Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 18, 1955 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 18, 1955
Page 7
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*>7 I".- f f It MOM'StAft, HOPE, A ft K A N * ||$ On« W, bodds, president jSfiv'eriity, described contribution to man's ahdhtg * of-^nature as "be- Ls.'4fifftBlft*nt to our day.' , are deeply, saddened at his birthday last yeai, 'wfid fias d*onp more than thMNfletvtury fc> change "seiehce itslelf." ien the rumpled shock ol un» lr< put President on the track b. Einstein said lUllt," but he firmly id b« held as A and not dropped the wartime dlsas- It Hiroshima .and Nagasaki. Itein l brooded aloud. Me fftftd the unleashing of tho atom gManged everything except ,our "Pftdcs Of thlnkihg, and thus 1 'we iin'lft toward unparalleled catastro- we^Mi* k»,Einstein celebrated his 7Gth TriMhday^only last March 14. In rtg^wltrf his <hn bits of re- V^r's, % *he'"/s < pent quiet, re^tiring day, % secluded from news to our social building, !dnceSeen 1 if Settling :oil Strike :ATLANTA un -chances of set- (ing , a southern strike of railroads /e«e somewhat better today but negotiators , remained deadlocked strife-ridden telphon walk- ''.Conditional agreement was "ached last night on appointment .'a ^neutral mediator in the Louis.- S/ille' & .Nashville Railroad strike vhich is affecting 14 states.. But '*ie, factions disagree on what the -bitratbr should consider. Therp was no'indication,of any Ihahge in 'the Walkout of Southern jftell Telephone and. Telegraph to. employes in nine Southeastern ptajtes.' The weekend was marked **"*;'% continuing 'Wave of violence. --"- -'"•-• ' n S^day's ago. is wjtti 30,OQO per- dell ' claims service " ris at'wirk, including 10,000 supervisory .employes! ' The striking Jorhmunicftioni Workers of Amer^|' J ',i[CIO)|fc'ay^hp"m,ajqrlty of the The Quality Name rter'-*. v 'A • ; Air Conditioning ptete, most'versatile of qij>conditioqiri; v The rrjost advqnced features ore included, tolflfpyids. friejfulljtjenefits of true ofr-cpHPifioning. AH model^cool, de-' humidify, and circulate filtered qir. ,, r~,, • FOR HOMES Cpmmtrciald "Tons of Fun" in Rogers Bros. Circus Death Tq by Violen Reaches By The Associated Press Monday, April 18, 1055 Cars, water and gnmmesl reapers fire were the as Arkansas' Murder at Brinkleyls Still Unsolved BRINKLEY — Who . killed young woman was found injured on the floor of her bedroom. She had been struck on the head with a piece of hickory wood. She • died without regaining con sciousriess. fatally i changed his story several times. 1 Sue Fuller's killer still is free. Mrs.' Miltpn Fuller? I MANILA, P. I. (UP i— A group | of students from Manila colleges left yesterday by plane for a one- month good will tour of the United Her husband, a 31-year-old Car stales sponsored by the ManilL dealer, toid uolire that ne had chronicle, made an habitual early morning trip to town for coffee, returned violent death toll rose to 17 for j four months after the attractive which ended Sunday: 25-year-old mother of two children 'was brutally clujjjjed to death in .... m«n«. ........ • , home, dropped off to sleep in the That question still is unanswered „ . " , , h » . the week midnight. Five persons died in traffic accidents, four drowned and three members of ,a family burned to death from a blaze whicn vaccd through their house. Of the other fatalities, two resulted from accidental shooting one from homicide •with a shotgun^ one from homicide with an ice- pick, and one from a flying object during a windstorm.' The latest death was that of 69- to the identity of the killer has been uncovered. "We're '. still -'working on the <:ase," said Capt. Alan R. Templeton head of the Criminal Investigation Division. S. Hager, who was field north of Batcs- > y * \ i • •' ••'.