The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 30, 1939 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 30, 1939
Page 4
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Kite J'ricc Gro. E. J. Spencer Gro. ~rcnny Saver Gro. Howard Grcli Gro. Fair :'••' Deal Slorc, Kcnc George Gro. E. n. Alley Gro. Homer Fisiicr Gro. " " E. C. Farte Gio. " " Popes Grocery, " " Ellis Bros. Gro. " F. M. Davis Gro. " " J. J. .Totinson Gro. •'' " i Community Grocery " " C. Abralinm Gro. " . " John Lum Gro. " • Mow Vick Grocery " " " Iltrs. T. J. Burke " " Jones Grocery " " Queen & Bagivcll " " McCortnick Gro. " " J. M. Benllny " " E. M. aicDonnlrt, Blirtlrltc, Koonec Grcccry, So. 01 Hi- iray, City. Pacc-.Wietlcr Grocery, Caraway/ Afk. Charlie Smilh, " " Economy Variety Store " Vice Grocery " " H. R. Land, Chclford, Alk. AI»., \V., 3. Gaudcaux " M. T.-Byrd " Kollinsl's Grocer}', Dcckcr- \lllc, Ark. Mrs. F. N. Bonds, Double Bridges Mrs. Lillian Threlkelcl, Elo»ah, Ark. Noah Girdlcj- " " Ridgcway Grocery, Fiood- way, Arl>. Savcway Grocery, Jr. " Bra) ants Grocery, Halls- lown, Ark. Emery Dean " " Harrliou Gro, GosneJI, Ark. A'iin Clevc Gro. ". " M. F,. OKI\vforil, '': " li. S. Crawford, : " • •'.." .Ruby-vl'olltr, " " E. P. I'inkcnnun " " Tlircc Way Inn, Highway 40 Clay Stays •••(•' J. HI. Spniccr, Jcrieo, Ark. Wallitcc. Miller, Joiner, Ark. Harris Grocery, Jonesixiro, Ark. J.ibcity Ciisli Gro "•..'" Scliiijlrr Store, - » n Kcc's Grocery, " " Fnrrar Bros, (int., ". '' . ,'. It. Ajirircvvs, ". " John Hcarn Sloic, " " Marie | Grot-cry, «• - u Cook's C'asli Gro. " " C. F. Ton!, Uciser, Arli. Frank Yoiuiff, " " Harvey WIsrm, " " i:. C. Clink. John Krrat " " Troy Kay " " U. l)c:<n " " Cnllircalli Grocery, Lake Cily, Ark. Cash Dollar Store, l.cacli- villc, Ark. Aaron Gro. Store " " .ttoy Jones Gro. " " A, G. .Taylor, " " J. W. King, I.rnanlo. Ark. Tnrlis Mercantile Co, LcnAii- lo Ark. Sirs. Clco Blockcr " " J. IVI. Burns Gro." " " BIrs. f.. U'. Hall " " Ii. ». Jfiirplicy " " \Vclis, " " Elmer IJjill Gro., I.uxora, Ark Gallop & Uilijslnii, " " V/. .(. Gondcaci.v, " " Jesse Droll ll, " '' itlnrlin Orncrrj'i Slanil.i, Ark. A. K. It.ilhnl, " " Gabriel Mike, Savcway Gro. " " JalitT Gro., K.F.I). " Hill-Wilson, Marie,- Ark. Jop Slnjlclon, Marked Tree. Ark. Martin Worthy, " " Slim Walker, Bob & Jim, " " TiTrs. Ceo. Grant, " M C. A. Worthy, " " G. I). Powell " " 'fed Hendrix " " . -S. D. Watsnn. " " Dcinpscy's Gro., " " Mid\iay Grocery, " " I'lcas licndrlx " " J. S. Nichols. " Georjc Westbrook Gro., Jlil- ligan Hirlffe, Ark. Hcnsley, Grocery, " " Murion Casli Store, Slarioii, Ark. ' ' I). W. Gillu-rt, Monctle, Ark. Wrlsou Grocery, " " Ncirniun l!l;uii;riKhlji " " • J:vs. Bliukeusllip " " .Tuc Dawlcs Slorc " " nickctincy .t Tarni " . " Ale.vninlfr Grocery, Neltlt- ton, Ark. A. Alilc Grocery, " " Nolf.s