Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 21, 1955 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 21, 1955
Page 7
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,F< HOP 6 STAR, MOM, ARKANSAS t h ' 5* lift iragn Togram I «»*i.*^A < J _*h i. -President if 8 foreign aid progr'am ''" > WatetS Jn Congress ^.1*. Bjrfd (D-Va) and [&W ^hemandlhg elim- ji ujrect .economic assist •V, S. Allies,, < .JsL &to trteftdlfc nations be sliced lohs and tntne laftf »»** -trfthtiSlasfti by adttilniStfaUon supporters ed to,, sjpettjtrouble for ,tns hi Eftehrwifir said WbuW-bc ' ! ' 1 - G*6fgc (D-Ga) of tho Cohimit- atdi jjgse '.of the AtfAirl, CJdrtimlttee ihuitti 'to tackle the t<Hat$Iy: 3 "E&ch sfd the 'ofldci House act ite first. s 1 ' proposal tir delay final ion of 'the" ipeasure un- the Senate ftttrf Was supported - Heps. , Law on said hc/thinfcs the Senate "'*. 1 ' he and 1 «,«&vyjrde v gap", be- £is«;>and»Senatc -bills.' an- "'torniYji(itee?|»l6mber, said 4Vfi;>h obligation to consider toure, and- .ive ' should go ^wfth'U, wfttiout waiting for '' r « ' — Mike ,- to his father didn't .cry while waiting the, new Salk anti- his stand- ' 6f LOUI LIV§§f66K ?< ' "' ' . jWere tHe r fubbef J, ttiotors, roil- Sf. LOUIS tfATINAL TOCk- ....{rbfcds, &hdi».Jnqst airlines. Lower YARD, 111. (UP) — Livetock: fa * : |frWM Wafty* 'coppers and the utili- ikogs 10,000; fairly active ; 180 tics - Itas up 25 to 50 lower; 170 ibs down steady to 25 lower; sows 25 lower; bulk of the choice 180-220 Ibs lt.00-17.35; severl hundred POULtRY AND PRODUCE CHICAGO, ' Aprjl 21 I ji — Live ' poultry firm on heris.' about steady head at 17.50; three decks choice on young stock; receipts in coops ones nd twos '1.7.75; '220^240 Ibs 1075-17.25; 240-270 'ibs 16.25-.id.75; 75 (yesterday 366 "coops, 52,965 Ib); f,.b. ''paying rice's 'unchanged; 140-ltO Ib 16.5fM7.00Y' sows 450jheavy hens 23-20;. light hens 16.17; broilers or fryers 31-3; old roosters 12ii2.f>; caponettos 4-45. Butter steady; receipts 1,327,203; : wholesale': buying prices uncharged; 9 score AA 57; 92 A 57; 0 B 64.75;'B9 C :54.25; cars 0 B 55.2S; 89 C 54.7. Eggs steady to ;firm; receipts 20,619; wholesale buying prices unchanged' to '1 'higher; U.S. large whites 70 -per cent' and over A's Ibs down 14.25-14.75; heavier 13.00-13.75; boars 10.00-13.00. Cattle 1,500; calves 500; about a. dozen loads of steers, mostly commercial rind good, and fair ruh heifers-and mixed yearlings; trading active' and fully steady on steers, nd heifers; a few • good to Choice steers 20.50-23.25; commercial nd good steers and heifers 17.00-20.00; cows active • nd firm,' utility and commercial 12.00-15.00; : feW utility 12.50; can- Her and cutter 0.50-12.00; bulls steady; utility and commercial 13.50-16,00; canner and cutter bulls 11.0043.00; vcal'crs and calves steady; some strength showing on commercial -and good; good and choice /velaers 20-25.00; prime 27.00, commercial and god 15.00? 