The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 10, 1938 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 10, 1938
Page 4
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PAGE FOUB BUTTHEVZLLE, (ARKJ; COURIER COURIER NEWS COMPUM3NTABY TICKET TliU Ticket Will Admit Sir. and .Mrs. George Mull 205 East Davis —lo Kir— KIT/ THEATER ~to 'see— •TKNITKNTIAHY" Social Calendar I-'HIDAY'S EVENTS Staled, meeting of 0. E. !5. al 7:30 p. m, at Hall. Mrs. ReiikeH Wetenkamp en- IcrtainiuB'tlic Golden Rule Sunday school class of the First Christian church at 7:30 p, in. Literary Department of Wmnan'.s cltil) mooting al clsilj iiouse at 3:(JCl o'clock. Klmwood Cemetery association meeting with Mrs. J. W. Sliousc al a:30 D, in. Ticlclis Sunday i.cliool class of First Baptist cliurcli meeting vrilli Mrs,. Alyln Huffman, im West Walnut street, al 7:00 p. in. Dorcas ' Sunday .school rlass or First Baptist church mcctini; at 2:30 o'clock at church for monthly business and social meeting with Mi*. W. M. Blaylock, Mrs. T. L. Cussiciy. and Mrs. Epperson as tc»-|ilecc of the diiiiiis lab:o wJicji Mr. nnrt Mr*. 1J. A. Lynch cniei-- tBfne<l 12 of ilir.'ir friends at a dinner uarly 'i'i;es;lay niahl al liu-ir lioine. In tlic bi-idsj'. 1 (luiiiiw M-hich followed (iinncr. Mrs. Hurry Klrliy i lr.'!;l lii^li woiv munw the womeii ! lUi'l Ross D. iii.-;hf.s iirioii;; thi' nion. Mr.-.. Klri-y was pr-.tunU'd a rci:.e l,owl and Mr. : Millies recoiv- K! «f\\ (rays .nut cifiaivllc' coii- idies' 1)1- »f Hcnnic F-Tvc Dinner I'iirly, Jonquils were used as llic ecu- BAKERY SPECIALS l''ri(luy-Satunla.v- Stinday AH l>;iy I'KCAN ir POTATO ROLLS TC Dozen w FRESH ORANGE OC COOKIES, Do/.. ..... U COCOAN.UT -JQC LaycT Cake, Kit Iw NUT miBAl) IOC 12 C CUC -C'AKIJS Dozen . . . . Wu S))cdalixi' in Sliccial Orders, Phone 110 BLYTHEHILLE BAKING CO. I'hone 110 BH>lc Sillily MlTlv Kl«lil members o( llic I btc Slutty of the Cliurcli nicl at llic home of Mi Ci.ok yesterday attcrnoon. Mrs. Harry San«im lia:l charge of the lesson which was taken I rum tlie llth and l?.Ui clia[)tcrs or llo- inaiis. Pruj'cr was ollered, by Mrs. E. M. imninan. v. * <• t Slwly AtliJlc.sct-nt I'rulili'nis "Tlic Problems of UK' Ailok-sci-nt" «:is tin subject ai (lie stinly conclude:! l:y Miss Cil'ili'c Plic'lps ill Uie meeting; ol Ihe .Iiuiior-Scntor Higl; Parent Teacher assoi-latlmi •jOsterday aflerntion at the hi^li schcc', andiloriuni. Sliyiu'ss, lac-k ol sympathy from IMrciil?, unnttvaetive home conditions, and lack of leisure time'were mnoi>£ • llje many proljleius li.sled l)j Miss Phclps, who also cllscu.vied (lie following live results of adolescent maladjustment: emotional Instability, lying uucl stealing, indifference, leaving licuie early, and early marriages,-' During the business session plnns were made for n taj <lay and a "vanishing" tea. Mrs. B. Hun-lson will, lie In charge of llic TAKE WEIGHT OFF TIRED FEET Lo« fat The E*»; Way — Without Sliivilion. Dicli, Bacl^-BrcBtting or Rolling Excrclici. i II your fci't iinil an tiles feel tired nnd acho nil ctvi'i 1 — bcciuiii: you ai'v ttl^iryi]!