Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 19, 1955 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 19, 1955
Page 4
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» a » » t* -i t , f StAft, Hb^t, At* A MS AS -.. If a bull is par-Jon horseback goads him repeal/ .vuve. «.nuiner maiaaor mi and strong, it might ly with a stick. The number r ..<?$.• . . ,. . , . . o arrange to have a times he counterattack" to spit'" * C ° mM '" * ' andbags dropped on of his wounds, is registered in a' In some La V" .American co Tuesday, April 19, 19SS Another matador mere- i trios the life of a brave bull is egistered morning of a fighl v -book. yoii donl waftt hir/ti j f nc s hows excessive bravery I sometimes forgiven. That rarely if ie starch out of _.nmi.i he is kept lor breeding purposes, i ever happens "here. Good bulls are just to slow nirn an d ncvel . en t e rs the fight ring, j scarce in .o.ther lands, but there If he shows cowardice ,he goes to ai'e 243 bull raising ranches in the saughterhousc right then, and Spain. .' bull is as old as thc,' ifelches a pricfe of ""'^ about $ 7 ''- j Recently matador -Domingo Or- ahd for more than| Bulls with physical defects such, fe ga. himself owner of a famous he has been inten- F.S broken horns, are fotitjht at thc' ll>anc h. pleaded in a lecture that n complete the symbolic struggle of man's skill triumphing over the fdrce of brute courage"." To me the most inhuman thing about the whole spectacle isn't nierely the fact the bull is slain — it is the crowd ofter\, cheers as ite carcass is dragged dff, because they feel it didn't put up a good fight. 'For the "life of me I can't see how a human being can hoot at a bewildered animal in pain, fighting (blindly to the death in a g:ime the rules of which it cannot possibly understand. fed to create ah ail-.age of three as "novillos." bull who had fought exceptionally t of the pasture until j A prime fighting full at four or |. we " should be saved and returned five years old,' hisj-five brings $750 in the Madrid °S e - ring. But in less than half an hour ) the crossroads of,after he goes'into that ring, mag t the age of Iw6: "Iti then is subjected to pasture." for breeding purposes. I The public generally resented; Ortega's plea.- In Spain the "luck! nificenlly-and ferociously alive, the! of the killing' is regarded as llie| niules drag him out dead. Even if crucial moment in the drama of a of bravery. 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A I Calehdar Tuesday April 1* The Friendship class of the First Baptist Church will meet in the home of Mrs. Arless Adams OB Rosston Road Tuesday April 19 SAENGER • TODAY ONLY • • FEATURE TIMES • 2:35 - 4:^6 - 5:57 - 7:38 - 9:19 MOST EXOTIC LAND MAN HAS EVER KNOWN! Jack HAWKINS Glynis JOHNS • EXTRA "Candid Micro- . phone" Wed. & Thurs. * RW feEistounCOUM! AnriBLYTH . Howard KEEL I Fernando LAMAS { SOCIETY Phone 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P. M. cot-sage of kitchett utensil 1 ; upon Arrival. A number of games were played with prizes beifijt awarded the honoree. Punch and cookies were served to those present. at 7:30 p. m, for a monthly social .All members and associate members are urged to attend. Co-hostess will be Mrs. W. L. Tate. The V. F. W. Auxiliary will meet Tuesday April 19, at 7:30 p. m. at the Hut. A film on cancer, 146,000 could live will hfi shown, and the public is invited. Wednesday 20 "A program of Duets" will be presented Wednesday afternoon at 4 o'clock in the Junior High Auditorium by the piano pupils of Mrs. R. L. Gosnell. The public is invited. . . tion of officers and all are urged to attend. members The Gardenia Garden Club .will meet hursday April 21, at 2:30 p. , m. in the home of Mrs. Prank Rus- I sell on S. Main St., Mrs. Frank Ri- Ider will be co-hostess. Mrs. P. H. Webb will have charge of the program All members are urged .to attend as the,coming hat show will be discussed. The Azalea Garden Club will I meet Thursday April 21, at 2 p. m. [in the home of Mrs. Claude Tillery with Mrs. Oliver Adams as co-hostess. - The Lilac Garden Club will meet in the home of Mrs. P. C. Stephens of Blevins .Wednesday April 20,. at 3 o'clock. All members are urged to atted and bring the flower show schedule to be returned to ;h.e 'Federation. Thursday April 21 Jfope 328 order of Eastern Star will meet Thursday April 21, at 7:30 p.