Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 20, 1955 · Page 12
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 12

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 20, 1955
Page 12
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MOM ItAl, HOP!, AiKANIAI Wednesday, April 20, 195$ * $25,000 MEN WANTED! ttfst Pyfdmid Life Insurance Company is 1 - rapidly expending. Our m«n are corning the *< 'iililujj. ••Iiitr.ikk' x *L.a... .i.ii. xj._tij«.i»... t^.7...M.^ filurtis: 'They were formerly lawyers, rtts, ebdches and salesmen. We trfcicj, TfnffKedndiufrerviseyou. Call or write Herbert "?L>. <Thdfftds, Jr., Little Rock, FRonklin 2-5259, Pyramid Life Building, Little Rock, Arkansas. Thursday Only PLATE SPECIAL- ' > AM Blue Shoes Reduced SIZES" 3A 2A A B L U I I'll "i rif "13 I 3 12 7 P/2J 8 ~~i2'nr 3 | 2 j 3 | 1 T[T]I]' 2141415 $10.95 AIR STEP.. .for $7.77 $8.95 LIFE STRIDE for $6.66 STORE HOPE 'SeeltNow' Sometimes Goes on Nerve By WAUL PETT (for Wayne Oliver) NEW YOnK UR — Ed Murrow's "See It Now' program evolves in a variety of ways, by plan, , by accident, and sometimes, by sheer nerve. As of this morning,.for example, j Murrow and his co-producer, Fred Divers Recover Body of Womart MOUNTAIN HOME, <t)P) «* Navy divers from Pensacola, Fla, today recovered the body of Mrs. Frances Stavinoha, .33, of Li- Grange, Tex., in about 65 feet of water at Lake Norfork, 12 miles northeast of here. = _ The body was found within 50 or'enlists today mourned the passing dered a "full development 75 feet of where the body of hef of celebVutcd physicist Albert Kin- stepfather, William Smith, 44, was'Steln as one i,f history's fireal recovered yesterday. .. * The two drowned lasl Thursday. World Mourns Loss of Great Scientist JRRINC^TON. N. J. L11 — Leaders' of na•.:>!'<!. diplomats and sci- Full Foots in Westmoreland Cose Ordered LITTLE .ROCK Fetioral rhen. From f.ll walk? of life poured __, _. . - *. + ism 1.1* » 11 j>* ; \JL in i; pwui t;: i The Texas woman and her moth- messages of tribute for the 78- fell into the water from, i year-old gen.* who died ye=ter speedboat The older woman wa«, day of a u ^.,, r ., d aorta . ind ha ,. d . : Friendly, have three shows "in the pulled back into the boat by a ening of the arteries 'bank," all filmed and ready to go. — "-'"- J J ! ~ - ' They concern- book-burning, clga- rets and cancer, and the, story of a U.S. atomic bomb'ing unit in Europe. These represent the planning phase, the shows which nave been in the making weeks. Murrow s memorable interview With Dr. Robert Oppcnheimcr, came about this way. Friendly and his wife happened to .be driving near Princeton, N. J. and dropped in for a look at the Institute for Advance Study. That suggested a program on the Institute, and arrangements Were made. Several weeks later. Murrow came back with n cam era crew. He began'by interviewing Niels Bohr, the physicist. Then Murrow began talking to Oppon- heimcr, thinking they would get a five-minute segment for the snow. Murrow got so interested he and Oppenheimer talked lor almost ,four hours. On another occasion', ' Murrow and Friendly were warned that they probably wouldn't get a picture if thcy.attempted a "live"'interview wiwi the captain of submarine submerged off Long land. Ten .minutes before IS- aii- time, they had a picture. But during ' the show, the sea became rough, the picture was lost and 'Murrow: had to rely only on the captain's voice. Once, during the presidential campaign, the program was running excerpts of speeches by Eisenhower and Adlai Stevenson. Everything .went fine until the picture showed Stevenson speaking and tho sound carried Eisenhower's voice. : • Murrow stopped the film and son, Smilh drowned in a futile, attempt to rescue Mrs. Stavinoha. Baxter County Sheriff J. D. King said the second body was recovered about 8:30 a.m., by the Navy divers in their final atlempl. He quoled them as saying they were returning to Pensacola after one it 1-<- i • * , tI " l!r , 1 ^, I P» ein j, dc . at h. his was Cr5matc:1 without fu.'itr- •**"« ^ fu: ' ther .nnco even in death, he and other j v.rch. Judge Harry J. L'jmley has or- ot facts" in tie government i- th>-ee- million dollar forecl jsure suit against Westmoreland Manganese Corp. The trial resumed yesterday after a three-Week recess. The gofernmnt is seeking to recover $2,801.000 it advanced to Westmoret »n1 under a defense co- tract. Also, the government is asking for inlo.