Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 18, 1955 · Page 13
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 13

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 18, 1955
Page 13
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HETTIO Business For Lease ONE SUPER SERVICE Station. 3rd and Laurel. Reasonably priced See S. L. Murphy fr^r details. * ' 8-t For Soft SAND, Gravel, topsofl, fill dirt Phone- 7-4392. A. L. Park. April 15-1 Mo Funeral Directors MOWN WESTERN SHARES lvcrrffled Income Fund available from '.'; M. $. BATES Ji?R*» * r lt« 'SrSERVICE Hy 67* Wert of Hope ELECTRIC WELDING Done, anywhere. Call us. »- ur-for -your-Car, Truck, - - Tractor'repairs. 'We • re|*s near as your phone' OAKCREST Funeral Home. Insurance ... Ambulance. 2nd & Hazel . . . Phone 7-2123. 13-1 Mo. BABY CHICKS, large variety. See x these chicks before buying. Danay Hamilton, 204 East 2nd. March 15-1 Mo, jftERNDON-CORNELIUS Funeral Home and Burial Association. Prompt Ambulance Service. Phone 7-5570 or 7-5505. 23-1 Mo. For Rent YOUR OATS need nitrate now — We have plenty ammonia and nitrate soda, also all kinds fertili zers. J. W. Strickland. MARCH 19-1 Mo. BABY CHICKS best grade laying and broiler type. Hope Feed Company. Phone 7-2547. Mr. 24-lmo. IF INTERESTED in buying a home, take a look at 212 N. McRae. Phone 7-4418. H-6t DAHLIAS Tube Roses, No. 1 Gla~- dioli — separate colors. Mont's Seed Store. 14.61 UNFURNISHED, newly decorated, six room house. Garage. Garden. 812 W. 4th. Dial 7-2247. 1-tf THREE room unfurnished apart ment, private bath, reasonable rent. 1311 West Avenue B. Phone 8 x 10 WHITE Enamel, inside and out, Huffman Walk-in Refrigerator in excellent condition. Bargain. Autrey Wilson, Phone 72910. 12 . 6 t 7-3698. 18-tf r.«. ermife Control Co. . k a da >j . .. „*. . WfiosSWfi' "^ ARANTEED For Free Inspection call' HA. D. Middlebrooks Jr. IjRhones £-2822,'qr 7,- DESIRABLE three room • apartment. Furnished and bills paid. 204 Bonner. ^ 14-th NICE THREE room unfurnished apartment, for rent in-nice part of city. Phone 7-4626:. \ 14-6t FURNISHED apartment, 320. North Washington St. .Mrs. Gep. Sande- '' fur, 7-2125,' also 2 front bedrooms , x lor rent '.''.•' 14-3t 100 CHOICE clumps of double hollyhocks. Priced to sell. Also canna roots. Arthur Gray, Ozan 14-6t Middlecoff to Play in Spa Open Meet HOT SPRINGS (<P) _ Cary Middlecoff, who has won four mftj6r golf tournaments this year, is the pre-tourney favorite to capture the 515,000 Arlington Hotel Open here May 12-15. Middlecoff is no stranger at the Hot Springs Country Club's No. 3 course where the tournament will be played. He works out on the colirse about twice a year. The former dentist recently captured the Masters tournament, His )ther 1955 triumphs were the St Petersburg (Fla) Open, the Blng Crosby invitation and the Los A-i- :eles Opeh. The Arlington will Ije Arkansas' 1 irst major golf tournament. Rockefeller Could Greatly Aid Arkansas By WILLIAM W. 'HUGHE LITTLE ROCK (tfP) Arkansas hopes to become a "Cinderella" state, The prince charming is V-in-hrop Rockefeller, and people around here are 'convinced he can do as. much for Arkansas as he Old for Bobo. Bobo Rockefeller, a coal miner's daughter, got a .-$5,000,000 settlement from the oil multimillionaire when she divorced .him last year One local wag already -has figured out that Arkansas cquld have built 123 miles of . badly-jieed'ed highway with .that much money. But Arkansas is not looking for n divorce. Arkansas loves Rocke- eller, who -carfle 'here to live just i few years agp 'and has Iready shown he can.help;the state out of ts economic doldrums.' The 43-year-old grandson of bil- lonaire John D, Rockefeller al- eady has given the state's cattle ndustry a boost with his fabulous anch atop Peti; Jean mountain Ie is breeding the Santa Gertrucl- ROCKED.OUT—This "ole rockin' ch>Ir," cftvered With notes and the signatures of his fellow worker's "Was the' "goodby"'message to Abraham L. Young, who retired this.m,onth'. He had been with 'Armco Steel Corporation-at MiddletoW)n,.Qhio,..fQr, 40 years. Here he looks over some of the' messages before taking -off'. for New '. Orleans and the-Mardi .Gras. . DOPOTHY DIX strain of beef cattle and has hrown his place open to agricul- ural extension agents to come and irofit from his pasture -and feed SIX bedroom, two story house with 2V4 baths. Ideal for rooming house, two blocks from town. Priced right. 