Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 20, 1955 · Page 9
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 9

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 20, 1955
Page 9
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Tw« leRock MdM STAR, MOM, ARKANSAS i Wednesday, April 26, 1955 ' Since 1947. the structure has been sub-leased to U. S. Time Corp. The Little Rock Municipal Alt- port, including the building, originally belonged to the federal government. During World War II. the government took back trie prop crty through "national emergen MARKETS If. NATIONAL SfOCkAftD, til. - . • ,. - , , - ---------- — : — — •— — • -- ---.— f .»». jfc^n i^,. •( fc^;i uuuil L/IIWCB WCi C ItJ cy" re-possession clause in its deed OR —Hogs 7,000; fairly active; to 65 cents a bale lower' than the ton program v next seson. L/ale afternoon prices wefe" -'IS to the city. (#) — The city of tan't-force an increase . * . ,, ,. erty was returned to'the city, and[220-240 lb 17.25-60; 240-70 lb 16.75- buildinc which i«!the lease to Arkansas Valley again117.25; 70-300 lb'16.28-75; 140-170 lb ."A" '» WIIH.II la ju««.*« M*v-rr«n*:.. n IJ,,t <l.« ..»..»..» i in e/» «n f. . ..x. .. , down 13.25- After the war, the airport prop-'higher; ft-vi>*i- r^nf it <t/>t= f-,* crt y was returned to'the city, and [220-240 •6 building which is! the lease to Arkansas Valley againj 17.25; ' PKtfe'd for $55,600 annually, the bec , ai T f eff "tive. But the govern-j 16.50-17.5; sows 450 Sifted Supreme Courtrued lo- mnt had added a sccond story l ° ^.50-15.00; heavier , m- supreme t-ouu ruled to- lhe buj]difig and the cily contertdert l4 w b Io .oo-l.oo | weights and sows steady to 23 1 previous clcsei May 3.00, July choice 180-20 lb 17.50-75; 3.30 and October 3 65 sas> and Co, has a 50-year lease ?] 932 fen the building. this made the structure worth a least $5,600 more a year 'from Ai ; kansas Valley. . • Arkansas Vattey refused to ' ARE OUR BUSINESS „ .. w» h«y« the ortiwer. There'i no eh«fd« for in iniptetion le cell on our iMg expertenfi* hdw. • ARKADELPHIA TERMITE CO. 1032 Main Street Phone 1057 ' ' ARKADELPHIA ARKANSAS LUCKY NUMBER SPECIALS INFANTS Diaper Shirts Plissc cotton in j $ ' assorted colors ?' r 39c •- *V vtApus . •:^'SHORTS Sanforized" Denim sizes 12 to 20 98c i LUGGAGE ,fv piece matched set. Just t;vvhat yqu'll -want for that ife._—!_._, tr *y , ' SPECIAL- * $12.88 Plus f 10% ; Fed-. Tax 1 Fashioned Jelly clrbps, Regular 19c SPECIAL 15c Lb. Straw Hats '(-For Everyday'use. Men, st women and children 39C and 59C PORCH and LAWN CHAIRS •<!j*V -.-. . *,« Large aluminum folding type, light' weight with saran plastic bdck and double seat'. 5 $7.99 , Each WINDOW SCREEN .. . . i ^M T| Easily installed/ just 5et if. in .a window and pjugMt in . Motor guarantee year. Moves feet of air p pug di for onei cubic Garden Hose tic v wi plas- S^year guar- One gallorf^?b^r glassf-in- -sufated /ug.v/itti convenient pDurirtg sp'oUf, 1 " i" 1 '' >tN " ALL METAL TABLE 20 inches, tal^ 49 inch top in ,red r green, ,C9ral ; black and charfreuse. $1.99 lb sows •Cattle 3,000( calves 70; steers and heifers steady at 21.25-25.00; cows active; utility and commercial Ilo6-14.50; cannefs and cut' ters 9.50-12.00; bulls steady; utility and Commercial 13.50-13.00; banners arid cutters 11.00*13.00; veal- ers and calves steady; good and choice vealers . 18.00-25.00; com- hWcial and good .14.00-18.00. Sheep 1,300; no early sales Engineer* Study Arkansas River Job WASHINGTON — Arrrty n- crops lambs; spring lambs barelyi. f ° r ' ,i on ^ I " at ' 1 ' ' J gineers have dusted off a shelved project for a r.avigs.tion channel up the? Arkansas River through Arkdti.-ns to the Verdigris River in Oklahoma. The project, approved by Congress in 1945 and placed on a'"deferred -for T'lrthrr study" • list two 'years ago, is now on an active J.'st ft Chou Causes Delay of Eight Nation Meet fey GENE SYMOND BANDUNG, Indoneisa (UP) — Chinese Communist Premier Chou Erialai forced today a postponement of an eight-nation meeting called to seek an en, dto the Formosa crisis that threatens war in e' Far East. The Colombo powers — India, Burma, Pakistan, Ceylon und In- doriesia — announced an indefinite postponement after Chou's tatties' twice halted Work of the Afro-Asian conference's vital political committee. 