-cst from Jan. H, 1954. WORKER KILLED LITTLE ROCK W) — A 45-year old Negro worker was killed yesterday at the Little rtock Air Force Base. Witnesses said. Andrew Johnson was buried up to the waist when a shale ditch he was digging caved in on him. Doctors said he died of shock due to loss of blood. For Children's Upset Stomach Get Mild, Good-lasting Relief With PERCY MEDICINE Westmoreland was formed body Chushman, Ark. (3 produce Man ganese, b'lt the government closed _ «..^. „..„ -If- was thr.ni.jh his theory of .vel-!^ ne Project before any of the more try because""the" wJTtcr was a } ivity ani nis work in nuclear mineral was delivered. The govern- rough and undercurrents heavy, .f'ssion and electronics that the mcr| t charges mismanagement in 'Smith '"opeTa'ted'TTishinloe 10 ™ bomi) was made pssibie. near Henderson. Spotlight Spends Time onFayWray By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD UP) — Many n;iln;r:ul and international leaders have been invited to a public mcmo!-,al tribute; In Kin- stcin, set for Sunday night at New York's CariTjie Hall. ' And a m.'mori.'il ;r-.vico. sponsored by the llillcl Foundr.tio.i at Princeton UnivT.'sity, will be held Friday ni^hl at the Whig Hall. University s The small, bushyhaired Einstein left his brain -o Dr. Harry /iim- me'rmsn, oivCL'lor of laboratoi ics It's time forj.at Monto;i),-2 Hospital dnd a pro- a visit with Fay.Wray, the actress, fessor of pathology at Columbia with the wonderfully. rhyming name. For the benefit of those w! ho .University. . Zimme.-mEin said he doesn't expect to ''/ind the cells Hint made feared for Miss Wray in the .him a gonh-s when he stalls ex- clutches of King Kong and other; amining GU.istcirrs brain within the monsters • of another .film era : ft .next few dys. can be reported that she cams'. Although Einstein's lite centercu through those experiences ' un- around ici-.nc.;, • lie was vitally scatched. In fact, she is more aware of w n-.U conditions. In fact, beautiful than ever now in her Prime Minis,!.;r Nehru of Inui,:- 40s. She can hold her own with, the more recent glamor girls and ~ ' probably outscrcam them all. •• J bla Studious was seeking a shriek Although she has'had a varied to use in new picture. movie career, she is perhaps best noted for her, screams. Only the other day a sound man at Colum- then ad-libbed the next 10 minutes, of the show, taking the home audience on tour of his control room. FREE! FREE! $130 .OO ON LUCKY NUMBER DAY THURSDAY APRIL 21ST REGISTER On April 21st you ore urged to register in each of the stores listed in this advertisement until 4:30 in the afternoon. The lines on the register will be numbered consecutively. A number known only to the Chamber 6f Commerce Manager has been assigned to each firm. After 4:30 these Lucky Numbers will be made known. Those who have registered on the lines numbered with the Lucky Number will be given $5.00 in Merchandise by each firm where the numbers correspond. Its possible for one person to win in more than one firm so be sure to register in each of the following stores: Morgan & Lindsey ^ Rephan's Collier Tire & Battery York Furniture Co. J. C. Atchley & Co. Moore Bros*. Scott Stores Owen's Ladies Specialty Shop Gunter Lumber Co. L, B, Delaney Hope Builders f ypply , Crescent Drug */ Hall-McNeil! West Bros. Lewis - McLarty B&B Barry's Haynes Bros, Burke's Shoe Store Herbert Burns Hope Furniture Co. Foster's Penney's Fashion Shoppe «Feeders Supply "I've got a Fay Wray scream, stored away," said a co-worker. "It's still the best.' Fay became so noted because 'she starred in the original "King Kong. Audiences were chilled by the way she recoiled in terror when grasped by the king-size ape. When Kong held her in his palm atop the Empire State Building, •she let loose -a'scream that could i been heard on Staten Island. After that, she became the sweetheart of the monsters. She (Shrieked her way through films •with vampires, waxen mummies, etc: She did many other kinds of roles, too. After • a 1-ycar-old absence from the. screen, Miss .Wray reactivated her career tw,o years ago and has been doing very well. She performed a few film roles, then spent .almost a year as Paul Hartman's wife in the TV series, "Pride of the Family." Miss Wray's film career goes back to the '20s. A native of Alberta,- Canada, she went to school in' Los Angeles and met a .lot of movie people. She got the old line: 1'If you ever want to do something in pictures, look me up." •She accepted one of the invitations and landed a contract with Hf»l Roach, where she got her itfaining in comedies. She went from there to Universal and then ojid an Erich Von Stroheim epic, r"The Wedding March." It estab- jljijhcd her as a star. She is