521 South Main. W. H. Fincher, phone 7-2209. 14-6t NICE big South bedroom, inner spring mattr,ess, private entrance. 303 cornel- Soiifh Pine, Phone 7-2115. > TAILOR MADE |,Silif:Seat.Cor«r$ J&23.00 £• For Most-Gars Plostjc Seat Covers $32.50 For Most Cars GLASS iit ,Installed, for any make j»-cor or truck, also cut for table tops. -.-- & Solvoge Co, 7 PAYS.A DUPLEX unfurnished 3 rooms and bath, Near town. Newly decorated, reasonable.. Phone 7-2170.' 16-3t Awnings Canvas Awnings and metal awnings. Manufacture Venetian blinds. Renovating old blinds. Rug Cleaning. OOOPER-BIJANKENSHIP Formerly Riley Cooper 1615 Texas Ave. Phone 32-1841 Tejjarkana, Tex. April 14-1 Mo. TWO BEDROOM House FHA finance, vacant on Mocking Bird Street. Small down payment and monthlies. Sam Hartsfield. 15-3t to Buy OLD RA.QS,, Call or bring to the Pope Star. 8-tf. > Notice INCOME TAX SERVICE. Compe tent and reasonable? J. W.- Strlek land. '••..; , 18-tf ONE OF Hope's most beautiful homes. Located in the McDowell addition, on 2/3 of an .acre. -Large number of big shade trees. Level lawn with St. Augustine grass. This home has three large bedrooms, wall to wall carpet • in living room, and hall. Also • rubber tile and hardwood floors. 2 baths (l'/j). Double garage. 2 years old. Shown by appointment only. Phone Pr. 7-4697. 15-Ct 1500 large Bpis D' Arc post, fresh cut,- priced right. Hunt's Store, 0 miles South on Spring Hill road. ^^ - i8-3t GOOD Jersey milch cow with calf Inquire at Hunt's Store 6 miles South on Spring Hill Road. 38-3t TOMATO plantg — six varities wilt resistant, 30c a dozen or 4 doz. $1. Campbell's Flower Shop, 1804 South Elm. iG-3t Reel Estate for Sale MOVING? Long Distance Moving All Moving Rates are not the same 'Call collect 592 Prescott Transfe & Storage Inc. Prescott Ark. Fre „ Estimate. 4-1 Mo Services Offered Hope Star ^fATTRESS renovation and Inner •pring work Cobb Mattress Co 818 South Washington. Phone V-209. Var. 4-tf RALP{{ Montgomery Market. Cu» ' font flaughteriog. Phone 7-3301 10-1 Mo. •Iptfon Rotes (poyobl« in at* FOR water well iervlce, any size or depth, see or write O. T. Clark, Qale. Ark. 10-tf CONVALESCENT AND Nursing Hospital. Reasonable monthly /ates. Quiet Neighborhood. Catering to Aged and Convalescent Patients. For information contact Ouacluta County Hospital, Camden, Arkansas. Phone Temple 6- JW85. April 1-1 Mo. WATER WE'LL Drilling any depth or size, 0- T. Clarlf and Son C. R. Clark, Cale. Ark,., 203 East Ave. B.. Hope, Ark. April 18-1 Mo. MMNW For All Mokei and Refrigeration Service APPLIANCE REPAIR 210 e. 3rd 7-8809 WE SELL — We Buy _ We Rent Real Estate. Franklin Company, 108 South Main/ 5-1 Mo. The Negro By Helen Turner Rhone 7-3830 Or bring, iwms tp M.)« Turntr at Hicks Fineral Home experiments. He also has started a numberVpf philanthropies in the state, chiefly aimed at improving medical •facilities in rural .areas.: But these benefits are secondary compared with wht Arkansas sees m the future. Gov. Orval Faubus recently put Rockefller in charge of the newly-created Arkansas Industrial Development Commission which is dedicated to-the proppsi- tioh that Arkansas need not always be poor. ' , Arkansas now ranks 48th'among the states in 'expenditure for education and 47th in per capita'in- come. But state officials and businessmen have always insisted the state has more/ industrial potential than most other states of parable size, The Arkansas economy is pegged principally on cotton -farming poultry raising and oil and timber production. Few. of its raw ms- terwils are manufactured .into finished Products within the . state Much' of