A Son Grocery, Oscc- oln, Ark. Male JiKkson Gro., " '' t>. W. Knight " Guy Bryant, " " W. E, Hunt Gro., " " Cash S- Carry, " " ,1. N. Hill, ItiRhway No. -10 Murphry A >Yr«>ls, Tni- nuinn, Ark. Kolicrl Hall Grocery, Tnr- rell, Ark. Jne liasl (Jrocrry, 'i'yronz.a, Ark. , 'IVainfurlls Grocery, '' " 11. B. llrannan, " " I'ricc QiialHy. " " .1. W. Nuntially, • " " Mrs. K. MaiiRTuni " " C. G. Anderson, West Klilgu, Arkansas .1. 1). Overhcy " " Ossec Ev'unnady, Whitton, -'' Ark. Ttircell Grocery, Variiro, Ark. " Frcitcli Grocery, " '' ISiirnliam A- 'Hiomiison " B1KSSOUKI J. A. Johnson .Store, Austin- vllle, Jfo. A. G. Sander Sforc, tirasg Cily, Ma. l>e 1'rlcsi Gro., A. G. Sanders Slorc, Bnis- £.i(ii>rio, Mo. \V. J. I'tirvls Store, Canada .Siviich, Mo. C. C. More Slore, Carulh, JIo Teroy Grocery, Carulhi-rs- ville, Missouri. Spaldiii' Markcl, '' " I'rcd Brown. " " 1^ E. Troctor. 1'. I. Davis Gro^ " " Kasl Side. Grocery, " " Nelson's Grocery, " " Martin Grocrry, " " Hcnslcy's Grocery, " • " Collier Groctrj'. Tenncsser. Station, ,>f. & ,11. Market, Msnnliig's Grocery', Shaw's Grocery, Cliff Jackson, M. Til. livcrelt Slorc, Ellis Grocery, La Foul Grocery, Conraii, Missouri, Cecil Foil'lci- Grocery, Coulci', niissouri. i /i McCaiin Grocery, " : .'"' Charlie Hall, Highway No. (il, Ifaj li, Mo. Goo. n. Wclili Gro., " :'.' Kolftsick' Grocery, " " O. C. Clark Gro., " " Tcinniic Ball Store, '" " Kanc-Konc Gr«<-., " " \V. T. Sntnlrra, " " A. G. S.iiirieri, '' " J. Travis Grn., " " K. L. Gilbert Store, " ."' Lilcs Grocfry, " ".. S.-uiily Beaeh Grocery, It. K. I)., llayil, M«. I'rcivilf's Grocery, " " Ii. Berry Gro., Holland, 'Bio. Fred Hauls Grocery, Hor- ncrsvillr, Sip. West Side. Markcl, KiMinrll, Missouri Lambert Grocery, " " Goodman Grocery, " ". Garner Gro. Store " " lloss Cash Grocery, Lilliourn, Missouri. Myers & Son, " " Uiclmrdson Grocery, Mars- lou, Missouri. A. T. I'ikey (iro., " ". Mann Bros. Store, Inc.,. New Madrid, Mo. Kulh Glailuey Slorc, " ^' Alickle Mercantile, l';tscola, .Missouri. J. A. Kctlnni Store '' *' Frank_ JfcColtimi, " ", Segal Dcparimcnt ,store, '. i'crtajcvlllc, SIo. Sli.ikc tta? Grcccry, Shake KRR; Mo. Bulloeli Grr.crry, " " . Jchnte Market, Sleole, Mo. !!. V. Frakcs Gro. " " J. I!. Morgan " " J. J?. Aklns, li.r.D., Stecle, Missouri. E. H. Maynard. It. 'l- D.., St?cle (Missouri. J. I,.' Adair Grocery, Stub Town,,'Mo. The • Exchange Store, Wardell, Mo. Kcd &'While Store " " Bivlns Store, " " Martin Nix Gro., " " Ballard Grocery, " ": Tillman's Grocery, " " . Burgess Grocery, Highway' Ko. Gli Warded, M". Swiff Grocery, " " June Moor« Gro., " "Tanner Grocery, " " CARTER'S DeLuxe Circle New York" OLMST WonlD - v "DE OmnttiS TRAVEL ApEHCY (H THE , HE TOOK OV£R 0,000 70 THE CHICAGO WORLD'S KIR "I'll De RigM There" Personally Escorlcd EVER'/ WEEK Be a Booster — Toll Your Friends HlJnols Cental H. R. Ballimore !