'First Chou refused to accept the United Nations definition f "human rights" in a scheduled discus- steady to weak; choice and prime 22.50-23..70. ' ,NEW YORK StOCKS would, also .include construction of.sion of that topic and the confcr- several multi-purpose dams in Arkansas .anJ Oklahoma. The comprehensive plan if or a 9-foot navigation- channel. both ence was forced to set up a subcommittee to work out another calls NEW YORK MV-For the 11 thlwith. dams .it Datrtanelle. Qznrk, straight timo, the stock market to-!Short Mountain, and Webber Falls day advnced .in the early after-.in Arkansas and Keystone in Ok' noon. . jlahorria; Oolagah on the Verdigris Trading was at a moderate;in Oklahomn, and Eufauli on the pace around yesterday's 2,700,000 shares. .With annual meetings underway, and'reports and estimates on first qurler''.; prfits numerous, there wore inany' individual, stocks under specialized pressures one way or nother. jlahorria; Oolagah on the Verdigris -'in Oklahomn, and Eufauli on '*"• .Canadian River f n Oklahoma. In.'a :letter rted to the Senate Filbiic.'VWfprKs . Siibcomrnittfte .y.es: t(irday: M'a'j;'' • Gen.' . Samuel , .1), POULTRY AND PRODUCE CHICAGO W) '— Livae poultry steady t to firm on hens, weak on yung stock; receipts in coops 336 yesterday 387 .coops, 48.70 lb; 'id.b. paying prices 2 lower to 1 higher;: heavy hens 23-26; light nens 16-17; . broilers or : fryers 313; old roosters 12-12.5; caponettes 42-45. Butter steady; receipts 1,061,770; wholesale buying prices unchanged; 93 score AA 57; 92 A =)7; 90 B 54.75; 8 C 54.25; cars 90 B 5.25; 8- C '54.7. ' Eggs steady; receipts 28,597; wholesale 'buying prices un- chftnged; U., S, large whites 70 i- cent and over A;s 37.5; ;60r ? per- cent.. As 7; mixed 36.5: nediums 35.5; U. S. standards 35,5;. dirties 4.5; checks 34; current-'receipts 5. NEW ; YORK CTTON NJE>V; YORK W — Cotton fu- ,ure'were lower today under pressure of liquidation in nearby May and Is'o in'the blance of the list: The -large 'open interest in nerby Hay, prior to first notice day next' Monday, . stimulated aggressive selling, in. the ,May pqsit.ipn and, switching rorh that montli;"to Her deliveries.' j '•:>•; : At'otaT' of 58,500; bales of ..May lontracts we're, closed 'on 'Tuesday, caving ' open /at .the start today 441,800; bales. 'Selling in the bai- anqe^.qf market reflected uncer- airity 'over the go.verlhment's cot- inder' terms -of its." lease and was upheld •:. by bo.th Pulaski Chancery Court and, the, Supreme Court. | The .'.'Chancery, ..Court awarded, udgment- of :'$iG,000 ' against • Ar- cah'sas Valley -for : keeping equip-, nent which' the city 'contended the ease , Had appropriate^. The Su : preme Court affirmed this award. .The, case .was; the second one involving \ the airport ;'building to reach the Supreme,•Court.;..In 1950, he, court' ruled 1 that, no fraud had been'practiced when the lease wns executed. On .the .other hand, the court sai.d. tin: the earlier ruling, J't appeared, i'n' Hght ot' conditions ex- sting, in '.'1932, tn.at; the ; , contracting >arties were,.justifie'4, then in think ng.that yie • transaction . va ;opd for the city. -..] Sturgis Jr.,,''-ehipl--of '' ^ Engi' neer's,' • .said •.••he .has rticomrh'eridcd some' cfrangeVin ;the original. nJ3rv, rediicing the: estimated- cb?t-'ot the project ," : from ' ; $]-24,7.pOp;000 '" 1,095\000,000. '•"::. •••• .-.- '• •:':•= :^ : \- to New Free Americans -UNITBD\NATIQN«N.'-Y;'. .:(yp>, — Seqretary?Gejieral:,.Dan • Haifi- mar'skjold .sajd todgy- there \yer.e ne>v moves being made; to • free American-airmen jailed in Red China.". :• '.'• • • .'•'-• .'••• '' ••'•''.•>..: ' The United. Nations chief executive told a news conference the \vorld. organization wa's '."in consistent-pursuit of: a certain plan* to Iwin, freedom ,for the., airmen, but he said.Hhere . "deil-aitely! is no neW'-'approacli,':. , .. . „ • He., app.ayently. referred to, '. -,.,«f statement-:.made- '•.. yesterday :.iij Waistfjngtton' Sy' 1 Sign; John- Li "?£c- Cle'lian ' <D.tAfk.) ,'that .a/.J'ne^r ' : '4p- prp.^ch" . wa's 'vinde.rway . for; the 're- lca.sc '-.of.r-t^evEirisori^rs;,.;:' 1 - .'•]-.;;'' -.;'••','.' ' : definition. Then he brought up a technical point of procedure in the parliamentary arrangements for the political committee. He relented later pn this point but not on the first. Some conference quarters believed the momentous Formosa talks were delayed because Communist China did not want to discuss specific isucs, but one chief delegate said it was only a case of '"Communist tactic." .'