Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 22, 1955 · Page 10
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 10

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 22, 1955
Page 10
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HftM f M6M, AlfUtffAi in NEWS «f tfll if6flda£ after" So*- the- fnbjs- s. *Soy Loom is entefl the program the Need," KP^Wts the open Hi 1 itfilft the devo wsr •Hiarreil ttine F\'J. White, given by Mrs MeHie'Rbfiln .-,,1 .hlWj if,, tjtrs .i, Mrs. Slaintbn ant News Briefs - » rilM SongtraH) of fhfffoand, ' et'on Monday ev- ipme oi Mrs. J. A. «Bible /study on "Jess Cbftcerrting Women " f s*~= W?V*, -Mifs, Charlie 3 and Mr's, Eagle presented Votion^nrt the WJ-m of a sorfg Ttand^^ tit Slartha and the Leftiofl Aukfllary Mectjt (IS H«m« Of Mf*( Johh Mcftaf ' The American 'Legion Auxiliary menMoftday evening -with Mfsr John T. Mcftae, Mrs, , president, called the meeting to order and all in the pledge of to the flag. Chaplain. Mrs. t C. , Jr., 'offered* pfiyer, fol< by the ptt-jSfftble to the c6h- stltulfo i During the business session, report was-givett«f.ronv,the commJK tee on Girls State, It 'was announced that Mfsse's dlavidette Shilth and -Patsy Ellis had been chosen from v the junior class in high scho* ifes otPhis global iood ol 8fi their, merits as repre* study was led by Mrs. Tho- a/qir-cpno^tijoners. The s£ 'itiBst'odvdncedifeotures ^* ;«fe%te|i3dea to provide of true f U * coof. de- [$V$tf*$°r«i!Cirx:uldte MtirtdvWrA" " «J i» WW-4* <> M senta)(veS to Off Is, State, in June. Mrs. Sdott called attention fo he district' meeting to be held at El Dorado May 1st. Poppy sale was discussed and the following members were named to assist with the sale on May, 28: Mrs.' L' B, Turney, Mrs. Loyce* Anderson| Mrs. 3. W.'Teeter.,, tyrs 1 . titob,'P,rfa*i chey and Mrs. J. \lf,- Gist mittce' composed • l,of .MVi Moseley,' Mis. fBob "Ppftcl, Mrs. J. W. Gist w'asialso'ia'j by i the prerident "to 'wo cc-mmittee from ths'.Li. ... project to ratte fuhds"'foi;;th61 munity swimming pool.'j, Mrs. Scott }e"d in a rtio esting and informative' ble discussion/on the', fare program ot'trie Auxiliary. , ' I- V2JKV During a pleasant * social t'hour. a tempting dessert phne'Swas served. Mrs. McRae' •wjas"; /assisted Ky Mrs, L B. Turney-/and'-Mrs. Mary Shclton. m* fuetto Rfcto (U) . -jc- &-cv —*•—-ft*de Garcia," pfeii- ideht of the , inHepehdence ' party, sent a cable to the Bndung eon ferehce yesterday charging tha "m?tt<jr-*;Ried lives under a Colonial rule Imposed by, the Unltec States -since ,1898.": tforea <UP> — M-sgt ot daklafcd. Celii iy'with brtvehting an ammunition ship fro/n blowing ui. - «r »- " He ehtered thd hold of the ship rom which srnoKe Was polirjng and Jfought .out "-n burning parachute litre, in hts bare hands'? that might have touched'^ ff thb arhftrtinition. iy Heltft Ot brinjf Itemt ulSTlif'tdft Fungal fatfi$$?K ; •,- • . i,- ". "-•:--' * SLONDON (UP) — sir John c(oft, Britian'a, atomic research chief, said'yesterday the "so-called cobalt 'bomb 1 -would Coffer rio ; "ad- vantges to a lunatic designer." He said "there is hothing-in this ldefa' >: that the'cobalt bomb could pbison the whole riarth/JThe idea is 'nbthlhg more' than a '.'popular horrbr,' he said. The 1 ne& meeting will &e"'held May 16, 'at the home of 1 'Mrs. f. C. Mcrtae' Jr , with iMrs'J'J'. W. Tee*er as cojiostess. ' Program will'be on th'e Poppy! with, <r Mrs. Mary' SIfeHon leading, and the Part-American study,' by Mrs. Horace .McKenzie, ; Mrs. Bennle Stovall Hostess ,To C.