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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
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Friday, April 22, 1955
Page 5
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Id China Has lones Ready long Strait HOP I If Aft, MOP I, ARKANSAS Thursday, April 21, 1955 HAMPSON sour- ^ inside the Nationalist Chinese O overnment, said new types <& Ti!u5s2an built planes were in- volv.'d in t'.ie buildup. It stated that a Nationalist air for*" palrcl plane last week en- ccaii-'.'-red but escaped from some Hussian type jets believf.cf to be cithci- MIGlVs or MIG19s. These are' Icter mouels than the MIG15 which ti:e Heds have in large fa# *-« wnicn ii:e rieas nave in large 'El Formosa yt* — Reel numbers and which they used in ha"s 800 planes — 500 of 6tS — alor-2 the Fukieh snd iWfg cost across the strait BT'Fofmosa, the China News today. paper, which has some the Ko.-ean War. The MIG17 has been depicted as a two jet fighter, while the MIG19 1:5 reported a reversion to the single jet design, although presumably more powerful and faster than the MIG15. •Attention focused today on U.S. Secretary of State Dulles statements of concern over growing Communist strength opposite Formost New dispatched say it frequently is described in Washington as "a very dangerous situation.' Most observers here doubted that Wash'-i^i/'n had any new information on the. Fled b'lildup that was not generally known here, and it was believed that the alarm had been caused by completion by the Reds of the big new airfield at Luchiao, 220 miles north of Formosa, and near-completion of the expanded field at Foochow, 140 ureen mum IS COMPLETELY WATER S v " Fertilizer must te dissolved before il is ovafl- eble to growing plants. When dissolved in the sol water *rt can move as the water moves , •-thety as plants draw water they also absorb the essential plant foods. All the plant foods J INCLUDING PHOSPHATE) in Green Thumb > Fertilizer are completely water soluble. Yoo II • '(•cerve full plant,food value from every bag Green Thumb. Your nearest Green Thumb dealer wifl be happy to demonstrate a simple ' '.comparison test that proves the greater solu- fcility of Green Thumb-Amerka's finest High > Analysis, Pelletized Fertilizer. MICH ANUtStS PtltirtffD WATER &01UBIE FERTILIZER ARKANSAS FARMERS ASS'N. Hempstead County Farmers Association Hope, Arkansas Knowland Soys Yalta Version Distorted WASHINGTON (/P) — Sen. Knowland (R-Calif) i.ccused Sen. Humphrey (D-Minn) tday of a "distorted and unfair interpretation" in saying Secretary of State Dulles termed the Yalta agreements advantageous' to this country. ' Knowland also said Humphrey was guilty of "a violation of the rules and precedents" of the Foreign Relations Committee when he gave newsmen a report on Dulles' secretary tslimony to the comit- lee yesterday. Humphrey said Dulles tesified "he finds as secretary of state the agreements reached at Yalta have been advantageous to U. S. foreign pctlicy." The senator defended his action in giving this account. Sen. Sparkman (D-Ala) who also attended the session, agrees with Humphrey that Dulles said the Yzlta agreements as they affected Europe were at the time a "victory" for the United States. Sparkman said, however, that Dulles contended mistakes may huve been made in the Asian agreements reached at the wartime, Big Thre confrenc. Humphry quoted Dulles as saying he would not favor repudiating the Yalta agreement, as the Republicans promised in their 1952 platform. He said Dulles explained the United States still holds Rus- she signed and that the lamentable she signed and that the lamentble thing is that the Soviets are violating them. System Devised to Get More Rice Oil NEW ORLEANS (If) — E. R. -ousins, a chemical engineer from New Orleans, said a system has been devised to increase the output of a vegetable oil made from rice by 80 per cent. Cousins told the American Oil Chemists' Society yesterday that about 50 per cent of the oil can be processed into edible varieties at present. Cousins said the outer coating of rice, known as bran, is polished off the grain and gives up its oil ivhen treated with hexane and processed into vegetbie oil when the lexane is 'boiled out. Another New Orleans chemist Mrs. John Hoffman, said another use for tung oil has been discovered. She said tung oil can be made into an effective plasticizer — softening and making more flexible the resins used in 'making nany plastics. miles west of here. Thes e two 'ields make the Matsu Islands and lie northern strait vulnerable to Sed air power. mnerwra biscuit flavor '""it's triple-thick!""'