20.00; some utility 8.00-12.001 Sheep 500; opening slow; early sales about steady; few choice and prime, spring iambs'22.50723/50; good and choice 21.50-2.00;. choice and prime clippsd .lambs No! t\y,p and , three pelts, -.ISfOO-lfi.'SOi.';small lot of fall shorn 19,60; s'niaH'-lot go and choice wooled lambs 20.00. Utility and good shorn ; lambs 14.00-17.00; wooled ewe's 6.00-7.50; ihor,n. ewes p.00-6.50. NEW YORK STOCK ,N1SW YORK Wl — The Stock Market made limited headway to day in the erly f lernoon. Prices were aligely mixed, Some gains ran on out to around 5 points, but most changes 'Spanned by 2 points either weye way 38.5; 60;C9.9 per cent A's 37.5; mixed .37.5; mediums 35.5; U.S. stanrirds 35.5; dirties 4.5; checks 34; current receipts 5. Leaders in Major League Baseball By the Associated Prtsi AMERICAN LEAGUE Batting 20 at bats)— KLaline, t)e- troit, .566; Fox, Chicigo, .435: Skowfon, New York, .448; Power 1 , Kansas City ahd White, Bostori, ,429. Runs Batted In — Throheberry; Boston and Kaline, Detroit, 12; White, Boston 11; Rosen, Cleveland, 10. Hits — Kaline, Detroit, 14; Skowron, New York, 13; White, Boston Smith, Cleveland and Power, Kansas City, 12. Home Runs — Throneberry and Lepcio, Boston, Nieman. Chicago, Rosen, Cleveland, Kaline, Detroit and Finigan Kansas City 3; . j Pitching — Sullivan and Nixori. Boston-, Lemon, Cleveland, (3rom- ek, Detroit and Ford, New York, 2-0, 1.000.. WOE IS THEM INDIANAPOLIS, Indi, (UP) '"Miss Lekile Hicks and Mrs. Lbla Pence^were lectured by a judge for speeding in a school zdn'e. '• Both are schoolteachers. '. GRAIN AND PROVISION CHICAGO' tfl — Wheat nd soybean futures were- strong on the" Board of Trde most of the time today and. -other .grins followed along. Wheat, ;ws up 1 more than a cent at times '•• and*: soy bens more than two -cents. , . ;" •'•• There - some • export news, and no .rainfall was; indicated 'for the drier araas of;;, the southwest, which were ;hit .by-.dust storm's yestei'day.' Soybean roc e.i.p t s continued small, hort •''.cbverljig" helped;'- the corn market., , .•'. '. Wht>at, closed : Unchanged',. to ; f 1 fcem'''higher,'"My"- $2.13%-VV,'-'-corn unchanged' -to '' %!•. higher, M,ay $1.45y 8 -l,-»G, oals Vi to . up, May 74'/ 4 -%, rye up . s / 4 .to l ; / 4 , ' May $1.02^4-1.02 and soybens l'/ 2 to 2 higher. May $2.54'/4-!/2. Wheat; None. Corn; No. 2 yellow l,5l%-52; No; 3 1.46-50'/ 2 ; -'No. 4 i.44>/ 2 . Oats: ;.No. .1 white 82; N. 1. ex.tra heavy white 81 '/2 meal: 58.50-5.00. . ' i Brley nominal: malting choice 1.40-57; feed 1.04-18. NEW YORK COTTON •* . NEW YORK Ml - Cotton'<utur<ss were .steady todiy; as.-jb'Uying•;.d.e* veloped in' old' crop rrionths after nearby May had.'dipped"toi.-- thje 33.00 cents', a' p'pund •'.. .level' • off Wednesday. .Spot .hbuse. buting.',^t May 'agairist'-'sales"-of 'old'-c'rop July was fairly, active which .tended to ^uppiort prices. '.'••:•••'•" L'ate : afternoon ;. 'prices ; - • were •.; . to 70 cents a- bale higher/ than the previous Close. May '.3.13, July -42/and''rbctpber'.3.80...• ,: •.•••;••• :\ FOR ATHLETE'S F00T USE A KERATOLYTIC BECAUSE — It SLOUGHS OFF the .tainted »uter skin to expose burled f""B':»2»_'< l U r It on contact. Get;this,STRONG keratolytic fungicide,; T-^L'jt *M drug store. If not plewed [N ONt HOUR, your 40c back. Now at Steels did well, and also ahead Soybean oil- ll'/i-, soybean John S. Gibson Drui C«. Here'slBig News for You... Don't Wait!! db Can Now Own This Beautiful, NEW 1955 n^si**. « •- %^*t H '-t . ..Li -dl' J .n ff f^ ; < -<4 * L»*V>- «*•<"«*«-* *- -.^ t ^ y- [h)>, - V I "."