- W. F- Christian Women's Fellowship of the First Christian Church' met Monday afternoon at- the 'home of Mrs. Bennie.'Stovall vwithi' 12 members present. Mrs. Henry F JJ *^ <<••>>» U^f tOi. .J SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY -for a limited time t ,$r- ' ><' for one rnortth of lesson* • SEOUL, kore'a (UP) — Gen. Ly- ifJii- U Lem»itzer,i hew U. S,' Far ast ground 'forces c,6mmah<ler, isterday ft'as giVen ,the * key to this '-cariltal.' which . he helped 1 ; da* find when Tie <was commander lit the ' 7tn" Infantry/ Divisidn ' during the Korean War / i 41 . AMSTERDAM,,'.The ^-Netherlands tUP) — Evangelist Billy James Ha'rgis 6t Tulsa, .Okla . leaves, today ;ior a seczet site in West Germany to watch the launching of balloons thoft 'will' rabry extt acts from the Bible into Russia, Czechoslovakia and Poland. ' Some'500,000 copies wjll be floated aboard 100,000. hydrogen filled balloons within; the • next i four months' in a program sponsored by the 'International Council' ot Christian Churches. Morriiton Site for Playoff WICHITA/; Kan. UPJ — Morriiton, Ark, has "been selected f^r* a dis- 'trict non-pro baseball tournament this year,* the National Baseball Congress aoqounce,d today.' Champions'froni the tourney, "will go to the Arkansas. State T«?urna- iiEent in; Caraway starting 1 July ,22, Other ^district tournaments taye beeii set*up. for F9rt Smith, Brad lord, Harrison, < Hebei'. * Springs, Monticello,' Caraway; and Russell MEMORIAL c.'M.fe li*5 a.:m, Sutauy Schbfcl.-. ,. t»i- i g *li'i'.?;.V" B-.Ji•* t • ' 11 i. in. ; Morhiht Worshttt .' t p/m.- Epw:ofth'L'e'iluf- •{• V I j>. ». feveninl Ifftjrshiji. ' ' lit. ZION CME CHURCH R*v. I, M. M*n.rfni. ' •:4s «. m, Suhcity Seho«l 8.<:J;-" Johnson, Supt, > II «. tti, Morning'Worship t fa:tit. Epworth " • p. m. Evening CHANEL iAPTliT . WllPam*, '^aslor 9:43 «. ni. Sunday'Schodl " 11 a. m: 'Morfling Worship • p. m. B. f. U. * t:30 p mi" Baptist Hour over JCXAR. BlilNQ »TA« §Ai»TI$T R«V. W M. pfby, p Ambers 1 J V«: in-; « p. m.' l!£ : #' CHURCH OF, GOO 'IN CHRItT fyd. p. fi, DennU;"; .'P»«s»or" : ' ••• • IffS a. m'i 'Surt'da^./ School' Mri. Myrtle Richardson, Supt. li a. m. r • 'Morriinjl!/ Wofsl^p ;'-•/ i'p. no. Evening''.Wprshlp; . feetHEL AME CHURCH R«v. WIII«r¥'LeiVe, Paster f:$. 'a. -m^- Sufiday' School V fyT$. '-E. .'M. Nelspni' Supt." 1 Ji : 'a. 'm. - Morning Worship Subje.ct: "The Yearning.' Of -The t ** » M WTQMI "lA^I" , There are U.' S towns named London,' Paris,' B»me, MOSCOW, Dublin, .'Belfast, Vienna, Lisbon, Berlin,' Madrid, Cairo, Tbkio, Warsaw 'and Belgrade, says the U,' S. Geographic Society. J - - r J r -'/ *-*' "-„ J f IF , ii . « i Thompson presided 'arid the^mee> frii' ope^^iWUTpnter 'by "Mrs. Lawrtnce Stovalt. ' r> .^'" ' v JFolfowJnf ' "tht ' business session Mrs. 'C' O. JWafflauist »te^«nt«d the progrito. on '*fHa&' t AmbdssWof." Sfcrjpture. r^ini frofc/fiph. 6:'as give,n , by Mrs, J. ^,. OWers'takiifit part on n, lyerje Mfs. Al rs. Case Cha \- Soulr. ' t U. m. I p. m. A. C. ; E. L. League Evening Worship L9NOKE BAPTIST CHURCH Re'v> J. W. Walker, A»it. Paster 9:45 a. m Sunday. "School Mrs. Ella Rice, Supt. 11 ; gi. , Af»rlt 51, 1955 Cfdih CITY, Ark. I*) -fh* pUot of A small Air Fofce plane ^as' 1 Rilled today whe.n-his pldne fifirashed'. three miles %«rst bf hero. ''•Witnesses said that: We .. >' plahe lerashejd afte^ it had been "stiint- ifif" With another A^f Fofc0 Craft; •The Desh County^ sheriff's of- fie* hereirepoHed that the'ivfeck age Had- been found, and (hat on body 'was found in the plane. Of ficials at. Greenville,. Miss. T ... Air Force Base, a few-miles east o he're,' confirmed •'the reijtfrt of th wreck, but ^refused, to'."say "wha type of blane ,had crashed: •Nathan-Hayes, a Negro erri&loyi in Sheriff Rbbert Mo6fe's-bfiice siid he saw, the plane crash aboil 9J23 a. m; He sdid he' was driving along a road east ,6i "Arkansas' City; whe.rt he .daw the plane i-ol oVei- twice and then'fall to the ground. ' .' '--.''