-• He^ds of trained elephants at<e part of the huge' menagerie o' trained wild animals featured in the great 150 people Rogers-Bros Circus playln'0 hire for onerday at 4 p m and 8 p m today In the Coliseum, t'pormored by the Lloris C.Jub.i The clrou* Is 'said to be the largest show of Its kind ever to play Hefia., 46 professional L acis will appea/., : ' . . '•' • ST. LOUIS LIVESTOCK ' (NATIONAL STOCKYARD, 111. Wl — Hogs 1.5,500; lower; ; bulk choice • lflO-220, Ib • 17.00-25, many 17.35; choice.No. 1 and 2 17.50; 220-240 Ib 16x7,5-17.15; few at 17.25; 240-270 Ib 16,25-75; .few to 17.00: 3,40-170 lb ; . 16.25-17,00; sows 450 Ib down 14.25-75,'.few 15.00; heavier sows 13.00-14.flO; boars 10.00-13JOO. Cattle 8,000, calves . 1,000; .very little done although good quality feeder steers at nea 20,00 steady; few good sized heifers and mixed yearlings weak to 50. lower • >, at 19.00-2,75; cows utility and-commercial 11.50-14.00; cannei'S and cutters 9.00-11,50r bulls utility and .commercial. 13.50rl5.00;. ., canners artd'cutte,rs 10.00-13.00; good v. nnd choice vealers 18 00-25,'00;' few prime 27.00; commercial; and. good 18.00-18.00; cull and utility .6.0012.00.- ' •' .,;,-- ; Sheep 2,500; about steady;.choice and .prime' spring lambs 22,5023.50;< good and "choice 1.00-2,00; good * and choice 3 H> wooliid lamb 20.25; clipped,la'mbs/108 10'., No u 1 pelts 19.50; sWrrt .ewe^ 7.00 down.' . • * ' \ > ' • • a i !70. per cent a.nd,over" A's 38.5; 60-69,, per. cept A's 8; mixed 38; mediums 6.5;.,'' U.T., S, standards 36.5;'dirties (Si^'checks 35; cm rent receipts 3K5., YORK "STOCK . f ; _; ;, NEW OKK l$— Defense , 'stocks especially the aitcrafts, ^were buoyant today • in. a higher, mai'- tct. Key ' stocks • posted* , gains.i to around 3 points in tlie" early afternoon . Losseis m 1 significant reas came to between 1 'and ( 2 points at the outside. '(< Back of thfe,buying atlcntidn ba.r ing paid to { the aircrafts^fi^d similar secutiti£s< was' the • stalemenl by Secretary of State Dulles under- liljing the Rod Chinese buildup of airpower opposite 'Formosa. The entire market was generally 'higher with minus signs, well scattered in all divisions. * POULTRY AND .PRODUCE , CHICAGO — I*)— Live poultrj, fully steady on 'hens, weaken an' young .stock; receipts in coops 849 Friday 148 coops*' 42,741 Ib; f.o.b. paying, prices 1 '/a lower to 3 higher"; heavy hens 22-26; light hens 16.17; broilers or fryers 5-35; old rpps,ters 12-tl 5; onponpttei, •42-45, Butter staedy; rcipts 1,899,88"0; wholesale* buying prices unchanged; 93 score AA 57; 2 A 57; 00 54.75; 89 C 54.25; cars 90 B 55.25; 8 C 4.75. NEW YORK COTTON • NEW' YORK- •(*) •'teotton futures were low.er today,- featured by extensive switching operations from nearby OfrigOSlater 'months. Fust notice 'day for May 'contracts come up next Monday.' Now crop month showed, mild .rallying, tendencies pn replacement; buying 'by- '^ra'dcis who had sold '.near deliv ' . irregular; receipts 30,07; wholesale buying 'prices unchanged to l'/ 2 lower; U. S. large whittes- 50,000-, union-eligible employes are still out. About 2,5,000 employes of """and its subsidiaries are the on strike. There is limited freight service. Almpst all . passenger trains have beyn canceled. Four mofe rail unions have announced plans to go out at noo'n'today. The National Mcdiatmo board in Washington rc-comifiandcd a referee* or arbitrator be appointed to settle the rail strike Both sides agreed, but there wuie vevbjil OF HEARING Sttthf Complete Line Of New Transistor AeousHcon Hearing Aids , TM iff « », . Light Small, Economicel! ' iff , r , ,, Uw In Priw («f ,SQ Up)! ,, <. Individuelly Fitted tp You! STUDIO - HOPE TUESPAY,APIUU9 * CHAIN PROVISIONS CHICAGO (A— Wheat and soybean futiics were strong most of the time today* on buying caused by apprehension over the situation in FcJrmsa. 