Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 16, 1955 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
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Saturday, April 16, 1955
Page 4
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HOM STAR, HOM, ARKANSAS tfoe wiwt mi . Friday, April 15, 1955 >l ' /'; »\ 'n$ 'f if} ,,\ <~j wffi'w ^%IM , ,t *?/? '" , -%. A <"";•< <p * 4r -0; Ntwi of th* CHURCHES i»m»T KM South Main Street •Mv. L. T. LawraMa. D. D* Mlfiltttr The Men't Bible Clan wn mM> 10 the Fellowship Mall at I:M *. m tor doughnut* and coffee; tlw lea- sort, at 10 a. m. will be taught by Gordon Bayless; Dr. J. W. Branch, pianist. •"-... lu;uu a., m. — Sunday School, James H, Miller, Superintendent. 19:59 a. m. Morning Worship Sermon subject: "The Thre Levels of Life" Solo "Hold Tho My Hand" Briggs, Mrs. Art Hug hes. • 6 p. m. P. Y. Fi supper Suzanne McNeill will have char ge'of the program. 7 p. m. -Evening Worship Subject: "Let's Talk About Jes us" Special music: "Thy Word i Like a Garden, Lord Monday - •••'•',-. The Women of the i Church wil meet Monday, at 10 'a.i m.. 7 p. m. Choir-Practice. ' :7:30 p. m, '.Efeacons 1 .meeting Wednesday -, , '< '< 7:30 'p; m., liiidweek service, To pic;; 1 "Power; lO.VDie.' MEtH«pi»T CHURCH Wait iaiil rt;:i»iJM"--. •••., :'• V. O. K«eV«y, Partar 8:45 a. m. Church Bchocl -.': Teddy M. Jones will teach th Century Bible Class; , ' 10: to a. m. Murning Werlttljp Sermon:,. By Mlnisteri . 5:30 p m, uit«rm«utM> MYF 5:38 p. in..'.•Senior MYf 5:30. p. m. Wtslej Ciub ( 7 p. ;ni.J'VEyoning Worship . Sprmpn: ;: B-y'- Minister; . ; •,' • Monday.,,'" '•'•' •"•'.'-'.-\-v ••'••.", 7:30 p;. : -m. .' Circlp 5 .pf.-the WSCS will •meet.,in- the .home of ]MrS'-.W M.- ; Reinhardt with Mesdames gil p.-Keeley, Carl-Gaddis and ,Ar Us.. Brooks .as co-hostesses: : '-" Wedne»ttay ••'•:'.•'/ .''•; ,:. . 7:30 p. m..'Choir Practice; at ;the chutch;' ' •..; '••' ''••- .••"'•':.'-••. • i %jt$im For«iT« <dnWnitloii »br J Kutnt* it Un CHUtCH. '• •» « l.ltfclul WOtllM. < Atlf nd «v«t " hat a story here! And it's all written down, too. The stub of an old check book! Here is part of the story of what one man wanted most in life. Here he selected and paid for the things dearest to his heart. Here is the measuring stick by which he determined things most valuable to him... '.his selection, then his check, his money. Mister, what would the stubs of one of your old check books reveal? Suppose in the future friends of yours should thumb through it. Would you be proud of your portrait there? Would you be ashamed of the relative importance it gave to the church on the corner? Don't kid yourself. • As a good steward of the goodness of God, act on your better judgment today. Your church needs you, and you need your church. : RK$T;. •CHRISTIAN-- ^•' • Edrnend Pendleton, ' patter ' ' . .. . . p. m.' Communion Ser'-' 1 ''^ " - ''• .,. . «:pflk7:80.p. m. ; .v.Christtan Youtk Fello.wshjpV ••• •:':':• ;. -;'/ ; :':: •:,"' • "' 3:00' Vesper; Service . •• ' . . ' Thvrfday ',,.-', .';;,.•{,>;., v, >>,• •;.'., ''' '' . Ypu.'are. aiWa^'jsitiyited to ^ this . church . that.as.;;. dedicated, to a Christian .Ho^pi. '.in .-. OUF .Church we. seek to rriake'' Christian 'Liberty and the toy'e; ?;Jif ! jChr'lst ; 'Prevail. But we kho w • ". thi^' : we '-are - not. the • . only :dhur.ch - .int- .;Hpp*; with these Wfh abjectives.-SO find 'the churck of your choice : ind}attendi 809 North, PeriuMA fttr**t Eld. E«i>crt O'WMaf^ Paator Sunday •' , • ,' • >"t '.-••-.' .'- "• : ' 0 a. m. Roci #'Agel •*< W.KXAR,..i,"^;";- ; = •, ... »roadca»i ' School. Paul S ov * r 0:50 a. rn. Church Suet it-i.sm; .T TT _^ 7-;p!.V. i^pVis^iTriining iS.ery.ice Monday "•*. • V;./-V/vv-rvt.', .2 'p." m. ; ' Senior -W,';M. 'A.: 7 p. m. Teachers' meetnig and G. M. A.'s !7:30 Mid-week services' and prayer meeting ; Thursday : 7:30 p. m. .Junior W. M- A. We welcome you to our services. UNITY BAPTIST CHURCH *«(»th Elm Straet Pastor, Howard Whit* l:aS-«;55 a. m. Unity Gospel KXAR. Sunday School W a. m. — CUlbcrt, Supt. Morning worship 11 a. m. 8:30 ' p. m. Baptist Training Service. 