Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 15, 1955 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
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Friday, April 15, 1955
Page 7
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MOM S f A ft, M 0> t, ARKANSAS ThursJay, April 14, 'at about food planted by man i< f&St TSyf diseases and insec it reaches the table W* A* ftttfe,, of Aluminum Boats j ~"l^'4 f*i * *•% * t'l J«w«lry Store TAKE HOME Aiitonditioner & Rtttlf Electric Co, : 3i«w. snc ,. " «,. . The Qualify Name * ^ >•»* V *— - * > In— u — -- , ' JL » * \ -i W^V i.t«V,•••*••< •'- '• Conditioning '?*' i "• • • '"YoVTchas the ir)ost,com- -|plete, most versatile of * fljr-conditioners. The mostiodvanced features ' are Included to, prpvide the full benefits of true air-conditioning. ' ; , All models' cool, de* ^ humidify, and circulate *> fitfered' air. FOR HOMES Ml fi If. V v jfptJQw»«i«rciald Up to 8.00; shorn ewes 7.00; calls 6.00. ST. LIUIS LIVESTOCK , NATlC^TAL STOCKYARD, 111, <JPi i*- Hogs 8,300; steady to lower, •choice 180*220 Ib 17.25-75 ichoies No. 1 and 2 17.85; most 20-240 Ib 17,00-50; 40-270 Ib 16.50-17,25; 70300 Ib . Ifi.M-.TSj, 140-170 Ib » 17,25, sows 450 Ib down 14.75-15.25; Continued from Page One' but, of four'of Egypt's teeming 22 millions now can read or write. "We plan to build 4,000 ntv.y international International Film Festival Is Suggested By BOB tHdMAS HOLLYWOOD Ufi — One of Hollywood's most noted citizens, \Vili] iarrl Holden, today suggested; an boars schools in the next 10 years," he ; said. "Last year we completed attbut 368. more than had ever been built heavier sows 13.50-44.23; 10.00-13.00.' .;< cattle,,500, calves 400; __..... „„ _. „„ steady.; heifers mostly comnffer- in so short a time beofre cial and good 19.00-22.00, a few 23.00; utility and low cornrner« cial butcher yearlings 14.00-18,00; " The Rack' Is Praised as TV's Best By SAUL PETT For Wayne Ilivtr NEW YORK W-rEvery so often television pulls itself loose from . - .. of mediocrity and ,hurried expediency, ignores what , For years members of the filmi mex P Rrt experts imagine is "the industry have sounded the need for mass taste" and stands up and 'film celebration like those held iri; ta 'ks like a living, breathing, rec- He indicated he felt free elec-jforeign countries. Holden,' the in- nnC U/Bfo ftt«*l«tM nlactr. «.n4i1 *U*t I . *•* . ' tions were meaningless until voters wefe educated enoug the to cumbent Oscar winner, agrees. "W e s end re pr ulility and. commercial sows 11.SO- cannors and oittters fc'OlM The impression gained by his'filrn"f e s"tivafs"ali fltln f*ntfittiPrri*ti 1 ^ fin S n i *• v * > **-* i ***Koiivtna-eiJi»,, % . i v»*w T» «* .m, .ana .commercial l3.jO| Ustener W ps .that neiher Nsscr he remarked on the set of- "A ognizable, fully fleshed human being. It did that again this week with canner arid cutter bulls 10*00 1300; vealers and calves good and choice, 18.0025.00; . commercial , . _ good 13.00-18.00;,few. prime vealers *»m/i • :"• '•" • ' . Sheep 200; steady; good and ! nor his revolutionary council young army officers intend to step down from power until their reform ' program has modernized Egypt. .Of this task Nasser has • • *, U i-iiu * v, j/i cotijielUVUJj LO •* v »••*" n *»*• U£,ci Jii tliia WvitJlx W1UI1 Uruguay, Venice, Connes and other|the play "The Rack." This should film focduoie 0-11 ^t,«j *u_ uij ., bring great praise to Rod Serling for writing it, to the theater Guild for producing .it, to Alex the World, 0-139 Ib wooled lambs lfi.00; one ot 126 Ib No. 2 skins 17.00; wooled 7 j written "It is not in the twinkling of an eye that one is able to set Deaths Around the