-.. 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NOJ TOO An all-around family drink, \ GET A CARTON today To City Subtcrlbtrt: If you foil to get your Shir pleas* telephone 7-3431 by 6 js. rn.,6hd d specibl carrier will deliver your paper* Hope JtL* - • Star ihis afternoort, toiiigfii. ...,„ scattered thunelei'SnWif* ftftt •'»§>*< important terhperaturc * Experiment Statloti fe'potf 24-hours ending ai I *< m. High 83, Low 61. '; *. 56TH YEAR: VOL. 56 — NO. 161 Star ef H»p« lift, Prcsf 1f27 Consolidated J«n. II, 1*2* HOPE, ARKANSAS, FRIDAY, APRIL 22, 1955 M*mb*r> to* Ai**t!*««f PMii t Audit tu*M *f Clrc.Ml.n* Ay. N.t MM Cfrtt. I M*i. iMMft, **,* «, t*M _J,J41 PRICISe Fulbrighf Says farmers to U.S. Help Deaths Around the Nation By Th« Associated Press SHERMAN OAK, Calif. — Sam Israel, 55, director of publicity at Universal-International Studios an a foroer newspaperman in Des Mpines, New York and Los Angeles. Died Thursday. DALLAS — James G, Boyce, 74, FAETTEVILLE W) - Recoeni- oil ?? d . Ium j )e 5 execut ^ e - ,. v ' cs ion that farmprs Vro «„?« 2 f president and treasurer of the Ne- tion that Is try f ° Inc ' one ndus- A ' , f w Lumber Co., and vice president of -SI.KP M,ry Bottled by HOPE BEVERAGE COMPANY Phone 7-5878 r VALUABLE— WORTH LIBI This coupon good for 15(f toward the purchase of 4 Six-bottle carton of refreshing Bubble Up. I lfcMgw/^n'-^Aflft 1 ^;^*. ..... ,- •! J Dealer: Our representative will rc-Jeem this coupon I plu* 2£ handling charge. Offer expins Nov. 1, ^955 ' Bureau banquet here. He said he hoped President El- senhower's congressional trade bill wins • congressional approval and that he opposes using American forces to defend the disputed islands of Quemoy and Matsu off ( 4Je Chinese coast. '^The state's junior senator, up for reelection next year, also attacked the -Bureau of the Budget's new rules for deciding how much b58fit will come from new river dam and development projects; praised pro-western dele- munism at the Asian-African conference at Bandung, Idonesia; ad demanded contiued U. S. efforts to unite Europe under oe govern- mnt. ada. Died Tuesday. Nations to Go on Daylight Saving Time By The Associated Press The sun won't be up as high as usual when millions of Americans go to work next week, but it'll stay up longer after they get home Reason for the change is daylight saving time,'which goes into fs ^peech was a virtual ^roMhrnatTofatTa. 10 ^ s'£ °^f h r:" P ^l nth r;Z°: ^y. At that moment, it suddenly gram and the approach the Demo cratic Party is expected to take to the voters in the 1956 campaign, but it was delivered from notes in the chatty manner of a report to his home folks with no claim to being anything else. Fulbright's home is here in Fayetteville. The junior senator, chairman of the Senate Banking and Currency Committee and third ranking mem ^kcr of the Fqreign Relations Committee, is recognized as one of the top strategists in the Democratic will become 3 a. m. The household will up and stir around an WARNS DELEGATES — Gen. Carlos Romulos of the Philippines warned fellow delegates at the Afro-Asian conference in Bandung against turning to Communism as an alternative to Western colonialism. He warned that the road to Communism Is strewn with "garlands of phrases and promises but once through the gate, your duty Is forever to say aye." Romulos criticized U. S. foreign policy as lacking in "consistency and vigor" In supporting non- self-governing people's right to independence. Romulos, left, Is shown chatting with Napal's foreign secretary Maj. Gen.. Sovag Jung Thapa during stopover at Djakarta'while flying to Bandung. Play Cast Is Active in School Affairs (This