rr.ar- jtcd' to.' Robert Riskin, a film j-jl/riter. its broach of contract suit. The company contend that the government broke the contract! when it closed the plant without formal notice. Lcmley's order for a "full development" of the facts came after U.S. Dist. Atty. Thomas Eisele said the government admitted that; "if it is not entitled-to a decree of foreclosure under Amendment' one, the case should be dismissed witnout prejudice ns having been prematurely brought." On this assumption, Eisele said he planned to limit cross-cxmina tion. of Westmoreland officials to that phase of the case. Amendment No. 1 stated t.hct the government could terminate the contract without notice. The government executed tho amendment April 2, 1953, closing the plant only five days before the first Shipments of manganese were scheduled for delivery to the government. Lemley said the amendment is the "crux" of the suit, but that "government investigators may want to review this entire matter," and that he wants all the facts on record. Although they have not said why, Westmoreland officials ar gue that tho amendment is invalid. Testimony has not revealed why the company signed the amendment. Woman Slips Car Out trouble Hits OKLAHOMA CITY l/f) — A 33-ycar ; r/ki housewife slipped the family automobile out of the gai-3..ji2 yesterday while hor husband was working and went for a .spin. She w^s jailed ; for reckless di'iv.3 after the car went out of control, srnnih- ed up a five room house and narrowly missed hitting a woman taking an afternonn nap. Toe vehicle was demol- • ished. The w » m a n also wcs charged with failure to have a state driver's license. Her husband saio he didn't know his wifa could drive. Air densities at 79,000 feet arc only 4 per cent of those found at sea level. LUCKY NUMBER DAY No. 401 Screen Door Screen Door Set Yale Screen Door Closer Value $9.00 Lucky Number Day Price 1 No. 404 Screen Door 1 Screen Door Set 1 Yale Screen Door Closer Value $10.60 Lucky Number Day Price Gunter Retail Lumber Co. received n letter only recently from Eins'.D'n in which the killer offered proposals for a five-year truce in tiu coi'l war. The letter \yas disclosed bj a member of the Indian delegation to the Asian-Africa 1 ! 'conference at Bandung, Indonesia. 1 i f VE Em W K Come see us in our NEW LOCATION 115 South Elm Another nationally advertised line of dresses has been added to our fine selection of smart styles CHARELLA Sizes 8-16 including tall sizes. to the Lucky Number Winner HALl-McNEILL Most beautiful performers of them all-new Hudson Hornet Custom Sedan available with the new V'Q engine, or famed Championship engine. New Hudson Hornets/Wasps. Ramblers do more for you... ... have bodies twice as strong, springs three times softer, seats that let you recline or sleep ... keep you cool in summer Hudson is years ahead with Double Strength Single Unit car construction that's twice as strong; makes Hudson a great trade-in value. There's new Deep Coil Ride, featuring springs with three times usual cushioning power. You lounge in Airliner Reclining Seats that also make Twin Travel Beds. There's All-Season Air Con- . ditioning — costs far less than other systems — both cools. in summer, heats in winter. /"""" See "Disneyland," great new all-family show, ABC-TV network. Check TV listings for time and station. : Hudson Hornet • Wasp * Rambler • Metropolitan Products of American Motors TOL E TEX COMPANY ,, n 4»i i ; •.»» o»» -fc,..t r <i r ^ ^- Wedne*iloy, April 20, If SS MOM ft AH AttANSAf Cornerstone Continued from Page One on, Mrs. Orrie Reed, Mr. V. A, 'ate, Dr. W. R. Anderson and Mrs. Arch Moore, Syd McMath and L. Carter Johnson were charter members of this board and have served through the years. The Hospital was incorporated in 1928. The property on South Main street between 10th and llth was purchased in 1929. The first construction was completed in 1932 and with seven rooms 'being' furnished by individuals, churches and .Business organizations, and nur- "ury furnishings by Dr. and Mrs. W. R. Anderson, The Julia Chester Hospital was rapidly taking shape as a leader in its field in this section of the state. Expansion in 1940 consisting of two wings and a modern and thoroughly equipped kitchen was added making a thirty 'bed hospital that could he expanded to forty bed capacity in times of need. As the years passed the most modern §\nd efficient hospital equipment bord! was purchased and certain valuable and much needed items such as a portable X-Ray machine, Oxygen lent, a recusitator were donated by Dr. L. M. Lile and Dr. tore'sts"and' Jim Martindale, Mr. and Mrs. Er- land a nest O'Neal and Mr. 