^ loo much f«l ~ Jo BwnctWim about it. Try the Mnrmolti trailincul Ihiil lins liclpcd niiUions lo icilitcu i'\coss weight. i Mnnimhi t-onlnltis On. 1 sruui; clcrnvnt prt«' jtcritK'il l>y iiiojit doctors ii\ trualhig Ihek fat imtioits who hnvc r\ lilniululHr'dcticii'ticy. Slttminlrt I*r\*Krri(ilion Tiililela Jiavo Lien MI III to ihp intblin for more thun lliicL> p ycnrs. Moii: OMIJJ Itt-i-nty milllKH Jioxt'S liftvc been Miinnulii is not iutcnik'c! u.i a t-mo-;i)J for nil nilmenis. This iidvtiHiifvnKnt ia intcnU.i-tl liriillhy oliuTsvinc; nni|* \viif>pc fntnea.i ia cnuKCUl))'hypo-thyi'oiiliMii wtlli i\cct>i)ii>uny- iii^ snliimriimf rntlafwlic r;i|ns. Nn nDitrr rt'iirr.sciiUilion h imule txs lo this livalnirnt txcei't (iiKlcr those- L-imtlih'otis nu ( J nccorifini; -is llio futicliuii o( yum' iilij'^icinn •lie consuHpd fitr that I'mP'-^c. 'I'b \\-itm\\\-.\ in induilrt] in every v:it'V witil—Hi-l ai bus ul Murmuhi I jmir UniB«isl, FLAPPER FANNY -COPB.I»IBrNUSUW»,MC. I. M. «e V i PAI. By Sylvia lhn,t must Doii'i - fron members who have not yet brought thelrt Annie W. Armstrong orfcring arc urged to do so at that (line. • * * Mrs. llii.ssyji Complimented Mrs. James Hassoii, wlio before liei-.mniTlage February 20 was Miss Juanlla Perry, was complimented with a lli>en-lUige«e <;Jiwer and bridge party (jlvcn by Miss Juanlta Smith at her home last nlghi. Jonquils ajid oilier spring flowers decorated the living room where Isrltljc was played by the 12 guests. Spring tallies further carried out the seasonal yjlicmc used in the party. In tlm card games, Mrs. llasson was presented a cameo pendant for high «we and Miss Constance Smith, linen handkerchiefs for low. | The cut priao, hosiery, went to Miss l.:)iii,5e Luftrell. A dessert course of cherry pie » la inoilc was served al the conclusion ol Ihe games, * « i itcT.':ry Urtiu)) To Have Mce tin- Mrs. I<\ I,. ilnslMlUl Will IlllVU iarsn of the program "Women In Medicine" which will be prcscnlcd lit tile meeting of the Literary De- liartmcnt of tiie Wonum's club Friday afternoon at three o'clock at the club house. Mrs. Hut-bund will be assisted on the program by Mrs. L. L. Hubcncr, who will speak oil "Dr. Florence Row SaWn." and Dr. Edna Nira. who will talk on "Women in Medicine us a profession." Mrs. Husband "Just out 1 luck! Noil in' but relatives in the audience an' not a movie 'iiilent scout in the bunch." t:i 3 (lay which will be held Salur- | and Mrs. H. II. Houcliius' will \IK day. 'Hip proceeds will be used lo llieii- alternates, pay for music for the bawl. The j Jonquils, bridal wreath, and simu- vamslmig lea urojcct will begin clrajons provided the dccoralivc with a tea for the executive board background for Ihu tu-o eourac 'lit the home oi,lMrs. Byron Morse, luncheon which ivus served tu Hie THURSDAY, MARCH 10,vij Bits of News Mostly Personal Bcrl lyncli jr., o!~Kt. Louis ar- 1'ivecl last night for a visn 'with parents, Mr.' uucl Mrs. B A J!c is altc-ixliiig to i, U5 j. ness in Walnut HWgc and Jonrs- J»«J today, tin plans to lie Here for some lime Mrs. 0. R, JJabi-Gck and Mrs. K. H. Carpenter are -spending lociay In Memphis iv.icrc thc-y v/lli meel, Mrs, Baln-ock's niolher. Mrs. Mary by u ruplured appendix, he was unable |o .allend (lie funeral services of his father, n. L. Hober- *'0ii, who died the early parl of Uiis week in i/jciburg, an. Mrs. E. j. Brcwnc, who has been fjuitc III % six weeks, was tajten to the Memphis Methodist hospital this afternoon in a Holt ambulance, ohc was accompanied by Dr. F. f>. finiilli and Mr. Browne and Mrs. J. Neal Gesell motored down to be Mlh her. Jiei- father, II. c. Dent, of near Jackson. Miss., is expected lo arrive In Memphis late today, Mrs. Browne's coiiriilion became much more serious early today and ohc will te given a bloo;l transfu- slon as soo*i) as sli? arrives it \^M liospital. Other members of ,m!