Nation By The Associated Press MILWAUKEE—William A. Rob- erlsr' 57,"" v president \6f the Allis- Chalmiers ', Mahufaclui'ing 'Co., one of the .nation's biggest- manufac- .urers of tractors and heavy mar chinery,-• and[''associated with the cpmpghy;'sindo 1924. Born near Is- ceola,, l Mo.,Diqd .yesterday. LOS ANGELES Alexander Samuel Beck, 93 founder of the A. S. Beck shoe stores. Born in 2ger, Hungary. Died Monday. • BRIDGEPORT; 'Conn, — -Dr. •ouis Allen Higley, 83, a ^widely cnown geologist and dean emeritus of King's Coljegei Delaware. Born n ^Wjlmot, Ohio. Died yesterday. .JOLIET. Ill; -- Dr. Walter Jl. WacPherson,- 77, president of the Universalist Church. of .America from ]'935-39 arid •retired.""rriinfstcV of 'the Universalist Church of Jolet, which he had served 40 years. Died yesterday. • J GREEN BAY, Wls, '— John F. ICoss, 05, founder .and- president of ;he .Badger State Chaese Co., and 'or many,.' years protiniWent in th.o cheese 'and dairy-',industry. Died yesterday.; ; / . • POTOMAC, 'JlTd M — Guy Edwgrd Greer, : tiH,'". urban redevelopment economist with, the Mousing ,' and H. •. luck Highway «7 WMt LUCK'S USED FURNITURE CO. Edfl* of Qjty Lljnilto W««t M Gallon Water Barrel! for ••!• RhoM 7-4SS1 Hop*, Ark. AftE OUR BUSINESS .^ - 4-r 3-T-- — »••—*..>« •willing Control* If V^rmiTei arv th« ^f*fcten», w» ; h«Ve th» answer, there's no charat for <f» tMfMction to call on our long experience now. —ARK A DELPHI A TERMITE CO. VT~: ~ 10*4 Main-Street .,, ,J»hone,l057;, ..,-#.. ARKANSAS*:' i -'v DUCKET! DO IT... TH^BEST IN STEEL CONSTRUCTION SHfjcJs — Forrr< ( Buil^cjin'gs — Industrial Buildings j*4f made according to specifications.. ,- , ,$£ Con be constructed at lovy cost! DU^CETT STEEL & EQUIPMENT CO. North Main Street, , , Y StLIGHTING FIXTURES Protect your eyesight and enhance the beauty of your home with correct lighting fixtures, " ALLEN ELECTRIC CO; ,1.14 8. £!rn..f>hon« 7-2639 *** •RANCH GENERAL HOSPITAL *.-*. opening Qf.qn qnnex for • grid, aged patients. OPENING MAY ist Ji •> \ • • Apply at , Hospital Bysiness Office 't " PUBARRY • CMN5INC CREAM IfiSHNIR S) Plus Tax RD AND SON m^. ^^. _ _ — ^ — _. ~tV*- _ ' T* *- ,w right the waste of so many centuries." Nasser, quiet, self-controlled dynamo, never raided hiB voice. It is hiphilosophy: "We are strong' when' we remain calm." Even when one newsman brashly questioned .-.whether any of Nasser's own .relatives hsid .bettel'itted from the' land "redistribution •, prp- gram ( ; the, • Prime • Miniser, instead of bristling .rnerel ylooked a.t 'him for a '.moment then said . tjtiielly, •'No,Vv :•;•.-:--..•._;•• - • •-. ,.-;" ; .'-', /Nasser; said; he saw ' no- solution to the' tense situation with Israel, because, of 'the ^rekure from'..hundred . ; • of thousands of Arab dispossessed 'there. . • : ' • . "W.e cannot control .these • refugees—they -want '.to- relurh' to their homeland;"' he 1 said. -"On the frontier -We '.are ' afraid, of 'th 'elSraelis and they are afraid of us." At' the • close' of the ' Interview Nassor presented each visitor 'with an autographed portrait. Sorfie:obser.yers in Cairo see Nas er as a ' young idealit trying- o carry -out -a" socialistic program that : > will collapse of its Own weight. , • > •-. , • - •' • •••' • "Already -the people are beginning .to as^k, 'The revolution . .Was- fine— .but' how . what's- in it vfor me?' ". • one said. '."; Others',' feel that 'Nasser. . i has grown' in'- stature with his job, ' and prown- : in stature with 'Mis; job;, and that-' through' his hold on' ; theilby- alty :. of' the .young. :NSionalistic 'officers he 'can- sit in the. saddle of r> —.