.The- afternoon session of the political cmmittee was delyed past its, starting time while Chou held urgent talks with V. K. Krishna Mferion, India's representative in the United Nations. Pulbright Discusses Morket Trend NEW YORK '(/P) — Sen. J. William 'Ftilbrighl (D-Ark) says he believes ths nation is "experiencing the begisini. 1 !-; of excessive speculative activity in our market." Fulbright, chairman of the Senate -Banking and Currency Committee says this activity of stocks has resumed after a brief respite during his commUtne'-s hearings on the stock • market Jciot month. - : Fulbright discussed the rising trend In. ( stocks, last n'.Rht- in an address 'at dinner of the Econo i ..'..,. ^- v'o'f 1 '-'' ^ch'ess. '. - ft£.-! ''$.sld,; '-^ '' " ' ' " ' . . and : .time .a'gain,. "there -';. 'w jjjt;". b'e .; he\v rn'oyes;' : withoutout^; teakinfi' a ' approach.',".: - 1 ; '•;'''" . : ' ';••,•:'•'•! - LITTLES: RdGK. ' , . of -paralytic '. polio. ,,wa.s repp'r'ted ' tq' th£,; iSttae. Depar tinent . -pC . Health " " - ' : , last", \Ve"ek : -.The i-c^'se : wais reported from • Carroll, -'County.:';:'. ' ' ^''-V-:' •;':'•'•'•''••': ,, Thei-e; •H&ve'.;-.beeii<ipv cases iv^t ^r,aiytic..- l p9iio i;ep;ort(tid tijis ye:a* in Ar.kSn.sas.> For ; the''cerresp^hiiing period «f,'19|4,;; there, jyipre- 18 .case's. -; UiS. 'sufge^nsVJf only' ».p*r j cent of- ;'the..' r at«-:jioi-r (thfe'v^af ire''-;'p;opuja-: V ' : ''- ! '-' '•'"• Club':-pf Now York. e, said- -it would be good if the general- pui>U''J, ' active participants in; (he market and gover.Tnent lea'ders '"brohs the hypmitic spell cast oyerii-'-tHrtm' by the rise in stock, prides, arid looked at' the danger signs if; tho larger economy "of .which- thf. stock market is a -part." • . • 6yr Repair Shop is as • : near as your telephone CAftS-TRUCKS- ;; TRACTORS LEO'S GARAGE 513 S; Walnut Ph. 7-4314 , LEO HARTSFIELD 1 Owner ^nd Operator We Piek-Up and Deliver HOME FURNISHING CO. Phone 7-2181 • ' • • 218E.Sfc0nd$fr«B«t . ; , *" l> iisJwwstaifi '' fc > ; .---• . kautMuliew Diamond h*ir«e ranges THE TMJPPJUt Here is every modern convenience in one superb range to mpjp y easier and better thin ever before. look at thi« partial li»t of tlte' mw Tappan Greenbriw feature. Completely automatic too^irtf ,' Full-width r»n»e-top Broiler raiue* or loww* «t * All burner* ti«h| «uU>in«tic«liy Range-top lift* W|> for «My Full-width fluorescent light Fw*W heUtinf chrope-lirie Giant oven ^pd broiler win4ow« f oiltff , Trtd« In Balonc* Monthly .» , T . r IVf STOCK COUSIUM T);APRIi 20th STARTING At i fijh^_ Jrt , J 2uL * ~ \" '^ri ^iL'*-''- shown. 9 h the '. ly, ...•- . .' FULTON, ARK Mary .wyiialms:,.:... ,..;...;;'..;,..:.:;,; H. Jones .;„;.•:.,........ ...,'..:....:..,......;;. PSTEAD CHANCERY COUR '. ; . PLAINTIFF DEFENDANT! and all others having •• ^ <~_'» Ascribed lands are £ m the Chancery Court of Hemp „,, .thie.collection of certain levee taxe of WPds, the narrie.s of each supposed ownei ms.vOT t\&, or its land, together with thi e§ch._itor.wtt:' 1951 1952 1953 SAS '' ....... N'f Lot 1, .......,:s%- Lot 1. .........: 34 Lbt 3, . Block 2 Block 2 Block 2 3/5 ilx»t 3, Block 3 Lot 5, Block 2 , .... ...•..,......... Flprene: j:ili*>.. .;,,..:;.;..,..,:...,.; ....... .... ..... .. , H.,JpnBS :,.,.-.„.:,.:. ..... -.;,..;• ..... ..I;..,..;.. ..... Lots 84 7, Block 2 N$rtcy'-9j;irtceU';.';.'.:/..... v : ..... •.;;.:...;;...;;,...::...;; l^t 8. ; Block 2 H tot 13, Block 29 15 A; J6. Block 30 H.; ss-WjltaSMi''-'-.'..V;..'..i.>..-.;.-'.:'.. v .':;:!..\.-.:C-; j.-Lo't 4; Block 2 son Jones '..;.\;..-,.;,...•.•-...?.;.; Lotg'.^*? 4, BJock 3 ilBWt-:.;^,;'.:..;;.;;:.:;.;.^..:^;^...:.:.;;.;:..-!^ 2. Block is i^M.f^?.' ,. .' - . — '. • -••. ;. .¥ U4'm vi^ni^ on . 2.50 .25 .50 .50 .50 2.50 1.25 1.00 2.50 1.09 ,50 7.50 2.50 .25 .50 .50 .50 2.50 1.25 1.00 2.50 Betty .1^, SMITH'S;\._ Will CaHer Will Carter Mil Carter . Carter; W. H.McGill , ;.. Lot 14,' Block 7 5.00 [da Richards : NH Lot Oil ^, Block 7 Lot 10, Block 30 - 9 Block 36 .25 Mi'•....;j.u;..:-.-.;.'.,.-...;;.;....,,.;..,;. ^•}.-| : 6i 1 Bjock 25 •PITIPN\$O'T«E !W)WN C>F FULTON, ARKANSAS ' " : Lets 1, 8 and 3, Block 6 .50 •••': Lot 7, Block 6 .25 .25 , LotS 12 k 13, Block 6 .25 .25 .•,......,.,........,.'