its wealth -is siphoned-*pff by Eastern companies. Rockefeller: traded his plush New York -apartment for a ranch -in this undeveloped "frontier;" sinking at least $1,000,000 .into the ranch itself. Among his ranch praj. ?i™! f S a - , wat " P^Ping station that furnishes enough water for a city of 8,000 population. The cornmissloi he leads will'at- He's Not Interested •Dear Miss Dix: \Vhy can't a girl see that a man doesn't car.e for her? My 22-year-old sister is very much in love with a man a'bit older than she. He simply is not'inter- ested in her, yet nothing ' he doe's convinces her 'of the fact. She's known him for ayear, yet has been on only one date with him though'he comes to see'her'occas- ionally. The one thing 'he' does to bolster her hope is telephone her. He repeatedly* has announced that he has no intention of marrying or going steady; he goes out with other girls, yet my s'ister keeps hoping — why, and for .what? VIVIAN Answer: Your sister is certainly wasting time, but if she'is.content with the few crumbs that feed her hopefulness, she's not going to give up. The only thing that will jog her into sensibility would be' his yearrold .one is not...However, stea dy or not, .seven nights a week is too much dating-' for any couple. Those in school should be restricted -to two week-end-nights, while even' the working member of the, trio should save a few evenings for rest' and personal chores. announced riage. engagement or mar- Plan A Trip '. ••'• ' : Why not plan a trip with her this summer, or a vacation at a busy resort? A change of scenery, activity and people might show her ho\v much she's missing. State Awaits Court Ruling on Segregation By GORDON BROWN WASHINGTON UP) '— Along with other southern states having segregated school systems, Arkansa is waiting for . the Supreme Court's railing on how and when to end segregation.. '..' : -Last Klay the court held that segregation in education was un- Inoculations to Start oiv Large Scale By United Press Hundreds of thousands of young- Asters received their first inoculations of Salk anti-polio vaccine' today as the biggest mass assault on disease in history got under Way. The first, and second graders from Tallahassee, Fla., to Los Angeles, Calif., trooped to distribution centers to 'begin the natino- al mass inoculation program. But delayed shipments of the vaccine forced other states and cities to cancel plans to start giving their children p r o t e c t i o n against infantile paralysis this week. • . ••.'.. Health Department officials explained that many "areas parlicul- larly in .the North, would have to Wait because first piority wa Southeast and Southwest, where polio strikes earlier in the year. Most officials received the news of delay without complaint. But in San Francisco, Health plrer>to>- Ellis D. Sox said the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis was .handling the mass inoculation program ' "like a soap opera changing the ground rules so you don't know where you stand." TO DA ^GREATEST SHOW EVER*! " 46 BIG ACT) M50 PEOPLI cts From Greet Showj Such As r.v/j BIG TOP AND * SUPER CIRCUS TOGETHER IN U. S. taxpayers contribute more than a billion dollars a year for the care of mentally ill people. ed by Chief .Justice "Wafren on his presentation. While here, Gentry shied away from discussions of his political future. Asked if he might be in the running- for governor next year, Gentry gainned and said "thats a long way off." constitutional. In v the strictest sense, Arkansas .wasn't involved in this .decision and won't be involved in the. second. That is because the original ruling was mad? in cases involving Dear Miss Dix: I am deeply in I ^ *?