is the second in a series Local Guard Takes Part in Operation The nationwide alert of all Na- of articles about the extra-curri- tional Guard units, known as "Op- cula activities of the members-of oration Minuteman," was sounded °. g (the cast of the Hope High School, Wednesday night and Hope's Com- Howard HD Clubs to Give Radio Programs Ten of the Howard County Home Demonstration Clubs will participate in five 15-minute radio programs on Station KXAR, Hope, from 3:00 to 3:15 p. m. each day April 25 through April 29 in celebration of National Home Demonstration Week which is May 1 through 7. In addition to the radio programs, the clubs will have a spring council on May 4 and a silver Tea and a Bazaar on May 7. Winners in Lucky Number Day Event Hope Lucky Number Day, Thurs> day was a huge success according to; the Merchants contacted. Each store registered folks as they shopped and the holder of the lucky number was to receive $5.00 in merchandise. The lucky number at each store was known only to Manager Carl Bryan of the Chamber of Commerce. At 4:30 p. m. all stores were called and advised of their number. These are the winners: Morgan & Lindsey, Mrs. Nancy Kidd; Rephans, Mrs. Harland Morton; Collier Tire & Battery, Mrs. M. B. Hatch; York Furniture Co., C. McClain; J. C. Atchley & Co., O. H. Brislow; Moore Bros., J. H. Hartwell, Fulton; Scott Stores, Giles Foster; Owen's, Mrs. Tom Hucka'. <;e; Ladies Specialty Shop, W. r , -—. —,..-., -,. , -..-„, .., hnt i •lh. e " henr :l Senior play. "Running Wild," to'pany "A" of the 153rd Infantry D. Little, Prescott; Gunter Luni- «m*h-n» Lh «f H - t-t • be Presented in the school auditor-, Regiment responded with speed'her Co., C. F. Martin, Emmet; . sunshine when the day's stint is done. A national survey, by the Observatory, nearly 70 million Americans will go on the new schedule. The other 81 million will stick to standard time. The shift will be made in New England, New York, New Jersey ium on April 29.) j and efficiency that leaves no doubt| L - B - Delaney & Son, Bobby Thorn- Jack Keck, who plays the part that the unit is prepared to meet ton; Hope Rniirfpre Rimniv M,. Til """ •shrm-'s' 0 ^ Don Thoma s, an ambitious play-'any emergency, whether for the; 111., bnu\s a .....irrut ;« «» n »:,j..Mi „* iu~ ir~,. I .:— ~~ „ ...u~i~ «« „«„. i nn «r wright, is president of the Key Club. He is a two-year letterman in football and last season received honorable mentitm in the National All-Star football selections made by the Wigwam Wiema of America. Party. During the 1952 campaign Washington D C be aware Cal- Last June he was a dele S a te to hi- ronlarcri Arilai Stovonsnn in I .V . nglon - "• *"• ueiawaie, L.31 - B ,. st , T .. q pn : nr W hn'» iforma and Nevada, virtually aM,.,° ys T , le " m 'he bemor Who s he replaced Adlai Stevenson in several appearances that the Democratic nominee for President was unable to fill.',, Ike to Hear Report *»on Viet Narrin WASHINGTON D, C..(JP) Gesn.-J. Lawtor. Collinsn openly concerned about the poitjical crisis in free Viet Namn reports his on the scene findings to President Eisenhower today. Against a backdrop o sharp differences bet'-^en the' United States and France oil further support for the government of Premier Ngo Dinh Diemn the Presidents special Ambassador arranged to call at the White House with Undersecre tary of tate Herbert Hoover. Collins told newsmen on his arrival yesterday from violenced flecked Saigon that the situation is serious. Asked if the United States will continue to csupport Dicmn he said .quickly ' 'our government is behind the legal government of Viet Nam. Diems resignation has been de... jnanded by a united front of threa '"armed religious sects the Binh Xuyen, the Cao Dai and the Hoa Hao. Goose To turn to Form Own Club LITTLE ROCK (ff>} — Goose Ta turn, the Arkansas Negro who became basketball's highest paid fplayer, is going to turn his back o the National Basketball Association and build his own team. The former $50,000-a-year Harlem Globetrotter star said .hera yesterday that he's got a great team' lined up for a barnstormin; tour next winter. Tatum was released from the Globe Trotters