..:..;;;.. Lot 16. Block 8 .25 .25 2. 3 tr 4, Block 7 .75 ._:.._ g OQ 3 75 Melvia Thomas ,., '.'.'..'"..Z". "Lot "u7 Bl'pck 8 """ Meh'fn Thorny Lot 13, Block 8 Mejviji TJicwaaj Lot 16, Block 8 Ben Wilson Lot 10 & ll,.Blook:9 jlen Spates tot 4, Block 16 Mrs. IT H. Darned N. 2SxlW Lot U. Block. 16 Vfrs. H, .H. Darnell ; Lot 12, Block i* 3s.par Va,p ^jper ,.. Lot 1. Block 17 Mrs, Schw<rlzerbof ....:. Lots 2, Sk 4, Block 17 Mrs. Sch.wf«i?*rtic< :.... ;.. tot 8, Block 17 Geo, MeOilr '... Lots 344, Block 18 Mattie Bell Aubrey Lots 8*9, Block 5 Hfill C»rter '•• • Lot 1, Block • Sowthwe^tern.^s.,* Ell.cUic.Go. of Lot .25 ,50 3.75 3.00 .25 .25 12.50 1.00 .25 .29 .25 5.08 l.Od 16.75 . . 3.00 3.00 .25 .25 .25 .25 1.25 1.25 .25 .25 i.oe .50 i.oo the f. ) 1.25 i as.oo „...,. cworn .::..:;..".:.;."•.;;.::;;.:: Cow 14 Vis; Block 21 JHULTS ADDITION T« THE TOWN OF FULTON, ARKANSAS L«4s 7. I k 9, Block 1Q , ................... Lot JQ «fll, flopk 10 'i .................................. • Lot 5, Blwk 10 <( CaW<p Co ............. .,...'.. 0.407 Miles 7.5 .50 6.30 S.20 7.50 .50 .50 6.00 1.00 .40 4.50 4.00 12.00 l.?0 .40 4.50 4.00 J.80 5 ald v ** VP**? ana confessed a«d for thy .nurpoaf ^nt of interest. to&& THURSDAY IS LUCKY NUMBER DAY Register at Owen's until 4:30 Thursday. Red Hot Specials for Thursday, Friday and Saturday. 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Calendar Sunday April 24 ... „. „„>.«, „„, k, c The Friday Music Club will pre- preseitted Wednesday afternoon at' 86 ."* Miss Helen Lyons ami Miss taught the lesson from the 4th chapter*of Acts. A solo Was sung by Master Qalan Williams, "Jesus Loves Me." After a brief business meeting, officers for the ensuing year were elected as follows: President, Mrs. Sidney Ward; Vice-president, Mrs. Frank Thomas; Secretary, Mrs. W. S. Wil- NOPI itAt, MOFI, ARRANIAI 4 o'clock in the Junior High Auditorium by the piano pupils of Mrs. R. L. Gosnell. The public is invited. A K I M INI l , I U SBr The Lilac Garden Club will meet in the home of Mrs. P. C. Stephens bf Blevins Wednesday April 20,. at 3 o'clock. All members are urged to atted and bring tha flower show schedule to be 'returned to the Federation. Thursday April 21 Hope 328 order of Eastern Star Virginia Owens of Ouachita College Faculty in a violin and piano Recital, Sunday April 24, in the Junior High Auditorium at 3 o'clock. The public is attend. . cordially invited to 'Phone Suit AgainstPSC Set May 2 LITTLE ,. A . , , ,, ,T, , , hams; Assistant-Secretary, Mrs. Teleph ROCK Co. of DOIOTHYDIX ..^..- .. ....^^.._>..., , _^ ;l -_.. J .. . t ..... - . -----.J; [ Foster Mother Lfl — the Dear Miss Dix: Some time agoi you had had a letter from a worn- speaks an who wanted to take foster chil- uenerai £),.,,„ into her home but was deter- a possibility that he'll begin again when were mairicd? Answer: In a nutshell, you're slightly led "tip With being eh&ctg* d to an absentee iiftnce. I fier- Can make no garantee about Service Commission way May get „„. Assistant-treasurer. Mrs. Bennie Orr; Corresponding Secre-. - ... su tary. Beryl Pickard, Assistant Cor-1 The Dallas te1cn-,oi? company is nrt eH. I have for itself in behalf of ai~ * -~" -••-•— —• wonderful work. Many childless hls drinTUng habits homes eouiU take in one or iwo have so -.. , m , uch t"""* """"' whole affair I would advise a chid.-en are ease tob room, wen, i nave known Very "°' cl nmuren are easier 10 oo successful foster mothers who had lfl ' n tnan adopted ones and having „« >--'—-- J - a t all. They lived in a fosle f child could fill in the tim- rates. Will meet Thursday Ap'ri'f'iY at 7:30 p. m. There will be an initiation of officers and all are urged to attend. The Gardenia, Garden Club will meet hursday April 21, at 2:30 p. m. in the home of Mrs. Frank Russell. c on,'S.-,Main ;St., Mrx- Frank Ri- •cr..\v"ilKbe:-co : hbstes i s.;vMrs. P. H. gi''am, 1 Ai^membe'r's 'are''''utgqd > tq' at- tend.-'asahe^c'pmine;hat'''show: will be discussed.^ '."t • \' ••>.', -•• ..-•••,. .• -The "AzaleaV'.Garden v'Cliib • '•''. will meeUThursday'Ap'rll 21; at 2 p. m. in the '.home' of ''Mrs/' Claudd Tillery : with Mrs. Oliver 'Adams as ce-hostess.- ... .•/••' . . : • The •.Azalea >.' Garden 'Club will meet Thursday April 21, at 2 p. m in tho horr.o of Mrs. Claude TiJlery with Mrs. 