\ family are exacted to arrjvc iiil MQinplils tonight and in the mo'rif-S ing. . J Mj-s. Jo T. Trice, of Jonesborol spent last night with her slslorsl Misses Alice and Belle Whitsttt. I Mrs. C. A. Cunningham and hcil njothcr, Mrs. J, T. Cransliaw, o.l Trenton, Tenn., are -spending to-f (lay lu .Mttilanna, Ar!t. I Mr. and Mrs. Byron Morse-line 1 son, Uill. were in Memphis Tiies-1 day. They attended the showiiifl of "Snow While and the Sevcif Dwarfs" and also Ihe Fred \Var-l ing performance at the Orpheuml of Shafcotma. 111., who is eni'cutc; Jioim- from Florida. «|jr-re has spent several months. will accompiiny Uiem home anil will reiwiin for a ,-iiit «itn i.lrs. Jjabcoct nnd family. All'., and Mrs. Ceorgc \v, uar- nani have returned Iroin Little Keck where they spent two days -Tom A. Little, who has lj?en ill in the Memphis Methods;, hospital for several weeks, will return home today, lie h very much improved. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rose jr have returned from Hot Springs wticrc they spem iwo weeks. Mrs. C. W. Rjimey. who recently underwent u major operation at (He Memphis Meihodisl hospital. is gelling aionn iin». M, S . . . . - „ ....... „ .,, wlu . ,„„- lul , n have as her subject, "Madame i N. SwcarengeJi ami Mj . Ranicy -ice " Curie." 'lliere will also be a special musical number on (lie program. ICnU-rlains Cluli ' Jonquils made the spring center- niece- of Hie lace draped dining table when Mrs. C. A. Cunningham enlemiued tlic Wednesday Bridge club and one guest. Mrs. Thomas K. Malian. al a luncheon yesterday at hen liomc. A three course menu was served. Mrs. Famswoi-lU Black \vas high and Mrs. W. H. Minyani. iecond high, in the bridge games which followed. Each then member of the board cnlcrlnln al her home. V. K. (). KltTts Oniocrs Mrs. fi. F. Kirshner was elected preshlent of Chapter "D" of Ihe P. E. o. sisterhood, at n luncheon meeting ycslerday afternoon al the home cf Mrs, A. B. Fail-field when •Mi's. W. I. Denton was co-hostess. Other officers elected, were: Mrs. C. w. Afflick. vice president; Mis. Marlon Williams, recording secretary; Mrs. A. B. FfTlrfield, cones- ponding secretary; Mrs. H-ny Wor- thinglon, treasurer; Mrs. William Lnwshc. gunnt; Mis. M. O. Usrcy, chaplain. Mrs. c. S. Lemons and Mft. wpr- thington were 'cl'ioscn dciejiites'to Ihe stale ronvciiiioii- lo) be held ut Conwny April S.nml 0. Mrs. Riirlield Keep Your Kidneys Free From Irritating Acids and Poisons If Vnu Wmilil Avoid HHckKhe- Sili-cp Kinuiil ,\\\ is'ij;)il \VilliniH (.Idling ir^j nnd Ivnjoy tiuuil lli-alth When you have: lt> set up two nr llncc tintc.s cvn-y night and yoiir poor back aches during the (lay ])ay attcnlion to yom- kidneys, I Probably all you need is a gentle (kidney stimulant and tliuretic.. | Nowadays, (hausiuiil» nl' men mill women »|. the iirst Kign of hkliu-y or L-laddcr trouble start right in to lake mi inexpensive family remedy knoivn as Hnmon'i Brownie Pills for the kidneys, .lust ask for Hamon's Brownie for Ihc kidneys and ref:ise siibslitiHes. 