*''fl<" ' y?,v««;,»" f*- > £r'/>' ,V ' ' 919 R $ 2 PER WEEK ,.JSMAIA DOWN PAYMENT refrigerator-will probably make the dawn'payment oh this 'hew 1955' _.' SHEJbyADjpj* regardless of the condition! Come in and tell us what i(eypur old refrigerator is worth, and we will make you an offer, * , .k. ..f t. . ^"W >^ • Full Width Freezer • Frozen-Storage Drawer " Wh«n you ettm* 95 1955 or we will have a gift for you. Cool-Glo" Color Styling • Two Pop-Out Ice Trays • Completely Adaptable. * Interior • Floor Levelers • And many other features that wi 1 1 please any house wife. You'll find many of tin famous SHELVADQR ajiv conveniences . . . incjlud* ing big full-width freezer, anq sgper hqndy door shelves . . . are built Into this fine economy buy. ''&M*> ' ** frj fi^A. v t * PONT WAIT,;, .COM! IN AND SEE U$ TODAY CO f i ' wait a minute out aflotte ift«rfteting list till you compare and DIWKIST FROZEN GOLDEN CUT CORN 10< 10-6«. V •'t: _Thu»Joy, April 21, 1955 Calendar Thursday April 21 Hope 328 order of Eastern Star •jnll meet Thursday April 21, at H»:30 p. m. There will'be an initiation of officers and all memuers nor• ITAI, fiori, SREHGER IHURRYI LAST DAY • Feature Timfts • 2:33 - 4:48 - 6:58 - 9:08 COM! Ill... COME SAVE AT A&»l SALE OM POPULAR PICNIC NEEDS SKOTKINS SKOTKINS DINNER !, NAPKINS..:._ ~.. FAMILY SIZI '' NAPKINS... i. Jm Pkg* 2 ».. 29* PAPER PLATES.»«. -J% 39* HOT DRINK CUPS IDEAL PICHIC SETS PICNIC SUPPLIES xnmufffi Pkg. of 6 ;2-* 15' WAX PAPER 83M SARANWRAP JtRIQUETS SSt : HICKORY CHIPS SOUR PICKLES roo-ff. ,.„.„,.....—••»•»•• 35-ft. Roll 10-lb. Bag »-!_ Bag 0ft MU AMIRICAN ...... . M-o*. 19* 35' 69* S 35« 21* * MARCAL COLORED TEA NAPKINS ^i BONDWARE PLASTIC SPOONS or FORKS .'Hb RAINBO PAPER PLATES PK,. .f» PURITY WHITE PAPER PLATES «£* I Your Choice Pkgs. "Super-RiQht" Quality Meats SMOKED PICNICS 4 to 8 Lb. Average LB. SUPER RIGHT STEW MEAT SUPER RIGHT ROUND STEAK SUPER RIGHT SMOKIES SUPER/RIGHT PORK LINKS ik. 29c Lb 73c 120z.Pkg. 43C . 1 Lb. Ctn.''55C ALLGOOD BRAND SLICED BACON SUPER RIGHT ' '.. •;• SLICED BACQN GAP'N JOHN .. , '-\(':.-•••'.' BREADED SHRIMP : CAP/N JOHN : -i , . ' : ^i..''. •-.-•• ' FRIED FISH STICKS 10Pk ° g2 25^ 33 c Lb 43 c Lb 53c NEW! introducing JOAN TAYLOR and the Blood Stirring TOTEM TOM-TOM Dance Spectacle! • EXTRA • 1. News 'of the Day 2. Color .Cartoon, "Flea Circus" 10 Oz. Pkg. Phone 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P. M, are urged to attend. The Gardenia Garden Club will meet hursday April 21, at 2:30 p. m. in the home of Mrs. Frank Russell on S. Main St., Mrs. Frank Rider will be co-hestess. Mi's. P. H. Webb will have charge of the program All members are urged to attend as the comine hat show will be discussed. with Mrs. Oliver'Adams as co-hostess. . ,.j The Daffodil Garden Club will meet Thursday April 21, at 2 o'clock in the home of Mrs. E. P. Young, Jr., with Mrs. Don Westbrook as co j hostess. Boyle The Azalea Garden Club will meet Thursday April 21, at 2 p. in. in the home of Mrs. Claude Tillery with Mrs. Oliver Adams as co-hostess. * The Az;:lei Garden Club will m-et Thursday April 21, at 2 p. m. in the'homo of Mrs. Claude Tillery Hope Chapter 328 Order of the Eastern Star will meet Thursday night at 7,:30. There will be an Initiation. All officers are urged to attend. The Garland Girl Scout Troop will meet Thursday April 21, at the hut. Judy Gale Robinson will be hostess. * FRI. & SAT. * Big Triple Program! MASTERSON OF KANSAS See How Low A&P's Prices Are On FRESH FRUITS & VEGETABLES! ALSO * "MA KETTLE" NOW HAS A HEW FELIA! V 8 £-45c Lb/ 5c 4 Ears 29C Head 1/C 2 ibs 25c GOLDEN LOAF CAKI STRAWBERRY PIE CAKEDONUTS FLORIDA • ORANGES TEXAS WHITE ONIONS FRESH FLORIDA CORN LARGE LETTUCE YELLOW SQUASH FRESH. CARROTS LARGE -•-...