'Olivor Adams as co-hos- '' W. S, C. S. Circle 5 Met In Home Of Mrs. W. M. Reinhardt W. S. C. S. Circle 5 of the First Methodist Church met Monday, April 18, at 7:30 p. m. in the home of Mrs. W. M. Reinhardt with Mesdames Arlis Brooks, Carl Gaddls, and Virgil Keeley as co-hostesses. Attractive arrangements of beautiful spring flowers decorated the spacious reception rooms of the Reinhardt home. The meeting opened with the group singing "Blest Be The Tie" followed by prayer. During the business session over which the chairman, Mrs. Claude Tillery prc- sidedi • Various':reports were heard and i-.plaps'. made f«r'-the luncheon to.bej served-'when -th'e Hope Dis White; Assistant Teachers, Mrs. L/. C, Kennedy and Mrs. Orbie Thornton; Personal Service Repor- ,ter, Mrs Charles Ellis; Assistant | Service Reporter, Mrs. Arnold J. Middlebrooks; Song, Mrs. Charles date - Tl ' r - s Ellis; Pianist, Mrs. W. S. Williams; cause^of Reporter, Mildred Taylor; Flower Fund Treas., Mrs. L. C. Kennedy- It was unanimously agreed to retain the same program and flower committees for the coming year. The meeting was adjourned and Mrs. L. C. Kennedy led in the closing prayer. ' «« a *>eed of these children is Own Children Benefit ing a strange baby in the trictA.nm.ial-.Conference of the Wo- chapter marl's ^Society-of Christian Service entitled Annie Hoover Circle Of First Baptist Church Meets The Annie Hoover Circle of the First Baptist Church met Monday in the home of Mrs. Doug Jester. The meeting was opened with prayer by Mrs. W. H. Gunter, circle chairman, and she conducted lhe business session. Mrs. Basil .York gave the First chapter of the mission study book volved pvprv mf,-,,, t " s " &llan ge oaoy in tne Home. haw -i l«r«' Thc Wholc faltlily unites to shower nave a large j ng j, -lildren of our' wh j le cared for 12 in-1, i „„ , .. , ,__.. : taken as a solution to one s own l-.r« . U 1,« «,;„ n,m,d,W. 3™' JEIJW , . „ . -.-..-.-. ™« wno,c , '!{F:^;^r^:^ : iHlH^^r ,^-c -±j?su»5 Gcner <I applied to to towns ,u:ri tvvo Tr'xus twfi December the the req les- Th total a -.o.it $302 :!30 n l --*ants during the pa [ few y^a ' aken ,?" a sohlti '-At present I have two babies wth! d T esllc troubles me. My husband loves these chilI-1 Wl11 ° ase many dren too. and the whole family ac- °^y_ they certainly a tense situation part of the fa e o eorers M PSC turned down ,7 ,u . "f to Iook back and HM inerea-,. would|fu alizeuthat ! have helped them tnf ,.^« tnrOUP'n n rlt-f-ftntlU '««.,* „* ii- _i tess. The Daffodil Garden Club will meet Thursday April ,.21, at 2 o'clock in the, home of Mrs. E. P. ' , Young,. Jr;, with 'Mrs. brook as: co-hostess'. Don West- cr Hope .Chapter 328 Order of-the Eastern 'Star will meet Thursday night at. : 7:30. There.Nvill-'.be an ini- fiation.. ; All .effieers are urged to attend. -•• • . •••.• ••.'•;': Friday April: 29; The Fridjay Music Club will meet Friday April 29, at 7:30'p.' m.. in the home o'f';Mrs. B. C; -Saturday, April 23 The Melody 'Maids will meet Saturday".'morning at 10 o'clock in •tt Df?!VE IN gfi§T THEATRE mjeets at the Hope church Tuesday, April-20/ Plans, were also .completed :"for>-.'serving -"the men's Century Bible Class supper May 13. Mrs: 'Albert Graves, president of the'Women's Society, presented a new likely plan for serving the MYF. in' the. future- and asked for the co-operation of this circle. It was announced that circle 5 won the Life'-.. Membership pin for the. highest,attendance at the union meeting at ( the church this year for which the group was commended. This life membership will be presented to a most deserving person at the May union meeting at the church^ There 'was sufficient money in the -birthday and weight fund for four .life memberships to be given to members of the circle who had given much of their time to Christian service so the group voted on these-names and they will be; presented at the May circle meeting, The nominating committee presented the following slate of officers .which.were unanimously elected: ch.airm'an;''\Mrs.' Claude Till•cry, yi.ce-ch : air'ma'n: Mrs. W. ™ Reirih.a;rdt; secretary, Mrs. E. Youn'gi'.Jr; ' treasurer, Mrs. Fred Johrisph; and local treasurer; 'Mrs; Thus It Is ^Written." Refreshmet.lst'were served to 8 members present. • M. P. Paisley 4-H Club Meets The Paisley -4-H Club met Tuesday afternoon,at 2:30 April 19, with leaders, Mrs. L9rraine Wylie and Mr. Oliver A'dams. Bobby Pate, president, presided