•i*v* t ,«. vv^ •iivibv, vin; tUUIlLIIca ••*w»»n( 3 | uiiv* uio LLII k/ing (Jiclj. ill UJJ. behind the Iron Curtain too. I thinklits major departments—writing, our films can certainly compete acting and directing seemed to with theirs. I me an expert job, done with tell Many Splehdored Thing." "The *«• K«"""vi"e ••. ^ n^ 3 logical thing would f be to have an Siegel for directing it, to the spoil- international festival' her, at the Sor for paying for it, to ABC for center of the film'industry. "And I mean to really make it international. Not just invite the Western countries. We should be big enough to invite the countries transmitting it. Man Held for Arkansas Slaying FORREST CITY, I*)—A man charged last year with first de-1 gree murder in the slaying of a Forrest City 'farmer and special, deputy has been arrested at Fliht, Mich. Depuy Sheriff George Erwin ; said today he has been informed ,that FBI /igent" apprehended Jo*hn Otis Hardin yesterday at the Flint automobile plan where he was working. Hardifi had been charged with murder in. the slaying of E. H. Cooney Feb. 13, 1954. Cooney was shot fatally when he investigated a disturbance in a tavern at Hicks Corner 14 miles east of here on Highway 70. W. W. Burke, FBI agent at Lit- jtle Reck, said Hardin was to appear before a U. S. Commission at Bay City, Mich., today. Some experts believe that by 1976, half the new power station installations will use atomic energy. Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone, was a noted teacher of the deaf. author Rack" written by the of the highly successful "Patterns," was a profoundly moving and disturbing play. In all ing dramatic impact and more important and refreshing, done with adult intelligence. When "The Rack", felt compelled to say "hell" or "I think such a festival would not only do good for our industry, but for the country as well. It is something the State • •Departrricnt could help.Vtb .prprnote.'!- . . ,V-'..'; J : I^..V,-M ^ o.ij u«u ui uamn . Holden, admitted^ tlKat'the' festiyaj-H -said them. When' it fell corn- would cpst'' ; a.; ( lot .pf.; rndhey.:VBut Ceiled .to' discuss abstract ideas, he feels; that the.reidlting/goocl-w.iH'.'Jt-discussed them, would be ,woM'- it. He cited' .the.[>'.'in'.the'..retelling the story can advantage . of • Hollywoqd'.s pr.eps.fbe only oversimplified to its dis- corps, which ho said!. tsithe .'secpna'iiidvaritaSe. But basically, "The biggest group of'correspondents "'jri^.ftack" is the stoy rof one captain mo TTni*o*4' Q*ni-no ./tI•*'*,+ . iir«-i*i—_; i.>. i~i < TT . , . . Ihe United States (first: "Washington). The lean,'hahdsQm'e actor is! one of infantry. He proved his valor in Korean combat. But after long months of hunger and cold. . ' «-^...^» ^ w»_^, vw* 40. uiiv* I IJLSI Jtlio \J1 ilUJIgiUJ, UI1U Ul/lLI. of Hollywood's most international- threats and cumulative pressures ly minded stars. During the -past-in a Communist prison camp, he year, he has traveled 165,000 :miles yielded to'his captors signed the parts of the world'" to help: spread good feeling t6wa"rd Hollywood. "You don't realize the tremenr fantastic leaflets they gave him to sign, delivered the lectures they wrote for him. He is returned home to a shock. W| „.„ ^ ».,,.(..,.!., | »i\. iki ji,iuiii\,ii JUjJi Jt; itj n Binjtl* dous interest in our pictures until ed family and a pained United you get Out and sr-e it," he said States Army which now must "Movies are more or less ,'the deal with him. as it must deal _.— .., u _ w ^ w . 'vuu ^ v.*\_ Viv-Ui tTAi.it 11II11, do IL IIILIOU VIC Cll silent ambassador''to-'other, : coun- with all exceptions which might tries. That's why trips like the one -become the rule. The captain is Jimmy Stewart just; took to As.ia ;brought before a court-martial. He arc- so important to £ood <i "»i' i *''»«''i»'. *«..