• '••;.' GRAPEFRUIT 4 F OT 29c CALIFORNIA ORANGES ub 15c ANN PAGE GRAPE JAM ANN PAGE GRAPE JELLY Jane Parker Blueberry •-In. 45 Mdrjorie MAIN • Chill WILLS 1 « umilfJI Mrnuani Bclm • PLUS • Chapter 3 of Serial, "THE BLACK ARROW" & "ORPHAN FANNIE"' Color Cartoon Hwy 29 South • Open 6:30 • FINAL NITE • • SHORTS • 1. Hal Kemp Musical 2. Cartoon, "That's My Pup" FRI. & SAT. A Good Double Feature! ALSO Johnny Weissmuller "TARZAN ESCAPES" • PLUS « . CHAPTER 5 OF SERIAL, "ADVENTURES OF CAPTAIN KIDD" & Herman & Katnip Cartoon * Free Kiddyland * • SLIDS • SWINGS • SEE-SAW • AEROPLANE RIDE MONKEY VILLAGE Friday April 29 The Friday Music Club will meet Friday April 29, at 7:30 p. m. in the home of Mrs. B. C. Hyatt. Saturday April 23 The Melody Maids will meet Saturday morning at 10 o'clock in 'the home of Sue Cook. Sunday April 24 The Friday Music Club will present Miss Helen Lyons and Miss Virginia Owens of Ouachita College Faculty in a violin and piano Recital, Sunday April 24, in the Junior High Auditorium at 3 o'clock. There will be a silver offering at the door and the public is cordially invited. Mrs. P. C. Stephens Of Blevins Hostess To Lilac Garden Club The Lilac Garden Club met Wednesday April 20, at 3 p. m. in the, home of Mrs. P. C. Stephens of "Blevins with Mrs. Herbert M. Stephens as co-hostess. The Stephens home was lovely with spring flowers throughout, and in the dining room was an ir- tistic arrangetment of varigated iris. The meeting was opened by the president, Mrs. B. L. Rcttig, and the minutes and treasurer report given. During the business session the coming hat show to be in May was discussed and plans made. The roll call was answered with each member giving the name, of their favorite bird. Mrs. Rettig showed three colored slides on birds, their habitat and environment. '• . The hostess served" delicious home made ice cream with angel food cake to 15 members and one "guest, Mrs. Harry Whitworth. ; Continued from Page One old school. A $500,000 journalism building has been named in his honor. A plaque commemortihg his; achievements has been set up by Sigma Delta Chi, national professional journalistic fraternity. In the lounge of Ernie Pyle Hall are collected a number of mementoes of the correspondent. They Include the entrenching tool he used to dig his own foxholes, a beat-up dress cap he wore in London, his battered portable typewriter, his medals, and one of the last columns he wrote before his death. "The students are quite proud of the Pyle tradition," said John E. Stempel, chairman of the journalism department, who himself was a friend and classmate of Ernie's. "They asked that the building -be named after him. "We still have the desk Ernie used when he was editor of the paper. It is being reglued right now, so it will last for another 30 or 50 years." A memorial fund of more than $50,000 raised by newspaper admirers has provided some 60 Ernie Pyle journalism scholarships during the postwar years. Many of then,i v/ent to war veterans, and Stempel said most of the winners have gone on and done well in newspaper work. "Ernie himself had a good academic record while he was in school," he remarked. Standing before the glass case that holds his typewriter, the same typewriter I hda so often seen Ernie beat out his copy on during the war years, I had a haunted feeling, as if the man himself were invisibly present. Certainly if he could know what has