1 . Wheat was up more than two cents a bushel prt of the time and soybeans more than four cents. Secretary 'of »State Dulles statement that Red Chin is build' ing its offensive air ' powei near Formosa caused shorts to cover Dry weather 1 in the' sputhwestern winter wheat rca also- was a fac tor. • ' - . -'.; 1 .;. •".'• ••' • . . Wheat, closed ' IVi to • 3 higher, May $2.11>/ B '$2.n, corn was, ' May • higher, oats May 73 up. % to 1, we,i* % to rye was 1 '/ 4 t6 2V 4 ' higher 99%, and soybeans were 2'/4 to" 4, May $2;.54>/ 4 -2,54. ' Wheat; none. Corn; No»' 2 low 1.52-5234; No. P 1.4G%-81% No 4 1455^-45; samplg" 1 ' grade, yellow 80-l.49'/ 2 . Oats: Np. l heavy mixed 78; No. 1 extra-heavy i white, 80; heqd yol NO, 1 heavy white i Np 1 whit? 75; sample grade white 68 extra heavy .ppecial rod 77!/» s',Soybean oil; 1113.7—a; soybean meal; ^59.00. Barley nominal: 1.40.57, feed 1,04'18. malting choice Eden Favorite of England Bookies living room and then, heard Average cost of toll road con- stuction in the United States is a her home iiero. State 'police, who have taken questioning, over the ;,ive:-,l;gntion. say no lead ^^ q noise from the bedroom. He went! million dollars a mile, to the room and found his wife, he said. Cancer strikes on the average in Twenty-one persons were arrest-jtwo out of every three American All w e r e;families. Shortly beftfre daylight on, a cold rainy rn6r'rUhg last December, the Five days later, lO-yc'i'-old Billy Rey •Willingham _ entered 'the .case professing to be the person wanted. F.irst degree murder .charge? were''filed against the . Alabama youth, but PrjaeiMt.jf Bill Lee dropped the .charges for. lack of evidence al'tsr trie y .uth' had THE BEAUTY BOX Open 6 Days a Week Appointments after 5 for those who workt .Phone 7-58SO\ 112 S. Main year-old J. found in a ville. Coroner John Davies said Hager was holding a .22 rifle which discharged accidentally and shot him in the abdomen. He said Hager was subject to heart attacks nd that an attack might have caused the mishap. Two persons drowned Saturday. An 11-yea^pld Little Rock boy, i Allen Hure, started swimming across a stock pond and didn't make it. A 50-year-old Fort Smith rr an, Paul. Shunk, 'tried to swim across Lake Johnson north of Mansfield, and sank about three- fourths, of the way. Mrs. .. Frnk Ivy died Saturday from burns suffered Friday when E kerosene explosion touched oftj a fire which destroyed the family's | form house near Osceola. Two of LONDON (UP) — Biitams, lejher .five children died in the blaze galized bookmakers today made,—a. tnr.ee-y'ear old girl nnd ;i two- Prime Minister Anthony lijdlen » year-old son with whom she staggered out of the house was burned critically. An .argument between two Negro farm workers near Camden Friday night ended in the shotgun slaying of one,' 42-year-old Clinton: Newton. The other man, Oscar sonsei vative pa ty adds on favorite to win he called foi May 26 The proiessional beWors who back theii predictions with fold ing money thiew open thqir books and offered to wagei with all 5 eom Lee was held.in county jail at the slaying. . • • . Navy divers today still were searching for the bodies of Bill , Smith, 45 and his daughter, Mrs. ing during opeiatlops to * remove o A.. Stavinoha, 23, of La Grange, ers that the