«j ^..;ii.. with other countries."' | Experts eE i timate-/thaV it .costs $300 to credte facilities to . ' With minor exceptions, it is a story of real and believable people caught in incredibly difficult situations .and portrayed. ! with Fordyce Sheriff Out $7,000 FORDYCE. W —In the absence of Sheriff Reese A. Parham and his deputies somebody walked out with about $7.000 in cash, checks and money .orders from the sheriff's office here. Parham stiid a safe had been left unlocked, but the 6f- Ifire -door had been locked while he and his men were out', to' lunch. • '', . There wer.e no leads 'as to the. identity of thief the sheriff said. Legal Notice power, ; a '• long tinie to come AU .agree that Nasser,, the 'postal clerk's Son.:who ;thicew'.: out a.. : -Wfig has b'een" p.ersenaUy'-.- incorruptible:and that 'he -Has-' made progress, in imndrvin'g vhis' : counti-y.- They'-^Jso agree .tH.at- 'Naser ' Kas.- > stubborn dreams of a lar'ger' ''politicali' role for 'Egypt in Africa,* Uhe Middle East^—and 'the world. ' , ELECTED.-.,'' i - :. ; .' -" .. • LITTLE; ;.- ; - ROCK (UP) : —- F--a Moors ( of -Nevyport'-had; ibe'en'named president'- of • the ;'Arkansas^ 'Assbci- tion ..'of Lumber Dealers, ' •".-' com pletingv -it's ; two-day - 41st arinua' jrieeting'here today.- *,'•'••'•' "••••':• •-' Mbore,' foi'merly ;first vice-presi dent, succ'eeds Robert : R^ Stair "o: Little' Rock', ' '-'-.:. • .. '.' -;-.•;.: Hprne . Finance .Agency .and ft;qm 1942 to-1946 a member, of 'the' boaCd oT editors "Of Fortune -rriaga- zine. Ppiin jn.Wa,taviga, Courity,. N.C Died, yesterday. , ,..-. . APRIL 18th l50 PEOPLE AtU From Great ' Shows Such Ai ' CIRCUS TOGETHIR IN 0W CAPT. EPPV KWMN Wild Aiimal Act 9 f * M ' **!' nrr PIATM am mm THHU.S COLISEUM No 7736 In the Chancery Court o' Hempstead County. Ark. Williphine Perry Plaintiff vs. Earnest Perry Defendant The defendant, Earnest Perry warned to appear in this court within thirty days and answer the complaint of the Plaintiff Williphine Perry. Witness my hand and the seal of said court this 13th day of April 1955 ' Garrett Willis,-Clerk ; • By Charlenc Burke, D, C. (SEAL) '.'•'•• Weisenberger & Wilson, • Atty. for Plaintiff " Talbot Feild, :Attjv Ad Litem April 14, 22, 29',:-May 6. Ship'n Shore- sleeveless in superfine broadcloth 298 Friday, April IS, 1935 SOCIETY Phone 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P. M. which new officers will be elected and those to receive Life Memberships will be voted upon. This is a very important meeting so all members are urged to attend. Calendar Frdlay April 15 The Dahlia Garden Club will meet Friday. April 15, at 2 p. m. in the home i>f Mrs. C. D. Riley with Mrs. A. C. Ball and Mrs. Joe Reese as co-hostess. All mem- iers are urged to be present and ring flower show schedules to be returned to the federation. titain club members of the 7th and 8th grades with an informal dance Friday April 15, from 8 til 11 p. m. Hosts and hostesses will be Mr. and Mrs. Bob Turner. Mr. and ' Mrs. Teddy Jones and Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Foster! Saturday, April 16 The Music-Makers will meet Saturday at 10 A. M. with Mary Eppler. Notice The DCCI meeting has been post- pond to the 3rd. Monday in April which m be April 18th . The -Builders SS Class of the First Baptist Church has postponed their class party until Tuesday April 19- th. ' : The Hope Country Club will ent- Mary's Beauty Shop for appointments Call. ..7-3584 MARY HAMM Monday April 18 t W. S. C. S. Circle 5 of the First Methodist Church will meet Monday, .April 18, at 7:30 p. m. in the home of