been done here in his' name, I'm sure Ernie Pyle couldn't ask^ for a happier memorial. He was a man of unceasing small kindnesses an his lifetime. Now a decade aft-, er his death he remains an inspiration and a concrete help to struggling youngsters learning the writing craft he himself ennobled. MADE MISTAKE AMAEILLO, Texas (UP)—KGNC TV officials expected to hear from Frank Heath today. The station held an auction to raise money for a cancer crusade last night and the television camera focused on a 10-foot freezer, a television set and an air conditioner, all part of an advertising display. The items were all auctioned off by mistake. Heath's Furniture Company owns the appliances. 494 § - i...:..;...„.:•;.'. •,•'•' JAKI PARKOt . PUMN, MIOAR Ol CINNAMON... Dpz. 2 1 Lb. Bags . W: ..,^2i 104 BEANS with jl»ORK SALAD MUSTARD :«. «« : COOKBOOKS ^254 .,;.„..„,:..„.,.. •...,.^....-T 9 ^^ 194 BINDERS.^ 4 ..694 Your Chok«! ANN PAGE PLUM PRESERVES 2-fc. Jor 39* DETERGENT VEL Otant Slra.. 69* DETERGENT FAB CLEAN5IR AJAX 12* Sntwdrifl '<- SPARKli —« FLAVOHS GELATIN „«„«> HONEY GRAHAMS FANCY CRESTS STAR-KIST TUNA iARBECUE SAUCE HOT DOC RELISH STEAK SAUCE *•««.,. WORCESTERSHIRE FRUIT PIES EVAPORATED MILK ;^ 314 J*» ..... r 2t 294 „-!!» 134 794 » 154 I5S36 254 3 & 354 TOILET SOAP PALMOLIVE 23< TOItiT SOAP PALMOLIVE 34* twin low CASHMERf BOUQUET 23* KNUT MAT CASHMERE MINUET 34* ^^^^ %1 ' , f'^'WW'^'W^ iw3ML ^^v^gaLL^ SPECIALS Friday and Saturday — April 22 & 23rd I MILK Large Can WILSON'S LARD HILLCREST HEAVY SYRUP SWEET POTATOES 2 No. 2J Cans PURE SORGHUM HOME MADE Gallon D&W PRIDE . ',.. WIENERS IN OUR MARKET • 3 Lb 87c D&W PRIDE , BOLOGNA Chunks 25c SUGAR CURED BACON SQUARES Lb. 27c SWIFT'S TRAY PACK SLICED BACON Lb. 36c SWIFT'S OXFORD DRY SALT MEAT Lb. 25c FRESH FROZEN, DRESSED BUFFALO FISH Lb. 25c WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO LIMIT QUANTITIES ^WILLIAMS I Y FLOUR & FEED « Wtfifiiyif Phone MI71 Miss Wilma Coleman Honored With Miscellaneous Shower Mrs. Zona Green honcred Miss Wilma Coleman bride-elect of O. T. Cranford with a miscellaneous shower at her home Tuesday evening. Mrs. Grady Harriston and Mis Wade Warren served as co- hostesses. The Green home was decorated thruughouut with lovely spring flo- were at points of vantage. Miss Green wore a fro*k of navy cotton with a' corsage of miniature kitchen utensils. Several games were played with prizes going to the honoree. , The pink and white color scheme was carried 'lout in the refreshments with individual white cup cakes, with Wilma and O. T. inscribed in pink on top. Ice cream and punch was served to 33 guests present. , Embarrassed Sponsors Eat Their Pride By WAYNE OLIVER NEW YORK (/P) — Sometimes a TV Program can be embarrassing to the sponsor. Such is the case with Beat the Click seen Saturday evenings on CBS-TV. The sponsor is Sylvania Electric Products Inc. which also makes the annual Sylvania awards to programs which have contributed to the cultural advancement of television. TV critics have ribbed Sylvania for the inconsistency of its lofty aims, expressed at the time of the annual awards, and its own sponsorship of the slaptick Beat the Clock. It is a cinch the show wouldn't stand a chance of winning a Sylvania award. Company officials have suffered the barbs in silent embarrassment with no comeback. The reason is, Beat the Clock is one of the best sponsorship buys in TV. Despite adverse