ToUes will beat vhc ^mdeh . In oSnnecUon wHh labor partj in the polling The odds quoted foi the fust time the gas. Students have been attending class in nearby churches "i Sta,- MOUNTAIN HOME body of 45 year old Bill SmitH was brought back 'frorn the depths of Lake Nojfoik today The five man Navy divitig team turned up the body of the lodge operator in 45 feetf of Wat,^ on the thud day o^-piojjini; ihe brt torn of th.1}, noith *C nrt< ' rt1 Aiturns! resort lake'. * The bocjj' pf'i the Smiths daughte'r ft! vinoha is still mit Sheriff J D t Kim? i» County said the d,he»s haunted They 11 lived heie'Satin day afternoon and hive been searching since. The Navv is expec*el to send another pair of diveis this ^fter- i oon Whep they anive the seaich \\ill be lesymed King snjil Smith and his daut.ht'1 weie drowned Thvirsday afti-Uioon jMis Stavinoha fell from a speeding"rno- toiboat Smith \\as l)it when he tiled to 'Qscue hei Smith s body was> jound by Tex. They drowned Thursday during, a .speedboat ride on Lake Nor- fb'rk 'near Mountain Home. Daylight saving,time is used not only in-the United States but in such diverse communities as Newfoundland and British Borneo. this:"'' niorriing by the big betting fir.m ,'of Douglas Stuart inadf tho conseryatiye red hot favorites. jt ' ;pffei ; ed;- to .take bets' ehner way hut : ;quoted these prices:: &' If. : ',. you want \ to.-'.bet on th« Consei'vatiy^s-^.yott want Vto put -up four'to"'wlwiVna.-'- v ' : " 2. If you want to bet on the Laborites two will get you five. Eden, gearing to save the Conservatives' slim held on parliament without direct help from greatest vote-getter, today -turned his attention to the budge t which will be unveiled tomorrow. liate •afternpipn price, s ; Wei e un changed 'to 50 cent's a bale lo\\ci than the previous close. May 3.35, July 3.61 and October 3.94. swam s Mate First Cla s Tdjai W. Nets'. Otheis m the sejiohin^ paity aie John E, Dyei Jimmy Wilson ind Hugh L McKcnd ic The"par tv is commanded by I<t Com W C MR lone. The Navy men airivil SdUuday Baxtei County authoutics had help them secuie divci after diag ing opeiatiOns foi the boil'es'th.id failed LITTLE RQc (fP) — Transfer of the common carrier permit of Atlas Transfer' and Warehouse Co. of Pine Bluff 'was upheld by the Arkansas Supreme Court today. The Arkansas Public Service Commission .'authorized W.D. Howard 'and others' to 1 biiy the franchise' from the former operators, Oi[s P.,- Johnson Jr. and Robert Johnson. ' Competing carriers protested un- $ucc'bssful{y bfifore the commission and on appeal to the Pulaski Cir- ciuit Court and the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court opinion affirming the circuit court was written by Associate Qeorge Rose Smith. Associate Justices. 'J. S. Holt and P,aul . Ward, dissented. . • lilTT-LE ROpK —OP) — Twenty five Internal Revenue Service eni' ployes angl J5 'pt|ier employes "por- cies today tackled the task of proc» essing 75,000 letters from Arkansas "iiicomo ! "f jix ' payfers; '•':''. Olin- Goodwin, district direftor of i .the.;JRSj said that 35 jiHek^.of mailed returns had been delivered. Most pf the letters bear postmarks before last Friday's-.tax-fiUns- deadline; ....... „ Qoodwin.. said . ."tha.t 32,000 returns had heeji Wed .through Fri- dpy; A Saturday cre> worked only on opening the letters, Goodwin said. S.p , far, 153,893 refunds, totalling |8,gT.l | 2'i9.J>ayc,,t»een nva.Us, Good, win" "sold." ' ' w R j a H T § vil<LE, Ark. yn Classes may b» held toiTiorrow at j. c. Copk Hi|h ?chQ.el fpr Ne- grpcg wl\iK|) w ? s .9l9spd h_<ire i»bout live months #|K>> 'wheu gas froro a broken pipe w«> discovered yuder the floor. ' 'V ' E. F, .Pynti, .jplrissHi County V r school iyj»fr,intfn4«Qt. saW ' by I hje .hopf 4 •!' pluses would vo- sum* in the, Uu,idi?i| at Jast by The Stock Market is Down . . . • . Our Prices are too! -CREAM OIL PERMANENT Only 8.50 HAZEL'S BEAUTY SHOP Phone 7-2878 Hazel Virginia Aulinq You may . nominate the* mother . 