The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 4, 1930 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 4, 1930
Page 4
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PAGE FOUfc THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS TOE COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS 0. B.BABCOCK, Editor • H. W. HA1NE8, Advertising Manager • Sole NationalAdvertising Reprcsciilailvcs: The Thomas P. Clark Co. Inc., Now York, Philidelptjia, AtUnU, Dalits, San Antonio, 8*u Francisco, Chicago, St. Loul*. ?ublUhed Every Aiwrnoon Except Sunday. bterti u tecoDd class matter at the post office »t BlytheviUe, Arkansas under act of Conjre* October », 1917. Served by tna United Preu SUBSCRIPTION KATES By <arrler In the city or Blytheville, )5c per week or *6.50 per year In advance. By mall within a radius ot 50 miles, $3.00 per yeir, $1 50 for six months, 85c Ior three months; by mill In postal tones two to six. Inclusive, I6.W per year, in zones seven end eight, $1000 per year, payable In . rfvance, Meeting The Emergency The fanner who will siiIYur most sevurely as Hie result of thi 1 prosenl dvoutlt is Itio one who lakes' tin 1 position that lie is the victim of conditions beyond his control and that nothing remains for him lo do but still'ur lliu consequences. No onu can make it rain, but everyone can do something lo miniumi; the htmlsliips incident to the luck (if rain. Predictions concerning the ci>tt:)ii crop which this region will produce are confusing. Some observers say it will be a big crop; otlier.s nrc uf the opinion that it will be short. Bui this much i.s obvious: whatever the size of the crop it is not going to bring enough money tti provide « living for men and stock until next crop season. Every drouth ends in a rain, and llu 1 end of the present one is already overdue. When it comes the ruru-sijihtcil man will be ready for it. lie will put in a bigger and better fall garden thiiii lie ever had before. And later lu> will plant .winter pasture crops in his cotton middles. It is good farming, good business, to do these things every year. II is us- sential to do them this year if genuine hardship is to be avoided. If any reader of this paper is not familiar with the food and feed crops that he should plant for fall and whiter use, and with the proper methods of handling them, let him consult his county agricultural agent. Tlis slight trouble, the slight expense'.th,at yill-be involveH,"'w]liTeturn him the best dividends of ,anything he has, done this (AUK.) COUK1UR NEWS the crowd lo pay tlio day's cx|)— baseballs, ground rent and ilic like. They promised to give any surplus tu Hie police departnuHit lo be spent on charity. But the police were adiimanl. As soon us lli.> tint started lo go around tbe police broke up ill" Wine and arrested the boys in chart;!-. Stunts like thai arc simply silly. "Him; laws," Mi-t-ilU-d, are designed to prevent His coiiimriTiali/alion of the Sabbath. A game like this: one uugt.t to be innocuous enough for anyone. MONDAY, AUGUST 4, 1030 SIDE GLANCES By George Clark hat A nswer . J i!> NOI.I:N wi.mcii I'nllcd I'nss st:ifT Cumsinuicli'iil LllTI.E HOCK. Au it;i'i—A question which has b'.'cn iv-kju fttqih-nMy m private SIMS IX'C-n risked publUly, b;r. MI !.ir. there has been no forthcoming a^surr. '1'lie ttucslion u.i.s asked llic -slutc hi-.;h«,iy commission by Chutu:i 1.. Culdwell. hiwycf uf Mlbsis-slppl Counly. who wanted to know:-"Where will the nioi'.i'y c^n:? fic:n in tinaniT the work of liie Arkansas Highway (lep.irlinenl . next yeai?" V •'{• -Y- Many questions '^'ill be asked ilurinu the next few days, but there will hi- few ar.siv >|-s. This Is (he lime- to nsk ciui'Stiuns. bin PCK.IUIK llvliif for (he primary ni'?;t Tm^.day arc'n'l uci^n to answer many of ll'.fm. Hut whflher Calilwell'.s iiurslinii is answir-Hi or not, the next administration will to laivd with n tonsil hljjhwiiy problem There! is H'linti to IK- much ni't'dcii In the iu'.