criticism the tunt program achieves high ratings at modest cost. It current Nielsen rating is around 3 per cent of sets tuned in — and a production cost probably only half 'that of most shosvs in similar popularity brackets. So the sponors have swallowed their embarrassment and renewed Beat the Clock for the sixth consecutive year—while planning the fifth annual awards late this, year for cultural contributions to TV. The jet stream is a current of air moving from 100 to 500 miles per hour about ighlt milesabov e the earth. Personal Mention Mrs. Dale Hunt is at home after having been a patient in the St. ! Michael Hospital in Texarkana. Coming and Going Mrs. Nellie Phillips will leave Thursday for Houston, Texas where she will visit her son, Taylor, and family for several' weeks. Mrs. Franklin Horton and Mrs, Jim McKenzie lefit today for Conw-iy to attend the State PEO Convention from Thursday through Saturday. Mrs. Martin Green and daughter, Mollie Ann are here from Dallas visiting in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Y. C. Coleman. They will attend the wedding of Wilma Coleman and O. T. Cranford. Hospital Notes Julia Chester Admitted: Ernest Rogers, -Stamps, Charlie Jackson, Rt. 3, Hope, Mrs. Russell Carver, Hope, Mrs. , A. O. Bright, Fulton, Johnnie Faye Curtis, Rt. 1, Hope, Carolyn Sue Hamm, Hope, Margie Ree Pickens, Hope. Discharged: J. D. Smith; Rt. 1, •Hope. Branch . Admitted: Mrs. Ruby Thornton, Hope, Arkansas, Mrs. Robert Ellis, El Dorado, Ark., Ronald Law- .son. Discharged: Robert Rogers, Patmos, Susan Rogers, Hope. SPECIAL Children's Plays INTRODUCTORY OFFER for a limited time $1 for one month of lessons KATHRYN WINDSOR'S TAP AND ACROBATIC SCHOOL 104 E. 14th Phone 7-3327 IT'S HEAVENLY A new permanent by Helen Curtis Call for an appointment HAZEL'S BEAUTY SHOP Phone 7-2878 Hazel Virginia Auline NOTICE RURAL CHURCHES CHURCH PEWS FOR SALE From the Old Auditorium of the First Baptist Church, Hope, Ark. For information see or call PERRY MOSES At , , , YORK FURNITURE CO* Phone 7*6621 The repeats of the Disneyland films on ABC-TV are doing better the .second time around than the first. ' :'Remember Andy Griffith's hilarious performance as the Georgi Mountain Boy in No Time for Sergeants on ABC-TV? He has been chosen for the same role in Maurice Evans* stage production of the same play due to open on Broadway Oct. 20. Gas Rates Up, Now It's More For Current By LEON HATCH LITTLE; ROCK wi — Arkansas Power and Light Co. declared today that an increase In the rate it pays for naturl gas necessarily I would be followed by an increase 'in electric rates. AP&L uses a large amount of natural gas to generate electric power. The company made the stte- ment in an intervention .filed with the Arkansas Public Service Commission in Arkansas Louisina Gas Co.'s pending applicatio fr four million-dollar a year boost In rates to large industrial consumers. Arkansas Power and Light, which has ppealed the PSC's rejection of its own rate increase pplication, said it did not oppose an increase to Arkansas Louisiana if one should be found justified. The power company said however, that an increase in its gas fates "will cause n increase in electric billing to all of its customers using more than 225 kilowatt hours per month." A member of the PSC technical staff said that a large dwelling with an air conditioning system might use 225 kilowatt hours a month in hot weather. The