and Patsy Jones secretary, read the minutes. Mr. Adams showed the boys some . grass called a lagoon. The lagoon's were white clover and hop clover. He also gave the captains sheets to fill out pertaining, to ^Experiment Station. Mrs. Wylie showed the girls how to make a handy soap jar and how to make a necklace out of chinaberries. •" • . . After she made announcements and distributed pamphlets the meeting adjourned. The telephone company then filed a petili::-. in F;dcr:il District c-nurt March ]j a^'.inc? for c"..:» p-r- I through a lives. difficult part of their -' . Foster homes are always heeded, and anyone who' wants to take mission to increase rates until thelHl e ? e chij dreh can contact the Children's Aid ; Society,. or the Foster Home :Pl*cement, J Bureau "of her church.. Many, .-women would PSC "-,.. i pre<7"b.< sonablo rat=s. ' The petition asked th • cou I also asked th • cou I to p/e-.t.-nt tic er c " ur ch.. Many, .-women would PSC frvn penali;"n» i!;« corprra-j feel better themselves and would tion for violating the PSC rate set- f nr 'ch their.'.own"-families by help tfnn „,..!•,,. inif theSP. philriron -AflOC V f tine The PSC has charged- that eral Di.- . ..;t Cju:t ij.u-s n;. Fed- have he 11 Arkansas towns involved are Augusta. Blevins, Cotton' I J i.a(it, Marvel), McCrory, Prescott, 'Tuy- lof. Waldo, Waterloo. • Whetto'y' and Texarkana. he Texas towns are Wake Village and Texnritana. Soso and Askew are places in Mississippi. . in S these, children. Answer:. This MRS. K. G letter surely 1, Bobent Rogers, Patrnbs, Ark., Marianna to Get $100,000 Plant • MARIANNA ,(UP) —; 'Jennings and Samuels of Marianna ha been named the general contra tor for construction > of- a $100,OC plant for the manufacture of men trousers. •.-. ..• .; • The plant is expected- to b ready for occupancy in to help the needy child; all other benefits will follow automatically. If you have any space in your home, do consider becoming a foster mother. Rogers. Hope, Irvin Belt's, Hope, Rt. 1, Sylvester Cobb, Hope, Ark. Discharged: Joe Hargis. Hope, Arkansas Mrs. Guy Hicks, Dan Fagan, Hope, Rt. 1. ,• Julia Chester Admitted: Elmer D. . Jones,'-. RJ. Hospital Notes Branch Admitted: Mrs. Lonniet Tullis, Hope, Rt. 4, J. W. Walton, Hope, Rt. 1, Mattie Bell Wyatt, Hope, Rt. . ,. . 4, Hope, Mrs. Roy Br'ittain, Hope, Mrs. Kelson, Foste.r, Hope, O. . B.- Rodden, Hope. ' , Raymond Ha- Fulton- E: ,W. : Chism, Rt. 4, Hope, Mrs. Ernest Ross, Rt. 2, Hope, Mrs. H.'W. Taylor, Hope, Mrs Dallas Hugg, Blevins. . .... Discharged: Mrs. milton and son, women at full capacity, accordin to E. C. Robertson, Mariann banker who headed .a. campaign t raise construction fund. , he Lee county}wi'de'''drive for th $100,000 cost -.wasi '."completed month ago,. ' .^•.•^5,'';;'• ".'••',,'-•' \ The plant willrlbe known as th Marianna |.Ma"nufac?turirig,;.:... com pany. Th nam> parents com ' : Hwy 29 South • Open 6:30 • Tonight tt Thursday • Starts Tonight .Mesdames.• LaGrrone Williams >and Sam---Strong:fconcliided the study, "Trie Master'Calleth for Thee" in a most' impressive manner making each woman present feel the importance of Christian teachings and living in .our homes today just as Mary taught and practiced in Jesus' day. The. meeting closd with the circle benediction after which the hostesses served-delicious home made ice cieam and cookies to the 3 membeis presnt pany in St. pquis,:,Mo.',;, : has no been disclose<j.,.<; • ''•:•/;•; ••' The Marianna ; Chamber rof Com merce. has' been accepting appl: cations for jobs at the,,.' plant f o several w'eeks. -•--- SHORTS 1 ^ Hal Kemp Musical 2, Cartoon, "That's My COME OUT EARLY AND SEE THE ANIMALS IN OUR KIDDYLAND ZOO! • Bonxo, Cheera & Peanut (the 3 Monkeys) • White Quineq Pigi • Foxtail Pigeons • Horned Owt The Willing Workers Auxiliary •': Meets The Willing Workeis Auxiliarj of ,:trnity Baptist ^Church met at th church on April 18 for the regu.la weekly meeting The meeting wa opened'• with the group singing "Jesus 1 Come, and "A Wonderfu Savior." The opening prayer was yoipe,d by Mildred Taylor. The devotional was given by Mrs Orbie Thornton'on the 23rd Psalm The .special, a . poem entitled "Trusting,"'was given by Mrs. W S. Williams.' -Mrs. L C Kennedy Mary's Beauty Shop for appointments Coll... 7-3584 MARY HAMM SAENGER T NOW • Feature Times • 2:38 • 4:48 • 6-58 • 9:08 The thrilling romance