\t few yenrs to compile the \vu:J: of ilu; hlLjh- wtiy system. ••!• -V -V- The present Marlint'au rnati la\ : . expires in 1931. A new program will liuve lo Ijc pruvitli'tl. Although it has been positively denied by officials, rumor is current thai the rt?p:\rlmcnl will ask for another SIIO.OUU.OOO ol $-10.000,000 in order lo complete Ihc present pru^i'iiui. Cyril Tolly, former llrlli.-h mill Is considering locating in Cliic.iijo. in an effort to improve his >hc'.s. cnampion. J'robably Onci: lh?re was a columu:..t who ivatl about the Ccmmnnibt invi'MisaliiMi LUU! resisted .^ayiny Komclhlny nboul Reds Icclinsi blue. the unsung fiidnrance records. Liver and Other Extracts of Value in Fighting HV Oil. MOUHIS FIS1IBE1N' i compounds which must be aiialyn- dltor, Journal of the American! ed down to their fundamental in- Thc Italian government has I granted to the match Industry a I complete monoply over the mail'-1 ufacture, importation and sale •off Mt die-ill - Association, and or lly- Bda, Un; Health Magazine In the conilition known as per- ulcluus anemia there secni.s to. be grcdicnls. Whereas one began by! eating trenundous quantities of rav; liver, one may now take u cor.ccn- It . a j [rated powder. It .seems possible deficiency of the tosal number of \ (hat Die time will come when tlie cd blood cells. A lessened m'nn- ; ncllve principle of tins powder will her of cells may be due to ihe fact be Isolated in ihe shajx? of some that tliey arc being destroyed too rapidly or to ihc ;acl that they are lot being created .sufficiently rap- dly iind in sufficient quantities. chemical elt-mcnts. The red blood cells perhaps have something to do with the ability of the body to resist the germs of Ihey can be nicious anemia their number de- • sensitized hi such a way that they creeascs su rapidly and stays de- ; will clump lordlier or dissolve when In the condition known as i>er- disease. Certainly • creased so certainly Hint serious conditions occur nfccting life itself. Tiie number of mi blood cells may fill! to 1.00,000 or 1,200,000, instead of the 4,000,000 to 5,000,000 that represents Ihe normal. One of the greatest discoveries of recent times was the development of the knowledge that tlie liver contains a substance wlilirh has the r.peciiic power of raising the number of red blood cells, apparently by stimulating the production of red cells in Ihe places in the body where llicy arc produced, notably in Die bone marrow. Concentrated extracts have been dev- certain substances of bacterial or chemical naiiire are injected into tlie body. 'Ihcse reactions are just beginning lo be established and understood. Obviously, if the red blood cells clump together or dissolve, the re-! suit lo the patient's health and, life K extremely serious. ; Announcements The Courier News has been au-1 thorlzed to announce the following | candidates: DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY Tuesday, August 12. For Circuit Judge JUDGE WILLIAM CARROLL. For Slate Representative W. PAUL MARSH. For County GEORGE W. BARHAM, election). ZAL D. HARRISON W. i'ar Sheriff SHAVER <Re-elecUou>, I For County Treasurer W. W. HOLLIPETER. JOE P. PRIDE. Theater Group For Circuit Court T. W. POTTER. BILLY GAINE3 Clerk n , . n n u h For County Court Clerk rians to Buy Own Home : MRS. JOHN LONG LONDON. Aug. 4, (UL») — From i Icuitimale theater lo movie house has bi-comr- more less a natural ; process i r-lcpecl which cause rapid forma- st ,,,. these days, but the ,„«.•«.