- m. There will be an initia- DRIVE-IN THEATRE Hwy 29 South • Open 6:30 Starts Tonight William HOtDEN luneAlirSON Bailiaia SUNWYCK Fiednc MARCH WaltoPIOGEON, Shelley WIN I [US' Paul OOUGL«S~' ' .Lo*s CALHERJJ • SHORTS • 1. Hal Kemp Musical 2. Cartoon, "That's My Pup" DRIVERS OF ALL BUMPER STRIP CARS WILL BE ADMITTED FREE TONIGHT, WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY One of Many New Styles for Now and All Summer $5.95 crisp black cotton ,., brightly printed with hats and ) . . i A saucy scalloped neckline makes a pretty sundress^ >,. and a cop fashion one in this year's black back* ground for a colorful conversation print. Fabric'i nice, too...Sanforized*cotton with Perma-Drap« finish for constant crispness. Sizes 12-20; 12'/i-22'/$. * aaximsim ibrinkaff Itu tht* 1% PfpfftJMI* fifff The Azslea Garden Club will meet Thursday April 21, at 2 p. m. in the homo of Mrs. Claude Tlllery with Mrs. Oliver Adams as co-hostess. Friday April 29 The Friday Music Club will meet Friday April 29, at 7:30 p. m. in the home of Mrs. B. C. Hyatt. Saturday April 23 The Melody Maids will meet. Saturday morning at 10 o'clock in 'the home of Sue Cook. bahlla Garden Club Metis With ' Mr*. C. B. Rltey The Dahlia Garden Club met in the home of Mrs C. B. Riley Friday April 15,-with Mrs. A. C. Ball and Mrs. Joe Reese as co-hostesses. The meeting was called to order by Mrs. Dewey Baber and the group repeated the Lord's Prayer in unison. Mrs. C. B. Riley read the minutes of the last meeting, and Mrs. Troy Greenlee gave the treasurer report. Mrs. Baber gave a report on her trip to Little Rock where the State Flower Show convention was held in March. Mrs. Floyd Fuller and Mrs. J. C. Carl- DauLr on ifiG report the Hat Show as they were : guests at that meeting. I Mrs. Fuller won the door prize making the Dahlia Club of Hope, more outstanding. • j 'Mrs. Carl Greenlee reported DOFOTHY DIX She's A Poor Cook Dear Miss Dix: 1 am happily'but perhaps you have other work- married, with a £ood husband and able suggestions that would help two lovely childfen. The drawback me. to complete, happiness (there al-| Another thing about the cook- ways seems to be one) is- my mi-'books I have is> that they are too serable e'ooking. Though my mo-jfancy. Aren't there some on sim- ther was a good cook, she never pie foods? MRS. M. W taught me. She died before I mar-| Answer: Your trouble, I think, ried so I entered matrimony corn-is not so much that you don't know pletely ignorant of kitchen lore, [how to cook as that you're afraid I tried to find a cooking school, to _ try thtoff»y.O u read about. at your house will have a hew tast6 if you just raise your self- confidence alone with the yeast rolls. Den't be afraid of a failure — they Come to us all; the second try will be better and the failures will be very very few anyway. Try Magazines There are many quite simple cookbooks and there is also con- but that was during the war, when such things were hard .to locate. Then the babies came, time was . limited and 1 just fumbled along, j Slderable s P ace devoted to recipes My husband never complained, you , coul d easily follow in the wo- though. He said I'd teach myself men .' 9 magazines. I particularly recommend to you the magazines Dear Miss Dix: We have an only son whom, I am ashamed to say, I we have spoiled. From babyhotfd he has been given everything he wanted. He has never known the want of money and we never forced him to Work. Although we aren't wealthy people, we even bought him a new car. Now he Is going with very bad company. He claims to be i ' cookbook after oook- distributed at ridiculously low cost through many chain stores. There y ° U Can . to Oglesby school sponsored by the Dahlia Club, won third place in the ienn . ., .