'and Mrs. Tarn scenes. McLarty and Others. , . . The Hospital personnel originally consisted of four nurses and - a a Neil bouglas An armchair visit to the charming-countries along the Baltic is in store for members of the Explorers Club attending Neil Douglas' color film story on Holland- Denmark-Finland Thursday night, April 21. Dinner will be smorgasbord. • Viewers will see tiny canals of Holland, wooden shoes, arched bridges, sailboats and farm life of Holland, fabulous Trivoli Park in Denmark, and the "green gold" • akes of Fin- Br. J. H. Weaver, four times; F. N. Porter, twice; O. ..A. Sullivan, three times; and E. N. Bacon, once, and he is the present master. All of those who are nSmed above filled either the Junior or Senior Warden's office, or both bt-forebe- ing elected Master.' F. T. Wright has served fourteen years as Treasurer, and B. P. Haynes as Secretary of the Lodge for twenty-three years, have a record not often surpassed. As the recent session of the Grand Lodge of Masons, held in Little Rock, (Nov. 21 and 22, 1916, during the election of officers, when it came to the election of Grand Secretary Fay Hempstead being the only candidate, Brother B. P. Haynes was called upon to cast the entire vote of the Grand Lodge for Fay Hempstead for Grand Secretary for his thirty- sixth year in office. This honor was shown Bro. Haynes, as he held the record in the subordinate lodges in number of years as Secretary. During the existence of this .. -edge, the Grand Lodge has honor- tloned Carol Grlffee . A 17-year-old Fort Smith senior _.'-Vl high school student, Carol Griffee, who believes that being a good citizen involves a deed sense of re• caring strongly jf our state and lation was presented a $1,000 col- iponsibility — of ci ibout the welfare of .lation was presenter a *>,»»» >.,..le^e scholarship today in the third Lion Oil Scholarship Fund essay contest this year. German Beaut Has 2nd Fling •at Hollywod By BOB THOMAS rolier coasters Is questioned. ' "If you just fit down In the teat and stay there," h* ««M, "you'r« tar Safer than tt you Were in ah automotive, You can't get off the track, and you can't get hit from behind by. another driver. There are two roller coasters at the park McKee supervises— one regular size, the other a smaller one for kiddies. To Joe's great , HOLLYWOOD (Cornell Borch sorrow more and more teen-age ers, a statuesque beauty from Ger- boys and their girl friends — are many;, is having her second fling shotting a preference for riding on at .Hollywood This time it appears the kiddle coaster, that .she_ will make the grade. "i can't understand why this younger generation growing up now, 1 sighed Joe. "Why In my day no young fellow would think of taking his best girl on a kiddle Miss Borchers is the third Ger•the war. Previous entries were Hildegarde Neff, who is starring- on Broadway in "Silk Stock- ngs,' ,and Ursula Theiss, now Jjfrs,-, Robert Taylor. .The >new import is tall, flaxen- iaired and shapely and often has been compared to Ingrid Bergman. !she did resemble Bergman when she • first came to Hollywood — the history until 1916 wholesome, Intelligent and full of ride. He'd be looking for more thrills. I guess after 50 years in tnU business 1 still ,Mfc*'t learfied what people want. The old tunnel of love boat trips have died out in most amusement parks and been replaced by last** rides geared to the tempo of an age that dreams of rocket and space Lravel. But McKee sees no immediate demise for the roller coaster, al* though fewer arc how being built each decade. "As long as there arc amusement parks,' he'said'stbutl|% ""Ih* roller coaster will last. You'ca'h'l have a park without, a merry-go round and a roller coaster^', SOUtH HOUSTON^ f «*,. llflrl comebalk" iA Houston, how cclebfaUfig nual fiesta *— a memoration. of~lh<S Only eeptea t the • erriment-backeU foldiftg* g«t it, . .J A- w .« NO CANOIBATC lage of 459 'per scheduled election ,-iJK cd several of its members. For ma- have been as foil °ws: E. N. Bac-i<! healthy kind of sex appeal. She ny years Arthur A. Gibson was a on>1 three times ' °- A - Llnaker,-has • been signed for a picture a member of the Finance Commit- twice; John P> Cox - twice; Lee ' yc ^ r1Lat Universal . International ee, being a member of said com- Purduc : ?*»*• Kaiser; Syd McMa- a"d the bosses have big plans for nittce at the time of his death P , th : Frank Hicks; Ira Halliburton, h °r- She's now co-starring with ""ice ai tne time 01 nis aeatn. a. i. , „ ' • r, nt , v w ,....