• • ' • •.'Arkansas City is located bti the Mississippi River in the' Southeas corner of Arkansas. Athough ti nis softer than copper, the addition .of. a little.' tin to i . 3fcr creates broze, which is harder than either metal, '6 p. m. B. T. U. ..'•.; '8 p., m.,.. Evening .Worship ;! 'Funeral ; seryic.e's,' rYfb'r, 'Charlie GreathbUse will '/be-' held i 'Surida'y. Aprii"r24i:.'at -t},e •••'.? Fitst' •"•Baptist Cjiur;ch; lit- •;' McN.ab .•.-.with'("Hick's runefal''ttpme 'ih" ; cnarge'.'iat 2 "o'clock.'',, Y-y.-.":,' ..:.'.:.•• ;-/••-. •,,.:'-..;' ;• ,i- •• -; - *i...-j . ' George Matlock;of."' Mtirfvbesbpro lied; at'his hom'e "Wedtiesrta'y, -'^.p•il 20. Funernl arr'an'gpments are ncomplete. • , • The Spiritual Harmonizers' will ive a musical program at <Mt. lion CME /Church 'Sunday night, ipril 24,'sp6n.-:'ored by the steward joafd and ,'pastpri'al club. Rev. I. VI. Manning, pa§toj..' , Mrs. Lillie Pbindexter spent .the ,'eekend. in -El Dorado: and.^Park-: ale, Arkansas visiting friends here and'"had a' very nice time. '" Willard Leak, Mi and Mis Metcatf and Mr and Mrs Chares Loudermilk of San alif , were the dinner giiests 1 of itrs Fannie Alexander on^Wednes- ay, April 20 W) -u Wheat and bean futures, firm earlier -in 'the Week, lost some ot their' gains; to- ijr on the Boa fd of Trade. Whe'at losses were fractional to arouhd a cent,most of the time but soybeans dipped more than two cents-in some-cases; — • Profit-taking caused ome wheat losses, but there were some bullih influences which kept prices from dropping far. Littl rain has fallen | ah"d shoft covering. ' Late afternoon prices were a bale higher to 15 the previous close. 3.54 and October 3.8?. Eggs tops easy balane6 receibts 29.451; wholesale buying! prices unchanged to */z lower U.S.! large whites 70 per cent and over] A's 38;-60-69.9 per cent A's 37; mediums 35-4; U. S.' 1 '*. stafedards] 315;' dirties 34.5; checks 34 1 ; cur- 20 reht receipts 5. cents jv .. : . POULTRY AND PRODUCE CHICAGO 1*1 — Live poultry firm on 'hens,- about steady to balance; receipts in coops 208 yesterday 75 .coops, 35,232 Ib; . f.o.b. paying prices unchanged; heavy hens 23-2G; light hens 16U7; broil' iri the dry areas of the southwest- 1 ers or fryers 31-3; old ' roosters _^^ ....:.. ...., ^.,, .«._, i, ti ,_ efh winter wheat belt, and little is predicted in the five-day f»re^ cast. ' • Expansion of offerings of beans iri the country caused some spy- bean selling. Wheat closed >/ 4 lower to f»i with the May contract ral- , lying for a slight gain at $2.13?;* Corn was to lower, May J2-12.5; caponeltes 42-45. : Butter rre^ular; .receipts 1,4712.601 ; wholesale buying prices unchanged to 1/4 lower; 9 Sscofe AA 57''92 A ' GCNERAL REPAIR 4 Our Repair Shop j* •• | n6«r. at your (elephant I GARS-TRUCKS- ' TRACTORS LEO'S GARAG6 513 J. Walnuf P^.Mi LEO HARTSFIELD Owner an'd OCIETY Phone 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P. Church 323 N. Ferguson April 22 at 7:45 p. m. **» nori it At, iit.il, Saturday morning at 10 o'clock In the home of Sue Cook. Calendar Friday April 22 Builders SS Class of Garrett Me- norial Baptist Church will meet the home of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sunday April 24 The Friday Music Club will present Miss Helen Lyons and Miss Virginia Owens of Ouachita College Faculty in a violin and piano Re. cital, Sunday April 24, in the Jun•- ' ior High Auditorium at 3 o'clock. There will be a silver offering at the door and the public is cordially invited. Saturday April 23 The Melody Maids will mijet. Boyle oats unchanged to '/i down, Mary 733'g, rye 1 to I'/a lower, May $1.00-(,2, and soybeans unchanged to l'/4 down, May $2.53!' 2 2.54. Wheat: none. Corn: No. 2 yellow 1.51-51>/ 4 ; No. '3 .1.443i; sample grade 1.20-37'/4. Oats: No. 1 heavy yhite 79-81; No. 2 80; No. whi|e 79. • ' ".'Soybean^ oil: lU'z-; soybean meal;'-58';oo : 59.00. , . .'