of charming Rose Mane, untomed wqif of the wilderness, and the two who f ought for her love — the dashing Mountie and the handsome trapper — is entertainment as big and beautify! as all outdoors! .Actually filmed iri the magnificent Northwest! Gene Ross Winner In Daily News Circulation Contest. The • names of the Texarkana Gazette and Daily News carriers who were winners in the receni circulation contest were released Saturday by Circulation manager R. H. Cooper. ..' ; , An educational trip across the great plains o fTexas to historic and picturesque El Paso, Juarez, Mexico, and Carlsbad Caverns is in the offing for the carriers, winners of the 'third annual contest of this'type sponsored by the Texarkana newspapers. Gene Ross, son of Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Ross of Prescott was one of the winners* and will be going for his third time. The group will ride to El Paso on the Texas and was a member of the Irrimanuel Baptist. church, Little Rock. Surviving 'are his widow, a son, Rev. Dwight B. Westmoreland, Jr., Walnut Ridge; five brothers, W. Samuel, Albert Judson and Fof- rest Maldin Westmoreland all of Houston, Tex., Ulysses Grant and Leonard Miles Westmoreland, both of Prescott, and two grand^ children. Funeral was Fridfy, April 15 at the Drummond Funeral Home in Little Rock with burial at Walnut Ridge. road's track served • their Eagle meals Pacific rai and will b in the diner — —.. i »,%» n»v**l. Jlll-UJk! Ul HIV UltiCJ. During" their'stay in ! the grea southwest, they will spend thei lights in orie of El Paso's fines hotels. ' •' Lunch will be served to the boy and their chaperons in the South of the Border at Juarez, Gene left on his trip Sundaj afternoon. Mrs. Homer Ward Entertains Canasta Mrs. Homer Ward club entertainec nembers of the 1950 Canasta cluk t her home on Friday afternoon The rooms were festive with olorful arrangements of tulips placed at vantage nd verbena Pints. Mrs. Fred Powell core honors, Mrs. Burke Shelton won high .was ^g^BWs^, ClNEI ROSE MARIE" 11)111-CIUIIJ Hii'Jl W <• EASTMAN COiQM uest. Other members present in- luded Mrs. H. J. Wilson, Mrs. mon Gee, Mrs. J. V. Fore, Mrs. J. A. Yancey, Mrs. E. M. Sharp and Mrs. C. G. Gordon. The hostess served a delicious .salad and dessett course. Cent club Center H. D. Club meets The April rneeting- of the ter Home Demonstration .,.._ was held on Friday afternoon in the home of Mrs. E. E. Bomar with eight members and a guest Mrs. Ed Gladden, present. The meeting was opened with the singing of "The Old Rugged Cross." Mrs.. Bomar gave the devotional and Jed in prayer. Following the business conducted by the president, Mrs. A. P, Jones, an interesting demonstration in "Short Cuts in Serving" was given by Miss Loretta Mc- Cleonahan. • The May meeting will be in the home of Mrs. Jones. Cake and "ice cream 'were enjoyed during the social hour. DwiBht B. We»tmor«land Bwight B'. Westmoreland, 63, 1208 W. 35th, an employee O f the Arkansas Department of Revenues, died Apr*! J3, (n a Lat^e InaUv? of Pres- Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hirst spent Friday in Texarkana. • T. M. Mashburn of DeQuee'n was the week-end guest of Mr.' and Mrs. Thell Hanning. Among those attending funeral services last Friday in Littlo Rock for Dwight B. Westmo'rel'and' were; Forrest, Sam and Howard Westmoreland and Mrs. . Jesse Foster of Houston, Texas and U-.. G. and Leonard Westmoreland of Prescott. C. T. Tompkins of Shreveport, La., was the guest of his parents Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Tompkins. ; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Purifoy, Pat and Sue of Rosston, Mr. and Mrs. U. G. Westmoreland and A-3C Thomas Bryson were guests >unday of Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Westmoreland and sons. Airman Jryson has now reported to his 'ase at Lake Charles, La:, after Completing basic training at Lack- State Solk Vaccine Supply Is Ample • LITTLE ROCKC(/R '', —. Arkansas supply of Salk ppljo vaccine prob ably will be' sufficient to- : fill, requests, State' Health Office .Dr '' T. S. Herron said today,'although he. said there'may be'some loca shortages due 'to' delivery prob lems. '• y- ••••••: -.,:•• .,;-Dr. Herron said 'that '- the • State Health Department has shipped additional vaccine to-- several coun- He's. and cities that; had : reqviestd "n -additional supply. '.;'.. Nearly 11 of the/ counties were scheduled to begin the first shots Wday or tomorrow. .;The additional vaccine has been sent to Mississippi, Grant, Perry, Sebastian, Cross., and Arkansas ijpunties, and to Little Rock and North Little Rock. •'•:,,The additional vaccine was tak- i?n, from an., ^emergency supply jwhich was withheld. 