- n ,„ „» ™, mn „ mittce ?. Haynes for several years has )een on, the committee on Secre- twice, Harry W. Shiver; A. J. Rock Neighbors, twice; Ernest Shiver; -bored. C. O. Friebold; Robert Morris;) in "A Time Remcm- maid. One of the nurses was the superintendent and served also as tne anaesthetist. Thirty three are now employed, Miss Sadie May 'as surgical nurse and Mattie Sanders. as maid being two of the first employees. . The Julia Chester Hospital has operated as a non-profit instutition 2 in block 36 and of this District, as Junior and Sen- frame store building iqr Grand Warden, as Deputy running from, the McRae Hardware Grand Master, as Grand Master Co., to /.the. 'all 0 ?'next to the Post and as Grand Orator; F. N. Por- p'ffice'-,^Building, used for a store ter has served one term as District vi'ith-dwelling in ' the east end. I Deputy Grand Master and-was re- TheSe-"lots.;,were;sold by him and appointed for the coming year. •ary and Trasurer's Books; C A *" *"*' rrleDOja ; wopen iworris; i This is not the first time she Bridewell served on the committee J? arl o>/Neal ; A ' A - AlbriUon, and " ats bcen here on Annpnii: nnrf rfripvannno =icn * ne present Worshipful Mastjr; I - 1 came to .Hollywood a- few as District Deputy Grand Master P ' A ' Dulin - Jr.; W. W. Complon'?."" •*«>.• she related. "Twcn : .. . _.". -uepuiy wana Master ,, netn11 _. ,„„„. 10 , n . - . ' tieth Centurv Fnv hrmtcrht ™ n h**. his Wife, 'Lena, to .W. Y. Foster. ' The Lodge is in good condition (installed June, 1939). History of Whltfleld Lodge No. 239, F. 4. A. M. 1939-1955, By Harry W, Shiver, Past Master The past-.'hlstory of- the Lodge relates a number 'of efforts to have . ji.' ti< a hom *«»* ended lrt Allures'. The with all money left expenses going for after actual newer equipment and expansion. The present Julia Chester Board is composed of Mrs. Arch Moore, Mrs. E. O. ^Xingfield, Mrs. Roy Anderson, Mrs. Mary Foster, Mrs Ernest O'Neal, Mrs. Kelly Bryant and Mrs. Leo Robins. The Hope and Hempstead County Hospital Board is composed of only members now, Syd McMath and L. Carter Johnson, Albert Graves and Kenneth. Hamilton. History of Masonic Lodge 1870 . 1916 By C. A. Bridewell, Q Past Grand Maste- Chapter Seventeen • History of Hope WhiLficld Lodge No. 239, Free and Accepted Masons wai named in honor of Past Grand Master E. M. Whiifield, whose home was , in Camden, Arkansas. He was. a very distinguished man and Mason and beloved throughout the; state. He had a son named fo:- his'father,' E. B. Whittield. who moved to iope and became a member of' is Lodge. The charter was granted by the Grand Lodge of Arkansas. Colonel Sam W. Williams, a noted lawyer of Little Rock was the Grand Mas- The -deed.of--gift.to the east ends and continues to confer the degrees " eeQ ** a *l om ? . was constantly be- 1 , around df'ldts 1 and 2 was made on tha'upon good material. It is an in- r 5 .V s ? nd With .growth m mem-, 29th d : ay of .October. 1890. to C. A. structive lesson to read the n™. &ership from -around one hundred tieth Century Fox brought me hero to appear in a picture called "Mabel and Me* with Dan Dailey. Mabel was a goat, and the story told how it was used for an escape from behind the Iron Curtain. • '.'It was rather a fantastic story, and it was never made. I waited ^"ths, doing noth „,„„ was Bridewell. 'Tl-ustee for the Masons, ceeding covering two meetings" in 1939 to Knights .of Phythias and Odd Fel- each month, telling; of the things approximately' three , and fifty members at pro- *X-lJ.lgllbO . WJ. . *. 1*J LJlitiO IA1AU Wtu *- ^.A —«*..* *1IW**V11) bV-A-**l>{3 \J± »*»^ blJIilga ,. .» • y. _ lows.'As the Lodge did not have done, recording the' death of its i »'."V: Lod ee prospered enough money to build the Lodge | members, sending some of theml of p nbvw ^f^°J^ lttee « on J,P° sed Hall, C. A. Bridewell, Trustee for to the corners of the earth, aiding pie Lodges hamed above, borrow-'" J - - — --••—•"--- -- <• -• ed the sum of $1,800.00 from James i .' ^ I And she did. But her return to Hollywood was more triumphant. • After the war, the beauty went to Berlin, where she attended dra- H. ' Stewart, a farmer. Stewart fiombtime after wished to move needy, contributing to the Ma-| sonic Orphans' Home andSchool n " mber D. sites and got films and plays. Her big George Scaton break "^<-"f. uuim. S^A 2-/i*Oilj9 U-J-t-'lllW WllUUUllU'./i _, . , , i an d other things too numerous to ™ time and learned the Josephine „... >. ...^ - -.mention. The membership at the Hos f lta l. pr °P^]y could be P urch ' oTexas and the deed of .trust was present time is a'bout two hundred. I | se ?: if 11 ? bmldm 8 located at 320 . e caon ar P« od :fa Berto to dlrert "Se Bl/ " bought'.by.