Wednesday by owner Abe Saperstein. Tatum had been "missing" for more time from the ^Trotters' series with the Collegiate "earn. , He ruled out any chance of joining the Trotters. The first business on his agenda, Tatum said, is to complete a barn' storming tour he already has under way. His present team has datss in south Arkansas and north Louisiana, he said. After that, he plans to go to Mexico. He bought a 30-acre farm near Chiluahua in 1949 and now V,ie wants to build a house on it. . of Maryland, Pennsylvania, most of Illinois, and major cities in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky. The South and the great central region of the United States will stay on regular time. Farmers say the cows don't come home until sundown and there's no point in changing clocks if .they can't change -milking time. Although daylight time cus tomarily has ended the last Sunday in September there are plflns to extend it until the last Sunday in October this year in the Northeastern states. New York, Massachu setts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire an Pittsburgh, Pa., already have added the extra month of "fast" time, and other states in the region may do so. Lawmakers are pondering the idea in Philadelphia, Maine, Chicago and New Jersey. All financial and commodity markets in New York City and New York State will shift , automatically to daylight time. The idea of switching clocks to grab an extra hour of daylight activity during the long days of the warm season was originated nearly 50 years ago by an Englishman, William Willett. Said he: "While dayligHt surrounds us, cheerfulness reigns and courages jbred for the struggle of life." Infant Son of S. A. West brook Succumbs William A. Westbrook infant son of Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Westbrook Jr., died in a local hospital last night. Survivors include the parents, S. A. and Etheline Westbrook, and the maternal grandparents Mr. and Mrs. W. W. White of Hope and the paternal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Westbrook Sr., of Hope. Private funeral will be at 3 p. m. today at Oakcrest Chapel. Burial in Rose Hill cemetery 'with Rev. C. S. Walker officiating. Who Jack was elected Most Hand- ome. Emogene Fuller, who is cast in nation as a whole, or any local disturbance it might be called on to suppress. The alert signal was given by the State Adjutant General at 6 p. m., with, the Official time of alert for Company "A" at 6:30 p. m. By 7:30 p. m. there were 58 men and 2 officers present for duty, and all projects set up to be carried out during;, the alert were already WRONG CAR SACRAMENTO, Calif., (UP) •An unidentified man complained to police saying that when he dashed acwss a rain-swept street 'and hopped into what he thought was a taxi, it turned out to be a police stjuad car the the officer gave him ( ticket for jaywalking. WHY SO? OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla., (UP) the role of Miss Finch, a spinster, 'in progress. These projects includ- who loves wild flowers, is editor ed guard security for the Hope Wa- of the 1955 "Bobcat," president of ter- & Light Plant, the Bell Tele- Quill and Scroll Society, and is phone Building and a reserve .:•<)£ member of the Hi-Light staff. Vice-president of the Latin I Club, she is also ,.a member of Future Teachers of America, Spanish Club, English IV Club, and Liberty Club. A member of the N H S, she will attend the State N H S Guardsmen at '_. the 'Armory to be used as needed -elsewhere. The guardsmen remained at- their post until released by Capt. Cook at 10:30.p. m. The spee'd and efficiency, with which the local guardsmen res- W. C. Dewess (New); Crescent Drug, Alice Neece; Hall McNeil! Mrs. Guy Card; West Bros., Joe H. McCulley; Lewis-McLarty, Mrs. Nelson C. Purtle; B & B Grocery, Mrs. Donal Williams; Haynes Bros., Mrs. Fred Camp; Burke's Shoe Store, Mrs. U. L. Masey; Herbert Burns, Mrs. Alice Neece; Hope Furniture Co., Mrs. Hamp Huett; Foster's Shoe Store, Mrs. 