< Ohio K, It. LV AS ntwiES'ENTEb Hew folk Cenffal R. R. LEAVE EVERY SUNDAY — AER-COND3TIONED /><•/,„.!•. •Circle Rail iicfcol Memphis to Ncv; Voilt And iclurn. • Uso ol damounUblo ecal-boda on •Hotel loot!, privalo balh. V/aiMnglon. •Hotel loom. pri'/a!» ball,, Hei/ Yojk. ' t S*««!"H and dinncis in Dinincj Cars. •Broilc>«tl« and diimin in Washmglon. • tuand Tour ol Washjnglon, 'Aloxao- •JUB. A.lintjlon. Ml. Vercon. •.'realtlasls and dinncts in Now Yoik. 'S, a 'V' J °° naai C'ly Music Hall. Wo lid 8 lairjosl ^tiov/ < b;cuid«: u " iDc>< " I!ockcl """ CBn " r •Giand Molor Tour of uppoi New Yoik tCollore hccluioc). •Tran WHAT YOU GET uI Kquipmcnl mi Fiulrsl Trims Thrmiflmul ol passenger and Luggage bel' »Biq boal ciuiso by SUIuo ol Liborlr, Ellis Jslaud, etc. *~ • Grand Molor Touj o! lowc, Now Voik (Cotlogo LocluTcr). •Kow York "Allor" Tour by mo- lor. (C/>Uoge J-octuror) •Nighl Tiip lo Ihn OUv: Radio Cily i Tower. «Tv.-o admissions to Iho Fair. "Sou»6- nii" TicVrcIs provided. «Tv/o Iranr.!ct3 lo Ule Fair, «Tv/o transfers dom Iho Fair. • DcLuxo Moloj Tour ol T&li Oroundf vj'nh Guide. • Two vMltring loins ol Fail Grounds wilh Guido. Filth Avenuo chopping lour, belvieen depots and holoU. City .Slalo Slmet . Tho Jollowinij liicndj may b» nleiosled:— 159 Union Hotel Peahody I'hcne 8-11S5 iMcinpliis, Tcnn. DOUBLE VOTES SATURDAY AND MONDAY ——The YORK STORE The one ;uul only store in lilylheville (Jifit is c<mi|ile(ely AIR-COIS'DITION- KI). 'Shop in this fool, com fc-rf able rtore. You'll find all Ihe (lungs you will need on (hat vacar lion (rip you arc ;)liinnii',g al prices you can afford to Under lliis fanvjus name, you will fiml Hie correct hnsicry f«r every summer aclivityl HI OUT—weights fnr sports, afternoon and evcninr;. IUG1IT—colors for summer's ;;iv or while fashions. RIGHT —lengths to (lawlessly fit your legs ;n ntlcf comforl. And KIGI1T—fnr your uuil- Rct, al aftarclaulc prices. 79cto ? l 25 ASK FOR YOUR COUPONS DOUBLE VOTES SATURDAY AND MONDAY New York World's- Fair With All Expenses Paid! THE ITINERARY OF THIS 7-DAY WORLD'S FAIR TOUR IS SHOWN BELOW ious \\ilh a world's fair is (he prize .(o lie ., bewitching iilwosnhere, beautiful eke lh.»t makes the World's Fair a dream- All (he glamour and excitement (fiat is symmjn awarded (o the winner of this contest. Contrasting; mimic, modern streamlined exhibits, and everything come-imc for'the millions of people who will sec it. This contest, sponsored hy the Hlylhcville Com/ e'r News in cooperation with these local lirms, will run Yi weeks, will) this section appearing I eyci\ 1'nday iliirititf thai time. At the close of the contest, August <llh, the voles will be coimle(?i and (he 'young lady with (lie greatest number of votes in her possession or (o her credit «ViH l>e awarded (tie 7-day (our of