-Dr. K. G. McRae. The L0dgbs" ; .did their, best, as we saw it then,--.to.•'meet' the Interest and reduce' : the principal, but could hot,, aijd."'lh a> fftw years deeded the property to. Dr. McRae to satisfy ./The. brick building is the by the Lee Gro- History of Whitfield Masonic Lodge .... Number 239 Located at Hope, Arkansas From 1916 to 1939 By: Harry W. Shiver, Past Master The year 1938 being the ten- South Mam was built by Dr. ' starring Montgomery Clift and Paul Douglas. tested about . 10 other girls of Grand Master farhilia'rly". .known to as: : Forest Hall. Newcomers, by j uieVrecordTand „««,«, « ..sai- « nrobeftv top of the front, will • possible their own his^y, an d-file property the years. However, the location near the business district, no ror>m for nd the ravages Masonry, —. Stucky requesited n- m in«ir mnn*,*~~ « .°.^™ e u r '.the. subordinate Lodges } o Search• fSre Si ' t- seemed 'attractive to reer didn't take, she became extremely. active in .German, films. Last -year the British Film Academy named her the best foreign actress for her performance in "The Divided Heart.' She beat stars, for the- Jiohor: seq .'the-":narrie '._ put there when the building-'wa's,, erected. jo'dgb'i, rented the hall room "rj,v MqRae for some years' a copy with the Grand Lodge for a permanent record. floor for a Lodge; wi the Arppcr. a potential Whitfield Lodge No 239 was very faconie -^-^ ^ ^^^ itb eany re«-ur,i t j, Q T\t*n« rt «*... *»,.,j* AU-. *\/\ *:.» i.:_ years 4i^r4he'three lodses named to try again toget- j Continued from Page One to the City Buil- gTSo^S? -Sd ™d ft ™g* ~ ** ^ . ».«« cVkTS,. 1 "^ SS'^A^Bride^iS'ta .Si^^lS'-^T^^T,^^ «f .mick^hite hair. "I even rg'-there.at this time. Some , RaP TV,i s was m^t oned to the'^ rdS ? n i V/hen t"e puicnase ^was'^4 my wife Maggie on. a roller bv Bro T/arrv W Shiver ^~ lded on - G - T - Cannon, the mas-'W^ te1 :- Th "t was back in 1909 in it Si 2^ kiJrortolta^": '.?: "V 1953 ' appbinted >: -bui : d;n gV C^inna,ti.» Mention is made i n Capt. Bride-' some years of wrangling and a' welrs history of tha number "of 3f- suit-in court, the property was sold Jorts made to build a home for the to \R.'. M. Briant for $2,OOO.uO and Lodge) and of the Iocat ion of var- then -divided and each went its own ious lots that at one time or another way .-.•••." I were in the possessio/i or control The 'Masons then began to hunt of the L odge . Each of these were ter, Luke E. Barber was the Grand] endeavored to get the two other Secretary, and Dr. R.-L.-Dodge; Orders to help to build, but after] was the Grand Treasurer. These three officers of the Grand Lodge signed the Charter, -which was dated the 22nd day of November, 1870, and numbered 239. That was ifc years ago and today there are between 600 and 700 lodges in Arkansas and near 25,000 Masons. The charter members who applied for this lodge are, or.rather were: Judge A. A. Gibson, John F. Coffee, W. D. Vance, Thos. N. Thompson, T. J. Wylie, J, B. Powell, James W. Stephenson, J. M. Hanegan, W. J. Button, John Taylor, Martin Mouser and J. D. Har- heir, and bought a lot from P. A. i copy _ The copy that cou i d be ioca . Tharp,;30 x 150, just at the south of ted was in ^ e possession of Capt. the' stores-now occupied by Briant Bridewell's widow, and several co*l Pn rinH .Tnhn X, TOllin««lnv. We ...... w(Jrc typed Dy Qro p c comm.'ttee composed of Ray Oar-'' * er - ' . D - 'Edwards, Guy Co, and John & Bllllngsley. We a now location and succeeded in The older roller coasters were in ia simple figure eight pat- unags, Harry W. Shiver and'fia.-l ter f l and c °st only about $30,000. O Ki.'El. and a finance aomrnittee : i Be S ause of the rising value of land consisting of Harry W. 'S.ilver. ttjeipewer coasters now loop about disposed O f before 1918, and evident Vincent " cent Rpy Anderson. Franklti "Hjrtbn. Syd McMath and Geroge Peck t.T handle'the remodeling and /m- ancing of our new home.'The spac ; ious Lodge room, adeaui-e fac lit:«.s ana sound financing is a memorial to their efforts. The Trustees of the building are . , Vincent 0 t vi R buying, the lots now owned by the iv for eood reasons which were loe- 1 Y"\ cent .Foster. Lyle Brow Masons, Lots No. 9 and Sl-2 of lots ' g a i a g ° t ° h<e ™££" ^ "h toe adviS- ' ^ Ilder ? on ' Ha " y W> 3Uv8 '. <- . ' \ her -With the Current fhl-P-^ R Brown, Roy dy, The old settlers of Hope will WJtlte..;' .to- M. Mr, « in nir.r.1, <NTn- ^ Thic: i c na rt „ V ,. ' , , ,„ „ No. 8 m mock No. 35. liiis