'Doyle Reaves; J. C. Penny Co., Mrs. Edith Arnett; Fashion Shoppe, Mrs. Charles Grumpier; Feeders Supply; C. S. ashington; Bar •ry's Gro; Mrs. Richard All of Emmet. : ..Registration ranged from a low of,:40 to a high of 286 at Lewis McLarty. convention in North Little Rock' ponded .to the alert signal, coupled on May G- 7 and will serve on a with the fine spirit of cooperation discussion panel. In Senior Who's Who she was elected the girl with the Best Personality. Rufus Herndon, whs will protray the part of Max Goodwin, a motion picture producer, is the business manager of th e"Eobcat" and is a sports writer of the "Hi-Light, 1 He is a member of the Key Club and English IV Club. He is a two- year letterman in football. C. F. Routon, 78, Local Hospital Succumbs in Charles F. Routon, Sr., aged 78, a long time resident of Hope, died in a local hospital yesterday. Mr. Routon had been in the department store business for years and operated his own store before retiring a few years ago. He is survived by hjs wife, one son, C. F. Routon, Jr., of Little Rock, a brother, Earl Routon of Quincy, Fla., three sisters, Mrs. C. H. Parks of Tallahassee, Fla., Mrs. J. L. Crockett and Miss Frances Routon, both of Laverne, Ala. Funeral services will be held at 4 p. m. Friday at the First Baptist Church of Hope by the Rev. S. A. Whitlow . Arrangements are in charge of Herndon-Cornelius. Active pallbearers: Carter Johnson, Claud Agee, C. A. Lewis, Ed McCorkle, Conbin Foster, Hamilton Hanegan, Chester Lester and Cline Snyder, Must Be Awfully Interested to Know About Etiquette and Society Gossip of Dog World By MICHAEL GOLDSMITH For Hal Boyle poodle must have lots of hair in [front and a qrew cut behind. This LANGENTHAL, Switzerland W)— 1 standard was fixed Jong ago by Does your poodle wear a classififll or a modern haircut? If you spurn tradition and shave off all his hair except for "cuffs" on his legs, a tuft on his tail and a "corset" round the middle, then both you and your dog are suspect in the eyes of Fritz Ruef recently elected president of the International Cynological Federation. Cyno comes from the Greek for dog, and Mr. Ruef probably knows more about the .etiquette and society gossip f the dog world than anyone else alive. 'Differences over such important matters as a poodle's haircut have _ I ^WWSj —A bill was before the Oklahoma led to a .great schism among the senate today to force objectionable j world's dog lovers, and Ruef is the beer taverns to close up or clean undisputed leader of the tradi- up. , 'tionalists. Oklahoma is a dry state where ' There can be jio argument about it is Illegal to sell beer or nny other n poodle's hair, according to Ruef, ' beverage, "To be a poodle, he says, "a the Paris Poodle Club and accepted as binding, by all self-respecting owners. It is obvious that a poodle owner who insists on dressing up his dog, like a clown cannot claim equal rights in an asociation such as ours.' One of the main causes of the schism among the world's dog lovers was dispute over the s»call register of boxers—the four- legged variety. Traditionally, a boxer's litter is limited tp four puppies, and any puppies bom after the fourth are destroyed to preserve the quality of Ihe breed. Unfortunately, Ruef said,' base profit motives led to , refusal by certain "frudulent elements" to kill off the excess puppies. "They even wanted us to enroll this and interest shown by our fellow citizens of Hope, is very gratifying and' so much a part of our training to be of some value to the local area," says Capt. Imon G. Cook, Cornmander of Company Guardsmen of the local unit express their gratitude for the local interest shown toward "Operation Minuteman" and hope that again the unit might take it's rightful place as an integral part of the community and be looked upon as an extra source of security, and worthy of the place it occupies. Along with the signal for "Operation Minuteman" Capt. Cook announced a Spring drive for enlistments in the local unit with a goal of "100 or better" by Summer En j campment. The authorization for men in Company "A" is 171 and many vacancies exist in higher grades for men with previous services and also provide means for Recipes Used in Contest for Mrs. Arkansas (This is the second in a series of recipes used by" the seven local contestants in the Mrs, Arkansas contest, sponsored by the Airkansas-tLouisiana Gas Company). Red Devils' Food Cake Mrs. Ralph Lehman, Jr. 2 Cups suger % Cups shortening (V> butter is good) 2 Eggs . 