35 cents at atitccd, all rtnieeisls— Bii 20 members present. Have Missionary Program "Mcctinj Friends in noumania" was Ihc subject of Ihe missionary inograin presented 'fuesday after- tienn at a meeting of the Girls' Auxiliary of Ihu First I3ii|>list church. This w-as ihc- he-Kind mis-' sioii.iry program of tlie month and came during tlie March week of l>ra;er observance. The 13 members and their coun- sellor, Mrs. M. T. Burr, opened Hie meeting by repealing the watchword and allegiance. Martini Jean NaVc was In charge of the -:k:vo- .tipnal. . v •*Mi-.s. Blur started the Roiunaiiiuii discussion with ;r talk on "Meet Ronninitm" which was. followed by the "aiory of Black Prints" told by Mary Louise llccvcs. Irene Pitz- ucrald nnd Linn Psahnonds introduced llic jjii-is lo two Roumanian friends In their lalte' on "Meet Mr. Eezmiov" and "Meet Mr. Cu- 'Jiilv;." The lust imnibcr on Ihr pro- grain was "Di<; Brother's Boots" given by Anne Ijillnhimly. During Ihc business incciiiis;. llic group voted lol«luuigc their name. In Ihc future ihcy will be known as Bracks' G. A. in honor of Mrs. Harry Brooks, president of Ihc Woman's Missionary Union of the First Baptist church. The next meeting of tlm group will be Maivlv 15 at 3:45 o'clock nt the church. The subject for Ihu program will b<?, "In America." All lub Has <iues(s Mrs. c. If. wllley. Mrs. Jim p. Harwell, Mrs. J. n. Elkins. and Mrs. F. L Englcr were Hie gucsls of Mrs nir»m wylic when she cnlerlaiucd members of the Wednesday Contract club with an afternoon parly in the Hose room of Ihe Hotel Noble yesterday. A seasonal touch was :uidc;i to the party by (lie spring tallies. The club prize, a suede card table cover, vent to Mrs. It. A. Taylor. Mrs. Harwell received n double deck of cards for the guest award Apple pie n hi mo:I(( with coffee' was serve;! at the conclusion of Ihe bridge games. CANBERRA (UP)—An army nl snails has invaded Canberra. Australia's capital, known as (he "garden city." Tlic beautiful public and private gardens were overrun with them. with her today. Her children J P., Eloise. and Sue- riamcy. 'accompanied by Mrs. cliris Tompkins, sprat ycslculay with her B. A. Lynch, Frwl Warren, Rodney L. Banister, Max Logan, Rilcy B. Jones and J. Louis Cherry will KG to Jonc.iboro tonight, for the mcclinjf of group 1 of l!ic stale bankers 1 iusscciatioti. Dick Potter i.s ill r ,t lu.s home iroin a tin-oat liUcution. Leon A. Hoberson, who was removed from t) )e Blythevijle hospital to his home near Armnrcl Sunday, is now slowly improving 13ue to his serious jlliu-s.,- ' caused QUAKER OATS;::. say$ Great American All-Star Quarterback, VERNE HUFFMAN, pilot cf the 1937 mming All. Star Football tfam I • Motbcts by the millions give this wonderful whole-grain cereal to children because it's so rich in food energy, so rich in flavor. Yet costs but Jiccntper pDftion.TJiere is no other oatmeal like Quikec Oacs.'... 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