Mrs. W. M. Reinhardt with Mesdames Virgil Keeley, Carl CJaddis and Arlis Brooks as co-hostesses The Bible study, "The Master Calleth For Thee" will be completed by Mesdames Sam Strong and LeGrone Williams after -. : Take to the green confidently in SHIP'N SHOBE'S^combed broadcloth sleeveless! Features: convertible collar with; 'kerchief back... twin wing-tip pockets, stay-in-plat* ihift tails. White, feminine pastels, new deeps... • • 1 >v ever-washable. Sizes 28 to 38. Many other new blouse arrivals., .woven ginghams, pima cdttonsl Finttt D«partm«nt Stor* Come in and see'eml NEW CHEVROLET Task-Force TRUCKS with a whole truckload of new advantages for you I i * Here's what happens when America's No. 1 truck builder pulls out all the stops! Here are some of the new advances ready to work for you right now. New Chevrplet Task-Force Trucks do more jobs faster, better and With new economy. If, you've got a job for a truck, we've got th* modern truck tor your job! Look over the new features and advances highlighted here—no other line of trucks offers so much that's new, Then come in and look over these Task-Force Trucks in person. "I New styling in trucks •* It's Work-Styhng-an exclusive development in truck design with two distinctively different styling treatments to match the job; LEADING THE PACK TO THE BIG 3 STAR PROGRAM * * * AT THE TODAY AND SATURDAY!!! * STAR HIT NO. 1 AT: 3:34 - 6:31 - 9:28 ** STAR HIT NO. 2 AT: 2:27 - 5:24 - 8:21 Robert FRANCIS • Donu I£ED May WYNN. Phil CMET PLUS: STAR HIT NO. 3 *** CHAPTER 2 OF OUR NEW SUPER-SERIAL THE BLACK ARROW' & "LITTLE PUP" COLOR CARTOON 2 New 18,000 U>. G,VW, capacity * New Task-Force Trucks are boflt to handle loads of all sizes. Capacities npw go all the way up ', to 18,000 pounds G.V.W. Six new "high'Voltage" All new engines feature a 12-volt electrical system for fasten surer starts; increased generator capacity-plus mi»ny exclusive advances, A The cab is as new as the view • N^W' Sweep-Sight windshield—plus more glass all around. New High- Level ventilation. New softer seats :-new cab construction,. C A smoother, load-steady ride /C New standard'Wtdth frames ** New »uspensipns front and, tear •" All models now have new stand- provide a smoother ride ( New con- ard-width frames, with larger full, cealed Safety Steps guard against length parallel sjde members, mud, snow, or ice. > They're more rigid and durable, 7 New Overdrive or 8 New Power Bwkts and .,vw ^,».-.,, v ,, HV- ».^.«— Tirtf Power Brakes arc standard a$ an extra-cpst op<iprj on !4-ton on 2-ton models, optional at extra models and )true| .tij^-MMic 0« cost on all others. Tubeless tires standard on'4-ton model*! 9 New handling «<tte witk PoJ^t J fl New colors! N*w two-tone Steering Chevrolet Power Steer- * v combinations • Take, your ing now available on all Chevro- O f a longer-than-ever list of at- Jet Task-Force Trucks, optional tractive new colors and. extra cost. • two-tooe combinations. W»* CO. HOM, ARK, Phon* 7-2J54 * STARTS SUNDAY * GREAT AS A BOOK!... AS A PICTURE — THE GREATEST! The best-seller that rips the steel hatches off a ship and reveals the raw emotions seething beneath her decks! ^kTHBL^^, ^^j^mi^^f^mf Ml ^H •B^B MUTINY Humpluey Vun Frtd BOGART• JOHNSON MucMURRAY ' NfWSOFTHEPAY • . DAFFY PUCK COLOR CARTOON • FEATURE TIMES 0 SUN. — 1:26 * 3:56 - 6:26 T 8:56 MON — 2:-00 , 4:21 - 6:42 - 9:03 NO INCREASE IN PRICE! V"* . ;'t { f, I ' , r l& x &/A. u ' LADIES of Garrett Memorail Baptist Church will sponsor a bake sale at the Gas Office Saturday AM on S. Elm street from 8 ti' 12 noon. For cakes or pies please call 7-4533 or 7-5848. The American Legion Auxiliarj meeting has been postponed bu will meet