7:30 p. m. Evening Worship Monday 2 p. m. Ladies Auxiliary I p. m. Willing Workers AuxU- lary Tueaday 1st A 3rd 7:30 p. m. Brotherhood Meeting Weaneidny 7 p. m. Teacher's Meeting 7 p. m. Girls Missionary Auxiliary.; CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Fffth «nd Plna 8t. Garland Johnson, Pastor Sunday •:V> a, m. Sunday School, J. D •allock. Supt. II a.' m. ilornlrg Worship, 7 p. m. N. Y. P. S. .7 p. m. -Junior Society. 7:38 p. m. Evangelistic Service We<«n««day 7:30 p. m. Prayer meeting. Friday ' 2 p. m. rrayer and Fasting Service. •••''•• • : CHURCH OF CHRIST 6th and Grady Street F, L. Jennings, Minister Sunday . i 9:45 Bible Study 10:37 Preaching 6:30 p. m. Bible Study, Classei for all ages. Tueiday 9:30 a.m. Wednesday 7:30 p. m. Ladles Bible Study Bible Study CHURCH OF CHRIST Walnut Street Elton Hughes, Minister Sunday 9:45 a. m. Bible School 10:50 a. m. Preaching » 11:30 a. m. Communion 6 p. m. Bible Study 7 p. m. Preaching Tuesday 9:30 a. m. Ladies Bible Stud; 7:15 p. m. Man's Bible Study Wednesday 7:15 p. m. — Teachers Meeting 7:30 p. m. Bible Study You are always welcome at the Church of Christ. CATHOLIC CHURCH 3rd and Walker Father A. G. Ounleavy, . Paotoi 10:30 a. m. Mass : FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH 8. A. Whitlow, Pastor '•ur^on Sutterficld - Music-Educatisn /Sunday ; ' »:SO •. m. — Sunday Scaool W. H. Munn, Supt. 10:59 a. m. Morning Worship 5 ». m. Chapel ChVir Rehearsal «-30 p. m. Baptist Training Ha- ion; Hubert Thrash, Director. 7:49 p. m. Evening Worship Monday 2 , p.. 1 m. i Woman's Missionary Societyi Circle; Meetings. 4 .>; :m. Beginner and Primary 4 p.. m. Junior G. A. 7 .p. ,m. Men's -Brotherhood Supper; meeting. Wednesday B-[a'. rri. ' Sunday. School Training liaise 4 Pi : m.; Carol Choir I Rehearsal 7-'p| HI. Sunday School Officers and Teachers' meeting. 7":4S p. ni. The Fellowship Hour The. Midweek Worship for the Whole Thurid»>- . 4 i>i m. Carol Choir II Rehearsal 7:30 p. m. Chancel Choir Rehearsal. . ' ' Fri«a> .'•.-;; : 4 p. m. Cherub' Choir Rehearsal The Negro Community By Helen Turner Fhone 7-5830 Or bring items to Miss Turner at Hicks Funeral Home BEEBEE MEMORIAL C. M. E. Rev. T. J. Rhone, Pastor 9:45 a. m Sunday School Mrs A. B. Rerger, Supt. 11 a. m. Morning Worship 6 p. m. Epworth League 8 p. m. Evening Worship MT. ZION CME CHURCH Rev. I. M. Manning, Pastor 9:45 a. m. Sunday School S. J. Johnson, Supt. 11 a. m. Morning Worship 6 p. m. Epworth League 8 p. m. Evening Worship GARRETT CHAPEL BAPTIST Rev. F. R. Williams, Pastor 9:45 a. m. Sunday School L. C. Wyatt, Supt. 11 a. m. Morning Worship 6 p. m. B. T. U. 9:30 p m. Baptist Hour over Station KXAR. RISING STAR BAPTIST Rev. W M. Erby, Pastor 9:45 a. m. Sunday School Ambers Dunlap, Supt. 11 a. m. Morning Worship 6 p. m. B. T. U. 8 p. m. Evening Worship CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST Eld. O. N. Dennis, Pastor 9:45 a. m. Sunday School Mrs. Myrtle Richardson, Supt. 11 a. m. Morning Worship 6 p. m. Y. P. W. W. 8 p. m. Evening Worship GOSPEL. TABEBNACLK FUv. C. ». Walker, Patter M«v. G.'E. Hicki, Music-Ytuth Dl lector. •;<. .-,.••:•' '• a.; m, -^ Sunday Sthool, T. C, iCratifprd Supti '••"., WidO a. m: — Kadio Bible Clast Jrojdcast over KXAR, Rev. C. S. ;..-Teacher. ' a. m. — Mflining Worinlp errhoh by f the Pastor. ,«i30.p. ni. Senior : C.;A., Junior C- A.,; Primary C. A. 7;SO; p. m. Evangelistic service, «cmon by the pastor. Monday ZfM p. m. Womens Missionary iouricil. Wednesday 7:30 p. m. Mid-week Service e Bublic is cordially Invited to was in a mild state of shock. He attend all services. BETHEL AME CHURCH Rev. Willard Leake, Pastor 9:45 a. m. Sunday School Mrs. E.. M. Nelson, Supt. 11 a. m. Morning Worship Subject: "The Yearning Of The Soul. 6 p. m. A. C. E. L. League 8 p. m. Evening Worship LONOKE BAPTIST CHURCH Rev. J. W. Walker, Asst. Pastor 9:45 a. m. Sunday School Mrs. Ella Rice, Supt. 11 a. m. Morning Worship 6 p. m. B. T. U. 8 p. m. Evening Worship ELECTED BLYTHEVILLE, Ark. I!?)