- Barleh' nominal: malting choice .40-57;'. feed 1.04-18. NEVV YORK STOCK •VKW. YORK (ft — Prices sagged quietly today in the stock mar t.et in the early nfternoon. The decline was the second in a oW, following 11 straight advances hat had carried the stock market o record high levels. Losses went to around 2 points vhile gains in a few instances ame to between l.and 2 points. Steels held to gains fairly well ut were mixed, much of the time. tails and -motors were lower. \losfr aircrafts were down along vith' the oils, rubbers and radio- NE -WYORK COTTON NEW ORK MV-'Cotton future's ere' irregular today, domi-natod y evening up operations in n'ear- yi.iyiay 'prior, to first .notice Vay. The .-"market. displayed easiness .OKI liquidation. Prices :later moved ir- ifegularly higher on trade buying TODAY AND SATURDAY •. . to call on our long tiptritnct now. ARKADELPHIA TERMITE CO. 1032 Mo in Street Phone 1057 ARKADELPHIA ARKANSAS AT: WA KETTLE'S" GuT* BRAND NEWfELLAl Marjorie MAIN • Chill WILLS Rudy VALLEE • Pedro GONZALF.S GONZALES AND AT: 3:42-6:46-9:50 Grand Opening Of The . . . Located at 122 W. Second Street Saturday April 23 2 FOR I BIG SALE When you buy one for the regular price you get another one FREE You'll enjoy our Milk Shakes, Cones, Banana Splits, Sundaes, Orange Slush & Root Beer floats Remember 2 for I Sale Saturday. "Wilkie" GEORGE MONTGOMERY NANCY GATES PLUS & CHAPTER 3 OF OUR NEW SERIAL "THE BLACK ARROW" "ORPHAN FANNIE" COLOR CARTOON prayer, a>d jhe hos s, siiryijd dainty ,j-elr«shnients. Tfie llax ,mWtoe. wUL be held at the home of ( Mrs. Al ^oomis, with Mrs. 'Bennie' D. Stovall as leader. (. Thevthird'*session erf the study, '>"Jtsus.'' t*,aohuigs concern iflg-iTllfomenj" olvth^i-W. S. C S, of the First * Methodist Church was held r Aon Monday lafterppou at the church'r with > 24 ^member^ -present.' <"A playjej "Fogr-Year« Words, Foui 'W6n»in'" was'pres«ipted "^---'- n - • Mrsj'E Mrs, * s ^Here's why Chevrolet !«' ^ '' out -VS's u *. > ' i / everybody! These features a^ advantages are the measure of a t1 \B eagine.. . and only Chevrolet has found stealing Bunder with the most modern V8 on • •-, -, them in the low-price field. Most aren't even faun ' ,1*1 « , " i' ' ^ hj^Jl-priced cars. That's Why Chevrolet is stealir * * *• V iH* Modern 12-volt electrical system! The only car in fhe low-price field with the extra energy of 12 volts . . . twice the electrical punch. .\ u • J -4 Faster, stronger cranking for cold- weather starts and a "fatter" Spark' for faultless high-speed operation. Highest standard compression ratio in its fi*JdJ Chevrolet's compression ratid is 8 to 1, to wring every possible ounce of power and extra miles out of every gallon. ^Requires only four quarts of oil! Chevrolet's V8 engines' are so efficient they need only four quarts of oil... so you save money on every oil change! ACADEMY AWARD WINNER Best Supporting Actor SLEEK...SLENDER...S!! '» » LJ Highest horsepower per pound! These great VS's weigh.far less than any similar engine in America, top the low-cost field in power per pound! '.m. Shortest piston stroke in the industry! Three-inch stroke reduces cylinder- tyall friction, generates less heat, permits more compact design. The pistons do far less traveling per mile . .. tHat means less engine wear, lighter* loads on bearings, longer life. A/WWY AAAAA/\ It's the valve-in-head V9 as only th« valve-ln-head leader can build ft! Cribe apewipanJed 'at -tot .fy Ford pttw«%ren. t 4 .,. fl. ( H^t*rly r e readihfs ; b> ^Mrs. n, 'Mr^ 1 'Adam GUthrie Mrs.' 