„ Junior Clubs Poster Contest; in S0n> Apnl 1G Statewide contest. Mrs. Joe Reese, Mrs. Guy Downing and Mrs. Troy Greenlee were named as nominating committee' brook, Hope, Ark, Mr. and Mrs. for the new officers, Mrs. A. C. Ball, Mrs. Floyd Ful- rival of a baby boy 4-16-1955. nt;f.o^s 0 r w vs,"sL? is Kf^ r f% j r^ A ' diu Specialty Shop for the Hat and P ' Margalet Style show to be held in May Mrs. Ira Turner introduced Mrs. I Admitted: Mrs. H H. HiJUrdl, Sundav April 24 The Friday Music Club will present .Miss Helen Lyons and Miss Virginia Owens of Ouachita College Faculty in a violin and piano Re-JA. A. Holbert; who" gave "a* most Hope ' Glen Fa 8 an - Hope, Mrs. Lo cital, Sunday April 24, in the Jun- interesting and instructive di<? lia pickard . Hope, Mrs. John B ior High Auditorium at 3 o'clock. ' - «_.u_.. TT— . The public is cordially invited to attend. Notice The Executive Council of the WomaiVs Society of Christian Service of tiie F'r it Methodist Church will meet Wednesday April 20, at 2 o'clock in the Church. This mee ing was previously scheduled to meet Tuc:s:lav. Music Makers Meet In Home of Mary Eppler Sixteen-^ members attended the April meeting of the Music Makers Saturday morning in the home o* Mary Eppler. : Jo Ellen Barr presided over the meeting and conducted the election of officers for the next Clufi year. Suzanne McNeill was chosen president, Ann Cole vice president, Mary Jean Sparks, secretary,, Diane Helms treasurer, and Carolyn Strong reporter. Carolyn Strong presented the program on Mana Zucca. A flute solo was played by Ann Colo arid Carolyn Strong played ' a piaino solo. The choral 'group' r sang "I Love Life" and "The Big Brown Bear," During the social hour the hostess served iced drinks and indivi'-. dual iced cakes. Patmos P. T. A. See Slides' of Foreign Countries ': The Patmos P. T. A. members and guests enjoyed slides ni Germany, Italy and other places of interest, shown by Dale Hubbard at their meeting Wednesday night April 15. The following officers were elected: President, Mrs. Gary Fofmby vice-president '•• Mrs. Bryan Camp; secretary-treasurer, Mrs. Jimmie Griffin; hospitality chairman, Mrs. Glen McDonald; reporter, Mrs. Guy Martin. Mrs. Holiday's grades and Mr. McDonald's grades tied for the room count. Following the business session, refreshments were served. Vonoil Trout Honored With "* T1 ~ Miscellaneous Shower Miss .Voncil Trout, • bride elect of Doyle Yocum, was honored with a miscellaneous shower Friday April 15, at 7:30 p. m. in the home of Mrs. Cline Franks, Mrs. Louis Sutton, Jr., and Mrs. Van Wiggirs were hostesses. • The Franks home was lovely throughout with arrangement* of spring flowers. Miss Trout was presented $. LET US 00 YOUR WASH! PICK-UP AND DELIVERY Valentine Washeteria 800 West 3rd We Are Dealers of Dura Craft Aluminum Boats Mhoon's Jewelry Storo TAKE HOME HICKORY SMOKED BAR - B - Q BURT'S Rear of A&P Ster« • Desk Fans » Westinghouse Airconditioner • Window Fans • Attic Fans Johnion I, Rettig Eltctric Co. 919 W. 2nd Ph. 7-21M Hi •. Uuck Highway «7 WMt LUCK'S USfD FURNITURI CO, idft «f City timid If (Mllon W*tf r ••rr*|| cussion on Roses, Azaleas, and Camellias. Mrs. Carl Greenlee won first place with her Asymmetrical 3-D arrangement and Mrs. Troy Greenlee won the surprize package. The hostess served a delightful salad plate to two guests, Mrs. A. A. Holbert, Mrs. J. C. Carlton and the following members, Mesdames, Dewey Baber, Carl Greenlee, Elton Hughes, Troy Greenlee, Wayne Lafferty, Guy Downing, Floyd Fuller, Guy Linaker, Ira Turner, Dick Irwin and Dalfon Dragoo sventually. I bought book but they were all too cated. Th( knowledge on the part of the ^ would-be cook. Of course, by HOW , ry I have mastered simple cooking, 4' ,, . .. . . . ' but I'm not as good as I'd like to'JSJ? ewly JSSfUe ? s . m(a11 book will be The evening schools in mv make a P erfecl introduction to no cooking clashes I 1™^^ tb**™?