— Harlow Sanders of pine Bluff has been named president of the Arkansas Missouri Cotton Trade .Association. He succeeds E. J. Cure of Blytheville. The group held a luncheon meet- ,ng here yesterday. This Series of Church Ads Is Being Published Through the Cooperation of th? Local Ministerial Alliance and 1 ; Sponsored by the Undersigned Individuals and Business Institutions :! H Manufacturing Co. Gunter Retail Lumber Co. Your Building Store Hope Transfer & Storage Co. Ralph Montgomery Market W. Shanhouse Sons, Inc. Packing - Crating - Moving your Friendly Shopping Center Clothing Manufacturer! Cox Bros. Foundry & Machine Company Everything 'in Machine Shop Work j Decorators Supply m*- B -. Beverage Company atf'*,*' Hope Federal Savings and Loan Association Real Estate Loans to Buy-Build-Repair Graydon Anthony Lumber Co. Lewisville Highway Butane Gas Co. Butane Gas and Appliance! Southwestern Packing Co, / ; . • • Pprlc *od Beef Packers Owen's Department Store Ben Owen Crescent Drug Store Lets Put Christ First — Lets Go to Church Hope Furniture Co, Headquarters for Fine Furnlturt- Hope Bosket Company 7-2345 Cities Service Station Grover Thompson ,' -^r T**" • ,M vr a&V m 4, ^4,»iX_, . . » (. • .• *,.' Gin Company 5. * V. G. Garr.tt Midwest Dairy Products Nature'* Most Healthful Food Stephens Grocer Co. Wholesale Groceri Young Chevrolet Co, Chevrolet Sales & Servlc* Jreecjers Supply Compgny • Youx Purina Dealer - : Citizens National Bank Member FDIC Hotel Jgrlqw Brgner-lvpry Handle Co, 7-JS304 Hope Theatres, Inc. Eldon Coffman, ,City Mgr. Collier Tire & Battery Service Dunlop Tires - Excello Ba-tterlei - Emerioa T? First NationqliBank Member FDIC Porter Garage & Glass Shop Expert Auto Repair — Glass Installed •k Jafa/HIMHL / / <*• K*+."lwr *ff* J M|W,i , t tt , '' »*M j* $&$•, %,*•" ^-fwj. j" ¥ I/ i'^p^V'^n «** l**i*< «§t Wood Products Mid-South Cotton & Supply A. 6. SlUfVflf Meyer's A*« flijink«tMarr§l! Co, William M. Puckett Buyers pf Scrap Iron & Metal ? ".'*" J-" ^' **w^ >-' ;-^-f'X : *>5V"!IPfV '^ To City Subscribtn: If you fail to get your Star please telephone 7-34.31 by 6 p. m.,and a special carrier will deliver your paper. Star ^rBA I *iKn • •» •.» • • > •• »^ Arkansas Centrally fifr, si ly wsrrnef 1 this Saturday partly 24-hourS chain* at 8 i. B4J High 74, LOW «» *- 56TH YEAR: VOL. 56 — NA. 157 Star of Hope 1899, Prest 1927 Consolidated Jan. 18, 1929 HOPE, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, APRIL 16,1955 Member* the Aiietlafed MM t, Audit tartan «f Av. Net Paid Clrel. 3 Mat. tndln« MUM* II, 1*SJ —J,J«» PRICE Se< Flood Wafers in Southern States Nearing Crest By United Press Southland rivers, gorgek by three days of torrential rains, rose towards flood crests today in Alabama, Mississippi,' South Carolina •nd Louisiana. ™No new storms threatened Dixie,! but tornadic weather which raged ( •across the nation's southern, half had left at least 11 persons feared dead and millions of dollars' damage. In Mississippi, the Pearl, Pascagoula, and Leaf rivers threatened to spell over thousands of acres today. Alabama was warned to prepare for the worst floods since 348 on the lower Alabama. Coos <d Tombigbee rivers. Meanwhile, a professional diver Joined the search of the flood- Swollen Homochitto river in Mississippi where at least two ve- hiles plunged off a broken bridge Two persons, and possibly more, were feared dead. IT'S A GRAND OLD NAME—A new French Navy f scort vessel, called Surcoiif, receives Us pen- , nant at Saint Malo, France. It was named after the submarine Surcouf, said to be the largest in the ' world, which disappeared during World War II. i pai { 4 ! 