is part t age of looking back from 1939. p£ the Adolphus Anderson entry . w here the Breth.jrn a: the time Hp ... sold three lets ito Dr. ' were handicapped with judging the Berry Beard.. -and Beard to F. T. future, it is profoundly regretted W-right;- and Wright to Mrs. Sallie that the sales were made of tha IJeLancy, who, married T. C. Jobc ; sev eral locations, as some have arid ; .J6be, and -"- *- T ------ T ' - wife to .James L. ' s j nce provec i to become of much dozen .men 'as of citizens and ;larm- this Tne prominent ers in and near Hope. Thev Grand Officers named in Said charter, asi the first officers of Whitfield Lodge were: Arthur Gibson, Worshipful Master; John F. Coffae, Senior Warden; and W. D. Vance, Junior Warden. The Lodge was organized about two and railroad a half years befora the reached Hope and its meetings were held in a scV-.ool •(jfause which stood nqar where J. W. (Henderson) Allen now lives, but was moved to Hope just as soon as an upper room could be had. For a good while the Lodge room was on the corner of South Ma'soris; and The C. Yerger, and value." . White' to the | it is noted in the history of Capt. deed was made Bridewell that-the Lodge was meet- to, Dr ; J, M. Weaver, S. D. Lambe- j n g on .the second floor of the build- :th.and E; N. Bacon, the three prin- ing at 117 West Sacond St. The cipal officers of the Lodge and rooms were small and the Lodge their .successors It is dated Decem- growing and prospering, so the ber 26, 1913.- The ground is 75 x need of a new location was felt 150 and.fronts on Walnut and East This was obtained in 1917 on the Third Avenue and is regarded as seond floor of the bulding at 112 a- very fine location. South Elm St., and this is the pre .There -was a dwelling on the sent location of tha Lodge. Southwest .corner of this proper-! During the World War, there was ty, use.d as a boarding house at much Masonic activity, and many the time it was'purchased by ihe brothers received the'degrees. A M.asonfi. f The .price paid for this cash reserve was built up by the p'r>berty • was ?2,500.00. Sometim.e large amounts of work being done, £-fte'r'buying- the house was burned and through the sale of the lot on and the .Lodge collected some in- the N. E. corner of Third and Wai- Kurance 'money for damages. The nut Streets, about'$1,400.00 was in- E'lm and West Division St., the cor- 1 portion....... of the Masons cut vested in War Savings Stamps and ner now occupied by the Patterson of, - the , $2,000.00 received these were held until the Govern& Co. Store. J. R. Giles, the father from .R. M: Briant, the insur- ment called the issue; The cash of Lee Giles,, had one of the larg-'dhce collected on account of the Was placed in the Arkansas" Bank est stocks of general merchandise j burned house, and the surplus & Trust Co.. on interest for sever- of that day, to the lower story, and funds en -hand in the Hoyi lArch al years, and in this form was a jented to the Masons the upper j Chapter and in Whitfield Lodge contant temptation to be used in "foom. The buildnig was burned enabled the' lodge Trustees many different ways several of and the Lodge had to begin over, to.., / pay .the property and which proved to be unwise One of the losses sustained by the to .begin the erection of a build-1 An effort was made by the Mas- Lodge through that fire was a very Ing. ; A- foundation dug down five ter in 1930 to have the members handsome soword which C. A..or; six feet and filled with con- authorize the purchase of a suit Bridewell brought home from the creie ^bout: fiye feet thick at the' able lot for a future home with the War. It had been loaned temper-1 bottom >hd. narrowing as it came thought in mind that a lot would arily to the Lodge for use by tho i .to -a,final eighteen thickness at the a!so increase in value and be an Tiler. The meeting place was ehan- <?.rid'.on this foundation was built, incentive to build besides safe ged several times and tho mem- ( the •••; brick •' wall 18" thick guarding the cash on interest in bars felt that it was t;me to stop and Vabou t four feet high, co- the bank. The past history of the iriovmg and build our-own home; Vcring a • space 47 x 132 feet. I Lodge in trying to own a home was f,o a committee was appointed toJWhen this was finished the funds so tragic and disheartening that look after the matter. !