the Ne\v York World's Fair. J M * ' i s\ f With every .5 Oc purchase you will he en titled to V one coupon (worth 1000 voles). The number of coupons you may receive with one pvircha>e Vis limited'only hy the si/.e of the purchase you make. '^' ' Hy trading' with the business men advertising I will aid your favorite contestant in her efforts to \ every Friday.' You will appreciate the bargains a<l'| watch the progress of (he contestants. HULKS OF THE CONTliST: ' 1. Any single,girl, within this trade-area, is eligible ( daughters and employees of the business men acl^ 2. Girls entering this contest must mail or phone 11^ tor, Courier News. £• '3. Every coupon must have the name of the conlcslaf 4. Coupons may Ix.' kepi by the contestant or placcdr, the contest. I 5. No coupons will be issued after mid-night of A\]» (i. Contestants keeping votes in their possession mil News Office not later than 5:00 P.M. Thursday [ are executed from (his rule. It will be satisfactory votes for counting every two weeks.) | 7. All votes must be presented at the Courier Now 1 ! You may mail your votes to the Courier or ITUIS accepted after the time stated. . ;?'^ 8. The name of (he winner will be announced |od the votes are counted, and the winner rcques^* that arrangements for the lour can be made. '' ^, d Having Ihc coupons received you \mlllus conlcst. Watch for this section jsed and at the.•f.aiiie lime be able lo i (his contest, with the exception of .ising here. JjMnie and address to the Contest Kdi- rtsjis • > -f' *tT? it*fj>rmled plainly upon it. with the Contest Kdilor until the close of 'j- si present them for cfltinting; at the Courier 'iff-e\mv week. (Out-of-town contestants ^|for these conlcst.mts to present their (jwlite not later than Tuesday, August 8th, £«iem in iicrsonally but no votes .'SviU he ^ iWjjs columns of (his paper as soon as -ojie to the Courier NeSvs Office in order Dehuxc Air-Conditioned Equipment Throufiliout. 1. Train from Dlythcville to New York (by way of Memphis). 2. Meals on train, (goin/,' mid'coming). 3. Stopover in Washington, P. C. with transfer from sjatton (o hotel Grand tour of Washington, Alexandria, Arlington, jvjt. Vcrnon. 4. Winner leaves train at Jersey City and goes on (o New York bv boat in order (hat person may view (lie beautiful sky-line of the world's largest city. 5. Hotel accommodations in New York. 6. Meals in New York. 7. Tour of Nalional Hrcadeasljng Studios at Kadfo City. 8. Grand motor tour of Upper and Lower New York, during dav, and an "After Dark' tour of city. 9. Admission Tickets to the World's Fair with transfers both "ways. 10. Special tours of World's Fair. 11. New York Harlwr Cruise, Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, etc. 12. Fifth Avenue shopping tour 13. Free boat trip from New York to Albany. 