1 from -ship- Pients to the''counties last Saturday. • "-;.;..-.', •' -•-'•-• Dear Miss Dix: My best girl friend goes with a boy I like very much. I cnn't stand going on a double date with them. - All my friends think I should go to dances, they, attend, but I can't even do that. .-,...;. ,F. W. Answer :You are old enough, even at 16, to know something of property rights. Since your friend and the boy go steady, and seem quite content with eadi other, you would be guilty of infringing on another's rights if. you tried to grab her beau. ' Always try putting yourself .in someone else's place when faced with a dilemma of this kind. You wouldn't like it if covetous eyes were cast on your property. Also remember, if you can take a man Ifrom another girl he . can be won from you with equal ease. Better get on to the dances and find a man- of your own. collation of noW lhan later. THE BEAI Phone TTl WANT you to know how sincerely we ^ your pdtrorvsge- of our pharmacy. It wHhbe our endeavor to merit your reliance upon Us f6r fh6 $foic* oily competent filling of your prescriptions and for c6! ous service ih all'wferchandisins dfebdrtrtigoti ef ouri; You hove etSry-fl^ht b 'ftxp^lcf j$ur&flW;*ta*- *- ' good drug stbr«, ohd We { Intend \&\s6 eojifuct deserve your Approval, * ; ^ - 1<^5? i.» WARD & SON W. i«4; DRUGGIST to LET DUCKETT DO IT... THE BEST IN STEEL CONSTRUCTION v«* ^ Sh'dds — Farm Buildings — Industrial Buildings i madt according to specifications. si r ; r ; - . ". • I' Cdn*ble.,constructed ot'low cost! t ^'«,... DUCKETT STEEL & EQUIPMENT CO. '^' -jNorth Main Street •< •' Dear Miss-Dix: I am engaged to a man yfrho'works about 200 miles away, so I see him very.' seldom. I get very,lonesome,! especially:on week ends; would there be any harm in going out with other boys? Also, my. fiance used lo drink quite a bit. He'says.-he has given it up. How can .1 be sure, and-vis there Red - White - Beige Enroll NOW Only fpr glasses anytime in the future' qnd receive a big DISCOUNT Offer expires one week from today! KATHRYN WINDSOR'S TAP AND ACROBATIC SCHOOL T 104 E. 14th Phone 7-3327 The Stock Market is Down. Our Prices are tooj CREAMOlil PERMANIW Only 8.50 HAZEI/S BEAUTY SHOP; Phone 7-2878 Hoiel Virginia Auljnr ™ «^ ^^^i t^llfcS^F w**^ ^^i^ _ ' ^- (•" ' •_•.'i.*i£*'LiS ^ M ;^AIi.Y SHOE STOff "" d Shp*i* or*. Fitted-CorreeUy" Cerbin Filter , Phone 7-27C r and Air Force Base, onio, Tex. San A'l- Mr. and Mrs. Karl King, Jr., iave had as their guests, Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Bush of Little Rock md Mrs. Henry Love and chil- ren, Mark and Melody of New beria, La.. THURSDAY IS LUCKr^K^ OUK _ . r , But you are Lucky even if you don't register on the lucky number - Because we're selling a group of strict!)! >.v .... , ••..r; J T* 1 *.v.' • **. first . Jt * I Mr. and Mrs. Guss lotored to Fort Smith nd were accompanied their daughter, Mrs, son and Bobby who guests this week. McCaskUl Saturday home by Bob Robert- are? their Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Hirst of Washington, D. C. are the guests of Dr. and Mrs. O. G. Hirst. Mrs. T. C. McRae., Mrs. S. O. Logan, Mrs. D. L. McRae and Mrs. D. L. McRae, Jr., motored to Texarkana Friday for the day. Mr. and Mrs. C. C,. Gordon were the guests of their daughter, Mrs. Emmett Parham and family in Camden Sunday. Friends of Harold Lewis wilj Ve glad to know he is ' recoveriog from major surgery' performed at the Cora Donnell hospital. '« Mrs. Electa Wells has received word that, her cousin, Miss Exa Cantley, a former Prescott res}' "!_»& »*W «f..*l^.»« pBfHr 'r-ff-n-fr'-^f.i <B~ «r ^^z " jt g^T >TV j"F>w^r>-™j» r^^ty-^gif 4 ijTj^m^ w pgfg ^ §»^|»«S«MBiS^^fcBSSS^M^BlBS«H h *"^r^*^ Hi ^^*^*^*^^' iM *^ HOSIERY at .» '* I *«I 5 |_j ,^C.pS IWsniti* l«? r*« r%"V*$nS * or 3 pairs for...$2,5! first quality>hofe thqt sell cgulgrly. up to $1.65 and afe ^n shears QS well 05 hfgyifr gqwg«?$ — they're perfect?, but (They grj ih«w%* that have been >/•

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