Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 21, 1955 · Page 19
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 19

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 21, 1955
Page 19
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Recall Ficials fc ftddtc (H - Govern h „*)<!£ be called bic )Sl (*?' N 16 govern million dollar fore against Westm6f«lan osSibillty hung over in ehei'flnf entered its J3t '• Beauty Sh< HAMM us™*... ¥,',M, Holland Baler pirtt «nd Service for Wlicon- - »ln- Engine*, E<«e-Flow , Distributor* and John - Deere Tractors and Im- plements. The home of , genuine John Deere part* OTLEY CO. Phone 7-3475 HOM if A It, MOM, A K KANSAS , . • ' A fdHHfcr Westmoreland mati- i|*r Wl'Illm S. §tr;ngnafti of Jap- lifl, Mo., testifiid yeste'tday that a fov*rtim«hf official held up a re- fldH which was Vital to the continued operation o{ ili: mahanese fclaftt. fioverhment attorneys de- nied'the accusation and said they wer* prepared to disprove the char|t. fh± goverhmeflt is seeking to recover $2,800,000 it advanced to Westmoreland under a defense Cdntfact. Also, the government is asking for interest from Jan. 8 1954. Westmoreland was formed at CMshman, Ark., to produce manganese for the government. However, the government closed the plant before any of the mineral was' delivered. The government charged Weijthnrctund W'th bretch of contract through mismanagement. OH the other'hand, Westmore- and contends, that the government tfdke the contraf/ when it closed he plant without formal notice. Amendment 1 to the ronttact tatcd that the government could lose the plant without notice for ny reason. Westmoreland argues iat the amendment .was invalid Testimony has not revealed hy Westmoreland considered 'the mendnicnt invalid, or why com- any officials agreed to the mendment. Federal Judfji*. Harry J. Lemley as called the controversialment he "crux" of the suit. Stringham told the court yester- ay that Arthur L. Sherman of the >efense Materials -Procurement DEATH OF A LEGEND :fe^fiy WILL HENRY * H «!, dtORV *V 6 u Se ^ m ? 8 *A ft t tet ! the south side of the Kan s« City io« 7 , L°° k po l lce '" ° 6t °' Road ' whcre il wound down to the if 5 ' ln Liberty, Mo., but he'river from the west. Below the and 12 companions were released for want of any serious standing charae against them. Chapter X Captin Minter's house stood on house, a scant six hundred yrds, the road ended abruptly at the Blue Mills Ferry. Beyond the ferry station, on the north bank of the Missouri, it began again, though now in a different direction, and bearing from that point a significant change in name — the Liberty Road. At 5:45, on Feb.. 13, Rush Step an intinerant farm hand, pulled Flames swept his cloddy team and boxbed wag- through the tp floor of a building ion up to the loading dock east of »,„..„ .^... j = ,__,_, -__, the house cap ta i n Minter, in ad- ditin to supervising the Blue Hotel Fire Damaged of Morrilton here today damaging a hotel and two offices. Damage was expected to exceed $30,000. The upper floor of the J. L. Dor- (Mills Ferry, maintained a profitable feed mill on the resiaenco' core Serving You Since 1896 ; FREE DELIVERY — DIAL 7-4431 IpWANA Tpp Quality 49 ( ^T m- Lb. Compar* Frica 39 PRESSED IENS 4to6 Pounds 395 iJTATOEs 100 a- 6.49 teROUND STEAK (l.. SIRLOIN STEAK PICNIC HAMS Lb. POKK BONES POUND 1»ORK CHOPS S8?? Lb. ^—• ; , • ;. — Meat Sausage 4 Lb$ 1. • ' ^. - . ™. ^ Ground Beef 4 Lb 1.00 Pry Salt Meat 5 u 1.00 «f Stew Meat 5 Lb '- 1.00 *' * - ••<!