°n ; 'hand were exhausted and the much opposition developed and A few of the earlier members, in work .ceased. The Lodg« had adopt- though the subject was brought UD addition to those named before injed..a bond scheme and the bonds again 'by the Master in the early this chapter will show name'! fam-'niade in' denominations of $25.00, !f all of 1930, sentiment of the mem- iliar to those that day, who still $5Q;00 and $100.00 to aggregate offers was too strong against the live in Hope: J, R. Jones, Sing E. Giles, T. M. Abbott, B. F. Wilson, M. C. Powell, J. F. Fair, J. J.. Mangum, A. J. Crider. W. V. Ho- $20,000 expecting of course, that e-yery Mason would buy one, at least. The members did not do so, its doors, the depression set purchase of a lot . In a shout while the bank closed in , , ... . the work done at cost of $1,500 earnest, applications were few. and ward, J. P. Seawell, G. W. Sande- stands, as. a . sad -memorial of the dues fell off as members dropped . • fur. P. F. Finnley, Thos. Brandon. J . want of interest on the part of the from the rolls. The Bank paid div I '*» Mltche11 - John Brazier, J. R. Lodge ' in finishing the building, idends in small amounts over a Sibson, C. A. Bridewell, E. B. Whitfield, T. J. Treadway. J. M. Summers, W. D. Brady, J. A. Coyr- tney, T. C. Black. Charles White ^ U !!^.£ T White). T W Do--Lo.dge, A. A. Gibson was Worship- sion ^^^^^^5"^;;"^: The 'building committee has been period of years Until over 85% changed a time ot ' • years. was recovered by tne L 0 dg e- But the Lodge received such a set- Since tihe organization of this back financially during the depres- yle and John W. Albert. Thuy we.-<» ful 'Master .ten times; J. R. Jones, all in the Lodge soon after Hope' three, times; C. A. Bridewell three was platted. ' .1 times; Dr. T. N. Green, The committee appointed to Ipok onpe; J, U- Kinser, twice; Rev. W. for a location had the good forjjun^ff., Suljjy^p, oruje; -,Ws W' Duckett, to receive the gift of a lot from Wflfwrce;' J.-F. Saner, " Bnco; Capt. Foster wl Ws Wtte, ^e r a ^'iSEfrli^.^teWHiurffiP*! Rvpa, oppc; sumed as received. The present membership in good standing is not quite a hundred, of which about twelve are honorary pe Required to paj her-with the current thi-es principal officers of the Lodge who are at ! present Ansley Gilbert. W. M. Walter, W. M. Walter Miller, Jr.. S. W.. and Lee Corhpton, J. W. County Judge U. G. Garrett and 1 members of the Hempstead County Memorial Hospital Board gave the Lodge permission to place a. cornerstone in the new hospital building. The Master, Ansley Gilbert, appointed Harry W. Shiver, A. A AlbriUon and Franklin Horton to handle the details and the date of the official visit of the Grand Master, F. J. Scully, April 22, 1955, was selected for this occasion. Past Masters of Whitfield Lodge No. 239, 1939 to 1955. are as follows: W. W. Compton, twice; A. L. Carlson; R,'W. Davis; Olin Lewis; A. N. Scale;: F. D. Henry; A. S. Willis; Leon Davis; Rufus Herndon, Jr.; Clyde Zinn; Teddy C. N. Maryman; .Mid J. Porter; George T.-Cannon; James A. McLarty, Jr.; -.Anslcy. Gilbert. llk>;a .pretzel. .They average about A, flalfmile in length and cost from $100,000 up. The cars on some cpMters reach a peak s ?>0; -jlo 56 miles an hour. tl . McKee, who often acts as a con- sul^nt on thrill rides, gets a bit s ( te&med up whenever the safety of LUCKY LOVELY NYLON SLIPS Sizes 32-40 Lucky Number Day Special Only $4 t §0 Be here and get yours eaVly , A i BEAUTIFUL COTTON DRESSES Dan River Fabrics — Lovely Styling 'Sites'Reg. 12-20, half ' • . •* . :.-;..•»< ' - >< > SHOP EA^LY! HURSDAY The Negro Community By 'Helen Turner Rhpne 7-5830 Or bring Itemi te Mln Turner •t Hicki F6n«ral Home . B. Chapter Order of the Eas tern Star No. 412 will meet Wed nesday night, April'20, at BeeBcc Memorial CME Church at 7:30 p m. Asking all members present. to be Yerger Band Mother's Club will meet Thursday night, April 21. at 7:30. At the regular meeting place. LOW BIDDER LITTLE 1 ROCK (ff) — W. A. Gray of Shreveport, La., has submillcc the apparent low bid of $118,385 "or construction of explosives anci gas storage buildings at Blythevilla Air Force »3'i<?, the U. S. Engi neers said he yreesterday. REFORMED THIEVES EL CENTRO, Calif., (UP)— Hat- old Church, athletic director at Central Union High school, said today that a pail of binoculars,- two starting guns and a stopwatch stolen from the gym office have been tirough the fc ['Pur 'cpnscjlcaip'es mails with $—we One Counter Ladies SANDALS Wedges and Flats in white, multi tan, pink and reds. Sizes i5 to 9. SI.88 SOFA PILLOWS In solid Si2esl7"x,17/'. BOYS SPORT SHIRTS . Solids and Bold Plaids. Sizes 6- 16. 98< V LONG IBS In paste! colors; ela$tic f "WQist, f • 4t^> » Whw« >yft (itt Ntttr QwtUfy ftr MM

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