* 1 ™?J m C °"" ificult or fancy. This is the "Good i and Easy" cookbook by Betty C.ro- Fulton announce the arrival of a cker. It sells' for the modest sum of one dollar and a better investment you never made. Just open it at random, make up your mind you are going to prepare the dish on that page and get to work, it's practically impossible to fail. | Then promote yourself to the same author's "Picture Cook Book,' a tome filled with mouthwatering pictures of the luscious things you can turn out by following pictures. You are shown, | not merely told, how-to do things. You'll soon find yourself graduating to such advanced works as the "Emily Post Cook Book," the "Gourmet Cook Book." I'd like very much to know how you progress. I'm sure the meals over with someone. It finally came to ' a point where I had to tell him to I leave horrtCi Answer: It isn* ten out A young rfiafi •*%& '. known clisciplie, Sacrifice —^^ Discussing the! situatiof^dprj ilel/bd'&h&p-tafW'" J the Family Service- v Anted which has a representatve ,ifl <iHy. ^ '.Li-.*' Forcing'nim otit $ ymSf- was" a questionable-solutidnr' 311, you and his~f5th8r "nSaSt, ed the ptobiem tby years of mangement. I'm sure pefru.. counseling will - , Stfg'&St * fctyi answer. . if Swedeh-reports' , rters became Swedish tttftejli I iW ' ' '•^•" 4 Branch Admitted: Mrs. Lester Hairston, Patmos, Ark., Mrs.' S. A. Wes*- S. A. Westbrook announce the ar- Baber, Hope. Discharged: Mrs. Mattie Lou Eubanks, Hope, Mrs. S. H. Briant, Hope, Alvin Slaton, Washington Arkansas. Comirvg and Going Mr. C. C. Spragins, Mrs. B. C. Hyatt, Mr. and Mrs George Frazier and Tommy visited Stuart Spragins in Little Rock Sunday. Hospital Notes Julia Chester Admitted: Mrs. J. T. Thompson;. Hope, Mrs. Samuel J. Huckabee;. Hope, Mrs. Raymond Hamilton; Fulton, W M. McFadden, Hbpj^' iRt. 4, Bob Levins, .Washington. : ' Discharged: Mrs. James Bettjs/ Rt. 1, Hope, Mrs. C. B. Holder. Emmet,. Dr. Herbert Rogers, Ho:is. James H. Walker, Rt. 1, Hope, Aretha Stuart and son, Hope, Otto Rodden; . Prescott. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Hamilton WANT you to know how sincerely we appreciate your patronage of our pharmacy. It will be our constant endeavor to merit your reliance upon us for the professionally competent filling of your prescriptions and for courte- .' pus service in all merchandising departments of our store. '"• You have every right to expect your drug store to be a good drug store, and we intend to so conduct ours as to deserve your approval. 102 W. 2nd WARD & SON DRUGGIST Phone 7-2292 LETDUCKETTDOIT... THE BEST IN STEEL CONSTRUCTION '*•-•' Sheds:—- FormjBuildings— Industrial Buildings 4v ^ ;; ^ J rnqde^tcording to specifications. ' Can be constructed at low cost! DUCKETT STEEL & EQUIPMENT CO. North Main Street : LUCKY NUMBER THURSDAY — REGISTER THURSDAY — FOR YOU* LUCKY NUMBER'MAY WIN JACKSON WHITE CREAM STYLE SWEET MELLORINE FRE-ZERT I WASHING , u i. ',: t,.', f.-. Large ^.iMK^KfcS VBoxv v :'»MSl PICNIC •A----' ••'• ••.»• "i-r "••.. .___ ,•-.,.. \v<•••'.. • >.•<« ft^tii'tOTyMMi • '••" ' ' . VfyTjJtfJ'Ifcs J Miliii ™^tMllBF' jiiyv. s*if**;^W*ifsS!KS •'" C: ; ; -••?:/•,..'•;.;>:£ ^fj^Ki^M WE DELIVER '••'" '-:"/v.<«'1;|'' \.-\vi;*;$<} . -,; , •-'« t . . i.'JAvA, l'.!, 1 ! .•« i. -i •!.»' •'<!••'( Uij f£j.sxyxt? r-ix. m \ *'•*• \ > 7 < ,!»„>»««£.>,. U-,™ „ p* " ' U»*~va-,Y »M- *'V*- a* t iv < •>,». ' >'< f ***< > t J'K-ip 1 | *'*..' . , ~«& Th» dashing Oodfl* Loncer 4-Door is availgble in Custom You've always known the 4-door sedan was the ideal "family car." But perhaps it's never seemed very exciting! }., Then one day you spot someone swooping past your home in a new Dodge Custom Royal Lancer Four-Door! Gallant and gay! Dashing! Fourrdpor convenience with a fashion flair! These 4-door Lancers are just now arriving at our Dodge dealerships. Be the first in yqur neighborhood to put glamour into family transportation! ^ Podse Dealers present: Panny Thomas in "Make Room for Pad^y," ABC-TV « Bert Paty l.nfPrtSk the Bank," ABC-TV » I Dt l%t oJpMwlfVl (tit $f c«n4 CO. M. . "«M

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