-,»; "on of cells and winch Give the | is to be levcrsed with the St. James ' l>=:.sil)ilny uf life instead of the: pi Q i,i, v |, ra ter here : fo.mcrly malal result. A mlc lhc;lU ,,. n . ith (he | Continued For Counly Assessor J. S. DILLAHUNTY. JIM FOWLER. (Re-election). / J J. W, VVATKINS. (I For Justice or the l»cacc Clitrkasairlia Township JOHN WALTON. LU WALKKH (Re-election) ALEXANDER (Re-dec- I now backing of .several influential per-' •ii WASHINGTON LETTER only the very forefront of Ihis unknown land lias bee:i invaded Much more needs to be known as to the nature of the red blood cell its method of formation, the ma- tcilnls from which it is formed, the factors gorcniiny its formation rgowth and destruction. The substances used drama. lion). (Re-election) . WALKER {Rc-elec- gross WOMAN IS MASON GRAND RAl'lUS. (UP)—Traveling with her iwo children and hus- i band, working at their trade, Min- ' nie Lott. Grand Rapids, claims to be the only woman mason in the • world. ; For County Coroner W. H. STOVALL. For Constable Chickasawba Township C. B. BURCH. HARRY TAYLOR. "Nothing so c-ducatcs li-, as a shock," says Will DnraiU. This \vill bi' sorl of Ilallcrinv; to IhuM who have bcrn .s|iia?licd by jucote b.ith- ers at the beach this siLmmcr. Idiotic Enforcement The muddle-headcdncds of which • some policemen are capable when they go out lo enforce Sunday "blue laws" is sometimes almost beyond belief. In Philadelphia the other Sunday two working boys' clubs played a baseball game, with a group of kids from an orphan asylum as their guests. No .admission could be charged, and no fewer than 10 policemen wsrc present to see that no fee was collected. At the end of tho fourth inning the boys, tried to take up a collection from OUTOURWAY .Lightning, ft iii-v..-. ilrm :,a>s. knocked Ihc rubber heels off b;ili .;!u:es vorn by a Orucrjia man. And we Ihmiijhi nil HIP lime that t'.icy absorbed shocks. Trie candklate for ihc Wr.n, Virginia tJenu-' lorlal nomiiialion, \vho spent M cents in his ciimpaiiin, must IJL- cii'c'i'.vd wi'.ti having a ]h:? sense of values. Cnl Coolidne writes thai li'.e ifignin.i! p.irly \va.s o;istcd in Canada IjCcansc ot a business depression. Ol cmrsc !'^ dccsnt go so far as lo name what c-llcct the snnif cau;c might have on the present administration here. BY UOllNKY DUTCIIEU iivc-tt-.f oIIeiiMve Bsalnsl their SKA Service Writer | c»n woikini, 1 and living conditions WASHINGTON. AUB. •!.— For • and ihi- nlfenslve againsl the fath- Ecveral years the leaders of Hie i ciland ol all workers, the Soviet Ccniiuiniist party in Moscow have. Unmn. been (liscmirayctl at tha failure oil "OrnanUe! Strike against wage- thcii 1 lullower.s in the United State*' ruts! Demand unemployment in- lo make any progress. Their atti- i HI-UIICG! FiRht imperialist war 1 , ti'.de toward the American Com-• Down will! those who prepare \vnri inuiiisis has even tended to bccuir.r , R;.fcn<l the Soviet Union. Into the contemptuous; • . fineis en Aug 1!" liuv they may feel happier now I Hoover ii working ''behind the because the American Communist- . svor.cs" in thu gi'iieml attempt to have been slimuliacd to r.ev.-' dcaroy Hie Soviet and preparations spurts. . "f B'ling on for a "direct military AiiJ one need not be surprised 12 ! -.mack" 0:1 Russia, it is asserted. •end of fitlini! Iribules in the Hid Now is the time ior ail good men Square to Ihrec brave and women to come to the aid of jalrlots, Seymour Lawman, Matlh- :l'.c party. cw Woll and UaniiltDn Fiih, w:r:' Ynii cnn lake your choice Uc- suppllcd tiic siimuliis. That siu- • 'vefii this tuuk and the stuff Low- geslion is made In all seriousr.t>j , mun, V.'oil and Fisli have been bpcausc the eftc-rts of this trio have i fe;dins cut. Hut it isn't compulsory insplied tr.c Comniimists in this j to accept either. countiy to consolidate, or^ani/e ant! : — holler :or recruits to fight in the' great war which they profess to believe the "bosses" arc about lo force upon them. How They Did It Probably that