% cinless Weiners J .unch Meat 3 Ul 1.00 SH FRYERS Lb. LOGNA 22c 1.00 ing. sey building was gutted by -premises. He came out of the glames. Cause of the fire is un- house now, crossed to the dock, nodded to Stepp. Small talk went along as Rush loaded the sacks and Captain Minter wrote up the account. Rush ciimbcd up on the box/unwrapped the remains. As he did, Captain Minter looked over his head, frowned quickly, nodded in the direction of the Kansas City Road "Hold up, Rush. Look yonder there—' Rush looked, turned uneasily back to Minter. "Mr. Hobart's in a tolerable fret to get his meal.' "You'd best stay right where you arn. till we see what thnv determined. The alarm was turned in ' by Earl Baskins, whos ewife operates the Broadway Hotel in the build' ig. F. A. Howell estimated damage to office equipment in his typewriter agency at $8,000. NOT THIS BAD FLINT, Mich., (UP) —Health authorities today sought to convince two young girls that Salk vccine inoculations rcn't as bad s they seem. The girls touched off a police serch yesterday when they failed want. There's something familiar to appear at schol. When found -'— l ..... they explained they had skipped classes becuse they wer eafraid of getting the polio shots. Agency held for three months a report which Westmoreland had to lave to get additional money from the government. He said Sherman denied sitting on the report from May 1953 to August. The government refused to advance more money to Westmoreland until it had the report, string- ham said, and in the absence of the report, company officials couldn't do a thing.' Gerland Patton, a special government attorney, said, "We ha!ve file after file to disprove such a charge." Asst. Dist. Atty. G. Thomas Eisele also said the government was prepared to refute the charge and indicated oherrnarm anf other DPMA officials may be called'in to testify again. '2 price / TUSSY CREAM DEODORANT, ^.the instant deodorant i BIO *f JAR NOW .1 5O1 Instantly stops \ perspiration bdor, -. protects you 24 hours and more! Checks perspiration moisture... no waiting to dry! ' Safe for normal ski . delicate fabrics! / Limited Time Only \ r *»MWl ..———————•• S 7s?r 1/2 price! i ljVV TUSSY ^ STICK DEODOHANT ! Large $1 size now OO4 •" CRESCENT DRUG STORE about that big man in the lead.' There were 13 of them, all finely mounted, all wearing long cavalry coats of Union blue. Three rode in the lead, 10 hung a little back. Only the three turned off the main road and came for the loading dock. "Morning, Captain." The man who spoke, a big- pleasant - faced man, addressed Minter with the easy familiarity of an old friend. There was, significantly, no recognition in the Captain's reply. "Yes, sir. What can I do for you?' "Well, now, we've had a lone ride and our horses are in need of a good feed. We figured to buy us a sack of your fine me'al." Captain Minter was a merchant of discretion. He did not bother to inquire into the dubious merits of feeding fine-gound meal to hungry horses. He employed the pause in looking at his questioner, and his two compnions. The first of these was no more than a boy of 19 or so. He was small, appeared nervous, had a marked peculiarity of blinking his eyes. The other rider was older and taller, though just as slender in build. "You want the Kansas Winter," said Minter, still watching them, "or the Missouri Spring Hard?' "Wheat's wheat,' grinned the big man. "But seeing's were Clay County boys, give us the Missouri. A Missouri wheatsack! A passing horseman said, "make it Missouri," and the whole coure of a folklore was altered. Captain Minter was the richer by 90 cents and the first of the fabulous Missouri wheatsacks was aboard the Blue Mills Ferry in the attentive company of the blue-coated horsemen. Watching the ferry grow small toward the Liberty shore, the Captain, as was his habit in moments of preoccupation, tapped