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Barnes gave a demon- Leslie Hoheycutt, W. A. Cobb, Mrs.'sttation on making cafe curtains, me she had made. Mangum gave a poul- are urged'to attend. Calendar Monday April 18 The Gardenia Garden Club will meet hursday April 21, at 2:30 p. W. S. C. S. Circle 5 of the First m. in the home of Mrs. Frank Rus- Methodist Church will meet Mon-'sell on S. Main St., Mrs. Frank Riday, April 18, at 7:30 p. m. ill the' der will'be co-hosUss. Mrs. P. H. home of Mrs. W. M. ReinhardtWebb *rill .have charge of the pro- with Mesdames Virgil Keeley, Carl gram All members are urged to at- end as the coming hat show will be . discussed. . E. Patterson ahd tie club was happy rs. W. A. Cobb as a new member try report. and Arlis Brooks as co-hos ",*:ses The Bible study, "The Master Calleth For Thee" will -be completed by Mesdames Sam Strong and LeGrone Williams after which new officers will be elected and those to receive Life Menv bcrships will be voted upon. This is a very important meeting so all members are urged to attend. - Notice The guilders SS Class of the First Baptist Church has postponed their class part/ until Tuesday April 19- ttv - • • • Tuesday April 19 Brownie Scout 2nd and 3rd. gra- dt's of Garland School will meet April 19th. Polcda Glanton will be hostess. Wednesday 20 "A program of Duets" will be presented Wednesday afternoon at 4 o'clock in the Junior High Auditorium by the piano pupils of Mrs.- R. L. Gosnell. The public is invited. , jkTucsday April 19 ''The Friendship class of'the-First Baptist Church will meet . in the home of Mrs. Arlcss Adams OB. Rosston Road Tuesday April 19, at 7:30 p. m. for a monthly social .All members and associate members are urged to attend. .Co-hostess will be Mrs. W. L. Tate. The V. F. W. Auxiliary will- meet Tuesday April 19, at 7:30 p. m. at the Hut. A film on cancer, 146; {jCO could live will be shown, the public is invited. and Thursday April 21 Hope 328 order of will mnet Thursday Eastern Star April 21, at 7:30 p. in. There will be an initiation of officers and all members DRIVE-IN THEATRE Hwy 29 South • Open 6:30 • FINAL NITE • >JOHN WAYNE » WARD BOND » "GABBY" HAYES "TALL IN THE SADDLE" • EXTRA • 1. Bird & Coyote Cartoon 2. "Hollywood's Invisible Man" * Starts Tues. * COME OUT EARLY AND HAVE A PICNIC AT OUR SNACK BAR! Best Hamburgers in Town! SAENGER Hurry! Last Day! • FEATURE TIMES • 2:00 - 4:21 - 6:42 • 9:03 BIG AS THESEAITSQII UINY Hvmphrty I06ART • VM JOHNkM frW MacMUUUy • J*H RUB A COLUMtIA I • EXTRA • 1. News of the Pay 2. Daffy Duck Color Cartoon I * Tuesday Only * The American Legion Auxiliary tHitine has been postponed but will meet Monday, April 25. in the home of Mrs. Harry Hawthorne with Mrs. Mack Duifie and Mrs. R. £. Jackson as co-hostess. The program will be. on "Child Wei- 'are" by Mrs. Joe Jones. Hul»ey—Roblnion Marriage Announced Miss Billie Jo Hulscy, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Hulscy of Washington, Arkansas and Edward W. Roblnsort. son of Mr. Raymond Ko-binsori at De Vails, Bluff,'Ark., were married March 19; ia the; hapel of the Second Baptist Church In Greenville, Mississippi. The double rinjjr ceremony was perfqr< mod by the Rev. M. E; Berry. • The bride chose t<jr her wedding a navy blue suit trimmed with white ' accessories. Her corsage was a white orchid. Mrs. Bill K was the bride's attendant, .