Monday, April 25, in the home of Mrs. Harry Hawthorne with Mrs. Mack Duffie and Mrs R. E. Jackson as co-hostess. The program will be on "Child Wei fare" by Mrs. Joe Jones. N 0 » I 11 A t, HO»t,AfctANSAl Sunday School Lesson By WILLIAM E. GILROY t. D This column was originally devoted to the International Sunday School Lessons, and the com- cisions." He brought out the fact | men*, though always independent that any vocation should be plan- an d reflecting the writer's own ned to include others, and that by j observations, was usually confin- placing youth in our community |S d to a particular lesson, on all programs of service will make them more civic minded. despite the deficiency of $5,000.00 in the school budget, and that no changes were expected in academic subjects. Mrs. George Robinson, program chairman, read the national presidents message, and presented Mr. C. V. Nunn, Jr., who gave a most interesting discussion of "Youth Problems of Vocational De- Junior — Senior High P. T. A. Has monthly Meeting The Jr.— Sr. High PTA me' Thursday in the Jr.-Hifih auditor ium. Mrs. R. L. Broach, president presided over the short business meeting which included the secretary and treasurer repon given by Mrs. Sam Strong. Mrs. James Lauterbach gave a reoort of the eye test given to thn school children and stated thai the number needing eye care was smaller than it had been. The 7th grade was given the room count. Mr. Jimmy Jones gave a report from the school board stating wo would have a nine month school THE BEAUTY BOX Open 6 Days a Week Appointments after 5 for those who work. Phone 7-5850 112 S. Main ^THEATRE Hwy 29 South Open 6:30 • Tonight & Saturday • HELLZAPOPPIN AND KORN'S A KRACKINK IN THE HILLS. IT'S OUR BIG DOUBLE ARKANSAS CORN SHOW ! ! ! 1st OUTHOUSE OPRY • ROY ACUFF and His Smoky Mountain Boys • "ROCKY" LANE • ADELE MARA "NIGHT TRAIN TO MEMPHIS" More Kicks Than a Keg of Corn! Take off Your Shoes an' Come a' Running to See This Homespun Hassle of Hill-Billy Hi-Jinks and Hilarity . . . Radio and TV's Brightest Stars! • LULU BELLE & SCOTTY • VERA VAGUE • DORIS DAY • Texas Wanderers "VILLAGE BARN DANCE" PLUS MORE - FUN! Chapter 4 of Serial "ADVENTURES OF CAPTAIN KIDD" & DAFFY DUCK COLOR CARTOON • SUN. - MON. • • TREASURE HUNT • 500 COINS IN A HAYSTACK . . . Keep All You Find! HE PACKS A WALLOP — IN LOVE IN ACTION! * JOHN * WAYNE • George "Gabby" Hayes • Ward Bond "Toll in the Saddle" 9 JR. HITS • 1. Bird & Coyote Cartoon 2. "Hollywood's Invisible Man" t EVERY NIGHT ATTRACTIONS t FREE KIPDYUAND MONKEY VIM-AGE 5TARIITI Mrs. Odle De Han Hostess To Emmet W. S. C. S. The Emmet W. S. C. S. met Thursday, April 14, at 9 a. m. in the home of Mrs. Odie De Han in Gurdon for their monthly Spiritual Life meeting.' Mrs. De Han used artistically arranged pot plants to decorate the meeting room. Mrs. Ramy Garland, secretary of Spiritual Life, opened the meeting with, prayer, "An Ideal of Christian Living" was read in unison. Mrs. Bob Magness had charge of the devotional. The group sang, "The Beautiful Garden of Prayer." Mrs. Magness chose Phillippians For some years now the comment has been of a more general nature, designed to assist Bible readers in a general appreciation of the Bible, to help them toward understanding its teachings, and especially to application of its teachings to life today. It is understandable why one should devote much time and thought to the New Testament, to the story of Jesus of Nazareth, to His- teachings, to the Gospel of the grace of God —to all that is comprised in the Christianity that came, out of the New Testament in its records concerning Christ and the Church. But why should one devote much study to the history