'Joe^A, Bailey, c«fnflutted the sti(dy on "The Compassion' ot' Jesus." ! iff " Mrs. ' McKenzie pronounced the closwg benediction 1 ' i' , ,i Mayor and' -Mrs; Shenwood Black Jr., and U-da Virfetaia of Ft. .B'eh- ning, Ga., arrived Monday t« he the guest ot Mr, and Mrs. W, S. ' Mrs, Henry Loe and Jess Miller of Wjt- MoyiA wer« Monday visitors in, and tyrs. T, H. Black of '«r* th* We*ke 0 d%iiesi ttle 'ItoWog'on «n<* Mr ' %' "" "" -" Th,/'Tw^-Tfn" 4-Do.r Stcl.n. V«u'll flnrf y, u r f.vorlt. med.f om«n0 Ch»vr9le('i' («mpl«l« lint ef f ishtr Ig'dy bVaulltiL *** Iriit8ti^iil«t'f mwfaw*M*9 "fwbKfm Vfl t.< ."Ji^-'si'-vW. v • ' -- ,»«, wn.. V' 1 E » "'-"'""' V^ **>e 'Ar „ ...the world's most beautiful animal! • Feature Times • SUN — 1:23 - 3:53 - 6:23 - 8:53 MON. — 2:00 - 4:17 - 6:43 - 9:09 EXTRA: POPEYE COLOR CARTOON THE POLIO STORY A nnw Spring and Summer series...10 programs...one each Wednesday morning! Buy a SEASON TICKET... SAYE .$1,50 on qdmsisions! Buy ONE ticket-d|ood for AjU 10 SHOWS FOR $1.00 (single admission 25c) '^V> Friend Wednesday at 10;00 a. m. Beginning June 1st. SEASON TICKET FOR ALL 10 SHOWS $1.00 ON SALE at Your School and pur Boxofftco SAENGER Continued from Pit* On* with indignation, "Wh6n we naturally refused, all thdse who we violating the rules became dissatisfied and that is how the trouble started." For a time, the split remained limited to Switzerland, but the rebels soon organized themselves Sunday April 24 in other countries and Mr. Ruef's Mrs. J. W. Manncy will teach the Ir> ternational Cynological Jutt B. Graves SS Class of the!-" is now at war with the rebel First Methodist Church Sunday. This will be her last Sunday to teach, and all members are urged to .attend. Tuesday April 26 The Woman's Society of Christian Service of Hope District will hold it's 6th. Annual Conference in the First Methodist Church, Hope, Arkansas on Tuesday (April 26. beginning at 10 a. m. Mrs. L. B. Tooley is president of Hope District VVSCS. Tuesday April 26 The Cosmopolitan Club will meet in the home of Mrs. H. L. Hanegan on Tuesday, April 26. at 7:45 P. m. with Mrs. Lawrence Martin serving as co-hostess. Friday April 29 The Friday Music Club will meet Friday April 29, at 7:30 p. rn. in the home ol 1 Mrs. B. C. Hyatt. Azalea Garden Club Has Meeting The April meeting of the Azalea Garden Club was held in the home of Mrs. Claude Tillery with Mrs. Oliver Adams as co-hostess. The Tillery home was decorated with arrangements of iris and pansies placed at points of vantage. Mrs. J. I. Lieblong, president opened the meeting by repeating the Lord's prayer in unison. The minu- Mory's Beauty Shop for appointments Call... 7^3584 MARY HAMM International Cynological Union in most countrie sof the eastern hemisphere. Only the United States Russia and some relatively dog^ less countries are ngt yet involved, uef said. Recognized "Federation" dogs — says Ruef — are a distinct social cut above .the upstart "union* dogs — not to mention the Untouchable class of dogs who don't belong to any organization. Federation dogs are rigorously forbidden to have any social contacts with "union" or unorganized dogs. Misalliances do occur, Mr. Rucf admitted, but the offspring doesn't have a dog's choice of inclusion in any DEATH OF A LEGENtf By WILL HENRY THE STORY: Thirteen horsemen headed by Jesse James, have ridden into Liberty, Mo., toward the Clay County Savings A Loan Association. Their arrival was observed by 19- yesr-odld .. George (Jolly) Wyn^ more, a student of William Jewel College. CHAPTER XI Three of the horsemen detached themselves from the" gesturing, WIUHENR* your head off.' Cashier Bird was ftrt astute banker, had a quick head for clear figures. He opened the vault. Meanwhile, Cole had implanted in the younger Birds New Course Offered by Donee Studio Something ne\v, a couise Srt ba1 let and tap plays, will be offered erty's square was beginning io his gun ____ f ___ ^ „.