11 Meals to Be Served in Schools Here Menus for Hope Public School : !next weelv include: Elementary Schools Monday — Beef in brown gravy, .rice, buttered peas and carrots, t biscuit, cookie ,milk. Tuesday — Spaghetti with meat "fiuace, greens, onion rings, corn- L >t>iead squares, lemon pudding, milk. ii Wednesday — Barbecued beef on ^buttered bun, potato salad, apple ijteauce, cookie, milk. W Thursday — Chicken pie, green ybcans, bread and butter sandwich, banana pudding, milk. ' , Friday — Soup, cheese salad [Sandwich, banana pudding, milk. •'t, f Junior-Senior High School Monday — Beef in Brown Gravy, rice, buttered peas and carrots, i k hot biscuit, cookie, milk. , Tuesdayj — Spaghetti with meat I sauce, greens, onion rings, carrot '^stiips, cornbread squares, lemon pudding, cookie, milk. ' Wednesday — Barbecued beef on ;>butered bun, potato salad, applf "Sauce, cookie, milk. Thursday — Chicken pie, green beans, bread and butter sandwic h ^banana pudding, milk. w Kiiday — Fish croquettes, pota toes with cheese sauce, blackeye peas, corn bread, jello, milk. Seniors of Blevins to f , g Give Play The Senior Class of Blevins High School will present their annual class play Friday night April $22, IT'S FROM TEXAS—OR IS IT?—That's some radish. Billie McNeely is holding, and.as you might expect, it was grown in Texas—Sulphur Springs: iBat is. : But the^Lone Star State, can't :.f-. take all the credit, because the"giant radish isracJapanese'viariety grown from South African seed. Weighing 15 pounds and up, they're grown to feed dairy cattle, because the cows love 'em, top and all. and they don't flavor the milk. Democrats Are Told Prospects Good for Win BY D. HAROLD OLIVER WASHINGTON (A-1 Democrats assembled • for a two-day rally- heard from National Chairman Paul Butler today that prospects for a Democratic victory in 356 "Are bright regardle is heading the Republican ticket." In a report preferred for meeting of the party's national committee, butler said Democratic hones are high despite what he "in the 'Blevins'gPmir a tiurn" 1 Title H '''of' "Ued efforts of the high priced the play is "Mountain Gal" writ- : ten by B. E. Mitchell and Le Roma Rose and is directed by Raymond ;Honea. Players in the cast are: Maria Lindsay, the tyrant mother, Norma ^pan Stone; Patokah Lindsay, her piow b,eaten husband, John My- ^ick, Catalpa Lindsay, their lazy ^d'lghter. Betty Spicer; Peggy, sometimes called Deedee, a fourteen year old orphan, Darlene Moiton; Oby, the hired man, Jappy t paiber; Sophronia, the hired girl, Ellen Honeycutt; rienry McKay, ' the handsome young lawyer, Jack Lyold; Arthur Perrin, another lawyer, Henry igumwalt; John Gordon, a business |nan, Wayland Bryson; Mrs. Gor- cjon, his wife, Martha Stephens. Jl "Mountain Gal" is a hillbilly Comedy in three acts and promises •plenty of laughs for all. County Can Secure Some Surplus Food Hempstead County has signed ah agreement whereby it will participate in the U. S. Department of Agriculture's surplus 1 food com-i modity program. Mrs. Alma At- i Seniors in Play Active in School The characters in "Running Wild," a 3-a'ct comedy to be Staged in the Hope High School Senior Class are active in many school activities. | (This is the first in a series of articles on jthe activities of the cast of the fcenior play). Diane Latshaw, who • plays the part of a young man's fiancee, la secretary of the National Honor Society-, a member of the FFA, Quill and Scroll, Hi-Light staff, and the English IV Club. She was elected best all-round girl in the Senior Who's Who. She had a leading rolle in the junior play'last year. Marshall Rowe plays the part of Carl Hammons, manager ot the Desert Inn. He lettered two years in football, plays .' track, and is .a member of, the Chemistry Club, 441 Club, and English. Club In the Senior Who's Who elections', she was chosen most studious and most likely to succeed. Playing the part of a~ sweetheart, Lurlene White, as "Daffy,'" is the editor of the Hi-Light, was a majorette, and is a member, pf the Nation a I Honors-Society,v>J?uture ~ Teo~ Cher's of America, Future Nurses' Club, and the Quill and Scroll Lurlene was elected as Miss Hope High in