14. Visit to Niagara Falls and' Toronto. ' 15. Return to Uiylheville. • , STANDINGS OF CONTESTANTS Quality & Low Prices AT J^ICKARD'S Gfocery and Market PHONE 673 finality meats 'an'tl ;:v>- ccrics, lo\v' prices ;iiid extra savings with Eu- Rle Slumps . . . all fit I'i(kanl's. Call in your mlcr toi!ay. \\'a <ie- WE* DELIVER You Also Get Extra Savings With CLEAN CLOTHES ARE COOL CCOTHES F. ^ - ller^an old Summer 'adaye. t you should .ktiiv! i)nst and jrrimc tlo<f Ihe fabric pores of soiled summer clttlhe^ . . . .thus preventing cooling lirew- cs from Rtltiii^ in fo you. Thai's why clean clolhes are cool clothes . . . that's why you shuold send your gmiiriier clothes to Hudson's now! It's easy to keep cool! HUDSON'S PHONE 53 . TIRED OF (DRDiNftRY FOOfiS^ TFfEN TAKK A 1'LATE FROM OUR 'SMORGASBORD' During the summer months you will thoroughly enjoy filling your plate from our Smorgasbord. It's loaded clown with a big variety of delicious cold meats, cheeses, salads and relishes of all kinds . . , just the food for hot weather. Service for iuncli or dinner. .lust step no lo the Smor- gasljortl and help yourself. As much as you like for Hotel Noble "WHERE HOSPITALITY IS A REALITY" SA.M. tolZHoon ONE LOT OF ODDS and ENDS SHOES Only 89c ALL COLORS & SIZES MLJER'S SLIPPER SHOP 1'hoiie 279 •Across From First Natl. Bank SAFE-WAY 101 W. Main, Hlytltevillc Phone 225 Fresh Dressed HENS AND FRYERS Cudahy's Puritan BACON Rind On Rind off. ,)),. 22c 11/.-25C K.'.'C. Baby Beef ROAST Thick nib, Ib ..l<)c ' Chuck Ib......... iac Ctired U AM nftm Wh(>le '"f Ha 'f , "'• .... center Slices. II).. ... For That Hot Weather Meal-shredded slaw— 1'otato isalad—Ham Salad, Hraunschweiger, Chicken Loaf PI micnto Loaf, Ghpcse-Macjinmi Loaf, Liver Cheese Boii- ed. Ham and Home Naked Hani. 2 I'ound Loaf CREAM CHEESE 43 Center Cut DRY SALT MEAT ii). 11 K. C. Milk Fed Veal Chops Ib. 19c H. K. BEEF STEAK ... Ib. 15c POTATO SALAD »,SS,,, 15 C Whip, I't. NECK BONES Ib.Sc MIXED SAUSAGE Pound HOME CROWN TOMATOES, Ib. 5c BELL PEPPER I'ound SQUASH Fresh, J)>. ..... . CARROTvS, Small, Tender, Bunch . .. CORN Fresh, 3 for 15 5' 4 e 5' ORANGES 250 Size, Doz. .. APPLES, No. J Green, Ib; ...... Grapefruit, I-go. G4 Size APPLES, 88 Size Delicious, 2 for' .. 20' 5' 5' 5 C PRUNES Small Guaranteed Good H,. 5 C ; 25 Pound Box 51.lU 1 C'l)cirs.l'ork& Jk.sns 2 IG-oz. Cans Apple Butter, I'nre 32 oz. Jar Prune Juice 32 or,. Jar ....'. 15 C 19 C C'lrclPs Tomato Juice 2 Ifi-o?;. Cans Grapefruit Juiee 47-oz. Can KREMEL; Ail Flavors, 3 Pkgs 15' 15' 14' BLUE PLATF SALAD DR PSSING «/ 2 i'> c MfcVfc. I fcKifc . Pint 24c SUGAR, Pure Grade West, ern, 10 Ib. PA C TRADE WITH Ask F !SE MERCHANTS ir Coupons FRUIT JARS Pints.. ...... Quarts (The tlKiircs llsleil must t>c conslili'i't'il teiiKitfvo us limy rel>r»scnt only tliu votes at the Courier Nc«; Ofllee, N»tunilly there are m»tiy yoln Jn the possession of contestants ami other persona wfcluh, » 8 y«t. have not keen turned in.) Mfirgarcl June Aclon U.3<0,OUO Votes Vcrn EllwibDll) Goodrich .....1)220000 Buo llnll •..