„„ shrinking belly, and noV backed , w hlstle_ a bit. him toward the vault, following! Several quick * thinking, individ his father and Jesse. Inside the uals ? r ^P"S ">e astonished citizen vault, the shelves were admirably cleaned. Both captive Birds ry had found firearms. Hwy 29 South Open 6:30 ; TONIGHT AND SATURDAY A Good Double Feature! ALSO Johnny Weissmuller "JARZAN ESCAPES" • PLUS • CHAPTER 5 OF SERIAL, "ADVENTURES OF CAPTAIN KIDD" & Herman & Katnip Cartoon social register recognized by the federation. In Switzerland alone, the dogs' social register, ITundstamrribush lists, more than 53,000 blue-blooded dogs born. since 1900. The annual supplements to the register are handsomely printed by the'print- ing works Ruef runs in Langenthal, The ' federation is recognized as the ruling body of the dog world by dog lovers associations iri nearly every non-CommUnist country of the eastern hemisphere. American dogs have a separate organization. Asked whether this meant that American or Russian dogs are not allowed to associact with European dogs, Mr. Ruef said: "Such unions are very uncommon. I cannot remember that such a case was ever inscribed on our register, but, of course, there may haVc been liaisons of which we were not informed." ' Mr. Rucf, a round, balding little mar, of 68, is proud of his position as the world's No. 1 dog lover. But his career contains a hidden tragedy. He does not have a single dog of his own. 'As a young man, I bred Irish terriers and dachshunds," he said. "But now I have to devote every spare minute to my organizational ;work, and have no time left for, dogs of my .own." • '.r.-,-- Quick - talking group. They rode only a short way, then separated and took' up independent stations several hundred feet from the bank. The remaining 10 rode rectly to the bank. Before ... „.„„ uulluu 111S ,,„„ w UIC eluer doors, -they split up. ThrCfe rode Bird, who had followed them out way along the street to the north; di- its sack which the bigger outlaw had produced from beneath his lortg coat. •With the sack full, the two bandits stopped'outside the vault. The larger doffed his hat to the elder LOOK 111 SATURDAY NIGHT IS FREE "FOWL" NIGHT! 10-TEN-10 PURINA FRYERS FROM THE Feeders Supply Company Will Be Turned Loose From the Top'of Our SNACK BAR! YOU CATCH 'EM AND KEEP 'EM! t^^,J LOOK! MIDNIGHT HORROR SHOW EVERY SATURDAY! "•TOMORROW NISHT • "THE CAT CREEPS" Come to Last Show —Stay FREE For Late Show! tes of the last meeting was given by Mrs. Talbot Field, Jr., which were approved. Mrs. Tillery gave a report on the club : project, and plans were made to plant additional grass on the libraryMawh. .' '• '&; Mrs. -t/ieblong askpd each merii- ber to spend one week through the summer to care for the parkway planting. The following nominating committee was appointed; Mrs. Emmet Thompson, Mrs. Basil York and Mrs. Fred Ellis. Mrs. Roy Stephenson gave a most interesting talk on "Cbntain- ers, Assessories and Background." Mrs. Hendrix Spraggins gave an informative discussion on Birds followed with a quiz.; The hostess served delightful refreshments to those present j three' long the street to the west. Neither of these groups took up a station, but continued to wheel their mounts back and forth along the storefronts facing the square", clearly on the qui Vive for the first move o fintcrference from patron or proprietor of' the 'opening business establishments. The original, three horsemen now dismounted threw their : rein over the bank's/Hitching rail, moved toward the waiting doors. There, the third' 'man stopped, posting himself in a lookout position commanding .approach to the bank entrance frm ( either direction. Th.