his prominent front teeth with the second finger of his right hand. "Rush,' he said to the staring farm hand, "You know who that ibig rascal was?" "Beats me, Cpn," shrugged Rush. "That was Cole Younger bought that sick of meal," said Captain Minter. Greenup Bird and his son, William, cashier and bookkeeper respectively of the Clay County Savings & Loan Association, arrived at the front doors of that institution's fine brick building on the northwest corner of the Liberty square promptly at 7:45 A.M. At (five minutes before eight those doors were thrown open to whatever legitimate business might be thus early abroad. Two ambitious students, early- bound for their classes at William Jewel College upon the hill beyond the hill beyond the square, came out of their front doors and stood a moment sampling the brisk cold of the February morning. Presently, Jimmy Sandusky, a lad of 15 spied his pal Georg Wynmorc. Waves were ex changed the two boys starting fo their regular meeting-place on th corner opposite the bank. George a 19-yer-old and popular enoug around town to have earned In nickname "Jolly," ' reached th square first and stood waiting fo Jimmy to come up. Those were a fateful five min utes. During their brief cours some even - earlier risers wer ZUDtavesRUSTiSTAINSf 1 COPPED tyrj "If ftOORS • »I)TO BUMPE8S A' Guoronttcdby*A <»»•—.1 •'r~*.-.. . I Good llousektoplnj ^ ZUD it »U ol Croceri, I Xjv, »,<jX Hord^.. O.p,.. 10. ..... m«Miw»cnp.i. raid! nil um. 1.1 The Quality Name In Air Conditioning York has the most complete, most versatile "of air-conditioners. The most advanced features are included to provide the full benefits of true air-conditioning. All models cool, dehumidify, and circulate filtered air. • FOR HOMES • Commerciald Use . SEE THESE AT YORK FURNITURE FOOD you EAT DOWN A lovnr worU'i only NATURAL NITRATE FERTILIZER LANE CEDAR CHEST H»ndsom» Wllcrfjl) chcii . riih fagai p»oel much of < HOME FURNISHING 5TORI N ATURAL » the food your cliil. dren eat, Chilean Nitrate is the on/y natural nitrite. Guaranteed 42 per cent plant food. * Richest of plant foods, Chil. ean'» many extra valuei make it one of the moat efficient and economical nitrogen fertilizers. * Chilean'i nitrogen content li 100 per cent nitrate. Ideal for top. dressing and side-dressing. Free flowing, »preadi evenly and smoothly. * Chilean needs only moisture from the air to dissolve —no waiting for rain —fast, effective action. * Every ton of Chilean contains lodiuin equivalent to 650 pounds of commercial limestone — an acid-destroying agent. The more Chilean you use, the greater its acid- destroying value. ir Sodium supplements potash — •when necessary, substitutes for it •- reduces leaching losses of pot.'ash, calcium, magnesium—releases unavailable potash in the soil. * Sodium Increases availability 'of phosphate in the soil and improves efficiency of applied phosphate. • •* Chilean is rich in small quantities of minor elements necessary for healthy vigorous growth —it's the only natural combination of 100 per cent nitrate nitrogen, sodium and minor elements. CHIIIAN NITRATI '-^-m uugg about their particular calling. They came into Liberty from four directions, in groups of "three and four. Young Ge'orge paid the first ground scant heed. Its thre horsemen were well dressed, clearly upright in bearing, headed by a most pleasant, imposingly large gentlemen on a fine bay gelding. Their innocence was further established by the smiling nod of the big man as they cantered past George. Shortly, however, the first group was joined by a second, then a third and fourth. George counted 13 horsemen, in as many seconds, an d ( _began to wonder. Even a lad as "jolly" as