1 Cup sour milk 1 teaspoon vanilla 2 J / 2 Cup sifted all purpose flour 2 teaspoon soda 1 teaspoon salt Vi Cup cocoa, unsifted 1 Cup boiling water Cream fat and sugar. Add unbeaten eggs, one at a time. Beat well after each addition. Add va- advancement of any men enlisting ""' -"«" .. e . ac «' aaamon. Aaa va- with no prior service..All men in-! mlla to milk. Alternate milk with tPVPstpH in holnintr „„* „,„. 1™ = 1 fl ° Ur whlch "33 been Sifted terested in helping .put our local unit out in front are encouraged to visit the Armory at 4th & Texas St., for further informalion, Violinist and Pianist to Play Sunday The Friday Music Club will present Miss Helen Lyons, violinist and Miss Virginia Queen pianist in a program at the Junior High Auditorium Sunday, April 24 at 3 o'clock. , Miss Queen received her degrees from Ouachita at Arkadelphia and American Conservatory in Chicago. She did private.study with Rudolph Renter. She taught, in the Tennessee college for woijien before coming to Ouachita as piano and theory teacher several years ago. At present she is organist at the First Baptist Church in Arkadelphia. Miss Lyons Mary Hardin graduated from Baylor at Belton, Texas and George .Peabpdy University, Nashville, Ten'n., >She has done graduate study at Chicago Musical College and in New York City and University of Colorado. She was former chojr director of the 'First Baptist, Chia-ch, Arkad- elphja and is now. voice and theory teacher at Ouachita College, • Arkadelphia. Both Mis? Lyons and Miss Queen appeared in programs throughout Arkansas. They will present a program of with salt, soda, and cocoa. The alternating begins with flour and ends with flour, thus dividing milk in thirds and flour in fourths. Add boiling water all at once and stir until well combined. Bake in two 9 x Hii" or 9 x 12" sheet cake pan. This is a large moist cake that will keep well. Frost with White Mountain Icing. Temperature: 325° Time - Sheet cake - about 1 hour. Layer Cake: about 45 minutes at 350.° (Split layers for icing.). White Mountain Icing Mrs. Ralph (ehman Jr, 1M: Cup sugar 3/8 teaspoon salt % teaspoon cream of tarter 3 egg whites 4 tablespoon water IVt teaspoon IV-i. teaspoon vanilla Thoroughly combine sugar, salt, cream of tarter, egg whites and water in top of double boiler, Place oyer rapidly boiling water. Beat constantly with electric or rotary 'beater until mixture stands in peaks (5-7 minutes) Remove from heat. Add vanilla. Beat until icing is thick enough to spread. Wolfson Admits Avery Likelyto Keep Control By ALFRED LEECH CHICAGO (UP) — Financie Louis E. Wolfson conceded today that Chairman Sewell Avery probably will retain control of Montgomery Ward & Co. Wolfson, handsome, 43-year-old financial wizard, made the concession to newsmen at the annual stockholders' meeting, showdown phase of the world's biggest proxy fight. "It looks like the present management will retain control," Wolfson said. Asked whether this meant he was giving up his fight to wrest control of the $721,000,000 retail chain from Avery, Wolfson replied: "We already 'have won the fight. We won the defeat of the stagger system." He referred to an Illinois Supreme Court decision forcing Montgomery Ward to put up all nine of its directors for election instead of only • three' in any single year. Earlie rWolfson had said he would win three, four or five seats on the board. Five are required for control. Tunisia and \ France Plan Home Rule \ PARIS I/W — France's' government and Tunisian' nationalists laid down a slx-po,int plan today to bring eventual home rule and possible peace to the troubled North African protectorate. The agreement, in principle, reached after midnight by .French Premier Edgar Faure and , Tunisian Premier Tahar Jen. Amma. must still be worked out in detail before a final .text is 'drawn lip'. There it must be approved by ,the aged Bey of-Tunis— Tunisia's norminal ruler — and the balky French Assembly. T The Bey's approval is considered certain. But tn the Assembly .the agreement is certain to encounter opposition from members sympathetic to the French colonists who constitute a powerful minority in Tunisia. The: accord also Is expected to run up against a strong undercurrent of French national pride, loath to ( yield still more of France's p'rewar glory of empire. AM&N Told to Cut Spending LITTLE ROCK Wl—'Arkansas AM&N College for Negroes at Pine Bluff has been ordered by state Comptroller Kelly Cornett to end its traditional' financial problems by a cutback in spending. ' Cornett instructed the AMi?