isn't anywhere nuur as much to worry about as is iln: thrcalciied lens ot American export tratiu tu the Soviet, but there aiT many timid persons who don't Mr. Harrison, Prosecuting The Editor's Letter Box I'AKXEI.I/S TAX (Time of Casey Jcncsi \V;'.y back th?re in innetcei! iy-cig!il Now that Denmark has decided 10 dispose of i'.s only two cruisert, opponcnls of cliarma- inciit wil: tw expected to laugh i; o!! v.ith the remark: "'Ihero's bomclliiny rctten in Denmark " fSir OHvcr Lcd^e. British scivnli.i'.. ;-;tid in a bi!;:iric.:st (tic other (lay that tji 1 |io!icc lorcc .:( tl-? world will nltimiueiy be in the hand:; of the United Stntrs. Well, we could stand developing a bulls market right now. the Cummunists s:inu'!u!:d . v>:i;c " <Iarvcy Paruell ran for s»v- iiiul ;h;y are likely :o be sort al ; Mr. Lott-mnn, Mr. \Vull and Mr. i (-'inor of the slate. Oi -"' schools and our ro.itli wrr,-> then in n "Mess" Mi. Lowmnn is the assistant sec- j And tl-.U wasn't "maybe" or ioir.c rc'.aiy of the treasury in chnr-o of I body's guess! CHORUS: Ci;;irri. gn-;olme and incuinc tax Is :iii:ns the biii'dL'ii from all our b.u-ks; "Ihcy'rc r.ot getting Harvey some rc.'.i hard" whacks For al: hell's lighting ihii incom: tax! I. OiO WAS FftT. 1 Ji'i'b t.c I CAM'T v-iAv\e ^o Av"!CH OF TRlOMPa FEf? A OO VOU vwAMT f wcoc-.c. ccouo -ri-lf7o WAS -^OU tacT TO Cxi"T ow AM' CRAVMU - VOU &i-r MO K!O EH& OF A ME.V.DUU - A- ME AM wiio dreamed one n'.gh'. thai l(u~siu lir.d embarked un a "gi-' campaign to va'eik Amcil- i van industry by cxportir.i; gc.ocU l-j u 1 -. Next uay he announced :h:ic j !h'.-r£ \U'.s no lender any doubt ] aha 1 .;: it; tl:ul we were laciiu. in | cnr-,-1, a declaration tit So j liien- would be :in umkaiao on ilm- suiii |r,il]iwood and maicliun an:i i lumber and probably on man a :u:csu • The Mr.rtmeau road law just lint! other Russian ;iro:Uicts. ^fr. ' pMsecl. Lo«:i'.;;n ii likely to bay soiiiL-hinx " IV ' IS tllc governor's best work as nmaiknblc any time he open., his '''ell '« the last, mciitli. but this was as rema:k.a>!c . L'u; ll:i; men hu entrusted to car.-;: as ::iiyi:nni; he had ever said. j '- llircugii Mr.' Well is only the-third vice | Have a!l l:r:n tcslod and al! prove:! )i:i:.s:Unt of the American l'i.:.ii::'- • "'uu! a'.n,n dl Labor, but he m.ikcs ir.un- than the president anii j CHORUS: LI!! ihv o'.hn vicr- prt'Milunt-, LJIII- i W:th <-:i;.u.'t. Kubohnt ;uid iiu-jinc He h-.i- b.-ci! sliotilini; tor .: .:r::-.r:i! | !-uii..n^ci un imports Ironi !!ii-.i!a. i l:!(l iimlet.' b;icXs. Sunn, d'ay .in cnl:rprhlns u-;! ::'tiT • Ho 1 .- clev^'.ul schools to their right- | Mr. Woll il he l:"isppi-,is to !'H place And ivf iCur v tr.icc! II anything about pruuicn American labor. Mr. l-i-h Is chairman n! ti:- .011- commuter wine.; h.i-!i!|: Cuniniiiinv. iiuti the iinp:ir;i,il nature oi IVK :i]v : s'.i- galicn has been b;. his \iolint ladiu ai;t! <''.l-,er- wisi-. The Fish mnrr.Htce ic;'nt!> uncartlsi'd thf :ippii!llng ic.-'.1111011:. o! a ncrvciki old gcnllcm;ui that Comiiiiins.'.t kicis in summer c.imp i had It-tn .saying, "Damn ;'.. pas; :•!" '||;;TI' may be mo:c ;i:ipi:t:<n1 si.lis alter all this ills:-. M;>'!I a ;; :ifw r.i:i)!> in f:o:ir;- or Ic'si^lalion as"'"-^ 1 Com- ::-:ii.i-!.-. but the chid cli'u't ihu-- l.i; h.i- btcu tu :-lir ii|) Un; i;c li:i- uext i-leji can onlv oc ii l:!jrkail'.': ar.ti fulla",iivj t!u:'.. uji'-'impi-rmlisl war (or ihc o\cr- of the lirsi wors::s' s;;v;-in- iiicnt." liol!cr.i the Ccmui'.niis i.ewsp,ip'.T. the Duly Worker. "Hand in hand with tlic.-c r,t l.icki on Soviet uadc. j"^ -'ru'r >h military preparations. . . . The b:>: nnpnlulist nation.- av.- .irrmir ;;> never before. ,u;d at the s»ii« t::iic tl;oy are provirihw tmui- ,uic aiir.anifiils frr '.lie " :s--!'ii)'.aiui. L:Una. ind. I.UIinaai.i and KiW'.iiii;!. h liupi- nagi'ts^i'.v in-rp.ii.i'. t'ir.'cti PMtcs impciLihsm i-. ; iisitl inf.IT in I'.'