he was adept enough to see that something unusual was adding up in front of the Clay County Savings & Loan Associa- glanced excitedly up the tion. H« Thunctay, April 21, 19S5 M*>••—« ™~' ' " " """"" street, waving to Jimmy Sandus< Icy to hurry it along. To Be Continued) Thursday, April 21, BLONOII roop COST* BARRY'S .N. RVALUES' ARMOUR'S CLOVERBLOOM, PASTEURIZED EXTRA SPECIAL AKMUUK S ILUYEKD1.UVM CHEESE FOLGERS INSTANT COFFEE 6 Oz. Pkg. UPTON'S TEA 14 Lb. Package RATH'S PURE LARD 3 Lb. Pkg. NABISCO PURE VANULA WAFFERS 9'/ 4 Oz. Pkg. — .,_,. , v ^. -^ , , , 11 •—«••<•• • ^r^ T ^^l\v CAKE MIX Only SUN VALLEY OLEO Lb. Package FOLGERS COFFEE FRESH GREEN CABBAGE YELLOW RIPE Cantaloupes L 18c FRESH VINE RIPENED TOMATOES Lb. SUNKIST, NICE SIZE LEMONS SPRING IS HERE Shop Our Produce Department and SAVE! 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T-BONE or SIRLOIN BUFFALO FISH LARGE — CUT UP BARRY, ~ROCERY ond MARKE? 111 South Moin We Deliver Phan« 7-4404 ', .- |'J. v ' f ' X .C >.' a ^s.^L» ' HE DAISY HAS BEEN SNEEZING DAY If Chtefc Y*en| Dog's Life Answer to Previous Puzzle ~\ ACROSS 1 Short-legged hunting dog 6 Whirlpools 7 Heavenly body numingaog 8 Palm leaf 7 Scottish sheep 9 Diminutive pf dog Leonard 13 Loosened 10 Extol 11 Passage in the brain 12 Lampreys 19 Short-napped fabric 21 Volcano's mouth 22 Withdraw 14 Ester of oleic acid 15 Lent 16 Masculine appellation 17 Life-saving station (ab.) 18 Anger 20 Doctors (ab.) 21 Originated 25 Accost 28 Backs of net-: 32 King of Nap; (1808-1815) 33 English river 34 Violin maker 35 Lariat 36 Wiser 37 One who , rouses to vigilance 39 Answers 41 Friend (Fr.) 44 Permit 45 Station (ab.) 48 Feminine appellation 51 Labored 54 Talking bird 55 Woolly 56 Weasels 57 Storehouses DOWN 1 English • dog 2 Son of Seth (Bib.) 3 Indonesians of Mindanao 4 To snare 5 Sheltered side N 30 Grafted (her.) 45 Blow with ; 31 Asterisk ., open hand ; 37 Drink made 46 Head (Fr.) ! ~~ ... u . 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ONE UP TH' ALLEY IN RISHt , t CENTEft/ VIC FLINT *® THE PROF fe iy Midieel O'Malley aMd K«Jph Unf, THAT PEPEMP& ON WHO'5 ASK/MS. /S VDUR NAME ANNABeUEf LET'S 5AV rt\lP IT'S A00UT FRIEMP OP A I LEPTyfe LffTB fWENP< I'VE DOJE OP VOURfr" ) THE . _ LEPTV w/vvy I'M SONNA Da COP&7 IVE SOT e-oME TALKATIVE FftEMPS FOR t>VO WteKS WOU.P «rO(J tfOMSl HAVINS A MCB CHATTY LUNCHEON WITH ME? PUNCH LW6* dVAftt' lew. 1«s'br tit* iHnk». *». WASH TUBES By UiH. Turn* ©TEEL CABLES TIGHTEN.. A WOTOfc STOP! s> TOO BV THUMPER! THEN FALTER&. TIME AMP ASWN... WOT LUCK, OLP rr.u.jf*,, CONTACTED A FREIGHTER TWENTY KMOT£ TO TH 1 NOKThi HE-fKPED FOR MEW SJfttMT' THEyxE COIWM-TO LOAOJ] FOR U& .Jt* ROOTS AND HER BUDDIES •».$*?!,J!£M ,\H«V WAS 0V VOO«S 1 BUGS •HERE COMEiT THAT ALLEVi,CAT BUM SVLVESTEB5 T 1 SLEEP ON MV BENCH,' HMMM... NOWTH'CUXXU.) SOMB PLACE ELSe DORSET WET.' *t*r_ $& ki&i, 'i \.' F.sy'fe -» ALLEY OOP CERTAINLY/ WHY ELSE . WOULD I HAVE DEVOTED HONESTLY NOW VDU THINK THIS \F1VE YEARS TO THE / fXT, WDULP YOU THING YOU'RE RXlN 1 STUPY OF THE TO DO WILL REALLY BE A BOON JO MANKIND? APPENPAGE?* '•ysf's TAILENP THE SPINE ^ ^ I JUST THINK HOW MAGNIF)CeNTl,Y 1" WHff A X 1 COULP PI6«.AV MY UTTER-V^X^ RIDICULOUS \CONTEMPr FOR' QUESTION; OF } IGNORANCE .'COMBS 1. £ MAJESTIC L JCt 's POP HELLO, DEAR! HERE I AM! IF MORE FOLKS WERE LIKE US THERE'D BE A LOT LESS TROUBLE IN THE WORLD,' THE STORY OF MAR.THA ,, HOW DID CELESTE \SOT MARTHA WAVKE T 6REEN8ACK? TOTHf A17AI, FIND OUT VOU DIDN'T /TQ WRITE ASIFT J. Of? 9Q»ACK 12 SPACES TO .WRITE THE LYRICS? / CARD FQK HER, ^\TH| SQUWf MARKED SI • HANOWRITINS MATCHff ORISWAL MUSIC. NOW WHAT? i I Si 'rt'l'.M.jrj .

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