-. other two,-'- one of them the big man who .had. spoken so'pleasantly to George, ; hurried '.into the building.' • - • Inside,. .t h.e two . strangers paused, returning the questioning looks of Mr. Greenup. Bird and his worthy scion. . Mr. Greenup Bird later remem- bered'that the pair's official gre'et- er was a fine - looking, six-foot man of scholarly address. "Are you open for business, good sirs?" "Why yes." stammered the elder Bird. "Yes, of course. - Name your pleasure, gentlemen." The' Senior cashier was unfler- standably new to the type of business he was inviting. He grew old to it rapidly. Jesse moved across the floor to the cashier's • counter. Where the big pistol qame-.from, Mr. Green- un Bird neVer''• could remember IJe ^remembered' ; distinctly, however, tjjat it wouVid up probing the region of Jus .right temple. 'All rignht," said Jesse unheat- edly. "Open. the vault, and don't drag of the vault. 'A pleasant good morning, sir. Thank you for your courtesy." With that, he wheatsack were and the on their bulging way to the door. But his smaller com' panion, pausing, eyed the indignant cashier narrowly. In his swbse- quent deposition, Bird avowed that the following instruction came with a crooked grin and a notbly nervous eyeblink. "All birds should be caged,' philosophized the . small gunman "Get Bird, back inside the and step to it!' vault, Mr. Mr. Bird. stopped to it. Joining his son in the vault, he heard the slam of its do'or, saw the accom- slender (heavy panying departure of the bandit .from behind its grillwork.. The spring lock on the vault door had. failed to catch in the hurried slamming. Cole was'still tying the wheat- sack to his saddlehorn, and Frank was still waiting for Jesse outside the bank ehtrnce, ' when 'Mr': Greenup Bird's outraged cries 'for aid and succor began. ' Cole had the sack adjusted to his unhurried liking. By the same- time iFrank . and Jesse. Also stirrup'-and were mounted. Also by the same time,.the atmosphere on 'the- northwest corner of Llb- THE BEAUTY BOX §pen 6 Days a Week 'Appointments after 5 ior those who work. Phpne 7-5850 112 8. Main been^asslghed 1 in the master fclan. The three outflung pickets took off 'lh 'as many directions, and' firing their rcvolvcj-S to attention off the main pack. The two, groups of patrolling guerrillas raced their horses back' and forth along the storefronts, pouring a hail ef high aimed lead in to them which had Llbety's shsp- keepers sweeping up glass for a week. Under the crash arid con- Vision ef this galloping destruction, Jesse Frank and Cole headed their mounts around the square in the identical direction whence they had come not five -minutes before. Georgt 'Wynmore, solo first-hand witness to the original approch of the three outlaw leaders, was still striding on his cross - street corner. As the trio of fleeing bandits thundered back toward him, he lost, sudden . interest in the whole proceedings. Turning, he began to run. One of 'the three' horsemen shot him twice• through the back as he ran... He fell immediately, rolled over, cmc. halfway, to his knees,, still clutching .the lether-thonged pElck.of his- schbolbooks. The second wave of guerrilla horsemen, running up on iron-shod heels the , first, finished the '' * .<* t .- - ~'4.29*awjj to children of t E«ilc6 School. Mtti this is a new art fii f«lf* «i*1 using ballet, t*p aad This has bWft fcfdv*ft over the radio und«f the ni« "Let's Pretend," she sai<|J from pre-school and will take part. This win prbve a fine children to exp«ll excessiV she indicated, especially Nup from thrW As a special only. « small fed tit dlasses will fee asked tiut must be enrolled irt the weeks. AuditlAns fd» W. M _, as Sleeping Beauty, <3tod*Mfif Sno^f iWhirt -will plate A* «1 in a part to which he W Teif-l ted. « . ,. * *j Classes will be divided ifiteifl groups so children Will fc( j vidual attention in a Iriendly atmospnere ten lacking in large Mrs. Windsor has had 11 years experience in' teii children. TUNE DESERT ROcfc, CAMP UP) - Jarticipate -in atomic^ f Nevada provlntf<-gr»« ed their favorite fspnf- le and Roll."" ****' IT'S A new ^rminent by - Helen Curtis 4 i , f >** * » . t\ i ^ Call for on" V l^^JbElv ^Py^ *.""