the Seniors' Who's. Who. She was a member of the play cast in her junior year. Ginanne Graves .portrays the part of Louise Latour, a young iflo- vie actress pretending to be a Freeh lady .She is a member of. the National Honor Society, Libi rary Club, Hi-Light staff, Quill and Scroll, the Bobcat staff, and the English IV Club. No Information on Far East Position ' By MARVIN L. ARROWSMITH AUGUSTA, Ga. M — Backing President Eisenhower, Sen. George D-Ga.) said last night the cause of peace 2ould noc be advanced by any public announcement on whether the United States would defend Quemoy and Matsu. And George, chairman ' of the Senate Fof3it»:i Relations Commit- :ee, suggested the issue of whether those Chinese Nationalil officials' or island should be defended s bcome a "footbail of poll ties." The Democratic congressional eader's stand amounted to mdi- *ect criticism of such Republican senators as Knowland of California and Bridges of New Hampshire, both GOP leaders have called for a declaration of th cad- ministration's intentins regarding Quemoy and matj.i. George said "12 knows quit? well vhat Eisenhower will do if and en he is facsd wit h adeciosin whether to defend the off-shore is- ands. Arkansas to Fight for Hospital * By GORDON BROWN WASHINGTON M — Theres more fighting to come in the second battle of the Hot Springs, Ark. Army-Navy Hospital. Sen. McClellan and Rep. Norrell, Arkan sas Democrats, make that clear. For the second time in recent months, the Army has issued a seemingly firm decision that the Army-Navy facility will be closed or economy. Saying- it seems a $900,000 yearly saving, lha service Tribunals^ j.i ' *•*¥* JROAD BURNER—This is the new speedy Spyder sports car ; recently shown in Turin, Italy, Its 66: horsepower, four-cylinder • engine can move the streamlined car along at 116 mph. A lid 'covering the copilot's seat and a fin behind the driver's seat add I to the futuristic appearance. toSegregafk * v *L a&.' By tUfcL R. WASHINGTON , , >reme Court's nine justices >egm pondering -the «i f putting into precise ,,„, ders'to-wip-e out segregation's whites and Negroes In schools. ' Four days of conflicting/„„»„ ments over what the court. Ahouli do ended yesterday without " dlcation that ,the justices h tied on what they should say' the court's decrees. ' > v .| * "The naked- ijueatidri,''* t&* tlce Black phrased It, wasriC' lust May 17. On that day' ihi/< struck down Its 1898 "sep'alrii" equal doctrine." and said"*^ tion in the schools Is' ii tional. £<? But the court, saying mulatipn of degree, on -thesefiisl. presents problems of ConslderM complexity," caUed for/legal?! ments oti how 'and whenfWl-, the historic decision ihttt^etto ' has set June deadline. - ^CcClellan says 1 30 as the closing the latest decision came 14 days after the Defense Department told him it was suspending the closing order un(11, it made a ntionwide survey of all service hospitals. The senator told newsmen yesterday he had learned no such study' was made and commented: • '•'' "It seems SB*ailroad. .McClellan said he resented deprtments actions. "I dont a queer way to run tend to acquiesce he declared. the in- in this mater, Republican propaganda experts to pecuuade the press and public" that President Eisenhower is tin beatable. Butler said thare is a "definite Democratic trend runing right now," and added the Republican administration is "getting t'he same old pattern — service to few—which has brought the Re-i vublican parly to so many national defeats in the past few years." "You do not have to look far to see that the issues which brought defeat to Thomas E. Dewey and 1948 are going to be very much in the public eye dumrig the 1956 campaign," he said. The party meeting was called to discuss 1056 campaign plans anc( proposals for a 10-55 national convention devoid of any party-splitting "loyalty oaths' over which on fought in the 1952 conventional The national committed said a special adisory committee on rules will have