of dead kings, who fought for power, who ruled over a comparatively small nation; a country 4:6-9 for her scripture. Mrs. Mag-'-^ .; —£ ness, assisted by Mrs. Frank Haltom, discussed "Christ in Our Homes." The hymn "Take Time to be Holy" was sung, and the Lord's prayer concluded the worship program. The hostess served cake and coffee to 14 "members and two guests, Mrs. Sidney Allen and Mrs. Earl Garrett. Personal Mention Friends of Mrs 1 . A. E. Stonquist of Camden. former resident of Hope received word of the death of Mrs. Stonequist sister, Mrs. Veron Benton and husband of Osage City, Kansas in Virginia in an automobile accident Sunday night. They were in route home after attending the wedding of their only child laylord Benton which had occurred Easter morning. Mrs. Benton visited in Hope several times while the Stonquist resided here. Coming and Go'ing Mr. and Mrs. James Watson and children ol Ashville, North Carolina are visiting in the home of ier parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. A.^ Westbrook of Oakhaven. : •;} Hospital Notes Branch Discharged: Mrs. Olivia Wells, Prescott. Mrs. .Lillie Powell, Hope, Rt. 1. Mrs. 'S. A. Whitlow, Hope, Mrs. Finley Gilbert, Fulton;.., 'Admitted: 'Mrs. Mattie Lou' 'Ev£ banks, Emmet, Rt. 2. Mrs'. 'J.-.S! Atchison, Hope. - i • Discharged: Narcissus Ragland, and baby boy, Hope, Ark., Helen Cheatham and baby girl, Hope, Rt. 1, Mrs. .A .J. Folsom, McCaskill, Ark. Julia Chester Admitted: Mrs. Ernest Ross, Rt. 2, Hope, Mrs. W. C. Ha,nna. Okay, James H. Walker, Rt. 1, .Hope, .Dr. Herbert Rogers, Hope, L. D. Martin, Hope, Mrs. Dallas Hugg, Ble- set in the midst of great and powerful ancient empires? Why, in short, should one devote much study to the history of ancient Israel? That history, of course, in its Old Testament is much more than the history of wars and kings. It is the Old Testament of the Ten Commandments', of the vision and inspiration of saints and prophets' of precepts of truth and righteousness, of Psalms in all their variety of human experience and asperation. It was the Bible of Jesus and His disciples of which, one, Saint Paul, wrote: "All scripture is given by inspiration, for instruction in righeous- doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in rihteous- ness" (II Timothy 3:16). But what of the Books of Kings and of Chronicles' with pages that are red with blood and violence with kings misgoverning their people and leading them in the downtown path? The prophets live but what about the kings? ,, Yet it is precisely because those Books of Kings and of Chronicles are what they are' that they have been studied and should be studied £rr every age. Here are the con- jfefnkated examples of instruction $rfd: Warning, the story of heroism {arid" courage, and ,faith, achieving triumph and prosperity. But there also is found a record of how failure and disaster comes -upon a nation and people when there is mo- Tal and spiritual decay,: and a JSSP??.' S betrayal of themselves Industrial Gas Rate Hike by Ark-La Okay LITTLE ROCK Wl — Rales went ! up tody to large industrial custo- jmers of Arkansas Louisiana Gas iCo. The temporary boost, approved yesterday by the state Public Serv- 'ice Commission, will bring in (about $4,294,000 additional revenue to the gas compny. Over the protests of objecting industries, the PSC ruled that a survey bond of I'/x million dollars was adequate. The bond was post ed by the company to gurantee refunds if the PUC eventually rejects or reduces the proposed perm anent rate increase. Protesting customers of the gas company had charged thai the bond was insufficient. The commission also ordered that if a final determination