monthly average for urban residences last year was. 165 kilowatt hours. AP&L also said it believed that any increase to Arkansas Louisiana should not be confirmed to large industrial consumers but should be spread to 11 types of users. The intervention declared that to increase rtes to industrial users only "would place the state of Ar- kanss on a non-competitive basis in its efforts to get new industries and would further hamper th expansion of present industry within our state." Arkansas Louisiana's rate increase application is set for hearing before the PSC on May 23'. SW Phone Co. Wants to Issue Bonds ' '* LITTLE ROCK Iff) — Southwestern States Telephone Co. .today asked the JE'ublic Service Commission to authorize it to obtain some three million dollars in "new mon ey." . ; The company would issue two million dollars worth of firth mortgage bonds and would sell preferred stock- 'Of a. par value to get another million dollrs. . The proceeds would be used to pay back the company treasury for imprpvtfijments already made and' to.'-pEfiy"';.finance future con- The expectation of life for white females in the United States exceeds that of males by about six years at bir.th. struction. Southwestern States opertes from 26 Arkansas cities .and towns, tas. The 'application said that the Arkansas construction budget fr 1955 exceeds $880,000, and that for the company as.a whole the totals' is mbre i than 5 ] /2 million.. Southwestern States also operates in 1 .Texas, Oklahoma ^and Louisiana, "" LOVf BIDDER LITTLE ROCK (trt>) — W. A. Gray Construction Company o! Shreveport was apparent low ol two bidders for the construction of a dental clinic at Blytheville Air Force base. The Gray bid was $103,546, about 2,000 lower than the bid submitted by the L. and M. Construction Co. of Memphis. Government estimate on the job was $95,043. Bids were opened yesterday by the Little Rock district engineers /otf There are ties that -depYr/5'.Miref ways for transpoHatietbW'l THE BEAUTYH Open 6 Doyi a Wi Appelniminti «H«f l! w«rt Ml for Phone ?-Sd5d » ff v * ' nf] keeping company ,-*^1 £ side by side ...,- „ : .,^ v " > ,,, two beloved colognes -.*' w "' "* , in a gold-and-white gift box" designed to thrill Duette by Faberge 2,50 the set JOHN P. COX DRUG CO •V> Wallgrcen Agency Phone 7-4616 or *'•> > .', ORLIS ANTISEPTIC MOUTH WA^H SOOTHING ~ RIFRISHING (^^ 16 01. B OIT t[ JOHN P. (OX DRUG (0. DIAL 7-4616 or 7-4617 s We Give Eagle Stamps Your Extra Savings '' ON SALE THURSDAY, FRIDAY & SATURDAY fluency DRUG STORE «u"irSi r ?*&$ JUST RECEIVED!' Fiesh ihlpmenUjV of both * WHITMAN' CANDIES ittJM>me;Vl»oxj , ,ol, on*, of the»t ;•.; *«*yorl*> famous ''; "cahtfle* tonlghtr'; '"A woman *nev«ri forgets the tmanL who remembers,^ HAZEL 'WOiTHMOlE FILL PINT (Limit 1) CAMAY SOAP RESNLAR SIZE CAKE (limit 3) SOCIETY TISSUES SCHICK INJECTOR RAZOR BLADES Dr. West TOOTH BRUSHES Triplt-TtittJ "Chronmitttr" Real '2.75 VALUE ALARM Ivory mc(«f cast it The shut-off knob glows in the dark! «0irk Eyes' Alarm Clock «49 . .V Glows-in-dark POCKET WATCH fl.it 079 . . <t Top quality! , 65C Size T PHILLIPS lAlkq-Seltzerl Milk of Tablets I MAGNf $i| Thuiiib Tacks f| 4 f I '" i 1 3 &. i *j SHOE LACES PAPER NAPKINS HOUSECLEANING | Johnson Nile live liquid FREEZONE for CORNS jCQ _ oyc CLOROX 24 Ox, 23C WINDEX 20 0«. 42C 29c Norton BOOK Valtx BABY PANTS J?g?Jf f* ' it-o

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