befora it in closed session tomorrow a 30-page report, PICK POCKET '1 ^COLUMBUS, Ohio Wl—Ever have ypui pocket picked by an elephant? . . _ . k SA 12-year-old Canadian girl says would rule out special oaths , jt' happened to her. (convention delegates in the 1 ~ a letter to city council yes- sence of credential sests __ she was touring the Columbus Zoo one day last week When: Q'One of the elephants grabbed j$y wallet and swallowed it." .ypiiace says she lost $5.60 and including proposals f;>r 1956 which for ab- and kins, director for Hempstead announced. The Wellfare Department will serve as certifying Agency. Those persons, who are already receiving public assistance in Hmpstead County and who are interested in receiving Surplus Commodities, will make application in Office beginning Monday April 18, at 8 a. m. •The office is located across the street from the Barlow Hotel in Hope. An announcement will be mfefip later regarding the date applications will be taken for those other needy familis not receiving public assistance. {(slrclay, Grace Russ of London, On- clarify responsibilities of state iSf..- __,., ..,.. *—.--_ .u- parties and national committeemen in regard to convention nominees. Vaccine to ; Arrive in State Today LITTLE ROCK W— The first supplies of Salk anti-polio vaccine for public in'oculation were scheduled to arrive in Little Rock today. Several Little Hock doctors sre- pored 'yesterday they had receiv- vaccine supplies by Newspapers in London Fire 23,000 LONDON W)—Publishers of London's 23 strikebound newspapers dismissed their 23,000 printers today after a 14-hour session with strike leaders ended' in deadlock. The economy sjash on the 23rd day of the walkout came as no surprise, given 15 The printers had been days' notice in accordance with their contracts — that they would be laid off today unless agreement was reached between the publishers and 700 electricians and maintainance men de- madig wage increases. So far the publishers have made no move to disband their editorial staffs which produce news and feature copy for their 50 million subscribers. The editorial contracts provide for dismissal tices of 30 to 90 days. The Spectator, a conservative weekly journal of opinion, de nounced the stoppage today as a Communist plot. District leaders of gamated Engineering the Communist-led Trades Union called STATION MUST USPEND WAHINGTON W) —The Federal air express. The Arkansas Health department says it will follow the j-ec- ommendations of the National Polio foundation for inoculation of Arkanss school children. Earlier plans in Arkansas called uiii. op.x^« .,... ncil 1 'to"rerniburse h°ei\" Council l ' es P° nse to a .U. S. Court of Appeal i ule— three shots within five weeks. • • ' nrrfpr has HiVnntnri Rariin ctotir,.-, T pictures. She asked city C° nlmun ' ca tions Commission, iii]fo rinoculation last year's sched- consider the claim next mon- has directed Radio Station HEAPER NOW I/Pi— Japan's Communist pa|ty has toned down formerly se- (jret publications and put them on sale. KAM at Camden, Ark., to pend apperation April 30. Camden Radio Station KAM had apcaled a FCC construction permit to KPL.N to the appcls court. The FCC ordered public hear- Tho polio foundation, however, recommends that the first two shots be separated by two to four weeks and the third shot follow seven months later. Dr. A.M. Washburn of the Health Department's Communicable Disease Division said about 126,000 ings to open May 16 on a regular] Arkansas school children would re- now can buy for a nickel, license for KAMan d the transfer ceive free shots this year. County ' a'aewsp'aper formerly circulated among senior party members, e used to pay $3 to $10 a , when the newspaper featured on how to make "Molotov |ail" bombs a«4 liandmadp of the Mid-Sou5h Broadcasting Co. to D.R. James Jr. in the spring of 1953. About half the cancer deaths in the United States are among people wider 0$ yeav? oW< and city health officers will, st-t their