•l.GM.OOO Doris Rny uoljyns 4,517.0(10 ' Ocorgln Cox , ,, ,2,610,000 Sena Tnnnbic 1,045,000 Marie Abraham ', ... 791,000 Mary Ann Nabci's , ..-, ... 0<!(J,Opp Let tic May Holcten 69,0(W Aycock -. . , > .... 12,003 EVERYONE MAY USE OUR ORIGINAL Budget Pay Plan TO GET GUARANTEED Goodrich ' Don't worry Hlong on w«rh-ou( or inferior (jiiiilily proiiucls or jiiiich yourself by piiy- injv cash. Use your credit, : (o Kd 8«fc »«»'• (.'oortricli fjilvcrlovvns with (lie Life-Saver Treucl or ii iioworfiil (loodrieh Hattury — and pay as yoii riilc— on Innjj ?asy lorrtis. . : • • ' - '••-". EASIEST CREDIT : IN THK CITY 1. Long Kasy Terms. <1. (jiiick Service. 2. No Red Tape. 5. Immediate Delivery. 3. No Long Delay. (i. No Credit Detail. SHOUSE-HENRY HOWE. CO. PHONU FOR SAFE SUMMER DRIVING. . BUY SAFE, NEW TIRES NOW. PHARIS TIRES v AT SENSATIONAL LOW PRICES 50 s /O OFF Tire [triers hf.rc ahsohitcly low 1 - «st in lo^nt. Von can'l tifforcl pass J , up this opporlititfty to H. new scl ot "Konri-.S;»ri:" J'liarls 'i'ircv, »l one half the regular prJcc. JOHN MILES MILLER AUTO SUPPLIES Across from KHz Phone You May Bet Your Money ; Q$ 'THE WINNER OF -, •THIS CONTEST HAVING A GOOD TIME But You're NOT GAMBLING WHEN •PETE' the PLUMBER DOES YOUR PLUMBING Phone 103 Call For Tour'Vole^ EARLY AMERICAN 6US tuce 1?VKUY day, more %lheville Jj women arc calling for Old Spice .< . . the Kurly American Toiletries scented with 'old spice. You'll know the reason for (his after you have tried Old Spice. Diop in'and see our complete display. Men . . . you, H| s ,,, w j|| want <ft try the OJd Buice men's set. Prlc-' ed fiom '$2.75. PHONE 121 or 122 WE DELIVER YOUR KELVINATOR DOLLARS BUY GREATER SERVICE AND . SATISFACTION AT LESS COST! Never before such savings as these. Kel- vinafor Silver Jubilee models at amazingly low prices. We*will iflvc you a good trade in allowance on your present refrigerator and easy terms for (he balance. Sec our models now. , * New C'o!d Chest—holds 11 Ihs. of nical. Roomy Vegetable IMn—lets you buy in quantities and save. Ice Cube Release—pops out instantly. Shelves move m> and down for more room. ASK FOK YOIJK ' WORLD'S FAIR COUPONS As '. §5_I)01VN I5nys a fi-Cubic Ft. ICelviiiator "Thrifty 6" E. B. GEE SALES CO. .109 S. Second St. '.Phone 67 'My Coal Is Black But I Treat Vou WhHc" lohn Buchanan FOR SUMMER SAFETY . Guard agatn&t dU)ftn)«sfp5tt . , lucleria by tislnj pure ice in j jour refrigerator! No objectionable rnlngling ^ of •> o4or*j • no parts to br^ak dnvm jnt* " f when you netd protection most! • ' . ' . N Phone, JOT . ' '. \

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