/- «~,.*. BEAUTY SHOf WE .WANT you to knew how sincerely we appreclatl^, your patronage of our pharmacy. It will be o -—'A-W endeavor .to merit your relionce.upon us for the ,_.,.„_ ally competent filling of yo'ur prescriptions and for courted ous service in all merchandJsinh deportments of tirf StOfe, You have every right to expect your drug store tq be "' good drug store, and we intend y (o so conduct deserve your apprayJaI. '! '*' 102 W. 2nd WARD & SON DRUG6IST""* Branch Hospital Staff Complimented Miss Wllma Coleman The staff of Branch Hospital 'complimented Miss Wilma Coleman, bride elect of O. T. Cranford with a kitchen shower on Friday April 15, at 7:30 p. m. in the home of Mrs. Charles Garrett. The entertaining rooms were decorated .with attracttive arran- gem'ents of early summer flowers. The dining table was covered with a lace cloth, and centered; with a bonquet of dutch iris. The hostess presented Miss Coleman with a corsage made of miniature spoons and other kitchen ut« ensils. Many useful and lovely -gifts were received by the honorec. An electric toaster was the gift from the members of the hospital staff. Delicious refreshments of cookies and coffee was served to those present. SUN. - MON.. NEVER, UT ME] GO • EXTRA t 1. Warner News 2. Casper Color Cqrroon 3. Novelry, "Three Wi«he$' Mrs. Richard Arnold Hostess To DeAnn Lilac Garden Club The Lilac Garden Club met in the home of Mrs. Richard Arnold Tuesday April 12 wit.h Mrs. Jim Arnold and Mrs. Carl Coffee assisting. ; The Arnold home was lovely throughout with arrangements ol spring flowers. The meeting was ' called to or, der by Mrs. Wayward Burke. The devotional was given and prayer by Mrs. Jim Arnold. Mrs. Carlton Samuel read the minutes of the last meeting. A short business session was held and Mrs. H. H. Ur- rel of De Queen was introduced. She gave a most interesting and instructive flower arranging. { The hostess served- delightful re-1 freshments to nine members and two guests. >your feet bout it or 111 blow IVell trade you liarl minute *¥, : ^ , ^V&MpVi .U* Take a Trigger-Torqu* J*tt Or/ve on utl '" ' " '~. — • ( • t Try frie Only cor 1 with Thundwbird stylingl "itiilf'•> • " / ~' 3v { J MiTfW'ir "T»"'*. thrills for you. And we'll "swap" ypp cu« prove it. So come in today. Find out ' much faster accelerating and hill « can be with Trigger-torque powe^,. Ford's Ift-new models. For each hi» the Jo«d( of the long, low; fabulous Thunj|wrhjn|. AM • each handles like a "dream car,'* ' Ford's new Angle-Poised Rid*. Re/ox In Luxury lounge J*' Once you actually feel Ford'a totally ibjicp, vinyls and woven, plastic* .,,,., (crnd we bet you'll y°« actually Bit behind Ford's stunning want *o lr«*n th* L aUf M Astra^Dial Control Panel and look ^ want to keep {/je keys)!, n ea r j y 20% large? wrap-ar^ ^ ,'^ ,'^cVycju convince'yoursell tha -"---iej- gm '»$ /5»}er,. , , iwkn~' .Coming and Going Mrs. E. O. WinfffielcJ has returned from Little Rock where she was met by Dr. George C..'Eschar of Memorial Center, New York City who flew down for consultation. Hospital Notes Julia Chester Admitted: Emma Lee Williams, Rt. 3, Hope, Mrs. Cleatlous Thomas, Hope, Chas. P. Routon, Hope Miss Donna Mae Evans, Columbus. Discharged: Mrs. Kelson Foster, Hope, Carolyn Sue Hamm, Hope, Cecil O'Steen, Hope, Mrs. A. 0. Bright, Fulton. Mr. and Mrs. Cleatoius Thomas Hope, announce the arrival ot a sou April 21, J035, 7-2941 1 If You'rt Inttrtfttd in on voui ro»p WMJJ m ov jwiiWrpf i^ww^ Car — It Sun l« SM m ^

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