* , Negrp students in «ve'school dm aee P J y an districts —, none in Arkansas. Anri tempt to., lure new industries' o Arkansas, ,-^i.th ^Vjnthrop Rocke '• to w w •••- said »er W. W, Campbell, a -member of the Cf.n-.mission, "our -hopes are real- Asked by newsmen what h thought of the prospects for bring ing capital into Arkansas, Rockt feller himself said: "We're reall going to get something done." „, love with a man who also loves me. However, we are faced with two problems. One is that my parents don't like him, though he is a very good friend of my brother and a frequent visitor to our home The second is that he doesn't like my best friend. She and I have been pals since kindergarten days and' I would hate to break with ' her - DALE 0. Lego! Notice No - 7715 In the Chancery Court of Junior Choir of BeeBee Memorial OME Church will rehearse Thursday night, April 21, at 7:30. Senior choir of Lonoke Baptist Chijrch will rehearse Tuesday ni- ;ht, April 19, at 7:30. vs. Plaintiff Senior 4pd , Junigr choir of Garett Chapel Baptist Church will re- Tuesday night, April 19, at WILLIE HOPSONT ............ Defendant WARNING ORDER T The defendant, WILLIE HOPSON is hereby warned to appear in this court within thirty days and answer the complaint of the Plaintiff, TENNIE LOUISE HOPSON and upon his failure to do so, said complaint may be taken as con- :30. Choir No. 2 of Bethel AME Chur- h will rehearse. ipr'il 19. "al 7:30' Tuesday night, Mrs. Barbara Moore, Miss Corine Handel and Mrs. Irene Easter and •vo daughters left Friday night *or )maha, Nebr., for an indefinite lay. • BEE-T-MITE Termite Control Service if Pper«ted by GUY GRIGG . Itrwct p«Hcr 101 S0wHi Mflin St, f r3«|| or Grant Adams of McNab died at is home Friday, April 15. Funeral arrangements are incomplete. MM.- Ma*y- Johnson had as dinner guests on Sunday April 17, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Flenory, Witness my hand and the seal of said court thi? 26 day of March 1955 Garrett WiUis, Clerk (SEAL) March 28. April 4, n, 19 NoHce . Answer: Your young man. is ab- viously the possessive type, and therein probably lies the explanation for iboth problems. Your parents realize that' jealousy goes nand-in-hand with the desire to monopolize, and they also 'know that this combination of qualities makes_ very poor husband material. The boy's' dislike of your girl friend arises from his wisu to dominate your every action; he wants no one else to share your life. At present you might interpret his attitude as one of deep love- in a way this is so — but the love is for himself, not for you. Dear Miss Dix: I had been married less than six months when my husband's former sweetheart called him, and they have been seeing each other ever since. That was al- , ________ _ ..... „ ______ „„ most a year ago. .Before our mar- further litigation before ''the"" "mat- in the strictest sense, the second ruling likewise will apply only to those five school district. The court, naturally, can't issue an order affecting an Arkansas school district if the litigants are from North Carolina. But in the broad sense, the decisions could be made to apply to any school district in the country. Atty. Gen. Tom Gentry of Arkansas entered the case as a "friend of the court." He' suggested the' court send the five c^ses back to the U. S. district courts which were involved originally with 1 instructions to' make such orders as necessary to carry out the decision. This would give the low er courts a certain'discretion and there would be no set date 'for ending segregation. "The court," Gentry contended, "should not attempt to say on the meagre facts before it in these cases, what a reasonable time in sll cases will be. "That is a matter which thi. court should, at this time at least leave to the good faith and sounc discretion of the courts in which such issu.e may, in the future, be presented." In other words. Gentry foresees Rep. Jim Trimble, usually one of the most mild mannered men in the House, is about to take the warpath against the Budget Bu- reu. First, he has been trying, to persuade the Bureau,-to no avail, to modify its directive setting up standards for river projects. Under the Bureau's standards, most hydroelectric ' projects in Arkansas cannot be justified. Trimble maintains the 'Bureau's directive is not in line with what Congress intended. Far from, getting the Budget Bureau to budge, Trimble has received reports it may make its directive even stiffer. The Bureau also recently turned down a new post office for Fay- etteviile after Trimble thought he had things all set. Because-of Bureau opposition the Senate Public Works Committee declined'to okay the building. -...