own starting dates. the Amal- Union and Electrical the strike March 25. They demanded a raise of 58 shillings 6 pence ($8.19) for wages which now average around i5 pounds $42 a week, The publishers counteroffered 10 to 11 shillings ($1,40 to 1.68), depending on the working shift. ROK MARINES CELEBRATE SEOUL (/R The South Korean Marine Corps—a division strong— today celebrated its 6th anniversary at headquarters north of Seoul. President Syngman Rhee said, •'we are very grateful to the American advisers who helped our Marine corps grow big and strong.' APPROPRIATE MOVIE BREWTON, Ala. MVhe Ritz Theater here slopes down to a Washburn said shots will be street flooded by rain waters. Abou given to first and second graders, j three feel of water stands insid and to third and fourth graders the screen end today. '• who did not Sake part in last The theater is showing "On the year's five Arkansas test ccunUes.iWaterfront," The senator said he hadnt had time to plah his next move but promised he would continue efforts to keep the hospital open, FBI History Outlined at MeetofDAR Judge Lyle Brown outlined the history of the Federal Bureau of investigation from organization on iMay 10, 1924 and told of many true cases at a meeting of the Daughters of the American Revolution at Hotel Barlow this week. Pointing out that we all read of many spectacularly solved cases Judge Brown gave examples of the thousands of everyday work of the ^BI in protecting American citizens. Mrs. J. J. Battle, chapter chaplain, installed the following new officers: Mrs. James LaGrossa, regent, Mrs. Paul Klipsch, vice-regent; Mrs. Battle, chaplain; Mrs. Charles Locke, recording secretary: Mrs. Richards Howard, treasurer; Mrs. Wilbur Jones, registrar; Mrs. R. L. Searcy, historian; Mrs. J. M. lluua- librarian and Mt - s. Haynes, parliamentarian. J, A Food Costly for Families at Hospital LITTLE ROCK W) —Families of 22 state hospital staff members who are entitled to maintenance as part of their compensation drew $13,264 worth of food , in the fisca year ending June 30. 1964 legisla live Auditor Orvel Johnson report ed today. / During the same 'period, thj families drew $393 worth of 'sup plies..., ' •' ;•• .-,'• ; • .';•' .';. ;• •'•. The information was containec in a report submitted to .the Legis lative Audit committee. •'.' , ,. he: •r.epprt -.Rpv.ering ithe^two fis cal years ending last June 30 re vealed little that ha dnot been dis closed- before." T....e' drawing of food attractei some attention during the receii general Assemble from legislators who charged that the use of main tenance'had been abused. Johnson Reported however tha for the 12 fa.illes who drew fooi during the entire year, the aver age issue -was' $81.48 a month" o 977.76 dollars a year. ; The failures ranged from two ti five persons. • The other families did not drav for a full year because of change in staff personnel, Johnson noted that the prices a quoted were cost to hospital anc were not retail prices and .did no 'include cost 'of labor in processing or handling. Bell Developing New Helicopter FORT WORTH' Tex. (/B— Aircraft Corp. is pioneering new utility helicopter as a mulfc purpose uranium exploration . ve hide through Bel ib, officials have a subsidiar y firm announced. A standard model Bell helicopt er is touring the southwest equip ped with prospecting and' mininj devices. In the vehicle's equipmen is a miniature drilling rig which can sink a test hole 300 feet in depth. • ' HAVE A CUP O 1 PUP—She's si* weeks old and weighs fpujr ounce* This cupful of canine cuteness belongs to Walter McMth*n, Ore., and is one of e litter 9! four, pne pa^nt if f Send tors Ask Accounting From Dulles WASHINGTON — W> Two more senators called today for an ac- couting'.from Secretary of State •Dulles of TJ.N. efforts to obtain release of 15 U.S. airmen jailed in Red China. Sen. Hickenlooper (R-Iowa) said Dulles should tell the Senate Foreign Relation Committee "exactly what the situation is