.c l,.icii;nii i.'iidr Ilic iCit^cr.'inp ol V*'.i ttn.-l uitfi'csl.N llu-.-.o |);or»:.i'.ic>: vill l)e er,e:'i',ci;c.iily pusi'.c•!. i Calls (nr Sdilu-s 1 Wmr:e:> inns: ;o.-i't ;lv.-= !•:!.-: lavur v.c Iind no CHORUS: his income ta>: is :i i;»-gc:i[ r. it's tearing o!T a .strip we cuuUin't. reach bctorc. iakinv; hiiili .sciiools. highways and I l.cspilnls littler I nci !i.-itn for it's making these j lax dc:!gcrs roar! I JUOHUS: I Lei's ci<:cl h:m again and give him Tu make tiic'-.i: tas-iluilgiiig !n- j.ickcrs pr.incc. A'lth (.'.i- improved srliuols v.c'rc needing s^«l ixad.-.— u'.ir load.-. CHORUS: H Sevenlh Giadc Il.U'vi-y tluy ridiculed ?•> loud Is .small enough t"'.vit Ihis hiclit>ro\v clown. As lie does hK '.\:jvk ruithfully, .-i-.ows no Ic.n. 1 -. t mine we retrain him for ;i CT.iplc more years —(.Tianl Huboin. t'r.r 'W^.ysldC Apostle." Uride;-. Ark. il.M.F I-OK 1,l)i:i'A'UON I'HCKMX. Aiu.. 'Ul'i—Arii will .•.pivid during the rusting Us- • ral year. :"ii) iirr rent oi all nimii-y collcclcii b>' dirci'l taxation for sialc ^Natinn ior .stair puipoRos (in cciiK'alion. :TCorclm!T lo a statement Klc.'.scd by Aiu r"iu:miiHu, -Mr. Jliiri'ison served l!ie .second jtidiciitl district, including Misais- .iippi County, ;i.< pi-usecntint' attarncy, four year=, 1925 to 1928. Ths convict farm existed in this county during his entire term of office, which ceased in 1928, just before my term as county judge started. Every man on that convict farm when i went into office had been sent there by Zal Harrison or his deputies. I have in my possession records showing that, with his deputies at Osceola ami Elytheville. he collected in the neighborhood of $13000.00 in prosecuting attorney's i'ee.s from the county contractor on poor and unfortunate criminals who unab!.' to pay their lines and costs, were compelled to go to the county faim to work them out. .More than 900 men were sent -to the cointtr farm during that four years by Mr. Harrison and his deputies at Osceola and Blylheville. -Many of these men were negroes who would otherwise have been conlined in the county jail. Others were white men of the very class to whose prejudice, hfi now appeals, the poor and uni'orlunatc class. During Jlr. ' Harrison's reign as prosecuting attorney and only a year or so before he \venl out of office, cili/.en.< on Little Kiver near where the farm is locate;!, bci-ame greatly incensed and outraged at alleged cruelties on that farm. A while boy named Floyd Buck died there. Zal Harrison knows, as many otlier.s do, that these citizens,' bslicving that conditions were bad on the county farm, appealed to him as prosecuting attorney to investigate the matter and break up the county farm. ]Ic had then many more time.s the power lie will have as county judge should he ever be elected, and if he ever did anything lo correct Ihe alleged evil, if. any existed, and 1 ask him here and now to show what he did. 1 know, and many other.-; knuw, thai the cili/.ens of i.iltlu Kiver were not satisfied with the attitude of Mr. Harrison toward the county farm and alleged conditions and that for some reason they went, otit and employed Mr.. John Scobuy, a lawyer who then lived at Lepanlo, to conduct an investigation of ihe county farm before the Grand Jury. Will Air. Harrison please tell ichai assistance if any lie, or his deimlij as Osceola, rendered Air. ticobey in Ihis investigation, and what they found the facts to be with reference to the county farm and alleged cruelties al thai time, and what thei/ did about it?. Tomorrow I shall have more lo .say about Mr. Harrison as prese- culing attorney and his relations with the county farm. GECX W e BARHAM Candidate for Second Term as

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