•• Unless he changes his mind, Trimble plans to make a Hbuse talk shortly blistering the Bureau. Sen. McClellan (D-Ark) is pretty burned up, also. He's irritated at the way the Defense Department gave him the mnaround. It told him April 1 it planned a nationwide survey of its hospital facilities before deciding, definitely to close the Army-Navy .hospital at Hot Springs. Also it promised him a copy of the survey report. Two weeks later, it.'announced ' the Hot Springs hospital will be closed no survey, no report. Wild LIOMS'TICtRS 1,001 BIG THRIiAS Twice Daily 4 PM - 8P Doors Open 2 PM - 7 PM Adults $1.10 - Childs 50c All Tax Included COLISEUM Want to WASH Water's HOT Valentine Washeteria 800 West 3rd We Are Dealers of Dura Craft Aluminum Boats Mhoon's Jewelry Stare TAKE HOME HICKORY SMOKED BAR - B - Q B U RT'S Rear of A&P Store • DISC FANS • Window Fans • WesHnghouse Aircondirioner Johnson & Retfig Electric Co. 319 W. 2nd Ph. 7-2156 H. B. Luck Highway 17 Wwt LUCK'S USED FURNITURE CO.* Edge of City Limit* Weil M Gallon Water Barrels for •«!• Phone 7-4381 Hope, Ark. News Briefs LITTLE ROCK W -» The "Ar kansas Supreme Court today af. firmed fines totalling $5QO impose in Phillips Circuit Court ag^ius Johnny J$irjs Miller on charges pf liquor law yiolatjpfl§. against- Mjljev wag }arge]y CJVCUHIT stantial byf that it w ' tjal and fu/f^jent |.o jury's verdict," Policy effJ€«f3 agent bought untaxed whiskey Miller's home on a Sundy ' NOTICE IN THE PROiATE COURT OF HEMPSTEAP COUNTY, ARKANSAS IN THE MATTER OF N °' 986 THp ESTATE OP J. C. PORTERFIELD, Peceijsed Ust known address of decedent: 517 West Fifth .Street - Hope Arkansas. ^ death . : January 25, 1955 J ' . f(8? riage she turned hjm down; now apparently she wants him. He claims he loves me but loves her too t I suggested a divorce but he doesn't want one. He says she wouldn't marry him anyway. MRS. M. I Answer: You are certainly involved with a particularly despicable type of female.. She doesn't vant the man, yet she doesn't ,'ant to see anyone else happy will him. Ypur weakling husband doesn't have the stamina to tell her off, so he'll continue vacillating between you two as long as you Jet him. Leave Him Drastic though the solution is, I think the only way to end things is to separate from him. When the girl sees that she is definitely set in the role of home-wrecker and that her precious reputation is bound to be smeared she'll probably drop your husband. • Such a move will also show your man that you don't intend to be a ter ultimately is settled. Gentry told a reporter after the arguments "I agree that the (court's) decree can apply directly only to the districts which are parties to these actions, but as I see it under the broad decision it applies eventually to everyone in the United States.' He told . the court that Fayetteville and Charleston already have integrated : their schools. But, he said, they had few Negro schpol students and the problem was rel- tively simple. In many districts; how ever, .vhere the Negro population is 25 per 'cept or more of the total, in ;egration will be a most difficult problem," he said, And he told the court, "Litiga- 9n is likely to arise in some, if not all, pf such districts." Where this happens, he said the • DUBARRY • CLEANSING CREAM SKIN FRESHNER Combination Package $375 Value .... Special 2.00 Plus Tax WARD AND SON DRUGGIST 102 W. 2nd Pnone 7 . 