->nd wore a gre'en'suit, with an orchid corsage. Mr. Bill Kelly served as best man.' ".'..' After a short honeymoon the ctiu pie returned to Little Rock, whe;re both "are employed; The bride is a'< graduate of Washington High School and Capital City Business . College of Little Rock. The groom graduated from De 'Valla, Bluff 'High. Com ing and Goi n.g Mr. arid Mrs. 0. L. Bowdcn Icfi Saturday for St. Louis where they will visit for two weeks with the^r daughters,. Mrs. 'B.ob'Chaplin, Mr, Chaplin and little grand son, Bill Mr. and'' Mrs'.' D'. B. RuSie.l.' Jr., and 'littte;; son; Charles Randolph of "Dallas -have- arrived to spenc their ya'catlon'•• with their parents fc, -and,.Mrs. .Charles Har/ell ?nc Mrs'Lois' Russell ' and other relu lives! '•'. ' ••••';.' • Wr.' and Mrs. 'Calvin Hiighen ,of beli'oit, 'Michigan -arrived. Sund.ij to visit 'Mrs. Hughan's parents Mr: and' Mrs.' Ray and cthe;- rf>)t, lives. They will also visit Mr. Hug hen's parents, -Mr. and Mrd. \Vil liam HUghen of Malvcrn. • Mrs:' Klovio.r' Wa-jhe/ childre' Charles'and Peachie a friend, Cai loh Long : 6f KripAVillc, Tehji., spen the .Easter holidays with -her pa.r entSi.Mr. and Mrs. Lsonard ,Po.yc and her" huslstnd's; Mothor, Mrs it.cne Wagner of 'Louisiana. Hospital Notes '' : Branch ;• :j .'•••• .. '• . :. ; .' . • .'• •Admitted: . Alvin Slaton, .Wash ingtbn,;. Margaret Ellis, Hope, Rt 4, .'•' Mrs. , Jimmie Atchisun, Hope . ; v , , .Discharged: 'Mrs. Erwin Sinyarc Hope,..J|irs. Hillard, Hopo. Julli Chester , Admitted: • Mrs. Lillia Camp Hope, ' Mrs. Thos. McBay, Hope A'elha Stuart, Hope. Discharged: L. D. Martin, Hope Charles Prescott, Hope. I Clubs Doyle i i i mi'iiw'.i, Doyle Home Demonstration Clu met in the home of Mrs. Lawto Cobb for the April meeting.. Mrs Cobb gave the devotional "He •Risen." reading Matthew ,28:1-10 "Were You There" was sung b the group. 'Reports were given' by Mrs Mark Jackson, ,hcalth leader an Mrs. J. L. Westfall, poultry leader Mrs. Lawtori Cobb, clothing leader gave some suggestions in the selcc •tion pf clothing best suited for in 'dividual types and the care of ny lo'n sweaters. Mrs. Carl Stewart, home ground leaders, gave a demonstration o making corsages. She used pin hyahciths. During the social hour, quiz ga, mes were played and a vocal solb "One Day," was given by Mis Dawn. Cobb. Dainty refreshments, suggestin the Easter theme, were served, b the hostess. : The next meeting will 'be at tft home of Mrs. Coy Lee Hutson p. May'3rd. the hostess.: displaying some to welcome Mrs. J. F. Ma nd Mrs. Patterson as a guest. The May meeting will be in ome of Mrs. Claude Byrd. the Mrs. Glenon Huckabee, president, presided during the Business session. It was announced that the club would have a radio program on June 1. The club voted to contribute $5.00 to the American Can- Melfole "Managing Personal Finances' nd "Where Are Your Valuable jeer Society. apers?" were topics discussed by A box is to be sent to a needy fa- flrs. D. B. Dragoo and Mrs. Otha jnily this month , . . «* 1 *» T-. lV 114 -J VJ1IO IA1W11UI. ~v»>l v* 11141ICL lollllllca tfltlJCU UI1- oDerts when Melrose Home Dem-l Mrs. Hockett won the surpriseder a huge, slag heap'which thund- package. Games were won by Mrs .Jewell Stfil and Mrs. Drago?. Refreshments were served to 11 fnembefs and one visitor, Mrs. Ptuline Sanders. The next meeting will be at th* home of Mrs. Wes Ninerhire With Mrs; -,Wi A. Brown as co-hostess. Around the World Tokyo, (UP)Torrential rains caused'iandslides in Japan's south- ernrii6'st island of tfyushu where 100 persons today were reported killed or missing. '"iHope