in the rate case had not been made within 90 days, the gas company would be required to file an additional bond. The amount of additional bond would be determined at the time, the PSC ruled. The present bond was posted after the commission had suspended the propoed rate increase to permit its staff to make an investigation. period, "of Israel's history its kings corresponds roughly to the period of history in Am- Acica since Columbus'» discovery. •Here in concentrated form is the '||tbry of what can happen within a'few "hundred years, if dissension and division are allowed to deve- |;jp,ischarged:. ( Mrs. L. F. Phillips and son. McCaskill, J. 0. Phillips, Prescott. Four fifths of the accidental deaths among U. S. carpenters and painters occur off the job. lop, if personal and social wrongs go uncorrected, if rulers and peoples betray their trust. If we would read these Books aright, they ought to be read, not in relation to the life of today. Do we listen to moral and spiritual' guides and prophets with more wisdom than those who despised the phophets of old? A host of questions and problems arise for those who would read the history of Israel in the light of today. More than 250,000 Americans ate admitted t omerital hospitals every year. Perfume is 8»r«yd( %f|ti way trains in aft fefioif jfFi objectionable oddfft > - ** «* "3 1 •**£• j * *- ««^f *•** >ft«(*|j , %ata t **fc MARTHA is new connected EDNA'S BEAUTY Martha, first place winner, in *'• » « . - . - . _, iLfc/ I hair styling contest held ii arkana Beauty Show, I you to visit her for style ! d$fil^| beauy — . - , - -& Open Monday Thru Friday W.Sth Phonr7-2615 14 «. a* ftOV •MtHoVl*' - SPECIAL - 6 Weeks Course "Chilren's Plays" Dancing - Voice - Music Combined Enroll in KATHRYN WINDSOR'S TAP AND ACROBATIC SCHOOL 104E. 14th Phone 7-3327 The Stock Market is Down . , Our Prices are too!. CREAM OIL PERMANENT Only 8.50 HAZEL'S BEAUTY SHOP Phone 7-2878 Hazel Virginia Auline 'THE BIGGEST LITTLE STORlHN TO^N'M ** AFTER EA! SPECIALS v* l <i*»( ,,,•,„»,)- ,.>.jl jjf. MANY STYLES » Black -patent and bit** " •' mesh Strtib* fl * *» ?$$'. Patent and heels Blue kid with^rnejSii^ trim in • Patent pump with , . ' k -1 i i J * i "* l" " * < "* M * med, heel, r < ,. /j • Black kid pump < i i \ • Camel tori purhp^ J Jf Values to 10.95 'Price $4 Sizes 5i - 10 AAA - " /'„ FAMILY SHOE STORE ,, '&"> % "Where Good Shoes are Fitted Corr.eHy? - 113E.2nd. Corbin Faster ,.». ^hon«J>»370Q ^ j America's Greatest Buy and you can prove ft! ..T I. 6rtot«st Distinction •! «ny prlctl W^h the cars paas and note that • only Pontiac stands out as far as eye*? can see. Naturally—it's the style of the future— and only Pontiac has it I ' 2* CrtoUst Power «t its price! Pontiac, with the optional power- package, i« the lowest'pri delivering 200 horspppwer,,. only Pontiac has the Strato-Streak V-8, with perfocmance aa advanced as Pontiac style. * \ 3. Greatest Slit tf Its »rlcel t: Pontiac has more road-leveling wheak* base and big-car stability thnn'iiiny' car priced with the and feel the sensational difference! 4. Ymi cm buy • Wf / ptwtrf wl N«trM * '- 2366* rbff (• Ifu iii«« Mwy p«hiii tf the. liwut'wkf i ««r» ewl WKfc bit HIM stripped tctitwy M|4fli of 'the Stdon and local tarn, if any. €*tm at art white <ir«n and Vogug Tuv-Tan, talor, fnet may eary lurrauiuiint mmmvniiuit tug ^ J " Iv'Jb--"^'''/ N-Sk.'tW t&^rs^ s *"» ?> I*-* •*«•-- HEMPSTEAD - «>r <*• v " v«:tsH?BiSS%afiriia ~f- -V i-f l?-i,«««fe5|Wl AM J%V^%I% ' ^|'j|fc /? '^ r '**^^» mwm^llr ^nPr P%, ' ^•PjUpSd ..j _«_ . -1*. -,_**" i '» J^A •*•??.' .; j^l jL V* *'-•' f »• •'jy^4^Wi»f*Jt»^.V .M. >,

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