2 2 92 LETDUCKETTDOIT... THE BEST IN STEEL CONSTRUCTION Sheds — Farm Buildings — Industrial Buildings made according to specifications. Can be constructed at low cost! PUCKETT STEEL & EQUIPMENT CO. North Main Street courts of Arkansas state fed- admini^ d f r * igl J C l Was , fPP°^ ted complacent wife as far 3 s his in- administrator of the estate O f the fidelities go. This situation calls aDOVe-named decedent nn «ha ie*i,'*.... —:i;i __i j.iT ' 16th j for militancy, not pacifism. tfee having claims aiainst rt «W ttWOuiy verified,, tfl tl>* undersigned within six months from the date o< the lfr«tpuW»rttea of this n 9 tic«, or they shall b 9 {oreyer barre<| and from any benefit m the T ' South Bonnctr Street Dear Miss Dix: I have three teen-age daughters between the ages of 15 and 19. They aH go steady and date from three to seven nights a weefc. I think they are top young for steady dating but they claim it's more fuji, and safer. I just think they ^re too inexperienced to be tied down to one pers.on J. 0. Answer: The question of »te*dy dating could be arfued pro and pon for hours. Your 15-year-pld « It, &t Al- era! "shou.ld be left free to grant uch relief as may be proper under the actual existing circumstances in each particular case ' If Gentry's analysis is correct the full integration is a long way off. Conceivably, it would tak* 9 guit in every school district and even though t the outcome would not be in doubt', the litigation cquld requjr-e time. The court showed considerable interest in how and why Fayqtte- Vllle and Charleston integrated their school systems. Several of the justices asked questions of Gentry about the two cities. Due ref/jured to them »$ "the -Arkansas - • men,*.' Gentry, who once tiid the c»urt tie was "just » country lawyer LIGHTING FIXTURES tec t your eyesight enhance th? beauty ALLEN IL6CTRICCO, 114 S. Elm Phone 7-8629 ARE OUR BUSINESS tff 8LONDII if Chick Y*vnf OH.OH-YOU'LLHAVE TO CAftRy ME.06WN AGAIN, DEAR-'l FORGOT TO PUT OUT S ^>r THE MILK «'( \WE'RE ALMOST 'N SO TIRED TONIGHT, I DON'T KNOW IF CAN GEt JPSTAIRS OUT OUR WAY By J. k. WHltoMk Back to Nature Answer to Previous Puzzle' ACROSS 1 Lilac 5 > moon 9 Male sheep •'(P. 12Gudrun : s husband 13 Notion H Uncle Tom's pet 15 Dinosaurs ) 7 Neither 18 Bed cover 19 Forcbcaring 21 Force 23 Soak 24 Greek letter ,.fr 27 Evict ~- 29 Title 32 Take into custody 34 Invaded 36 Seal 37 Rise 38 Trip 39 Tokyo's old name 4J Mediterranean 2 Western state 3 Swamp 4 Engaged 5 Body part 0 Takes as one's own 7 Helen of Troy's mother 8 Goes without food 9 Deserters 10 Shakespeare's river 11 Ti-ading place 16 Indolent 20 Type lace 22 Queer (slang) 24 The Indies 2G Disputes 28 Exchange 30 " , i lekel, upharsin" 43 Small gnat >i 45 Add up 1 •? 4GHurt ji 47 Platform ' j 48 Close 35 Japanese , volcano 25 Group of three 40 Chooses 31 Icelandic sagas 50 Network 33 Enter 51 Morse's gall 52 Vipers . B5Ibsen ill, character '.si 42 Pop's wife. 44 For fear that . 46 Barbershop singers' heroine 40 Great artery 53 Is able . 54,Liquid containers SO Strike 57 Guns (slang) 58 Upon 59 Worm 60 Gaelic ; ; Cl Permits '' DOWN 1 Fishermen seek it 3 3Z 56 Z6 33 LL Z8 yt 57 ' HE WOM'T EAT ThlS : NEW \ VO& FOOD YOU BOUGHT J BUT WILL GOB3LEUP ( ^^s"I^^I K .f ^ E ? ~S~~? ANiyrHIN& TO E«=AT THE A HP\SHe6<C)E5TO.' JC±/ CAT OUT OP It.'t CAN'T I PIMP THE CAT AMP VOU'fcE / ; WHY MOTHERS* GET OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoopla 50. CARNIVAL •v Dick Tun*** £PLerJDID,TWlG<5£.' I'M JS YOU LIKE SHERLOCK HOLMES/-*-X'LL DEVELOP MARVEL THAT BfeTTE.Q THAN I'VE .BAGGED .OUT AM JAKE WILL: MUFF, '-^.p(?eT6K!D you DOMT CARS AMY MOGe ABOUT THAT Aie-COMDITI<3i4£D CHAIR, ' A BLUBeeE'^rtORTAee BUSINESS By Herihbergar "Now be careful with that hammer, Miss Morgan! Mustn't whack our typing finger, you know!" \ By GalbroiHi SIDE GLANCES T, M. r:tg. V, 9. PMPK. \ r. 1»35 by MH 8)t,le ( , IIH. "Dear, how dp you lik« the '^w vacuum cleaner? The salesman said it picks up anything that falls on the floor!** «WEETIF Pll ""»v Nodme SeUer j| laundry truck fpr 30 yf»r» before I ant me t9 ':«•* I'eund with yoM« I'H Ifl new "Vft,_l mutt OtAt* IKt VIC FLINT 'WHflT ARE SOU INS H5P WASH TUF ME THE POOR 1 . . WBHE. We LOCKE IMOURCABIM SOOTS Ar BUGS BUN £- ALLEY C

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