today," If- Dag Hammarskjold, U.N.. secretary / general, 'has failed in his attempt t6:'w1n the fliers' freedom, Hickerildoperv: said, the United States ^.Mfh'owld - consider -"what 1 J 'to do,- either unilaterally or with the help of our allies." Sen. Mansfield (D-Mont) cautioned against "impi issioned or in-' discreet" demands for tough U.S. counter-action but he said Congress "should have a complete report from Dulles and we should' get that report next Tuesday," Dulles, is slated to go before the committee that day ' to answer questions on last month's publication of the long-secret Yalta papers. Sen. Knowland of California, the Republican leader, and Sen. Morse (R-Ore) joined yesterday in a demand for testimony by State and Defense Department officials next week on Hammarskjold's J&nuary mission to Peiping, The United ; States has '•'•. accused Red China of holding the 15 Americans in violation of the Korean armistice. Most of them are serving jail sentences on "spy" charges denounced as false by this country. Montgdme Ward Conrro to Wolf son . nois supreme. 5 CourtUoday favor, of r LovUs campaign't6'win control-of ,<; gomery Ward. >, V /'% The decision upholds p contention' th'at'WardSl/l electing three "of its'nine at annual-meetings^ ^pf | preme cqurts "oplnion3>< ! rulig by, Circuit'-Judge*!* Fisher of»Chlo'agtt.*" In v "cl i ''''<"" s &•«"«««• iters Is'si „,,..._ finahcie rasv'sayta dent; he ^-•'"'"'-'-•'" board" a, stockholdc *orlM' The aanag remoye the 1 'barrier^ wHjcft Sewell Avejry-has^ .ereltej twieen himself and the>Ji?4 of the business", the ,stbcL. the statement, quoted 1 , Wolf i It'said also that'* Wolfsoi anxipus • to'begin, the building A spokesman chairman said ,he ment on the decision. hinUl had time 1 tp Study itJ,^A> s Judge .Fisher', ruled 1 * " •" *"-ti"»* <*ii J"W~**^r.n1 platfes on-the Ware tors should be at' annual meeting of next Friday in* Hope Guard Mas Part in 'Minuteman' The Arkansas National Guard, and Company A of Jlope. will play an important part in the nationwide test alert of the mor e than 1,000 Army and Air National Guard units to he held sometiron this' spring. The alert will be known a? "Oj>- sra'tion Minuteman," according to 2apt. Imon G. Cook, Command' ;ng our Jocal Company A, and i» the first of .it's kind ever held, in the United States. Signal for the test alert to ba gin will be given by the jChiet, Rational Guard Bureau in Wash- ngton and relayed to local unit* >y the State Adjutant Genevalf 6 More, of TV NEW YORK; W) -4 frey today fi.r'e.<TsJix ers from his television a shows, but this time;;did on the air, , " « >f In his bjggesf *&$#ft ent since he.,pnbliply- ^ Julius La' i-psa'in O c tp}?itf CBS annoutwed tha( dodfrj "discontinued, the service"?" Marl6n i5 " The signal to be given nen m the Hope Area will be ?last every fwe minutes for y minutes on the whistles, at Ho"p» Water & Light Plant. Spot annovw cements will be made over Station CXAR every five mjnutes fpr f huty minute period. Other Guards men, will be notified by telephojjn and messenger, , Capt. Cook has asked t}»,9t local esideixts not be alarmed by thi| aleit since it is. for tralpinfi pwr >oses and designed to better rafi tbihty of our lopal unit tq han.41* any emergency }t may be on to perfprm fpr £he Hope and H.emps,tea.d, The exact date encj M™,e-io| aleit is kept secret but Jl dents, will te tatere^|«4 hat severs* key ;mgJaaUo4| he Hppfl Al«« Will b >r" by Puar4fmen p| an4 ^nypiiie Jnteres^'to i ta9Ri wit in — _« Mariners ana They «re being of the Qodfrey shp w a the the daily radio-TV prog Wednesday Anight ty v -sgo the Friday night radlp' , Th<? dismissals fective t9day, ' , meijtion qf J^e momtag showj, • Also 1 were, We' serv4<?es of Charles and SET HOWSg- for the unusual, Layton. •J.unjpr merce Mrs, frame the ' -h. ' ]* ^JL ^ 1 *iitts < :J&istS&,%g;&,. . "^« * ' '' " ' '. "V& , '« : 4 JI.Y..I' y,,k, i , 4 «.,n, "•"i?*&®5" i r> K 7 ' ""t- i

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