} Board and the college administrative officers to slash spending for the next two months to head off an indicated $13,000 operating deficit for the present fiscal year. A 150,000 'supplemental appropriation was passed by the 1955 Legislature to put AM&N even financially before the start of the new fiscal year July '1. Cornett said Budget Division figures show, a $13,000 operating deficit would occur even with the additional money. , The college board was told that although a $600,000 annual appropriation was made for AM&N 10 the next two years, . the college would probably receive only $580,000. Turks Tell Me< WANTS TRUSTEESHIP — .Premier- Sir John Kotelawala of Ceylon proposed -Thursday 'that Formosa be placed under a trUiteesMp and that.the United States, withdraw ,. the 7th Fleet from, Formpsan water*. ' Proposal, 'made In a press conference at the Afro'Atlan meet- Ing In Bandung, Indonesia) would write an end to Nationalist government of Chiang Kai- Shek and , leave Chinese Com' hiunlsti supreme. Matiu and Quemoy would be given to Petping. — NEA Telephoto $re-$cho0l Clinic Planned 1128 • James, H, -Jones,. Superir^endenl of Sc.hoqls, annpupced today (ha< all parents with children who wil be ' six -yeai s of age on or before Pecember 31st pfr this year will re- gi^tcr tor' next year /Thursday, "April 28. It is imperative that parents bring their children to the County Health Clinic at the Court House. The schedule is as follows: All parents residing in ward I an II. and all the rural area 'south of the Missouri Pacific railroad will register from 9:00 to 11:00 a, m. All parents residing in Ward III and Ward IV and all the rural area north of Missouri Pacific railroad will register from 1:00 until 3:OC a. m. : , ' * All parents i are urged to bring jjieir children and have them checked and enroll, them for next year. A physical check-up will be given at this time. Parents. in Fulton who have dren starting to school next Sept ember should register at the Court House Thursday afternoon 1:00 to 3:00 p. 'm. i This preliminary registration 9nd physical check-up is necessary in our plannng for next school year. Assignment to different 'schools will 1 be made after registration. . The P. T, A. Council will have charge of this preschool clinic. Registration of negto children will be announced, at a later date. Local Family Hurt in Auto Accident Mr, and Mrs. J. W." Booth ot Hope were injured in an auto ac* cident- Monday jnlght near Branson, Missouri. Mr. Booth has been released from Skaggs. Community Hospita.1 and Mrs. Booth is ex. pected to be released next week. All Around the Town «Ur »t«H illegal offspring in our official violin and pis-no solo's and sonata register," Mr. Ruef exclaimed for violin and piano. Continued on page The public is cordially invited. Relative of Hope Resident Dies Mrs. Edna Earle Stuart of San Antonio, Texas, formerly of Texarkana, died Wednesday in a San Antonio hospital. •jHer survivors include her husband Charles P. Stuart, two dau- gljters Shirley and Jean, her mother and father, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Jones of Texarkana, two gisters and three brothers. Mrs. Leota Futrell of Hope is a sister- in-law. Funeral services will be at -the Texarkana Funeral Home Chapel Saturday at 10 a, m, That cry you heard could have been from the First Christian Church area almost any time Friday ... for today {s the day Salk Polio vaccine shots are 'being given to Hempstead first and second grade students, between 800 and 900 of them . . . those in charge of the undertaking felt that