots from Oklahoma." Anne, holding her chin lu her hand, laughed. "Dan, you're 61 :>lr surd!" llo laashcil with tier, and lit another clssi'i-i. and listened with lur lo the sound of the water on ilio sand. A cloud went scuddlni; across the moon, throwing them I 1 ., momentary shadow, from the jiouses above the heach tho music ot a radio or graph; anrl then silence once more, "You'll knock 'cm dead; see if you don't." MULES For Sale G In 15 years old, goutl contlitioii Phillips Motor Co. VI u let -*- 1 Unilci told Anne Wiuttr ho had formed a| uew respect for picture making. "This Collins knows bis stuff, at tho Grand! Anne." :d i;attl. hencath Ihe moon. The car stopped beside a stretch ot beach, where the sound o[ breaking waves fell pleasantly on ihetr ears, aud they sat very still, wordless aud thoughtful in the sea's enchanting spell. Korimer lit n cigaret. He said presently, "Old Mau Pjrlfii; looks a you I She had eo'L»mc<1 to ge .'-T n! little different at night, doesn't i shut a door. Anne fat looking out at the ocean, huddled in her coat against li:o chill of Ihe night air. llorimcr wondered what dreams might lie. behind those dark, expressive eyes; what lircs burned hcncalh her outward calm. And presently lu aliprcil his arm around her. (T-j; Bo Continued) Wanted by old line Life Insurance ! I'KliCKLKS AND HIS FRIENDS Company, experienced mnnagcr : ! for noithcast Arkansas. Unusually: attractive proposition. Address Box! 321. IJIytlicville. 4pkC I NOTICE From May 1 to September 1 >u r dental offices will he closed ;ach Thursday afternoon. Dr. L- II. Moore. Dr. II. A- Taylor, Dr. H. S. Davis- LOST LOST— <Jo:A purse with money, cteck and key in it. Keep the money and return ether contents i to Ccmier News. 4pk7 j ! New York Cotton j NEW YORK. AllR. 1. lUPl— Cot-: ton closed very steady. Open Higii Low Oct. Oc'.. j Doc. Dec. old new old new Jan. 0:d Jan. 11C-.V 120ri V. K. WAS HAM—Transfer Daily trips to Memphis. Will pick up and deliver freight and packages anywhere. Special rates on carload lots. Local Phone 851 Memphis Phone 3-D315 I Mar. May 1311 1281 13IG 1239 1310 1322 WERT ; !Hc Makes 'Em Set' Oct. Dec. i Jan. Mar ! May Royal C. Mills Public Accountant and Auditor Specializing In Income Tas, Bookkeeping Systems I'liono 53 Ingram Bids. Blylfeevllle, Ark IV!.-. I' OMLY C1.1JE VIE To \jiWO HSLO OS OP IS THAT P,=CS Or liSl'.FS BADS V.'OOLO ^ voo SOCSEST 00, SEC. 1 . 1 . TO P1CX UP TV AT FEUA'S T2WL... .te |;.jsr BE LCX)/UJS Foa. us BV TOiS T1W.£ Close 1313 IM'2 1332 1310 1333 U1G 1333 1350 VIU.L VJHM Ct\N vit SO? »F SVIC'D TAV'.i', ANF.W BOG n BC 5WPLC 3UT SHE VIAHTS THAT PERSONALS HOT1CC. U! IHE PkPER IHE. COUPif-WHO FOUND '•'SINKER' M Ml HOUSE Wlt-tt.SE i'O.WND BSfNC TitE DO& TO VIStT OUH IITH.E GIRL THEV MAKE TOG SHE «4i SEEN SICK-tND- BfOKtH HfAOTTD-EyERSWCf 7WF PUPPV WENT-AW<V- • nOPNING.l DON'T KNQ-'W WHAT 10 DO ' J= B' H<-> tlBVILt mCPEO U. 5. F<r.iyT. inn iwi 129.-. 1250 1J35 • l:tOC 1312 1278 1333 1311 1318 12B8 1338 1300 1350 1321 Spots closed V.cacJy at 1310. up 2o. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Aug. 4. (UP)— Culton closed very tlcaciy. Open High Low 12G8 1291 12C2 1280 i313 k'81 1300 13IS 1297 1312 1336 1310 1332 1350 1332 srioiip BC OF vje- HooPue-s OF "trie' OUR BLOQP'.' it" ts M& ! ~- I see.we, PRQUPt-V StAMDlMca UPGKi ! BRiP&e OF M sibu-f CRAFf CAP1AM OF AM By Maitiu BOOTS AM) HER BUDDIES I IftlAGINK IT WV\0 C001O ysoowo 6O WE. TO 6RCOWO , SOT HtVt I DOWT UNOVJ...A'-L _. THK TRA1I, By Cowan Sjrals closed steady p.t 1272, up 30.' | Closing Stock Prices. A. T. and T 21C i AviuUon G 1-8 Chrysler 20 7-8 Cities bervice Coca Cola Fox General Electric Ucncial Motors Grl?sby Gniuow 1. T. and T Monlijcmciy Ward Packard Radio Simmons United GLI.S U. S. Strcl

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