was abandoned for 71 members of miner families buried uh down on ihelr community neat Sasebo Saturday aftel-nooft. More thah 72,000 h«m*s wet* f label ed by the rains, said to be the wo-st ih 66 , Forrriosa, (UP) ~ The 25-tori junk "free China" manned by Calvin E. Mehlert of Fresno. Calif., and six Chinese left this week-end oh its second attefnot to cross the: Pacific. The vessel was turned back by bad weather and high seas on the first attempt. NAHA, Okinawa, (UP, —A tt S. l«av* hftrft tomorrow on the lirst rduftd Ihe world flight of a na^al Alt uftit carrying all its 6<juipineftt in planes. ^uadron of 1!2 long-rattge 3 which has been patrolrrif th» li-orniosa StrAit since last November will fly via Europe to its home base at Whidby island near Seattle,'Wish. The planes wilt carry everything it needs for tactical operations except fuel and oil. LONDON, (W) - the British submarine Acheron will shortly leave on a trip around the Cape Of GOod Hope and batik through the Mediterranean to, make obser tedge of tli* admiralty Navy air .patrol squadron' W1H vaUphs to ihtrease scientific know Hopewell On April 7 Mrs. Ernest Graham was-hostess to the Hopewell Horn Demonstration Club. The pros dent, Mrs. Jack Taylor, called th meeting to order at 2:00 p. m. The American Creed was repeat ed in unison. "For the Beauty the Earth" was sung by Mrs Claud Byrd. Mrs. Ernest Graham gave the deyptipna} and prayer. It was xjecided that the club wi make a $5.00 donation to the Cancer Priv.e. Plans were made to participate in a weekly ra4»o program which is being planned for the home demonstration clubs In-the county, Mrs, Jphn Keck, home manage- rr^er^ leader, ga,ve a discussion on t.he managing of personal finances,--making of 9 will, ousiness in- ?*'"$ SPECIAL School Agi will hiVi Dreomi Comt ti in "Childrw'i fop ^- lalUr KATHRYN WINDlOtl 104 fc 1' ! • Do c<^e se$ this f ambus designer** smart ilaiif on Surtimer. Here in one wonderful cpllectiqn you'll fine! on authoritative fashion "look" ... superb fabric^ smooth fit. Plus the fine little dressmaker details that make Nelly Dons such treasures at their thrifty prices. Now while our selection is so complete/ come choose a wardrobe! ^ Nelly Don Week Come in an Register this week -— C ' v .f,, wi !L dl :? w ? n . ame fr °m those who- 'l 06 ft 01 "".? n 8 f ° $T7 -?8.' On thueM $ cky Number Day, we will giveva-Nel #fe?o s lucky number reaisrrnr,* ,. tw • ' *^£'tf Lucky the lucky number registrant^' ^11 •#t-*3$* .'j.« • •• * 9, *« ? * * .*•*»' K'ftffii^i^j^*® klMip|g ieslnsssi? mt $$$$$$ § ?fesiMsa '^fci'e^Ksm :* .*» . . - Nelly Don Week Above, leff to right. Sun-burst «kirt dress, in Nelly Don's Cne c/ease-resistant cotton broodcloJh. P'viJk, tide, nayy, 10 to 20 and custom sizes 4 tOC to 20C. t 14.98 Summer spactator suit, in one ol rhe ««w easy-lo-care-lof blends ol crease-resistant cotton and Dacron.* Toast, rose, Klox. 10 to 20 and custom sizes* IOC to 20C ' J7.NI ..^ Sun-or-city ensemble, in excellent • woven check cotton gingham. Neat SMI lop under clipped city jacket. Deep KlaiQ \ green, or red. 8 to 16. ! 14.98 // Embroidered-band dress, for /eft, vtt neckline and (rosty buttons to. kern. CkJK tissue gingham in red, black, brown. 14 to 44 and custom sizes* I4C to 24C 10,98 r/M ./A Petal soft print, /eft, on cotto* chiKoa. Smooth-fitting skirl with spaced pleats, Tebilized* for tested crease-resistance. Y*H0^» grey, beige. 14 to 44 and cwlow SUM* . 12.98 !4C»o24C. " Wide-collar cotton chiffon, right, crisp*! with pique. Tebilized* lor tested oeose-rejisionce, White on oovy/Uown, bkici I * 14 f 12.98 .. m.

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