publicity on the exact day shouldn't be announced so the youngsters wouldn't become upset and possibly stay away from schoo] . , . thus the'per- iod of giving shots .actually will be nearly over with before the general public is aware they are being given. Hempstead student'to get degree at Southern State include Bil} W. Gunter of Hope, PS B&C, Virginia Ann Mitchell, Columbus, BM®,. . . . Nevada county, Mary Margaret Ledbetter, Prescott, BS B&C, Mary Ella Martin, E.mmet^ BS and Gei> aid Francis Thomas, Blu|| City, PS. , . , .at Hervdevso.n la?t night, "My Three Angels" was ", staged by the speech department/an^ |n the leading roles were Don (McQueen and Frances Weisenberger i Hope. .Virginia Mitchell, Columbus music education ' major at Southern State, will give a piano recital Sunday, May 8, at 4 p. jni. in t(»e college audito-'— ,.,.'.,' .she is the "daughter of" and Mrs. Benjamin D, and will giaduate May 27, ! Pvt. Leonard M. Eddy of Fulton Route One, has beep a.s*igr.- ed to Camp Chaffee for basic training in the U. S. Army. , , . .Pvt. William L. Evans, 19, son ft? Mr. and Mrs. Joe Evans of Hope, is With the 7th Infantry in Korea . . . an ammunitipn bearer }n the 31st Regiment, he entered the Army jn August 1954. ' T Indian Pn Blows Top Over Statement By GENE SVMOND BANDUNG ', (UP)^ 1 " "—^n d t fij Prime Minister JawaharlaHNehti exploded with anger * today " <'* the afro-Asian conference:,V ,1 the Turkslh delegate expre , open skepticism of the Idea v-i,t peaceful co-cxistehce with Co munism. • Nehru, who had Joined (a earlier today* with Chinese^ C munist Premier Chou En-lal In;"' defense of Communist pollcleJ'5'J Europe, took bitter exception ,V remarks by Turkeys's\ Fatin Rui Zorlu in a no-holds-barfed meetfj of the conference political, mitte'e. , ^, t "^ "War is approaching,* ' Ne|i said, and the only way to ai it is to "lessen tension peaceful-co-existence.' „_,_.„ Nehru then Issued A 'passional appeal to the United Stat*T J " J " Russia to stop making 'atomic hydrogen .bombs,,and tsubmitt< proposal 'to place - the confer on record as ' oppoSed'-'to nut weapons'of any typeh ^ ?£' The'clash between Nehru,,, Zorlu was touched-off wheriv;,. Turk made a speech upholding'^ principles' 6f the 1 tf"North1 "** li ~ Treaty organization "and country was extremely skept; Nehru's 1 -principle ^of' ^co-exii It came during 'a discus's;' the 29-nation conference '"of peace and relaxation otfr inter tional tension,' taken up >'by <*' political committee--.when the| ference became,- hopejesily in on whether Communist asked 'why world* should" align pacts like SEATO, and themselves , with r a d i o a c 1 bombs. He' Said India 'taking a • istic view in shunning alliances and criticized -pikis for • lining ^up "wltlrthV f world. >, i'.£ .. , i 4 .,^-x, ftmim V»V i »* Formerly of Hope H' '—N-Ti V Carl A. 'Eyans, aged 48,> a-r; dent of Texarkana who, formi lived in HopeiVdlfed Thiirl'' a Texarkana , hospital, v *, * He is survived,by his one daughter^ Eth«l' ii»sons, John """ Miss., and Shreveport, his mother,-Mrs/iDliy Evans of JfQpef^bjrojH^ii dt . _J.\f « --^n^T --- r.»^- . Evans of Shreveport and a' %|i Mrs. OdeU^pMpn "' ..... Funeral services, will 3 p. m.f«4*y>t by the Rev, "M/,, |»ope ana, Neal 'Gt&leen^pf P Howard'* yrwt«< pl^ffope. Cornelius irte charge of'arra. Belo Lugoii Wonti to Take Drug Cur« "' LOS who wpn feme ,fn the rel« "DiVicula? 1 on the £>t«gf» and was scheduled, lor ^"l^ in Psychopathic £p«r* . plication for commitment to ospital. The 71-year.Qjd; who ranked with Boris ;he foremost purveyor i of in movies, vplunt^rily self into Lqs Angele? Saengeiv E ( Jd.pfl said to.dj»y the {(Gang Posters* 1 .e/J "' ~'- : - J '"' lire 'being receiving the largest nurn- Wr of votes wjli be jjvfij^ |*Ml}lp.s H. Lord's' 'QanfbVsters awa{4 pj merit on the Saenger stage ' night . '. . tfee sproU by Mutual Broadcasting Co will be presented, by Mayor JoM L "~ "' •« jif yesterday as a drug H»e£ Psychiatrist said Lugofi ' that he has been off and one oVfr haps 201 years* 'M< Lugosi, M J' proved today, to a state"ty th,e purpose jt'tfu ^-.^.JAtll.^j4<^ : ii, .

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